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About meHappily married mother of 8. 4 of which are mine, 2 are step, one sadly is now an angel, and heaven forbid I forget my dog. Recently, a new baby boy was born which makes me the proud Nana of two. Beyond my family, which at times does consume me, I read, read some more, then after taking a break what do I do but read more.

I feel I need to explain my name as I have no desire to offend anyone and if I do let me know. In 2008 I landed in the E.R. Finding out I had a brain tumor and would have to have surgery, was very terrifying. But I did and I survived. The nickname comes from the aftermath of the trauma. My mind just goes blank..dead..pauses..burps..from time to time no matter what I'm doing from driving to talking to even walking and everything in between and my kids just say don't worry mom your just having a blonde moment. :)

About my library
( I have a read halfway before toss rule most times I am able to follow this...sometimes wellll it's the effort that counts)

1*- Halfway gave up (tossed)
2*- finished but struggled
3*- finished was okay
4*- really liked... but not a 5*
5*- kept me up all night biting my nails in anticipation or wanting to bawl my eyes out ect..

A good percentage of self-help/reference books I skim & not read word for word (if there truly is such a thing..I read REALLY fast..glad I didn't lose that with my surgery)so they are rated by well...did it help me. They also are not entered for any challenges I may take on unless, ofcourse, it's the rare one that I can say I really read that.. yup the whole thing

As I mainly read fiction novels, debut books by the authors are their debut fiction even though a non fiction or otherwise book may have came 1st

I use to be a very social person and had a variety of different outlets. Now that is much harder for me to achieve. I do ALOT of reading and I really enjoy reviewing and rating books. So feel free to leave comments on my library, my reviews or just to say hey. I love hearing others thoughts and meeting new people.

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Favorite authorsV.C. Andrews, Ellen Hopkins, Stephen King, Melissa Marr, Jodi Picoult (Shared favorites)

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Favorite bookstoresCorner Book Exchange, Hastings, Read It Again Books

Favorite librariesHolden Branch (Trails Regional Library), Lone Jack Branch (Mid-Continent Public Library)

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Absolutely! If you send me your email address (you can email it to:, I can send you a copy of THE TASTE (in .mobi and epub formats). In fact, if you get this before midnight on Sunday, you can get a free Kindle download of it directly from Amazon).



I'm sorry. The information in the giveaway must have gotten lost somehow. But you're in luck. Fire is available for free on Amazon, iPad, Kobo, and Google Play.

Please send over your email address, and I'll resend a link to the book. My address is

I hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a giveaway of the print copy of Phoenix Ashes (Book 3 in the Landers Saga) through my website (the blog post entitled My Own Private Giveaway has the details). Thanks for posting your review of The Witch Awakening on Goodreads!
Thank you. As you know we just do 'What we can, as we can'. My husband also has TBI/neurological deficits from the first Gulf War. People who know us say we were destined to get together because we understand each other in ways no one else can even imagine. They were right, of course, and we got married after only two dates and ~9 years of acquaintance/friendship :-) Coming up on four year anniversary May 1. I've also had a relatively recent spinal cord injury and because of physical limitations /can't/ do lots of things that I used to -- reading, however, is probably our number one activity. We're only kidding a little bit when we say we have a 'No-Kill Book Shelter'. The books we've cataloged thus far are probably only about half of our combined collections. We're unpacking slowly (bought a house a year and a half ago) but probably have at least thirty cartons to go. Always happy to talk books -- if you use a chat client I /probably/ have it (I use Digsby, which covers almost everything).


Sorry. The giveaway was for an e-book version of the novel, and I mistakenly posted it as a printed version (I'm out of printed copies at the moment). Do you still want the e-book version? If so, I'd be glad to e-mail you a copy.

Happy Holidays to you too! :)
Thank you for letting me know. I'm sorry you didn't receive you book. Lewis sent out the books a while ago so I'm not sure what happened. He didn't use tracking as we suggested. I'll see if he will re-send a copy if he has books left.


Hi, Cheryl --

This comment is to let you know that I have sent out your complimentary copy of The Brothers' Keeper. I look forward to getting your review. John Paddison
Hi, Cheryl--
Thanks for your reply. I will send you an autographed copy of our book as soon as my supply arrives. Thanks in advance for your review. John Paddison

Hi, Cheryl--

I was informed by Library Things that you had won a free copy of my book The Brothers' Keepers. I am currently awaiting a shipment of hardcover copies, so I was wondering if you would accept an e-book. Please let me know. Thanks and I look forward to your review. John Paddison
That sounds like the title of a fun read... maybe horror!
Congratulations on winning a copy of Children of the Manse by Lewis Luchs! Your copy will be in the mail shortly.

Warm regards,

Paintings, any art, has a profound impact on me, so I appreciate you posting such nifty fantasy art on your profile. Paintings that "speak" to one can be such a comfort in the dark times. I don't have any chronic physical health issues but my mom did, and I saw what she went through, so I sympathize with you. My mom was an artist and derived a great deal of comfort from art and making art and also from her faith. I admire your positive spirit and will keep you in my prayers.
Comment on this image. Image comments only appear on your own profile page and the image page itself.
Wow--what an interesting composition, with the figure off to the side and darkness all around. And the positioning of her arms is particularly compelling--she looks closed against the world, but her still open hands indicate that a glimmer of hope shines somewhere inside.
I'm so glad you enjoyed The Witch Awakening! Thank you for your great review!
You asked about the book Church of Lies. I thought it was good. I would have to say I liked Shattered Dreams or Escape better. Church of Lies focuses on the author's quest to assist women leaving the FLDS, which is a new viewpoint from some of the other books I have read.
Enjoy it!

