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A Baby on Her Christmas List by Louisa George
Falling for Her Fake Fiancé by Sue MacKay
A Forever Family for the Army Doc by Meredith Webber
A Month to Marry the Midwife (The Midwives of Lighthouse Bay) by Fiona McArthur
Practically Perfect by Caroline Anderson1
Reunited with Her Surgeon Prince by Marion Lennox
Their Double Baby Gift by Louisa Heaton
Prescriptions and Promises by Jessica Matthews2
A Mother by Nature by Caroline Anderson3
Heart's Command by Meredith Webber4
A Very Special Child by Jennifer Taylor5
The Elusive Doctor by Abigail Gordon6
Doctor on Loan by Marion Lennox7
A Nurse in Crisis by Lilian Darcy8
Medic on Approval by Laura MacDonald9
Touched by Angels by Jennifer Taylor10
Rescuing Dr Ryan by Caroline Anderson11
Found: One Husband by Meredith Webber12
A Wife for Dr. Cunningham by Maggie Kingsley13
Reluctant Partners by Margaret Barker14
Claimed: One Wife by Meredith Webber15
A Nurse's Forgiveness by Jessica Matthews16
Italian Doctor by Jennifer Taylor17
Coming Home To Daniel (Harlequin Medical Romance, July 01) by Josie Metcalfe19
The Nurse's Dilemma by Gill Sanderson21
Redeeming Dr. Hammond by Meredith Webber23
An Angel in His Arms by Jennifer Taylor24
Emotional Rescue by Alison Roberts27
The Italian Effect by Josie Metcalfe35
A Very Precious Gift (Harlequin Medical Romance, #36) by Meredith Webber36
The Surgeon's Secret by Lucy Clark38
A Nurse's Patience by Jessica Matthews44
Doctor in Danger (Medical Romance, #47) by Alison Roberts47
The Nurse's Challenge by Abigail Gordon48
Marriage and Maternity by Gill Sanderson49
The Midwife Bride by Janet Ferguson50
Guilty Secret by Josie Metcalfe51
A Very Tender Practice (Harlequin (Medical Romance), #54) by Laura MacDonald54
Innocent Secret by Josie Metcalfe55
Her Dr. Wright by Meredith Webber56
The Surgeon's Love-Child by Lilian Darcy57
Back in Her Bed by Carol Wood58
A Woman Worth Waiting For by Meredith Webber59
A Nurse's Courage by Jessica Matthews60
Rivals in Practice (Medical Romance 64) by Alison Robets64
The Stranger's Secret by Maggie Kingsley68
The Marriage Gamble by Meredith Webber71
His Brother's Son by Jennifer Taylor72
The Midwife's Secret (Medical Romance 74) by Fiona McArthur74
A Doctor's Honour (UK) by Jessica Matthews79
A Family of Their Own by Jennifer Taylor80
More Than Caring by Josie Metcalfe83
The Visiting Surgeon (Mills & Boon Medical) by Lucy Clark85
Dr Blake's Angel by Marion Lennox88
More Than a Gift by Josie Metcalfe89
The Irresistable Doctor (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Carol Wood92
Dr. Graham's Marriage (Mills & Boon Medical) by Meredith Webber95
The Doctor's Destiny by Meredith Webber103
The Surgeon's Proposal by Lilian Darcy104
Daisy and the Doctor by Meredith Webber107
To the Doctor: A Daughter by Marion Lennox111
A Mother's Special Care by Jessica Matthews112
A Baby of Her Own by Kate Hardy113
The Surgeon's Second Chance by Meredith Webber115
Saving Dr. Cooper (Medical Romance ) by Jennifer Taylor116
Stormbound Surgeon by Marion Lennox119
Dr. Sotiris's Woman by Margaret Barker122
The Pregnancy Proposition by Meredith Webber123
The Surgeon's Child (Medical Romance, 125) by Alison Roberts125
A Very Special Marriage by Jennifer Taylor127
The Doctor's Secret Baby (Medical Romance 132) by Judy Campbell132
Outback Surgeon by Leah Martyn134
A Very Special Christmas by Jessica Matthews136
The Doctor's Christmas by Jennifer Taylor137
Outback Engagement by Meredith Webber139
Consultant in Crisis by Alison Roberts140
The Midwife's Courage by Lilian Darcy141
Outback Marriage by Meredith Webber143
The Honorable Midwife by Lilian Darcy144
The Elusive Consultant by Carol Marinelli145
The Nurse's Rescue by Alison Roberts148
The Pregnant Surgeon by Jennifer Taylor149
Doctors in Flight (Medical Romance) by Meredith Webber151
Doctor at Risk (Harlequin Medical Romance 155) by Alison Roberts155
