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Publisher Series: Harlequin Historical Subscription

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (466)

Scandal and Miss Smith by Julia Byrne1
An Unpredictable Bride by Helen Dickson2
Tangled Reins by Stephanie Laurens3
A Knight in Waiting by Juliet Landon4
Major's Muslin by Marie-Louise Hall5
Betrayed Hearts by Elizabeth Henshall6
His Lordship's Dilemma by Meg Alexander7
Master of Winterbourne by Francesca Shaw8
The Earl of Rayne's Ward by Anne Ashley9
The Inherited Bride by Sarah Westleigh10
Lady Linford's Return by Anne Ashley11
Mistress of Her Fate by Julia Byrne12
Fair Juno by Stephanie Laurens13
Madselin's Choice by Elizabeth Henshall14
The Standish Inheritance by Louisa Gray15
The Knight, the Knave and the Lady by Juliet Landon16
A Compromised Lady by Francesca Shaw17
Set Free My Heart by Sarah Westleigh18
Impetuous Innocent by Stephanie Laurens19
Gentle Conqueror by Julia Byrne20
The Neglectful Guardian by Anne Ashley21
The King's New Man by Elizabeth Henshall22
Miss Harcourt's Dilemma by Anne Ashley23
The Rainborough Inheritance by Helen Dickson24
Four In Hand by Stephanie Laurens25
Loyal Hearts by Sarah Westleigh26
The Love Child by Meg Alexander27
The Lost Princess by Paula Marshall28
Ravensdene's Bride by Julia Byrne29
Golden Lure by Juliet Landon30
The Merry Gentleman by Meg Alexander31
Hostage Of Love by Valentina Luellen32
The Reasons for Marriage by Stephanie Laurens33
Chevalier's Pawn by Sarah Westleigh34
The Passionate Friends by Meg Alexander35
My Enemy, My Love by Julia Byrne36
A Lady Of Expectations by Stephanie Laurens37
Honour Bound by Helen Dickson38
A Most Exceptional Quest by Sarah Westleigh39
Leaves on the Wind by Carol Townend40
An Unwilling Conquest by Stephanie Laurens41
Conqueror's Lady by Gail Mallin42
An Ideal Match by Anne Herries43
The Devil's Mark by Joanna Makepeace44
A Comfortable Wife by Stephanie Laurens45
Marriage Rites by Pauline Bentley46
A Nabob's Daughter by Janet Edmonds47
Jousting With Shadows by Sarah Westleigh48
Rake's Reform by Marie-Louise Hall49
The Deserted Bride by Paula Marshall50
Seventh Heaven by Elizabeth Bailey51
The Goldsmith's Jewel by Juliet Landon52
Felon's Fancy by Sarah Westleigh53
A Remembered Love by Laura Cassidy54
The Unconventional Miss Dane by Francesca Shaw55
Katherine by Helen Dickson56
The Last Enchantment by Meg Alexander57
Silk and Sword by Pauline Bentley58
Gambler's Wedding by Elizabeth Lowther59
Escape to Destiny by Sarah Westleigh60
Lady Knightley's Secret by Anne Ashley61
Sapphire in the Snow by Carol Townend62
Beau's Stratagem by Louisa Gray63
Battlefield of Hearts by Joanna Makepeace64
Lady Jane's Physician by Anne Ashley65
Rebel Harvest by Pauline Bentley66
Farewell the Heart by Meg Alexander67
Reluctant Rebel by Joanna Makepeace68
Heritage of Love by Sarah Westleigh69
The Ransomed Bride by Elizabeth Lowther70
Miranda's Masquerade by Meg Alexander71
Crown Hostage by Joanna Makepeace72
The Outrageous Dowager by Sarah Westleigh73
The Black Pearl by Laura Cassidy74
Miss Weston's Masquerade by Francesca Shaw75
Penruthin's Wife (Medieval) by Pauline Bentley76
Debt of Honour by Gail Mallin77
Maiden Court by Laura Cassidy78
Hidden Flame by Elizabeth Bailey79
An Illustrious Lord by Helen Dickson80
Marry in Haste (Harlequin Historical) by Gail Mallin81
Judith's Place by Laura Cassidy82
The Impossible Earl by Sarah Westleigh83
The Baron's Bride by Joanna Makepeace84
Friday Dreaming by Elizabeth Bailey85
Corinna's Cause by Joanna Makepeace86
A Lady of Independent Means by Sarah Westleigh87
Sweet Treason by Marie-Louise Hall88
