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A Place to Belong (Heartsong Presents #19) by Janelle Jamison19
Damaged Dreams (Heartsong Presents #101) by Mary Hawkins101
Alas my love by Tracie Peterson164
A Wing and a Prayer (Heartsong Presents, #182) by Tracie Peterson182
Wings Like Eagles (Heartsong Presents #186) by Tracie Peterson186
Come Away My Love (New Mexico Sunset, Book 4) (Heartsong Presents #195) by Tracie Peterson195
My Valentine (Heartsong Presents #211) by Tracie Peterson211
Logan's Lady (Heartsong Presents #239) by Tracie Peterson239
Woven Threads (Heartsong Presents #244) by Judith McCoy Miller244
Mountaintop (New England Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #249) by Lauralee Bliss249
No More Sea (Heartsong Presents #323) by Gloria Brandt323
Behind The Mask by Lauralee Bliss333
Little Shoes and Mistletoe (Heartsong Presents #355) by Sally Laity355
Cinda's Surprise (Rawlings Family #1) (Heartsong Presents, No. 399) by Mary Davis399
Almost Twins (Heartsong Presents, No.406) by Gail Sattler406
Destinations (Heartsong Presents #408) by Tamela Hancock Murray408
Yesteryear by Gloria Brandt418
Remnant of Forgiveness (Heartsong Presents #423) by Sally Laity423
Circle of Vengeance (Kansas Historical Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #435) by M. J. Conner435
Marty's Ride (Rawlings Family Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #436) by Mary Davis436
McMillian's Matchmakers (Heartsong Presents #445) by Gail Sattler445
Southern Treasures (Heartsong Presents #451) by Lynn A. Coleman451
Grace in Action (Heartsong Presents #454) by Kristin Billerbeck454
The Train Stops Here (Heartsong Presents #464) by Gail Sattler464
One Man's Honor (Heartsong Presents #471) by Lynn A. Coleman471
The Sheriff and the Outlaw: Springton, Texas Series #4 (Heartsong Presents #472) by Kimberley Comeaux472
The Wedding's On (Heartsong Presents #473) by Gail Sattler473
Mail Order Husband (Heartsong Presents #504) by DiAnn Mills504
Happily Ever After by Melanie Panagiotopoulos505
Cords of Love (Florida Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #506) by Lynn A. Coleman506
Licorice Kisses (Heartsong Presents #513) by DiAnn Mills513
Roger's Return (Heartsong Presents #514) by Mary Eileen Davis514
Love Almost Lost (Heartsong Presents #515) by Irene B. Brand515
The Turncoat (Heartsong Presents, #527) by DiAnn Mills527
A Light Among Shadows (Heartsong Presents #544) by Tamela Hancock Murray544
But for Grace (Oregon Brides, Book 1) (Heartsong Presents #555) by Tracey V. Bateman555
Red Hills Stranger: Florida Brides Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #556) by Muncy G. Chapman556
If You Please (New York Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #557) by Tish Davis557
Heart Appearances (Heartsong Presents #560) by Pamela Griffin560
An Unbreakable Hope (Heartsong Presents #565) by Kristin Billerbeck565
Letters from the Enemy (South Dakota Brides Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #576) by Susan May Warren576
Love Online (Heartsong Presents #581) by Kristin Billerbeck581
Secret Admirer (Heartsong Presents #590) by Gail Sattler590
Surrendered Heart: The Fairchild Sisters Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #595) by Jeri Odell595
Protecting Amy by Susan Page Davis607
Forever in My Heart by Linda Ford614
Run Fast, My Love (Heartsong Presents #617) by Pamela Griffin617
One Last Christmas (Heartsong Presents #618) by Joyce Livingston618
Time Will Tell: Mysteries in Time Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #622) by Lauralee Bliss622
Longing for Home (McFadden Brothers, Book 4) by Christine Lynxwiler633
What's Cooking? (Heartsong Presents #642) by Gail Sattler642
A Love So Tender (Heartsong Presents #652) by Tracey V. Bateman652
Lakeside: Michigan Weddings Series #1 (Heartsong Presents #653) by Mary Davis653
The Way Home: Florida Brides Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #655) by Muncy G. Chapman655
Chance Adventure (Kentucky Chances, Book 2) (Heartsong Presents #664) by Kelly Eileen Hake664
Sagebrush Christmas (Heartsong Presents #667) by Birdie L. Etchison667
Duel Love (Renaissance Brides, Book 4) (Heartsong Presents #668) by Barbara Youree668
