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The Black Cameron by Jean S. MacLeod1
My Tender Fury by Margaret Malcolm2
Love Is for Ever by Barbara Rowan3
Who Loves Believes by Elizabeth Hoy4
Secret Heiress by Eleanor Farnes5
Greenfingers Farm by Joyce Dingwell6
The Third Uncle by Sara Seale7
Marry a Stranger by Susan Barrie8
A Yankee Surgeon at St. Bride's by Elizabeth Gilzean100
Night Nurse by Hilda Pressley101
Nursing Auxiliary by Marguerite Lees102
Nurse to the Cruise by Anne Vinton103
The Girl at White Drift by Rosalind Brett104
Staff Nurse at St. Christopher's by Hilda Nickson105
Cherry-Blossom Clinic by Elizabeth Hunter110
Junior Theatre Sister = Operation Love by Hilda Nickson115
Doctor Veneble's Practice by Anne Vinton116
Stevie, Student Nurse by Marguerite Lees117
House on Flamingo Cay by Anne Weale118
Holiday Hospital aka Under False Pretenses by Juliet Shore119
Sister Grant's Last Case by Elizabeth Gilzean121
Something Personal by Hilda Nickson122
The Doctor's Daughters by Anne Weale124
Heart of the Hospital by Anne Vinton125
Ship's Surgeon by Celine Conway127
Surgeon for Tonight by Elizabeth Houghton128
The Affair in Tangier = Doctor Westland by Kathryn Blair130
Quayside Hospital by Hilda Nickson131
River Nurse by Joyce Dingwell132
Inherit My Heart by Mary Burchell133
Apple Island by Gladys Fullbrook134
A baby for Doctor Jane by Elizabeth Gilzean135
Night Sister in Charge = Night Superintendent by Hilda Pressley138
The Silver Dolphin by Anne Weale139
Helping Doctor Medway by Jan Haye140
The Palm-Thatched Hospital by Juliet Shore141
That Nice Nurse Nevin by Jan Tempest142
Young Doctor Ashley by Marjorie Norrell143
By Candlelight by Sara Seale144
House surgeon at St.Anne's by Mary Hunton145
Ward Hostess by Marguerite Lees146
Scatterbrains - Student Nurse by Margaret Malcolm147
A Case in the Alps by Margaret Baumann148
Nurse Margaret's Big Mistake by Anne Vinton149
The Surgeon's Marriage by Kathryn Blair150
The Gentle Surgeon by Hilda Pressley151
Back Room Girl by Marguerite Lees152
Sister of Nightingale by Hilda Nickson153
The Two Faces of Nurse Roberts by Nora Sanderson154
South to Forget by Essie Summers155
A Case of Heart Trouble by Susan Barrie156
Artic Nurse by Elizabeth Gilzean158
Desert Nurse by Jane Arbor159
Hospital Under the Jacarandas by Juliet Shore160
House Of Strangers (Harlequin Presents #27) by Violet Winspear161
The Hospital of Fatima by Isobel Chace162
The Youngest Bridesmaid by Sara Seale163
Sister at Ryeminster by Ivy Ferrari164
Islands of Summer by Anne Weale165
Nurse Rita of the recovery-room by Lucy Bowdler165
Nurse Maria by Marion Collin166
All I Ask by Anne Weale167
Sister for the Cruise = Ship's Doctor by Kate Starr169
Shadows in the ward by Nora Sanderson170
Doctor Pilgrim's Progress by Anne Vinton172
The Timber Man by Joyce Dingwell173
Sugar Island by Jean S. MacLeod175
Beloved Tyrant by Violet Winspear176
Journey to Love by Hilda Pressley177
This Kind Of Love by Kathryn Blair178
The Path of the Moonfish by Betty Beaty179
The English Boss by Joyce Dingwell180
The Taming of Nurse Conway by Nora Sanderson181
Three Weeks in Eden aka Doctor in Malaya by Anne Weale182
Patricia and the Rosefields by Kate Starr183
No Legacy for Lindsay by Essie Summers184
A House for Sharing by Isobel Chace186
Serenade for Doctor Bray by Juliet Shore187
Desert Doctor by Violet Winspear188
Lake of Shadows by Jane Arbor189
Christina Comes to Town by Anne Weale190
Man of Destiny by Rose Burghley191
A Song Begins by Mary Burchell192
A Woman Alone by Margaret Baumann193
Crane Castle by Jean S. MacLeod194
Hospital of Bamboo by Juliet Shore195
The Feast of Sara by Anne Weale196
The Sea Change = Doctor Overboard by Catherine Airlie197
Bride's Dilemma by Violet Winspear198
Lady in Harley Street by Anne Vinton199
If this Should Be by Hilda Pressley200
The Wolf of Heimra by Jean S. MacLeod201
The Night of the Hurricane by Anne Weale202
Kingfisher Tide by Jane Arbor203
Terrace in the Sun by Anne Weale204
They Came to Valeira by Rosalind Brett205
Brittle Bondage by Rosalind Brett206
The Tower of the Captive by Violet Winspear207
His Serene Miss Smith by Essie Summers208
Love This Stranger by Rosalind Brett209
The Viking Stranger by Violet Winspear210
And No Regrets by Rosalind Brett211
The Drummer of Corrae by Jean S. MacLeod212
The Rhythm of Flamenco by Lori Foster213
Winds of Enchantment by Rosalind Brett214
A Change for Clancy by Amanda Doyle215
Brazilian Affair by Rachel Lindsay216
Surgery in the Hills by Ivy Ferrari217
The Captain's Table by Alex Stuart218
The Gentle Prisoner by Sara Seale219
The Secret marriage by Isobel Chace220
Under the Stars of Paris by Mary Burchell221
The Man from the Valley by Joyce Dingwell222
Heir to Windrush Hill by Essie Summers223
Damaged Angel = The Broken Wing by Mary Burchell224
Postscript to Yesterday by Essie Summers224
The Atlantic Sky by Betty Beaty225
Business Affair by Rachel Lindsay225
Highest Peak by Wynne May226
The Scars Shall Fade by Nerina Hilliard226
The Scars Shall Fade by Nerina Hilliard226
Till the Tide Turns by Ann Gilmour227
The Valley of Aloes by Wynne May227
The Honey Is Bitter by Violet Winspear228
Journey to an Island by Hilary Wilde228
Flowering Wilderness by Kathryn Blair229
To Catch a Unicorn by Sara Seale229
The Sea Waif by Anne Weale230
Lament for a Lover = Lament for Love by Jean S. MacLeod231
The Unlikeable Doctor Fell by Anne Vinton232
Wife Without Kisses by Violet Winspear233
The Feel of Silk by Joyce Dingwell239
Price of Love by Rachel Lindsay240
Love and Lucy Granger by Rachel Lindsay241
The Master of Keills by Jean S. MacLeod242
Accompanied by His Wife by Mary Burchell243
A Taste for Love by Joyce Dingwell244
The Strange Waif by Violet Winspear245
Rose of the Desert by Roumelia Lane246
Play the Tune Softly by Amanda Doyle247
Golden Apple Island by Jane Arbor248
Wife to Christopher by Mary Burchell249
Grotto of Jade by Margery Hilton250
The Shadow and the Sun by Amanda Doyle251
Hideaway Heart by Roumelia Lane252
Miss Miranda's Walk by Betty Beaty253
Dear Barbarian by Janice Gray254
Paradise Island by Linda Lael Miller255
You Can't Stay Here by Barbara Gilmour256
Wild crocus by Kathryn Blair257
Tender Is the Tyrant by Violet Winspear258
Backveld Hospital by Jean Dunbar259
I and My Heart by Joyce Dingwell260
When Love is Blind by Mary Burchell261
The Bolambo Affair by Rosalind Brett262
Winter is Past by Anne Weale263