Lord Rotham's Wager by Ann Elizabeth Cree89
The Frozen Heart by Laura Cassidy90
An Offer to Love by Gail Whitiker91
King's Pawn by Joanna Makepeace92
Lord Ravensden's Marriage by Anne Herries93
Dragon's Court by Joanna Makepeace94
An Innocent Miss (The Steepwood Scandal, Book 2) (Mills and Boon Romance) by Elizabeth Bailey95
Madrilene's Granddaughter by Laura Cassidy96
The Reluctant Bride by Meg Alexander97
Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress by Nicola Cornick98
A Companion of Quality by Nicola Cornick99
The Falcon and the Dove by Paula Marshall100
A Most Improper Proposal by Gail Whitiker101
Ben Morgan's Mistake by Victoria Aldridge102
A Noble Man by Anne Ashley103
An Innocent Proposal by Helen Dickson104
An Unreasonable Match by Sylvia Andrew105
The Beckoning Dream by Paula Marshall106
An Unconventional Duenna (The Steepwood Scandal, Book 8) (Mills and Boon Romance) by Paula Marshall107
Ten Guineas on Love by Alice Thornton108
Counterfeit Earl by Anne Herries109
The Passionate Pilgrim by Juliet Landon110
The Captain's Return by Elizabeth Bailey111
A Royal Engagement by Olga Daniels112
The Guardian's Dilemma by Gail Whitiker113
Conspiracy of Hearts by Helen Dickson114
Lord Exmouth's Intentions by Anne Ashley115
The Traitor's Daughter by Joanna Makepeace116
Mr. Rushford's Honour by Meg Alexander117
Satan's Mark by Anne Herries118
An Unlikely Suitor by Nicola Cornick119
A Most Unseemly Summer by Juliet Landon120
An Inescapable Match by Sylvia Andrew121
Knight's Move by Jennifer Landsbert122
The Missing Marchioness by Paula Marshall123
The Honourable Earl by Mary Nichols124
The Marriage Truce by Ann Elizabeth Cree125
Mistress or Marriage? by Elizabeth Rolls126
A Penniless Prospect by Joanna Maitland127
An Ardent Friendship (Historical Romance) by Elizabeth Bailey128
A Roguish Gentleman by Mary Brendan129
Lord Fox's Pleasure by Helen Dickson130
The Youngest Dowager by Francesca Shaw131
The Maiden's Abduction by Juliet Landon132
Rinaldi's Revenge by Paula Marshall133
Raven's Honour by Claire Thornton134
The Abducted Bride by Anne Herries135
An Innocent Deceit by Gail Whitiker136
Carnival of Love by Helen Dickson137
The Rake by Georgina Devon138
The Viking's Captive by Julia Byrne139
Misfit Maid by Elizabeth Bailey140
The Unconventional Heiress by Paula Marshall141
Lord Calthorpe's Promise by Sylvia Andrew142
The Pirate's Daughter by Helen Dickson143
The Rebel by Georgina Devon144
Captive of the Harem by Anne Herries145
Gifford's Lady by Claire Thornton146
Hester Waring's Marriage by Paula Marshall147
Lord Trenchard's Choice by Sylvia Andrew148
The Rebellious Bride by Francesca Shaw149
The Rogue's Seduction by Georgina Devon150
The Westmere Legacy by Mary Nichols151
The Veiled Bride by Elizabeth Bailey152
A Strange Likeness by Paula Marshall153
Highwayman Husband by Helen Dickson154
A Scandalous Courtship by Gail Whitiker155
The Incomparable Countess by Mary Nichols156
The Sheikh by Anne Herries157
An Innocent Masquerade by Paula Marshall158
Colonel Ancroft's Love by Sylvia Andrew159
The Property of a Gentleman by Helen Dickson160
Her Guardian Knight by Joanna Makepeace161
Prudence by Elizabeth Bailey162
Lady Lavinia's Match by Mary Nichols163
The Sweet Cheat by Meg Alexander164
The Reluctant Marchioness by Anne Ashley165
Rosalyn and the Scoundrel by Anne Herries166
A Convenient Gentleman by Victoria Aldridge167
Nell by Elizabeth Bailey168
A Lady of Consequence by Mary Nichols169
Blackwood's Lady by Gail Whitiker170
Fallen Angel by Sophia James171
The Astrologer's Daughter by Paula Marshall172
A Matter of Honour by Anne Herries173
