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Publisher Series: Silhouette Desire

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (2,112)

Corporate Affair by Stephanie JamesJune 1982 - #1
Love's Silver Web by Nicole Monet2
Wise Folly by Rita Clay3
Kiss and Tell by Suzanne Carey4
When Last We Loved by Judith Baker5
A Frenchman's Kiss by Kathryn Mallory6
Not Even for Love by Sandra Brown7
Make No Promises by Sherry Dee8
Moment in Time by Suzanne Simms9
Whenever I Love You by Alana Smith10
Velvet Touch by Stephanie James11
The Cowboy and the Lady by Diana Palmer12
Come Back, My Love by Pamela Wallace13
Blanket of Stars by Lorraine Valley14
Sweet Bondage by Dorothy Vernon15
Dream Come True (Men Made in America: Florida #9) by Ann Major16
Of Passion Born by Suzanne Simms17
Second Harvest by Erin Ross18
Lover in Pursuit by Stephanie James19
King of Diamonds by Penny Allison20
Love in the China Sea by Judith Baker21
Bittersweet in Bern by Cheryl Durant22
Constant Stranger by Linda Sunshine23
Shared Moments by Mary Lynn Baxter24
Renaissance Man by Stephanie James25
September Morning (Western Weddings) (Here Come the Grooms) by Diana Palmer26
On Wings of Night by Constance Conrad27
Passionate Journey by Thea Lovan28
Enchanted Desert by Suzanne Michelle29
Past Forgetting by Pamela Lind30
Reckless Passion by Stephanie James31
Yesterday's Dreams (Silhouette Desire #32) by Rita Clay32
Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Powers33
Snow Spirit by Angel Milan34
Meant to Be by Ann Major35
Fires of Memory by Ashley Summers36
Price of Surrender by Stephanie James37
Sweet Serenity by Billie Douglass38
Shadow of Betrayal by Nicole Monet39
Gentle Conquest by Kathryn Mallory40
Seduction by Design by Sandra Brown41
Ask Me No Secrets by Ruth Stewart42
A Wild, Sweet Magic by Suzanne Simms43
Heart Over Mind44
Experiment in Love by Rita Clay45
Her Golden Eyes by Sara Chance46
Silver Promises by Suzanne Michelle47
Dream of the West by Nora Powers48
Affair of Honor by Stephanie James49
Friends and Lovers by Diana Palmer50
Shadow of the Mountain by Pamela Lind51
Embers of the Sun by Raye Morgan52
Winter Lady by Janet Joyce53
If Ever You Need Me by Paula Fulford54
To Tame the Hunter by Stephanie James55
Flip Side of Yesterday by Barbara Delinsky56
No Place for a Woman by Suzanne Michelle57
One Night's Deception by Kathryn Mallory58
Time Stands Still by Nora Powers59
Between the Lines by Roberta Dennis60
All the Night Long by Suzanne Simms61
Passionate Silence by Nicole Monet62
Share Your Tomorrows by Sherry Dee63
Sonatina by Angel Milan64
Reckless Venture by Penny Allison65
The Fierce Gentleness by Ellen Langtry66
Gamemaster by Stephanie James67
Shadow of Yesterday by Browning Dixie68
Passion's Portrait by Suzanne Carey69
Dinner for Two by Vanessa Victor70
Man of the House by Janet Joyce71
Nobody's Baby by Susannah Hart72
A Kiss Remembered by Sandra Brown73
Beyond Fantasy by Billie Douglass74
Chase the Clouds by Lindsay McKenna75
Stormy Serenade by Suzanne Michelle76
Summer Thunder by Elizabeth Lowell77
Blueprint for Rapture by Lenora Barber78
So Sweet a Madness by Suzanne Simms79
Fire and Ice by Diana Palmer80
Opening Bid by Marilyn Kennedy81
Summer Song by Rita Clay82
Home at Last by Sara Chance83
In a Moment's Time by Nora Powers84
The Silver Snare by Stephanie James85
Native Season by Doreen Owens Malek86
Recipe for Love by Suzanne Michelle87
Winged Victory by June Trevor88
Time for Tomorrow by Erin Ross89
Wild Flight by Renee Roszel90
Image of Love by Dixie Browning91
Mountain Memory by Suzanne Carey92
Silent Beginnings by Ariel Berk93
Winning Season by Joann Robbins94
The Marrying Kind by Ashley Summers95
SummerSon by Angel Milan96
Battle Prize by Stephanie James97
Man of Glory by Janet Joyce98
Love Me Again (Silhouette Desire, #99) by Ann Major99
Southern Persuasion by Alyssa Howard100
Summer Wind by Raye Morgan101
Snow Kisses by Diana Palmer102
Body Guard by Stephanie James103
Calculated Risk by Elaine Raco Chase104
Sweet Temptation by Laurien Blair105
Fancy Free by Suzanne Michelle106
This Wildfire Magic by Sara Chance107
Ballinger's Rule by Eva Gladstone108
Only This Night by Suzanne Simms109
Diamond Girl by Diana Palmer110
The Hawk and The Honey by Dixie Browning111
Tried and True by Marie Nicole112
Mixed Doubles by Jasmine Cresswell113
Fragrant Harbor by Erin Ross114
Gambler's Woman by Jayne Krentz115
Controlling Interest by Janet Joyce116
This Brief Interlude by Nora Powers117
Out of Bounds by Angel Milan118
Night With a Stranger by Nancy John119
Recapture the Love by Rita Clay120
Late Rising Moon by Dixie Browning121
Without Regrets by Brenda Trent122
Gypsy Enchantment by Laurie Paige123
Color My Dreams by Edith St. George124
Passionate Awakening by Gina Caimi125
Leave Me Never by Suzanne Carey126
Fabulous Beast (Silhouette Promo) by Jayne Ann Krentz127
Political Passions by Suzanne Michelle128
Madison Avenue Marriage by Cassandra Bishop129
Between the Covers by Laurien Blair130
To Touch the Fire by Shirley Larson131
On Love's Own Terms by Cathlyn McCoy132
Love and Old Lace by Nicole Monet133
Wilderness Passion by Lindsay McKenna134
Table for Two by Josephine Charlton135
The Fires Within by Aimée Martel136
Tide's End by Erin Ross137
Lady Be Bad by Elaine Raco Chase138
Words of Silk by Sandra Brown139
Run to Gold by Janet Joyce140
Crystal Blue Horizon by Raye Morgan141
Buyer Beware by Marie Nicole142
North Country Nights by Penny Allison143
Business After Hours by Laurel Evans144
Night of the Magician by Stephanie James145
Eternal Flame by Alicia Knight146
Territorial Rights by Melissa Scott147
In a Stranger's Arms by Nora Powers148
Double Game by Serena Galt149
Dream Within a Dream by Suzanne Simms150
The Wrong Man by Ann Major151
Sweetheart of a Deal (Silhouette Desire, #152) by Suzanne Michelle152
Danielle's Doll by Angel Milan153
Promise of Love by Ariel Berk154
Odds Against by Erin Ross155
Maid in Boston by Paula Corbett156
The Rawhide Man by Diana Palmer157
Rapture of the Deep by Barbara Cameron Smith158
Velvet is for Lovers by Edith Delatush159
Moon on East Mountain by Hope McIntyre160
Through Laughter and Tears by Marie Nicole161
Dream Builder by Naomi Horton162
Nightwalker by Stephanie James163
Take All Myself by Lucy Gordon164
Too Near the Fire by Lindsay McKenna165
Affairs of State by Sara Fitzgerald166
Timeless Rituals by Ellen Brill167
Rare Breed by Janet Joyce168
Stormwatch by Dixie Browning169
Forbidden Melody by Susan Larson170
Child of My Heart by Erin Ross171
Prime Specimen by Diana Stuart172
Love In Good Measure by Amanda Lee173
A Wilder Enchantment by Gina Caimi174
counterparts by Suzanne Carey176
Casey's Shadow by Nicole Monet177
Till We Meet Again by Eileen Bailey178
The Judgement of Paris by Lucy Gordon179
Remedies of the Heart by Ariel Berk180
Chasing the Rainbow by Ann Hurley181
Grand Theft: Heart by Marie Nicole182
A Touch of Passion by Sara Chance183
Texas Wildcat by Lindsay McKenna184
Hunter's Prey by Annette Broadrick185
A Legend in His Own Time by Susannah Hart186
The Devil to Pay by Stephanie James187
The Tender Barbarian by Dixie Browning188
Starstruck Lovers by Suzanne Michelle189
The Best Reasons by Beverly Bird190
Capitol Affair by Fran Bergen191
More Than Promises by Amanda Lee192
Cattleman's Choice by Diana Palmer193
Hungry For Love by Ariel Berk194
Journey to Desire by Laurie Paige195
A Different Reality by Nora Powers196
A Woman of Integrity by Marie Nicole197
Golden Man by Ann Major198
Out of the Shadows by Janet Joyce199
A Permanent Arrangement by Laurel Evans200
The Enchantment by Lynda Trent201
Renaissance Summer by Clare Richards202
Outsmarted by Cassandra Bishop203
September Winds by Donna McDowell204
Man's Best Friend by Amanda York205
Angel in His Arms by Suzanne Carey206
Love Letters by Elaine Camp207
Red Tail by Lindsay McKenna208
Fool's Gold by Beverly Bird209
That Special Magic by Laurien Blair210
Wizard by Stephanie James (Jayne Ann Krentz)211
Matchmaker's Moon by Dixie Browning212
Call It Love by Robin Elliott213
Sugarfire by Angel Milan214
Undercover Angel by Suzanne Forster215
Breaking the Ice by Ariel Berk216
Roses for Remembering by Erin Ross217
Hearts are Wild by Gina Caimi218
Bachelor Father by Annette Broadrick219
A Glimpse of Heaven by Linda Turner220
The Confidence Man by Eve Gladstone221
Reckless Moon by Doreen Owens Malek222
Simple Pleasures by Lynda Trent223
Country Blue by Marie Nicole224
No Sense of Humor by Elizabeth Alden225
Anna's Child by Angel Milan226
All the Marbles by Beverly Bird227
Rand Emory's Woman by Nicole Monet228
Beyond Love by Ann Major229
The Tender Stranger (Silhouette Desire No 230) by Diana Palmer230
Moon Madness by Freda Vasilos231
Starlight by Penelope Wisdom232
Year of the Poet by Ann Hurley233
A Bird in Hand by Dixie Browning234
Golden Goddess by Stephanie James235
River of Dreams by Naomi Horton236
To Have It All by Robin Elliot237
Leader of the Pack by Diana Stuart238
False Impressions by Ariel Berk239
Winter Meeting by Doreen Owens Malek240
Tangled Web by Lass Small241
Hawk's Flight by Annette Broadrick242
Taken by Storm by Laurien Blair243
Look Beyond Tomorrow by Sara Chance244
A Coldhearted Man by Lucy Gordon245
Naughty, But Nice by Joanne Algemissen246
A Much Needed Holiday by Joan Hohl247
Moonlight Serenade by Laurel Evans248
Hero at Large by Aimée Martel249
Teacher's Pet by Ariel Berk250
Hook, Line and Sinker by Elaine Camp251
Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer252
Cautious Lover by Stephanie James253
When Snow Meets Fire by Christine Flynn254
Heaven on Earth by Sandra Kleinschmit255
No Man's Kisses by Nora Powers256
The Shadow Between by Diana Stuart257
Nothing Ventured by Suzanne Simms258
Out of This World by Janet Joyce259
Desperado by Doreen Owens Malek260
Picture of Love by Robin Elliott261
Songbird by Syrie A. Astrahan262
Body And Soul (Silhouette Desire, No 263) by Jennifer Greene263
In the Palm of Her Hand by Dixie Browning264
The Fire of Spring by Elizabeth Lowell265
The Sandcastle Man by Nicole Monet266
Logical Choice by Amanda Lee267
Confess to Apollo by Suzanne Carey268
Split Images by Naomi Horton269
Unfinished Rhapsody by Gina Caimi270
Eye Of The Tiger (Silhouette Desire) by Diana Palmer271
Deceptions by Annette Broadrick272
Hot Properties by Suzanna Forster273
Last Year's Hunk by Marie Nicole274
Pennies in the Fountain by Robin Elliott275
Challenge the Fates by Jo Ann Algermissen276
Green Fire by Stephanie James277
Designing Heart by Laurel Evans278
Before the Wind by Leslie Davis Guccione279
Willing Spirit by Erin Ross280
The Blond Chameleon by Barbara Turner281
Cajun Summer by Maura Seger282
Choices by Annette Broadrick283
Night Talk by Eve Gladstone284
Knock Anytime by Angel Milan285
Playing the Game by Kathleen Korbel286
Yesterday and Tomorrow by Candice Adams287
Catching a Comet by Ann Hurley288
Loveplay by Diana Palmer289
Firestorm by Doreen Owens Malek290
Juliet by Ashley Summers291
Secret Love by Nancy John292
Foolish Pleasure by Jennifer Greene293
Texas Gold by Joan Hohl294
Treasure Hunt by Maura Seger295
The Myth and the Magic by Christine Flynn296
Love Undercover by Sandra Kleinschmit297
Destiny's Daughter by Elaine Camp298
Moment of Truth by Suzanne Simms299
Serendipity Samantha by Jo Ann Algermissen300
In Every Stranger's Face by Ann Major301
Star Light, Star Bright by Naomi Horton302
Dawn's Gift by Robin Elliott303
Misty Splendor by Laurie Paige304
No Plan for Love by Ariel Berk305
Rawhide and Lace by Diana Palmer306
Second Wife by Stephanie James307
Branded by Gina Caimi308
