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Publisher Series: Love Inspired Historical

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (434)

The Briton by Catherine Palmer1
Convenient Amish Proposal by Jan Drexler
Courted by a Cowboy by Lacy Williams
Harlequin Love Inspired Historical April 2016 (Box Set 4-in-1) by Linda Ford
A Ready-Made Texas Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Angel Moore
Their Wyoming Courtship Agreement (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie
Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart2
Hideaway Home by Hannah Alexander3
Frontier Courtship (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #4) by Valerie Hansen4
Legacy of Secrets by Sara Mitchell5
Hearts in the Highlands (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #6) by Ruth Axtell Morren6
The Road to Love by Linda Ford7
The Bounty Hunter's Bride by Victoria Bylin8
Masked by Moonlight (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #9) by Allie Pleiter9
The Redemption of Jake Scully by Elaine Barbieri10
High Country Bride by Jillian Hart11
Seaside Cinderella by Anna Schmidt12
Wilderness Courtship (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #13) by Valerie Hansen13
The Journey Home by Linda Ford14
Family of The Heart (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #15) by Dorothy Clark15
Courting Miss Adelaide by Janet Dean16
A Man Most Worthy (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #17) by Ruth Axtell Morren17
Hill Country Christmas (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #18) by Laurie Kingery18
Calico Christmas at Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad19
Redeeming Gabriel (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #20) by Elizabeth White20
Her Captain's Heart by Lyn Cote21
The Parson's Christmas Gift (Love Inspired Historical #22) by Kerri Mountain22
Second Chance Bride (Love Inspired Historical #23) by Jane Myers Perrine23
The Path to Her Heart by Linda Ford24
The Maverick Preacher by Victoria Bylin25
The Marshal Takes a Bride by Renee Ryan26
The Widow's Secret by Sara Mitchell27
The Hand-Me-Down Family (Love Inspired Historical #28) by Winnie Griggs28
In a Mother's Arms (Finally a Family / Home Again) by Jillian Hart29
Spring Creek Bride by Janice Thompson30
Gift From the Sea by Anna Schmidt31
Courting the Doctor's Daughter (Courting, Book 2) by Janet Dean32
The Preacher's Wife by Cheryl St.John33
Crescent City Courtship (Love Inspired Historical) by Elizabeth White34
Love Thine Enemy (Love Inspired Historical) by Louise M. Gouge35
Hannah's Beau by Renee Ryan36
The Law and Miss Mary (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark37
The Outlaw's Lady by Laurie Kingery38
The Maverick's Bride by Catherine Palmer39
Dakota Child by Linda Ford40
An Unexpected Suitor by Anna Schmidt41
The Christmas Journey (Love Inspired Historical) by Winnie Griggs42
Gingham Bride by Jillian Hart43
The Gladiator (The Romans, Book 1) by Carla Capshaw44
Her Patchwork Family by Lyn Cote45
Mistletoe Courtship (Christmas Bells for Dry Creek / The Christmas Secret) by Janet Tronstad46
High Plains Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Valerie Hansen47
The Duke's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical) by Carla Capshaw48
Heartland Wedding (After the Storm: The Founding Years, Book 2) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #49) by Renee Ryan49
The Substitute Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Janet Dean50
Kansas Courtship (After the Storm: The Founding Years) (Love Inspired Historical) by Victoria Bylin51
The Captain's Lady (Love Inspired Historical) by Louise M. Gouge52
To Be a Mother (Mountain Rose / A Family of Her Own) by Cheryl St.John53
The Cowboy's Baby (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #54) by Linda Ford54
A Convenient Wife by Anna Schmidt55
Loving Bella (Love Inspired Historical) by Renee Ryan56
The Doctor's Newfound Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Valerie Hansen57
Rocky Mountain Match by Pamela Nissen58
