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The Evolution of NATO by Alastair Buchan1
The evolution of NATO : proceedings of the fifth annual conference, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 20th-23rd September 1963 by England) Institute for Strategic Studies (London5
Chinese nuclear strategy : the early post detonation period by Morton H. Halperin18
The Asian balance of power: a comparison with European precedents (Adelphi Paper 44) by Coral Bell44
The implications of military technology in the 1970's by Institute for Strategic Studies University of Pretoria46
The Indian and Pacific Oceans: some strategic considerations by T. B. Millar57
Military Logistic Systems in Nato: The Goal of Integration. Part I: Economic aspects by Geoffrey Ashcroft62
The Indian Ocean in Soviet naval policy by Geoffrey Jukes87
The Alliance and Europe: Part I: Crisis stability in Europe and theatre nuclear weapons by Wolfgang Heisenberg96
The Alliance and Europe: Part II: Defence with fewer men by Kenneth Hunt98
Nuclear weapons and Chinese policy by Harry Gregor Gelber99
Nuclear Forces for Medium Powers, Part 1, 2, and 3. (Adelphi Papers 106, 107) by Geoffrey Kemp107
The Alliance and Europe: Part III: Weapons procurement in Europe - capabilities and choices by Roger Facer108
The Alliance and Europe: Part IV: Military doctrine and technology by Steven L. Canby109
The Arab-Israel War, October 1973: Background and events (Adelphi papers) by Elizabeth Monroe111
Defence budgeting : the British and American cases by Richard Burt112
Power at sea. 1, The new environment by Christoph Bertram122
Power at sea. 2, Super-powers and navies by Christoph Bertram123
Power at sea. 3, Competition and conflict by Christoph Bertram124
Sea power and western security : the next decade by Worth H. Bagley139
A sea of troubles? : sources of dispute in the new ocean regime by Barry Buzan143
New Conventional Weapons and East- West Security. Part 1 and 2. (Adelphi Papers 144, 145) by Christoph Bertram144-145
Nuclear Weapons in Europe (Adelphi Papers) by Gregory Treverton168
Adelphi Papers # 161; Can Nuclear War Be Controlled? by Desmond Ball169
Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May be Better (Adelphi Papers) by Kenneth N. Waltz171
China and South-East Asia : strategic interests and policy prospects by Takashi Tajima172
Soviet theatre nuclear forces (Adelphi papers) by Stephen M. Meyer187-188
France's deterrent posture and security in Europe (Adelphi papers) by David S. Yost194
Prospects and Implications of Non-nuclear Means for Strategic Conflict (Adelphi Papers) by Carl H. Builder200
Sino-Soviet relations after Mao by Gerald Segal202
Directed-energy Weapons and Strategic Defence: A Primer (Adelphi Papers) by Dietrich Schroeer221
Shadow or Substance?: Perceptions and Symbolism in Nuclear Force Planning (Adelphi Papers) by Philip A.G. Subin222
Future of the Antiballistic Missile Treaty (Adelphi Papers) by William J. Durch223
The Sino-Vietnamese relationship and the Soviet Union by Charles McGregor232
Adelphi Papers 234: The Problem of Cyprus by Robert McDonald234
Beyond the 600 Ship Navy by Donald Daniel261
The Yugoslav conflict : an analysis of the causes of the Yugoslav war, the policies of the republics and the regional and international implications of the conflict by J. Zametica270
Ethnic Self-determination and the Break-up of States (Adelphi Papers) by Kamal S. Shehadi283
China changes shape : regionalism and foreign policy : how will the outside world deal with a China re-shaped by the forces of decentralisation and internal reform? by Gerald Segal287
Creating New States in Central Asia (Adelphi Papers) by Dannreuther288
Understanding Contemporary International Arms Transfers (Adelphi series) by David Mussington291