Not at Eight, Darling by Sherryl Woods309
Love Medicine by Suzanne Carey310
Bittersweet Harvest by Leslie Davis Guccione311
California Copper by Joan Hohl312
Courting Trouble (Silhouette Desire, No 313) by Janet Joyce313
Heat of the Night by Annette Broadrick314
Foxy Lady by Marie Nicole315
A Lucky Star by Jacqueline Jade316
My Only Love, My Only Hate by Lucy Gordon317
Hank's Woman by Jo Ann Algermissen318
Too Hot to Handle by Elizabeth Lowell319
Lady Liberty by Naomi Horton320
A Fair Breeze by Ann Hurley321
To Meet Again (Silhouette Desire, No 322) by Lass Small322
Brooke's Chance by Robin Elliott323
A Winter Woman by Dixie Browning324
Rage of Passion by Diana Palmer325
Madam's Room by Jennifer Greene326
The Man at Ivy Bridge by Suzanne Forster327
Perfect Timing by Anne Cavaliere328
Yesterday's Love by Sherryl Woods329
Nevada Silver by Joan Hohl330
What This Passion Means by Ann Major331
The Sound of Goodbye by BJ James332
A Fragile Beauty by Lucy Gordon333
The Sky's the Limit by Syrie James334
Game, Set, Match by Ariel Berk335
Made in Heaven by Annette Broadrick336
There Once Was a Lover by Dixie Browning337
Forbidden Fantasies by Gina Caimi338
Then Came Love by Nancy Gramm339
Just Joe by Marley Morgan340
Stolen Day by Lass Small341
The Challoner Bride by Stephanie James342
Bright River by Doreen Owens Malek343
Betting Man by Robin Elliott344
Come Fly with Me by Sherryl Woods345
Chocolate Dreams by Marie Nicole346
Great Expectations by Amanda Lee347
Spellbound by Joyce Thies348
Fit for a King by Diana Palmer349
Dear Reader by Jennifer Greene350
Love in the Air by Nan Ryan351
A Place to Belong by Christine Flynn352
Still Waters by Leslie D Guccione353
Lady Ice by Joan Hohl354
Love Song for a Raven (1987) by Elizabeth Lowell355
Possibles by Lass Small356
Where the Wandering Ends by Sara Chance357
No Holding Back by Candice Adams358
False Pretenses by Joyce Thies359
Return To Yesterday by Annette Broadrick360
Made in America by Jo Ann Algermissen361
Silver Sands by Robin Elliott362
Just Good Friends by Lucy Gordon363
Never a Stranger by Marcine Smith364
No Walls Between Us by Naomi Horton365
Minx by Jennifer Greene366
Adam's Story by Annette Broadrick367
Any Pirate in a Storm by Suzanne Carey368
Forever Mine by Selwyn Marie Young369
Saxon's Lady by Stephanie JamesSpecial Release
Partners for Life by Helen R. Myers370
Jason's Touch by Sheryl Flournoy371
One Tough Hombre by Joan Hohl372
Intrusive Man by Lass Small373
Heart's Delight by Ashley Summers374
A Gift of Love by Sherryl Woods375
Something in Common by Leslie D Guccione376
Meet Me at Midnight by Christine Flynn377
The Primrose Path by Joyce Thies378
Midnight Rambler by Linda Barlow379
Eagle's Prey by Lucy Gordon380
Give and Take by Anna Schmidt381
No Laughing Matter by Marie Nicole382
Carnival Madness by Erin Ross383
Lost and Found by Robin Elliott384
Lady Be Good (Silhouette Desire 385) by Jennifer Greene385
Pure Chemistry by Naomi Horton386
In Your Wildest Dreams by Mary Alice Kirk387
Double Solitaire by Sara Chance388
A Prince of a Guy by Kathleen Korbel389
Falcon's Flight by Joan Hohl390
Betrayed by Love by Diana Palmer391
Ruffled Feathers by Katherine Granger392
A Lucky Streak by Raye Morgan393
A Taste of Freedom by Candice Adams394
Playing with Matches by Ariel Berk395
Twice in a Lifetime by BJ James396
To Love Again by Lass Small397
Weathering the Storm by Elaine Camp398
To the Highest Bidder by Cathryn Clare399
Lightning Strikes Twice by Jane Gentry400
Built to Last by Laurel Evans401
Indiscreet by Tess Marlowe402
Fate Takes a Holiday by Dixie Browning403
Golden Promise by Laurie Paige404
Stand by Me by Nicole Monet405
Shadow Watch by Sara Chance406
Troubled Waters by Laura Taylor407
Change of Heart by Cathie Linz408
Lucky Lady by Jo Ann Algermissen409
Unwedded Bliss by Katherine Granger410
To Love a Stranger by Beverly Bird411
Irresistible Force by Sandra Kleinschmit412
Blindman's Bluff by Lass Small413
Momentary Marriage by Annette Broadrick414
Fever by Elizabeth Lowell415
For Love Alone by Lucy Gordon416
Under Cover by Donna Carlisle417
No Turning Back by Christine Rimmer418
The Second Mr. Sullivan by Elaine Camp419
Enamored by Diana Palmer420
Love Potion by Jennifer Greene421
About Last Night... by Nancy Gramm422
Honeymoon Hotel by Sally Goldenbaum423
Fit to Be Tied by Joan Johnston424
A Place in Your Heart by Amanda Lee425
Together Again by Ariel Berk426
Along Came Jones by Dixie Browning427
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Katherine Granger428
Force of Habit by Jacquelyn Lennox429
To Tame The Wind by Sara Chance430
Can't Say No by Sherryl Woods431
Moon of the Raven by Joyce Thies432
With All My Heart by Annette Broadrick433
Husband for Hire by Raye Morgan434
Crossfire by Naomi Horton435
Savannah Lee by Noreen Brownlie436
Goldilocks and the Behr by Lass Small437
Used-To-Be Lovers by Linda Lael Miller438
The Castle Keep by Jennifer Greene439
Out of the Cold by Robin Elliott440
Reluctant Partners by Judith McWilliams441
Heaven Sent by Erica Spindler442
Friend in Need by Cathie Linz443
Reach for the Moon by Joyce Thies444
Passion's Child by Ann Major445
Island Heat by Suzanne Forster446
Razzmatazz by Patricia Burroughs447
True Colors by Mary Blayney448
A Taste of Honey by Jane Gentry449
Roughneck by Doreen Owens Malek450
Destiny's Child by Ann Major451
A Match Made in Heaven by Katherine Granger452
Hide and Seek by Lass Small453
Smooth Operator by Helen R. Myers454
The Princess and the Pea by Kathleen Korbel455
Gypsy Moon by Joyce Thies456
Night Child by Ann Major457
Call It Fate by Christine Rimmer458
No Holds Barred by Marley Morgan459
Chantilly Lace by Goldenbaum460
Hit Man by Nancy Martin461
Dark Fire by Elizabeth Lowell462
Lady of the Island by Jennifer Greene463
A Touch of Spring by Annette Broadrick464
Cabin Fever by Terry Lawrence465
Big Sky Country by Jackie Merritt466
Southern Comfort by Sara Chance467
'Tis the Season by Noreen Brownlie468
Reluctant Father by Diana Palmer469
Montana's Treasures by Bieber470
That Fontaine Woman! by Helen R. Myers471
Heartland by Sherryl Woods472
Twilight Over Eden by Nicole Monet473
Thin Ice by Dixie Browning474
The Gentleman Insists by Joan Hohl475
A Man Around the House by Donna Carlisle476
A Pirate at Heart by Marcy Gray477
One Sultry Summer by Laura Leone478
High Jinx by Nancy Gramm479
Only Forever by Linda Lael Miller480
Night of the Hunter by Jennifer Greene481
Chances Are by Erica Spindler482
The Rookie Princess by Janice Kaiser483
As Good as Gold by Cathie Linz484
Woman in the Shadows by Sara Chance485
Butterfly by Jo Ann Algermissen486
A Dangerous Kind of Man by Naomi Horton487
The Thrill of Victory by Sandra Brown488
Marriage by the Book by Joan Johnston489
Beguiled Again by Patricia Burroughs490
Red Rover by Lass Small491
Hoodwinked (Men at Work: Men of Steel, No. 1) by Diana Palmer492
Vengeance is Mine by Lucy Gordon493
Peace of Mind by Ariel Berk494
Touch of Class by Rita Rainville495
Honky Tonk Angel by Frances West496
Like Wildfire by Anne Peters497
Dancing in the Dark by Jennifer Greene498
Irresistible by Annette Broadrick499
Eye of the Storm by Sara Chance500
Wildflower by Jennifer Taylor501
The Loving Season by Cait London502
Moon Shadow by Janice Kaiser503
Sharing California by Jeanne Stephens504
Odd Man Out by Lass Small505
The Pirate O'Keefe by Helen R. Myers506
A Wilder Name by Laura Leone507
Blind Justice by Cathryn Clare508
Eternally Eve by Ashley Summers509
Magic Touch by Noelle Berry McCue510
Mountain Man by Joyce Thies511
Squeeze Play by Anne Cavaliere512
Race the Wind by Noreen Brownlie513
Gale Force by Jo Andrews514
A Little Bit Country by Peggy Moreland515
Just Kate by Linda Lael Miller516
Beginner's Luck by Dixie Browning517
The Ideal Man by Naomi Horton518
Adam's Way by Cathie Linz519
Once in Love With Jessie by Sally Goldenbaum520
One Touch of Moondust by Sherryl Woods521
A Living Legend by Nancy Martin522
Branigan's Touch by Leslie Guccione523
With a Little Spice by Sara Chance524
A Package Deal by Ariel Berk525
Before Dawn by Terry Lawrence526
Added Delight (Silhouette Desire, No 527) by Mary Lynn Baxter527
His Girl Friday (Silhouette Desire, No 528) by Diana Palmer528
Shiloh's Promise by BJ James529
Interlude by Donna Carlisle530
Ulterior Motives by Laura Leone531
Blue Chip Bride by Audra Adams532
Seeing is Believing by Janet Bieber533
Tagged by Lass Small534
Wilderness Child by Ann Major535
Halfway to Heaven by Katherine Granger536
The Diamond's Sparkle by Celeste Hamilton537
Read Between The Lines (Harlequin Silhouette Desire, No 538) by Erica Spindler538
Bedside Manner by Jo Ann Algermissen539
Christmas Stranger by Joan Hohl540
Ships in the Night by Dixie Browning541
Winter Heat (Desire, No 542) by Mary Lynn Baxter542
Too Many Babies by Raye Morgan543
Convicted of Love by Lucy Gordon544
A Perfect Season by Judith McWilliams545
Fire and Rain (MacKenzie-Blackthorn, Book 2) by Elizabeth Lowell546
Daring Moves by Linda Lael Miller547
Contact by Lass Small548
Ruby Fire by Celeste Hamilton549
Lock, Stock and Barrel by Cathryn Clare550
Heartbreak Hotel by Jackie Merritt551
Loving Spirit (Desire, 552) by Annette Broadrick552
Heat Wave by Jennifer Greene553
Private Practice by Leslie Davis Guccione554
Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Donna Carlisle555
Montana Man by Barkley556
The Passionate Accountant by Sally Goldenbaum557
Rule Breaker by Barbara Boswell558
Sunshine by Jo Ann Algermissen559
Guilty Secrets by Laura Leone560
The Hidden Pearl by Celeste Hamilton561
Ladies' Man by Raye Morgan562
King of the Mountain by Joyce Thies563
Scandal's Child (Silhouette Desire, No. 564) by Ann Major564
Time Enough for Love by Carole Buck565
Babe in the Woods by Jackie Merritt566
Take The Risk (Silhouette Desire, No. 567) by Susan Meier567
Mixed Messages by Linda Lael Miller568
Wrong Address, Right Place by Lass Small569
Kiss Me Kate by Helen R. Myers570
Slow Burn by Mary Lynn Baxter571
Look Beyond the Dream by Noelle Berry McCue572
Temporary Honeymoon by Katherine Granger573
Hot on Her Trail by Jean Barrett574
Smiles by Cathie Linz575
Showdown by Nancy Martin576
Candlelight for Two by Annette Broadrick577
Not Easy by Lass Small578
Echoes from the Heart by Kelly Jamison579
Yankee Lover by Beverly Barton580
Between Friends by Candace Spencer581
Hotshot by Kathleen Korbel582
Another Whirlwind Courtship by Barbara Boswell583
Heart Mender by Kathleen Creighton584
Free to Dream by Janet Franklin585
Jade's Passion by Laura Taylor586
Maggie's Man (Harlequin Desire, No 587) by Jackie Merrit587
Twice in a Blue Moon by Dixie Browning588
Escape from Cabriz by Linda Lael Miller589
Ready Willing and Abel by Nancy Martin590
Five by Ten by Cathyrn Clare591
People Will Talk by Audra Adams592
Angel vs. MacLean by Cait London593
The Loner by Lass Small594
Winter Morning by BJ James595
Cat's Play by Naomi Horton596
That's My Baby by Judith McWilliams597
Run for the Roses by Peggy Moreland598
After You by Helen R. Myers599
Slow Dance by Jennifer Greene600
Next Time...Forever by Sherryl Woods601
Temporary Temptress by Christine Rimmer602
A Fresh Start by Sally Goldenbaum603
White Heat by Frances West604
Ramblin' Man (Harlequin Desire, No 605) by Jackie Merritt605
Hunter (Silhouette Desire, No 606) by Diana Palmer606
Glory, Glory by Linda Lael Miller607
Looking for Trouble by Nancy Martin608
The Bridal Price by Barbara Boswell609
Upon a Midnight Clear by Laura Leone610
The Pendragon Virus by Cait London611
Handsome Devil by Joan Hohl612
Four Dollars and Fifty-One Cents by Lass Small613
Paradise Remembered by Carole Buck614
