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Publisher Series: Aula-boeken

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (228)

Cybernetica by S.T. Boknot in English Common Knowledge
The Dutch Revolt by Geoffrey Parker
Fallacy; the counterfeit of argument by W. Ward Fearnside
Geschiedenis van de Middeleeuwen by H. P. H. Jansen
An Introduction to Information Theory by John R. Pierce
Laughing and Crying: A Study of the Limits of Human Behavior by Helmuth Plessner
Moderne sociologie : een systematische inleiding by J.A.A. van Doorn
On the Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Our Musical Heritage by Curt Sachsnot in English Common Knowledge
The Poverty of Historicism by Karl Popper
Readable Relativity by Clement V. Durellnot in English Common Knowledge
Schilderkunst en litteratuur in de 16e en 17e eeuw by Gerard Brom
Sociologie van de massacommunicatie by Alphons Silbermann
De Sovjet-economie by Alec Novenot in English Common Knowledge
De staatsinrichting by H.A.H. Toornvlietnot in English Common Knowledge
Structuralisme by Maurice Corvez
The Structure and Evolution of the Universe: An Introduction to Cosmology by G. J. Whitrow
Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography by Karl R. Popper
Uses and Abuses of Psychology by H. J. Eysencknot in English Common Knowledge
Verklarende statistiek by M.L. Wijvekate
Vondsten in de woestijn van Juda : de rollen der Dode Zee by J. P. M. van der Ploegnot in English Common Knowledge
The Wandering Scholars by Helen Waddell
What Is Time?: The Classic Account of the Nature of Time by G. J. Whitrow
Over de pijn by F. J. J. Buytendijknot in English Common Knowledge3
Etymologisch woordenboek by J. de Vries6
Grieks-Nederlands woordenboek by G. J. M. Bartelink7
De vrouw : haar natuur, verschijning en bestaan : een existentieel-psychologische studie by F. J. J. Buytendijknot in English Common Knowledge12
De arbeidende klasse in Nederland in de 19e eeuw : 1813-1870 by I. J. Brugmansnot in English Common Knowledge13
Moderne economie by Jan Pennot in English Common Knowledge14
Het wereldbeeld in de fysica by C.F. von Weizsackernot in English Common Knowledge16
Science and the Modern World by Alfred North Whitehead19
Across the Frontiers by Werner Heisenbergnot in English Common Knowledge23
Latijns Nederlands woordenboek by H.H. Mallinckrodtnot in English Common Knowledge24
Protestants Nederland en Duitsland, 1933-1941 by Ger van Roonnot in English Common Knowledge24
Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History by Karl Lowithnot in English Common Knowledge31
The Agrarian History of Western Europe by Bernard Slicher van Bathnot in English Common Knowledge32
The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardinnot in English Common Knowledge35
The Archaeology of Palestine by W. F. Albright43
Karl Marx by Willem Banningnot in English Common Knowledge45
Spaans Nederlands by S. A. Vostersnot in English Common Knowledge47
Nederlands Spaans by S. A. Vostersnot in English Common Knowledge48
Sociale psychologie in drie dimensies by J.A.A. van Leentnot in English Common Knowledge52
Algemene communicatietheorie by G. Fauconniernot in English Common Knowledge53
Schriftelijk rapporteren by H. de Boernot in English Common Knowledge54
Godsdienstgeschiedenis in vogelvlucht by J. de Vriesnot in English Common Knowledge56
Kwantummechanica : een eenvoudige inleiding by P.L. Lijnsenot in English Common Knowledge60
Inkomensverdeling en openbare financiën : opstellen voor Jan Pen by P. J. Eijgelshovennot in English Common Knowledge61
Sex in History by Reay Tannahillnot in English Common Knowledge63
Logisch denken by E. R. Emmetnot in English Common Knowledge73
Logic, Language, and Meaning, Volume 2: Intensional Logic and Logical Grammar by L. T. F. Gamutnot in English Common Knowledge77
