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Lust begins at 40 by Tony CalvanoPR124
Swap cabin by Alan MarshallPR137
Mistress at large by J. X. WilliamsPR138
The lust crown by Curt AldrichPR139
Sexus suburbia by John DexterPR140
Lust and consequences by John DexterPR145
One Man's Harem by David LynnPR146
Goddess of vice by J. X. WilliamsPR147
Double-Barreled Stud by Marcus MillerPR149
Hillbilly harem by David LynnPR150
Sins of Caprice by Tony CalvanoPR151
Take Death for a Lover (Pleasure Reader, PR152) by Alan MarshallPR152
Hollywood wanton by Wysteria LeePR153
Sinning wife by Curt AldrichPR154
The lust-in by John DexterPR155
Campus sin-kittens by Susan PostPR156
Lust in Sodom by David LynnPR157
Abigail's last orgy by John DexterPR158
Flowers and the flesh by J. X. WilliamsPR159
Hot-pants heiress by Wysteria LeePR160
Den of dykes by Tony CalvanoPR161
Sin syndicate by David LynnPR162
Stud's paradise by J. X. WilliamsPR164
Dyke-bait by Alan MarshallPR165
House of harlots by J. X. WilliamsPR166
A man for all wantons by John DexterPR167
The lust excursion by Marcus MillerPR168
The loyal lez by Marcus MillerPR169
The sin session by John DexterPR170
Look homeward, harlot by Michael ScottPR171
Sex and the tingle girl by Tracy LanePR173
Tigress by the tail by Eric DavidsonPR174
The Lust Assassin by David LynnPR175
Heritage of shame by Alan MarshallPR176
Wanton bride by Tracy LanePR178
By lust possessed by Wysteria LeePR180
Lust and lonely hearts by Tony CalvanoPR181
Passion on trial by Susan PostPR182
Stud among thieves by J. X. WilliamsPR183
Pit of sin by Tracy LanePR184
Teach me lust by David LynnPR185
Sin kitty by John DexterPR186
A deadly passion by J. X. WilliamsPR187
Nympho ward by Alan MarshallPR188
Unwilling wanton by Alan MarshallPR189
Harlot's hoe-down by John DexterPR190
Stud spree by Wysteria LeePR191
Lust-locked by Chris AldrichPR192
Harlot's handyman by Curt AldrichPR193
Lust time by Marcus MillerPR194
The frenzied flesh by J. X. WilliamsPR196
Some like it cold by L.J. BrownPR197
Passion's pupil by John DexterPR198
Lord of lust by Wysteria LeePR199
Kicks kitten by J. X. WilliamsPR201
Sex tripper by Alan MarshallPR202
Half a harlot by Wysteria LeePR203
A stranger in sin-tow by John DexterPR204
Acid-rock orgy by Tony CalvanoPR205
The joybox caper by John DexterPR206
Vice ring vixen by J. X. WilliamsPR207
Passion pusher by Carlton KendallPR208
Mother's little stud by Eric JayPR210
The gang's girl by John DexterPR211
Fantasex by J. X. WilliamsPR212
Hello, lady lust by Gavin HaywardPR214
A matter of breeding by L.J. BrownPR215
Twilight passion by Lee SargentPR216
Song of Alexander by Chris DavidsonPR217
Gay revolution by Marcus MillerPR218
Gay revolution (A pleasure reader) by Marcus MillerPR218
Deep Lavender by Aaron ThomasPR219
The C.A.M.P. cookbook by Lady AgathaPR220
Queen of Egypt by Davidson ChrisPR221
For love of lavender by Barry LamarrPR222
The staff by Patrick DoylePR223
Ship of queens by Don PorterPR224
2069 by Larry TownsendPR225
Leather lover by Ron WilsonPR226
Naked launch. Book I by Neil J. WestonPR227
Naked Launch Book II by Neil J. WestonPR228
Cruiser by Allan JamesPR229
Up and coming by Teryl AndrewsPR230
Hard times by Mark DunnPR231
Queen of the Road by Aaron ThomasPR232
Hung in Space by Felix Lance FalkonPR233
Down, boy by Floyd LawrencePR234
