SantaThing: Secret Santa for Book Lovers

SantaThing is LibraryThing's Secret Santa for book lovers.
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How it works

  1. Become a Secret Santa. Choose your payment level ($15–$45) and preferred bookstore—Amazon and its international stores, Powell's, Book Depository or Longfellow Books in Maine.

    You can sign up for yourself, or make this a gift for a friend (LibraryThing member or not).
  2. If you pay $30, you get $30 worth of books. We take no cut. But Amazon has changed their minimum for free shipping this year, so if you're requesting paper copies from Amazon, you will get $5 less in books, to cover shipping.
  3. We choose a LibraryThing member to be your "Santee," the person you'll be buying for. We try to match up similar members.
  4. You pick books for your Santee, based on their library and wishlist. The limit is whatever they paid. There is no fee on top.
  5. LibraryThing elves order the books and the books are shipped directly to your Santee. Only LibraryThing and the bookseller see your address.
  6. You receive a package with the books from your Secret Santa.
  7. Everyone rejoices!

Even if you don't want to be a Santa, you can help by suggesting books for others. Click on a member's name to leave a suggestion.

Any questions? Email infolibrarything.com

Crucial dates

Friday, November 29th at 8pm Eastern. Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Thursday, December 5th at 12pm Eastern. Gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

Your SantaThings

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Other Santas!

Unpicked (1)

jazzyereader. "I love memoirs (The Glass Castle, Let's Pretend this Never Happened), humor (think David Sedaris or Jen Lancaster), literature (just finished The Orphan Master's Son and loved it), really good sci-fi ..." (18 comments)

Picked (422)

empress8411. "I enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy, Newbery Awards Books, Older Mysteries (Think Agatha Christie or Doyle) Cozy Novels from the 1940s and 1950s (Think Faith Baldwin, Eleanor Porter or Miss Read) or vintage Ch..." (4 comments)

seule771. "Seating Arrangement by Maggie Shipstead And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman The Bee Keepers Apprentice by Laurie King..." (3 comments)

kiramoody (Sierra). "Sierra is 13, and enjoys realistic fiction and mysteries. She also enjoys a little horror...." (3 comments)

kiramoody (Jessica). "Jessica is 11, and likes fantasy, realistic fiction and mysteries...." (3 comments)

Angela.Houser. "I love unique books! I am interested most genres. I love a good memoir or biography. I really enjoy reading historical or historical fiction and general fiction (especially the type the come with good..." (2 comments)

Stevil2001. "I'm an Ph.D. candidate in English literature, studying nineteenth-century literature and early science fiction. I am also interested in British literature post-1980, comic books (especially fun ones),..." (1 comments)

thequestingvole. "Napoleonic & 19th Century European/Colonial Military History (Osprey, History of Wargaming Project, Leonaur, etc) Classic 19th century adventure fiction. Call of Cthulhu & Space 1889 RPG (I have a fai..." (4 comments)

StarShadowBlog. "YA Books mainly, I have specifically made a wishlist of books im just dying to have incase you didn't want to take a chance of getting something i have or have read...." (2 comments)

Lacyberman. "I have an eclectic library, but haven't set up my LT lists yet, I'm a newbie. I would love cookbooks, baking in particular, poetry anthologies or books by poets e.e.cummings, Billy Collins, Ann Sexton..." (5 comments)

EddyT. "I like books that will have me at the edge of my seat. I like books that have action in it. Books like the Alex Rider series. Spy novels are great please and thanks! i was kinda looking for the new An..." (7 comments)

timspalding (noellib). "The member is noellib. He lost his books in a fire, but they are still cataloged on LibraryThing. The thread about it is here: http://www.librarything.com/topic/160716 A member sent this free account...." (1 comments)

INTPLibrarian. "My LibraryThing account includes just about every book I've ever read whether I liked it or not. Please check my library for books I've already read? What am I hoping for? There are three totally diff..." (4 comments)

Dogberryjr. "I like literary fiction, and fiction that makes me think and laugh. I love Richard Russo's books (but I have them all). Charles Portis, Ian Frazier, David Sedaris and their ilk all make me laugh. I li..." (5 comments)

Katie.Loughlin. "I love dystopian, alternate history, mystery, and contemporary fiction. I like mythology and supernatural themes as well. I'm open to historical nonfiction and conspiracies too...." (7 comments)

smileydq. "I love most fiction (contemporary and historical), classic literature, and poetry...." (3 comments)

H0bbes. "My librarything library is my office - work library - I lecture in history & theology. Don't feel limited by the fairly narrow range there. In fiction I read Science Fiction (Peter Hamilton, Timothy Z..." (5 comments)