This Wish I Have by Amanda Doyle264
A Cluster of Palms by Wynne May265
Nurse Smith, Cook by Joyce Dingwell266
Beloved Castaway by Violet Winspear267
South from Sounion by Anne Weale268
A Place Called Paradise by Essie Summers269
The Last of the Mallorys by Kay Thorpe270
Desert Gold by Pamela Kent272
House of the Winds by Roumelia Lane273
Mask of Gold by Rachel Lindsay274
Summer Island by Jean S. MacLeod275
Alien Corn by Rachel Lindsay276
With All My Worldy Goods by Mary Burchell277
The Rancher Needs a Wife by Celine Conway278
Mountain of Dreams by Barbara Rowan279
A Long Way from Home by Jane Fraser280
Staff Nurse at St. Laura's by Elizabeth Gilzean281
The Court of the Veils by Violet Winspear282
The Isle of Song by Hilary Wilde283
Where No Stars Shine by Ivy Ferrari284
Pretence by Roberta Leigh285
The Wild Land by Isobel Chace286
The Pride You Trampled by Juliet Armstrong287
Wintersbride (Harlequin Classic Library #18) by Sara Seale288
Wild Sonata by Susan Barrie290
Devon Interlude by Kay Thorpe291
Venice Affair by Joyce Dingwell292
Hotel By the Loch by Iris Danbury293
Dutch Uncle by Margery Hilton294
Strange as a Dream by Flora Kidd295
And Then Came Love by Roberta Leigh296
The Garden of Persephone by Nan Asquith297
Queen's Counsel by Alex Stuart298
Stranger's Trespass by Jane Arbor299
Hotel Southerly by Joyce Dingwell300
The Bay of Moonlight by Rose Burghley301
Beloved Sparrow by Henrietta Reid302
Desire for the Star = Doctor's Desire by Averil Ives303
The Master of Normanhurst by Margaret Malcolm304
The Shining Star by Hilary Wilde305
Dearly Beloved by Mary Burchell306
The Dream and the Dancer by Eleanor Farnes307
The Hospital in Buwambo by Anne Vinton308
The Man in Command by Anne Weale309
Rosalind Comes Home by Essie Summers310
Teacher's Must Learn by Nerina Hilliard311
Still Waters by Marguerite Lees312
Doctor Luke by Lilian Chisholm313
Wish on a Star by Patricia Fenwick314
Whispering Palms by Rosalind Brett315
A Summer to Love by Roumelia Lane316
Wind So Gay by Flora Kidd317
The Truant Bride by Sara Seale318
Hospital in Sudan by Anne Vinton319
Above the Clouds by Esther Wyndham320
Meet on My Ground by Essie Summers321
A Kiss in a Gondola by Katrina Britt323
Love's Prisoner by Violet Winspear324
One Coin in the Fountain by Anita Charles326
The Dangerous Delight by Violet Winspear327
Falcon's Keep by Henrietta Reid328
Tawny are the Leaves by Wynne May329
Crown of Content by Janice Gray330
The Blue Rose by Esther Wyndham332
Revolt - and Virginia by Essie Summers333
Dragon Bay by Violet Winspear334
The Walled Garden by Margaret Malcolm334
Spanish Lace by Joyce Dingwell335
Peppercorn Harvest by Ivy Ferrari336
The Hills of Maketu by Gloria Bevan337
A Mist in Glen Torran by Amanda Doyle338
Tangle in Sunshine by Rosalind Brett339
Afraid to Dream by Lilian Chisholm340
Nurse Atholl Returns by Jane Arbor341
Magic Symphony by Eleanor Farnes342
Cruise to Curacao by Belinda Dell344
Demi-Semi Nurse by Joyce Dingwell345
Palace of the Peacocks by Violet Winspear346
Wind Through the Vineyards by Juliet Armstrong347
The Song and the Sea by Isobel Chace348
The Silent Valley by Jean S. MacLeod349
The Young Amanda by Sara Seale350
Girl Crusoe by Margery Hilton351
The Kindled Fire by Essie Summers352
Keeper of the Heart (Harlequin Romance Ser., No. 1333) by Gwen Westwood353
Dear Doctor Marcus by Barbara Perkins354
The Cypress Garden by Jane Arbor355
Dark Inheritance by Roberta Leigh356
The Marriage of Caroline Lindsay by Margaret Rome357
Hope for Tomorrow by Anne Weale358
Witchery Island by Ruth Clemence359
Tamboti Moon by Wynne May360
Sea of Zanj by Roumelia Lane361
Such Is Love by Mary Burchell362
Come Back, Elizabeth by Esther Wyndham363
The Drummer and the Song by Joyce Dingwell364
Chateau of Pines by Iris Danbury365
Dangerous Enchantment by Anne Mather366
Dark Star by Nerina Hilliard367
Love in the afternoon by Rose Burghley368
The Curtain Rises by Mary Burchell369
Eternal Summer by Anne Hampson370
The Girl for Gillgong by Amanda Doyle371
Towards the Dawn by Jane Arbor372
Second Chance by Joyce Dingwell373
Nobody Asked Me by Mary Burchell374
Caprice in Hospital Blue by Anne Vinton375
The Garden of Don José by Rose Burghley376
A Man Apart by Jane Donnelly377
Except My Love by Mary Burchell378
Night Sister at St.Aubyn's by Anne Vinton379
The Green Parakeets by Hilary Wilde380
Unwary Heart by Anne Hampson381
The Man at Marralomeda by Hilary Wilde382
Rising Star by Kay Thorpe383
Whisper of Doubt by Anne Weale384
One String for Nurse Bow by Joyce Dingwell385
Home to White Wings by Jean Dunbar386
Design for Loving by Margaret Baumann387
Shadows from the Sea by Jane Donnelly388
The Ross inheritance by Lucy Gillen389
The Imperfect Secretary by Marjorie Lewty390
The Vengeful Heart by Roberta Leigh391
Interlude in Arcady by Margery Hilton392
Whispering Ones by Jane Donnelly393
Whisper to the Stars by Hettie Grimstead394
Love Alters Not by Flora Kidd395
A Fine Romance by Katrina Britt396
Crown of Flowers by Joyce Dingwell397
Pilgrim's Castle by Violet Winspear398
The Legend of Lexandros by Anne Mather399
Green leaves by Rosalind Brett400
Dancing on My Heart by Belinda Dell401
Cloud Castle by Sara Seale402
The Only Charity by Sara Seale402
A Nightingale in the Sycamore by Jane Beaufort403
Isle of Pomegranates by Iris Danbury404
The Doctor's Delusion by Marion Collin405
Enchanted Autumn by Mary Whistler406
Flight to the Stars by Pamela Kent407
Island of Secrets by Henrietta Reid408
That Young Person by Sara Seale409
Blue Jasmine by Violet Winspear410
A Wife for Andrew by Lucy Gillen411
Reluctant Masquerade by Henrietta Reid412
Cindy, Tread Lightly by Karin Mutch413
Bright Wilderness by Gwen Westwood414
The Unwilling Bride by Violet Winspear415
Admiral's House by Nan Asquith416
September Street by Joyce Dingwell417
Stranger in the Dark by Jane Donnelly418
Tangled Tapestry by Anne Mather419
The Silver Fishes by Lucy Gillen420
Rustle of Bamboo by Celine Conway421
Imitation Marriage by Phyllis Matthewman422
The Joshua Tree by Jean S. MacLeod423
Walk into the Wind by Jane Arbor424
Healer of Hearts by Katrina Britt425
The Distant Trap by Gloria Bevan426
Terminus Tehran by Roumelia Lane427
The Autocrat of Melhurst by Anne Hampson428
Love Made the Choice by Mary Burchell429
Valley of Flowers by Kathryn Blair430
Where Breezes Falter by Wynne May431
Mr. Victoria by Joyce Dingwell432
Beyond the Sweet Waters by Anne Hampson433
Next Stop Gretna by Belinda Dell434