The Valentine Street Hustle (Silhouette Desire, No. 615) (Harlequin Desire, No 615) by Ryanne Corey615
Handyman by Cathie Linz616
Heat by Jean Barrett617
Nelson'S Brand by Diana Palmer618
Night Light by Jennifer Greene619
Fever Pitch by Sherryl Woods620
Woman Tamer by Barbara McCauley621
Maverick Heart (Silhouette Desire, No 622) by Jackie Merritt622
In a Marrying Mood by Raye Morgan623
Outlaw (MacKenzie-Blackthorn, Book 3) by Elizabeth Lowell624
Granite Man by Elizabeth Lowell625
Hearts in Hiding by Kelly Jamison626
The Sicilian by Lucy Gordon627
Lucky in Love by Beverly Barton628
Close Quarters by Karen Leabo629
McAllister's Lady by Naomi Horton630
Warrior by Elizabeth Lowell631
Celestial Bodies by Laura Leone632
Rough Passage by Paula Detmer Riggs633
For Keeps by Donna Carlisle634
Frame-Up by Jessica Barkley635
The Drifter by Joyce Thies636
Just Say Yes by Dixie Browning637
No Trespassing Allowed by Lass Small638
Paid in Full by Rita Rainville639
Hard Luck Lady by Christine Rimmer640
The Daddy Candidate by Cait London641
Sweet on Jessie by Jackie Merritt642
The Best Is Yet to Come by Diana Palmer643
White Lace Promises by Carole Buck644
Starting Over by Andrea Edwards645
The Family Plan by Janet Bieber646
Love is a Stranger by Amanda Stevens647
The Goodbye Child by Ann Major648
A Man for Amanda by Nora Roberts649
When Gabriel Called by Helen R. Myers650
The Baby Track by Barbara Boswell651
Never Tease a Wolf by Joan Johnston652
Wild Texas Rose by Linda Turner653
In From the Cold by Kathleen Creighton654
The Molly Q by Lass Small655
No Lies Between Us by Naomi Horton656
Leather and Lace by Ryanne Corey657
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by Joan Johnston658
Mornings at Seven by Sally Goldenbaum659
Tall in the Saddle by Mary Lynn Baxter660
Pride and Joy by Joyce Thies661
Out of Danger by Beverly Barton662
The Midas Touch by Cathryn Clare663
Mustang Valley by Jackie Merritt664
Smooth Sailing by Cathie Linz665
Lone Wolf by Annette Broadrick666
Wild About Harry by Linda Lael Miller667
A Fine Madness by Kathleen Korbel668
On His Honor by Lucy Gordon669
Lion of the Desert by Barbara Faith670
Falconer by Jennifer Greene671
Slade's Woman by BJ James672
Baby Aboard by Raye Morgan673
A Gallant Gentleman by Leslie Davis Guccione674
Heart's Ease by Ashley Summers675
Lindy and the Law by Karen Leabo676
Red-Hot Satin by Carole Buck677
Not a Marrying Man by Dixie Browning678
Marriage, Diamond Style by Mary Lynn Baxter679
Angel for Hire by Justine Davis680
The Stormriders by Donna Carlisle681
Miss Prim by Peggy Moreland682
Lady and the Lumberjack by Jackie Merritt683
'Twas the Night by Lass Small684
License To Love (Harlequin Desire, No 685) by Barbara Boswell685
Immoral Support (Silhouette Desire, No 686) by Toni Collins686
Sugar Hill by Beverly Barton687
Hot Stuff (Harlequin Desire, No 688) by Cathleen Clare688
A Ring of Gold by Jean Barrett689
A Knight in Tarnished Armor by Ann Major690
Gus and the Nice Lady by Dixie Browning691
A Step Away by BJ James692
Private Lessons by Anne Cavaliere693
Moonlight Miracle by Noelle Berry McCue694
Home Sweet Home by Audra Adams695
The Black Sheep by Laura Leone696
Dominic by Lass Small697
Man From Cougar Pass by Barbara McCauley698
Knight and Day by Carole Buck699
Cast Adrift by Donna Carlisle700
Philly and the Playboy by Linda Turner701
The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss by Diana Palmer702
Isn't It Romantic? by Kathleen Korbel703
Unearthly Delights by Karen Leabo704
Boss Lady by Jackie Merritt705
Hometown Man by Jo Ann Algermissen706
Moonlight Promise by Noelle Berry McCue707
Dream Mender by Sherryl Woods708
Tears of the Rose by BJ James709
Little Time In Texas by Joan Johnston710
Talk of the Town (Silhouette Desire, No. 711) by Beverly Barton711
Upon the Storm by Justine Davis712
Rough and Ready by Leslie Davis Guccione713
Where There is Love by Annette Broadrick714
The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor by Diana Palmer715
Married to the Enemy by Ann Major716
Almost a Bride by Raye Morgan717
Not His Wedding! by Suzanne Simms718
McConnell's Bride by Naomi Horton719
Best Man for the Job by Dixie Browning720
Shipwrecked! (Silhouette Desire, No. 721) by Jackie Merritt721
Flirting With Trouble by Cathie Linz722
Princess McGee by Maura Seger723
Unsuitable Man For The Job by Elizabeth Bevarly724
Sophie's Attic by Robin Elliott725
Midnight Rider by Cait London726
And Baby Makes Perfect by Mary Lynn Baxter727
Just Like Old Times by Jennifer Greene728
Midsummer Madness by Christine Rimmer729
Sarah and the Stranger by Shawna Delacorte730
A Restless Man by Lass Small731
Convenient Husband by Joan Hohl732
The Case of the Missing Secretary by Diana Palmer733
Love Texas Style! by Annette Broadrick734
Doublecross by Mary Maxwell735
Held Hostage by Jean Barrett736
Untouched by Man by Laura Leone737
Navarrone by Helen R. Myers738
Courtship Texas Style! by Annette Broadrick739
Black Creek Ranch by Jackie Merritt740
It's Only Make Believe by Donna Carlisle741
Best Kept Secrets by Anne Marie Winston742
Two Halves by Lass Small743
A Man of Honor by Paula Detmer Riggs744
Marriage Texas Style! by Annette Broadrick745
Honey and the Hired Hand by Joan Johnston746
Arrow in the Snow by Doreen Owens Malek747
A Rock and a Hard Place by Leslie Davis Guccione748
Double Trouble by Barbara Boswell749
Blue Sky Guy by Carole Buck750
The Man with the Midnight Eyes by BJ James751
The Silence Of Angels by Karen Keast752
Jake's Christmas by Elizabeth Bevarly753
Not Her Wedding by Suzanne Simms754
Beware of Widows by Lass Small755
It Had to Be You by Jennifer Greene756
A Man Like Michael by Jackie Merritt757
Angels Don't Cry by Amanda Stevens758
Bargain Bachelor by Shawna Delacorte759
Heartless by Kelly Jamison760
Mail Ordered Bride by Cathie Linz761
Lyon's Cub by Joan Hohl762
The Cowboy by Cait London763
The Stranger by Ryanne Corey764
The Rescuer by Peggy Moreland765
The Wanderer by Beverly Barton766
The Cop by Karen Leabo767
The Bachelor by Raye Morgan768
Chasity's Pirate by Naomi Horton769
Island Baby by Anne Marie Winston770
Her Kind of Man by Barbara McCauley771
Found Father by Justine Davis772
Thursday's Child by Kat Adams773
Tennessee Waltz by Jackie Merritt774
A Disruptive Influence by Lass Small775
Good Golly, Miss Molly by Nancy Martin776
Married in Haste by Lucy Gordon777
The Harder They Fall by Doreen Owens Malek778
The Rancher and the Runaway Bride by Joan Johnston779
Hazards of the Heart by Dixie Browning780
Mike's Baby by Mary Lynn Baxter781
Maybe No, Maybe Yes by Cait London782
Devil or Angel by Audra Adams783
A Fleeting Moment by Carla Cassidy784
The Cowboy and the Princess by Joan Johnston785
Quicksand by Jennifer Greene786
Triple Treat by Barbara Boswell787
Hunter's Bride by Linda Barlow788
Pride and Promises by BJ James789
Montana Sky by Jackie Merritt790
Wrangler And The Rich Girl (Silhouette Desire, No 791) by Joan Johnston791
High Spirits by Rita Rainville792
Zeke by Annette Broadrick793
Ben by Karen Leabo794
Derek by Leslie Davis Guccione795
Cameron by Beverly Barton796
Jake by Helen R. Myers797
Will by Kelly Jamison798
Night of Love by Diana Palmer799
Balanced by Lass Small800
Kane's Way by Dixie Browning801
The Seducer by Linda Turner802
Whitehorn's Woman by Barbara McCauley803
Escapades by Cathie Linz804
Wild Honey by Ann Major805
Wolfe Waiting by Joan Hohl806
Caution: Charm At Work by Raye Morgan807
Sparks by Carole Buck808
Chance at a Lifetime by Anne Marie Winston809
Dangerous by Caroline Cross810
The Seduction of Jake Tallman by Cait London811
Counterfeit Bride by Christine Rimmer812
Imitation Love by Jackie Merritt813
Cassie's Last Goodbye by Shawna Delacorte814
Moonlight Dream by Noelle Berry McCue815
Beauty and the Beastmaster by Carol Devine816
Tweed by Lass Small817
Not Just Another Perfect Wife by Robin Elliott818
Wild Midnight by Ann Major819
Keegan's Hunt by Dixie Browning820
The Best Revenge by Barbara Boswell821
Dancler's Woman by Mary Lynn Baxter822
Another Time, Another Place by BJ James823
Feathers and Lace by Karen Leabo824
Playing with Fire by Mary Maxwell825
Fortune's Choice by Nancy Martin826
Unlikely Eden by Anne Marie Winston827
Tumbleweed and Gibraltar by Rita Rainville828
Secret Agent Man by Diana Palmer829
A New Year by Lass Small830
The Mother of My Child by Beverly Barton831
Man Like Cade by Barbara McCauley832
Private Reasons by Justine Davis833
Under the Voodoo Moon by Laura Leone834
Wild Innocence by Ann Major835
Yesterday's Outlaw by Raye Morgan836
Seven Year Itch by Peggy Moreland837
Twilight Man by Karen Leabo838
Rich Girl, Bad Boy by Audra Adams839
Black Lace and Linen by Susan Carroll840
Wrangler's Lady by Jackie Merritt841
The Cowboy Takes a Wife by Joan Johnston842
The Daddy Due Date by Raye Morgan843
The Hand of an Angel by BJ James844
Midnight Ice by Cathie Linz846
Bewitched by Jennifer Greene847
I'M Gonna Get You (Silhouette Desire, No 848) by Lass Small848
Mystery Lady by Jackie Merritt849
The Brainy Beauty by Suzanne Simms850
Rafferty's Angel by Caroline Cross851
Stealing Savannah by Donna Carlisle852
Lucy and the Stone by Dixie Browning853
Persistent Lady by Jackie Merritt854
Bothered by Jennifer Greene855
A Lawless Man by Elizabeth Bevarly856
Once Upon a Full Moon by Helen R. Myers857
Wish Upon a Star by Nancy Martin858
Haven's Call by Robin Elliott859
Salty and Felicia by Lass Small860
Bewildered by Jennifer Greene861
Pirate Princess by Suzanne Simms862
Substitute Wife by Anne Marie Winston863
Uncaged by Lucy Gordon864
Wolfe Watching by Joan Hohl865
Nevada Drifter by Jackie Merritt866
The Baby Doctor by Peggy Moreland867
Giving by Modean Moon868
Above the Law by Doreen Owens Malek869
Major Distractions by Leslie Davis Guccione870
Fusion by Cait London871
Dreams and Schemes by Merline Lovelace872
What Are Friends For? by Naomi Horton873
Hot Property by Rainville874
Nightfire by Barbara McCauley875
Love Power by Susan Carroll876
Family Feud by Barbara Boswell877
The Unforgiving Bride by Joan Johnston878
Lemon by Lass Small879
Megan's Miracle by Karen Leabo880
Nothing But Trouble by Beverly Barton881
Under The Boardwalk by Carla Cassidy882
Temptation Texas Style! by Annette Broadrick883
Wolfe Wanting by Joan Hohl884
The Daddy Factor by Kelly Jamison885
Babies on the Doorstep by Raye Morgan886
Find Her, Keep Her (Silhouette Desire, No 887) by Anne Marie Winston887
Mating Game (Premiere) (Silhouette Desire, No 888) by Susan Crosby888
The Accidental Bridegroom by Ann Major889
Two Hearts, Slightly Used by Dixie Browning890
The Bride Says No by Cait London891
Sorry, the Bride Has Escaped by Raye Morgan892
A Groom for Red Riding Hood by Jennifer Greene893
Bridal Blues by Cathie Linz894
An Obsolete Man by Lass Small895
The Headstrong Bride by Joan Johnston896
Hometown Wedding by Pamela Macaluso897
Murdock's Family by Paula Detmer Riggs898
Dark Intentions by Carole Buck899
Seduced by Metsy Hingle900
A Nuisance by Lass Small901
Branigan's Break by Leslie Davis Guccione902
A Christmas Cowboy by Suzannah Davis903
Interrupted Honeymoon by Modean Moon904
Miracle Baby by Shawna Delacorte905
Peril in Paradise by Diana Mars906
Cowboys Don't Cry by Anne McAllister907
A Dad Like Daniel by Elizabeth Bevarly908
A Man of the Land by Carol Devine909
Truth Or Dare by Caroline Cross910
Anything's Possible by Judith McWilliams911
His Brother's Wife by Audra Adams912
That Burke Man by Diana Palmer913
Accidental Bride by Jackie Merritt914
One Stubborn Cowboy by Barbara McMahon915
The Pauper and the Pregnant Princess by Nancy Martin916
