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Monday, December 7th at 5pm Eastern. Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages are sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Friday, December 11th at 5pm Eastern. At the end of the week, gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

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Picked (433)

Neverwithoutabook. "Anything to do with Louisiana, books set in Louisiana, any kind of romance...." (4 comments)

terrybanker. "Literary, please. Or a break-out novel. Or what about a book on the craft of writing? I've never read "Harry Potter" -- perhaps there is a deal to be had...?..." (3 comments)

SweetReaderMA. "I enjoy mysteries, thrillers/suspense, and YA...." (4 comments)

kcasada (Colleen). "I like literary fiction, mysteries with atmosphere (the gloomier and rainier the better), nonfiction about people overcoming difficulties in travel or nature, and stories about people adjusting to new..." (3 comments)

kcasada. "My library here is unfortunately very incomplete still. I love Tolkien, and am fascinated by anything having to do with language and linguistics. I'm currently trying to collect Tolkien's works in dif..." (9 comments)

Morphidae (MrMorphy). "He has read everything Clive Cussler, David Weber and Kevin Hearne have written. Books similar to these would be welcome except for Ludlum, Clancy or Stirling. Other authors he has liked are Edgar Ric..." (6 comments)

Morphidae. "Anything in my LT Recommended collection. My Maybe collection is iffy unless you see something in there that you can highly recommend. The Wishlist collection has books that have been on my Amazon lis..." (5 comments)

Tia00017. "My favorite author is Stephen King, I am working on increasing my Stephen King collection. I am a big fan of horor and science fiction books...." (3 comments)

angiestahl. "((Added: There's really no genre that I dislike. I like YA, suspense/horror, non-fiction that reads like fiction, lit-fic, etc. I like fantasy, but haven't read a ton of sci-fi or romance, I think bec..." (5 comments)

timspalding (LibraryThing member LiamSpalding). "My son is nine years old. He's an inveterate reader. His library is almost 100% cataloged on LibraryThing as LiamSpalding. He l..." (6 comments)

lorannen (Lenore). "I'm an 16-month-old girl, and I love books! My favorites are peek-a-boo books, or books with interesting textures to them. I also love shiny things, or "pretties," as I call them. I like books about d..." (6 comments)

theprezz. "I'm a big history buff, especially the American Civil War era (both military history and social history.) On the fiction side I enjoy science fiction (especially space opera) and British mysteries...." (1 comments)

lorannen (Apollo). "I'm a five year old boy who loves trucks (I want to be a truck when I grow up), trains, Pokemon, Transformers, and Bowser (from Mario). Books about any of these things would be great for me. I'm still..." (6 comments)

lorannen (Fiona). "I am a six year old girl who is very fond of owls (and birds in general—I really want one as a pet, but Mom says no), anything to do with Monster High, and One Direction. Pink is my favorite color. ..." (5 comments)

sillygwailo. "I've read everything by Zadie Smith and Ellen Ullman and crave more. I'm also interested in getting re-acquiated with science fiction, especially moral dilemmas or social commentary. Remainder by Tom ..." (7 comments)

SomeGuyInVirginia. "Eclectic. Lots of mysteries, but if I don't already have it I probably don't want to read it. I love word play. I like fiction with snow in it (please see note about no spies or Amish.)..." (4 comments)

literatefool. "I love history- European and American. Admittedly a bit short on other area histories but that can be fixed. I like historical novels. I like mysteries- everything from noir to cozy. Gardening is anot..." (4 comments)

angeljacoby. "For books I love mysteries, sci-fi, & fantasy. Hobbies: watching geeky TV shows & movies, genealogy, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, watching hockey (go, Blackhawks!), , etc......" (2 comments)

jillcw. "I like mysteries, fantasy, YA, chick-lit, adventure, and suspense. I'm open to anything new that you really loved...." (3 comments)

russelllindsey. "I'd like something NEW, maybe something that has been published within the last few months. I love memoir, history, and short story anthologies. Thank you!..." (3 comments)

ryvre. "I would especially love Hugo eligible works from 2015 (novels, novellas, short stories, or related works) on Kindle, but older books are ok too. I read fantasy, scifi, historical fiction, mys..." (3 comments)

ryvre. "I would especially love Hugo eligible works from 2015 (novels, novellas, short stories, or related works) on Kindle, but older books are ok too. I read fantasy, scifi, historical fiction, mys..." (2 comments)

conceptDawg. "I love anything that is related to art or art history. For fluff reading I like sci-fi and mysteries, especially ones set in medieval or renaissance periods. But I've read the entire Hugh de Singleton..." (6 comments)

sryder. "Mostly anything sci/fi and fantasy. Not very picky :)..." (8 comments)

rosalita. "I'll read pretty much anything (though I've listed a few "no go" categories in the space below). I love mysteries and historical nonfiction, but literary fiction, suspense, thrillers are also a good c..." (7 comments)

sandstone78. "My library is mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a strong skew towards midlist and obscure authors. I love coming across hidden gems of the genre, and am open to small press and self-published t..." (5 comments)

bgknighton. "fantasy, SF, mystery, animals, natural history, history, biography, vampires. David Weber, Elizabeth Moon, David McCullough, Charlaine Harris is both of her genres are some of my favorite authors...." (4 comments)

LT_Ammar (Omar(My son)). "While I am approaching the age of speaking(I have spoken my first words), I cannot yet read. However, do not let that fool you into thinking I do not like books! I thoroughly enjoy when my dad sits me..." (4 comments)

lbelecki. "Love books about books, book on or about the opera, art or photography books, art biographies..." (2 comments)

catalina7 (Lana). "Her tastes are fairly undeveloped lol ... she just turned 2. So anything cool or interesting for little kids will be fine. She loves animals and other standard toddler stuff. Slightly older stuff is O..." (3 comments)

catalina7. "Fantasy, YA, historical fiction, some urban fantasy ... basically anything that's not terribly dry. Some light science and non-fiction...." (10 comments)

caras_galadhon. "My tastes skew very heavily to fiction, and within fiction, towards fantasy, although I enjoy suspense, mystery and horror as well. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but outside of the Professor, I tend to pref..." (2 comments)

NetivotLibrary. "There are 3 books listed on my Amazon Wish List - CNS Library direct link: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1BJ2RZ5FTMEJY/ref=cm_wl_list_o_1? Any of the items (1 or 2 items) on the list wo..." (5 comments)

mpaulsen22. "I like mystery, sci-fi, adventure, crime/ detective and anything with a good story and great characters. I an a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Harry Dresden, A so..." (6 comments)

vivir. "I like fantasy, cozy mysteries, adventure, humorous sci-fi. I also read lots of comics and beautifully illustrated fairy tales. Non-fiction too - nature, animals, history, papercraft, books about book..." (5 comments)

DoctorDebt. "I read lots of books on finance, economics and science/nature. I also enjoy horror, fantasy, weird fiction and history (especially medieval/renaissance history)...." (3 comments)

CryoSneasel. "I love graphic novels and super hero comics. I have been in a really big mood for a really good Horror novel as well. Something really spooky! I keep my wishlist up to date on this website. You can lo..." (2 comments)

Biscuitoria. "This year, if possible, I would love to read YOUR favourite fiction from the different stages in your life. Your favourite childhood book, teenage obsession, college comforter, new job touchstone, etc..." (4 comments)

Jonic. "literature, travel books, my wishlist..." (4 comments)

Cuervo. "My library page and wishlist should give you a good idea of my reading habits and you can use those as your guide. Don't feel bound by the wishlist though. Books about the English language (history of..." (7 comments)

xhollishx. "You can get a good idea of my tastes from my wishlist and library. Also, here is another wishlist I keep more up to date, if that might help.. http://www.paperbackswap.com/members/my_lists/wish_list.p..." (2 comments)

aeclark. "I'm interested in books that I'm unlikely to have come across in Australia - something newish, perhaps something translated (although it doesn't have to be). Perhaps something that you can picture win..." (3 comments)

Rand1956 (catalina7). "Fantasy, YA, historical fiction, some urban fantasy ... basically anything that's not terribly dry...." (3 comments)

aviddiva. "I read pretty widely, but prefer happy endings to elegant tragedies. Buy me something brand new that you've been eyeing, or something old that you love in a beautifully illustrated edition. Even if I'..." (4 comments)

mattro17. "I'm pretty open. I'm a new member here, so my page is not totally filled out and it doesn't yet reflect that. Right now, I'm in the mood for something fictional...." (5 comments)

trojanpotato. "I haven't finished integrating my LibraryThing and my GoodReads (goodreads.com/ceol), so if you can take a look at both, that's probably going to give you the best idea of what's up with me! I love sc..." (2 comments)

laze. "My main interests currently are: * Japanese fiction (in English), particularly early-mid-20th century (Kawabata, Kobo Abe, Tanizaki, etc.). Also enjoy recent stuff but haven't read much outside of Mur..." (5 comments)

Krither. "I like fantasy, especially urban fantasy, like Neil Gaiman or Charles de Lint, however other types of fantasy are fine too. I also like dystopia literature, i've read both modern (Hunger Games) and cl..." (8 comments)

rodneyvc (maggievc). "Food, travel, chooks (Australian for "poultry"), gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's...." (6 comments)

rodneyvc. "If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to..." (3 comments)

corglacier7. "I'm usually most into historical fiction/mystery, epic fantasy, some YA, and historical and scientific non-fic...." (3 comments)

Hil07. "I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, as well as thrillers and historical fiction. Some of my favorite authors are: Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Jeffrey Deaver, Diana Gabaldon, Moira Kats..." (6 comments)

ashmolean1. "Eclectic mix of everything. Prefer British writers and literary fiction but also like non fiction history travel, biography, classics...." (5 comments)

littlebookworm. "I'm not a very picky reader, I enjoy most genres as you can see in my library, but at the moment I'm very much into finding new space opera / science fiction with great characters, or a new fantasy th..." (4 comments)