Lord of Zaracus by Anne Mather435
Frail Sanctuary by Margery Hilton436
The Man in Authority by Jean S. MacLeod437
Bird of Paradis by Margaret Rome438
The Hawk and the Dove by Anne Hampson439
Summer in December by Essie Summers440
Sullivan's Reef by Anne Weale441
My Beautiful Heathen by Lucy Gillen442
The Rosewood Box by Mary Burchell443
The Family Face by Bethea Creese444
Now and Always by Anne Weale445
Hunter's Moon by Henrietta Reid446
The Day That the Rain Came Down by Isobel Chace447
The Inshine Girl by Margery Hilton448
The House in the Foothills by Mons Daveson449
Turn the Page by Nan Asquith450
Doctor Toby by Lucy Gillen451
Little Sister by Mary Burchell452
The Romantic Heart by Norrey Ford453
Sweet Revenge by Anne Mather454
Take the Far Dream (Harlequin Romance #1432) by Jane Donnelly455
Serenade at Santa Rosa by Iris Danbury456
Heir to Glen Ghyll by Lucy Gillen457
Night of the Singing Birds by Susan Barrie458
A Cure With Kindness by Ruth Clemence459
Parisian Adventure by Elizabeth Ashton460
Beloved Ballerina by Roberta Leigh461
Time of Curtainfall by Margery Hilton462
The Chateau of St. Avrell by Violet Winspear463
When the Bough Breaks by Anne Hampson464
Bitter Masquerade by Margery Hilton465
The Time of the Jacaranda by Margaret Way466
West of the River by Joyce Dingwell467
The Silver Sty by Sara Seale468
Fair Horizon by Rosalind Brett469
The Cazalet Bride by Violet Winspear470
The Story of Jody by Karin Mutch471
The Black Delaney by Henrietta Reid472
The Feathered Shaft by Jane Arbor473
The Masculine Touch by Katrina Britt474
Gates of Steel by Anne Hampson475
Destiny is a Flower by Stella Frances Nel476
Folly of the Heart = Nurse Harlowe by Jane Arbor477
Call and I'll Come by Mary Burchell478
This Too I'll Remember by Mons Daveson479
The Bay of the Nightingales by Essie Summers480
Miss Columbine and Harley Quinn aka Trust in Tomorrow by Margery Hilton481
Moon Witch by Anne Mather482
Dare I Be Happy? by Mary Burchell483
By Fountains Wild by Anne Hampson484
The Year at Yattabilla by Amanda Doyle485
The Arrogant Duke by Anne Mather486
Far Sanctuary (Harlequin Romance, HC 9) by Jane Arbor487
Come Blossom Time, My Love by Essie Summers488
To Win a Paradise by Elizabeth Hoy489
Tawny Sands by Violet Winspear490
King Country by Margaret Way491
Sally in the Sunshine by Elizabeth Hoy491
Beyond the Ranges by Gloria Bevan492
Master of Falcon's Head by Anne Mather493
Love Hath an Island by Anne Hampson494
The Man in the Next Room by Jane Donnelly495
The Doctor's Circle by Eleanor Farnes496
Dear Professor by Sara Seale497
Dear Doctor Everett by Jean S. MacLeod498
The Widening Stream by Rachel Lindsay499
In Name Only by Roberta Leigh500
The Flower of Eternity by Margery Hilton501
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Jean Dunbar502
Isle of the Rainbows by Anne Hampson503
Emerald Cuckoo by Gwen Westwood504
Man of Fire by Margaret Rome505
Charlotte's Hurricane by Anne Mather506
Island of Mermaids by Iris Danbury507
Beyond the Mountain by Nan Asquith508
Blaze of Silk by Margaret Way509
Pool of the Pink Lilies by Joyce Dingwell510
My Heart's a Dancer by Roberta Leigh511
When Birds Do Sing by Flora Kidd512
Caroline by Anne Mather513
The Constant Heart by Eleanor Farnes514
A Singing Bird by Stella Frances Nel515
The House of the Amulet by Margery Hilton516
The Fabulous Island by Katrina Britt517
Wife by Arrangement by Mary Burchell518
Never Turn Back by Jane Donnelly520
The Scented Hills by Roumelia Lane521
The Linden Leaf by Jane Arbor523
Eve's Own Eden by Karin Mutch524
Who Rides the Tiger by Anne Mather525
The Lonely Shore by Anne Weale526
Winds in the Wilderness by Rosalind Brett527
Stars of Spring by Anne Hampson528
Nickel Wife by Joyce Dingwell529
Have Passport - Will Travel by Ruth Clemence530
An Eagle Swooped by Anne Hampson531
The Valley of Illusion by Ivy Ferrari532
Marriage by Request by Lucy Gillen533
House of Glass by Sara Seale534
The Wings of the Morning by Susan Barrie535
Child of Music by Mary Burchell536
Dark Enemy by Anne Mather537
Orange Blossom Island by Juliet Armstrong538
Flamingoes on the Lake by Isobel Chace540
A Man Without Mercy by Margery Hilton541
The Tide at Full by Wynne May542
Make Way for Tomorrow (Harlequin Romance, No. 1510) by Gloria Bevan543
The Whispering Grove by Margery Hilton544
Wings of Night by Anne Hampson545
The Pleasure and the Pain by Anne Mather546
Return to Dragonshill by Essie Summers547
The Man from Bahl Bahla by Margaret Way548
Yet Love Remains by Mary Burchell549
My Heart Remembers by Flora Kidd550
Wild Pastures by Celine Conway551
Queen of Hearts by Sara Seale552
Summer Lightning = That Man Simon by Anne Weale553
Curtain Call by Kay Thorpe554
House of Clouds by Ivy Ferrari555
The Girl at Eagles' Mount by Margaret Rome556
The Castle of the Seven Lilacs by Violet Winspear557
Summer Magic by Margaret Way558
Nurse Wayne in the Tropics by Anne Vinton559
Storm in a Rain Barrel by Anne Mather559
Gold is the Sunrise by Anne Hampson560
A Thousand Candles by Joyce Dingwell561
But Not for Me by Mary Burchell562
Flower of the Nettle = Consulting Surgeon by Jane Arbor563
Summer Comes to Albarosa by Iris Danbury564
Into a Golden Land by Fiona Brand565
Sweet Kate by Lucy Gillen566
Bride of Lucifer by Violet Winspear567
That Man Next Door by Lucy Gillen568
Memory of Love by Roberta Leigh569
Castle in the Trees by Rachel Lindsay570
Moon at the Full by Susan Barrie571
Seen by Candlelight aka Design for Loving by Anne Mather572
Bride in Waiting by Susan Barrie573
The Tall Pines by Celine Conway574
Waves of Fire by Anne Hampson575
Summer Season by Lucy Gillen576
A Serpent in Eden by Eleanor Farnes577
The Unknown Quest by Katrina Britt578
Dilemma at Dulloora by Amanda Doyle579
Castle of the Unicorn by Gwen Westwood580
The Dazzle on the Sea by Flora Kidd581
The Sanchez Tradition by Anne Mather582
Cousin Mark by Elizabeth Ashton583
Red Feather Love by Suzanna Lynne584
A Time Remembered by Lucy Gillen585
Cameron of Gare by Jean S. MacLeod586
A Change of Heart aka Doctor Max by Eleanor Farnes586
The House on Gregor's Brae by Essie Summers587
Precious Waif by Anne Hampson587
Return to Belle Amber by Margaret Way588
Halfway to the Stars by Jane Donnelly589
Carnival at San Cristobal by Nan Asquith590
The Other Miss Donne by Jane Arbor591
The Keys of the Castle by Barbara Rowan592
One Man's Heart by Mary Burchell593
Love and Doctor Forrest by Rachel Lindsay594