China and the South China Sea disputes: conflicting claims and potential solutions in the South China Sea by Mark J. Valencia298
Disarmament and Demobilisation After Civil Wars (Adelphi Papers) by Mats R. Berdal303
Ending Civil Wars (Adelphi Papers) by Charles King308
The limits of Sino-Russian strategic partnership by Jennifer Anderson315
Private Armies and Military Intervention (Adelphi Papers) by David Shearer316
The economic functions of violence in civil wars by David Keen320
Civil-Military Relations and Peacekeeping (Adelphi Papers, No. 321.) by Michael C. Williams321
Arming East Asia by Tim Huxley329
The security implications of the new Taiwan by Bernice Lee331
Ballistic-Missile Defence and Strategic Stability (Adelphi series) by Dean A. Wilkening334
Preventing Conflict (Adelphi Papers) by Jonathan Stevenson336
Context and Circumstance (Adelphi Papers) by Gareth Jenkins337
Central Eurasia - Prize or Quicksand?: Contending Views of Instability in Karabakh, Ferghana and Afghanistan (Adelphi series) by Kenneth Weisbrode338
German Military Reform and European Security (Adelphi series) by Mary Sarotte340
Wither Iran? Reform, Domestic Politics and National Security (Adelphi Papers, 342) by Shahram Chubin342
Security Sector Reform -- Issues, Challenges and Prospects (Adelphi Papers, 344) by Jane Chanaa344
Globalisation and Insecurity in the Twenty-First Century -- NATO and the Management of Risk (Adelphi Papers, 345) by Christoph Coker345
The Strategic Implications of China's Energy Needs (Adelphi Papers, 346) by A Andrews-Speed346
Intervention in Contemporary World Politics (Adelphi Papers, 350) by N Macfarlane350
Iraq at the crossroads: state and society in the shadow of regime change by Toby Dodge354
The role of the G8 in international peace and security by Risto Penttilä355
Towards a brave new arms industry? : by Richard Bitzinger356
Strategic Implications of HIV/AIDS (Adelphi Papers, 359) by Stefan Elbe357
Political Islam in Southeast Asia -- Moderates, Radicals, and Terrorists (Adelphi Papers, 358) by Angel Rabasa358
The Future of Africa -- A New Order in Sight? (Adelphi Papers) by Jeffery Herbst361
Syria under Bashar al-Asad: Modernisation and the Limits of Change (Adelphi series) by Volker Perthes366
Weapons of Mass Destruction and International Order (Adelphi series) by William Walker370
Iraq's Future: The Aftermath of Regime Change (Adelphi series) by Toby Dodge372
The Proliferation Security Initiative : making waves in Asia by Mark J. Valencia376
Revitalising US-Russian security cooperation : practical measures by Richard Weitz377
The Transformation of Strategic Affairs (Adelphi series) by Lawrence Freedman379
Libya and Nuclear Proliferation: Stepping Back from the Brink by Wyn Q. Bowen380
Myanmar's Foreign Policy (Adelphi Papers) by Jurgen Haacke381
Regulating the Private Security Industry (Adelphi series) by Sarah Percy384
Developing the Mekong: Regionalism and Regional Security in ChinaSoutheast Asian Relations (Adelphi Paper) by Evelyn Goh387
Iran under Ahmadinejad: The Politics of Confrontation (Adelphi series) by Ali M. Ansari393
Selective Security (Adelphi Papers) (Adelphi Papers) by Adam Roberts395
Abolishing Nuclear Weapons (Adelphi series) by George Perkovich396
Nuclear Iran: A Test of P5 Unity (Adelphi Papers) by Mar Fitzpatrick398
Joining al-Qaeda: Jihadist Recruitment in Europe (Adelphi series) by Peter R. Neumann399
Perspectives on International Security: Speeches and Papers for the 50th Anniversary Year of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (Adelphi series) by Tim Huxley400-401
Iraq's Sunni insurgency by Ahmed S. Hashim402
Paper Tigers: China's Nuclear Posture (Adelphi series) by Jeffrey G. Lewis446
China's strong arm : protecting citizens and assets abroad by Jonas Parello-Plesner451

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