The Decadent Countess by Deborah Miles174
The Lord and the Mystery Lady by Georgina Devon175
A Hasty Betrothal by Dorothy Elbury176
Mistress of Madderlea by Mary Nichols177
Kitty by Elizabeth Bailey178
The Gentleman's Demand by Meg Alexander179
A Perfect Knight by Anne Herries180
His One Woman by Paula Marshall181
Tavern Wench by Anne Ashley182
The Viscount's Secret by Dorothy Elbury183
A Knight of Honour by Anne Herries184
The Dollar Prince's Wife by Paula Marshall185
A Most Unsuitable Bride by Gail Whitiker186
An Unconventional Widow by Georgina Devon187
Her Knight Protector by Anne Herries188
Prince of Secrets by Paula Marshall189
Belhaven Bride by Helen Dickson190
The Wolf's Promise by Claire Thornton191
The Count's Charade by Elizabeth Bailey192
Beloved Virago by Anne Ashley193
The Spanish Prize by Joanna Makepeace194
The Officer and the Lady by Dorothy Elbury195
The Hemingford Scandal by Mary Nichols196
The Rebellious Debutante by Meg Alexander197
Maid of Honor by Paula Marshall198
Marrying Miss Hemingford by Mary Nichols199
A Lady of Rare Quality by Anne Ashley200
The Earl and the Pickpocket by Helen Dickson201
Lady in Waiting by Anne Herries202
Wedding Night Revenge by Mary Brendan203
Bachelor Duke by Mary Nichols204
The Unknown Wife by Mary Brendan205
The Rake's Redemption by Georgina Devon206
The Matchmaker's Marriage by Meg Alexander207
The Adventurer's Wife by Anne Herries208
Forbidden Lady by Anne Herries209
A Scandalous Marriage by Mary Brendan210
The Rake and the Rebel by Mary Brendan211
The Black Sheep's Bride by Paula Marshall212
Dear Deceiver by Mary Nichols213
Rowan's Revenge by June Francis214
The Daring Duchess by Paula Marshall215
The Rogue's Kiss by Emily Bascom216
The Novice Bride (Historical Romance) by Carol Townend217
An Unusual Bequest by Mary Nichols218
Her Gentleman Protector by Meg Alexander219
A Trace of Memory by Elizabeth Bailey220
An Innocent Courtesan by Elizabeth Beacon221
His Rebel Bride by Helen Dickson222
Betrayed and Betrothed by Anne Ashley223
Major Chancellor's Mission by Paula Marshall224
Her Rebel Lord by Georgina Devon225
The Reluctant Escort by Mary Nichols226
An Improper Companion by Anne Herries227
Lord Hadleigh's Rebellion by Paula Marshall228
An Honorable Rogue by Carol Townend229
Housemaid Heiress by Elizabeth Beacon230
The Lord's Forced Bride by Anne Herries231
Eleanor by Sylvia Andrew232
More Than a Governess by Sarah Mallory233
The Knight's Vow by Catherine March234
A Wealthy Widow by Anne Herries235
Talk Of The Ton by Mary Nichols236
An Unconventional Miss by Dorothy Elbury237
Lord Hawkridge's Secret by Anne Ashley238
His Captive Lady by Carol Townend239
Betrayal by Georgina Devon240
The Devil and Drusilla by Paula Marshall241
A Scandalous Lady by Francesca Shaw242
A Worthy Gentleman by Anne Herries243
Working Man, Society Bride by Mary Nichols244
Tamed by the Barbarian by June Francis245
Lady Gwendolen Investigates by Anne Ashley246
A Less Than Perfect Lady by Elizabeth Beacon247
A Scoundrel of Consequence by Helen Dickson248
Her Dark and Dangerous Lord by Anne Herries249
The Earl's Dilemma by Emily May250
A Desirable Husband by Mary Nichols251
The Major and the Country Miss by Dorothy Elbury252
The Transformation of Miss Ashworth by Anne Ashley253
Rebel Lady, Convenient Wife by June Francis254
Captain Langthorne's Proposal by Elizabeth Beacon255
The Defiant Debutante by Helen Dickson256
The Wicked Baron by Sarah Mallory257
Marianne and the Marquis by Anne Herries258
Major Westhaven's Unwilling Ward by Emily Bascom259
Jack Compton's Luck by Paula Marshall260
Married by Christmas by Anne Herries261