Dakota Cowboy (The Dakota Series #2) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical #59) by Linda Ford59
The Protector (Love Inspired Historical) by Carla Capshaw60
Patchwork Bride by Jillian Hart61
Mission of Hope (Love Inspired Historical) by Allie Pleiter62
The Outlaw's Bride by Catherine Palmer63
Dangerous Allies by Renee Ryan64
Prairie Courtship (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark65
Wyoming Lawman by Victoria Bylin66
Mail Order Cowboy by Laurie Kingery67
Soaring Home (Love Inspired Historical) by Christine Johnson68
Her Healing Ways by Lyn Cote69
Christmas Under Western Skies (A Prairie Family Christmas / A Cowboy's Christmas) by Anna Schmidt70
The Gunman's Bride by Catherine Palmer71
Dakota Father (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford72
The Doctor Takes a Wife by Laurie Kingery73
A Most Unusual Match by Sara Mitchell74
Rescuing the Heiress (Love Inspired Historical) by Valerie Hansen75
The Outlaw's Return by Victoria Bylin76
Rocky Mountain Redemption (Love Inspired Historical) by Pamela Nissen77
The Blackmailed Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Mandy Goff78
A Gentleman's Homecoming (Love Inspired Historical) by Ruth Axtell Morren79
Prairie Cowboy by Linda Ford80
The Proper Wife by Winnie Griggs81
Wanted: A Family by Janet Dean82
Yukon Wedding (Love Inspired Historical) by Allie Pleiter83
The Lawman Claims His Bride by Renee Ryan84
At the Captain's Command (Love Inspired Historical) by Louise M. Gouge85
The Sheriff's Sweetheart by Laurie Kingery86
Klondike Medicine Woman (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford87
Hannah's Journey by Anna Schmidt88
Rocky Mountain Proposal by Pamela Nissen89
The Unexpected Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Debra Ullrick90
Gold Rush Baby (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark91
Marrying the Preacher's Daughter by Cheryl St.John92
The Wedding Season (Much Ado About Nuptials / The Gentleman Takes a Bride) by Deborah Hale93
The Irresistible Earl by Regina Scott94
Calico Bride by Jillian Hart95
Frontier Father (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark96
Second Chance Family by Winnie Griggs97
Hearts in Flight (Love Inspired Historical) by Patty Smith Hall98
The Champion (Love Inspired Historical) by Carla Capshaw99
The Matrimony Plan by Christine Johnson100
Marrying Miss Marshal by Lacy Williams101
Redeeming the Rogue (Love Inspired Historical) by C. J. Chase102
Courting the Enemy by Renee Ryan103
Rocky Mountain Homecoming by Pamela Nissen104
The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst105
The Aristocrat's Lady by Mary Moore106
Marrying the Major (Love Inspired Historical) by Victoria Bylin107
Family Blessings (Love Inspired Historical) by Anna Schmidt108
Once Upon a Thanksgiving (Season of Bounty / Home for Thanksgiving) by Linda Ford109
Unlawfully Wedded Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Noelle Marchand110
Snowflake Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Jillian Hart111
The Rancher's Courtship by Laurie Kingery112
An Honorable Gentleman by Regina Scott113
The Doctor's Mission (Love Inspired Historical) by Debbie Kaufman114
Mail-Order Holiday Brides (Home for Christmas / Snowflakes for Dry Creek) by Jillian Hart115
The Captain's Christmas Family by Deborah Hale116
The Earl's Mistaken Bride by Abby Gaines117
Her Rebel Heart (Love Inspired Historical) by Shannon Farrington118
The Cowboy Tutor (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford119
An Inconvenient Match (Love Inspired Historical) by Janet Dean120
All Roads Lead Home (Love Inspired Historical) by Christine Johnson121
The Unlikely Wife (Love Inspired Historical) by Debra Ullrick122
The Cowboy Father by Linda Ford123
Hometown Cinderella (Love Inspired Historical) by Ruth Axtell Morren124
The Rogue's Reform [with bonus book: 'House of Secrets'] by Regina Scott125
Captain of Her Heart [with bonus story 'A Father's Sins'] by Lily George126
The Cowboy Comes Home by Linda Ford127
The Bridal Swap by Karen Kirst128
Engaging the Earl (Love Inspired Historical) by Mandy Goff129
