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Crossfire (Love Inspired Suspense) by Jodie Bailey
Danger in Amish Country: Fall from Grace (Marta Perry); Dangerous Homecoming (Diane Burke); Return to Willow Trace (Kit Wilkonson)
Deadline (Love Inspired Suspense) by Maggie K. Black
Fatal Freeze by Michelle Karl
Her Christmas Guardian (Love Inspired Suspense/Mission: Rescue) by Shirlee McCoy
Lancaster County Target by Kit Wilkinson
No Safe Haven (Love Inspired Suspense) by Virginia Vaughan
Note of Peril by Hannah Alexander1
Silent Night, Deadly Night (Season of Danger) by Hannah Alexander
Under Cover Of Darkness by Elizabeth White2
Windigo Twilight by Colleen Rhoads3
Reasonable Doubt by Tracey V. Bateman4
Die Before Nightfall by Shirlee McCoy5
Suspicion of Guilt by Tracey V. Bateman6
Storm Clouds by Cheryl Wolverton7
Betrayal of Trust by Tracey V. Bateman8
Shadow Bones by Colleen Rhoads9
Her Brother's Keeper by Valerie Hansen10
Sounds of Silence by Elizabeth White11
Yuletide Peril by Irene Brand12
A Time to Protect by Lois Richer13
Even in the Darkness by Shirlee McCoy14
The Danger Within by Valerie Hansen15
Stormcatcher by Colleen Rhoads16
Through the Fire by Sharon Mignerey17
When Silence Falls by Shirlee McCoy18
In the Enemy's Sights by Marta Perry19
On Wings of Deliverance by Elizabeth White20
Strictly Confidential by Terri Reed21
Small Town Secrets by Sharon Mignerey22
Hearts On The Line by Margaret Daley23
Land's End by Marta Perry24
Under Suspicion by Hannah Alexander25
Mistaken for the Mob by Ginny Aiken26
Secrets of the Rose by Lois Richer27
Tangled Memories by Marta Perry28
Silent Enemy by Lois Richer29
Mixed up with the Mob by Ginny Aiken30
Identity: Undercover by Lois Richer31
Season of Secrets by Marta Perry32
Yuletide Stalker by Irene Brand33
Married to the Mob by Ginny Aiken34
Out of the Depths by Valerie Hansen35
The Inn at Shadow Lake by Janet Edgar36
Heart of the Amazon by Margaret Daley37
Fatal Image by Lenora Worth38
See No Evil by Gayle Roper39
Little Girl Lost by Shirlee McCoy40
Double Deception by Terri Reed41
A Murder Among Friends by Ramona Richards42
So Dark The Night by Margaret Daley43
Beloved Enemy by Terri Reed44
Shadows of Truth by Sharon Mignerey45
Pursuit of Justice by Pamela Tracy46
Dangerous Season by Lyn Cote47
The Sound of Secrets by Irene B. Brand48
Nowhere to Hide by Debby Giusti49
Caught in the Middle by Gayle Roper50
Vanished by Margaret Daley51
Deadly Payoff by Valerie Hansen52
Dangerous Game by Lyn Cote53
Caught in the Act by Gayle Roper54
Glory Be! by Ron Benrey55
Where Truth Lies by Lynn Bulock56
Shadow of Turning by Valerie Hansen57
Caught in a Bind by Gayle Roper58
No Love Lost by Lynn Bulock59
Death Benefits by Hannah Alexander60
Valley of Shadows by Shirlee McCoy61
Dangerous Secrets by Lyn Cote62
Murder by Mushroom by Virginia Smith63
Caught Redhanded by Gayle Roper64
Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry65
Scared to Death by Debby Giusti66
Gone To Glory by Ron and Janet Benrey67
Secret Agent Minister by Lenora Worth68
To Trust a Stranger by Lynn Bulock69
Desperate Rescue by Barbara Phinney70
Shadows in the Mirror by Linda Hall71
Buried Secrets by Margaret Daley72
From the Ashes by Sharon Mignerey73
Bayou Justice by Robin Caroll74
A Christmas to Die For by Marta Perry75
Stranger in the Shadows by Shirlee McCoy76
The Price of Redemption by Pamela Tracy77
Cradle of Secrets by Lisa Mondello78
Her Christmas Protector by Terri Reed79
Buried Sins by Marta Perry80
Hard Evidence by Roxanne Rustand81
Bluegrass Peril by Virginia Smith82
Guardian of Justice by Carol Steward83
Hidden in the Wall by Valerie Hansen84
Deadly Texas Rose by Lenora Worth85