Sandflower by Jane Arbor595
If this is Love by Anne Weale596
African Dream by Elizabeth Hoy597
Café Mimosa by Roumelia Lane598
Cap Flamingo aka Nurse at Cap Flamingo by Violet Winspear599
All the Fire by Anne Mather600
Petals Drifting by Anne Hampson601
The Way Through the Valley by Jean S. MacLeod602
The Enchanted Ring by Lucy Gillen603
Windy Night, Rainy Morrow by Ivy Ferrari604
Dear Puritan by Violet Winspear605
Pagan Heart by Rebecca Caine606
Love Is Fire by Flora Kidd607
South Island Stowaway by Essie Summers608
Sister Pussycat by Joyce Dingwell609
Dark Hills Rising by Anne Hampson610
This Moment in Time by Lilian Peake611
The Latitude of Love (aka Rough Diamond Lover) by Rachel Lindsay612
Home is Goodbye by Isobel Chace613
It Began in Te Rangi by Gloria Bevan614
Other Turner Girl by Ruth Clemence615
The Reluctant Governess (#1600) by Anne Mather616
The Rebel Bride by Anne Hampson617
Chateau of Flowers: The Romantic Story of Lily of the Valley by Margaret Rome618
The Inn by the Lake by Dorothy Quentin619
Jasmine Harvest by Jane Arbor620
Raintree Valley by Violet Winspear621
Kookaburra Dawn by Amanda Doyle622
The Pretty Witch by Lucy Gillen623
Bauhinia Junction by Margaret Way624
The High Valley by Anne Mather625
A Castle in Spain by Eleanor Farnes626
Man of Granite by Lilian Peake627
Follow a Shadow by Anne Hampson628
Black Douglas by Violet Winspear629
Legend of Roscano by Iris Danbury630
The Gentle Flame by Katrina Britt631
Portrait of Susan by Rosalind Brett632
Immortal Flower by Elizabeth Hoy635
Wife to Sim by Joyce Dingwell643
Dear Conquistador by Margery Hilton653
Red Ginger Blossom by Joyce Dingwell654
Remedy for Love by Flora Kidd657
Forbidden Island by Sara Seale660
If Love Be Love by Flora Kidd665
Lucy Lamb, Doctor's Wife by Sara Seale703
The Valley of the Eagles by Eleanor Farnes710
Friday's Laughter by Joyce Dingwell712
There Were Three Princes by Joyce Dingwell724
The Taming of Lisa by Flora Kidd735
Nile Dusk by Pamela Kent751
The One and Only by Doris E. Smith757
A Touch of Honey (Harlequin Romance) by Lucy Gillen761
Night on the Mountain by Flora Kidd763
The Shrouded Web by Anne Mather773
Golden Harvest by Stella Frances Nel781
White Hunter by HOY789
Beyond the Sunset by Flora Kidd806
The Mutual Look by Joyce Dingwell808
Beloved Enemy by Mary Wibberley812
The Lordly One by Sara Seale823
City of Palms by Pamela Kent840
The Guarded Gates by Katrina Britt844
Laird of Gaela by Mary Wibberley850
The Legend of the Swans by Flora Kidd851
Penny Plain by Sara Seale876
Rachel Trevellyan by Anne Mather880
A Promise To Keep by Dorothy Cork895
The Habit of Love by Joyce Dingwell903
If Dreams Came True by Rozella Lake904
Dark Moonless Night by Anne Mather910
Time Suspended by Jean S. MacLeod913
The Cattleman by Joyce Dingwell916
Love in High Places by Jane Beaufort918
Flamingo Flying South by Joyce Dingwell936
The Paper Marriage by Flora Kidd940
Kyle's Kingdom by Mary Wibberley947
Love and Lucy Brown by Joyce Dingwell956
That Summer of Surrender by Rebecca Caine961
Heaven is Gentle by Betty Neels967
Dark Viking by Mary Wibberley976
Charity Child by Sara Seale979
Desert Doorway by Pamela Kent980
Proud Citadel by Elizabeth Hoy989
Love in Disguise by Rachel Lindsay992
The House of Strange Music by Margery Hilton995
The Kissing Gate by Joyce Dingwell997
THE FARAWAY BRIDE (1003) by Linden Grierson1003
Westhampton Royal by Sheila Douglas1017
Storm Flower by Margaret Way1024
The Cruiser in the Bay by Katrina Britt1025
Autumn Wedding by Anita Charles1029
The Reluctant Landlord by Sara Seale1030
Dangerous Lover by Jane Beaufort1032
The Fire and the Fury by Rebecca Stratton1035
Enchantment in blue by Flora Kidd1037
Whistle and I'll Come by Flora Kidd1038
Tomorrow's Flower by Margaret Malcolm1039
By Yet Another Door by Jane Arbor1040
Cane Music by Joyce Dingwell1042
Wheels of Conflict by Sue Peters1046
Pathway of Roses by Mary Whistler1049
Harbour of Deceit by Roumelia Lane1051
So Dear to My Heart by Susan Barrie1054
Wandalilli Princess by Dorothy Cork1056
After The Storm (Americana, Colorado #6) by Janet Dailey1057
That Man Bryce by Mary Wibberley1060
Moon Tide by Rebecca Stratton1065
Dark Intruder by Nerina Hilliard1067
Corporation Boss by Joyce Dingwell1074
Bladon's Rock = Doctor Gaston by Pamela Kent1075
The Sycamore Song by Elizabeth Hunter1078
The Garden of Dreams by Sara Craven1081
Ross of Silver Ridge by Gwen Westwood1084
For the Love of Sara by Anne Mather1085
Something Extra by Janet Dailey1086
The Beach of Sweet Returns by Margery Hilton1090
Escape to Happiness by Mary Whistler1097
No Just Cause by Susan Barrie1098
Autumn Twilight by Anne Hampson1099
The Wilderness Hut by Mary Wibberley1106
White Rose of Love by Anita Charles1111
Valley Deep, Mountain High by Anne Mather1128
The Dance of Courtship by Flora Kidd1134
Spread Your Wings by Sara Seale1136
Dark Pursuer by Jane Donnelly1139
The Whispering Gate by Mary Wibberley1141
The Summer Wife by Flora Kidd1145
The Windmill of Kalakos by Iris Danbury1147
Esmeralda by Betty Neels1161
Sherringdon Hall by Sheila Douglas1164
Chateau D'Armor by Rebecca Stratton1165
Tabitha in Moonlight by Betty Neels1168
Valley of the Vapours by Janet Dailey1171
Accidental Bride by Susan Barrie1176
One Special Rose by Sue Peters1177
Lord of the Island by Mary Wibberley1182
The Edge of Winter by Betty Neels1183
The Moon Dancers by Mary Wibberley1184
Cupboard Love by Roberta Leigh1187
The Gated Road by Jean S. MacLeod1192
Stranger in Their Midst by Jean S. MacLeod1200
Tinsel Star by Rachel Lindsay1201
The Bargain Bride by Flora Kidd1202
If Today Be Sweet by Katrina Britt1204
A Gem of a Girl by Betty Neels1205
Child of Tahiti by Rebecca Caine1209
The Black Knight by Flora Kidd1230
Laird of Doorn by Sue Peters1233
The Intruder by Jane Donnelly1235A
The Valley of Palms by Jean S. MacLeod1240
Aegean Quest by Elizabeth Ashton1242
Fiesta San Antonio by Janet Dailey1253
Six White Horses by Janet Dailey1262
Bride of Bonamour by Gwen Westwood1264
Dark Venturer by Mary Wibberley1270
Jungle of Desire by Flora Kidd1274
Dear Caliban by Jane Donnelly1275
Where Seagulls Cry by Yvonne Whittal1277
The Doctor Next Door by Sheila Douglas1280
Yesterday's Magic by Jane Arbor1281
The Velvet Glove by Rebecca Stratton1296
Dangerous Pretence by Flora Kidd1309
Four Weeks in Winter by Jane Donnelly1310
Outback Rainbow by Dorothy Cork1315
Every Wise Man by Jacqueline Gilbert1316
The Wrong Man to Love by Roberta Leigh1322