The three-dollar bill by Patrick DoylePR235
The Birds and the Boys by Rod SawyersPR236
Startail by Hank LeatherwoodPR237
Kiss of Leather by Larry TownsendPR238
Hitch-hiked and other stories by Felix Lance FalkonPR239
Unknown to the crowd by E. B. EdmundsPR240
Gay nights at Maldelangue by Peter Tuesday HughesPR241
Madder music, stronger wine by Douglas DeanPR242
Get thee behind me by Nick RobertsPR243
Adonis by William J. Lambert IIIPR244
His muscled lover by Chet RomanPR245
Faint Heart Ne'er Won... by Gene EvansPR246
Good Buddy by Sam WinstonPR247
Seventeen-69 by Peter Tuesday HughesPR248
Bonny sweet robin by Julian FrancisPR249
The Only Way to Fly by Teryl AndrewsPR250
Mickey's one by Larry TownsendPR251
The Good Boy by Peter Tuesday HughesPR252
The fairy king by Larry TownsendPR253
Clint wins his letter by Lance LesterPR254
Made in England by Jason ForbesPR255
Twin sinners by Douglas DeanPR256
Jet by Lance LesterPR257
Copsucker by Marcus MillerPR258
Billy's Club by Larry TownsendPR259
A stud for all seasons by Douglas DeanPR260
Joven-cachoteca. by Larry TownsendPR261
Queen of pleasure by John McHenryPR262
Gay like me by Barry LamarrPR263
Castration castle by Felix Lance FalkonPR264
Gay circus by Kym AllysonPR265
Pell by Jere HardestyPR266
Hustle by Marcus MillerPR267
Barry and the burglars by Jason ForbesPR268
Boy-watcher by Kym AllysonPR269
The red, white & lavender by Lance LesterPR270
Peacock Blue Batik by Burton DicksonPR271
The gay gringos by Chet RomanPR272
Coming Out...West by Billy PealePR273
Shafter by Sonny BarkerPR274
2069+1 by Larry TownsendPR275
2069+1 by Larry TownsendPR275
Adonis at Actum by William J. Lambert IIIPR276
2069+2 by Larry TownsendPR277
Vampire's kiss by Sonny BarkerPR278
Happy-Go-Lightly by Bernard SchardePR279
The long gay line by H. C. HawkesPR280
Cockalorum by Jason ForbesPR281
Beautiful Bumpkin by Brad HarperPR282
A Crocodile of Choirboys by C. J. Bradbury RobinsonPR283
Pretty boy by Bernard SchardePR284
The tender trapper by Bert ShraderPR285
Tender trapper by Bert SchraderPR285
Ronnie by Gerrold FreyPR286
The gay governor by J. D. TwiggPR287
This flesh could melt by Douglas DeanPR288
Sweet guy by H. C. HawkesPR289
Adonis at Bomasa by William J. Lambert IIIPR290
Get it up by Jason ForbesPR291
O, Phallic Moon by John RustamPR292
The family jewels affair by Erik KanePR293
The Long Leather Cord by Larry TownsendPR294
Swamp angel by Carl CorleyPR295
The maneaters of Malibu by William MaltesePR296
Jail mate by Carl CorleyPR297
Hard, hot hard-hat by Shane LansingPR298
Bare Knees, Boy Knees by C.J. Bradbury RobinsonPR299
Brothers and Lovers by Llewellyn HollingsworthyPR300
Sixty-nine palms by Aaron ThomasPR301
The new boy by Alan FairPR302
Snowbound in Sodom by W. W. WaynePR303
Happy makes it big by Bernard SchardePR304
Sidewalk salesman by Douglas DeanPR305
Gay-Safe by Victor J. BanisPR306
Beware the God Who Smiles by Larry TownsendPR307
Clint Wins His Freedom by Lance LesterPR308
Nine easy pieces by Felix Lance FalkonPR309
Demon's coronation by William J. LambertPR310
A walk in the park by Peter Tuesday HughesPR311
The Roommate (Pleasure Reader #PR312) by Eric AsherPR312
A Gentleman's Gentleman Pleasure Readers by Eric JasonPR313
A gentleman's gentleman by Eric JasonPR313
The seeds of spring by Billy PealePR314
Master black by William J. LambertPR315