GeorgiaDawn. "I read all genres, but prefer science fiction or historical fiction. I also enjoy books about the southern United States...." (8 comments)

chexmix. "Science (especially physics / astronomy -- books with actual math are fine!), mathematics, literary and avant-garde fiction and poetry, computer books (UNIX/Linux, programming), history and biography ..." (5 comments)

Snarky21. "Beach reads by authors like Elin Hilderbrand, history about JFK, Jackie Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Some of my favorite authors are Elin Hilderbrand, Homer Hickam, Jr., Elizabeth Gilbert Francine Rive..." (4 comments)

christiguc. "I love almost any kind of book...." (3 comments)

sandstone78. "My library consists mostly of fantasy and science fiction, but my favorite books are a little offbeat from the bestsellers of the genre. I'm interested in character-driven stories, and my favorite sto..." (5 comments)

shootingstarr7. "Love classics, historical fiction and literary fiction. I read some romance, but generally otherwise do not read genre fiction. Please feel free to browse my profile to get a taste of what I have and ..." (3 comments)

TheoClarke. "My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I would really like is your favourite book that I do not already own or have read...." (7 comments)

BabyRowen. "Dr. Suess, Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, Boy Disney Characters (Toy Story, Cars, etc.), Spiderman..." (7 comments)

AshleyAJohns. "Tolkien, I just read the Hobbit and loved it. Stephen King, anything from him really. Anything fantasy/horror is enjoyable :) I also enjoy a good zombie novel!..." (6 comments)

JerryMmm (Jeejtje). "@Jeejtje is my 2yo daughter. She has an account here. We're also expecting another child. I will update her account tomorrow. It would be nice if she got some picture books (2y+), in Dutch, or without..." (2 comments)

tapestry100. "I'm a book lover in general, so just about anything catches my fancy. All the books I own are currently in my LT library. I particularly enjoy graphic novels, SciFi/fantasy, steampunk, and some horror..." (9 comments)

kelsiface. "I like not-super-cozy but non-super-dark mysteries, biology/medicine/social science oriented nonfiction, and almost all things linguistics/language related (provided they aren't prescriptivist). I don..." (4 comments)

PatsyMurray. "I've been reading a lot of contemporary fiction this year, but am not so happy with my choices. The books that I have enjoyed most this year: a biography of Clover Adams and Michael Ondaatje's The Eng..." (6 comments)

beserene (WendySAllison). "Wendy loves Stephen King and Joe Hill, but has all of those books, so if there are similar authors, that's a place to start. She also enjoys the classics -- Little Women is a favorite -- and historica..." (1 comments)

invinciblesmile. "I love books on some of my favorite artists like Van Gogh and Shakespeare. I enjoy victorian and steampunk books. Feel free to send me anything you think I would like, as long as its not too historica..." (3 comments)

psychomamma. "I like FICTION books, often ones that are based in another culture or city/country. I like learning something while I am being highly entertained! This year my favorite book was "The Golem and the Jin..." (4 comments)

serendipitina. "I like a good story, so I'm open to a variety of genres. Besides, the element of surprise and serendipity makes it all that more fun!..." (5 comments)

Jenni_Canuck. "Years of SantaThing and no one has ever made a suggestion for me. *sniff *wipes away a tear Maybe this time!I love dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction as well as sociological & anthropological ..." (13 comments)

Caitiekat. "I love scifi/fantasy. I own almost everything written by Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, and Orson Scott Card. I also love The Hunger Games trilogy as well as Harry Potter. I like books that involve a..." (11 comments)

_debbie_. "I was going to skip ST this year for the first time since I haven't been reading much lately, but I just love surprises! How about at least one good crochet book, then anything else you think I might ..." (6 comments)

ryvre. "This one is for Kindle books! I love speculative fiction, historical fiction, books with LGBT characters, books with strong female protagonists, mythology, books about any religion, historica..." (6 comments)

ryvre. "I love speculative fiction, historical fiction, books with LGBT characters, books with strong female protagonists, mythology, books about any religion, historical mysteries, cookbooks, books by people..." (3 comments)

sangreal (Lilia). "Lil loves literary fiction from around the world ... the more unusual the country, the better! Some of her favorite authors are Nagib Mafouz, Haruki Murakami and Orhan Pamuk. She's already read everyt..." (8 comments)

masterdeski. "Last year I asked for Hobbit movie books, and hit the mother-lode. Can we try that again? Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug reference books like the Weta Chronicles, or any Hobbit related art books, behind-..." (3 comments)

themockturtle (4 comments)