Reilly's Woman by Janet Dailey1331
The Time and the Loving by Marjorie Lewty1333
The Silver Tree by Katrina Britt1338
Lure of the Falcon by Sue Peters1340
To Play with Fire by Flora Kidd1341
Lion of Venice by Margaret Rome1342
Plantation Moon by Gloria Bevan1344
Hawk in a Blue Sky by Charlotte Lamb1347
Dream of Winter by Rebecca Stratton1349
Handful of Stardust by Yvonne Whittal1354
Lord of La Pampa by Kay Thorpe1358
Sunflower Summer by Sue Peters1362
Night of the Yellow Moon by Flora Kidd1365
Golden Apples by Rose Elver1366
The Brightest Star by Roumelia Lane1367
Ring of Fire by Margaret Way1370
Heart of the Eagle by Elizabeth Graham1371
Britannia All at Sea by Betty Neels1373
The Enchanted Woods by Katrina Britt1375
Loren's Baby by Anne Mather1377
Unwanted Wife by Rachel Lindsay1386
The Broken Link by Yvonne Whittal1391
The Devil at Archangel by Sara Craven1393
Desert Barbarian by Charlotte Lamb1400
Rendezvous in Venice by Elizabeth Ashton1404
The Awakening Flame by Margaret Way1405
Adam's Bride by Rosemary Carter1406
The Jewelled Caftan by Margaret Pargeter1412
Philomena's Miracle by Betty Neels1414
New Man at Cedar Hills by Elizabeth Graham1417
The Savage Aristocrat by Roberta Leigh1424
The Taming of Tamsin by Mary Wibberley1425
Dilemma in Paradise by Robyn Donald1427
The Dark Side of Marriage by Margery Hilton1428
Sonora Sundown by Janet Dailey1434
Full Circle by Kay Thorpe1445
Castle of Temptation by Flora Kidd1450
Surgery By the Sea by Sheila Douglas1470
The Devil's Arms by Charlotte Lamb1472
Man of the Wild by Rosemary Carter1481
Wake the Sleeping Tiger by Margaret Way1483
Desire Has No Mercy by Violet Winspear1496
Isle of Calypso by Margaret Rome1499
Walk in the Shadows by Jayne Bauling1500
The Awakening by Rosemary Carter1507
Summer Rainfall by Kerry Allyne1510
Only You by Margaret Pargeter1513
Canadian Affair by Flora Kidd1516
Scorpio Summer by Jacqueline Gilbert1524
The Joyous Adventure by Elizabeth Ashton1526
Walkabout Wife by Dorothy Cork1527
Passionate Encounter by Flora Kidd1528
Possession by Charlotte Lamb1548
My Sister's Keeper by Rachel Lindsay1554
Together Again by Flora Kidd1556
Tangled Shadows by Flora Kidd1573
The Kurranulla Round by Dorothy Cork1575
Across the Great Divide by Kerry Allyne1576
Flame of Diablo by Sara Craven1577
Frustration by Charlotte Lamb1579
Prince of Darkness by Susanna Firth1592
Bed Of Grass (Janet Dailey Americana - Maryland, Book 20) by Janet Dailey1595
Fever by Charlotte Lamb1598
Stay Through the Night by Flora Kidd1599
Hell or High Water by Anne Mather1601
Autumn Song by Margaret Pargeter1610
Spirit of Atlantis by Anne Mather1617
Night Music by Charlotte Lamb1622
Lord of the High Valley by Margaret Way1630
Last April Fair by Betty Neels1633
Tiger Sky by Rose Elver1634
Debt of Dishonour by Mary Wibberley1643
Dark Encounter by Suzanna Firth1644
The Arranged Marriage by Flora Kidd1652
Prisoner in Paradise by Marjorie Lewty1656
A Wilder Shore by Daphne Clair1672
The Silken Bond by Flora Kidd1674
Sandstorm by Anne Mather1679
Man's World by Charlotte Lamb1681
Enemy in Camp by Janet Dailey1682
Wife by Contract by Flora Kidd1698
Deception by Margaret Pargeter1711
Southern Nights by Janet Dailey1714
Love Is a Dangerous Game (Harlequin Romance, 2421) by Marjorie Lewty1724
Devil in Command by Helen Bianchin1728
When May Follows by Betty Neels1736
Beyond Control by Flora Kidd1746
Retribution by Charlotte Lamb1747
So Long A Winter by Jane Donnelly1758
Master of Shadows by Susanna Firth1760
Beware the Beast by Anne MatherFeb 1981 - 1765
Beyond the Lagoon by Marjorie Lewty1774
On the Edge of Love by Sheila Strutt1776
Forbidden Flame by Anne Mather1778
Gold to Remember by Mary Wibberley1780
The Everywhere Man by Victoria Gordon1783
Personal Affair by Flora Kidd1788
Mixed Feelings by Kerry Allyne1799
Bachelor's Wife by Jessica Steele1806
Passionate Stranger by Flora Kidd1819
Wedding in the Family by Susan Alexander1828
No Yesterdays by Sheila Strutt1834
Bride for a Captain by Flora Kidd1846
No Time for Love by Kay Clifford1856
Dark Summer Dawn by Sara Craven1868
Meeting at Midnight by Flora Kidd1877
The All-the-Way Man by Joyce Dingwell1890
The Overlord by Susanna Firth1893
Not to Be Trusted by Jessica Ayre1902
Waiting by Karen van der Zee1919
Make Believe Marriage by Flora Kidd1920
Lesson in Love by Claudia Jameson1928
Jade by Sue Peters1948
Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer1962
Between Pride and Passion by Flora Kidd1968
Rapture of the Deep by Margaret Rome1970
Makeshift Marriage by Marjorie Lewty1971
Spellbound by Margaret Way1983
A Temporary Affair by Kay Clifford1994
This Side of Heaven by Alexandra Scott1995
Tempted to Love by Flora Kidd2026
Web of Silk by Yvonne Whittal2027
Vision of Love by Elizabeth Graham2037
Man with Two Faces by Jane Corrie2046
One-man Woman by Jessica Ayre2047
Somewhere to Call Home by Kerry Allyne2057
Dark Seduction by Flora Kidd2058
The Marriage Contract by Susan Alexander2064
Lions Walk Alone by Susanna Firth2068
Forsaking All Other (Harlequin Romance #2567) by Jeneth Murrey2075
Dream Hero by Elizabeth Oldfield2076
Face The Tiger by Jane Donnelly2084
No Room in His Life by Nicola West2088
The Demetrious Line by Margaret Pargeter2093
Heaven Here on Earth by Carole Mortimer2096
Yours...Faithfully by Claudia Jameson2102
Hard to Handle by Jessica Ayre2106
Dangerous Male by Marjorie Lewty2120
Melting Heart by Claudia Jameson2123
Love's Greatest Gamble by Valerie Parv2124
Tropical Tempest by Flora Kidd2128
Gilded Cage by Catherine George2133
Turbulent Covenant by Jessica Steele2135
Beloved Stranger by Elizabeth Oldfield2138
Virtuous Lady by Madeleine Ker2151
Dangerous Encounter by Flora Kidd2154
The Failed Marriage by Carole Mortimer2170
Reluctant Relative by Jessica Steele2175
The Duke Wore Jeans by Kay Clifford2192
New Discovery by Jessica Ayre2204
Passionate Pursuit by Flora Kidd2205
A Deeper Dimension by Amanda Carpenter2209
Dark Paradise by Sara Craven2211
Imprudent Challenge by Jessica Steele2221
Chance Meetings by Vanessa James2223
The Inward Storm by Penny Jordan2230
Devil Within by Catherine George2234
Savage Summer by Sue Peters2235
Dance While You Can by Claire Harrison2236
Leading Man by Claire Harrison2246
A Man of Distinction by Jeneth Murrey2248
Knave of Hearts by Stacy Absalom2249
Desperate Desire by Flora Kidd2257
Golden Haven by Mary Wibberley2271
The Grand Hotel by Leigh Michaels2275
A Naked Flame by Charlotte Lamb2283