Just Friends by Jack SparPR316
Yours to keep by James InsleyPR317
Park Duty by W. W. WaynePR318
Bob, Carl, Ted and Alan by William J. LambertPR319
Fly boys by Rod SawyersPR320
Judas Goat by Lance Lester (pseudonym of George Davies)PR321
His own thing by Douglas DeanPR322
Frontier boys by George DelacourtPR323
Graffiti by Peter Tuesday HughesPR324
Young Thomas by C. J. Bradbury RobinsonPR325
Macneil's Raiders by Lance LesterPR326
Windows and Mirrors: Volume I by Douglas DeanPR327
Windows and Mirrors: Volume II by Douglas DeanPR328
The fall guy by George DelacourtPR329
Remake by Peter Tuesday HughesPR330
Climax at Bull Run by Billy PealePR331
Prison Isle by Jimmy St. LorenzPR332
A Father in Shadows by Douglas DeanPR333
The third secret by Peter Tuesday HughesPR334
Valley of the damned by William J. LambertPR335
Clint Scores Big by Lance Lester (pseudonym of George Davies)PR336
Strangers Can See You In My Face by Peter Tuesday HughesPR337
Grasp of power by Eric ThomasPR338
Gin street rhythms by Frederick RaborgPR339
Games of summer by Julian MarkPR340
Arabian boys by C. J. Bradbury RobinsonPR341
One For the Money by Douglas DeanPR342
Checkers by Frederick RaborgPR343
The last affair by Lyle ForbesPR344
A debt to pay by George DelacourtPR345
The Casting Couch by Carl Driver (pseudonym of Philip H. Lee)PR346
The Boys of St. Barnabas by Colin MurchisonPR347
Journey to Eros by Patrick DoylePR348
Lovers' island by Frederick RaborgPR349
Blackballed by Chad StuartPR350
The Cabin Cruiser by George DelacourtPR351
Something in the Blood by Peter Tuesday HughesPR352
Say, mister! by Greg FosterPR353
The Judas match by Frederick RaborgPR354
I am dying, Egypt by Peter Tuesday HughesPR355
Son of Adam by Llewellyn HollingsworthyPR356
Gay vigilante by Frederick RaborgPR357
The war lovers by Carl DriverPR358
School for lovers by Patrick DoylePR359
The Erection by Chad StuartPR360
Purple Feather by Frederick RaborgPR361
Waco's Boy by Lance LesterPR362
Alien by Peter Tuesday HughesPR363
Black Angel by Gordon DanielsPR364
Colt For Hire by Lyle ForbesPR365
Blood brothers by Dallas KovarPR366
Leather Ad Volume I. M by Larry TownsendPR367
Leather Ad Volume 2. S. by Larry TownsendPR368
Jail rape by Frederick RaborgPR369
Mountain Men by Chad StuartPR370
TAngier 6-6969 by Peter Tuesday HughesPR371
Coxswains of Malibu by Gabriel HunterPR372
Dude on Second Avenue by Frederick RaborgPR373
Boy on the Loose by Douglas DeanPR374
Two to show by Dallas KovarPR375
Who killed Queen Tom? by Dirk VandenPR376
The big blow by Peter Tuesday HughesPR377
To Make a Man by Carl DriverPR378
Lover in a cage. by Patrick DoylePR379
Boychick for a Star by Llewellyn HollingsworthyPR380
The Milkboy by Patrick DoylePR381
An Exceptional Young Man by Douglas DeanPR382
Spin the Boy Down by Peter Tuesday HughesPR383
Big guns by Chad StuartPR384
Naked Rebel by Llewellyn HollingsworthyPR385
Renegade Hustler by Phil AndrosPR386
Unnatural Father by John SutherlandPR387
The soldier boys by Carl DriverPR388
One Man's Meat by Patrick DoylePR389
Stud house by Berry WaynePR390
A boy in the night by Peter Tuesday HughesPR391
Houseboy by Frederick RaborgPR392
Ten-inch stud by Eric ThomasPR393
The unwilling rape by Marshall RogersPR394
Paul's Coming Out by John SutherlandPR395
Young Boy Rape by Connor McHughPR396

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