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Publisher Series: Variorum Collected Studies

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Works (139)

Chronicles, Consuls, and Coins: Historiography and History in the Later Roman Empire by R. W. Burgess
Dante's Enigmas: Medieval Scholasticism and Beyond (Variorum Collected Studies) by Richard Kay
Hagiography in Byzantium: Literature, Social History and Cult by Stephanos Efthymiadis
Latins, Greeks and Muslims: Encounters in the Eastern Mediterranean, 10th-15th Centuries (Variorum Collected Studies) by David Jacoby
Re-Thinking Kinship And Feudalism in Early Medieval Europe (Variorum Collected Studies) by Stephen D. White
Stars and Numbers: Astronomy and Mathematics in the Medieval and Western Worlds by Paul Kunitzsch
Thomas Becket: Friends, Networks, Texts and Cult by Anne J. Duggan
Welsh History in the Early Middle Ages by Wendy Davies
Scholarship and Politics in the Middle Ages by Walter Ullmann72
Studies on the Levantine trade in the Middle Ages by Eliyahu Ashtor74
Studies in Arabian history and civilisation by R. B. Serjeant145
Studies in Renaissance Philosophy and Science by Charles B. Schmitt146
History and thought of the early church by Henry Chadwick164
Studies in the history of medieval optics by David C. Lindberg186
Anglo-Saxon Northumbria by Peter Hunter Blair192
Studies in Platonism and Patristic Thought by John Whittaker201
Early Christianity and the Roman Empire by Timothy David Barnes207
Theory and Observation in Ancient and Mediaeval Astronomy by Bernard R. Goldstein215
Platonism and its Christian heritage by John M. Rist221
Doctrine and Philosophy in Early Christianity by Christopher Stead224
Lies, Language and Logic in the Late Middle Ages by Paul Vincent Spade272
Archaelogy and History in the Study of Early Christianity by W. Freud282
Scientific Instruments and Experimental Philosophy 1550-1850 by Gerard L'E Turner331
Britons and Anglo-Saxons in the Early Middle Ages by David Dumville379
Coptic perspectives on late antiquity by Leslie S. B. MacCoull398
Authors and texts in Byzantium by A. P. Kazhdan400
Armies and Politics in the Early Medieval West (Variorum Collected Studies) by Bernard S. Bachrach405
Trade and conquest : studies on the rise of British dominance in India by P. J. Marshall409
Popes, Canonists and Texts, 1150-1550 by Kenneth Pennington412
Astrolabes from Medieval Europe (Variorum Collected Studies) by David A. King416
Astronomy in the service of Islam by David A. King416
History and religion in late antique Syria by Han J.W. Drijvers464
Liturgy in Byzantium and Beyond by Robert F. Taft493
Luther and German Humanism by Lewis W. Spitz507
Public Science and Public Policy in Victorian England (Variorum Collected Studies) by Roy MacLeod509
Britain and Early Christian Europe: Studies in History and Culture (Variorum Collected Studies) by Patrick Sims-Williams514
Myth and Fiction in Early Norse Lands by Ursula Dronke524
Ceylon and the Dutch, 1600-1800 : external influences and internal change in early modern Sri Lanka by Sinnappah Arasaratnam525
Anatolica: Studies in the Greek East in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Richard Clogg526
Astronomical Instruments and Their Users: Tycho Brahe to William Lassell (Variorum Collected Studies) by Allan Chapman530
Society and trade in South Arabia by Robert B. Serjeant552
Studies on the history of logic and semantics, 12th-17th centuries by Gabriel Nuchelmans560
The Creed of Science in Victorian England (Variorum Collected Studies) by Roy MacLeod589
Church, Empire, and World by John M. Headley597
Papal reform and canon law in the 11th and 12th centuries by Uta-Renate Blumenthal618
The Jews and the sciences in the Middle Ages by Y. Tzvi Langermann624
French and English Polyphony of the 13th and 14th Centuries: Style and Notation (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 637) by Ernest H. Sanders637
Pristina Medicamenta: Ancient and Medieval Medical Botany (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 646) by Jerry Stannard646
Church and Culture in Early Medieval Armenia (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Garsoian Nina G.648
Herbs and Herbalism in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Variorum Collected Studies Series, Cs 650) by Jerry Stannard650
Kingdoms of the Crusaders: From Jerusalem to Cyprus by Peter W. Edbury653
Crusaders, Cathars, and the holy places by Bernard Hamilton656
The Crusades and Latin Monasticism, 11th-12th Centuries by Herbert Edward John CowdreyCS662
Venice, Myth and Utopian Thought in the Sixteenth Century: Bodin, Postel and the Virgin of Venice (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Marion Leathers Kuntz668
Popes and Church Reform in the 11th Century by Herbert Edward John Cowdrey674
The Waldenses, 1170-1530: Between a Religious Order and a Church (Variorum Collected Studies) by Peter Biller676