Highland Hearts (Love Inspired Historical) by Eva Maria Hamilton130
The Wedding Journey by Cheryl St.John131
Brides of the West (Josie's Wedding Dress / Last Minute Bride / Her Ideal Husband) by Victoria Bylin132
Sanctuary for a Lady by Naomi Rawlings133
Love on the Range by Jessica Nelson134
Mistaken Bride by Renee Ryan135
Homefront Hero (Love Inspired Historical) by Allie Pleiter136
The Homesteader's Sweetheart by Lacy Williams137
The Marshal's Promise by Rhonda Gibson138
A Baby Between Them (Love Inspired Historical) by Winnie Griggs139
The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale140
A Proper Companion (Love Inspired Historical) by Louise M. Gouge141
Winning the Widow's Heart (Love Inspired Historical) by Sherri Shackelford142
Wooing the Schoolmarm (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark143
The Captain's Courtship by Regina Scott144
The Runaway Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Noelle Marchand145
Hearts in Hiding (Love Inspired Historical) by Patty Smith Hall146
Charity House Courtship by Renee Ryan147
The Soldier's Wife (Love Inspired Historical) by Cheryl Reavis148
Groom Wanted by Debra Ullrick149
Instant Prairie Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Bonnie Navarro150
Handpicked Husband (Love Inspired Historical) by Winnie Griggs151
The Governess and Mr. Granville by Abby Gaines152
The Temporary Betrothal (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George153
Lady Outlaw (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie154
The Gift of Family (Merry Christmas, Cowboy / Smoky Mountain Christmas) by Linda Ford155
A Groom for Greta by Anna Schmidt156
The Preacher's Bride by Laurie Kingery157
Marriage of Inconvenience (Love Inspired Historical) by Cheryl Bolen158
Their Frontier Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Lyn Cote159
The Rake's Redemption by Regina Scott160
Legacy of Love (Love Inspired Historical) by Christine Johnson161
Somewhere to Call Home (Love Inspired Historical) by Janet Lee Barton162
Mail-Order Christmas Brides (Her Christmas Family / Christmas Stars for Dry Creek) by Jillian Hart163
A Royal Marriage (Love Inspired Historical) by Rachelle McCalla164
A Suitable Wife (Love Inspired Historical) by Louise M. Gouge165
Counterfeit Cowboy by Lacy Williams166
The Cowboy's Surprise Bride by Linda Ford167
Colorado Courtship (Winter of Dreams / The Rancher's Sweetheart) by Cheryl St.John168
Beauty in Disguise by Mary Moore169
The Marshal Meets His Match (Love Inspired Historical) by Clari Dees170
Blessing (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #24) by Deborah Bedford171
Courting Miss Callie (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark172
The Reluctant Earl (Love Inspired Historical) by C. J. Chase173
Groom by Arrangement by Rhonda Gibson174
The Cowboy's Unexpected Family by Linda Ford175
The Heiress's Homecoming by Regina Scott176
A Texas-Made Match by Noelle Marchand177
Bound to the Warrior (Love Inspired Historical) by Barbara Phinney178
Second Chance Proposal (Love Inspired Historical) by Anna Schmidt179
Family Lessons (Love Inspired Historical) by Allie Pleiter180
His Mountain Miss by Karen Kirst181
The Bride Wore Spurs by Janet Dean182
The Cowboy's Convenient Proposal by Linda Ford183
The Marriage Barter (Love Inspired Historical) by Christine Johnson184
Hill Country Cattleman by Laurie Kingery185
The Prodigal Son Returns (Love Inspired Historical) by Jan Drexler186
The Bride Next Door by Winnie Griggs187
The Baby Compromise (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford188
The Earl's Honorable Intentions by Deborah Hale189
The Unintended Groom (Love Inspired Historical) by Debra Ullrick190
The Outlaw's Redemption by Renee Ryan191
An Unexpected Wife (Love Inspired Historical) by Cheryl Reavis192
A Lady of Quality (Ladies in Waiting) by Louise M. Gouge193
Into the Wilderness (Love Inspired Historical) by Laura Abbot194
The Baby Bequest (Love Inspired HistoricalWilderness Brides) by Lyn Cote195
The Courting Campaign by Regina Scott196