The Island: Michigan Weddings Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #669) by Mary Davis669
The Grand Hotel: Michigan Weddings Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #682) by Mary Davis682
A Gentleman's Kiss: Regency Series #4 (Heartsong Presents #683) by Kimberley Comeaux683
The Ruse (Heartsong Presents #687) by Tamela Hancock Murray687
Heritage (Heartsong Presents #690) by Mary Eileen Davis690
Bayou Dreams (Louisiana Bayou Series #4) (Heartsong Presents #691) by Kathleen Y'Barbo691
Dear John (Kansas Weddings, Book 1) by Kim Vogel Sawyer693
Into the Deep (Heartsong Presents #695) by Lauralee Bliss695
Dear Granny (Vermont Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #697) by Pamela Griffin697
Where the River Flows (Kentucky Brides Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #700) by Irene B. Brand700
Cry of My Heart (Montana Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #701) by Linda Ford701
Moving the Mountain (Kentucky Brides Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #703) by Yvonne Lehman703
No Buttons or Beaux by Cathy Marie Hake704
That Wilder Boy (Kansas Weddings Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #709) by Kim Vogel Sawyer709
A Gentle Fragrance by Pamela Griffin711
Secondhand Heart (Tennessee Weddings Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #713) by Joyce Livingston713
Vera's Turn for Love (Heartsong Presents #715) by Tamela Hancock Murray715
Merely Players (Florida Weddings Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #717) by Kathleen E. Kovach717
In His Will (Heartsong Presents #718) by Cathy Marie Hake718
Weaving a Future by Susan Page Davis719
Bridge Across the Sea (Heartsong Presents #720) by Pamela Griffin720
Christmas Mommy (Cornerstone Community Church Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #722) by Terry Fowler722
By His Hand (Oklahoma Weddings, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #725) by Jennifer Johnson725
Promising Angela (Kansas Weddings Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #726) by Kim Vogel Sawyer726
Bay Hideaway (Ohio Weddings, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #729) by Beth Loughner729
The Bounty Hunter and the Bride: Oklahoma Brides Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #731) by Vickie McDonough731
A Time to Plant (Montana Territory Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #736) by Kelly Eileen Hake736
Picket Fence Pursuit: Andrews Siblings Trilogy #1 (Heartsong Presents #738) by Jennifer Johnson738
The Castaway's Bride (Maine Brides, Book 2) (Heartsong Presents #739) by Susan Page Davis739
Broken Bow (Heartsong Presents #743) by Irene B. Brand743
Golden Twilight: Alaskan Historical Series #3 (Heartsong Presents #748) by Kathleen Miller Y'Barbo748
Love by the Yard (Heartsong Presents #749) by Gail Sattler749
Tara's Gold by Lisa Harris752
The Lumberjack's Lady (Maine Brides, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #756) by Susan Page Davis756
Everlasting Love (Montana Weddings Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #757) by Linda Ford757
Mountains Stand Strong (Mountaineer Dreams Series, No. 1 / Heartsong Presents, No. 760) by Irene B. Brand760
Photo Op (Squabbin Bay, Maine Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #762) by Lynn A. Coleman762
A Time to Keep (Montana Territory Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #763) by Kelly Eileen Hake763
To Trust an Outlaw (New Mexico Brides Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #764) by Rhonda Gibson764
Sweet Sugared Love (Heartsong Presents #765) by Pamela Griffin765
Pursuing the Goal (Heartsong Presents #766) (Andrews Siblings Trilogy #2) by Jennifer Johnson766
A Bride Idea (Heartsong Presents #767) by Yvonne Lehman767
Corduroy Road to Love (North Carolina Brides Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #772) by Lynn A. Coleman772
The Dreams of Hannah Williams (Heartsong Presents #780) by Linda Ford780
Trespassed Hearts: Squabbin Bay, Maine Series #2 (Heartsong Presents #782) by Lynn A. Coleman782
White as Snow (Pennsylvania Colors Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #786) by Janice A. Thompson786
A Time to Laugh (Montana Territory Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #787) by Kelly Eileen Hake787