FinnyB (Gavic). "Science fiction and fantasy are his favourite genres, and really the only genres he reads. He likes Star Trek (though he's read most of them already), Star Wars, Manga, ElfQuest, anime...." (6 comments)

FinnyB. "I love audiobooks and large print books. My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy. I also greatly like Arthurian books. Cookbooks are also fantastic, particularly literary or TV related one..." (3 comments)

karyberg. "Fiction-like elements of the supernatural, family sagas (eg. A Little Life), thrillers a la Gillian Flynn or Girl on the Train, classic mysteries like The Maltese Falcon or Rebecca. Nonfiction-I like ..." (3 comments)

FemmeNoiresque. "I guess I mostly read literary fiction. I am also one of those people who rushes out to read the book before the film is released. I've read relatively few of the big name, well-reviewed books of this..." (5 comments)

hoppmaep. "I love discovering new authors. I gravitate towards well written SF + fantasy, but sometimes it’s really nice to get outside of my comfort zone, so surprises are welcome….introduce me to something..." (2 comments)

drsyko. "I like mysteries, romance (especially historical), biographies, history, books that feature strong female characters, sci-fi/fantasy, and quirky or funny novels. I read primarily to be entertained and..." (7 comments)

bagejew. "Southern Lit, Mystery, Best Sellers..." (5 comments)

willoughby. "I'm looking for ebook versions of traditionally published books as I buy a lot of self-published ebooks throughout the year anyway (and don't always upload them to Library Thing. Sorry!) I love histor..." (6 comments)

willoughby. "I'm mostly looking for ebook versions of traditionally published works as a way to save space in the apartment. I've been struggling with work lately, so just really great reads, especially about wome..." (5 comments)

Ape. "Note: I'm going to use books I've already read as examples to help give a better idea of what I like, so don't take any books listed here as a suggestion. :) I like both fiction and nonfiction. In fic..." (6 comments)

wyvernfriend. "Romance, YA, Urban Fantasy, knitting..." (5 comments)

KarenElissa. "I read almost exclusively non-fiction. Mostly I like history/biography/memoirs, stories about people. For history, I tend to gravitate towards the late 1800's through WWII, but don't feel limited by t..." (4 comments)

melawen. "I've a wish list on LibraryThing but quite open to new ideas! Generally read romance, historical, and am fascinated by settler/emigration history. Would love it if one book could be for my four year o..." (3 comments)

watson11. "I like most types of fiction, though my least favorites would be sci-fi and fantasy. I like mysteries (including cozies) and literary fiction...." (3 comments)

readafew. "Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers. I'm fairly open and have a large wishlist here to get ideas from. I'm also fairly new to Blacksmithing so if you find a good book about that, even a good history..." (3 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My book collection covers a wide range of topics, but what I enjoy reading the most are non fiction books, management books that teach me about business and management, marketing/ advertising books, n..." (10 comments)

saroz. "I've had a very stressful year. I would really love to read something that will make me laugh with an unusual perspective or engage me with truly imaginative world-building. I like a lot of classic Br..." (9 comments)

aya.herron. "I enjoy cozy mysteries, medieval mysteries, horror, YA, and true crime. Also, I'm always looking for ideas for my nonfiction book club. I would really like to try new authors so please surprise me...." (3 comments)

heina. "Though I read more non-fiction than fiction for a while, I enjoy well-selected, well-curated fiction. Additionally, I spent 2015 reading only non-male authors, and plan on spending 2016 reading more d..." (1 comments)

lilwiht. "I'm a Edgar Allan Poe meets Alice in Wonderland and Jane Austen fan :)I love Biographies as well on anyone. Teen fiction as I work with a reading group of teens always looking for something to grab th..." (7 comments)

TPauSilver. "My librarything library is pretty up to date. I'm mainly interested in quirky Y.A. with strong female leads and fantasy. My two favourite books of the year were "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik and "Carry on..." (8 comments)

bj. "This year I would like either knitting books or baking books. I've recently taking up knitting and I would like either a knitting reference book or pattern books for something geeky or kids toys. In b..." (8 comments)

mnm123. "I love paranormal, historical romance, mystery, drama and historical mystery...." (4 comments)

BabySamuel. "Samuel is a 4 year old boy who loves books. He loves pirates and dinosaurs and blaze and the monster machines. He could probably use at least one book that has a story about sharing (his having a hard..." (7 comments)

BabyLiam. "Liam is turning 11 months old this month and is in love with books that have different textures to them. He likes feeling different things so that would probably be the best bet for him. Hard cardbook..." (7 comments)

Arl_Fish. "I enjoy Fantasy and Science Fiction, Graphic Novels of varying degrees, I haven't delved too far into Mystery but I'm willing!, and there are some pretty sweet Fictions that I've enjoyed. Basically, i..." (5 comments)

lisa.isselee (mama.Isselee). "This secret santa is for my mama. She likes to read contemporary novels, historical fiction, thrillers, british classics,... Some examples of the writes she likes; John Irving, Jonathan Safran Foer, S..." (3 comments)

Dgmknzgrl. "I like historical fiction and mystery, crime fiction, non-fiction and biography (writers, painters, inventors, etc.) and general fiction...." (3 comments)

catarina1. "Generally I mostly read from the broad category called literary fiction. I have set up a "SantaThing Wishlist" for some specifics. But another source would be books that have been nominated for "the P..." (3 comments)

ladylenneth. "I am not very picky this year. I have been in such a book rut that I'd love to just be surprised! Have fun with it! I feel my library reflects me well enough. :)..." (7 comments)

Mandi025. "Mysteries/Suspense/Thrillers are my favorite but I've also been on a biography/memoir kick lately. But, honestly, I will give anything a try. Send me one of your favorite book titles or a book you lik..." (5 comments)

GeorgiaDawn. "My taste for books is very eclectic, but I especially like science fiction, thrillers, and historical fiction. Feel free to browse my library. I'm sure I'll enjoy you choose!..." (5 comments)

ironjaw (Isabella, my 7 year-old niece). "This will be the first time that Isabella is participating in Santahing. So this will be a surprise when she receives these presents under the tree. My niece loves everything about space, science, adv..." (8 comments)

booksnesread. "I recently went on a solo trip to Amsterdam and London, so anything that would help me relive that carefree and independent lifestyle would be wonderful. I am also interested in works (fiction and non..." (5 comments)

BridgetR. "I like romance, fiction and non fiction. I like police stories, lawyer stories and fun things like that. Books that won't make me think too hard. I am pretty flexible. I like books on the best seller ..." (3 comments)

sahra. "My LibraryThing profile is mostly a snapshot of the books I used to have when lost in a storage unit in another country. Most of my tastes have changed since then. Given my daughter's current illness ..." (15 comments)

sahra (Daughter Verity, aged almost 3). "Verity will be in 3 in January 2016. Her favorite zoo animal is the elephant. Her favorite television shows are Paw Patrol and Blaze & the Monster Machines. She loves butterflies, bows, animals in gen..." (11 comments)

sahra (Daughter Liberty, aged 5). "Liberty particularly loves books about space. Her favorite zoo animal is the giraffe. She loves maps and atlases, skyscrapers, butterflies, rainbows (her favorite color), airplanes, Africa, and butter..." (6 comments)

amanda4242. "I'll read pretty much anything, but I prefer fiction. My thread on the 75 Books Challenge (https://www.librarything.com/topic/185141)can give you a good idea of what I like to read...." (2 comments)

pdvick. "Photography, Genealogy, Gardening Cozy mysteries, any popular fiction (no sci/fi!)..." (4 comments)

teaholic. "This year, I would like to explore the genre of fantasy. I've never really read any fantasy novels, and I'd like to get a taste for the genre by starting with some of the best or most popular ones, ma..." (16 comments)

sp-patten. "Sarah and Pattrick Patten share this account and the books would be for both of us. Pat likes Horror (but has read all of Stephen King and Chuck Palanchuk) and non-fiction, especially about psychology..." (4 comments)

drizzlegirl. "I am really into history books at this moment. I am trying to read about all of the presidents. I still need books about Woodrow Wilson, James Monroe, Franklin Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower. There ..." (6 comments)

ThothJ. "1) Science fiction, 2) Shakespeare, 3) Disaster-related (Titanic, Eastland, Empress of Ireland, Iroquois Theater fire, Triangle Shirtwaist fire), 4) Alternative history (Turtledove, for example) 5) Te..." (4 comments)

jmeisen. "SF, fantasy (no pseudo-Tolkien stuff), mysteries (especially hard-boiled and historical), Sherlock Holmes, history, classics, science, language/writing, other cool non-fiction (I'm newly relocated to ..." (5 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "I read both non-fiction and fiction, so you can probably say I'm not very picky. I enjoy anything historical, whether that be military histories, biographies/memoirs, or historical romances! I especia..." (4 comments)

purseproblm. "I love fashion books, YA, historical fiction with stress on time slips, Good narrative non fiction, or Sarah Vowell and people that read like her. If you've read something that you think I read a lot ..." (4 comments)

Ashley_Shahan. "All books are going to my classroom library for elementary aged students. books like Magic Tree House, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cam Janson, Authors: Drew Daywalt, Seuss, Ian Falconer, Roland Smith, Gary ..." (3 comments)

camelama. "Just about everything out there in the world! Would like to try a few cozy mysteries this year perhaps, nothing too gory. I'm fascinated by how things, people, and the world happen/work. Love animals,..." (6 comments)

NicoleW. "Christian Inspirational Romance,Science Fiction,Comedy,Mystery,Historical Fiction..." (4 comments)