Roping the Wrangler by Lacy Williams197
Healing the Soldier's Heart (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George198
Falling for the Teacher (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark199
Keeping Faith (Love Inspired Historical) by Hannah Alexander200
The Dutiful Daughter by Jo Ann Brown201
A Place of Refuge by Janet Lee Barton202
A Family for Christmas (Love Inspired HistoricalTexas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs203
The Secret Princess by Rachelle McCalla204
Taming the Texas Rancher (Love Inspired Historical) by Rhonda Gibson205
An Unlikely Union (Love Inspired Historical) by Shannon Farrington206
Finally a Bride (Love Inspired HistoricalCharity House) by Renee Ryan207
Wolf Creek Wedding by Penny Richards208
The Duke's Marriage Mission (Love Inspired HistoricalGlass Slipper Brides) by Deborah Hale209
The Husband Hunt (Love Inspired HistoricalSmoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst210
Mail-order Mistletoe Brides (Christmas Hearts / Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek) by Jillian Hart211
The Wife Campaign (Love Inspired HistoricalThe Master Matchmakers) by Regina Scott212
A Hero for Christmas by Jo Ann Brown213
Return of the Cowboy Doctor by Lacy Williams214
Claiming the Cowboy's Heart by Linda Ford215
Lone Wolf's Lady (Love Inspired Historical) by Judy Duarte216
The Wyoming Heir (Love Inspired Historical) by Naomi Rawlings217
Journey of Hope (Love Inspired Historical) by Debbie Kaufman218
Heartland Courtship (Love Inspired HistoricalWilderness Brides) by Lyn Cote219
The Marshal's Ready-Made Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Sherri Shackelford220
Hearts Rekindled (Love Inspired Historical) by Patty Smith Hall221
Her Roman Protector (Love Inspired Historical) by Milinda Jay222
Winning Over the Wrangler by Linda Ford223
Wolf Creek Homecoming by Penny Richards224
A Bride for the Baron by Jo Ann Brown225
The Guardian's Promise (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Rich226
The Husband Campaign (Love Inspired HistoricalThe Master Matchmakers) by Regina Scott227
The Preacher's Bride Claim by Laurie Kingery228
The Soldier's Secrets (Love Inspired Historical) by Naomi Rawlings229
Wyoming Promises (Love Inspired Historical) by Kerri Mountain230
Falling for the Rancher Father by Linda Ford231
The Horseman's Frontier Family (Love Inspired HistoricalBridegroom Brothers) by Karen Kirst232
His Chosen Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Rhonda Gibson233
A Rumored Engagement (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George234
Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs235
The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart by Allie Pleiter236
The Gentleman's Bride Search by Deborah Hale237
Family on the Range (Love Inspired Historical) by Jessica Nelson238
A Hero in the Making by Laurie Kingery239
Groom by Design (The Dressmaker's Daughters) by Christine Johnson240
Second Chance Cinderella (Love Inspired Historical) by Carla Capshaw241
The Warrior's Vow (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Rich242
The Wrangler's Inconvenient Wife by Lacy Williams243
The Cattleman Meets His Match (Love Inspired Historical) by Sherri Shackelford244
Protected by the Warrior (Love Inspired Historical) by Barbara Phinney245
A Mother for His Children (Love Inspired Historical) by Jan Drexler246
His Most Suitable Bride (Charity House) by Renee Ryan247
Cowboy to the Rescue (Four Stones Ranch) by Louise M. Gouge248
The Gift of a Child (Love Inspired Historical) by Laura Abbot249
A Home for Her Heart by Janet Lee Barton250
Big Sky Cowboy (Montana Marriages) by Linda Ford251
Married by Christmas by Karen Kirst252
Suitor by Design (The Dressmaker's Daughters) by Christine Johnson253
The Nanny Arrangement (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George254
Her Holiday Family (Love Inspired Historical/Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs255
The Bride Ship (Love Inspired HistoricalFrontier Bachel) by Regina Scott256
A Pony Express Christmas (Love Inspired Historical) by Rhonda Gibson257