Great painting for your profile pic, btw--wow. Spooky and sad and poignant all at once--and beautifully detailed. If you don't mind me asking, who's the artist?
Thanks for tagging The Witch Awakening!
I figure if I retired tomorrow it would take me at least 3 years plus to read all the books I have in my house and that does not count the other 1,000 I could get from the library on my TBR list. (I obviously don't have them all listed. I am still trying to figure out how I want to list them.) LOL!

Those Who Save Us is very, very good. I would recommend it. The Book Thief narrated by Death is also very good, of the same era.

I just had to comment on your review of Yes, My Darling Daughter. You said everything I would have said. It was an okay book. The only thing I might have added is I felt a young four year would not have said some of the things Sylvie said. Now, I don't know what to say in my review now. :) I see you have read a number of the same books I have on the FLDS. I am currently reading Church of Lies.
Just wanted to say "hi"

I haven't read the one where she is in an institution, but it is on my list of books to read (I will get to it someday). I am so crazy that I actually have a little notebook in which I note the books that I want to read. The list is probably over 1000, but I will get to them all eventually. Besides I go in spurts of authors or genres, so I get into my thing. Love Bentley Little!!! Introduced my boyfriend to him and now he is reading ALL of his books. Be well!

I also read Self Made Man and a couple of others that you have read. I also read really fast and have to tear myself away from books to do the things that need to be done. I just wanted to say hello and wish you well. I am happy to hear that you survived your tumor...

Also, I try to give a book fifty pages. If it doesn't grab me by then, well, there are sooooo many other books out there that will. If I get halfway, I almost feel that I am too far in to quit, even if I hate it..

Happy reading!!!

Thank you for adding me as an interesting library. I'm surprised all my True Crime books didn't scare you away. But, as you probably noticed, I have a ton of medical-type books (I love medical narratives)so maybe that attracted you. I imagine, from what's in your profile, that you don't have an easy time taking care of your large family while coping with your blonde moments. I like your description but I'm a natural redhead and can attribute my lapses only to being past 50 -- but I do have a blonde (in most senses of the word) daughter :). I would also like to add you as a friend, hoping that corresponding on a computer is not difficult for you.

Another reason I have so many medical books is that my son, my firstborn, is a physician (still in residency) -- a child and adolescent psychiatrist (hopefully not one of those truly weird ones with cockamamie ideas) and he feeds my reading habits with suggestions. He and I are also both lawyers (he really doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up besides a perpetual student) and all my true crime books feed that part of me. I tend to read mostly non-fiction because law school made me ignore everything that cannot be scientifically proven. It's a real burden I am able to get around on occasion when I need a heart-thumping romance or some really good trash to read.

If I can help you with anything, please let me know.
Interesting husband's nickname is Frog.
I understand perfectly, even though I was a tow-head blonde as a child. Puberty changed that, then I became a "dish-water" blonde. But I have my "blonde" moments (currently, a highlighted blonde with mostly unhighlighted silver), and I worry about the genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's, a disease my mother died of recently.

Exactly my point, I was on my way here to thank you for adding me to your interesting libraries. Thank you. Excuse my (the word escapes me)...oh, circuitous path to my immense gratitude. All spelling errors are recent "worry points" for me, and please do excuse those.

I think you are someone I would like to add to my "friends." And I shall invite you. It won't always be a party, but we may be on the same wave length.

ABSOLUTELY! I find you to be a woman of great character from all that you've endured! I hope very much that you enjoy my book.

My post was simply intended to recognize you as a potential valued reader and to share a bit of my own story with you.

God bless you...

John W. Cassell [James Mundell]

PS: I WAS a doubt in more ways than one!
Dear justablondemoment

You sound like a very brave person of strong character and I am honored you have chosen to read my book AN AQUARIAN TRAGEDY. I had a ministroke some 17 years ago and once I was able to talk again would constantly embarrass myself, sometimes by stuttering, sometimes by clicking off completely in the middle of a sentence, for at least a year after.

I was a prosecutor who spent most days in court. Fortunately the adrenalin kept it from happening most times there, at least until the year I retired.

I truly hope to provide you with some good entertainment. Except for three chapters, it's a true story written from my diaries the year I was discharged from the service [1976].

God bless you....

James Mundell [John W. Cassell]
Hey there! It's nice to hear from you. It sounds like you had a really tough time of it. I didn't have a brain tumor like you, and my surgeries were relatively minor and less traumatic, but it still was hard to recuperate from, so I can't imagine what you've gone through.

In re to your "blonde moments" I understand completely, although I'm not blonde. I had a lot of episodes like that before my surgery, although thankfully not many after.

I hope you are feeling well and continue to read. Looks like we have a lot of books in common!

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