LoveOfMuffins4820. "I love cookbooks, knitting books, as well as general fiction, historical fiction and mystery/thrillers. I'm always looking for a new author to fall in love with. If you want to school me on some class..." (1 comments)

perfunctory. "I really, really want to read your favorite book. A book that moved you; changed you; was so good you just want to tell everyone you see about it (for me, recently, that book was Tell the Wolves I'm H..." (7 comments)

kkelm22. "My son loves dinosaurs and has recently been really enjoying the Jane Yolen "How do Dinosaurs..." books that we have (We have How do dinosaurs clean their room, How do dinosaurs say goodnight, and how..." (6 comments)

katemcangus. "I'm especially interested in literary fiction right now. Gimme beautiful writing, well-written characters, feelings, etc. I'm a fan of Donna Tartt, Nabokov, Ian McEwan...." (2 comments)

sangreal (Lilia). "This is for my co-worker Lilia. She pretty much only reads literary fiction, from anywhere in the world. She has enjoyed both Asian and Middle Eastern books in the past, but I know she likes exploring..." (4 comments)

angiestahl. "Surprise me. I have far-ranging tastes and am open to any genre. I read the Little Paris Bookshop, which I wasn't crazy about EXCEPT the idea of prescribing books. Prescribe me one. My favorite thing ..." (4 comments)

gypsymc. "History books! World War I especially (but also World War II and the Civil War with a dash of Depression era history) Classic film books, anything film. Film history, film criticism, film analysis. An..." (4 comments)

jds256. "I usually read romance, science fiction, mystery, vampire books and some young adult(hunger games, divergent, Percy Jackson etc.) My absolute favorite series is Harry Potter I am open to reading anyth..." (4 comments)

Capybara_99. "Fairly eclectic reader of fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and otherwise. That helps, right? Take a look at my LibraryThing library, which has everything read since I joined a few years ago, but ..." (2 comments)

AngelaFries. "HP, twilight, hunger games, little house on the prairie..." (6 comments)

Oryan685. "I love YA that are well written with good storylines. I love really good fantasy like the song of ice and fire and the name of the wind. I love Brandon Sandersons way of kings series. I read to escape..." (7 comments)

ablachly (Jasper age 7). "This is for my son Jasper, who will be just a few days shy of 7 by the time SantaThing books arrive. He's in 1st grade, but reading at an end of 2nd grade level. His favorite series are ..." (3 comments)

catnips13. "I love fantasy novels such as ASOIAF and The Kingkiller Chronicles, short story anthologies, and books that just rip the soul to shreds (e.g. The Orenda and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)...." (2 comments)

SkuldOMG. "In recent times, I've read a lot of Murakami and Stephen King. I've also been trying to dip into different genres than I'm used to, mainly trying my hand at reading crime, or non-horror, non-supernatu..." (5 comments)

SusannaR. "Scandi crime. Biographies and memoirs. Books about friendship. History...." (3 comments)

aliena0811. "I love to read just about anything, but my favorites right now are cosy mysteries, thrillers and historical fiction. But any books you love from any other categories will be appreciated as well...." (4 comments)

pausanias (Gwen). "This is for my sister. She likes YA, Science Fiction, some light Fantasy(but doesn't care for dragons), some horror, some mystery and psychological thrillers. Her favorite authors are Harry Turtledove..." (3 comments)

pausanias (Amaya). "This is for my niece who is almost 7. She is at about a 2nd grade reading level. She is interested in The Boxcar Children to read with Mommy and Daddy. She has all the Agent Amelia books except the la..." (3 comments)

3bythesea. "My taste is a little eclectic. My favorite books in the last year were: Life After Life and A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, The Art of Fielding, Dear Committee Members, and How to Build a Girl. I als..." (3 comments)

sweeks1980. "I have rather eclectic tastes, and I tend to gravitate to nonfiction. I especially enjoy humorous essays and nonfiction (David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell), books about books, and literary criticism (includ..." (5 comments)

Stevil2001. "I am a fan of contemporary science fiction (especially space opera), contemporary British literary fiction, and Victorian fiction. I will list some authors below, and I would happily take any book by ..." (2 comments)

mermaidatheart. "Some of my favorite genres are narrative style history and biographies (like Erik Larson), irreverent humor fiction (like Christopher Moore and Carl Hiaasen), some kinds of magical realism/fantasy but..." (5 comments)

Elliot1822. "History or historical fiction, military history as in military leaders, weapons systems...." (4 comments)

Taliasan. "I would like to receive something new so please send me your all time favourite book. Just to give some of my tastes: I like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Nora Roberts to name a few I have just becom..." (3 comments)

sallylou61. "Next year I'm planning on reading more books by women. I would like to receive as Santa Gifts novels, short stories, or essays by women authors, especially those who wrote in the early to mid 20th cen..." (10 comments)

lobotomy42. "I like fiction in translation, especially Eastern European countries or very obscure places. Very-easy-to-read books in Russian are generally welcome. For "normal" English books, I strongly tilt towar..." (4 comments)

bgfulton. "I enjoy science fiction, creative non-fiction, mysteries, graphic novels, cookbooks and books with a great story...." (5 comments)

MaryKay1822. "I collect childrens illustrated picture books, Christmas books and cookbooks. I like historical fiction, British lit (Jane Austen, the Brontes, etc.), mysteries, biographies and books on theatre, film..." (5 comments)

snigl3t. "Generally prefer space opera and hard SF, the more convoluted & sciencey & politicky the better :) Some fantasy is OK as well, but I'm a bit picky with that (and the same qualifications apply for fant..." (3 comments)

mellu. "Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. Crime fiction and historical mysteries (the grittier, the better). Non-fiction: history, science, nature, biographies. But I read just about anyt..." (4 comments)

fuzzy_pickle. "What is the best book you've ever read? I'd like to discover something new (provided that it's not in the Don't get this section below). I like literary fiction, historical fiction, some sci fi and fa..." (7 comments)

KatyBee. "I like reading fiction selections that end up in the annual "Morning News Tournament of Books" online every spring! I love good science fiction and literary novels. Please select from my wish list, es..." (2 comments)

tottman. "I read mostly science fiction, fantasy, thrillers/mystery/suspense. I don't want to put too many restrictions on you though, I love a good read. I'm not necessary looking for quantity over quality, so..." (3 comments)

erinclark. "Check out my library, I'm pretty eclectic. Mainly I just enjoy a good story, and if it happens to be beautifully written all the better! Surprise me!:)..." (5 comments)

readergirliz. "I enjoy many genres: I like fiction (book club-esque stuff on the best-seller lists), historical fiction, non-fiction (especially autobiographies as of late), fantasy, young adult fiction, short stori..." (4 comments)

Narshkite. "I read in nearly every genre, though I usually avoid fantasy and self-help. I lean toward literary fiction and memoir for the most part, but I am a sucker for well written trashy romances. Some of my ..." (6 comments)

mahsdad. "I like hard sci-fi, literary fiction, historical fiction. I have an ongoing bucket list to read all the Pulitzer and Hugo winning novels (I have a collection in my profile for each), as well as an ext..." (4 comments)

amckie. "I love books! Fantasy, non-fiction, and young adult. My non-fiction tastes and preferences center around race, gender, sexuality, with some sociology and politics and history thrown in. For fantasy an..." (2 comments)

lansum. "At my age, I need to stick with reality as much as possible :). I identified with Olive Kitteridge (by Elizabeth Strout) a little. I like Ann Patchett and Anne Tyler (but look at my page--I already ha..." (2 comments)

Alendor. "I have a very varied library with emphasis on classics, comics, fantasy, folklore and history-books...." (6 comments)

LauraBrook. "I'm a lifelong Anglophile, so anything about any of the British countries would be lovely. Actually, something about Wales and/or Scotland would be good. And I really enjoy mysteries, magical realism,..." (14 comments)

CryBel. "I like Fantasy and Science Fiction. I also like humor and humorous memoirs. I also like books about books or books about bookcases/libraries...." (4 comments)

elka.gimpel (Niece, Bree). "This is for a 17yr old who is already planning her gap year. The world is new to her, so she likes fiction and non-fiction that focus on exploration (inner and outer), travel, adventure, different cul..." (5 comments)

TxYanky. "I love mysteries, supernatural suspense, biographies...." (3 comments)

ehough75. "Will read just about anything...." (5 comments)

slanger89. "I like fiction. Tend to steer towards historical fiction, YA fantasy, and literary novels most of the time. I'm up for anything though!..." (3 comments)

Devlindusty. "I would love any recent addition to my wishlist examples Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff anything that has come out fairly recently and I have added to my wishlist. Thank You!..." (3 comments)

meacoleman. "I love historical fiction and non-fiction most. I also love food and travel, and books aimed for teen readers. I read to escape, so please select something that will transport me to another time and p..." (5 comments)

SnowBunniesBooks. "I love Used Books Paranormal Books Ghost Hunting Books (true stories) Cemetery historical books Laurell K. Hamilton is my Favorite Author..." (3 comments)

julyso. "I like mysteries, fiction, and some historical fiction. I am reading Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham right now and am really enjoying it...." (5 comments)

Tomroy. "Hi, I love horror, paranormal, travel memoirs books Some of my favourite books are It by Stephen King Mrs Peregrines home for Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs Outlander series But I'll try jus..." (2 comments)

pausanias. "I like science fiction and fantasy as well as YA since I am still a kid at heart :-)I enjoy mystery as long as the characters are well developed and the story is good. I am not a huge fan of things th..." (7 comments)

EllsieFind. "Favorites of mine are recent or new literary and/or speculative fiction. I like magical realism, too. I also love books about dogs and other animals but not sappy ones. I'll admit, though, that I have..." (3 comments)