The Methods of Contemporary Thought by Joseph M. Bochenskinot in English Common Knowledge78
Het aardige van de economie by Jan Pennot in English Common Knowledge80
Knoeien met het verleden by Z.R. Dittrichnot in English Common Knowledge82
Recht en vrijheid : inleiding in de rechtsfilosofie by D.H.M. Meuwissennot in English Common Knowledge83
The Secret Sayings of Jesus by Robert M. Grantnot in English Common Knowledge87
Geschiedenis van de kerk in Nederland by A.G. Weilernot in English Common Knowledge100
Solidariteit : over wat mensen verbindt... by Hans Achterhuisnot in English Common Knowledge110
Dimensions de la conscience historique by Raymond Aronnot in English Common Knowledge116
De psychoanalyse van Sigmund Freud by Gustav Ballynot in English Common Knowledge132
Mycenaeans and Minoans by Leonard R. Palmernot in English Common Knowledge140
Atheism in our time by Ignace Leppnot in English Common Knowledge145
Evolutie en wijsbegeerte by Andreas Gerardus Maria van Melsennot in English Common Knowledge160
A History of the Ancient World - Volume One: The Orient and Greece (Second Edition) by M. Rostovtzeffnot in English Common Knowledge161
De geschiedenis van het fenomenologisch denken by R. Bakkernot in English Common Knowledge174
Algemene theorie der menselijke houding en beweging by F. J. J. Buytendijknot in English Common Knowledge175
Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction by Robert S. P. Beekesnot in English Common Knowledge176
L'esthétique by Denis Huismannot in English Common Knowledge179
Childhood and Society by Erik H. Eriksonnot in English Common Knowledge181
Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art by Susanne K. Langer194
A Concise History of Mathematics by Dirk J. Struiknot in English Common Knowledge195
Karl Marx: An Illustrated History by Werner Blumenbergnot in English Common Knowledge197
De wordingsgeschiedenis van het Nieuwe Testament by A. F. J. Klijnnot in English Common Knowledge207
De Nederlandse munten by Hendrik Enno van Geldernot in English Common Knowledge213
Mankind Evolving: The Evolution of the Human Species by Theodosius Dobzhansky217
On Revolution by Hannah Arendtnot in English Common Knowledge225
American Capitalism : The Concept of Countervailing Power by John Kenneth Galbraithnot in English Common Knowledge232
Geschiedenis van het Romeinse recht by Wolfgang Kunkelnot in English Common Knowledge235
Hedendaagse muziek in de Westerse wereld by K.H. Wörnernot in English Common Knowledge242
Effectief studeren by C. F. van Parrerennot in English Common Knowledge244
Common Background of Greek and Hebrew Civilizations by Cyrus H. Gordonnot in English Common Knowledge246
Eenheid in vrijheid by Augustinus kardinaal Beanot in English Common Knowledge251
Algemene psychologie by Philipp Lerschnot in English Common Knowledge256
Frederick the Great: The Ruler, the Writer, the Man by George P. Goochnot in English Common Knowledge260
Geschiedenis van de Arabische cultuur by Jacques C. Rislernot in English Common Knowledge262
Introduction to Comparative Philosophy by P. T. Rajunot in English Common Knowledge264
Fundamental concepts of mathematics (International series in pure and applied mathematics ; v. 107) by R. L. Goodsteinnot in English Common Knowledge271
The Concept of a Person and Other Essays by A. J. Ayernot in English Common Knowledge274
Morfogenese : Het ontstaan van vormen in de natuur by Edmund W. Sinnottnot in English Common Knowledge293
Inleiding tot de godsdienstgeschiedenis by W. Brede Kristensen294
De beleving van de tijd : avontuur, verveling, ernst by Vladimir Jankélévitchnot in English Common Knowledge303
Fenomenologie en werkelijkheid by C. A. van Peursennot in English Common Knowledge309
Gesprekken over de relativiteitstheorie by B.G. Kuznecovnot in English Common Knowledge310
Gorter, Marsman, Ter Braak by Anton van Duinkerken322
Kant by Karl Jaspersnot in English Common Knowledge324