Texas Heat (Hearts Of Stone) (Silhouette Desire, No 917) by Barbara McCauley917
Bedazzled by Rita Rainville918
Mr. Easy by Cait London919
The Perfect Father by Elizabeth Bevarly920
Miss Lizzy's Legacy by Peggy Moreland921
Beach Baby by Leabo922
Maddening Model by Suzanne Simms923
Errant Angel by Justine Davis924
Mysterious Mountain Man by Annette Broadrick925
Impulse by Lass Small926
The Cop and the Chorus Girl by Nancy Martin927
Dream Wedding by Pamela Macaluso928
Heaven Can't Wait by Linda Turner929
Forsaken Father by Kelly Jamison930
Single Dad by Jennifer Greene931
The Engagement Party by Barbara Boswell932
Dr. Daddy by Elizabeth Bevarly933
Annie Says I Do by Carole Buck934
Hesitant Husband by Jackie Merritt935
Rancher's Wife by Anne Marie Winston936
The Disobedient Bride by Joan Johnston937
Falcon's Lair by Sara Orwig938
Operation Mommy by Caroline Cross939
Cat's Cradle by Christine Rimmer940
The Rebel and the Hero by Helen R. Myers941
Mixed-Up Matrimony by Diana Mars942
The Wilde Bunch by Barbara Boswell943
Cowboys Don't Quit by Anne McAllister944
Heart of the Hunter by BJ James945
Man Overboard by Karen Leabo946
The Rancher and the Redhead by Suzannah Davis947
Texas Temptation by Barbara McCauley948
Alex and the Angel by Dixie Browning949
When She Was Bad by Ryanne Corey950
The Saint of Bourbon Street by BJ James951
Almost a Honeymoon by Susan Crosby952
Two-Faced Woman by Lucy Gordon953
The Man from Atlantis by Judith McWilliams954
Wildcat by Rebecca Brandewyne955
A Wolf in the Desert by BJ James956
The Cowboy Takes a Lady by Cindy Gerard957
A Wife in Time by Cathie Linz958
The Bachelor's Bride by Audra Adams959
The Rogue and the Rich Girl by Christine Pacheco960
Angels and Elves by Joan Elliott Pickart961
Once in a Blue Moon by Kristin James962
Whatever Comes by Lass Small963
Cowboy Homecoming by Pamela Ingrahm964
Rebel Love by Jackie Merritt965
Arizona Heat by Jennifer Greene966
A Cowboy Christmas by Ann Major967
Miracles And Mistletoe by Cait London968
Cowboys Don't Stay by Anne McAllister969
Christmas Wedding by Pamela Macaluso970
Texas Pride by Barbara McCauley971
Gift Wrapped Dad by Sandra Steffen972
Wolfe Wedding by Joan Hohl973
My House Or Yours? by Lass Small974
Lucas: The Loner by Cindy Gerard975
Peachy's Proposal by Carole Buck976
Cowboy's Bride by Barbara McMahon977
Surrender (Silhouette Desire, No 978) by Metsy Hingle978
Megan's Marriage by Annette Broadrick979
Assignment: Marriage by Jackie Merritt980
Reese: The Untamed by Susan Connell981
This Is My Child by Lucy Gordon982
Daddy's Choice by Doreen Owens Malek983
Husband Material (Silhouette Desire, No 984) by Rita Rainville984
The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby by Dixie Browning985
The Last Groom on Earth by Kristin James986
Ridge: The Avenger by Leanne Banks987
Husband: Optional by Marie Ferrarella988
Zoe and the Best Man by Carole Buck989
Just a Memory Away by Helen R. Myers990
Saddle Up by Mary Lynn BaxterCelebration 1000! - 991
The Groom, I Presume? by Annette Broadrick992
Father of the Brat by Elizabeth Bevarly993
A Stranger in Texas by Lass Small994
Forgotten Vows by Modean Moon995
Two Weddings and a Bride by Anne Eames996
Baby Dreams by Raye Morgan997
The Unwilling Bride by Jennifer Greene998
Apache Dream Bride by Joan Elliott Pickart999
Man of Ice by Diana PalmerCelebration 1000! - #1000
Instant Husband by Judith McWilliams1001
Baby Bonus by Amanda Kramer1002
The Accidental Bodyguard by Ann Major1003
The Temporary Groom by Joan Johnston1004
Father of the Brood by Elizabeth Bevarly1005
The Cowboy and the Cradle by Cait London1006
The Prodigal Groom by Karen Leabo1007
The Loner and the Lady by Eileen Wilks1008
The Cowboy and the Kid by Anne McAllister1009
A Gift for Baby by Raye Morgan1010
The Baby Notion by Dixie Browning1011
The Bride Wore Blue by Cindy Gerard1012
Gavin's Child by Caroline Cross1013
Montana Fever by Jackie Merritt1014
Don't Fence Me In by Kathleen Korbel1015
Father on the Brink by Elizabeth Bevarly1016
Bride of a Thousand Days by Barbara McMahon1017
Baby Fever by Susan Crosby1018
The Bride's Choice by Sara Orwig1019
Cowboy Dreaming by Shawna Delacorte1020
Tallchief's Bride by Cait London1021
Babies by the Busload by Raye Morgan1022
Michael's Baby by Cathie Linz1023
A Willful Marriage by Peggy Moreland1024
You're What?! by Anne Eames1025
Backfire by Metsy Hingle1026
The Texas Blue Norther by Lass Small1027
Midnight Bride by Barbara McCauley1028
Seducing Hunter by Cathie Linz1029
Halloween Honeymoon by Merline Lovelace1030
Rancher's Baby by Anne Marie Winston1031
Sex Test by Patty Salier1032
Stryker's Wife by Dixie Browning1033
Cowboy Pride by Anne McAllister1034
In Roared Flint by Jan Hudson1035
Abbie and the Cowboy by Lin-Z1036
Wrong Bride, Right Groom by Merline Lovelace1037
The Bride Wore Tie-Dye by Ingrahm1038
Montana Christmas by Jackie Merritt1039
Instant Dad by Raye Morgan1040
Gabriel's Bride by Suzannah Davis1041
Christmas Elopement by Anne Eames1042
Jingle Bell Baby by Kate Little1043
Rebel's Spirit by Susan Connell1044
The Coffeepot Inn by Lass Small1045
Bachelor Mom by Jennifer Greene1046
Tender Trap by Beverly Barton1047
The Loneliest Cowboy by Pamela Macaluso1048
Resolved to (Re)Marry by Carole Buck1049
On Wings of Love by Ashley Summers1050
Texas Moon by Joan Elliott Pickart1051
A Bride for Abel Greene by Cindy Gerard1052
Roxy and the Rich Man by Elizabeth Bevarly1053
Lovers Only by Christine Pacheco1054
Lovechild by Metsy Hingle1055
City Girls Need Not Apply by Rita Rainville1056
Tight-Fittin' Jeans by Mary Lynn Baxter1057
The Five-Minute Bride by Leanne Banks1058
Have Bride, Need Groom by Maureen Child1059
Baby For Mommy by Sara Orwig1060
Wedding Fever by Susan Crosby1061
Practice Husband by Judith McWilliams1062
Lucy and the Loner by Elizabeth Bevarly1063
Chancy's Cowboy by Lass Small1064
The Wrong Wife by Eileen Wilks1065
Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher by Barbara McCauley1066
Dr. Holt And The Texan by Suzannah Davis1067
Parker and the Gypsy by Susan Carroll1068
Who's the Boss? by Barbara Boswell1069
The Troublemaker Bride by Leanne Banks1070
One Ticket to Texas by Jan Hudson1071
Boss Lady and the Hired Hand by Barbara McMahon1072
Daddy By Accident by Paula Detmer Riggs1073
How To Succeed At Love by Susan Connell1074
A Memorable Man by Joan Hohl1075
A Bride for Crimson Falls by Cindy Gerard1076
A Child of Her Own by Beverly Barton1077
Marriage Made in Joeville by Anne Eames1078
The Baby Blizzard by Caroline Cross1079
Matchmaking Mona by Diana Mars1080
Whispers in the Dark by BJ James1081
The You-Can't-Make-Me Bride by Leanne Banks1082
Georgia Meets Her Groom by Elizabeth Bevarly1083
Marry Me, Cowboy by Peggy Moreland1084
Wind River Ranch by Jackie Merritt1085
Wedding Planner Tames Rancher! by Pamela Ingrahm1086
Nobody's Princess by Jennifer Greene1087
Texas Glory by Joan Elliott Pickart1088
Anybody's Dad by Amy Fetzer1089
A Little Texas Two-Step by Peggy Moreland1090
Honeymoon House by Patty Salier1091
Unexpected Father by Kelly Jamison1092
The Groom Candidate by Cait London1093
Babes in Arms by Sara Orwig1094
Another Man's Baby by Judith McWilliams1095
Lone Star Kind of Man by Peggy Moreland1096
Big Sky Drifter by Doreen Owens Malek1097
Husband Needed by Cathie Linz1098
The Patient Nurse by Diana Palmer1099
Wife by Contract by Raye Morgan1100
The Midnight Rider Takes a Bride by Christine Rimmer1101
The Officer and the Renegade by Helen R. Myers1102
The Kidnapped Bride by Metsy Hingle1103
Bachelor Next Door by Katherine Garbera1104
Nobody's Child by Ann Major1105
Journey's End by BJ James1106
How to Win (Back) a Wife by Lass Small1107
Marriage on His Mind by Susan Crosby1108
Cowboys Do It Best by Eileen Wilks1109
Wyoming Wife? by Shawna Delacorte1110
Look What the Stork Brought by Dixie Browning1111
The Surprise Christmas Bride by Maureen Child1112
A Husband in her Stocking by Christine Pacheco1113
The Best Little Joeville Christmas by Anne Eames1114
I Married A Prince (Harlequin Desire, No 1115) by Kathryn Jensen1115
Santa Cowboy by Barbara McMahon1116
The Cowboy Steals a Lady by Anne McAllister1117
Wife For a Night by Carol Grace1118
The Hand-Picked Bride by Raye Morgan1119
Tall, Dark And Temporary by Susan Connell1120
The Love Twin by Patty Salier1121
The Boss, the Beauty and the Bargain by Judith McWilliams1122
The Brennan Baby by Barbara Boswell1123
Bride of the Bad Boy by Elizabeth Bevarly1124
Her Torrid Temporary Marriage by Sara Orwig1125
The Texan by Catherine Lanigan1126
Three-Alarm Love by Carole Buck1127
Courtship in Granite Ridge by Barbara McCauley1128
A Baby in His In-Box by Jennifer Greene1129
Beauty and the Brain by Elizabeth Bevarly1130
Bride Candidate #9 by Susan Crosby1131
The Unlikely Bodyguard by Amy J. Fetzer1132
Switched At The Altar (Right Bride, Wrong Groom) (Silhouette Desire, No 1133) by Metsy Hingle1133
Just a Little Bit Pregnant? by Eileen Wilks1134
The Seduction of Fiona Tallchief by Cait London1135
The Virgin and the Vagabond by Elizabeth Bevarly1136
Taken by a Texan by Lass Small1137
Maternity Bride by Maureen Child1138
The Cowboy and the Calendar Girl by Nancy Martin1139
Taming The Tycoon by Kathryn Taylor1140
The Passionate G-Man by Dixie Browning1141
Last of the Joeville Lovers by Anne Eames1142
The Notorious Groom by Caroline Cross1143
Seduction of the Reluctant Bride by Barbara McCauley1144
A Billionaire in Paradise by Carol Grace1145
The Bodyguard and the Bridesmaid by Metsy Hingle1146
That Marriageable Man! by Barbara Boswell1147
The Hard-to-Tame Texan by Lass Small1148
Non-Refundable Groom by Patty Salier1149
Overnight Heiress by Moon1150
Montana Bride by Catherine Lanigan1151
Cowboy Who Came In From The Cold by Pamela Macaluso1152
The Cowboy Crashes A Wedding by Anne McAllister1153
Cinderella Twin by Barbara McMahon1154
Seducing the Proper Miss Miller by Anne Marie Winston1155
The Rancher's Spittin' Image by Peggy Moreland1156
The Tycoon's Son by Shawna Delacorte1157
His Most Scandalous Secret by Susan Crosby1158
A Montana Man by Jackie Merritt1159
Rafe Palladin: Man of Secrets by Cait London1160
The Older Man by Barbara McMahon1161
His Seductive Revenge by Susan Crosby1162
The Restless Virgin by Peggy Moreland1163
Consummate Cowboy by Sara Orwig1164
The Lone Texan by Lass Small1165
Millionaire Dad by Leanne Banks1166
The Littlest Marine by Maureen Child1167
A Sparkle in the Cowboy's Eyes by Peggy Moreland1168
Miranda's Outlaw by Katherine Garbera1169
Texas Ranger And The Tempting Twin by Ingrahm1170
The Lioness Tamer by Rebecca Brandewyne1171
The Lone Rider Takes a Bride by Leanne Banks1172
The Paternity Factor by Caroline Cross1173
The Non-Commissioned Baby by Maureen Child1174
The Outlaw's Wife by Cindy Gerard1175
Cowboys, Babies and Shotgun Vows by Shirley Rogers1176
Slow Talkin' Texan by Mary Lynn Baxter1177
Her Holiday Secret by Jennifer Greene1178
Thirty-Day Fiancé by Leanne Banks1179
The Oldest Living Married Virgin by Maureen Child1180
The Re-Enlisted Groom by Amy J. Fetzer1181
The Forbidden Bride-to-Be by Kathryn Taylor1182
The Perfect Fit by Cait London1183
The Sheriff and the Imposter Bride by Elizabeth Bevarly1184
Marriage Outlaw Style by Cindy Gerard1185
His Ultimate Temptation by Susan Crosby1186
The Millionaire's Christmas Wish by Shawna Delacorte1187
Just a Little Bit Married? by Eileen Wilks1188
Beloved (Silhouette Desire #1189) by Diana Palmer1189
The Honor Bound Groom by Jennifer Greene1190
Baby Consultant by Anne Marie Winston1191
The Cowboy's Seductive Proposal by Sara Orwig1192
Hart's Baby by Christy Lockhart1193