Vermilious. "Science Fiction, Magical Realism, nonfiction with an eye towards systems and architecture, both real and imagined. I tend to like things that are high concept and slightly surreal, if only in style. I..." (8 comments)

thornton37814. "My favorite fictional genre is the mystery, especially historical mysteries or mysteries involving libraries or genealogists. I enjoy non-fiction books such as histories, books dealing with DNA, and g..." (3 comments)

Jillian_Kay. "Presidential biographies, historical fiction, armchair travel, classics, brain science, or anything with a really pretty cover...." (6 comments)

katemcangus (Alex). "Alex is 9 months old and currently very much enjoys chewing on board books. You can see his current library under the tag Sasha in my library: http://www.librarything.com/profile/katemcangus His favor..." (4 comments)

Helcura. "I'd really love some good books with ghosts - modern ones, not victorian ones. I'm open to scary, funny, suspenseful, mysterious or romantic...." (4 comments)

Tanglewood. "I love fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction. I also enjoy Roman history. I especially like dystopian fiction and strong female characters...." (7 comments)

PatsyMurray. "I am most interested in literary fiction and am also interested in books about my favorite authors, including Virginia Woolf, Hemingway, and Dickens, among others. I am also intrigued by any work of f..." (4 comments)

Oneironaut. "dystopian novels, sci-fi, fantasy, historic travel reports or diaries to remote areas, lovecraftian horror, weird fiction, steam-punk, graphic novels (not having a lot of those yet, but the interest i..." (2 comments)

hazel1123. "I have wide reading tastes and enjoy sampling new things. . Although I read and enjoy some mysteries overall mystery is one of my less favorite genres...." (4 comments)

astridnr. "I tend to prefer female authors. I lIke magical realism, books that switch between past and present, and books about art. Check out my library please. You will get a better idea from there. I prefer t..." (6 comments)

lesleydawn. "I enjoy dark sci-fi and horror. Also, historical fiction. Some of my favorite books are Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, The Stand by Stephen King, The Help, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by..." (6 comments)

lydiasbooks. "Wide variety of everything! Love ballet, girl's own stuff (guides, school stories, old fashioned adventure etc), Judaism, history, fantasy, humour, biography......" (2 comments)

crazybatcow. "Themes: Noir, vigilante justice, dark and moral free. Genre is irrelevant - put Jack Reacher in any setting and I'll love it. I like both hard and soft sci-fi, fantasy/dark fantasy, urban fan..." (4 comments)

minfo. "VERY eclectic! From history (fiction and non) to Holmes and Doctor Who - as well as most everything in between. If it's something you've enjoyed, I probably will too...." (4 comments)

katster. "I'm a gigantic science fiction and fantasy fan. I love the stuff and I try to stay current, but it's been tough going this year with being unemployed. I don't think I've read any new (in 2015) books, ..." (7 comments)

BookAddictUK. "Very broad reading tastes but favs definitely literary fiction, crime mysteries, classics, historical fiction, true crime, books of or about folk stories and fairy tales and anything about the history..." (5 comments)

invinciblesmile. "I'm a big nonfiction reader. Love mystery, Sci-fi and steampunk books. Feel free to roam my library. I also like some humours fiction and non-fiction...." (4 comments)

NicoleW. "Christian Inspirational Romantic Suspense, Art, Historical Fiction, Comedy's, SciFi..." (4 comments)

bookwoman84. "I'll give almost anything (with the exception of the stuff listed under 'Don't get this!') a chance, but to give you a bit of a guide, here are some things I've read and enjoyed recently: The Martian,..." (4 comments)

Lace-Structures (Robert B. Cates). "Loves all kinds of books, books about books, limited editions, specials, bookbinder friends, but has had to dispose of most of his personal library...." (4 comments)

bragan. "My tastes are really broad. Probably my most-read genres are SF/fantasy and science-y non-fiction, but (with the very few exceptions noted under "Don't get this!"), I'll read darned near anything. Lit..." (4 comments)

esavage. "Cozies, mysteries, cookbooks, best sellers..." (8 comments)

lisa.isselee. "I generally read all sorts of genre's. But I'm a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, erotica, classics,YA, dystopians, ... my all time fav authors are the brontë sisters, Jack Vance, Gillian Flynn, but buyin..." (4 comments)

Runa. "I love YA Lit. Feel free to browse through my different Amazon wishlists to get ideas: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1N7VGFNFKCD4E/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o?sort=universal-title&itemPerPage=2..." (3 comments)

LLoLaguayasaminaj (6 comments)

TheFlamingoReads. "This is what I love to read: Mysteries (the cozier, the better), Historical Fiction (especially if it takes place in Great Britain), Historical Non-fiction (ditto), and (Auto)biographies (especially o..." (8 comments)

benfulton. "Mysteries, fantasy and science fiction, especially with historical touches...." (4 comments)

djryan. "Science fiction, comics, science, psychology and philosophy. Anything interesting, off the beaten track, and would make me look at the world differently. But no newage. We obey the laws of physics in ..." (4 comments)

mojo09226. "I have a small personal library and a large Kindle Library. Looking to grow my physical book library. I love books about books, the beat generation, physical copies of my favorites, I love fantasy wit..." (2 comments)

panzerwolf. "I love history, especially WW2, but I like to learn all kinds of new things. I love to read about nature, especially animals. I'm also an avid reader of fantasy (drrraaagooons!) and especially horror!..." (8 comments)

wester. "I like books about knowledge and errors, about perception and illusions, about certainty and probability, about science, about phenomenology, about how our mind, brain and body handle all this. In sho..." (5 comments)

BabyRowen. "Rowen is a 3.5 year old rambunctious boy that is very curious about all the things around him. He is very careful with books and is willing to sit for longer stories. His favorite books right now are ..." (11 comments)

AshleyAJohns. "My two favorite authors are Stephen King and JRR Tolkien. I absolutely love the Dark Tower series and have read the whole thing. I would love Kong's newest short story compilation. I have also dabbled..." (4 comments)

Colleen_L_McDonald (CTMB Mom). "Historical fiction (Sharon K Penman is a fav), Tom Clancy (have them all), travel or foodie memoirs (have all of the Ruth Reichl ones), Jeffrey Archer (except the Clifton Chronicles - already read tho..." (7 comments)

ejmam. "I read a lot of SF, fantasy, been dipping into romance (mostly regency), but I always like to try something new. So biography or history are things I wish I had more chances to read! I also like to re..." (3 comments)

saraswati27. "Love all kinds of sci-fi, mystery, books about books, or writing or film, but also happy with almost any category. I'd love to be introduced to something you think is great that I don't have in my lib..." (6 comments)

sheryll. "Mysteries/thrillers, YA and fantasy are my favourites..." (4 comments)

meggyweg. "I'm also totally cool with getting books that AREN'T in my catalog at all. You can tell from what books are there what I like. Mainly Holocaust things, history, young adult fiction and true crime...." (1 comments)

MonicaLynn. "I enjoy a lot of different books. Pick something off of my Wish list. Or check out the list of books I own or have borrowed to get ideas...." (2 comments)

Jenxy21. "Best-selling fiction, Southern fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Crime Drama, Magical (Sarah Addison Allen style) and Women's Lit...." (2 comments)

micapam. "I'm interested in contemporary translated fiction, especially from Europe. I like to read books that are formally original. I'm quite time-poor so I tend to read novellas - but don't let that hold you..." (6 comments)

CKHillman. "Anything on my wish list...." (1 comments)

Gunslinger2. "My library consists of an assortment of books from cookbooks and coloring books to "how to" books and some science fiction and other books...." (2 comments)

mysteries58. "I just opened a LibraryThing account, so I have not yet uploaded any selections from my personal library to the site. However, while I am in the process of doing so, here is some information about my ..." (9 comments)

stretch867. "I enjoy reading manga, Romance stories and action stories, such as Hayate the Combat Butler & Magical Girl Apocalypse. i also enjoy comedic science fiction stories and science fiction/ Fantasy stories..." (2 comments)

VW_Williams. "A few options this year: I think at the moment I’m in the mood for something character-driven. I like books about misfits, dysfunctional individuals or families. I don’t mind too much whether they..." (6 comments)

_Kate_. "I love Golden Age crime fiction and crime fiction in translation. I also like general fiction which is quirky such as The Library of Unrequited Love and the books by Antoine Laurain. However, I have r..." (5 comments)

Garp83. "Ancient & Classical History, American History especially Civil War & antebellum era, Big History, neolithic/paleolithic, anthropology, paleoclimatology..." (7 comments)

casvelyn. "I love speculative fiction and vintage mysteries. I like history and books about books, but I tend to be picky about them. My "Read since 2000" and "Read since 2010" collections will give you a pretty..." (5 comments)

jamieschecter. "Very eclectic, enjoy romance, YA, biography/memoir, history, and more...." (3 comments)

BellasShelf. "I love YA Books (please see the "Santathing 2015" list I created here on library thing)..." (5 comments)

Carrie88. "Variety of genres, but favorites are romantic fiction and biographies. My favorite authors are Jane Austen and the Brontes, but I enjoy modern fiction as well...." (1 comments)

queen_ypolita. "I read fiction and non-fiction both and am willing to give nearly everything a chance. I would like to use SantaThing to discover something new: books by authors I don't already know, books by women, ..." (4 comments)

BloodyMaryShelley (Maria). "She loves Doctor Who. And popup books. She also loves Dragon age and Mass Effect. I want to do this for her because she is going to a mental hospital soon...." (9 comments)

ironjaw. "Please look at my LibraryThing library for the Wishlist where I have added some interesting books on my to-buy list. Do also read my profile to get a better idea of what I like. You are also welcome t..." (2 comments)

irkthepurist. "Crime fiction, especially those from before the sixties; Horror but more of the Jamesian strain that anything else (and especially ghost stories!); old, pulpish sci fi; graphic novels/ art books of th..." (7 comments)