Women's Healthcare in the Medieval West (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Monica Helen Green680
Music, Patronage and Printing in Late Renaissance Florence (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Tim Carter682
Composition, Printing and Performance: Studies in Renaissance Music (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Bonnie J. Blackburn687
Cyprus, The Franks and Venice, 13th-16th Centuries (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Benjamin Arbel688
The Qur'an and Its Interpretative Tradition (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Andrew Rippin715
Platonism Pagan and Christian: Studies in Plotinus and Augustine (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 719) by Gerard O'Daly719
Warfare and Military Organization in Pre-Crusade Europe (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 720) by Bernard S. Bachrach720
The Making of Christian Malta: From the Early Middle Ages to 1530 (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 722) by Anthony Luttrell722
Naturalists and Society: The Culture of Natural History in Britain, 1700-1900 (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by David Elliston Allen724
Geography, Urbanisation and Settlement Patterns in the Roman Near East (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Henry Innes MacAdam735
The Practice of British Geology, 1750 to 1850 (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 736) by Hugh Torrens736
Court Culture and Literature in Early China (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 740) by David R. Knechtges740
The Processes of Politics and the Rule of Law: Studies on the Iberian Kingdoms and Papal Rome in the Middle Ages (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 741) by Peter Linehan741
Classical Traditions in Renaissance Philosophy by Jill Kraye743
History, Religion, and Violence: Cultural Contexts for Medieval and Renaissance English Drama (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 744) by Clifford Davidson744
The Beginnings of Christian Theology in Arabic: Muslim-Christian Encounters in the Early Islamic Period (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 746) by Sidney Harrison Griffith746
Guns and Men in Medieval Europe, 1200-1500 by Kelly DeVries747
Orthodoxy, Paganism and Dissent in the Early Christian Centuries (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 750) by W. H. C. Frend750
Society and Culture in Early Modern England (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 768) by David Cressy768
China, the Portuguese, and the Nanyang: Oceans and Routes, Regions and Trade (c.1000-1600) (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Roderich Ptak777
Sacred Images and Sacred Power in Byzantium (Variorum Collected Studies Series, 778) by Gary Vikan778
Domingo De Soto and the Early Galileo: Essays on Intellectual History by William A. Wallace783
The Profession And Practice Of Medieval Canon Law (Variorum Collected Studies) by James A. Brundage797
Lives And Miracles Of The Saints: Studies In Medieval Latin Hagiography (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Michael E. Goodich798
Early Islamic Art, 650-1100: Constructing the Study of Islamic Art (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Oleg Grabar809
Studies in the Printing, Publishing And Performance of Music in the 16th Century by Stanley Boorman815
Feuding And Peace-Making In Eleventh-Century France by Stephen D. White817
Lyell and Darwin, geologists : studies in the earth sciences in the age of reform by M. J. S. Rudwick818
From Kavad to Al-Ghazali: Religion, Law and Political Thought in the Near East, c.600c.1100 (Variorum Collected Studies by Patricia Crone819
Jerusalem: Constructing the Study of Islamic Art Volume 1v (Variorum Collected Studies) by Oleg Grabar821
Islamic Visual Culture, 1100-1800: Constructing the Study of Islamic Art (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Oleg Grabar825
Islamic Art And Beyond: Constructing the Study of Islamic Art (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Oleg Grabar829
Towns And Local Communities in Medieval And Early Modern England (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by D. M. Palliser830
Classical Islamic Theology: The Ash`arites (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Richard M. Frank835
Commercial exchange across the Mediterranean : Byzantium, the Crusader Levant, Egypt, and Italy by David Jacoby836
Studies in Scholasticism (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Marcia L. Colish838
Renaissance Education Between Religion And Politics (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Paul F. Grendler845
Decline And Change in Late Antiquity: Religion, Barbarians And Their Historiography (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz846
Masters of learned ignorance : Eriugena, Eckhart, Cusanus by Donald F. Duclow851