The Scandalous Heiress by Kathryn Taylor1194
A Knight in Rusty Armor by Dixie Browning1195
Society Bride by Elizabeth Bevarly1196
Dedicated to Deirdre by Anne Marie Winston1197
The Outlaw Jesse James by Cindy Gerard1198
Secret Dad by Raye Morgan1199
Little Miss Innocent? by Lori Foster1200
The Best Husband in Texas by Lass Small1201
Just My Joe by Joan Elliott Pickart1202
His Secret Child (3 Babies For 3 Brothers) (Silhouette Desire, 1203) by Beverly Barton1203
The Bride Means Business by Anne Marie Winston1204
Expecting... by Carol Grace1205
The Bridal Promise by Virginia Dove1206
Blaylock's Bride by Cait London1207
The Secretary and the Millionaire by Leanne Banks1208
His Woman, His Child by Beverly Barton1209
Sheikh's Ransom by Alexandra Sellers1210
Colonel Daddy by Maureen Child1211
Let's Have a Baby! by Christy Lockhart1212
Love Me True by Ann Major1213
The Groom's Revenge by Susan Crosby1214
The Cowboy and the Virgin by Barbara McMahon1215
Having His Baby by Beverly Barton1216
The Solitary Sheikh by Alexandra Sellers1217
The Billionaire's Secret Baby by Carol Devine1218
The Stardust Cowboy by Anne McAllister1219
Undercover Groom by Merline Lovelace1220
Beloved Sheikh by Alexandra Sellers1221
One Small Secret by Meagan McKinney1222
Taming Tall, Dark Brandon by Joan Elliott Pickart1223
The Willful Wife by Suzanne Simms1224
Prince Charming's Child by Jennifer Greene1225
Lovers' Reunion by Anne Marie Winston1226
That McCloud Woman by Peggy Moreland1227
The Sheik's Secret by Judith McWilliams1228
Plain Jane's Texan by Jan Hudson1229
Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge by Barbara McCauley1230
That Boss of Mine by Elizabeth Bevarly1231
Texas Millionaire by Dixie Browning1232
Rio: Man Of Destiny by Cait London1233
Mom in Waiting by Maureen Child1234
Lost And Found Bride by Modean Moon1235
Secret Baby Santos by Barbara McCauley1236
Lean, Mean & Lonesome by Annette Broadrick1237
Cinderella's Tycoon by Caroline Cross1238
Proposition: Marriage by Eileen Wilks1239
The Barons of Texas: Tess by Fayrene Preston1240
Dad in Demand by Metsy Hingle1241
Killian's Passion by Barbara McCauley1242
Forever Flint by Barbara Boswell1243
Billionaire Bridegroom by Peggy Moreland1244
Kiss Your Prince Charming by Jennifer Greene1245
The Catch of Texas by Lass Small1246
Unknown Malone by Anne Eames1247
Warrior's Baby by Sheri WhiteFeather1248
Heart of Texas by Mary Lynn Baxter1249
Secret Agent Dad by Metsy Hingle1250
The Wedding in White by Diana PalmerOnline Promo
The Bride-in-Law by Dixie Browning1251
A Doctor in Her Stocking by Elizabeth Bevarly1252
The Daddy Search by Shawna Delacorte1253
Sail Away by Kathleen Korbel1254
Typical Male by Cait London1255
Lone Star Prince by Cindy Gerard1256
That Loving Touch by Ashley Summers1257
Marine Under the Mistletoe by Maureen Child1258
Star Crossed Lovers by Zena Valentine1259
The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Christy Lockhart1260
Tall, Dark & Texan (Man Of The Month/50th Book) (Silhouette Desire, 1261) by Annette Broadrick1261
Untamed Hunter (Morgan's Mercenaries: The Hunters) (Silhouette Desire) by Lindsay McKenna1262
Texan Comes Courting (The Keepers Of Texas) (Silhouette Desire) by Lass Small1263
Occupation: Casanova (Harlequin Desire) by Alexandra Sellers1264
Going…Going…Wed! by Amy J. Fetzer1265
Conveniently His (Silhouette Desire) by Shirley Rogers1266
Her Forever Man by Leanne Banks1267
The Pregnant Princess by Anne Marie Winston1268
Dr. Mommy by Elizabeth Bevarly1269
Hard Lovin' Man (Texas Brides) (Silhouette Desire) by Peggy Moreland1270
The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Cathleen Galitz1271
Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave by Sheri WhiteFeather1272
A Bride for Jackson Powers by Browning1273
Sheikh's Temptation by Alexandra Sellers1274
The Daddy Salute by Maureen Child1275
Husband for Keeps by Kate Little1276
The Magnificent M.D. by Carol Grace1277
Jesse Hawk: Brave Father by Sheri WhiteFeather1278
A Cowboy's Secret by Anne McAllister1279
The Doctor Wore Spurs by Leanne Banks1280
A Whole Lot of Love by Justine Davis1281
The Earl Takes a Bride by Kathryn Jensen1282
The Pregnant Virgin by Anne Eames1283
Marriage for Sale by Carol Devine1284
Last Dance by Cait London1285
Night Music by BJ James1286
Seduction, Cowboy Style by Anne Marie Winston1287
The Barons of Texas: Jill by Fayrene Preston1288
Her Baby's Father by Katherine Garbera1289
Callan's Proposition by Barbara McCauley1290
Dr. Irresistible by Elizabeth Bevarly1291
Expecting His Child by Leanne Banks1292
In His Loving Arms by Cindy Gerard1293
Sheikh's Honor by Alexandra Sellers1294
The Baby Bonus by Metsy Hingle1295
Did You Say Married?! (Desire, 1296) by Kathie DeNosky1296
Tough to Tame by Jackie Merritt1297
Rancher And The Nanny (Desire, 1298) by Caroline Cross1298
The Cowboy Meets His Match by Meagan McKinney1299
Cheyenne Dad by Sheri WhiteFeather1300
The Baby Gift by Susan Crosby1301
The Determined Groom by Kate Little1302
Bachelor Doctor by Barbara Boswell1303
Midnight Fantasy by Ann Major1304
Wife for Hire by Amy J. Fetzer1305
Ride a Wild Heart by Peggy Moreland1306
Blood Brothers by Anne McAllister1307
Cowboy For Keeps by Kristi Gold1308
The Return of Adams Cade by BJ James1309
Tallchief: The Homecoming by Cait London1310
Bride of Fortune by Leanne Banks1311
The Last Santini Virgin by Maureen Child1312
In Name Only by Peggy Moreland1313
One Snowbound Weekend... by Christy Lockhart1314
Slow Waltz Across Texas by Peggy Moreland1315
Rock Solid by Jennifer Greene1316
The Next Santini Bride by Maureen Child1317
Mail-Order Cinderella by Kathryn Jensen1318
Lady with a Past by Ryanne Corey1319
Doctor for Keeps by Kristi Gold1320
The Dakota Man by Joan Hohl1321
Rancher's Proposition by Anne Marie Winston1322
First Comes Love by Elizabeth Bevarly1323
Fortune's Secret Child by Shawna Delacorte1324
Marooned With a Marine by Maureen Child1325
Baby: MacAllister-Made by Joan Elliott Pickart1326
Marriage Prey by Annette Broadrick1327
Her Perfect Man by Mary Lynn Baxter1328
A Cowboy's Gift by Anne McAllister1329
Husband--or Enemy? by Caroline Cross1330
The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom by Dixie Browning1331
Night Wind's Woman by Sheri WhiteFeather1332
Irresistible You by Barbara Boswell1333
Slow Fever by Cait London1334
A Season for Love by BJ James1335
Groom of Fortune by Peggy Moreland1336
Monahan's Gamble by Elizabeth Bevarly1337
Expecting the Boss's Baby by Leanne Banks1338
Tall, Dark & Western by Anne Marie Winston1339
Millionaire M.D. by Jennifer Greene1340
Sheikh's Woman by Alexandra Sellers1341
The Barons of Texas: Kit by Fayrene Preston1342
The Earl's Secret by Kathryn Jensen1343
A Cowboy, a Bride & a Wedding Vow by Shirley Rogers1344
The Way to a Rancher's Heart by Peggy Moreland1345
World's Most Eligible Texan by Sara Orwig1346
The American Earl by Kathryn Jensen1347
Overnight Cinderella by Katherine Garbera1348
The Millionaire Takes a Bride by Kate Little1349
His Sheltering Arms by Kristi Gold1350
The Winter Soldier by Diana Palmer1351
Millionaire Husband by Leanne Banks1352
Lone Star Knight by Cindy Gerard1353
The M.D. Courts His Nurse by Meagan McKinney1354
The Rough and Ready Rancher by Kathie DeNosky1355
Stormbound with a Tycoon by Shawna Delacorte1356
Gabriel's Gift by Cait London1357
Her Ardent Sheikh by Kristi Gold1358
Wife With Amnesia by Metsy Hingle1359
Reese's Wild Wager by Barbara McCauley1360
Taming the Beast by Amy J. Fetzer1361
The Heiress & The Bodyguard by Ryanne Corey1362
The Temptation of Rory Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly1363
Tycoon Warrior by Sheri WhiteFeather1364
Millionaire Boss by Peggy Moreland1365
Prince Charming in Dress Blues by Maureen Child1366
Baby at His Door by Katherine Garbera1367
Cowboy'S Secret Child (Silhouette Desire) by Sara Orwig1368
A Lady for Lincoln Cade by BJ James1369
The Millionaire's Secret Wish by Leanne Banks1370
A Most Desirable M.D. by Anne Marie Winston1371
More to Love by Dixie Browning1372
Wyoming Cinderella by Cathleen Galitz1373
His Baby Surprise by Kathie DeNosky1374
Cowboy Fantasy by Ann Major1375
Cherokee by Sheri WhiteFeather1376
His Baby! by Maureen Child1377
The Pregnant Heiress by Eileen Wilks1378
Sultan's Heir by Alexandra Sellers1379
In Bed With the Boss's Daughter by Bronwyn Jameson1380
Hard to Forget by Annette Broadrick1381
A Loving Man by Cait London1382
Having His Child by Amy J. Fetzer1383
Baby of Fortune (Silhouette Desire, No. 1384) (Fortunes of Texas) by Shirley Rogers1384
Undercover Sultan by Alexandra Sellers1385
Beauty in His Bedroom by Ashley Summers1386
The Millionaire Comes Home by Mary Lynn Baxter1387
Comanche Vow by Sheri WhiteFeather1388
When Jayne Met Erik by Elizabeth Bevarly1389
Fortune's Secret Daughter by Barbara McCauley1390
Sleeping With the Sultan by Alexandra Sellers1391
The Bridal Arrangement by Cindy Gerard1392
The Taming of Jackson Cade by BJ James1393
The Texan's Tiny Secret by Peggy Moreland1394
Some Kind of Incredible by Katherine Garbera1395
Her Boss's Baby by Cathleen Galitz1396
Jacob's Proposal by Eileen Wilks1397
Last Virgin in California by Maureen Child1398
Rocky and the Senator's Daughter by Dixie Browning1399
Royal Dad by Leanne Banks1400
The Bachelorette by Kate Little1401
Sinclair's Surprise Baby by Barbara McCauley1402
Luke's Promise by Eileen Wilks1403
Hide-and-Sheikh by Gail Dayton1404
A Cowboy's Promise by Anne McAllister1405
Secret Life of Connor Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly1406
Risqué Business by Anne Marie Winston1407
Did You Say Twins?! by Maureen Child1408
Michael's Temptation by Eileen Wilks1409
Addicted to Nick by Bronwyn Jameson1410
The Redemption of Jefferson Cade by BJ James1411
Tall, Dark & Royal by Leanne Banks1412
Billionaire Bachelors: Ryan by Anne Marie Winston1413
The Tycoon's Temptation by Katherine Garbera1414
Dr. Dangerous by Kristi Gold1415
Navy SEAL Dad by Metsy Hingle1416
The Playboy Sheikh by Alexandra Sellers1417
Maternally Yours by Kathie DeNosky1418
Tallchief: The Hunter by Cait London1419
The Millionaire's Pregnant Bride by Dixie Browning1420
Dr. Desirable by Kristi Gold1421
Tall, Dark, & Cranky by Kate Little1422
Billionaire Bachelors: Stone by Anne Marie Winston1423
The Sheikh Takes a Bride (Dynasties: The Connellys) (Silhouette Desire, No. 1424) by Caroline Cross1424
Wild About a Texan by Jan Hudson1425
Her Lone Star Protector by Peggy Moreland1426
Dr. Destiny by Kristi Gold1427
The Secret Prince by Kathryn Jensen1428
A Man of Means by Diana Palmer1429
Mr. Temptation by Cait London1430
The Seal's Surrender (Dynasties: The Connellys) (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child1431
Her Texan Tycoon by Jan Hudson1432
Tall, Dark... and Framed? by Cathleen Galitz1433
One Wedding Night... by Shirley Rogers1434
His Majesty, M.D. (Man Of The Month/The Royal Dumonts) (Desire, 1435) by Leanne Banks1435
Plain Jane & Doctor Dad by Kate Little1436
Taming Blackhawk by Barbara McCauley1437
The Playboy Meets His Match by Sara Orwig1438
Cassie's Cowboy Daddy by Kathie DeNosky1439
Billionaire Bachelors: Garrett by Anne Marie Winston1440
A Cowboy's Pursuit by Anne McAllister1441
And the Winner Gets...Married! by Metsy Hingle1442
The Marine & the Debutante by Maureen Child1443
The Bachelor Takes a Wife by Jackie Merritt1444
Single Father Seeks... by Amy J. Fetzer1445
The Cowboy's Baby Surprise by Linda Conrad1446
In Blackhawk's Bed by Barbara McCauley1447
The Royal & the Runaway Bride by Kathryn Jensen1448
Cowboy's Special Woman by Sara Orwig1449