SouthernKiwi. "Check out my library and ratings for what I like, it's all up to date. I enjoy epic fantasy that has awesome world building. Well researched historical fiction, especially if the setting is the Scotti..." (3 comments)

AngelaMaryJohnson. "I have very eclectic tastes in books. I love horror, paranormal, supernatural, historic fiction, sci-fi, Erotica, Dark and gritty twisted books...I also love cheesemaking and glass painting...." (4 comments)

jcervone. "I primarily enjoy fiction. I prefer genres such as historical fiction, American classics, etc. Check out my library for ideas...." (2 comments)

Jessiqa. "comics, sci-fi, funny fiction, arthurian legend..." (5 comments)

realityshowgirl. "I like all types of books from Christian Fiction, to Romance. I am really a big fan of books about the Amish. Some of my favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Christine Feehan, John Grisham, Beverly Lewi..." (2 comments)

Helcura. "I would love something on fossils, paleontology, or archaeology - Science!..." (5 comments)

Familyhistorian. "My tastes run to history, mystery and genealogy (an historical genealogical mystery would work just fine LOL). My wish list has been updated if you are looking for clues. Merry Christmas to everyone a..." (6 comments)

louisvigo. "I usually read something more on the academic side, mostly related to theology, philosophy, biographies of important historical people or events, war stories, old sci-fi, a tiny bit fantasy if its edu..." (1 comments)

JacobsBeloved. "My "To-Read" list on Librarything are my top-preference books: mostly fantasy fiction in both adult and young adult, with a few cookbooks thrown in. Many of them are also the first in a series, which ..." (3 comments)

renbedell. "(In keeping with tradition, the entry below is written by my drunk girlfriend). There's no one in the universe as magical and wondrous as me...Hi, my name is Ren. I really like to read fantasy books, ..." (4 comments)

asoutherngirlreads. "I love historical fiction (especially European), fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, and history. I like strong female characters and humor. Historical romance is also good. Favorite books: A Song of..." (6 comments)

Merryann. "I'd love a book of an old comic strip! I have the Library of American Comics' Bloom County and the back pages advertise different comics from long ago. I know nothing about any comic strips prior to D..." (7 comments)

amsparky. "This is tough, as I've been battling depression this year, so I'm not as into my "typical" genres, particularly romance. Please check out my library and look at my recently tagged reads. I just got ri..." (1 comments)

Peace2. "My tastes are varied - fantasy, YA, a little sci fi, biographies (but please also see note in Don't get this!) and histories of other countries, travel, crochet, even the occasional 'chick lit'. If yo..." (5 comments)

sarakovach. "historical fiction, fantasy, young adult, psychological thrillers, mystery, historical romance..." (4 comments)

twolfe360. "Fantasy, old Hollywood, science fiction..." (6 comments)

klarusu. "My book tastes are broad and eclectic - I love fiction and non-fiction. I'd really like my Santa to pick things that *they* really liked. Surprise me (as long as you avoid the 'Don't Get This' genres)..." (3 comments)

susanna.fraser. "I read widely in genre fiction--science fiction and fantasy, romance, mystery, and YA especially. I also enjoy nonfiction history, popular science, and quirky memoirs. Favorite authors include Lois Mc..." (2 comments)

achedglin. "I work at a bookstore, so I see a lot of books. But I'm kind of interested in getting some types of books that I'm unfamiliar with, but interested in. Those types are: 1) Contemporary, literary(-ish) ..." (4 comments)

susanna.fraser (Annabel (age 11)). "This is for my 11-year-old daughter. She's a big reader, but lately we've been having trouble getting her to read anything but fanfiction. I don't have a problem with fanfic--I read it myself and even..." (13 comments)

Dalzell. "My library is pretty eclectic; I'd describe it as falling into books dealing with my own academic discipline of ethnomusicology (so lots of ethnography and social theory, and a focus on South Asia/Him..." (3 comments)

MinaKelly. "I like sci fi, fantasy, romance, historical novels, YA, horror, non-fiction history, non-fiction science... Almost anything...." (2 comments)

susanna.fraser (Dylan W (my husband)). "This is for my husband, who isn't as big of a reader as I am but is trying to read more next year. Some books he's recently enjoyed include: The Guns of August (Barbara Tuchman) Tacopedia (Deborah Hol..." (6 comments)

jayelaglez. "I loooove romance. Especially YA. I would LOVE some YA. For example, the Legend Trilogy is my favorite. I also love books like Anna and the French Kiss, Beautiful Disaster and Inked Armor. I'm current..." (2 comments)

ArkhamReviews. "I love Young Adult books! My favourite genres are fantasy, horror and science fiction. Within these categories, I am particularly fond of steampunk and dystopian settings, as well as high fantasy stor..." (3 comments)

mdavidoff. "I use Goodreads more than this site, so there's not much here but I have super varied tastes. I'm not a big reader of romances, biographies, or historical fiction, but I'm pretty open-minded if it's a..." (2 comments)

stephaniemichelle12. "I love love love YA! I loved the Game of Thrones series, currently* reading Rainbow Rowell's Carry On, and I just finished Six of Crows. Loved the Maze Runner series. (I still need the prequel, though..." (7 comments)

clove242347. "I like Young Adult books, especially science fiction or dystopian novels...." (3 comments)

fields.steph. "My reading tastes are pretty varied. If you look at my library, you'll see there's no obvious theme. I've been reading a lot of fantasy horror lately (Currently reading Child Thief by Brom and just fi..." (3 comments)

Zarien. "I love horror, dystopian and fantasy! I've really been enjoying the Game of Thrones, but also the Hunger Games was a huge favourite of mine :) The Chaos walking trilogy was a story I absolutely devour..." (3 comments)

cherobula. "I love historical fiction, and I'm fatigued with stories taking place in England and France. I'd like to be introduced to some historical fiction that takes place elsewhere...." (9 comments)

cherobula. "I am a huge fan of fantasy and would like to discover some new authors in that genre this year...." (4 comments)

Sahara20. "I love reading history books, usually on UK history - both fiction and non-fiction. I'm particularly interested in mediaeval period, but am open to any era and have recently developed an interest in t..." (8 comments)

Aula. "Check out my 'Great Reads' and anything rated 4 or more stars :)..." (3 comments)

sangreal. "I'm really looking to expand my reading of graphic novels. I would prefer stand-alone books with a strong story-line. I also love literary fiction, mysteries (except cozies) and scifi/fantasy, so you ..." (5 comments)

reading_fox. "Genre fiction: SF and fantasy, crime, thriller and adventure mostly. Particularly keen on well developed worlds/universes where there is continuity and backstory - ie not just a series of places the p..." (4 comments)

LarraChersan. "I love fantasy books, especially animal fantasy, like Waterhsip Down, Warrior Cats, Tailchaser's Song. But I also enjoy other fantasy types, although I'm not that much into the Tolkien type of fantasy..." (4 comments)

Tropical-Library. "Always happy to try new authors, in the fantasy/science fiction genre in particular; always happy to receive books that may be missing from a series I already have. There are certainly gaps in my libr..." (4 comments)

DebbieRoesch. "I like science fiction. Never horror. I also enjoy religious books by such authors as Joyce Meyers, Stanley, and Lucado. I am willing to try others...." (1 comments)

turtle123456789. "I love pretty much anything, but recently I've been reading a lot of horror, Sci-fi, romance, "urban fantasy", realistic fiction, and a little bit of historical fiction..." (2 comments)

SquireA. "See library for most of the books I have read. Also see my ratings to give you an idea of what I liked. Am currently into fiction and history; combined is even better...." (7 comments)

nittnut (2 comments)

CRAZYELIZABETH. "I like Fantasy especially historical fantasy I especially like retellings of fairytales Myths and Legends. I also like classics but prefer Austen to the Brontes. As well I like Mystery, Chicklit esp C..." (4 comments)

ateolf. "Literary fiction. Experimental fiction. Modernism. Postmodernism. What I have in my library, my favorite books list, my ratings, are a pretty good indication of what I like! I also like surprises...." (4 comments)

lovetoread13. "Anything spiritual or 'new age' I generally like, historical fiction, literary fiction, books on religions. I also love the classics...." (2 comments)

Carolann54. "I'm interested in the English language, its origins and oddments: collections of sayings and meanings, alphabet-related picture books and stories. Doctor Who is my favourite professional, apart from t..." (4 comments)

jellyfishjones. "I would really appreciate some new sci-fi or fantasy, nothing terribly dark or heavy. I'm pretty open in these genres, but would like something that is thoughtful and original rather than formulaic se..." (3 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I generally like books with a great sense of humour. I really enjoy fantasy and science fiction, especially the weaving of fantasy elements into our present reality. However, I am willing to try anyth..." (5 comments)

DBettenson. "I love medievil history, world mysteries, odd subjects, UFOs, treasure hunts....and so much more!! My interests are wide and I love to learn new things about our world!..." (5 comments)

canyonred. "Literally anything! I tend to love fantasy in the vein of Narnia and His Dark Materials, thoughtful science fiction, and certain classics, but I will honestly read anything. You can choose 1) Your fav..." (3 comments)

luvrunnin (Noah). "For a 12 year old boy Science based adventures Greek mythology Please look at Library Thing list...." (4 comments)

TizzzieLish. "Christian novels Christian books Historical novels..." (12 comments)

bluesalamanders (callmecayce). "She likes graphic novels, manga, fantasy of manners, and science fiction. Adult and YA...." (3 comments)

digliberry. "Christian fiction/nonfiction books; historical fiction; self help/improvement; music; library/librarian-related; humor..." (6 comments)

tweetybugshouse. "https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/293467-jan-farnworth..." (3 comments)