Wanting by Penny Jordan2287
Darker Side of Desire by Penny Jordan2290
The Open Marriage by Flora Kidd2292
Intimate by Donna Huxley2299
The Ego Trap by Elizabeth Oldfield2300
Rules of the Game by Penny Jordan2302
A Time to Grow by Claudia Jameson2305
Flashback by Amanda Carpenter2309
Number One by Donna Huxley2313
Flight to Passion by Flora Kidd2315
Dolphins for Luck by Peggy Nicholson2316
The Devil's Pawn by Yvonne Whittal2319
Heidelberg Wedding by Betty Neels2322
Raging Passion by Amanda Carpenter"Rage" - 2324
Campaign for Loving by Penny Jordan2326
Dark Night Dawning by Stacy Absalom2335
Man and Wife by Valerie Parv2340
Miss Mary's Husband by Emma Goldrick2344
The Scorpio Man by Claudia Jameson2348
The Only One by Penny Jordan2356
Wreckers Bride by Kathryn Cranmer2359
Ring of Crystal by Jane Donnelly2360
The Habit of Loving by Rosemary Hammond2363
No Time for Marriage by Roberta Leigh2368
Temporary Husband by Susan Alexander2370
Lady With a Past by Lillian Cheatham2372
Passion's Vine by Elizabeth Graham2373
The Six-Month Marriage by Penny Jordan2374
Ice Princess by Madeleine Ker2375
Act of Possession by Anne Mather2376
Deadline for Love by Leigh Michaels2377
The Object of the Game by Vanessa James2385
Taken Over by Penny Jordan2386
Model of Deception by Margaret Pargeter2391
Eagle's Ridge by Margaret Way2393
Don't Play Games by Emma Darcy2394
Time Fuse by Penny Jordan2398
Acapulco Moonlight by Marjorie Lewty2399
Dreams to Keep by Leigh Michaels2401
A Secret Pleasure by Flora Kidd2405
Man Hunt by Charlotte Lamb2406
You Owe Me by Penny Jordan2409
Merringannee Bluff by Kerry Allyne2410
Impetuous Marriage by Rosemary Carter2411
Fantasy by Emma Darcy2412
Cyclone Season by Victoria Gordon2414
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? by Charlotte Lamb2415
Return to Arkady by Jeneth Murrey2417
A Promise to Dishonour by Jessica Steele2419
Executive Lady by Sophie Weston2421
Exorcism by Penny Jordan2425
Stolen Summer by Anne Mather2427
Lightning Storm by Anne McAllister2429
Lost Enchantment by Margaret Pargeter2430
Give Me This Night by Vanessa James2437
Daughter of the Sea by Emma Goldrick2450
Fire With Fire by Penny Jordan2451
The Arrogant Lover by Flora Kidd2452
A Stranger's Touch by Sophie Weston2455
The Puppet Master by Pippa Clarke2458
Comeback by Nicola West2465
Love in the Valley by Susan Napier2466
The Driftwood Dragon by Ann Charlton2469
Sweet as My Revenge by Susan Napier2475
Danger Zone by Madeleine Ker2477
The Hard Man by Penny Jordan2484
Hunger by Rowan Kirby2485
Stranger in Town by Kerry Allyne2491
Secret Lover by Kathryn Cranmer2493
Pagan Gold by Margaret Rome2505
Love Me Not by Lindsay Armstrong2507
The Winter Heart by Lillian Cheatham2508
Desire for Revenge by Penny Jordan2509
An All-Consuming Passion by Anne Mather2511
A Moment In Time by Yvonne Whittal2517
Power Point by Rowan Kirby2524
Dark Betrayal by Patricia Lake2525
Return to Faraway by Valerie Parv2529
Like Enemies by Sophie Weston2546
Woman of Honour by Emma Darcy2550
Desire Never Changes by Penny Jordan2554
Poppy Girl by Jacqueline Gilbert2561
Land of Thunder by Annabel Murray2565
The Lonely Season by Susan Napier2581
Shadow Princess by Sophie Weston2584
Yesterday's Mirror by Sophie Weston2590
Ishbel's Party by Stacy Absalom2591
Caprice by Amanda Carpenter2592
Research into Marriage by Penny Jordan2595
Unlikely Lovers by Emily Spenser2598
Never Touch a Tiger by Sue Peters2601
Dancing in the Dark by Pippa Clarke2605
Plain Jane by Rosemary Hammond2607
Try to Remember by Vanessa James2608
Bitter Legacy by Sandra K. Rhoades2612
Blind Date by Emma Darcy2616
Passionate Choice by Flora Kidd2619
Fantasy Woman by Annabel Murray2621
Don't Ask Me Now by Emma Darcy2630
Immune to Love by Claudia Jameson2631
A Reason for Marriage by Penny Jordan2632
Brittany's Castle by Leigh Michaels2635
Ring Of Claddagh by Annabel Murray2643
A Talent for Loving by Celia Scott2644
Beyond Ransom by Sophie Weston2647
Fascination by Patricia Lake2654
Love in the Dark by Charlotte Lamb2655
Loving by Penny Jordan2663
Gathering of Eagles by Angela Carson2665
Recipe For Love by Kay Clifford2667
Married Lovers by Flora Kidd2669
A Rogue and a Pirate by Carole Mortimer2670
Too Short a Blessing by Penny Jordan2679
Too Bad to be True by Roberta Leigh2681
Relative Strangers by Jessica Steele2685
Untamed Sanctuary by Annabel Murray2686
Winter Sunlight by Susan Alexander2688
The One That Got Away by Emma Darcy2690
Castles in the Air by Rosemary Hammond2692
Masquerade Marriage by Flora Kidd2693
Shadow Fall by Rowan Kirby2694
Night Heat by Anne Mather2695
After the Loving by Carole Mortimer2696
Dream Of Love by Kay Clifford2701
The Eagle and the Sun by Dana James2704
A Savage Adoration by Penny Jordan2705
A Dangerous Passion by Jayne Bauling2710
No Strings Attached by Annabel Murray2711
Force Field by Jane Donnelly2717
If Love Be Blind by Emma Goldrick2718
Kiss of Fire by Charlotte Lamb2720
Tangled Hearts by Carole Mortimer2722
Challenge (Harlequin Presents) by Sophie Weston2724
Eldorado by Yvonne Whittal2725
Beloved Deceiver by Flora Kidd2735
Carlisle Pride by Leigh Michaels2738
A Promise Kept by Annabel Murray2739
Hidden Depths by Nicola West2742
Strike at the Heart by Emma Darcy2747
Heart of Glass by Dana James2751
Bitter Inheritance by Kate Kingston2760
Cinderella Wife by Katherine Arthur2764
Where Eagles Soar by Emily Spencer2773
Quicksands by Elizabeth Oldfield2785
A Moment of Anger by Patricia Wilson2788
Gift Beyond Price by Annabel Murray2789
Outsider by Sara Craven2797
No Winner by Daphne Clair2802
Sweet Pretence by Jacqueline Gilbert2807
Fight for Love by Penny Jordan2830
When Lovers Meet by Flora Kidd2832
Impossible Bargain by Patricia Wilson2850
A Gentle Awakening by Betty Neels2856
My Brother's Keeper (Harlequin Presents, No 1087) by Emma Goldrick2857
Close Collaboration by Leigh Michaels2863
Heart's Treasure by Annabel Murray2864
Another Eden by Nicola West2870
A Certain Affection by Patricia Wilson2882
Dark Desiring by Jacqui Baird2887
Love in a Mist by Sandra Field2889
The Trusting Heart by Carol Gregor2892
A New Desire by Leigh Michaels2896
Takeover Bid by Cook2901
Lord and Master by Joanna Mansell2927
Exclusively Yours by Leigh Michaels2929
When Two Paths Meet by Betty Neels2930
Beloved Intruder by Patricia Wilson2932
Snowfire by Dana James2939
The Loving Gamble by Flora Kidd2940
Man of Stone by Frances Roding2943
The Third Kiss by Joanna Mansell2957