The Doctor's Outback Baby by Carol Marinelli157
A White Knight in ER by Jessica Matthews158
Saving Dr. Tremaine by Jessica Matthews159
The Greek Children's Doctor by Sarah Morgan160
A Very Special Surgeon (Harlequin Medical Romance, #162) by Laura MacDonald162
In Dr. Darling's Care by Marion Lennox163
The Doctor's Unexpected Family by Lilian Darcy168
Doctors on the Frontline by Olivia Gates169
A Father's Special Care by Gill Sanderson170
The Consultant's Accidental Bride by Carol Marinelli171
The A&E Consultant's Secret by Lilian Darcy173
The Baby Emergency (Romance) by Carol Marinelli176
Bushfire Bride by Marion Lennox179
The Surgeon's Marriage Demand by Maggie Kingsley189
The Nurse's Wedding Rescue by Sarah Morgan192
The Firefighter's Baby by Alison Roberts198
Emergency At Inglewood by Alison Roberts202
Emergency: A Marriage Worth Keeping by Carol Marinelli204
Her Emergency Knight by Alison Roberts212
The Children Heart's Surgeon by Meredith Webber213
The Doctor's Latin Lover (Medical Romance #214) by Olivia Gates214
The Doctor's Special Touch by Marion Lennox215
The Heart Surgeon's Proposal by Meredith Webber217
The Celebrity Doctor's Proposal by Sarah Morgan219
Undercover at City Hospital by Carol Marinelli220
His Unexpected Child by Josie Metcalfe224
Bride by Accident by Marion Lennox227
The Nurse's Christmas Wish (Mills & Boon Medical) by Sarah Morgan231
Her Celebrity Surgeon = The Millionaire Boss's Reluctant Mistress by Kate Hardy239
The Life Saver (Medical Romance) by Lilian Darcy240
Needed: Full-Time Father (Medical Romance Large Print) by Carol Marinelli243
Sheikh Surgeon by Meredith Webber249
High Altitude Doctor by Sarah Morgan252
In His Loving Care by Jennifer Taylor254
Pregnant With His Child by Lilian Darcy255
Her Longed-For Family by Josie Metcalfe260
The Surgeon's Perfect Match (Medical Romance Large Print) by Alison Roberts264
A Baby of His Own by Jennifer Taylor265
The London Doctor by Joanna Neil270
The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal by Sarah Morgan271
Emergency Baby (Medical Romance) by Alison Roberts273
The Christmas Marriage Rescue by Sarah Morgan275
Caring for His Child by Amy Andrews276
A Night to Remember by Jennifer Taylor277
A Doctor Beyond Compare by Melanie Milburne278
A Father by Christmas by Meredith Webber281
A Very Special Proposal by Josie Metcalfe283
The Surgeon's Meant-to-Be Bride by Amy Andrews285
In Her Boss's Special Care by Melanie Milburne290
The London Consultant's Rescue by Joanna Neil294
An Unexpected Proposal by Amy Andrews296
A Family to Come Home To by Josie Metcalfe297
The Spanish Doctor's Convenient Bride by Meredith Webber298
Sheikh Surgeon, Surprise Bride by Josie Metcalfe301
His Runaway Nurse by Meredith Webber306
A Marriage Meant to Be by Josie Metcalfe307
A Bride for Glenmore by Sarah Morgan310
The Italian Doctor's Perfect Family (Medical Romance) by Alison Roberts311
Her Man of Honour by Melanie Milburne312
His Very Special Nurse by Margaret McDonagh314
Single Dad, Outback Wife by Amy Andrews316
The Playboy Doctor's Proposal (Crocodile Creek 24-hour Rescue) by Alison Roberts320
His Long-Awaited Bride by Jessica Matthews321
The Surgeon's Runaway Bride by Olivia Gates322
The Nurse He's Been Waiting For by Meredith Webber324
Christmas Bride-to-Be by Alison Roberts325
Twins for a Christmas Bride by Josie Metcalfe327
The Doctor's Longed-For Family by Joanna Neil331
A Woman to Belong To by Fiona Lowe333
The Doctor's Pregnancy Bombshell by Janice Lynn334
Found: A Father For Her Child by Amy Andrews335
Single Dad, Nurse Bride by Lynne Marshall337
Claimed by the Desert Prince = Desert Doctor, Secret Sheikh by Meredith Webber339
The Italian Count's Baby by Amy Andrews341
The Surgeon Boss's Bride by Melanie Milburne343
The Sheikh Surgeon's Baby = To Dr. Cartwright, a Daughter by Meredith Webber344