AleAleta. "Hey! I love good psychological thrillers à la Gone Girl or Girl on the Train. Also a fan of a good life's story like The Goldfinch or Tell the Wolves I'm Home. Coming of age genre is always very welc..." (3 comments)

diana.n. "Nonfiction: evolutionary theory and biology/zoologyExtra science-y popular titles or technical academic press titles are preferred. Think books by scientists, not by science writers or medical..." (7 comments)

diana.n. "Science fiction: the harder the better..." (8 comments)

Laurenkm22. "I'm pretty open to any type of novel. I recently read and enjoyed The Rosie Project, Flower in the Attic, Night Circus, Gone Girl, Me Before You. I also like humorous books. who doesn't like to laugh?..." (4 comments)

LonyaOceania. "I love fiction. My favorite authors include: John Irving, David Sedaris, John Irving, Larry McMurtry, John Irving, Michael Chabon, John Irving, John Green, John Irving Stephen King, John Irving...you ..." (4 comments)

KellyK2. "YA Sci Fi YA Fantasy Contemporary Romance Sci Fi Fantasy Classics Horror YA Horror YA Romance Thriller FBI/Detective/Romantic Suspense..." (5 comments)

lucienspringer. "I like experimental fiction, international fiction, speculative fiction, and basically any writing that's language-driven. For me, plot, character, setting, and subject are all subservient to the beau..." (6 comments)

boblinfortino. "I love literary fiction, thrillers, and well-written chick lit (it does exist, really). My library is a fairly good representation of my literary tastes...." (11 comments)

owlie13. "I haven't read any good historical fiction in a while, so this year, I'd like to stick with that. My library is up-to-date with that genre. I like historical mysteries the best. (Historical can be any..." (5 comments)

dsnowdon. "Loves hard science fiction, space opera, fantasy. Favourite authors include: Alistair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, Gene Wolfe, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobbs, Greg Egan, Charles Stross, Ann Leckie Thinks..." (6 comments)

maribou. "My librarything library is pretty indicative!..." (3 comments)

libbromus. "My most favorite all-time authors A - Austen B - Brontes C - Clarke, Susanna D - Dinesen, Isak F - Fitzgerald, Penelope G - Ghosh, Amitav M - Mitchell, David O - Ondaatje R - Rushdie, Salman S - Steve..." (3 comments)

annesadleir. "My ideal thing would be some cheerful fiction or popular history, preferably something I might not have come across by myself...." (2 comments)

shabacus. "I love fantasy fiction and historical fiction; when the two are combined, it's even better! My favorite book of all time is Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and would love to read anything else with a s..." (5 comments)

ablachly. "Literary fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, maybe some mystery and fantasy... I love Sarah Waters, ..." (6 comments)

amandacb (My son, Ethan). "I am a librarian so I get discarded books. We have some of the classics and pretty much every Pete the Cat. My son LOVES counting and numbers; last year, someone got him Chicka Chicka 1-2-3 and he ado..." (5 comments)

jburlinson. "Art books -- any country, any period. Surprise me!..." (2 comments)

bladereaper12. "I am very sorry but I am going to be boring this year. I want to complete my World of Warcraft books so any books that I do not have please get!..." (3 comments)

Boylesbooks. "Historical fiction/literary fiction: Civil War, World War II, World War I, Civil Rights era Family drama with well developed, believable characters Stories set in the South, New England, England, any ..." (5 comments)

bluesalamanders. "I mostly read fantasy and science fiction, adult and YA books. I generally prefer women authors and protagonists (but not exclusively). Some of my favorite authors are Robin McKinley, John Scalzi, Sea..." (4 comments)

revsusan. "fantasy, science fiction, youth & young adult,mysteries, historical fiction, folktales & folktale based novels, children's stories for reading outloud..." (3 comments)

fugitive. "I have no qualms receiving anything of a prurient or controversial nature. Though I love SciFi and fantasy, be careful about getting me these as I'm pretty well read (but don't be shy about getting me..." (3 comments)

ArmyAngel1986. "Kind of eclectic, you can see my wishlist here: http://amzn.com/w/3LDFCIMUJBFKS..." (3 comments)

Mencius. "I enjoy fiction and non-fiction written with style, wit, insight and intelligence. This might not be so helpful, because who doesn't? A lot of the fiction I read can probably be classified as "literar..." (1 comments)

NatalieBazan. "I have rather wide ranging tastes so how about if I just share some of the books I've loved and you feel free to pick something you think I'll like! I loved the Discovery of Witches series, very much ..." (1 comments)

tess_schoolmarm. "Love historical fiction (not romance), novels, and New York Times Best Sellers. See my wish list on LT. Also have on my wish list: The Broken Empire Series, any book by Edward Rutherford (except New Y..." (1 comments)

BookCentric. "My interests are incredibly limited (though deep), so I would only like books that fit in my chosen categories please! 1) History or biography about things/people that happened before 1850. Any era or..." (3 comments)

hbfj. "I like general non-fiction especially sciency stuff. I am an atheist and am interested in related books. I like humorous sci fi and fantasy eg Pratchett or Adams. Humorous non fiction and memoirs eg C..." (13 comments)

kiramoody. "I like fantasy, mystery, adventure, and humor. I prefer kids and Young Adult books, but also like books like Janet Evanovich, Diane Mott Davidson, and other funny mysteries...." (5 comments)

kgodey. "I've been reading mostly sci-fi and fantasy for the past couple of years, so that's always a good bet. I'm also interested in reading more general fiction in 2016, and I enjoy non-fiction a lot when I..." (2 comments)

imyril. "I am mostly loving scifi (more space opera than the hard stuff), speculative fiction and fantasy at the moment and would prefer Santa to look within these genres if possible. I prefer stories that fea..." (4 comments)

Mecharius. "I now realize that I haven't updated my LibraryThing library in several years. Alas. I haven't added much, it's generally shrunk. I tend to read urban fantasy, high fantasy, and science fiction. I maj..." (2 comments)

UtopianPessimist. "I have pretty broad interests that DO NOT include fantasy. [Nothing personal, fantasy fans!] My Wishlist on Library Thing has the most up-to-date list of the books I crave. You can add to that easy-to..." (2 comments)

BellyandKill. "We're into awesome comics by women, and vegetarian-friendly cookbooks, especially from small presses, and especially if they involve drawings or comics (including cookbooks for kids)...." (2 comments)

sagustocox. "I'm looking for these: The Emperor of Water Clocks by Yusef Komunyakaa The Arranged Marriage: Poems by Jehanne Dubrow It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario Ordinary L..." (1 comments)

GoldieBug. "Science fiction (leaning toward space opera, very into Star Wars/Firefly/Doctor Who, not so much into cyberpunk or hard sf; steampunk is cool), high fantasy, and mystery (especially dog or cat or libr..." (14 comments)

pbirch01. "Favorite books of 2015: http://www.librarything.com/work/14602930/ http://www.librarything.com/work/15186612/ http://www.librarything.com/work/14034594/ http://www.librarything.com/work/13265773/ http..." (2 comments)

RidgewayGirl. "I like literary novels, novels which have been shortlisted for a prize, and crime novels (the grittier the better). I am trying to read more outside of the US and Britain (although I am still happy to..." (7 comments)

elka.gimpel. "I'm always on the lookout for literature in translation, books by authors outside of the US and UK, and books exploring the immigrant experience. I love literary fiction with touches of the supernatur..." (2 comments)

KelseyKent. "I love novels that I can't put down, especially those set in Europe. Last year my Santa buddy gave me Sarah's Key, and it was fantastic. Historical novels can be good, too. I've been reading the Outla..." (10 comments)

Alliebadger. "I lean towards sci-fi/fantasy, but honestly, if a book is well-written and enjoyable, I'm usually in. Well-written to me means it's engaging, it has relatable characters, a story you can get lost in, ..." (2 comments)

Praksedys. "History, embroidery, ctafting..." (5 comments)

SunnySD. "I'm basically a sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, romance, action/adventure (escapist fluff) reader, but I'm open to new genres. Discovering a new series/author is always fun. I'd also be perfectly happy wi..." (5 comments)

DanieXJ. "The first year I did this I got books that I just didn't, didn't, didn't like. And so then for the last few years I've been gun shy and therefore super specific about what I wanted/didn't want. ..." (3 comments)

william_lee. "Please see library also, but I'm particularly interested in weird fiction, obscure & strange tomes, dark literature, ancient history, and other esoterica...." (5 comments)

bellawether. "Eclectic and creative with a splash of mystery and fantasy. I'm currently on a Laurie R. King kick with Patrick Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman and Haruki Murakami waiting in the wish-list wings. My cookbook co..." (9 comments)

Keith_Voogd. "Looking to explore new (to me, not necessarily just published) science fiction authors. I've worked my way through much of the classic sci-fi of the 1950s and 1960s and am starting in on some of the h..." (3 comments)

OpheliaAutumn. "I love parallel universes, time travel, steampunk, urban fantasy à la Gaiman or Miéville, gothic and Victorian gothic, Victorian art and architecture, science-fiction, quantum physics, neuroscience...." (4 comments)

Railsplitter. "Military History of all types British History The Crusades Ancient Rome Abraham Lincoln/Civil War World War I and II American Revolution Folio Society non-fiction..." (3 comments)

brewergirl. "I like a wide range ... history, general non-fiction, classics, historical fiction, contemporary fiction. I love finding new authors who have a back catalog so I can read more of them. Look at my "Per..." (2 comments)

mooingzelda. "I like a bit of everything - my main passions are classic novels, intelligent science fiction and fantasy, and historical novels, but I also enjoy well-written contemporary fiction. I do also like sho..." (3 comments)

karenb. "-- Adult coloring books -- so many to choose from! I'm learning to play with color, so I prefer abstract patterns & geometric designs with interesting details, such as '60s Pop Art/Peter Max and old-f..." (6 comments)