Runaway Miss by Mary Nichols262
Seducing Miss Lockwood by Helen Dickson263
The Damsel's Defiance by Meriel Fuller264
Marrying Captain Jack by Anne Herries265
Francesca by Sylvia Andrew266
Rebellious Rake, Innocent Governess (REGENCY) by Elizabeth Beacon267
His Runaway Maiden by June Francis268
The Unknown Heir by Anne Herries269
Rags-to-Riches Bride by Mary Nichols270
Marrying Miss Monkton by Helen Dickson271
Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord by Carol Townend272
A Marriageable Miss by Dorothy Elbury273
Traitor or Temptress by Helen Dickson274
The Viscount's Scandalous Return by Anne Ashley275
Ransom Bride by Anne Herries276
Beauty and the Scarred Hero by Emily May277
Sold and Seduced by Michelle Styles278
Fugitive Countess by Anne Herries279
Scandalous Secret, Defiant Bride by Helen Dickson280
The Earl and the Hoyden by Mary Nichols281
A Noble Captive by Michelle Styles282
Diamonds, Deception and the Debutante by Helen Dickson283
The Earl's Runaway Bride by Sarah Mallory284
Bought for the Harem by Anne Herries285
An Impulsive Debutante by Michelle Styles286
Pirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife by June Francis287
Honorable Doctor, Improper Arrangement by Mary Nichols288
The Rake of Hollowhurst Castle by Elizabeth Beacon289
Forbidden Lord by Helen Dickson290
Bride of the Solway by Joanna Maitland291
The Homeless Heiress by Anne Herries292
Wicked Captain, Wayward Wife by Sarah Mallory293
The Warrior's Princess Bride by Meriel Fuller294
The Unmasking of a Lady by Emily May295
Her Banished Lord by Carol Townend296
Secret Heiress by Anne Herries297
A Question of Impropriety by Michelle Styles298
Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife (Historical Romance) by Michelle Styles299
Miss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter by Sylvia Andrew300
Destitute on His Doorstep by Helen Dickson301
The Captain's Mysterious Lady by Mary Nichols302
Bartered Bride by Anne Herries303
The Viscount's Unconventional Bride by Mary Nichols304
Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady by Isabelle Goddard305
Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife by Mary Nichols306
To Catch a Husband... by Sarah Mallory307
Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match by Mary Nichols308
The Earl Plays With Fire by Isabelle Goddard309
The Rake's Final Conquest by Dorothy Elbury310
One Final Season by Elizabeth Beacon311
A Country Miss in Hanover Square by Anne Herries312
Beauty in Breeches by Helen Dickson313
An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square by Anne Herries314
The Dangerous Lord Darrington by Sarah Mallory315
The Mistress of Hanover Square by Anne Herries316
Make-Believe Wife by Anne Herries317
Miss in a Man's World by Anne Ashley318
Courting Miss Vallois by Gail Whitiker319
The Brigadier's Daughter by Catherine March320
Snowbound with the Notorious Rake by Sarah Mallory321
Captured by the Warrior by Meriel Fuller322
Glory and the Rake by Deborah Simmons323
The Duke's Governess Bride by Miranda Jarrett324
The Major and the Pickpocket by Lucy Ashford325
Bound to the Barbarian by Carol Townend326
His Compromised Countess by Deborah Hale327
The Rake and the Heiress by Marguerite Kaye328
The Wayward Governess by Joanna Fulford329
Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride by Annie Burrows330
Miss Cameron's Fall from Grace by Helen Dickson331
Society's Most Scandalous Rake by Isabelle Goddard332
Chained to the Barbarian by Carol Townend333
The Duchess Hunt by Elizabeth Beacon334
The Captain and the Wallflower by Lyn Stone335