The Italian Surgeon Claims His Bride by Alison Roberts347
A Wedding in Warragurra by Fiona Lowe348
A Consultant Beyond Compare (Harlequin Medical Romance, 349) by Joanna Neil349
A Wife Worth Waiting For by Maggie Kingsley350
Her Four-Year Baby Secret by Alison Roberts351
The Outback Doctor's Surprise Bride by Amy Andrews352
The Firefighter And The Single Mum by Laura Iding353
Country Doctor, Spring Bride by Abigail Gordon354
Marrying the Runaway Bride by Jennifer Taylor356
His Island Bride by Marion Lennox359
The Rebel Doctor's Bride by Sarah Morgan360
Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse by Carol Marinelli361
The Surgeon's Secret Baby Wish (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Laura Iding362
The Spanish Doctor's Love-Child by Kate Hardy364
A Doctor, A Nurse: A Little Miracle by Carol Marinelli365
Top-Notch Surgeon, Pregnant Nurse by Amy Andrews366
Marrying the Millionaire Doctor (Crocodile Creek) by Alison Roberts367
His Very Special Bride by Joanna Neil368
Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family (Mills & Boon Medical Romance) by Lynne Marshall370
Children's Doctor, Meant-to-be Wife by Meredith Webber371
Italian Doctor, Sleigh-Bell Bride by Sarah Morgan372
Dr Romano's Christmas Baby by Amy Andrews374
A Bride and Child Worth Waiting For by Marion Lennox375
The Italian Surgeon's Christmas Miracle by Alison Roberts378
The GP's Meant-To-Be Bride. Jennifer Taylor (Romance) by Jennifer Taylor380
The Royal Doctor's Bride by Jessica Matthews381
The Single Dad's New-Year Bride by Amy Andrews382
The Heart Surgeon's Secret Child by Meredith Webber384
English Doctor, Italian Bride by Carol Marinelli387
The Heart Surgeon's Baby Surprise (Jimmie's Children's Unit) by Meredith Webber388
A Wife for the Baby Doctor by Josie Metcalfe389
Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad by Janice Lynn390
A Family for His Tiny Twins by Josie Metcalfe391
One Night with Her Boss (Mills & Boon Largeprint Medical) by Alison Roberts392
The Greek Billionaire's Love-Child by Sarah Morgan395
The Valtieri Marriage Deal by Caroline Anderson399
A Baby for the Village Doctor by Abigail Gordon400
Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride by Amy Andrews401
Emergency: Single Dad, Mother Needed by Laura Iding402
Hot-Shot Surgeon, Cinderella Bride (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Alison Roberts403
Assignment Baby (Medical Romance Large Print) by Lynne Marshall404
Falling for Her Mediterranean Boss by Anne Fraser406
A Summer Wedding at Willowmere by Abigail Gordon408
Miracle: Twin Babies by Fiona Lowe410
A Special Kind of Family by Marion Lennox411
Dr Velascos' Unexpected Baby by Dianne Drake414
Emergency: Wife Lost and Found by Carol Marinelli415
His Baby Bombshell by Jessica Matthews416
Top-Notch Doc, Outback Bride by Melanie Milburne417
A Doctor, A Nurse: A Christmas Baby by Amy Andrews421
Expecting a Christmas Miracle by Laura Iding422
Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery by Sarah Morgan423
Greek Doctor: One Magical Christmas (Medical Romance Large Print) by Meredith Webber425
The Surgeon's New-Year Wedding Wish by Laura Iding426
Posh Doc, Society Wedding by Joanna Neil427
Their Baby Surprise (Dalverston Weddings) by Jennifer Taylor428
The Doctor's Rebel Knight by Melanie Milburne430
One Tiny Miracle... by Carol Marinelli431
Playboy Surgeon, Top-Notch Dad by Janice Lynn434
The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride by Kate Hardy435
One Summer in Santa Fe by Molly Evans438
City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle by Marion Lennox439
The Nurse's Brooding Boss by Laura Iding440
Desert King, Doctor Daddy by Meredith Webber441
Emergency Doctor and Cinderella by Melanie Milburne442
The Surgeon's Miracle by Caroline Anderson443
Nurse, Nanny-- Bride! (Mills & Boon Medical) by Alison Roberts444
Her Long-Lost Husband by Josie Metcalfe446