The Secret Millionaire by Ryanne Corey1450
Cinderella & the Playboy by Laura Wright1451
Zane: The Wild One by Bronwyn Jameson1452
Beckett's Cinderella by Dixie Browning1453
His E-Mail Order Wife by Kristi Gold1454
Falling for the Enemy by Shawna Delacorte1455
Millionaire Cop & Mom-To-Be by Charlotte Hughes1456
Cowboy Boss by Kathie DeNosky1457
Desperado Dad by Linda Conrad1458
Ride the Thunder by Lindsay McKenna1459
The Secret Baby Bond by Cindy Gerard1460
The Sheriff & The Amnesiac by Ryanne Corey1461
Plain Jane MacAllister by Joan Elliott Pickart1462
Expecting Brand's Baby by Emilie Rose1463
The Tycoon's Lady by Katherine Garbera1464
Taming the Outlaw by Cindy Gerard1465
Cinderella's Convenient Husband by Katherine Garbera1466
The Seal's Surprise Baby by Amy J. Fetzer1467
The Royal Treatment by Maureen Child1468
Hearts Are Wild by Laura Wright1469
Secrets, Lies…and Passion by Linda Conrad1470
All in the Game by Barbara Boswell1471
Expecting...and In Danger by Eileen Wilks1472
Delaney's Desert Sheikh by Brenda Jackson1473
Taming the Prince by Elizabeth Bevarly1474
A Lawman In Her Stocking by Kathie DeNosky1475
Do You Take This Enemy by Sara Orwig1476
A Cowboy & A Gentleman by Ann Major1477
Cherokee Marriage Dare by Sheri WhiteFeather1478
A Younger Man by Rochelle Alers1479
Royally Pregnant by Barbara McCauley1480
Her Texan Temptation by Shirley Rogers1481
Baby & the Beast by Laura Wright1482
The Playboy & Plain Jane by Leanne Banks1483
Beckett's Convenient Bride by Dixie Browning1484
The Sheikh's Bidding by Kristi Gold1485
The Rancher, The Baby & The Nanny by Sara Orwig1486
Quade: The Irresistible One by Bronwyn Jameson1487
The Heart of a Cowboy by Charlene Sands1488
Sleeping Beauty's Billionaire by Caroline Cross1489
Kiss Me, Cowboy! by Maureen Child1490
That Blackhawk Bride by Barbara McCauley1491
Charming the Prince by Laura Wright1492
Plain Jane & the Hotshot by Meagan McKinney1493
At the Tycoon's Command by Shawna Delacorte1494
Amber by Night by Sharon Sala1495
Sleeping with Her Rival by Sheri WhiteFeather1496
Renegade Millionaire by Kristi Gold1497
Mail-Order Prince in Her Bed by Kathryn Jensen1498
The Cowboy Claims His Lady by Meagan McKinney1499
Tangled Sheets, Tangled Lies by Julie Hogan1500
Taming the Beastly MD by Elizabeth Bevarly1501
Instinctive Male by Cait London1502
A Bachelor and a Baby by Marie Ferrarella1503
Tycoon for Auction by Katherine Garbera1504
Billionaire Boss by Meagan McKinney1505
Warrior in Her Bed by Cathleen Galitz1506
Where There's Smoke Dynasties: The Barones by Barbara McCauley1507
Cinco by Linda Conrad1508
Cherokee Baby by Sheri WhiteFeather1509
Sleeping with Beauty by Laura Wright1510
The Cowboy's Baby Bargain by Emilie Rose1511
Her Convenient Millionaire by Gail Dayton1512
Shameless by Ann Major1513
Beauty & the Blue Angel by Maureen Child1514
Princess in His Bed by Leanne Banks1515
Abby by Linda Conrad1516
Marooned With A Millionaire by Kristi Gold1517
Sleeping With the Playboy by Julianne Maclean1518
Scenes of Passion by Suzanne Brockmann1519
Cinderella's Millionaire by Katherine Garbera1520
In Bed with the Enemy by Kathie DeNosky1521
Expecting the Cowboy's Baby by Charlene Sands1522
Cherokee Dad by Sheri WhiteFeather1523
Cal by Linda Conrad1524
The Librarian's Passionate Knight by Cindy Gerard1525
Billionaire Bachelors: Gray by Anne Marie Winston1526
The Heart of a Stranger by Sheri WhiteFeather1527
Lonetree Ranchers: Brant (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1528
Desert Warrior by Nalini Singh1529
Having The Tycoon's Baby by Anna DePalo1530
Expecting the Sheikh's Baby by Kristi Gold1531
Five Brothers and a Baby by Peggy Moreland1532
A Little Dare by Brenda Jackson1533
Sleeping With the Boss by Maureen Child1534
In Bed With Beauty by Katherine Garbera1535
Ruling Passions by Laura Wright1536
Man In Control (Silhouette Desire) by Diana Palmer1537
Born To Be Wild by Anne Marie Winston1538
Tempting the Tycoon by Cindy Gerard1539
Lonetree Ranchers: Morgan (Silhouette Desire, 1540) by Kathie DeNosky1540
Having the Best Man's Baby by Shawna Delacorte1541
Cowboy's Million-Dollar Secret by Emilie Rose1542
With Private Eyes by Eileen Wilks1543
Baby, You're Mine by Peggy Moreland1544
Wild in the Field by Jennifer Greene1545
Cinderella's Christmas Affair by Katherine Garbera1546
Entangled with a Texan by Sara Orwig1547
Awakening Beauty by Amy J. Fetzer1548
Passionately Ever After by Metsy Hingle1549
Social Graces by Dixie Browning1550
Lonetree Ranchers: Colt by Kathie DeNosky1551
Thorn's Challenge by Brenda Jackson1552
Locked Up With a Lawman by Laura Wright1553
Christmas Bonus, Strings Attached by Susan Crosby1554
The Cinderella Scandal by Barbara McCauley1555
Full Throttle by Merline Lovelace1556
Midnight Seduction by Justine Davis1557
Let It Ride by Katherine Garbera1558
Remembering One Wild Night by Kathie DeNosky1559
At Your Service by Amy Jo Cousins1560
Man Beneath the Uniform by Maureen Child1561
The Marriage Ultimatum (Silhouette Desire) by Anne Marie Winston1562
Cherokee Stranger by Sheri WhiteFeather1563
Breathless for the Bachelor by Cindy Gerard1564
The Long Hot Summer by Rochelle Alers1565
Playing by the Baby's Rules by Michelle Celmer1566
Sin City Wedding by Katherine Garbera1567
Driven to Distraction by Dixie Browning1568
Pretending With the Playboy by Cathleen Galitz1569
Private Indiscretions by Susan Crosby1570
A Tempting Engagement by Bronwyn Jameson1571
Like a Hurricane by Roxanne St. Claire1572
Scandal between the Sheets by Brenda Jackson1573
Keeping Baby Secret by Beverly Barton1574
A Kept Woman by Sheri WhiteFeather1575
Fit for a Sheikh by Kristi Gold1576
Slow Dancing With A Texan by Linda Conrad1577
A Passionate Proposal by Emilie Rose1578
The Boss Man's Fortune by Kathryn Jensen1579
The Last Good Man in Texas by Peggy Moreland1580
Shut Up and Kiss Me by Sara Orwig1581
Redwolf's Woman by Laura Wright1582
Storm of Seduction by Cindy Gerard1583
At Any Price by Margaret Allison1584
Challenged by the Sheikh by Kristi Gold1585
The Bride Tamer by Ann Major1586
Mistress Minded by Katherine Garbera1587
Wild In the Moonlight by Jennifer Greene1588
Hold Me Tight by Cait London1589
Hot Contact by Susan Crosby1590
Cowboy Crescendo by Cathleen Galitz1591
The McCaffertys: Randi by Lisa Jackson1592
Miss Pruitt's Private Life by Barbara McCauley1593
Standing Outside the Fire by Sara Orwig1594
Baby At His Convenience by Kathie DeNosky1595
Beyond Control by Bronwyn Jameson1596
Steamy Savannah Nights by Sheri WhiteFeather1597
Laying His Claim by Beverly Barton1598
Between Duty and Desire by Leanne Banks1599
Persuading the Playboy King by Kristi Gold1600
Stone Cold Surrender (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1601
Awaken to Pleasure by Nalini Singh1602
The Enemy's Daughter by Anne Marie Winston1603
Branded by Annette Broadrick1604
Meeting at Midnight by Eileen Wilks1605
Unmasking the Maverick Prince by Kristi Gold1606
A Bed of Sand by Laura Wright1607
The Fire Still Burns by Roxanne St. Claire1608
The Laws of Passion by Linda Conrad1609
Caught in the Crossfire by Annette Broadrick1610
Lost in Sensation by Maureen Child1611
Daring the Dynamic Sheikh by Kristi Gold1612
Very Private Duty by Rochelle Alers1613
Business or Pleasure? by Julie Hogan1614
Terms Of Surrender: Dynasties: The Danforths (Silhouette Desire) by Shirley Rogers1615
Sins of a Tanner by Peggy Moreland1616
For Services Rendered by Anne Marie Winston1617
Sheikh's Castaway by Alexandra Sellers1618
Between Strangers by Linda Conrad1619
Principles and Pleasures by Margaret Allison1620
Shocking the Senator by Leanne Banks1621
Wild In The Moment by Jennifer Greene1622
The Ice Maiden's Sheikh by Alexandra Sellers1623
Forbidden Passion by Emilie Rose1624
Riding The Storm by Brenda Jackson1625
The Seduction Request by Michelle Celmer1626
Entangled by Eileen Wilks1627
Her Passionate Plan B by Dixie Browning1628
The Fierce and Tender Sheikh by Alexandra Sellers1629
Between Midnight and Morning by Cindy Gerard1630
In Forbidden Territory by Shawna Delacorte1631
Business Affairs by Shirley Rogers1632
A Rare Sensation (Dynasties: The Ashtons) (Silhouette Desire, No 1633) by Kathie DeNosky1633
Her Man Upstairs by Dixie Browning1634
Breathless Passion by Emilie Rose1635
Out of Uniform by Amy J. Fetzer1636
A Single Demand by Margaret Allison1637
Bought by a Millionaire by Heidi Betts1638
Society-Page Seduction by Maureen Child1639
A Man Apart by Joan Hohl1640
Her Fifth Husband? (Silhouette Desire No. 1641)(Divas Who Dish) by Dixie Browning1641
Total Package by Cait London1642
Under The Tycoon's Protection (Silhouette Desire No. 1643) by Anna DePalo1643
High-Stakes Passion (Silhouette Desire) by Juliet Burns1644
Just a Taste by Bronwyn Jameson1645
Double Identity by Annette Broadrick1646
Rules of Attraction by Susan Crosby1647
When the Earth Moves by Roxanne St. Claire1648
Beyond Business by Rochelle Alers1649
Sleeping Arrangements by Amy Jo Cousins1650
Awaken the Senses by Nalini Singh1651
The Tempting Mrs. Reilly by Maureen Child1652
Heart of the Raven by Susan Crosby1653
Jared's Counterfeit Fiancee (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1654
Only Skin Deep by Cathleen Galitz1655
Bedroom Secrets by Michelle Celmer1656
Estate Affair by Sara Orwig1657
Whatever Reilly Wants... by Maureen Child1658
Secrets of Paternity by Susan Crosby1659
Scandalous Passion by Emilie Rose1660
The Sultan's Bed by Laura Wright1661
Blame It on the Blackout by Heidi Betts1662
Betrayed Birthright by Sheri WhiteFeather1663
The Last Reilly Standing by Maureen Child1664
Black-Tie Seduction by Cindy Gerard1665
The Rugged Loner by Bronwyn Jameson1666
Craving Beauty (Silhouette Desire) by Nalini Singh1667
Like Lightning by Charlene Sands1668
Mistaken For A Mistress (Silhouette Desire) by Kristi Gold1669
Hot To The Touch (Silhouette Desire) by Jennifer Greene1670
Less-Than-Innocent Invitation by Shirley Rogers1671
Rock Me All Night by Katherine Garbera1672
Seduction By The Book by Linda Conrad1673
Her Royal Bed by Laura Wright1674
Condition of Marriage by Emilie Rose1675
Tanner Ties by Peggy Moreland1676
Strictly Confidential Attraction by Brenda Jackson1677
Apache Nights by Sheri WhiteFeather1678
Reflected Pleasures by Linda Conrad1679
The Rich Stranger by Bronwyn Jameson1680
The Highest Bidder by Roxanne St. Claire1681
Danger Becomes You by Annette Broadrick1682
Round-the-Clock Temptation by Michelle Celmer1683
A Scandalous Melody by Linda Conrad1684
Secret Nights at Nine Oaks by Amy J. Fetzer1685
When the Lights Go Down by Heidi Betts1686
Savor the Seduction by Laura Wright1687
Boss Man by Diana Palmer1688
Highly Compromised Position by Sara Orwig1689
The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1690
The Ruthless Groom by Bronwyn Jameson1691
Mistletoe Maneuvers by Margaret Allison1692
Name Your Price by Barbara McCauley1693
Trust Me by Caroline Cross1694
A Most Shocking Revelation by Kristi Gold1695
A Bride by Christmas by Joan Elliott Pickart1696
Tycoon Takes Revenge by Anna DePalo1697
Trophy Wives by Jan Colley1698
Billionaire's Proposition by Leanne Banks1699
Engagement Between Enemies (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1700
The Man Means Business by Annette Broadrick1701
The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire1702
House Calls by Michelle Celmer1703
Thunderbolt Over Texas (Silhouette Desire) by Barbara Dunlop1704
Taking Care of Business: The Elliotts (Silhouette Desire No. 1705) by Brenda Jackson1705
Tempt Me by Caroline Cross1706
Reunion Of Revenge (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1707