CDVicarage. "My library is up to date on LibraryThing and I use the star rating system for books I have actually read...." (6 comments)

Rosa_Saks. "I have an MA-degree in English literature, so naturally I love the classics. I'm a huge Shakespeare-fan, and I also enjoy English Victorian novels with strong female leads. I'm also into contemporary ..." (4 comments)

spbooks (Naomi Parker). "True crime, crime fiction..." (4 comments)

Donogh. "Any kind of history will do, a military history would probably suit more, but feel free to expand my horizons. Academic rigour is nice but good popular histories are fine. Science fiction or fantasy i..." (4 comments)

zjakkelien. "I read in English, and I read fantasy or SF almost exclusively. For what I have, you can have a look at my LT account, but I think my GR account may be a bit more accurate (https://www.goodreads.com/r..." (2 comments)

bestem (babyL (http://www.librarything.com/profile/babyL)). "My nephew, Lincoln, will be 2.5 come Christmas. His library (http://www.librarything.com/profile/babyL) is not very current, as I only get over there once or twice a year, and don't always get to cata..." (6 comments)

kaylaraeintheway. "Right now I'm all about fiction and non-fiction books about space/astronauts/space travel (see my LibraryThing profile for books that I have already read to get an idea). I also love Westerns and non-..." (5 comments)

bestem. "See http://www.librarything.com/list/10070/bestem/Books-read-in-2015 for what I've read so far this year. My library on LT is woefully out of date, the list has some newer books that haven't made it i..." (3 comments)

dono421846. "Books about books (e.g., memoirs about book people, stories about manuscripts or behind the scenes histories of famous books, mysteries focusing on books or libraries), interesting new graphic novels ..." (2 comments)

jeanie0510. "Contemporary fiction, favorite authors: Jodi Piccoult, Anita Shreve, Susan Gloss, Mary-Jane Riley, Lisa See, Alex Lake, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Kate Morton. Rescue/hostage stories. Classics such as The S..." (6 comments)

dmbkel41. "I tried to update my library a bit to give an idea of books I like. I work in the food biz so any and all food books are usually great, but no cookbooks or anything like that, please. I like young adu..." (5 comments)

madeofslate. "I like exciting books. Vince Flynn is my new fave. I have read/own all of James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Nicolas Sparks, Emily Giffin, James Swain, Lisa Gardner, Alex Kava, Stephen Hunter (..." (4 comments)

tiomela (Meggan). "Romance Novels Fantasy Novels Dystopia..." (3 comments)

GirlMisanthrope. "Right now I'm exploring graphic novels. So many new ones out there! Steampunk is always a good bet. Your favorite short story collection could be interesting. There are plenty of series I follow, many..." (3 comments)

kaida46. "I enjoy a variety of books, sci fi, fantasy, paranormal and ghost stories both novels and true tales and experiences, Atlantis Rising magazine back issues, Conan Doyle, Dickens, books about scientific..." (5 comments)

enemyanniemae. "Fantasy, mystery, most fiction, any school subject that doesn't read like a dry textbook. Humor, biographies of any kind. Graphic novels and YA are fairly new interests and I have not read much of eit..." (4 comments)

tiomela. "Young Adult Dystopia Crime Murder Mystery Supernatural story elements..." (3 comments)

jseguin. "classics (esp. American, British, or Russian), poetry, YA, fantasy, dystopian..." (6 comments)

mabith. "I love history and I read a bit more non-fiction than fiction. I love historical fiction that succeeds at really putting you in a particular place or time and family sagas that are more about characte..." (3 comments)

MelanieBettyBoop. "I like most anything. Some authors I like are James Grippadano, Mary Higgins Clark, Steve Berry, John Sandford, Steve King, Joseph FInder, Lee Child, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Johnathan Kelle..." (3 comments)

Malarchy. "I'd like something you might like or have enjoyed. I like history, historical fiction, sports. I'm more interested in expanding my horizons by seeing the world of books from another perspective rather..." (2 comments)

clue. "Literary fiction, historical fiction, mystery, biography/memoir. Any of your personal favorites in the above genres would be great. My library is up to date...." (6 comments)

ZippetyDoo. "Pick anything from my Wishlist or Wishlist--Buy (but not Wishlist--Not out yet, as those haven't been released). You will have plenty to choose from! I'm a big of Joanna Wylde's Reapers MC series and ..." (2 comments)

trcovell. "My library is heavy on genre fiction, especially fantasy, SF and Romance, but I'm also interested in biographies (especially of writers), local history, gender studies, and film studies...." (10 comments)

Dabble58. "literary novels, mysteries, biographies, non-fiction about health or historical subjects..." (5 comments)

scvlad. "I like: history (any time period, any place, as long as it's well written); science fiction; fantasy; mysteries; historical novels/mysteries; good graphic novels. This year I am especially looking for..." (3 comments)

LittleTaiko. "This is so hard as I love almost every type of book or am willing to give it a try. My wish list would be a good starting point. However, if you have a favorite book that I haven't read yet I'd love t..." (2 comments)

Cariola. "I enjoy historical fiction (but NOT historical romance, and I'm not too keen on historical mysteries). Favorite authors in the genre are Hilary Mantel, Rose Tremain, Jude Morgan, and Helen Humphreys. ..." (3 comments)

Candice_oxo (Candice's Grandmother). "My sweet Grandmother just discovered Jacqueline Winspear this year and read all of her books in a short amount of time. She adored them. Her favorite was Winspear's standalone, The Care and Management..." (4 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "Hmm. This is always the difficult part! I am eclectic reader- reading mostly science fiction, pop science, pop history. I like knowing about the world. I've been getting into graphic novels lately- al..." (3 comments)

bexaplex. "I like books with metaphysical dramatic tension, rather than threat of physical harm. Also humor...." (5 comments)

jessicamhill. "Contemporary fiction, I like award winners and short list-ers so I stay caught up on the "must reads."..." (4 comments)

KimKimpton. "Classics, retellings of classics, romantic comedy, horror...a little bit of everything..." (2 comments)

crazy4reading. "I love books. I am not partial to hardback or paperback. I enjoy reading a variety of books. Some of my favorite genres are: mystery, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, non-ficti..." (2 comments)

Limelite. "I've been relatively good this year. So, I hope to get books relatively to my liking. Like other LTers, I've lived long and read a lot. Peek at my profile & library and you'll see that I go for contem..." (4 comments)

normandie_m. "Hi Santa! Besides my library, you may also want to take a look at my profile since it lists some of my favourite authors and genres. For SantaThing last year, I received "An Instance of the Fingerpost..." (2 comments)

tarshaan. "fantasy / scifi - preferably world / non-western based sff (but in english or translation, please), or quirky general literature, or poetry...." (7 comments)

thebookmagpie. "I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels (but think Wolf Hall rather than Outlander, which I really didn't like). I also like young ad..." (6 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like books about books, libraries, librarians, cozy mysteries, young adult or kid's novels, classic mysteries, Christmas novels, Amish bonnet romances, historical romance, Susan Wittig Albert, Deann..." (2 comments)

Myckyee. "I especially like creepy books along the lines of Drood by Dan Simmons or The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Also, mysteries and some general literature. I have most of the Agatha Christie novels. Ge..." (8 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like books about books, libraries, librarians, cozy mysteries, young adult or kid's novels, classic mysteries, Christmas novels, Amish bonnet romances, historical romance, Susan Wittig Albert, Deann..." (6 comments)

pberinstein. "My favorite genre is mystery. When I find an author I like, I tend to read all their work, but sometimes I haven't gotten to the newest titles yet. I enjoy a variety of other genres as well...." (3 comments)

library_mistress. "forests, forestry, and wood --- science fiction, social fiction, utopias, dystopias --- librarians, libraries, librarianship --- language dictionaries (especially of rare languages) --- mysteries --- ..." (4 comments)

Talisker. "I would very much like to receive your most favourite book ever! Preferably fantasy (no Pratchett), literature or non fiction...." (6 comments)

jll1976. "Books, books and more books! But that's why we're all here. Lately I have been reading some classic gothic horror- but nothing too scary! I have also just discovered the world of the graphic novel- I ..." (3 comments)

amilligan. "YA, historical fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy..." (3 comments)

cbl_tn. "My favorite fiction genre is mystery, particularly historical mysteries and Golden Age mysteries. I'm drawn to fiction with genealogy/family history, archaeology, art, music, literature, or education ..." (7 comments)

amilligan. "Non-Fiction... Biographies, Fiction based in historical fact. They need to be Apple iBooks..." (2 comments)

Yells. "I am open for pretty anything that isn't listed below. I love literature from around the world and have discovered some great new authors by using this wonderful service. I like fiction and non-fictio..." (2 comments)

tikibee. "I love memoirs and short stories and young adult novels. I'm not big on reading serials, but if there is one you think I'd love, I'd definitely read the first in the series (as long as it's not sci-fi..." (5 comments)

sscarllet. "Recently I've been all over time travel books like Outlander and post end of world books like the Wool Series. I also am a big fan of narrative history books, most European history. I would love to fi..." (6 comments)

Candice_oxo. "I'm so grateful to get the chance to participate again this year! SantaThing is truly one of the highlights of my season. Each year I ask to be introduced to a series that is as witty, well-written an..." (2 comments)

Romonko. "I love all kinds of mystery books. My real favourites are historical mysteries, cozies and British police procedurals. I also am a fan of literature. For example, my Secret Santa last year got me Cutt..." (5 comments)

kgriffith. "I enjoy quirky literary fiction, YA of most flavors, and not-too-epic fantasy (love a good trilogy). I'm excited about the Magnus Chase series from Rick Riordan, and enjoyed both Dorothy Must Die, and..." (4 comments)

julienne_preacher. "All genres are equal, but some genres are more equal than others... In my case the "more equal" means mostly fiction: literary, crime, historical romance and certain corners of the speculative. Non-fi..." (1 comments)

competentgirl. "Romance, distopia, YA,..." (1 comments)

jazzyereader. "I love memoirs, knitting books, humor, crossword puzzles, great novels, vegetarian/vegan cookbooks, fantasy romance, and gluten-free baking cookbooks. My wishlist has lots of good books on it, but I a..." (5 comments)