Just Cause by Susan Page Davis86
Vendetta by Roxanne Rustand87
Missing Persons by Shirlee McCoy88
Bayou Corruption by Robin Caroll89
Lethal Deception by Lynette Eason90
Wildfire by Roxanne Rustand91
Don't Look Back by Margaret Daley92
Broken Lullaby by Pamela Tracy93
MIA: Missing in Atlanta by Debby Giusti94
Hidden Motive by Hannah Alexander95
In His Sights by Carol Steward96
Lakeview Protector by Shirlee McCoy97
Witness by Susan Page Davis98
Danger in a Small Town by Ginny Aiken99
A Face in the Shadows by Lenora Worth100
Bayou Judgment by Robin Caroll101
Deadly Exposure by Cara Putman102
Bayou Paradox by Robin Caroll103
Final Justice by Marta Perry104
Keeping Her Safe by Barbara Phinney105
Killer Cargo by Dana Mentink106
Shadows at the Window by Linda Hall107
To Trust a Friend by Lynn Bulock108
Double Jeopardy by Terri Reed109
Grits and Glory by Ron and Janet Benrey110
The Guardian's Mission by Shirlee McCoy111
Hidden Deception by Leann Harris112
Her Only Protector by Lisa Mondello113
River of Secrets by Lynette Eason114
Double Cross by Terri Reed115
Badge of Honor by Carol Steward116
The Face of Deceit by Ramona Richards117
Final Deposit by Lisa Harris118
Forsaken Canyon by Margaret Daley119
Countdown to Death by Debby Giusti120
A Taste of Murder by Virginia Smith121
Nowhere to Run by Valerie Hansen122
The Good Neighbor by Sharon Mignerey123
The Protector's Promise by Shirlee McCoy124
Shield of Refuge by Carol Steward125
Holiday Illusion by Lynette Eason126
Double Threat Christmas by Terri Reed127
Season of Glory by Ron & Janet Benrey128
Suspicion by Ginny Aiken129
Deadly Homecoming by Barbara Phinney130
Heart of the Night by Lenora Worth131
What Sarah Saw by Margaret Daley132
Bayou Betrayal by Robin Caroll133
Flashover by Dana Mentink134
On a Killer's Trail by Susan Page Davis135
Framed! by Robin Caroll136
Evidence of Murder by Jill Elizabeth Nelson137
Deadly Reunion by Florence Case138
Poisoned Secrets by Margaret Daley139
Cold Case Murder by Shirlee McCoy140
A Silent Terror by Lynette Eason141
Perfect Target by Stephanie Newton142
Code of Honor by Lenora Worth143
A Cloud of Suspicion by Patricia Davids144
Murder at Eagle Summit by Virginia Smith145
Shadows on the River by Linda Hall146
The Defender's Duty by Shirlee McCoy147
Deadly Competition by Roxanne Rustand148
Protecting Her Child by Debby Giusti149
The Taking of Carly Bradford by Ramona Richards150
No Alibi by Valerie Hansen151
Her Last Chance by Terri Reed152
Scent of Murder by Virginia Smith153
Blackmail by Robin Caroll154
Witness to Murder by Jill Elizabeth Nelson155
Someone to Trust by Ginny Aiken156
Deadly Intent by Camy Tang157
The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn by Liz Johnson158
Speed Trap by Patricia Davids159
Fugitive Family by Pamela Tracy160
Moving Target by Stephanie Newton161
Final Warning by Sandra Robbins162
Final Exposure by Roxanne Rustand163
A Silent Fury by Lynette Eason164
Race to Rescue by Dana Mentink165
Protector's Honor by Kit Wilkinson166
Hearts in the Crosshairs by Susan Page Davis167
Guarded Secrets by Leann Harris168
Trial by Fire by Cara Putman169
Double Take by Jenness Walker170
Chasing Shadows by Terri Reed171
A Silent Pursuit by Lynette Eason172
Mistletoe and Murder by Florence Case173
The Thanksgiving Target by Laura Scott174
Christmas Peril (Merry Mayhem / Yule Die) by Margaret Daley175
Field of Danger by Ramona Richards176
Clandestine Cover-Up by Pamela Tracy177
Yuletide Protector by Lisa Mondello178
Storm Warning by Linda Hall179
Twin Targets by Marta Perry180
Smoke Screen by Stephanie Newton181
Endless Night by Dana Mentink182
Fatal Burn by Roxanne Rustand183
Killer Headline by Debby Giusti184