Rocky Mountain Dreams (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite258
Big Sky Daddy (Montana Marriages) by Linda Ford259
A Season of the Heart (Love Inspired Historical/Pinewood Weddin) by Dorothy Clark260
A Cowboy for Christmas (Love Inspired Historical/Wyoming Legacy) by Lacy Williams261
Conveniently Wed (Love Inspired Historical) by Angel Moore262
Wolf Creek Father by Penny Richards263
Cowboy Seeks a Bride (Love Inspired Historical/Four Stones Ran) by Louise M. Gouge264
Falling for the Enemy (Love Inspired Historical) by Naomi Rawlings265
Accidental Fiancee by Mary Moore266
Big Sky Homecoming (Montana Marriages) by Linda Ford267
The Engagement Bargain (Prairie Courtships) by Sherri Shackelford268
Sheltered by the Warrior (Love Inspired Historical) by Barbara Phinney269
A Daughter's Return (Boardinghouse Betrothals Book 4) by Janet Lee Barton270
Would-Be Wilderness Wife (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott271
Hill Country Courtship (Brides of Simpson Creek) by Laurie Kingery272
The Texan's Inherited Family (Bachelor List Matches) by Noelle Marchand273
The Daddy List (Love Inspired Historical) by DeWanna Pace274
Wagon Train Reunion (Journey West) by Linda Ford275
An Unlikely Love (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark276
From Boss to Bridegroom (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst277
The Doctor's Undoing (Love Inspired Historical) by Allie Pleiter278
Wagon Train Sweetheart (Journey West) by Lacy Williams279
Second Chance Hero (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs280
Love by Design (The Dressmaker's Daughters) by Christine Johnson281
A Family Found (Love Inspired Historical) by Laura Abbot282
Wagon Train Proposal (Journey West) by Renee Ryan283
Her Convenient Cowboy (Wyoming Legacy) by Lacy Williams284
The Texan's Twin Blessings by Rhonda Gibson285
Family of Her Dreams (Love Inspired Historical) by Keli Gwyn286
The Marriage Agreement (Charity House) by Renee Ryan287
Cowgirl for Keeps (Four Stones Ranch) by Louise M. Gouge288
The Lawman's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite289
Captive on the High Seas (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Rich290
Frontier Engagement (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott291
The Texan's Courtship Lessons (Bachelor List Matches) by Noelle Marchand292
Promise of a Family (Matchmaking Babies) by Jo Ann Brown293
Second Chance Love (Love Inspired Historical) by Shannon Farrington294
Wolf Creek Widow by Penny Richards295
His Precious Inheritance (Love Inspired Historical) by Dorothy Clark296
A Home for His Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Jan Drexler297
The Matchmaker's Match (Love Inspired Historical) by Jessica Nelson298
A Daddy for Christmas (Christmas in Eden Valley) by Linda Ford299
A Western Christmas: Yuletide LawmanYuletide Reunion (Love Inspired Historical) by Renee Ryan300
Her Cowboy Deputy (Wyoming Legacy) by Lacy Williams301
Family in the Making (Matchmaking Babies) by Jo Ann Brown302
A Baby for Christmas (Christmas in Eden Valley) by Linda Ford303
The Rancher's Christmas Proposal (Prairie Courtships) by Sherri Shackelford304
The Bachelor's Homecoming (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst305
The Mistletoe Kiss (Boardinghouse Betrothals) by Janet Lee Barton306
A Home for Christmas (Christmas in Eden Valley) by Linda Ford307
The Holiday Courtship (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs308
A Convenient Christmas Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Rhonda Gibson309
Her Longed-For Family (Matchmaking Babies) by Jo Ann Brown310
Instant Frontier Family (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott311
The Bounty Hunter's Redemption (Love Inspired Historical) by Janet Dean312
The Texas Ranger's Secret (Love Inspired Historical) by DeWanna Pace313
The Baby Barter (Love Inspired Historical) by Patty Smith Hall314
Reclaiming His Past (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst315
The Texan's Engagement Agreement by Noelle Marchand316