Knight on the Children's Ward by Carol Marinelli447
Dr. Di Angelo's Baby Bombshell by Janice Lynn450
Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc? by Sarah Morgan451
The Midwife and the Millionaire by Fiona McArthur452
Her Brooding Italian Surgeon (Harlequin Medical, 453) by Fiona Lowe453
Children's Doctor, Shy Nurse by Molly Evans454
Neurosurgeon...and Mum! by Kate Hardy455
Wishing for a miracle by Alison Roberts456
The Heart Doctor and the Baby by Lynne Marshall457
Prince Charming of Harley Street by Anne Fraser458
The Marry-Me Wish by Alison Roberts459
Alessandro and the Cheery Nanny by Amy Andrews460
A Knight for Nurse Hart by Laura Iding461
The Secret Doctor by Joanna Neil462
Valentino's Pregnancy Bombshell by Amy Andrews463
Officer, Surgeon...Gentleman! by Janice Lynn464
Midwife in the Family Way by Fiona McArthur465
Dating the Millionaire Doctor by Marion Lennox466
Christmas Eve Baby by Caroline Anderson471
Christmas in Bluebell Cove (Medical Romance Hb) by Abigail Gordon472
The Nurse Who Saved Christmas by Janice Lynn474
The Italian's New-Year Marriage Wish by Sarah Morgan475
The Village Nurse's Happy-Ever-After by Abigail Gordon476
Sheikh, Children's Doctor...Husband by Meredith Webber478
The Doctor's Bride by Sunrise by Josie Metcalfe479
Rescued By The Dreamy Doc (Medical #480) by Amy Andrews480
Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor (Medical #481) by Laura Iding481
Six-Week Marriage Miracle by Jessica Matthews482
The Surgeon's Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer Taylor483
Summer Seaside Wedding (Harlequin Medical Romance 484) by Abigail Gordon484
Socialite ... or Nurse in a Million (Harlequin Medical 486, 486) by Molly Evans486
The Doctor's Royal Love-Child by Kate Hardy487
The Honourable Maverick (Harlequin Medical Romance 488) by Alison Roberts488
The Man With the Locked Away Heart by Melanie Milburne489
Single Dad's Triple Trouble by Fiona Lowe490
Nurse Bride, Bayside Wedding (Brides of Penhally Bay) by Gill Sanderson491
The Unsung Hero (Medical Lp) by Alison Roberts492
Her Little Secret (Mills & Boon Medical Romance) by Carol Marinelli493
Single Dad Seeks a Wife by Melanie Milburne495
Maverick in the E.R. by Jessica Matthews496
The Taming of Dr. Alex Draycott (Harlequin Medical Romance 497) by Joanna Neil497
The Man Behind the Badge by Sharon Archer498
Virgin Midwife, Playboy Doctor by Margaret McDonagh499
Flirting With the Society Doctor by Janice Lynn501
When One Night Isn't Enough by Wendy S. Marcus502
Their Miracle Baby by Caroline Anderson503
Tortured Rebel by Alison Roberts505
Just One Last Night… by Amy Andrews506
Sheikh Surgeon Claims His Bride by Josie Metcalfe507
Cort Mason—Dr. Delectable by Carol Marinelli508
Survival Guide to Dating Your Boss (Single, Free & Fabulous.. by Fiona McArthur509
Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached by Kate Hardy510
A Baby for Eve by Maggie Kingsley511
Breaking Her No-Dates Rule by Emily Forbes512
Waking Up With Dr. Off-Limits (Single, Free & Fabulous in.. by Amy Andrews513
Dr. Devereux's Proposal by Margaret McDonagh515
Dynamite Doc or Christmas Dad? by Marion Lennox516
The Fiancée He Can't Forget by Caroline Anderson518
The Rebel of Penhally Bay by Caroline Anderson519
The Night Before Christmas by Alison Roberts521
Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Midwife by Anne Fraser523
Spring Proposal in Swallowbrook by Abigail Gordon524
Once a Good Girl... (Madrin Memorial Hospital, #2) by Wendy S. Marcus525
Falling for the Playboy Millionaire by Kate Hardy527
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Lilys Scandal by Marion Lennox528
Sydney Harbour Hospital: Zoes Baby by Alison Roberts529
Mother for the Italian's Twins by Margaret McDonagh531
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl by Amy Andrews532
Baby Who Saved Dr Cynical by Connie Cox533