His Wedding-Night Wager by Katherine Garbera1708
Seven-Year Seduction by Heidi Betts1709
Surrogate and Wife by Emily McKay1710
Cause for Scandal by Anna DePalo1711
Betrothed For The Baby (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1712
Totally Texan by Mary Lynn Baxter1713
Her High-Stakes Affair by Katherine Garbera1714
A Splendid Obsession by Cathleen Galitz1715
Secrets in the Marriage Bed by Nalini Singh1716
The Forbidden Twin by Susan Crosby1717
The Texan's Forbidden Affair by Peggy Moreland1718
Expecting Lonergan's Baby by Maureen Child1719
Their Million-Dollar Night by Katherine Garbera1720
Baby, I'm Yours (Silhouette Desire) by Catherine Mann1721
The Soldier's Seduction (Silhouette Desire) by Anne Marie Winston1722
Mr. and Mistress by Heidi Betts1723
Strictly Lonergan's Business (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child1724
The Rags-to-Riches Wife by Metsy Hingle1725
Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea by Merline Lovelace1726
The Durango Affair (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1727
House of Midnight Fantasies by Kristi Gold1728
Heiress Beware by Charlene Sands1729
Satisfying Lonergan's Honor by Maureen Child1730
The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife by Jennifer Greene1731
Paying the Playboy's Price by Emilie Rose1732
Forced to the Altar by Susan Crosby1733
A Convenient Proposition by Cindy Gerard1734
Under Deepest Cover by Kara Lennox1735
The Texan's Convenient Marriage (Silhouette Desire) by Peggy Moreland1736
The One-Week Wife by Patricia Kay1737
Exposing the Executive's Secrets by Emilie Rose1738
The Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress by Michelle Celmer1739
To Claim His Own by Mary Lynn Baxter1740
Marriage Terms: The Elliotts (Silhouette Desire No. 1741) by Barbara Dunlop1741
Expecting Thunder's Baby by Sheri WhiteFeather1742
The Bought-And-Paid-For Wife by Bronwyn Jameson1743
Bending to the Bachelor's Will by Emilie Rose1744
Ian's Ultimate Gamble (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1745
Bunking Down With the Boss by Charlene Sands1746
The Intern Affair: The Elliotts (Silhouette Desire No. 1747) by Roxanne St. Claire1747
Heartbreaker by Diana Palmer1748
The Once-A-Mistress Wife (Silhouette Desire) by Katherine Garbera1749
The Texan's Honor-Bound Promise by Peggy Moreland1750
Marriage of Revenge by Sheri WhiteFeather1751
Pregnant With The First Heir (Silhouette Desire) by Sara Orwig1752
Forbidden Merger by Emilie Rose1753
Blackhawk's Betrayal by Barbara McCauley1754
The Part-Time Wife by Maureen Child1755
The Morning-After Proposal by Sheri WhiteFeather1756
Revenge of the Second Son by Sara Orwig1757
The Boss's Christmas Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay1758
The Expectant Executive by Kathie DeNosky1759
The Substitute Millionaire by Susan Mallery1760
Bedded Then Wed by Heidi Betts1761
Scandals From the Third Bride by Sara Orwig1762
The Pregnancy Negotiation by Kristi Gold1763
Holiday Confessions by Anne Marie Winston1764
Beyond the Boardroom by Maureen Child1765
Blackhawk's Bond by Barbara McCauley1766
The Unexpected Millionaire by Susan Mallery1767
Executive Seduction by Kristi Gold1768
At the Texan's Pleasure by Mary Baxter1769
Melting the Icy Tycoon by Jan Colley1770
Merger of Fortunes by Peggy Moreland1771
The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery1772
Tame Me by Caroline Cross1773
The Secretary's Secret by Michelle Celmer1774
Captivated by the Tycoon by Anna DePalo1775
The CEO's Contract Bride by Yvonne Lindsay1776
Back in Fortune's Bed by Bronwyn Jameson1777
Seduction, Westmoreland Style (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1778
Blackmailed Into Bed by Heidi Betts1779
The Forbidden Princess by Day Leclaire1780
Bound by Marriage by Nalini Singh1781
The Millionaire's Seductive Revenge by Maxine Sullivan1782
Fortune's Vengeful Groom by Charlene Sands1783
The Amalfi Bride by Ann Major1784
Thirty Day Affair by Maureen Child1785
The Prince's Mistress (Silhouette Desire) by Day Leclaire1786
Under the Millionaire's Influence by Catherine Mann1787
The Tycoon's Hidden Heir by Yvonne Lindsay1788
Mistress of Fortune by Kathie DeNosky1789
Blackhawk's Affair by Barbara McCauley1790
His Forbidden Fiancée by Christie Ridgway1791
The Royal Wedding Night by Day Leclaire1792
The Billionaire's Bidding by Barbara Dunlop1793
Black Widow Bride by Tessa Radley1794
Expecting a Fortune by Jan Colley1795
The Texan's Business Proposition by Peggy Moreland1796
Bound by the Baby by Susan Crosby1797
Make-Believe Mistress by Katherine Garbera1798
Best Man's Conquest by Michelle Celmer1799
The Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress by Maxine Sullivan1800
Fortune's Forbidden Woman by Heidi Betts1801
Six-Month Mistress by Katherine Garbera1802
An Improper Affair by Anna DePalo1803
The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal by Emilie Rose1804
Between The CEO's Sheets by Charlene Sands1805
Rich Man's Revenge by Tessa Radley1806
The CEO's Scandalous Affair by Roxanne St. Claire1807
High-Society Mistress by Katherine Garbera1808
Married to His Business by Elizabeth Bevarly1809
The Prince's Ultimate Deception by Emilie Rose1810
Rossellini's Revenge Affair by Yvonne Lindsay1811
The Boss's Demand by Jennifer Lewis1812
Seduced by the Wealthy Playboy by Sara Orwig1813
The Texan's Secret Past by Peggy Moreland1814
In Bed with the Devil by Susan Mallery1815
Scorned by the Boss by Maureen Child1816
The Playboy's Passionate Pursuit by Emilie Rose1817
The Executive's Vengeful Seduction by Maxine Sullivan1818
Millionaire's Wedding Revenge by Anna DePalo1819
Seduced by the Rich Man by Maureen Child1820
The Billionaire's Baby Negotiation by Day Leclaire1821
The Kyriakos Virgin Bride by Tessa Radley1822
The Millionaire's Miracle (Silhouette Desire) by Cathleen Galitz1823
Forgotten Marriage by Paula Roe1824
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Stranded with the Tempting Stranger by Brenda Jackson1825
Captured by the Billionaire by Maureen Child1826
Maverick by Joan Hohl1827
Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid by Laura Wright1828
The Apollonides Mistress Scandal by Tessa Radley1829
Seduced for the Inheritance by Jennifer Lewis1830
One-Click Buy: October 2007 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Brenda JacksonBundle 1825 - 1830
Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride by Emilie Rose1831
Sold Into Marriage by Ann Major1832
Christmas in His Royal Bed by Heidi Betts1833
Playboy's Ruthless Payback by Laura Wright1834
The Desert Bride of Al Zayed by Tessa Radley1835
The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas by Barbara Dunlop1836
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The Executive's Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann1837
Spencer's Forbidden Passion (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1838
Rich Man's Vengeful Seduction by Laura Wright1839
Married or Not? by Annette Broadrick1840
His Style of Seduction by Roxanne St. Claire1841
The Magnate's Marriage Demand by Robyn Grady1842
One-Click Buy: December 2007 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Roxanne St. ClaireBundle 1837 - 1842
Vows & a Vengeful Groom by Bronwyn Jameson1843
The Texan's Contested Claim by Peggy Moreland1844
The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir by Katherine Garbera1845
What the Millionaire Wants by Metsy Hingle1846
Black Sheep Billionaire by Jennifer Lewis1847
The Corporate Raider's Revenge by Charlene Sands1848
One-Click Buy: January 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 1843 - 1848
Pride & a Pregnancy Secret by Tessa Radley1849
Taming Clint Westmoreland (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1850
The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition by Katherine Garbera1851
Dante's Blackmailed Bride by Day Leclaire1852
Beauty and the Billionaire by Barbara Dunlop1853
Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta by Yvonne Lindsay1854
One-Click Buy: February 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 1849 - 1854
Mistress & a Million Dollars by Maxine Sullivan1855
Iron Cowboy by Diana Palmer1856
Bargaining for King's Baby by Maureen Child1857
The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman by Katherine Garbera1858
CEO's Marriage Seduction by Anna DePalo1859
For Blackmail... Or Pleasure by Robyn Grady1860
One-Click Buy: March 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Robyn GradyBundle 1855 - 1860
Satin & a Scandalous Affair by Jan Colley1861
Marrying for King's Millions by Maureen Child1862
Bedded by the Billionaire by Leanne Banks1863
Pregnant at the Wedding by Sara Orwig1864
Tycoon's One-Night Revenge by Bronwyn Jameson1865
Baby on the Billionaire's Doorstep by Emily McKay1866
One-Click Buy: April 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 1861 - 1866
Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir (Silhouette Desire) by Paula Roe1867
Falling for King's Fortune by Maureen Child1868
Mistress for a Month by Ann Major1869
Dante's Stolen Wife by Day Leclaire1870
Shattered by the CEO by Emilie Rose1871
The Desert Lord's Baby by Olivia Gates1872
One-Click Buy: May 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Emilie RoseBundle 1867 - 1872
Jealousy & a Jewelled Proposition by Yvonne Lindsay1873
Cole's Red-Hot Pursuit (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1874
Seduced by the Enemy by Sara Orwig1875
The King's Convenient Bride by Michelle Celmer1876
The Illegitimate Prince's Baby by Michelle Celmer1877
Rich Man's Fake Fiancée by Catherine Mann1878
One-Click Buy: June 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Yvonne LindsayBundle 1873 - 1878
High-Society Secret Pregnancy by Maureen Child1879
Dante's Wedding Deception by Day Leclaire1880
Bound by the Kincaid Baby by Emilie Rose1881
Billionaire's Favorite Fantasy by Jan Colley1882
The CEO Takes a Wife by Maxine Sullivan1883
The Desert Lord's Bride by Olivia Gates1884
One-Click Buy: July 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Emilie RoseBundle 1879 - 1884
Front Page Engagement by Laura Wright1885
Billionaire's Marriage Bargain by Leanne Banks1886
Wed to the Texan by Sara Orwig1887
Baby Business by Katherine Garbera1888
Five-Star Cowboy by Charlene Sands1889
Claiming His Runaway Bride by Yvonne Lindsay1890
One-Click Buy: August 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 1885 - 1890
Prince of Midtown by Jennifer Lewis1891
The M.D.'s Mistress by Joan Hohl1892
Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child1893
Wed By Deception (Silhouette Desire) by Emilie Rose1894
His Expectant Ex by Catherine Mann1895
The Desert King by Olivia Gates1896
One-Click Buy: September 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Catherine MannBundle 1891 - 1896
Marriage, Manhattan Style (Silhouette Desire) by Barbara Dunlop1897
The Money Man's Seduction by Leslie Lafoy1898
Dante's Contract Marriage by Day Leclaire1899
An Affair with the Princess by Michelle Celmer1900
Mistaken Mistress by Tessa Radley1901
Baby Benefits by Emily McKay1902
One-Click Buy: October 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Michelle CelmerBundle 1897 - 1902
Pregnant on the Upper East Side? by Emilie Rose1903
The Magnate's Takeover by Mary McBride1904
The CEO's Christmas Proposition by Merline Lovelace1905
Do Not Disturb Until Christmas by Charlene Sands1906
Spaniard's Seduction by Tessa Radley1907
Baby Bequest by Robyn Grady1908