His Makeshift Wife by Anne Ashley336
Betrothed to the Barbarian by Carol Townend337
His Unsuitable Viscountess by Michelle Styles338
The Captain's Courtesan by Lucy Ashford339
Man Behind the Façade (Mills & Boon Historical) by June Francis340
When Marrying a Duke... by Helen Dickson341
No Occupation for a Lady by Gail Whitiker342
Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match by Michelle Styles343
The Captain's Kidnapped Beauty by Mary Nichols344
Beneath the Major's Scars by Sarah Mallory345
A Stranger's Touch by Anne Herries346
The Caged Countess by Joanna Fulford347
Behind the Rake's Wicked Wager by Sarah Mallory348
A Daring Liaison by Gail Ranstrom349
The Last de Burgh by Deborah Simmons350
The Outrageous Belle Marchmain by Lucy Ashford351
Unmasking Miss Lacey by Isabelle Goddard352
An Ideal Husband? by Michelle Styles353
His Unusual Governess by Anne Herries354
The Devil Claims a Wife by Helen Dickson355
The Scarred Earl by Elizabeth Beacon356
His Lady of Castlemora by Joanna Fulford357
No Role for a Gentleman by Gail Whitiker359
Lady Isobel's Champion (The Knights of Champagne, # 1) by Carol Townend360
The Black Sheep's Return (Regency #361) by Elizabeth Beacon361
Bought for Revenge by Sarah Mallory362
Promised to the Crusader by Anne Herries363
In the Commodore's Hands (The Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club) by Mary Nichols364
The Master of Stonegrave Hall by Helen Dickson365
The Adventurer's Bride by June Francis366
Paying the Viking's Price by Michelle Styles367
The Major's Guarded Heart (Mills & Boon Historical) by Isabelle Goddard368
Courted by the Captain (Officers and Gentlemen) by Anne Herries369
The Knight's Fugitive Lady by Meriel Fuller370
Unveiling Lady Clare (Knights of Champagne) by Carol Townend371
Protected by the Major (Officers and Gentlemen) by Anne Herries372
Mistress Masquerade by Juliet Landon373
Drawn to Lord Ravenscar by Anne Herries374
Harlequin Historical, February 2014 Bundle 2 of 2 (3-in-1) by Annie BurrowsBundle Feb 2014
Rescued from ruin by Georgie Lee377
No Place for an Angel (The Gryphon) by Gail Whitiker381
An Ideal Companion by Anne Ashley382
Safe in the Earl's Arms by Liz Tyner384
The Viscount's Frozen Heart by Elizabeth Beacon385
The Pirate Hunter by Laura Martin388
The Courtesan's Book of Secrets by Georgie Lee389
Falling for Her Captor by Elisabeth Hobbes390
Rescued By The Viscount (Regency Brides of Convenience #1) by Anne Herries391
The Warrior's Winter Bride by Denise Lynn392
The Marquis's Awakening (A Year of Scandal) by Elizabeth Beacon393
A Captain and a Rogue (Mills & Boon Historical) by Liz Tyner394
Caught in Scandal's Storm by Helen Dickson395
Chosen by the Lieutenant by Anne Herries396
Secrets Behind Locked Doors by Laura Martin397
The Knight's Broken Promise (Lovers and Legends, #1) by Nicole Locke398
Reunited With The Major by Anne Herries399
Lord Gawain's Forbidden Mistress (Knights of Champagne) by Carol Townend400
From Wallflower to Countess by Janice Preston401
Enslaved by the Viking by Harper St. George402
Lucy Lane and the Lieutenant by Helen Dickson403
The Husband Season by Mary Nichols404
The Chaperon's Seduction (Mills & Boon Historical) by Sarah Mallory405
Summer of the Viking by Michelle Styles406
Lord Laughraine's Summer Promise (A Year of Scandal) by Elizabeth Beacon407
A Wager for the Widow by Elisabeth Hobbes408
The Captain's Frozen Dream by Georgie Lee409
Under a Desert Moon by Laura Martin410
Forbidden to the Duke (English Rogues and Grecian Goddesses) by Liz Tyner411
Her Enemy Highlander (Lovers and Legends, #2)412