MrsLee. "I have a current wish list category in my library collection here. I love mysteries, especially from the '50s or before, not so much cozies. I have read all of Tony Hillerman, Dick Francis, Agatha Chr..." (4 comments)

andejons. "Varied. Fiction and non-fiction, poetry, comics, mythology, classics, essays, early detective novels, speculative fiction and history are a few prominent areas...." (5 comments)

affie. "I have mostly been interested in Fantasy, but the last couple of years I've found myself straying and have instead been looking for good mystery/horror books, though still preferably with a supernatur..." (4 comments)

eembooks. "Most fiction is great. Some biographies can be good. Have a fairly large wish list on LT. I love to read and I've had good luck with past Santathing books. PS Have discovered short stories if anyone h..." (10 comments)

Ronnie293. "I enjoy most genres particularly historical fiction, general fiction, romantic suspense, crime, fantasy. All books on my to read are books I actually own already but a look there will show what I like..." (3 comments)

LauraLivenspire. "I love (LOVE) Historical Fiction and the real stories behind the books. (Mostly European, but not exclusively.) I enjoy Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Young Adult, and most escapist types of fiction. Feel free to edu..." (2 comments)

guido47. "I have read much more SF than I own. Any new, well reviewed SF/Fantasy I don't own should be OK. History is also always welcome. Last year I suggested histories of pre-colonial Africa and South Americ..." (3 comments)

liveshipvivacia (4 comments)

ktonks (Kristine Tonks). "Memoir, Historical biographies, British history, Canadian Literature, African Literature, Popular science, 19th century fiction..." (3 comments)

okrysmastree. "I love-love-LOVE a good haunted house novel, so if you can surprise me there I'll be really excited! (I include titles like Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation in this niche - any book where the set..." (3 comments)

olegalCA. "I love young adult contemporary fiction the best but also mysteries, biographies, books to do with recent American politics and popular fiction...." (3 comments)

liveshipvivacia (3 comments)

kellifrobinson. "Southern fiction - new and old; books that have won a major award or were on a longlist for a 2015 major award; books that were bestsellers in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s or 1970s; the first book of a new..." (4 comments)

VenusofUrbino. "See my Profile and all the books I have on my wishlist (way, way, way too long). I love good stories with wonderful characters that make my commute go by fast...." (4 comments)

kristilabrie. "I love fantasy novels, mysteries/thrillers, historical fiction, and the occasional dystopian novel. Check out my Wishlist (that doesn't include books I'd rather not get for SantaThing) ..." (6 comments)

BoekenTrol71. "I read many kinds of books, from thrillers or literary fiction through the occasional (auto)biography to historical novels that are or are not based on facts, British crime ex. Agatha Christie. For ex..." (3 comments)

lorannen. "I read lots of fiction, particularly sci-fi. My Favorites collection is a good place to see things I've read and loved, and my ..." (11 comments)

ccatalfo. "Anything about music, math or data is welcome...." (4 comments)

strongstuff. "Mainly fiction - compelling, contemporary, more literaryish fiction by women is ++. But I also like being surprised by non-fiction that I would never pick up on my own. Some of my favorites from the p..." (2 comments)

KateBaxter. "I enjoy historic fiction, British and cozy mysteries, German, Scottish and Austrian culture, art (renaissance through romantic periods), 18th century fashion and hearth cooking, cats and knitting (not..." (4 comments)

realfish. "love to read mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction -- always looking for something unique and engaging -- fun science or mathematics books okay too..." (6 comments)

genesisdiem. "Fiction: Cozy mysteries, any romance, adventure, steampunk, strong female leads, epic sagas, witches, werewolves, mutants/ superheroes, sciency sci-fi (think Star Trek, not Star Wars)... Non-fic: etiq..." (14 comments)

TheoClarke. "My Wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by past SantaThing surprises so do not feel that you have to be limited by that. My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I wo..." (2 comments)

TheoClarke. "My Wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by past SantaThing surprises so do not feel that you have to be limited by that. My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I wo..." (3 comments)

egsanford. "I love memoirs, but not very typical ones. I love hearing about someone's unique, interesting experiences, especially someone that lives a completely different life from mine. I love stories about hik..." (4 comments)

BailsChris. "Young Adult Novels (any genre), Fantasy, Historical Fiction..." (4 comments)

brodeurbunny30. "I looooooooove historical fiction and fantasy. Love romance and swashbuckling adventures and strong heroine stories! I'm pretty much good with all time periods pre-1900s!..." (2 comments)

aredlily. "I like fiction aimed at both adults and young adults. I love a variety of authors, both classic and contemporary. My librarything is pretty up to date, though I haven't reviewed/rated everything in th..." (3 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "History, biography, memoir, non-fiction like Freakonomics, fiction like a Jonathan Franzen novel. Check out my bookshelves, 5 stars and 4½ stars in particular, for a better idea of what I love. My Ta..." (5 comments)

xenophon. "Literary essays, literary history and literary criticism...." (8 comments)

jmach226. "Love all things mystery, thriller, and horror...." (4 comments)

stephivist. "I read a lot of memoir/biography, history, and other nonfiction. I love fiction too though! I think you will be able to get a good impression of what I like from my library. I love reading new things,..." (2 comments)

SylviaC. "I enjoy fiction and nonfiction equally. Romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, light fantasy, children's and YA are all fine. In general, I like my fiction..." (6 comments)

Angela.Houser. "I enjoy most genres but especially love historical fiction. I have a lot of books in my library, and only a fraction are listed on my librarything bookshelf. My best recommendation is to pick books fr..." (3 comments)

benuathanasia. "Behind the scenes of movies/tv shows type books (director scrapbooks, making of, concept art, etc) for any blockbuster movies/tv shows (for an idea of television shows I really enjoy, you can check ou..." (2 comments)

lindapanzo. "My reading focuses mainly on mysteries, American history, and sports, but for Santa Thing, I'd like to try some authors I've rarely, if ever, read. I'd love to get fiction by Anne Tyler, Annie Proulx,..." (5 comments)

avanders. "I have relatively broad book tastes, though lately I've particularly been into speculative fiction (those sort of "what if X happens" or "what if X happened in our history instead of what did") and dy..." (6 comments)

Contusions. "My wishlist is a good place to start. I like Fantasy and Historical Fiction. You can also checkout my GoodReads profile. User name Contusions..." (3 comments)

Cfraser. "science fiction, fantasy, literature, my library is pretty much up to date, check out my wish list..." (3 comments)

LadyBrook3 (3 comments)

skelly. "Eclectic. I like anything imaginative and well-written...." (4 comments)

kjgormley. "I like literary fiction with sci-fi/fantasy elements. Or visa-versa. Think "Station Eleven," "Song of Achilles," "The Book of Strange New Things," etc. Alternatively! piratical/nautical adventure romp..." (8 comments)

hattie_lou. "This is a library for my (almost) 1 year old daughter. Would love some dahlov ipcar books, or moomin books, or any folky stories from around the world (as long as the book is in english or spanish (if..." (5 comments)

majkia. "I like science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and mysteries. I love books that involve puzzles, code breaking, art theft, first contact, and those with strong female characters...." (3 comments)

GRgenius. "Fiction, Contemporary Romance, YA Fiction, Children's Fiction...see a trend? ^-^..." (2 comments)

ericbell35. "Classic literature, historical fiction, science and mathematics, bridge (the card game), anything having to do with Peanuts by Charles Schulz, cookbooks. I liked the early Tom Clancy books (the later ..." (4 comments)

CarolineMCarrico. "When you look at my library, you probably notice a wide swath of genres. I do research at a museum, which is where a lot of those odder books come in. Since I read a lot of history for my job, I like ..." (5 comments)

addyintheworld. "This account is for the niece of member leahbird. Please contact her if you have any questions. Addy is 6 years old and now reading on her own. She's very excited about reading and will love g..." (5 comments)

kmv. "I read a lot of different types of books, but at the moment I'm mostly reading urban fantasy-type books. I really really like reading series of books (so I'd love to get the first book in a series I h..." (3 comments)

SimoneA. "I read many different genres, except maybe crime/thrillers. For a good view of the books I like, look at my Recommendations Collection. What I would love this year is to find a nice fantasy/supernatur..." (3 comments)

fyrefly98. "I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and any combination thereof. I also like microhistories, natural history, and similar non-fiction, short story collections, and genera..." (3 comments)

yoyogod. "I generally prefer to read fantasy and horror. I also ocassionally enjoy mysteries, science fiction, bizarro fiction, and nonfiction on Fortean subjects...." (7 comments)

riverwillow. "I like to think that I have wide tastes in literature. My LT library is fairly representative of my tastes and is up-to-date, but ignore the study collection as these list the books I had to read for ..." (6 comments)

leahbird. "Some general likes: children's classics, myths and fairy tales (especially really good retellings), dystopian fiction, light fantasy (more urban/modern than Lord of the Rings and the like), dark humor..." (9 comments)

Jenni_Canuck. "Please leave comments/suggestions: they help build my reading wishlists :D I like both fiction (fantasy, YA, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, mystery, steampunk) and non-fiction (popular science s..." (8 comments)

timspalding. "This year I'm going to focus it down—way down. I want really good English poetry, 1600 to 1960, minus the Romantics. I want the poetry itself. But critical editions are also excellen..." (10 comments)

Total: 440


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