When the Gods Choose by Patricia Wilson2974
Takeover Man by Vanessa Grant2978
A Stranger's Glance by Jessica Marchant2986
A Question of Love by Annabel Murray2988
Chase the Dawn by Kate Walker3008
Temporary Bride by Patricia Wilson3009
Unconditional Love by Claudia Jameson3014
Don't Ask Why by Annabel Murray3020
Madeleine's Marriage by Emma Goldrick3027
Innocent Pretences by Lucy Keane3029
Deep Harbour by Sally Cook3030
The Gathering Darkness by Patricia Wilson3037
Paradise for Two by Betty Neels3039
Remember Tomorrow by Pamela Hatton3057
Unwilling Heart by Emma Richmond3063
Brazilian Fire by Karen van der Zee3066
Guardian Angel by Patricia Wilson3067
Friend or Foe by Jenny Arden3068
Take Away the Pride by Emma Richmond3071
Black Lion of Skiapelos by Annabel Murray3083
Belonging by Sally Cook3089
No Need to Say Goodbye by Betty Neels3098
A Matter of Feeling by Sophie Weston3100
The Maxton Bequest by Alison York3101
Web of Desire by Rachel Ford3104
Spell of the Mountains by Rosalie Henaghan3106
Dangerous Obsession by Patricia Wilson3119
Island Turmoil by Annabel Murray3128
Heart In Hiding by Emma Richmond3130
A Secret Understanding by Patricia Wilson3133
This Time, Forever by Jenny Arden3135
A Risky Affair by Flora Kidd3141
The Chain of Destiny by Betty Neels3144
Love's Desitiny (Harlequin Romance Ser., No. 57) by Eleanor Rees3145
Hijacked Heart by Sally Cook3148
Leap in the Dark by Kate Walker3161
Hilltop Tryst by Betty Neels3190
Snow Demon by Nicola West3205
Beloved Witch by Rachel Ford3209
The Convenient Wife by Betty Neels3235
The Gentle Trap by Emma Richmond3237
Love is in the Cards by Emma Goldrick3243
False Impressions by Lucy Keane3247
A Relative Betrayal by Anne Mather3250
Fortune's Mistress by Susan Napier3251
Adoring Slave by Rosemary Gibson3255
Study In Love by Sally St. John3256
After the Affair by Miranda Lee3257
Man Untamed by Katherine Arthur3258
A Kiss by Candlelight by Joanna Mansell3264
A Christmas Affair by Carole Mortimer3266
Echoes in the Night by Rosemary Carter3273
It All Depends on Love by Roberta Leigh3281
The Girl with Green Eyes by Betty Neels3282
The Loving Touch by Catherine Spencer3284
Running Scared by Jenny Arden3286
Silence Speaks for Love by Emma Goldrick3290
Two Different Worlds by Rosemary Hammond3291
A Taste of Heaven by Emma Richmond3296
No Regrets by Kathryn Ross3297
Stormy Surrender by Patricia Wilson3299
Indiscretion by Anne Mather3312
Tiger's Tail = Tiger's Tale by Cook3320
The Spice of Love by Jessica Marchant3337
Roses Have Thorns by Betty Neels3339
Rhapsody of Love by Rachel Ford3354
Dark Pursuit by Charlotte Lamb3362
Law of Possession by Emma Richmond3362
Last Goodbye by Nicola West3363
Curtain of Stars by Patricia Wilson3364
Fragile Paradise by Jenny Arden3365
Man of Rock by Rachel Ford3367
A Suitable Match by Betty Neels3375
Counterfeit Marriage by Alexandra Scott3376
The Land of Maybe by Sandra Field3380
A Vintage Affair by Elizabeth Barnes3386
Inherit Your Love by Sally Cook3389
That Midas Man by Valerie Parv3402
Memories of the Past by Carole Mortimer3412
Deal of a Lifetime by Susan Napier3413
A Love That Endures by Claudia Jameson3419
Disastrous Encountor by Kerry Allyne3422
Impossible Inheritance by Annabel Murray3423
The Devil His Due by Diana Hamilton3425
Unfair Assumptions by Emma Richmond3426
Blind Passion by Anne Mather3429
No Way to Begin by Michelle Reid3432
Anything for You by Rosemary Hammond3433
Magic Carpets by Lucy Keane3434
A Foolish Dream by Richmond3436
Forgotten Love by Nicola West3440
Tender Betrayal by Grace Green3441
A Desire to Love by Sally Cook3442
A Powerful Attraction by Cathy Williams3444
A Sweeter Prejudice by Jessica Hart3446
Such Sweet Poison by Anne Mather3465
The Most Marvellous Summer by Betty Neels3483
Spring Sunshine by Sally Cook3491
Island Masquerade by Sally Wentworth3493
A Cinderella Affair by Anne Beaumont3496
An Unfinished Affair by Jenny Arden3505
Island Interlude by Anne McAllister3507
Betrayed by Anne Mather3516
Forbidden Enchantment by Patricia Wilson3518
Stay Until Dawn by Elizabeth Oldfield3519
Man of Truth by Jessica Marchant3523
Caribbean Desire by Cathy Williams3524
Heartsong by Melinda Cross3525
No Gentle Seduction by Helen Bianchin3531
Jungle Enchantment by Patricia Wilson3534
The Dark Side of Desire by Michelle Reid3536
Far from Over by Valerie Parv3539
Hijacked Honeymoon by Eleanor Rees3540
Heart in Flames by Sally Cook3543
Sting in the Tail by Annabel Murray3546
Istanbul Affair by Joanna Mansell3559
The Chalk Line by Kate Walker3569
Two-Faced Woman by Roberta Leigh3573
Loveable Katie Lovewell by Emma Goldrick3576
The Trouble with Love by Jessica Hart3577
A Stranger's Trust by Emma Richmond3579
Shadow Heart by Cathy Williams3584
Fated Attraction by Carole Mortimer3590
A Kind of Magic by Betty Neels3591
Love by Design by Rosalie Ash3600
Dangerous Company by Kay Gregory3634
Deliberate Provocation by Emma Richmond3644
Dearest Traitor by Patricia Wilson3645
My Only Love by Lee Wilkinson3649
Love Island by Sally Heywood3651
Rent-a-Bride Ltd. by Emma Goldrick3654
Woman at Willagong Creek by Jessica Hart3658
Island of Dreams by Valerie Parv3659
Spirit of Love by Emma Goldrick3664
Tame a Proud Heart (Harlequin Romance) by Jeneth Murrey3674
Walk Upon the Wind by Patricia Wilson3679
Romantic Encounter by Betty Neels3699
Cave of Fire by Rebecca King3703
Winter of Dreams by Susan Napier3713
Second Chance for Love by Susanne McCarthy3716
More Than A Dream by Emma Richmond3717
A French Encounter by Cathy Williams3727
A Honeyed Seduction by Diana Hamilton3728
Fate of Happiness by Emma Richmond3732
No Mistaking Love by Jessica Hart3739
The Widow's Mite by Emma Goldrick3744
An Old-Fashioned Girl by Betty Neels3746
The Green Heart by Jessica Marchant3748
Guilty Passion by Jacqueline Baird3749
Hidden in the Past by Rosemary Gibson3750
Destined to Meet by Jessica Steele3760
Charade of the Heart by Cathy Williams3764
Haunting Alliance = A Family Secret by Catherine George3769
Love in Torment by Natalie Fox3772
Prince of Darkness by Kate Proctor3774
Joy Bringer by Lee Wilkinson3780
Tidewater Seduction by Anne Mather3783
Secret Admirer by Susan Napier3784
The Quiet Professor by Betty Neels3785
Dangerous Inheritance by Stephanie Howard3791
A Man for Christmas by Annabel Murray3792
An Image of You by Liz Fielding3793
Naive Awakening by Cathy Williams3807
Rich as Sin by Anne Mather3815
Breaking Point by Darcy3834