Return Of Scandal's Son (Mills & Boon Historical) by Janice Preston413
No Conventional Miss by Eleanor Webster414
Temptation of a Governess (The Infamous Arrandales) by Sarah Mallory415
Enticing Benedict Cole by Eliza Redgold416
Lord Lansbury's Christmas Wedding by Helen Dickson417
Lady Rowena's Ruin (Knights of Champagne) by Carol Townend418
One Night with the Viking (Viking Warriors) by Harper St. George420
Redemption Of The Rake by Elizabeth Beacon421
The Notorious Countess by Liz Tyner422
Return of the Runaway (The Infamous Arrandales) by Sarah Mallory425
Playing The Duke's Mistress (Mills & Boon Historical) by Eliza Redgold427
That Despicable Rogue by Virginia Heath428
The Highland Laird's Bride: A Marriage of Convenience in Medevial Scotland (Lovers and Legends Book 3) by Nicole Locke429
An Unsuitable Duchess (Secret Lives of the Ton) by Laurie Benson430
The Outcast's Redemption (The Infamous Arrandales) by Sarah Mallory431
Claiming the Chaperon's Heart (Harlequin Historical) by Anne Herries432
Royalist on the run by Helen Dickson433
Her Enemy at the Altar by Virginia Heath434
Taming the Tempestuous Tudor (At the Tudor Court) by Juliet Landon435
The Reluctant Viscount by Lara Temple436
An Uncommon Duke (Secret Lives of the Ton) by Laurie Benson438
The Winterley scandal by Elizabeth Beacon439
The Discerning Gentleman's Guide by Virginia Heath440
Married for His Convenience by Eleanor Webster441
In Debt to the Enemy Lord (Lovers and Legends, #4) by Nicole Locke442
In Bed with the Viking Warrior (Viking Warriors) by Harper St. George443
Married to Her Enemy by Jenni Fletcher444
The Duke's Secret Heir (Harlequin Historical) by Sarah Mallory445
Sold to the Viking Warrior (Harlequin Historical) by Michelle Styles446
Heiress On The Run by Laura Martin447
Captive of the Viking (Harlequin Historical) by Juliet Landon449
The Wallflower Duchess by Liz Tyner450
A Warriner to Protect Her by Virginia Heath451
The Duke's Unexpected Bride by Lara Temple452
An unexpected countess by Laurie Benson453
The Convenient Felstone Marriage by Jenni Fletcher454
The Foundling Bride by Helen Dickson455
A Warriner to Rescue Her by Virginia Heath456
The Knight's Scarred Maiden (Lovers and Legends) by Nicole Locke457
His Mistletoe Wager by Virginia Heath461
Scandal and Miss Markham by Janice Preston462
His Convenient Marchioness (Lords at the Altar) by Elizabeth Rolls468
Married to Claim the Rancher's Heir by Lauri Robinson469
Secret Lessons with the Rake (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss469
Innocent in the Prince's Bed (Russian Royals of Kuban) by Bronwyn Scott470
Miss Murray on the Cattle Trail (Harlequin Historical) by Lynna Banning471
From Governess to Countess by Marguerite Kaye472
In the Sheriff's Protection (Oak Grove) by Lauri Robinson473
The Earl's Practical Marriage by Louise Allen474
A Night of Secret Surrender (Gentlemen of Honor) by Sophia James476
A Ranch to Call Home by Carol Arens477
A Kiss Away from Scandal (Those Scandalous Stricklands) by Christine Merrill478
Marianne's Marriage of Convenience by Lynna Banning479
A Lady Becomes a Governess (The Governess Swap) by Diane Gaston480
The Captain Claims His Lady by Annie Burrows482
An Outlaw to Protect Her (Outlaws of the Wild West) by Harper St. George483
A Lady in Need of an Heir by Louise Allen484
A Proposition for the Comte by Sophia James486
Convenient Christmas brides by Carla Kelly487
A Texas Christmas Reunion by Carol Arens488
The Marshal's Wyoming Bride by Tatiana March489
How Not to Marry an Earl (Those Scandalous Stricklands Book 2) by Christine Merrill490

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