Cultuurgeschiedenis van China by Werner Eichhornnot in English Common Knowledge329
Phenomenology and atheism by W. Luijpennot in English Common Knowledge330
Les troubadours by Henri Davensonnot in English Common Knowledge338
Informatie by C. A. van Peursennot in English Common Knowledge356
This View of Life: The World of an Evolutionist by George Gaylord Simpsonnot in English Common Knowledge358
Fenomenologie en psychiatrie by G. Lanteri-Lauranot in English Common Knowledge360
[Trattato di sociologia] 1 by Georges Gurvitchnot in English Common Knowledge361
[Trattato di sociologia] 2 by Georges Gurvitchnot in English Common Knowledge362
Handboek van de sociologie III by Georges Gurvitchnot in English Common Knowledge363
Handboek van de sociologie IV by Georges Gurvitchnot in English Common Knowledge364
Eenheid en scheiding : geschiedenis der Nederlanden, 1477-1813 by L. J. Rogiernot in English Common Knowledge367
The Phenomenological Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty by R.C. Kwant369
Mens en expressie in het licht van de wijsbegeerte van Merleau-Ponty by R.C. Kwantnot in English Common Knowledge377
English Social History by G.M. Trevelyannot in English Common Knowledge381
History of Western Education by William Boydnot in English Common Knowledge397
De denkwijze van de sociaal-geograaf by H.J. Keuningnot in English Common Knowledge398
Overzicht van de analytische wijsbegeerte by Gabriël R. F. M. Nuchelmansnot in English Common Knowledge405
Fenomenologie van het natuurrecht by W. Luijpennot in English Common Knowledge408
Nieuwe inleiding tot de existentiële fenomenologie by W. Luijpennot in English Common Knowledge415
Hegel,Kierkegaard,Marx by Robert Heissnot in English Common Knowledge418
Animals Without Backbones: An Introduction to the Invertebrates, Vol. 1 by Ralph Buchsbaumnot in English Common Knowledge422
Animals Without Backbones: An Introduction to the Invertebrates, Vol. 2 by Ralph Buchsbaumnot in English Common Knowledge423
Martin Heidegger's Path of Thinking by Otto Poggelernot in English Common Knowledge424
The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonasnot in English Common Knowledge429
Handboek van de psychologie (deel 1 en 2) by Frank A. Geldardnot in English Common Knowledge435-436
Studies in Iconology: Humanistic Themes in the Art of the Renaissance by Erwin Panofskynot in English Common Knowledge437
Anglicanism by Stephen Neillnot in English Common Knowledge442
Change and habit; the challenge of our time by Arnold J. Toynbeenot in English Common Knowledge445
Inleiding in het economisch denken by W.J. van de Woestijnenot in English Common Knowledge446
Essays by Maurice Merleau-Pontynot in English Common Knowledge450
Buddhism: Its Essence and Development by Edward Conze452
Philosophy of Natural Science by Carl G. Hempel453
What Is Sociology (European Perspectives: a Series in Social Thought and Cultural Ctiticism) by Norbert Eliasnot in English Common Knowledge462
Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life by Theodor W. Adornonot in English Common Knowledge470
Pedagogische psychologie : Van Rousseau tot heden by E.G.S. Evansnot in English Common Knowledge471
Gronbeginselen van de sociale ecologie by N.J.M. Nelissennot in English Common Knowledge473
Mens en dier by F. J. J. Buytendijknot in English Common Knowledge474
Vergelijkende literatuurwetenschap by C. Pichoisnot in English Common Knowledge479
Psycholinguïstiek by Bernard Th. Tervoortnot in English Common Knowledge481
Inleiding tot de moderne logica by Franz von Kutscheranot in English Common Knowledge482
Ecstatic Religion: A Study of Shamanism and Spirit Possession by I. M. Lewisnot in English Common Knowledge486
Chomsky: Selected Readings (Language & Language Learning) by Noam Chomskynot in English Common Knowledge489