My Deadly Valentine (Dangerous Admirer / Dark Obsession) by Valerie Hansen185
Survival Instinct by Rachelle McCalla186
Running For Cover by Shirlee McCoy187
Cowboy Protector by Margaret Daley188
Dead Air by Robin Caroll189
Midnight Caller by Diane Burke190
On Thin Ice by Linda Hall191
Deadly Vows by Shirlee McCoy192
Calculated Revenge by Jill Elizabeth Nelson193
Mountain Peril by Sandra Robbins194
Covert Pursuit by Terri Reed195
Fatal Secrets by Barbara Phinney196
Secret Agent Father by Laura Scott197
Dead Ringer by Sharon Dunn198
End Game by Roxanne Rustand199
Risky Reunion by Lenora Worth200
Troubled Waters by Rachelle McCalla201
Sabotage by Kit Wilkinson202
Running Scared by Shirlee McCoy203
Flashpoint by Stephanie Newton204
Marked for Murder by Lauren Nichols205
Firestorm by Kelly Ann Riley206
Assignment: Bodyguard by Lenora Worth207
Protective Custody by Lynette Eason208
Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson209
Silent Protector by Barbara Phinney210
Legacy of Lies by Jill Elizabeth Nelson211
Formula for Danger by Camy Tang212
Out on a Limb by Rachelle McCalla213
High-Stakes Inheritance by Susan Sleeman214
Critical Impact by Linda Hall215
Into the Deep by Virginia Smith216
Betrayal in the Badlands by Dana Mentink217
Under the Marshall's Protection by Kathleen Tailer218
Running Blind by Shirlee McCoy219
Holiday Havoc (Yuletide Sanctuary / Christmas Target) by Terri Reed220
The Christmas Rescue by Laura Scott221
Hidden in Shadows by Hope White222
Christmas Bodyguard by Margaret Daley223
The Soldier's Mission by Lenora Worth224
Night Prey by Sharon Dunn225
Yuletide Defender by Sandra Robbins226
Point of No Return by Susan May Warren227
Daughter of Texas by Terri Reed228
Missing by Lynette Eason229
Danger on Her Doorstep by Rachelle McCalla230
A Deadly Game by Virginia Smith231
Body of Evidence by Lenora Worth232
Turbulence by Dana Mentink233
Keeping Guard by Christy Barritt234
Mission: Out of Control by Susan May Warren235
Face of Danger by Valerie Hansen236
Code of Justice by Liz Johnson237
Double Identity by Diane Burke238
Murder at Granite Falls by Roxanne Rustand239
Trail of Lies by Margaret Daley240
Point Blank Protector by Stephanie Newton241
House of Secrets by Ramona Richards242
Undercover Pursuit by Susan May Warren243
Threat of Exposure by Lynette Eason244
The Officer's Secret by Debby Giusti245
Witness on the Run by Hope White246
Protecting Her Own by Margaret Daley247
Out of Time by Shirlee McCoy248
Lawman-in-Charge by Laura Scott249
Behind the Badge by Susan Sleeman250
The Innocent Witness by Terri Reed251
Her Guardian by Sharon Dunn252
Dead Reckoning by Rachelle McCalla253
Dangerous Reunion by Sandra Robbins254
Agent Undercover by Lynette Eason255
The Baby's Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton256
Buried Truth by Dana Mentink257
On Deadly Ground by Lauren Nichols258
Lone Defender by Shirlee McCoy259
Hidden in the Everglades by Margaret Daley260
The Last Target by Christy Barritt261
Deep Cover by Sandra Orchard262
Nightwatch by Valerie Hansen263
The Captain's Mission by Debby Giusti264
Princess in Peril by Rachelle McCalla265
Freezing Point by Elizabeth Goddard266
Private Eye Protector by Shirlee McCoy267
Proof of Life by Laura Scott268
Christmas Haven by Hope White269
Bounty Hunter Guardian by Diane Burke270
Duty to Protect by Roxanne Rustand271
Season of Danger (Silent Night, Deadly Night / Mistletoe Mayhem) by Hannah Alexander272
Holiday Hideout by Lynette Eason273
The Christmas Witness by Susan Sleeman274
The Secret Heiress by Terri Reed275
The Lawman's Legacy by Shirlee McCoy276
Escape from the Badlands by Dana Mentink277
Stalker in the Shadows by Camy Tang278