The Express Rider's Lady (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie317
A Practical Partnership (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George318
The Cowboy's Ready-Made Family (Montana Cowboys) by Linda Ford319
Pony Express Courtship (Saddles and Spurs) by Rhonda Gibson320
The Marriage Bargain (Love Inspired Historical) by Angel Moore321
A Home of Her Own by Keli Gwyn322
The Cowboy's Baby Bond by Linda Ford323
Want Ad Wedding (Cowboy Creek) by Cheryl St.John324
Shotgun Marriage (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite325
Mail Order Mix-Up (Boom Town Brides) by Christine Johnson326
The Cowboy's City Girl (Montana Cowboys) by Linda Ford327
Special Delivery Baby (Cowboy Creek) by Sherri Shackelford328
The Reluctant Bridegroom (Love Inspired Historical) by Shannon Farrington329
His Prairie Sweetheart (Love Inspired Historical) by Erica Vetsch330
Pony Express Hero (Saddles and Spurs) by Rhonda Gibson331
Bride by Arrangement (Cowboy Creek) by Karen Kirst332
Once More a Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Lily George333
A Nanny for Keeps by Janet Lee Barton334
Stand-In Rancher Daddy (Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years) by Renee Ryan335
Lawman in Disguise (Brides of Simpson Creek) by Laurie Kingery336
The Nanny Solution (Love Inspired Historical) by Barbara Phinney337
Counterfeit Courtship (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Miller338
A Family for the Rancher (Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years) by Louise M. Gouge339
Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards340
Make-Believe Beau (Love Inspired Historical) by Keli Gwyn341
A Hasty Betrothal (Love Inspired Historical) by Jessica Nelson342
A Rancher of Convenience (Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years) by Regina Scott343
Texas Cinderella (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs344
The Nanny's Little Matchmakers (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite345
A Mother in the Making (Love Inspired Historical) by Gabrielle Meyer346
Montana Cowboy Daddy (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford347
The Sheriff's Christmas Twins (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst348
A Family for the Holidays (Prairie Courtships) by Sherri Shackelford349
The Rightful Heir (Love Inspired Historical) by Angel Moore350
A Convenient Christmas Wedding (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott351
Cowboy Creek Christmas: Mistletoe Reunion/Mistletoe Bride by Cheryl St.John352
Mail Order Mommy (Boom Town Brides) by Christine Johnson353
The Negotiated Marriage (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Rich354
Pony Express Christmas Bride (Saddles and Spurs) by Rhonda Gibson355
Cowgirl Under the Mistletoe (Four Stones Ranch) by Louise M. Gouge356
A Family Arrangement (Little Falls Legacy) by Gabrielle Meyer357
Wed on the Wagon Train (Love Inspired Historical) by Tracy Blalock358
Montana Cowboy Family (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford359
His Substitute Wife (Stand-In Brides) by Dorothy Clark360
For the Sake of the Children (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite361
Rescuing the Runaway Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Bonnie Navarro362
Wed by Necessity (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst363
The Outlaw's Secret (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie364
The Bounty Hunter's Baby (Love Inspired Historical) by Erica Vetsch365
The Reluctant Guardian (Love Inspired Historical) by Susanne Dietze366
Pony Express Mail-Order Bride (Saddles and Spurs) by Rhonda Gibson367
A Temporary Family (Prairie Courtships) by Sherri Shackelford368
Her Motherhood Wish (Love Inspired Historical) by Keli Gwyn369
Frontier Agreement (Love Inspired Historical) by Shannon Farrington370
The Rancher's Surprise Triplets (Lone Star Cowboy League: Multiple Blessings) by Linda Ford371
Cowboy Homecoming (Four Stones Ranch) by Louise M. Gouge372
Undercover Sheriff by Barbara Phinney373