Host Of Riches by Elizabeth Power3838
After The Fire by Kay Gregory3841
Yesterday's Passion by Catherine O'Connor3845
No Escaping Love by Sharon Kendrick3847
A Point of Pride by Liz Fielding3849
Gracious Lady by Carole Mortimer3852
The Beckoning Flame by Jessica Hart3860
Too Scared to Love by Cathy Williams3861
Poseidon's Daughter by Jessica Hart3867
Snowfire by Anne Mather3887
Dark Sunlight by Patricia Wilson3891
Unwanted Legacy by Rachel Elliot3897
Dancing with Shadows by Rosemary Badger3898
Garden of Desire (Harlequin Romance, #332) by Laura Martin3901
A Sensible Wife by Jessica Hart3905
The Seduction of Keira by Emma Darcy3906
Lovers' Moon by Valerie Parv3917
Promise Me Love by Jennifer Taylor3919
Simply Irresistible by Miranda Lee3922
The Unmarried Bride by Emma Goldrick3927
Bittersweet Love by Cathy Williams3933
Master of Namangilla by Mons Daveson3936
Fire in the Blood by Charlotte Lamb3941
Strangers by Day by Vanessa Grant3946
Fiery Attraction by Emma Richmond3948
Defiant Love by Jessica Hart3950
A Part of Heaven by Jessica Marchant3960
Instant Fire by Liz Fielding3968
Colours of Love by Rosalie Henaghan3983
Sicilian Spring by Sally Wentworth4000
Unwilling Mistress by Lindsay Armstrong4007
Oasis of the Heart by Jessica Hart4017
Heartthrob for Hire by Miranda Lee4023
The Awakened Heart by Betty Neels4026
Bitter Honey by Helen Brooks4029
The Touch of Aphrodite by Joanna Mansell4032
Unwilling Surrender by Cathy Williams4056
Love's Labyrinth by Jessica Hart4067
Straw on the Wind by Elizabeth Power4068
The Upstairs Lover by Emma Darcy4076
Dance to the Devil's Tune by Lucy Keane4084
Strange Intimacy by Anne Mather4094
Bitter Memories (Island Dreams) by Margaret Mayo4115
A Stranger's Kiss by Liz Fielding4121
Passion Becomes You by Michelle Reid4131
No Risks, No Prizes by Emma Darcy4144
Secret Surrender by Laura Martin4157
Shadows of Yesterday by Cathy Williams4158
A Wayward Love by Emma Richmond4168
The Right Kind of Man by Jessica Hart4170
Dangerous Entanglement by Susanne McCarthy4171
Tequila Sunrise by Anne Weale4183
A Thorn in Paradise by Cathy Williams4184
Captive in Eden by Karen van der Zee4187
Old Desires by Liz Fielding4188
A Very Stylish Affair by Emma Darcy4196
Moonshadow Man by Jessica Hart4217
A Burning Passion by Cathy Williams4223
Dangerous Discovery by Laura Martin4226
Raw Silk by Anne Mather4230
Vengeful Bride by Rosalie Ash4234
Dangerous Flirtation by Liz Fielding4243
Partner for Love by Jessica Hart4254
Passionate Retribution by Kim Lawrence4263
The Shining of Love by Emma Darcy4264
A Brief Encounter by Catherine George4265
A Very Secret Affair by Miranda Lee4267
Unwelcome Invader by Angela Devine4270
The Last Grand Passion by Emma Darcy4280
Imperfect Stranger by Elizabeth Oldfield4288
A Little Corner of Paradise by Catherine Spencer4291
Bittersweet Deception by Liz Fielding4309
The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid4315
Legally Binding by Jessica Hart4316
Second-Best Bride by Sara Wood4318
Vengeful Seduction by Cathy Williams4322
The Strength of Desire by Alison Fraser4330
Ruthless Contract by Kathryn Ross4334
On Equal Terms by Catherine O'Connor4341
In Need of a Wife by Emma Darcy4344
Prince of Lies by Robyn Donald4345
Promise of Passion by Natalie Fox4350
Dark Pirate by Angela Devine4351
Heartless Pursuit by Jessica Steele4352
Blind Obsession by Lee Wilkinson4354
The Barbarian's Bride by Alex Ryder4357
The Carradine Brand by Margaret Way4365
The Love Trap by Emma Richmond4366
A Wedding to Remember by Emma Darcy4376
No Holding Back by Kate Walker4383
Prisoner of the Heart by Liz Fielding4388
To Love And Protect (Harlequin Romance, No 3223) by Kate Denton4390
The Moon Lady's Lover by Vanessa Grant4391
The Yuletide Bride by Mary Lyons4393
A Devious Desire by Jacqueline Baird4399
The Price of Deceit by Cathy Williams4402
An Unforgettable Man by Penny Jordan4413
Heartless Abduction by Angela Wells4421
Beyond Riches by Catherine Leigh4425
Wife-to-Be by Jessica Hart4427
The Valentine Child by Jacqueline Baird4429
Marriage Vows by Rosalie Ash4436
Relentless Seduction (Harlequin Presents #48) by Kim Lawrence4440
Pillow Talk by Rebecca King4441
A Bride for Ransom by Renee Roszel4443
Heartless Stranger by Elizabeth Duke4459
Dangerous Ground by Alison Kelly4460
Prisoner of Passion by Lynne Graham4465
Ruthless! by Lee Wilkinson4473
Perfect Strangers by Laura Martin4478
Relative Sins by Anne Mather4481
To Tame a Proud Heart by Cathy Williams4488
Conflict of Hearts by Liz Fielding4491
No Objections by Kate Denton4493
Heading for Trouble! by Linda Miles4494
The Desert Bride by Lynne Graham4498
Working Girl by Jessica Hart4501
That Man Callahan! by Catherine Spencer4505
Raul's Revenge by Jacqueline Baird4515
Playboy Lover by Lindsay Armstrong4519
Beguiled and Bedazzled by Victoria Gordon4526
Intimate Relations by Elizabeth Oldfield4533
Having It All! by Emma Richmond4537
A Wife on Paper by Liz Fielding5794
Airborne Emergency by Olivia Gates5939
Her Wish-List Bridegroom by Liz Fielding5952
A Nanny for Keeps by Liz Fielding6060
A Little Night Matchmaking by Debrah Morris6062
A Special Kind of Caring by Jennifer Taylor6069
A Girl, a Guy and a Lullaby by Debrah Morris6084
The Marriage Miracle by Liz Fielding6171
The Five-Year Baby Secret by Liz Fielding6258
Blue Moon Bride by Renee Roszel6259
Wife Against Her Will by Sara Craven6273
Wife and Mother Wanted by Nicola Marsh6279
Found: His Family by Nicola Marsh6338
The Sheikh's Guarded Heart by Liz Fielding6360
A Father by Christmas by Meredith Webber6404
The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella by Liz Fielding6520
The Italian's Defiant Mistress by India Grey6557
His Miracle Bride by Marion Lennox6578
Reunited: Marriage in a Million by Liz Fielding6580
The Italian's Captive Virgin = Angelo's Captive Virgin by India Grey6685
Adopted: Outback Baby by Barbara Hannay6822
Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure by India Grey6838
Pregnant: Father Wanted (Harlequin Romance) by Claire Baxter6931

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MillyBoon (1110), smithli (917), Conkie (161), lquilter (84), starlightgenie (36), E-romance (27), ICrowe (12), SimoneA (12), Harry_Vincent (5), SutherlandWalton (3), Besselina (2), DebbiMorison (2), Avron (2), MildredCartwright (2), HildaN (2), LizFiel (2), EnidOwen (1), elbrutus (1), r.orrison (1), BarbiMcCorquodale2 (1)
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