Later Byzantine Painting: Art, Agency and Appreiciation (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Robert S. Nelson853
The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East: Elites Old and New (Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam) by Lawrence I. Conrad860
Image and Imagination in Byzantine Art (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Henry Maguire866
Sin: Essays on the Moral Tradition in the Western Middle Ages (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Richard Newhauser869
The Crusades, the Kingdom of Sicily, and the Mediterranean by James M. Powell871
The Mongols in the Islamic Lands: Studies in the History of the Ilkhanate (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Reuven Amitai873
Popes, Church, and Jews in the Middle Ages: Confrontation and Response (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Kenneth Stow876
Courts, Elites, and Gendered Power in the Early Middle Ages (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Janet L. Nelson878
Jewish Life in Early Modern Rome (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Kenneth Stow879
Hospitals and healing from antiquity to the later Middle Ages by Peregrine Horden881
Studies in Pre-Ottoman Turkey and the Ottomans by Elizabeth A. Zachariadou882
The ¤earth sciences in the Enlightenment by Kenneth L. Taylor883
Comparative Studies in Modern European History (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Mirolslav Hroch886
Travellers and Cosmographers: Studies in the History of Early Modern Travel and Ethnology (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Joan Pau Rubiés888
From Arabian Tribes to Islamic Empire (Variorum Collected Studies) by Patricia Crone895
Before and After Darwin: Origins, Species, Cosmogonies, and Ontologies by M.J.S. Hodge897
Bishops, saints, and historians : studies in the ecclesiastical history of medieval Britain and Italy by Robert Brentano898
Fatimid History and Ismaili Doctrine (Variorum Collected Studies) by Paul E. Walker900
Pharmacy and Drug Lore in Antiquity (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by John Scarborough904
Darwin Studies: A Theorist and his Theories in their Contexts by M.J.S. Hodge909
Barbarians, Maps, and Historiography (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Walter Goffart916
The Ottoman Economy and Its Institutions (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Sevket Pamuk917
Evolutionary Naturalism in Victorian Britain (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Bernard Lightman919
Studies on the Mongol Empire and Early Muslim India (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Peter Jackson923
Brittany in the Early Middle Ages by Wendy Davies924
Christian Politics and Religious Culture in Late Antiquity (Variorum Collected Studies) by Neil Mclynn928
Arabic into Latin in the Middle Ages: The Translators and Their Intellectual and Social Context (Variorum Collected Studies) by Charles Burnett939
Church and society in late antique Italy and beyond by Claire Sotinel948
Greeks, Latins, and the church in early Frankish Cyprus by Christopher David Schabel949
Manors and Maps in Rural England, from the Tenth Century to the Seventeenth (Variorum Collected Studies) by P. D. A. Harvey950
Biblical Interpretation from the Church Fathers to the Reformation (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Karlfried Froehlich951
Emergent Elites and Byzantium in the Balkans and East-Central Europe (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Jonathan Shepard953
Law and Religion in Chaucer's England (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Henry Ansgar Kelly957
Composers and their Songs, 14001521 (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by David Fallows958
Studies on the Formation of Christian Armenia (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Nina G. Garsoian959
Rhetoric and Philosophy from Greek into Syriac (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by John W. Watt960
Philip Melanchthon, Speaker of the Reformation (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Timothy J. Wengert963
From the Old Academy to Later Neo-Platonism (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Harold Tarrant964
Muhammad the Prophet and Arabia (Variorum Collected Studies) by Uri Rubin968
Studies on the Reception of Plato and Greek Political Thought in Victorian Britain (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Kyriakos Demetriou971
Magic, Memory and Natural Philosophy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Stephen Clucas973
Learning and Culture in Carolingian Europe (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by John J. Contreni974
Body and Gender, Soul and Reason in Late Antiquity (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Gillian Clark978
Pages from the Past: Medieval Writing Skills and Manuscript Books by M. B. ParkesCS1000

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