Family of Convenience (Love Inspired Historical) by Victoria W. Austin374
The Nanny's Temporary Triplets (Lone Star Cowboy League: Multiple Blessings) by Noelle Marchand375
Her Cherokee Groom (Love Inspired Historical) by Valerie Hansen376
An Unlikely Mother (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite377
The Marshal's Mission (Love Inspired Historical) by Anna Zogg378
The Bride's Matchmaking Triplets (Lone Star Cowboy League: Multiple Blessings) by Regina Scott379
A Tailor-Made Husband (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs380
Mail Order Sweetheart by Christine Johnson381
Taking on Twins (Love Inspired Historical) by Mollie Campbell382
Montana Cowboy's Baby (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford383
The Engagement Charade (Smoky Mountain Matches) by Karen Kirst384
The Renegade's Redemption by Stacy Henrie385
Lone Star Bride (Love Inspired Historical) by Jolene Navarro386
Wedded for the Baby (Stand-In Brides) by Dorothy Clark387
Frontier Want Ad Bride (Wilderness Brides) by Lyn Cote388
An Amish Courtship (Amish Country Brides) by Jan Drexler389
Inherited: Unexpected Family (Little Falls Legacy) by Gabrielle Meyer390
Mail-Order Marriage Promise (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott391
Pony Express Special Delivery (Saddles and Spurs) by Rhonda Gibson392
Rancher to the Rescue (Love Inspired Historical) by Barbara Phinney393
The Outlaw's Second Chance by Angie Dicken394
Montana Bride by Christmas (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford395
Cowboy Lawman's Christmas Reunion (Four Stones Ranch) by Louise M. Gouge396
Mistletoe Mommy by Danica Favorite397
A Mistaken Match (Love Inspired Historical) by Whitney Bailey398
A Lawman For Christmas by Karen kirst399
Mail-Order Christmas Baby (Montana Courtships) by Sherri Shackelford400
Their Mistletoe Matchmakers (Love Inspired Historical) by Keli Gwyn401
A Child's Christmas Wish (Love Inspired Historical) by Erica Vetsch402
His Frontier Christmas Family (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott403
Once Upon a Texas Christmas (Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)) by Winnie Griggs404
Would-Be Mistletoe Wife (Boom Town Brides) by Christine Johnson406
Montana Groom of Convenience (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford407
Accidental Courtship (The Bachelors of Aspen Valley) by Lisa Bingham408
His Forgotten Fiancée (Love Inspired Historical) by Evelyn M. Hill409
A Mother For His Family (Love Inspired Historical) by Susanne Dietze410
Suddenly a Frontier Father (Wilderness Brides) by Lyn Cote411
The Rancher's Temporary Engagement (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie412
Honor-Bound Lawman (Love Inspired Historical) by Danica Favorite413
An Inconvenient Marriage (Love Inspired Historical) by Christina Miller414
Frontier Matchmaker Bride (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott415
The Amish Nanny's Sweetheart (Amish Country Brides) by Jan Drexler416
Accidental Family (The Bachelors of Aspen Valley) by Lisa Bingham417
Husband by Arrangement (Love Inspired Historical) by Angel Moore418
The Rancher Inherits a Family (Return to Cowboy Creek) by Cheryl St.John419
Montana Lawman Rescuer (Big Sky Country) by Linda Ford420
Mail-Order Bride Switch (Stand-In Brides) by Dorothy Clark421
The Unconventional Governess (Harlequin Love Inspired Historical) by Jessica Nelson422
His Substitute Mail-Order Bride (Return to Cowboy Creek) by Sherri Shackelford423
Baby on Her Doorstep (Love Inspired Historical) by Rhonda Gibson424
Accidental Sweetheart (The Bachelors of Aspen Valley) by Lisa Bingham425
Last Chance Wife (Love Inspired Historical) by Janette Foreman426
Romancing the Runaway Bride (Return to Cowboy Creek) by Karen kirst427
A Cowboy of Convenience (Love Inspired Historical) by Stacy Henrie428
Orphan Train Sweetheart (Love Inspired Historical) by Mollie Campbell429
Handpicked Family by Shannon FarringtonPublisher Series End - 430

Series description

Publisher series ending. The last number is 430.

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