Dr Cinderella's Midnight Fling by Kate Hardy534
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Tom's Redemption by Fiona Lowe535
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Bella's Wishlist by Emily Forbes543
Unlocking the Surgeon's Heart (Harlequin Medical Romance 545) by Jessica Matthews545
Marriage Miracle in Swallowbrook (Harlequin Medical Romance 546) by Abigail Gordon546
The Legendary Playboy Surgeon by Alison Roberts548
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Ava's Re-Awakening by Carol Marinelli551
Falling for Her Impossible Boss (Harlequin Medical Romance 552) by Alison Roberts552
How to Mend a Broken Heart by Amy Andrews553
St. Piran's: The Wedding of The Year by Caroline Anderson555
St Piran's: Rescuing Pregnant Cinderella by Carol Marinelli556
Once a Playboy... by Kate Hardy557
St Piran's: Italian Surgeon, Forbidden Bride by Margaret McDonagh559
St Piran's: Daredevil, Doctor...Dad! by Anne Fraser560
St Piran's: The Brooding Heart Surgeon by Alison Roberts563
Newborn Baby for Christmas by Fiona Lowe565
Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty/Her Christmas Eve Diamond (Mills & Boon Medical) by Scarlet Wilson566
St Piran's: Tiny Miracle Twins567
St Piran's: Prince on the Children's Ward by Sarah Morgan568
Maybe this Christmas...? by Alison Roberts570
The Surgeon's Doorstep Baby by Marion Lennox571
Craving Her Soldier's Touch by Wendy S. Marcus572
NYC Angels: Redeeming the Playboy by Carol Marinelli583
NYC Angels: Heiress's Baby Scandal by Janice Lynn584
The Prince Who Charmed Her by Fiona McArthur587
NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr. Serious by Laura Iding589
NYC Angels: The Wallflower's Secret by Susan Carlisle590
Their Most Forbidden Fling by Melanie Milburne591
NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger by Tina Beckett595
NYC Angels: Tempting Nurse Scarlet by Wendy S. Marcus596
P.S. You're a Daddy! by Dianne Drake598
NYC Angels: Making the Surgeon Smile by Lynne Marshall601
NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts602
The Secret in His Heart by Caroline Anderson603
The ER's Newest Dad by Janice Lynn604
Dr. Dark and Far-Too Delicious by Carol Marinelli607
Secrets of a Career Girl by Carol Marinelli608
The Gift of a Child (Harlequin Medical Romance 609) by Sue MacKay609
A Date with the Ice Princess by Kate Hardy611
Always the Hero (Earthquake!) by Alison Roberts614
Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc by Amalie Berlin630
Christmas Eve Delivery by Connie Cox636
From Venice with Love (The Christmas Express!) by Alison Roberts637
Date with a Surgeon Prince by Meredith Webber641
From Duty to Daddy by Sue MacKay645
Changed by His Son's Smile (Harlequin Medical Romance 646) by Robin Gianna646
Melting the Ice Queen's Heart (Harlequin Medical Romance 653) by Amy Ruttan653
The Dangers of Dating Dr. Carvalho (Harlequin Medical Romance 658) by Tina Beckett658
200 Harley Street: Surgeon in a Tux by Carol Marinelli661
200 Harley Street: Girl from the Red Carpet by Scarlet Wilson662
Flirting with the Socialite Doc by Melanie Milburne663
The Proud Italian by Alison Roberts667
Return of Dr. Irresistible by Amalie Berlin688
The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again (Harlequin Medical Romance 693) by Susan Carlisle693
Playing the Playboy's Sweetheart by Carol Marinelli703
It Happened One Night Shift by Amy Andrews717
A Date with Her Valentine Doc (A Valentine to Remember) by Melanie Milburne721
The Sheikh Doctor's Bride (Harlequin Medical Romance 723) by Meredith Webber723
Baby Twins to Bind Them (Mills & Boon Medical) (Army Docs, Book 1) by Carol Marinelli727
It Happened in Vegas (Army Docs) by Amy Ruttan730
Just One Night? (Midwives On-Call) by Carol Marinelli733
Midwife's Baby Bump (Harlequin Medical Romance 740) by Susanne Hampton740
Tempted by Her Italian Surgeon by Louisa George742