Deadly Imposter by Virginia Smith279
The Rookie's Assignment by Valerie Hansen280
Protecting the Princess by Rachelle McCalla281
Shattered Identity by Sandra Robbins282
Eye of the Storm by Hannah Alexander283
The Detective's Secret Daughter by Rachelle McCalla284
Broken Trust by Sharon Dunn285
Shades of Truth by Sandra Orchard286
Undercover Bodyguard by Shirlee McCoy287
The Widow's Protector by Stephanie Newton288
Race Against Time by Christy Barritt289
At Any Cost by Lauren Nichols290
Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink291
The Black Sheep's Redemption by Lynette Eason292
Identity Crisis by Laura Scott293
Fatal Disclosure by Sandra Robbins294
Threat of Darkness by Valerie Hansen295
The Deputy's Duty [with bonus book 'An Enduring Love"] by Terri Reed296
Prince Incognito by Rachelle McCalla297
Double Exposure by Susan Sleeman298
Bullseye by Virginia Smith299
Zero Visibility by Sharon Dunn300
Small Town Protector by Hope White301
Plain Secrets by Kit Wilkinson302
The Diamond Secret by Lenora Worth303
The Colonel's Daughter by Debby Giusti304
Twin Peril by Laura Scott305
Silent Witness by Diane Burke306
Navy SEAL Rescuer by Shirlee McCoy307
Standing Guard by Valerie Hansen308
The Missing Monarch by Rachelle McCalla309
Ricochet by Christy Barritt310
The Doctor's Defender by Terri Reed311
Survive the Night by Vicki Hinze312
Danger on the Mountain by Lynette Eason313
Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard314
Christmas Stalking by Margaret Daley315
Dangerous Melody by Dana Mentink316
Dead Wrong by Susan Sleeman317
Freefall by Jodie Bailey318
Betrayal on the Border by Jill Elizabeth Nelson319
Christmas Countdown by Vicki Hinze320
A Promise to Protect by Liz Johnson321
Treacherous Skies by Elizabeth Goddard322
Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy323
The General's Secretary by Debby Giusti324
Narrow Escape by Camy Tang325
Midnight Shadows by Carol J. Post326
Detection Mission by Margaret Daley327
Torn Loyalties by Vicki Hinze328
Final Resort by Dana Mentink329
Key Witness by Christy Barritt330
Guard Duty by Sharon Dunn331
The Cowboy Target by Terri Reed332
Defending the Duchess by Rachelle McCalla333
Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards334
Explosive Secrets by Valerie Hansen335
Prime Suspect by Virginia Smith336
Undercover Cowboy by Laura Scott337
Hidden in Plain View by Diane Burke338
Scent of Danger by Terri Reed339
Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy340
Safe Harbor by Hope White341
No Way Out by Susan Sleeman342
Lone Star Protector by Lenora Worth343
Guarding the Witness by Margaret Daley344
Stolen Identity by Lisa Harris345
Plain Pursuit by Alison Stone346
Defender for Hire by Shirlee McCoy347
Royal Heist by Rachelle McCalla348
Lifeline by Christy Barritt349
Riptide by Elizabeth Goddard350
Hide and Seek by Lynette Eason351
Shock Wave by Dana Mentink352
Dangerous Waters by Sandra Robbins353
Fatal Inheritance by Sandra Orchard354
In Pursuit of a Princess by Lenora Worth355
The Soldier's Sister by Debby Giusti356
SEAL Under Siege by Liz Johnson357
Killer Assignment by Maggie K. Black358
Danger in Amish Country: Fall from Grace / Dangerous Homecoming / Return to Willow Trace by Marta Perry359
Thread of Suspicion by Susan Sleeman360
The Reluctant Witness by Kathleen Tailer361
Warning Signs by Katy Lee362
Texas K-9 Unit Christmas (Holiday Hero / Rescuing Christmas) by Shirlee McCoy363
Her Mistletoe Protector by Laura Scott365
High-Stakes Holiday Reunion by Christy Barritt366
Christmas Cover-Up by Lynette Eason367
Safe by the Marshal's Side by Shirlee McCoy371

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