The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Millsnot in English Common Knowledge491
Psychology and Epistemology: Towards a Theory of Knowledge by Jean Piagetnot in English Common Knowledge492
Maps of consciousness;: I Ching, tantra, tarot, alchemy, astrology, actualism by Ralph Metznernot in English Common Knowledge493
The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind by Donella H. Meadowsnot in English Common Knowledge500
Grondslagen van de wiskunde by Michel Combèsnot in English Common Knowledge502
Theorien und Modelle der Didaktik by Herwig Blankertznot in English Common Knowledge507
Transformationele taalkunde by Henk Verkuylnot in English Common Knowledge509
Goud en geld by Paul Einzignot in English Common Knowledge510
Russell by A. J. Ayer513
Balans van de sociologie by Johan Goudsblomnot in English Common Knowledge518
Wittgenstein by Anthony Kennynot in English Common Knowledge520
Modellen voor wereldvrede by Iring Fetscher525
Hoofdfiguren uit de sociologie. Dl. 1: Klassieken by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge527
Hoofdfiguren uit de sociologie. Dl. 2: Modernen by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge528
Popper by Bryan Magee533
Atoms and the universe by G. O. Jonesnot in English Common Knowledge537
Gödel’s Proof by Ernest Nagelnot in English Common Knowledge540
Medieval people by Eileen Power543
Redekunstige grondslag van verstandhouding by Frederik van Eedennot in English Common Knowledge545
Inleiding tot de demografie by Roland Pressatnot in English Common Knowledge550
Semantics: The Study of Meaning by Geoffrey Leechnot in English Common Knowledge556
Semantiek 2 by Geoffrey Leechnot in English Common Knowledge557
The Buddha: Buddhist Civilization in India and Ceylon by Trevor Lingnot in English Common Knowledge560
Recht, macht en manipulatie by Constantijn Kelknot in English Common Knowledge572
Algemene botanie 1 by Wilhelm Nultschnot in English Common Knowledge573
Algemene botanie 2 by Wilhelm Nultschnot in English Common Knowledge574
Purity and Danger: An Analysis of the Concepts of Pollution and Taboo by Mary Douglasnot in English Common Knowledge579
Economische systemen in de wereldgeschiedenis deel 1 by Stephan Viljoennot in English Common Knowledge580
Economische systemen in de wereldgeschiedenis 2 by Stephan Viljoennot in English Common Knowledge581
Inleiding tot de psychiatrie by Felix von Mendelssohnnot in English Common Knowledge584
Males and females (Penguin education) by Corinne Huttnot in English Common Knowledge585
Sociologische Stromingen by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge588
Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language by John R. Searlenot in English Common Knowledge592
Geschiedenis van China by D. van der Horstnot in English Common Knowledge593
Renaissance in mei by Hélène Noltheniusnot in English Common Knowledge597
Eindeloze energie : alternatieven voor de samenleving by Erik Lysen600
Algemene zoölogie 1 by Ernst Hadornnot in English Common Knowledge601
Algemene zoölogie 2 by Ernst Hadornnot in English Common Knowledge602
Hoofdstukken uit de sociologie by J. Goudsblomnot in English Common Knowledge603
The Making of Economic Society by Robert L. Heilbronernot in English Common Knowledge609
Life History and the historical Moment by Erik H. Eriksonnot in English Common Knowledge610
Argumentatietheorie by F. H. van Eemerennot in English Common Knowledge613
Inleiding tot de geschiedenis van de psychologie by Theo Verbeeknot in English Common Knowledge614
Exploring Mysticism: A Methodological Essay by Frits Staalnot in English Common Knowledge619
Charismatisch leiderschap by Bryan Wilsonnot in English Common Knowledge623
Geschiedenis : theorie en praktijk by Bernard Slicher van Bathnot in English Common Knowledge625
Verzamelde opstellen 1 by Pieter Geylnot in English Common Knowledge626