Uncertain Alliance (Washington State Historical Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #788) by Mary Eileen Davis788
Sweet Forever by Ramona K. Cecil792
The Captain's Wife (Heartsong Presents #796) by Mary Davis796
Return to Love (Heartsong Presents, No. 800) by Susan Page Davis800
Reckless Rogue (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - HISTORICAL) by Mary Davis804
Suited for Love (Heartsong Presents, No. 809) by Lynn A. Coleman809
Salt Water Taffie (Heartsong Presents, No.834) by Janice Hanna834
A Love For Keeps (Truly Yours Digital Editions) by Janet Lee Barton836
For the Love of Books by Donna Robinson838
A Girl Like That (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - HISTORICAL) by Frances Devine847
Beacon of Love by Darlene Franklin855
The Master's Match by Tamela Hancock Murray859
Under the Tulip Poplar by Diane Ashley860
Always Ready (Truly Yours Digital Editions) by Susan Page Davis865
Finding Home (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - CONTEMPORARY) by Jennifer Johnson866
The Bartered Bride (Kennebrae Brides Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #875) by Erica Vetsch875
A Promise Born (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - HISTORICAL) by Cara Putman876
Patterns and Progress (Michigan Brides, Book 3) by Amber Stockton883
The Marriage Masquerade (Kennebrae Brides Series #2) (Heartsong Presents #887) by Erica Vetsch887
In Search of a Memory (Heartsong Presents, No. 888) by Pamela Griffin888
Love's Winding Path (Heartsong Presents, No.890) by Lauralee Bliss890
Sugar and Spice (Heartsong Presents #891) by Frances Devine891
The Mockingbird's Call by Diane Ashley892
Disarming Andi (Heartsong Presents, No. 893) by Elizabeth Goddard893
Crossroads Bay (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - CONTEMPORARY) by Kathleen E. Kovach894
Parting Secrets (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 898) by Becky Melby898
Clara and the Cowboy (Heartsong Presents #900) by Erica Vetsch900
Gaining Love (Heartsong Presents #901) by Jennifer Johnson901
White Roses by Shannon Taylor Vannatter902
The Lightkeeper's Daughter (Georgia Belles Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #903) by Paige Winship Dooly903
The Engineered Engagement (Kennebrae Brides Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #907) by Erica Vetsch907
Where the Dogwoods Bloom (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - CONTEMPORARY) by Myra Johnson910
The Prodigal Patriot: Green Mountain Brides Series #1 (Heartsong Presents #911) by Darlene Franklin911
Promise of Tomorrow by S. Dionne Moore912
Lily and the Lawman (Heartsong Presents, No. 916) by Erica Vetsch916
Fine, Feathered Friend by Kathleen E. Kovach918
Across the Cotton Fields by Diane Ashley920
White Doves by Shannon Taylor Vannatter921
Romance Rides the River (Heartsong Presents #923) by Colleen L. Reece923
TheThing about Beauty by Donna Reimel Robinson926
Wasatch Love: (Heartsong Presents No. 930) by Lauralee Bliss930
Praying for Rayne (Heartsong Presents, No. 933) by Elizabeth Goddard933
White Pearls (Heartsong Presents, 937) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter937
Peace Be Still by Terry Fowler942
Among the Magnolias (Heartsong Presents #943) by Diane Ashley943
Love's Raid by Darlene Franklin947
Promise of Time by S. Dionne Moore948
White River Dreams (Heartsong Presents #955) by Frances Devine955
I'd Sooner Have Love by Janet Lee Barton956
Yankee Heart (HEARTSONG PRESENTS - HISTORICAL) by Jennifer A. Davids960
Scars of Mercy (Heartsong Presents #967) by Connie Stevens967
Rodeo Dust by Shannon Taylor Vannatter974
Wounded Heart by Jennifer A. Davids975
Under the Redwood Tree by Elizabeth Goddard978
Glory and the Rawhide Preacher by Linda Ford983
Sheltering Love by Elizabeth Goddard993
Rodeo Hero (Heartsong Presents, No. 997) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter997
A Horseman's Gift (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1009) by Myra Johnson1006
Taking a Risk on Love by Irene Brand1007
Whispers of the Wind by Frances Devine1011
A Horseman's Hope (Heartsong Presents) by Myra Johnson1030
A Life Worth Living (Heartsong Presents) by Irene Brand1035

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