One-Click Buy: November 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Emilie RoseBundle 1903 - 1908
The Billionaire in Penthouse B by Anna DePalo1909
The Tycoon's Secret by Kasey Michaels1910
Quade's Babies (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1911
The Throw-Away Bride by Ann Major1912
The Duke's New Year's Resolution by Merline Lovelace1913
Pregnancy Proposal by Tessa Radley1914
One-Click Buy: December 2008 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Kasey MichaelsBundle 1909 - 1914
An Officer And A Millionaire (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child1915
Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagement by Leanne Banks1916
The Executive's Valentine Seduction by Merline Lovelace1917
Man From Stallion Country by Annette Broadrick1918
The Duke's Boardroom Affair by Michelle Celmer1919
The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress = The Mistress by Maya Banks1920
One-Click Buy: January 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 1915 - 1920
Mr. Strictly Business by Day Leclaire1921
Tempted Into the Tycoon's Trap by Emily McKay1922
Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband by Yvonne Lindsay1923
Reserved for the Tycoon by Charlene Sands1924
Millionaire's Secret Seduction by Jennifer Lewis1925
The C.O.O. Must Marry by Maxine Sullivan1926
One-Click Buy: February 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Yvonne LindsayBundle 1921 - 1926
The Moretti Heir by Katherine Garbera1927
Tall, Dark...Westmoreland! (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson1928
Transformed Into the Frenchman's Mistress by Barbara Dunlop1929
Secret Baby, Public Affair by Yvonne Lindsay1930
In the Argentine's Bed by Jennifer Lewis1931
Friday Night Mistress (Silhouette Desire) by Jan Colley1932
One-Click Buy: March 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 1927 - 1932
The Untamed Sheik by Tessa Radley1933
Bargained Into Her Boss's Bed by Emilie Rose1934
The Moretti Seduction by Katherine Garbera1935
Dakota Daddy by Sara Orwig1936
Pretend Mistress, Bona Fide Boss by Yvonne Lindsay1937
The Heir's Scandalous Affair by Jennifer Lewis1938
One-Click Buy: April 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Tessa RadleyBundle 1933 - 1938
Billionaire Extraordinaire by Leanne Banks1939
Propositioned Into a Foreign Affair by Catherine Mann1940
Montana Mistress (Silhouette Desire) by Sara Orwig1941
The Once and Future Prince by Olivia Gates1942
The Moretti Arrangement by Katherine Garbera1943
The Tycoon's Rebel Bride = The Bride by Maya Banks1944
One-Click Buy: May 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 1939 - 1944
The Bride Hunter by Ann Major1945
Seduced into a Paper Marriage (Silhouette Desire) by Maureen Child1946
Wyoming Wedding (Silhouette Desire) by Sara Orwig1947
The Prodigal Prince's Seduction by Olivia Gates1948
Valente's Baby by Maxine Sullivan1949
Bedded by Blackmail by Robyn Grady1950
One-Click Buy: June 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Maureen ChildBundle 1945 - 1950
Royal Seducer by Michelle Celmer1951
Taming the Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera1952
Inherited: One Child by Day Leclaire1953
The Illegitimate King by Olivia Gates1954
Magnate's Make-Believe Mistress by Bronwyn Jameson1955
Having the Billionaire's Baby by Sandra Hyatt1956
One-Click Buy: July 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 1951 - 1956
Bossman Billionaire (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1957
One Night with the Wealthy Rancher by Brenda Jackson1958
Sheikh's Betrayal by Alexandra Sellers1959
The Tycoon's Secret Affair = The Affair by Maya Banks1960
Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain by Tessa Radley1961
The Magnate's Baby Promise by Paula Roe1962
One-Click Buy: August 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Maya BanksBundle 1957 - 1962
More Than a Millionaire by Emilie Rose1963
Texan's Wedding-Night Wager by Charlene Sands1964
Conquering King's Heart by Maureen Child1965
One Night, Two Babies (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1966
In the Tycoon's Debt by Emily McKay1967
The Billionaire's Fake Engagement by Robyn Grady1968
One-Click Buy: September 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Emilie RoseBundle 1963 - 1968
Millionaire in Command by Catherine Mann1969
The Oilman's Baby Bargain by Michelle Celmer1970
Claiming King's Baby by Maureen Child1971
The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir (Silhouette Desire) by Kathie DeNosky1972
Bedding the Secret Heiress by Emilie Rose1973
His Vienna Christmas Bride by Jan Colley1974
Westmoreland's Way (Harlequin Desire) by Brenda Jackson1975
In the Arms of the Rancher (Silhouette Desire) by Joan Hohl1976
The Maverick's Virgin Mistress by Jennifer Lewis1977
Wedding at King's Convenience by Maureen Child1978
Christmas with the Prince by Michelle Celmer1979
His High-Stakes Holiday Seduction by Emilie Rose1980
One-Click Buy: November 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Joan HohlBundle 1975 - 1980
High-Powered, Hot-Blooded by Susan Mallery1981
The Maverick by Diana Palmer1982
Lone Star Seduction by Day Leclaire1983
To Tame Her Tycoon Lover by Ann Major1984
Millionaire Under the Mistletoe by Tessa Radley1985
Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire by Yvonne Lindsay1986
One-Click Buy: December 2009 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Susan MalleryBundle 1981 - 1986
From Playboy to Papa! by Leanne Banks1987
Bossman's Baby Scandal by Catherine Mann1988
Tempting the Texas Tycoon by Sara Orwig1989
Affair With the Rebel Heiress by Emily McKay1990
The Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal by Sandra Hyatt1991
Claiming His Bought Bride by Rachel Bailey1992
One-Click Buy: January 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 1987 - 1992
The Desert Prince by Jennifer Lewis1993
Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum by Emilie Rose1994
The Playboy's Proposition by Leanne Banks1995
Seduction and the CEO (Silhouette Desire) by Barbara Dunlop1996
Marrying the Lone Star Maverick (Silhouette Desire) by Sara Orwig1997
The Blackmailed Bride's Secret Child by Rachel Bailey1998
One-Click Buy: February 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Rachel BaileyBundle 1993 - 1998
Master of Fortune by Katherine Garbera1999
Hot Westmoreland Nights (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson2000
Billionaire's Contract Engagement by Maya Banks2001
Secrets of the Playboy's Bride by Leanne Banks2002
In Bed With the Wrangler by Barbara Dunlop2003
Seducing the Enemy's Daughter by Jules Bennett2004
One-Click Buy: March 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Jules BennettBundle 1999 - 2004
Billionaire, M.D. by Olivia Gates2005
Money Man's Fiancée Negotiation by Michelle Celmer2006
Scandalizing the CEO by Katherine Garbera2007
His Ring, Her Baby (Silhouette Desire) by Maxine Sullivan2008
His Convenient Virgin Bride by Barbara Dunlop2009
For Business…Or Marriage? by Jules Bennett2010
One-Click Buy: April 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 2005-2010
The Last Lone Wolf by Maureen Child2011
Bachelor's Bought Bride by Jennifer Lewis2012
The Tycoon Takes a Wife (Silhouette Desire) by Catherine Mann2013
His Royal Prize by Katherine Garbera2014
Bargaining for Baby by Robyn Grady2015
Million-Dollar Marriage Merger by Charlene Sands2016
One-Click Buy: May 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Katherine GarberaBundle 2011 - 2016
Dante's Ultimate Gamble by Day Leclaire2017
CEO's Expectant Secretary by Leanne Banks2018
Secrets, Lies...and Seduction (CEO's Summer Seduction/ Magnate's Mistress-for-a-Month) by Katherine Garbera2019
The Billionaire Baby Bombshell by Paula Roe2020
High-Society Secret Baby by Maxine Sullivan2021
His Bride for the Taking by Sandra Hyatt2022
One-Click Buy: June 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Leanne BanksBundle 2017 - 2022
The Millionaire Meets His Match by Kate Carlisle2023
Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright by Maureen Child2024
In Too Deep (Husband Material/ The Sheikh's Bargained Bride) by Brenda Jackson2025
Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation by Michelle Celmer2026
Seduction on the CEO's Terms (Silhouette Desire) by Charlene Sands2027
Secretary's Bossman Bargain by Red Garnier2028
One-Click Buy: July 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Charlene SandsBundle 2023 - 2028
Honor-Bound Groom by Yvonne Lindsay2029
Falling for His Proper Mistress by Tessa Radley2030
Winning It All [Anthology 2-in-1] by Catherine Mann2031
Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair by Michelle Celmer2032
The Billionaire's Baby Arrangement by Charlene Sands2033
His Black Sheep Bride by Anna DePalo2034
One-Click Buy: August 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Yvonne LindsayBundle 2029 - 2034
What a Westmoreland Wants (Silhouette Desire) by Brenda Jackson2035
Expecting the Rancher's Heir by Kathie DeNosky2036
Dante's Temporary Fiancée by Day Leclaire2037
Stand-in Bride's Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay2038
At the Billionaire's Beck and Call? (Silhouette Desire) by Rachel Bailey2039
The Secret Child & The Cowboy CEO (Silhouette Desire) by Janice Maynard2040
One-Click Buy: September 2010 Silhouette Desire (Bundle 6-in-1) by Yvonne LindsayBundle 2035 - 2040
Ultimatum: Marriage by Ann Major2041
Taming Her Billionaire Boss (Silhouette Desire) by Maxine Sullivan2042
Cinderella & the CEO by Maureen Child2043
For the Sake of the Secret Child by Yvonne Lindsay2044
Saved by the Sheikh! by Tessa Radley2045
From Boardroom to Wedding Bed? by Jules Bennett2046
The Maverick Prince by Catherine Mann2047
Wedding His Takeover Target by Emilie Rose2048
Texas Tycoon's Christmas Fiancée by Sara Orwig2049
To Tame a Sheikh by Olivia Gates2050
The Billionaire's Bridal Bid by Emily McKay2051
High-Society Seduction by Maxine Sullivan2052
The Tycoon's Paternity Agenda by Michelle Celmer2053
Will of Steel by Diana Palmer2054
Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby by Heidi Betts2055
Under the Millionaire's Mistletoe [Anthology 2-in-1] by Maureen Child2056
Dante's Marriage Pact by Day Leclaire2057
Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise by Kate Carlisle2058
Have Baby, Need Billionaire by Maureen Child2059
Claimed: The Pregnant Heiress by Day Leclaire2060
His Thirty-Day Fiancee (Silhouette Desire) by Catherine Mann2061
The CEO's Accidental Bride (Silhouette Desire) by Barbara Dunlop2062
Amnesiac Ex, Unforgettable Vows by Robyn Grady2063
Paper Marriage Proposition by Red Garnier2064
The Billionaire Gets His Way by Elizabeth Bevarly2065
Seduced: The Unexpected Virgin by Emily McKay2066
The Boss's Baby Affair by Tessa Radley2067
Taming the VIP Playboy by Katherine Garbera2068
To Tempt a Sheikh by Olivia Gates2069
Million-Dollar Amnesia Scandal by Rachel Bailey2070
His Heir, Her Honor by Catherine Mann2071
Revealed: His Secret Child by Sandra Hyatt2072
Billionaire Baby Dilemma (Silhouette Desire) by Barbara Dunlop2073
Seducing His Opposition by Katherine Garbera2074
One Night With Prince Charming by Anna DePalo2075
Promoted to Wife? by Paula RoeMarch 2011 - Last title issued in "Silhouette Desire" series, see "Harlequin Desire" for series continuation - #2076

Series description

Last Silhouette Desire Number is 2076; series renamed Harlequin Desire starting with 2077.

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