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Becoming a member on LibraryThing is fast and easy! All you need is a member name and password.

  • Sign up on our home page.
  • Add an email to your account for password retrievals.
  • Choose to have a Personal or Organizational account.


Your Home page reviews top features, news, and updates on the site in one place. Customize your Dashboard with your favorite modules.

  • Follow your friends, interesting libraries, and recent updates you've made to your books with Connections.
  • View book Recommendations from LibraryThing and fellow members.
  • Read all of your book Reviews, along with reviews of those books from other members.
  • Browse a wide range of interesting stats for your books, tags and authors with Stats/Memes.
  • Explore Clouds for tags and authors in your library, tag mirrors, and clouds of all LibraryThing tags together.
  • See Authors in your library along with the most popular authors on LibraryThing.


Your profile describes you and your library, highlights members with similar libraries, and lets you keep up with your friends' recent activity.

  • Upload pictures to your Member Gallery.
  • Leave public or private Comments on each other's profiles.
  • Edit your profile to write about yourself and your library.
  • Customize your Account Settings to share as little or as much as you want.

More: Profile FAQ | Edit Profile Help

Add books

It's so easy to add books, music, movies, and other media to your library! Just click the Add Books tab.

  • Use the search box on the left, and click on a title in the search results to add it to your library. Use a CueCat barcode scanner to enter your books quickly.
  • See Search where? to change your Add books source.
  • You can also manually add your books, or use any of our import options: Universal Import, Goodreads Import, or MARC Import.
  • Use "quick edit" to add and edit tags, ratings or reviews of the book right after you add it.

More: Adding books FAQ | Add Books Help

Your books

Sort, edit, and search all of your books, music, movies — this is your entire catalog, shown in list or cover view.

  • Create and edit collections with the Collections drop-down menu.
  • Explore special stats and utilize features for your library with the features drop-down menu.
  • Customize up to 5 display styles for your books by clicking the Settings button.
  • Use PowerEdit to edit several books at the same time.
  • Search your library with the search box. Filter your search by choosing a specific field (e.g. Titles, Tags, Reviews) or Advanced search options from the Search drop-down menu.

More: Your library and your books FAQ | Your Books Help

Work and Author pages

Each book you catalog gives you your own book page and connects you to other members owning the book through the overall work page, with library-quality data for your books. You also have access to author pages for each work, with interesting information about the author, events for them on LibraryThing Local, and books they've written.

  • Use Edit your book to add or edit your review, rating, tags, and more.
  • Click Change cover to upload your own cover, or choose from existing covers.
  • Browse or edit Common Knowledge facts on work and author pages.

More: Your library and your books FAQ | Work Help | Author FAQ | Author Help

Groups and Talk

Groups bring members together through Talk forums.

  • Groups can be made by any member for a club, a place, a subject, or even a private group just for friends.
  • "Watch this group" to keep tabs on a group without actually joining it.
  • Read and post within the Talk Topics you're interested in, or create your own Talk Topic within a Group.
  • Add Touchstones, surrounding single or double square brackets, to your Talk posts. You can link to either [work] or [[author]] pages, which helps you find the conversations that interest you most.

More: Groups and Talk FAQ | Groups Help | Talk Help


LibraryThing Local connects you to local bookstores, libraries, book festivals, etc. — and to all the bookish events that they host! All members can add venues and events.

  • Your Local shows you venues and events in your area. Click to edit your account's public and private location.
  • Click the star to favorite a venue.
  • Click the star next to an event to indicate your interest in attending — you can even see if other members are attending the same event.

More: Local FAQ | Local Help

Zeitgeist and More

Zeitgeist collects all sorts of data that is compiled from our members and their libraries in interesting ways — go check it out! More shows you even more ways to "LibraryThing":

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