Italian Surgeon to the Stars by Melanie Milburne747
Her Playboy's Secret (Mills & Boon Hardback Romance) by Tina Beckett752
Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan754
Surgeons, Rivals...Lovers (New York City Docs) by Amalie Berlin758
Best Friend to Perfect Bride by Jennifer Taylor759
A Baby to Bind Them by Susanne Hampton761
One Night in New York (Harlequin Medical Romance 764) by Amy Ruttan764
Reunited...in Paris! by Sue MacKay767
French Fling to Forever by Karin Baine768
The Baby of Their Dreams by Carol Marinelli769
Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh (Harlequin Medical Romance 770) by Amalie Berlin770
Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad (Cowboys, Doctors...Daddies) by Lynne Marshall771
A Touch of Christmas Magic (Midwives On-Call at Christmas) by Scarlet Wilson775
Her Christmas Baby Bump (Midwives On-Call at Christmas) by Robin Gianna776
One Night Before Christmas (Harlequin Medical Romance 778) by Susan Carlisle778
Playboy Doc's Mistletoe Kiss (Midwives On-Call at Christmas)781
His Christmas Bride-to-Be by Abigail Gordon786
A Kiss To Change Her Life by Karin Baine792
The Nurse Who Stole His Heart (Wildfire Island Docs #2) by Alison Roberts796
London's Most Eligible Doctor by Annie O'Neil800
Saving Maddie's Baby (Wildfire Island Docs #3) by Marion Lennox801
The Doctor's Baby Secret by Scarlet Wilson815
Taming Hollywood's Ultimate Playboy (The Hollywood Hills Clinic #7) by Amalie Berlin823
Winning Back His Doctor Bride (The Hollywood Hills Clinic #8) by Tina Beckett824
White Wedding for a Southern Belle by Susan Carlisle825
Seduced by the Sheikh Surgeon (Desert Prince Docs) by Carol Marinelli829
Challenging the Doctor Sheikh (Harlequin Medical Romance 830) by Amalie Berlin830
The Doctor She Always Dreamed Of (Nurses to Brides) by Wendy S. Marcus831
The Nurse's Newborn Gift (Nurses to Brides) by Wendy S. Marcus832
Dr. White's Baby Wish by Sue MacKay834
Rescued by Dr. Rafe (Stranded in His Arms) by Annie Claydon837
Saved by the Single Dad (Stranded in His Arms) by Annie Claydon838
Sizzling Nights with Dr. Off-Limits by Janice Lynn839
One Kiss in Tokyo... by Scarlet Wilson843
Unwrapped by the Duke by Amy Ruttan852
The Surgeon's Baby Surprise (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Charlotte Hawkes860
Alejandro's Sexy Secret (Hot Latin Docs) by Amy Ruttan862
Their Meant-to-Be Baby (Yoxburgh Park Hospital) by Caroline Anderson865
Rafael's One Night Bombshell (Hot Latin Docs) by Tina Beckett867
Their Secret Royal Baby (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Carol Marinelli871
Forbidden to the Playboy Surgeon (Paddington Children's Hospital) by Fiona Lowe878
Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Louisa Heaton882
Engaged to the Doctor Sheikh (The Halliday Family) by Meredith Webber888
Pregnant with the Boss's Baby by Sue MacKay893
The Surrogate's Unexpected Miracle by Alison Roberts895

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  2. The Vásquez Baby = The Vásquez Mistress by Sarah Morgan (2008)
  3. One Night With the Rebel Billionaire by Trish Wylie (2009)
  4. The Italian's Bought Bride (Harlequin Presents) by Kate Hewitt (2008)
  5. Pregnant With the Billionaire's Baby by Carole Mortimer (2009)
  6. The Power of the Legendary Greek by Catherine George (2010)
  7. The Secret Mistress Arrangement by Kimberly Lang (2009)
  8. Caretti's Forced Bride by Jennie Lucas (2007)
  9. The French Count's Pregnant Bride by Catherine Spencer (2006)
  10. His Bid for a Bride by Carole Mortimer (2004)
  11. The Cattle Baron's Virgin Wife by Lindsay Armstrong (2008)
  12. The Inconvenient Bride by Anne McAllister (2001)
  13. Marrying the Playboy Doctor by Laura Iding (2009)
  14. Pirate Tycoon, Forbidden Baby by Janette Kenny (2009)
  15. Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines (2007)

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