Verzamelde opstellen 2 by Pieter Geylnot in English Common Knowledge627
Verzamelde opstellen 3 by Pieter Geylnot in English Common Knowledge628
Verzamelde opstellen 4 by Pieter Geylnot in English Common Knowledge629
Wetenschapsbeoefening by E. A. D. E. Carpnot in English Common Knowledge631
Textwissenschaft. Eine interdisziplinäre Einführung by Teun Adrianus van Dijknot in English Common Knowledge633
Margriet weet raad by C. Brinkgrevenot in English Common Knowledge636
Psycholinguïstiek: een inleiding by Judith Greenenot in English Common Knowledge637
Methodologie en taalwetenschap by M.C. Van den Toornnot in English Common Knowledge638
Sociologische encyclopedie 4 by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge642
Hoofdfiguren uit de sociologie. Dl. 3: Modernen-2 by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge647
Toys and Reasons: Stages in the Ritualization of Experience by Erik H. Eriksonnot in English Common Knowledge654
De ondernemingsraad by F.C.B. van Wijmennot in English Common Knowledge655
You and Neurosis by H. J. Eysencknot in English Common Knowledge657
Life Science by P. B. Medawarnot in English Common Knowledge658
Kind en taalontwikkeling by Paula Menyuknot in English Common Knowledge659
Franse letterkunde by W. Noomennot in English Common Knowledge660
Amerikaanse letterkunde by T.A. Birrellnot in English Common Knowledge668
Toegepaste sociologie 1 by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge678
Toegepaste sociologie 2 by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge679
Sociale kaart van Nederland 1 : Ontwikkelingen by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge681
Sociale kaart van Nederland 2 : Toekomstperspectieven en alternatieven by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge682
Sociale kaart van Nederland 3: Centrale problemen by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge683
Sociale kaart van Nederland 4: Kerninformatie by Leo Rademakernot in English Common Knowledge684
Documentaire dienstverlening by P.S.A. Grootnot in English Common Knowledge688
Afrikaanse letterkunde by Mineke Schippernot in English Common Knowledge696
Spaanse letterkunde by J.L. Alonso Hernandeznot in English Common Knowledge697
Power and Struggle by Gene Sharpnot in English Common Knowledge700
Italiaanse letterkunde by Olga M. Brouwernot in English Common Knowledge704
The History of Manners (The Civilizing Process, Vol. 1) by Norbert Eliasnot in English Common Knowledge705
Power & Civility (The Civilizing Process, Vol. 2) by Norbert Eliasnot in English Common Knowledge706
Zo ver is de wetenschap by H. Bergmannot in English Common Knowledge710
Scandinavische letterkunde by Alex Bolckmansnot in English Common Knowledge711
Eén plus één is twee by G. A. Kooynot in English Common Knowledge715
Persoonlijke documentatie by Paul S.A. Grootnot in English Common Knowledge718
Wetenschap als natuurverschijnsel by G.A. van Klinkenbergnot in English Common Knowledge719
Essays van Leszek Kolakowski by Leszek Kolakowskinot in English Common Knowledge728
Russische letterkunde by Emmanuel Waegemansnot in English Common Knowledge739
Geologische tijdschalen by Remy Lopes de Leão Lagunanot in English Common Knowledge747
Geschiedenis na 1945 by J. L. Heldringnot in English Common Knowledge748
Prolegomena van een antropologische fysiologie by Frederik J.J. Buytendijknot in English Common Knowledge749
SIPRI Yearbook 1984 by SIPRInot in English Common Knowledge752
Internationale betrekkingen in perspectief by R. B. Soetendorpnot in English Common Knowledge824
De vele gezichten van de toegepaste psychologie 1 by F.F.O. Holzhauernot in English Common Knowledge652
De vele gezichten van de toegepaste psychologie 2 by F.F.O. Holzhauernot in English Common Knowledge652
Materie en leven by J. D. Fastnot in English Common Knowledge7802

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