Alexander19. "I LOVE southern fiction, in both novel and short story form. Big fan of Tom Franklin, Cormac McCarthy, William Gay, Ron Rash, Daniel Woodrel, etc... Also love short story collections in general. Also ..." (7 comments)

catalina7. "I am open to any good books! I love reading and read lots of fantasy, some YA and some historical fiction with a dash of nonfiction here and there. I’m always open to trying new book suggestions tho..." (2 comments)

bragan. "My tastes are extremely eclectic, really. My favorite genres are probably science fiction and science-related non-fiction, but I also read everything from literary fiction to YA, and non-fiction works..." (8 comments)

Romonko (Lori Slack). "Lori likes Canadian literature. She is also a fan of mystery series such as Kinsey Millhone, VI Warshawski John Rebus. She is on about book 10 in the Rebus series, so anything after that would be good..." (7 comments)

paperkingdoms. "My LibraryThing is generally a complete listing of what I own. If it's a series I have started, I've probably read the most recent book there, and am just waiting for it to come out in paperback befor..." (2 comments)

beserene. "I love fantasy and science fiction and am always looking for something in those genres that I haven't heard of... but I have a lot in those areas also, so I am open to the challenge of new and interes..." (7 comments)

Cfraser. "Science Fiction - have read all of isaac asimov and orson scott card, which i love, like classical Sci-fi but open to new Literature Fantasy My wish list is pretty much up to date..." (2 comments)

vivir. "Just surprise me! My library, tag cloud, my secondary LT account vivir_reads and maybe also my twitter account @vipvir show quite well my interests and reading habits. I´d love to find some new fanta..." (3 comments)

feste26. "I'm borrowing this from a member named abbie.c.west, because I recognized this as the type of book I'd like to receive: "I would love for you to choose a work of fiction that has meant a great deal to..." (13 comments)

InfectiousOptimist. "I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to participate this year. LibraryThing is full of generous yet humble individuals. You all are a great reminder that there is still benevolence and ..." (3 comments)

Drmeghollis. "I have an eclectic library. I am always looking for new and interesting books to read. I do not like fad-ish type books...." (3 comments)

lbelecki. "I have wide-ranging taste for all types of books, fiction and non-fiction. Would appreciate books on opera, biographies of artists, or classics you have enjoyed that aren't already listed in my LT lib..." (2 comments)

jrbaker149. "I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and related genres. I keep my LibraryThing library and wishlist up to date, so please review them before making purchases. Ultimately I'd like something from my wishl..." (4 comments)

amsparky. "I typically read romance, young adult and mystery/thriller. I LOVE series books. My favorite authors are: Carly Phillips Lori Foster Susan Mallery JD Robb Janet Evanovich Jill Shalvis Kristan Higgans ..." (5 comments)

Jenni_Canuck. "I love dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction as well as sociological & anthropological non-fiction. I have a “SantaThing Wishlist” tag so that’s probably a good place to start. My catalogue is not ..." (3 comments)

calm. "Varied but historical fiction (Mediaeval and earlier), myth and legend and fantasy are my favourite genres. So if you can find someone like Karen Maitland who combines all three that would be great. I..." (7 comments)

Yarrow. "I like fiction by women, especially literary fiction, and unusual historical fiction, especially set in Europe or the 1920s or the Middle East. I'd love you to introduce me to something brand new, esp..." (3 comments)

Apolline. "I like - a good mystery, but not action - romance, but not typical chick lit - historical fiction - fantasy (working on Wheel of Time) I already own all the books in my LT-library, so no need to get a..." (2 comments)

KimberlyGScott. "I love to read Christian based books, biographies, mysteries, any feel-good books. My LT library is full of books that I have read & liked...." (4 comments)

jthelwell. "I like mysteries - especially historical, science fiction - especially military, and WWI and WWII non-fiction...." (3 comments)

Ragnell. "I'm very much into sci-fi and space stuff at the moment, fiction that idolizes the future and the limitless possibilities there. I'm also up for mystery and horror lately, as long as its in a recent, ..." (2 comments)

aya.herron. "I'm a big fan of horror fiction and mysteries for all ages. I have a SantaThing Wishlist on my profile to help you with ideas, but I like surprises as well. Finally, I prefer paperbacks if possible...." (4 comments)

Longshanks. "1. In comedy, I appreciate shrewd styles of humor that don't draw hammy attention to themselves. Think Stewart Lee's standup comedy if my attempted description is too vague. (I believe he actually has..." (5 comments)

caras_galadhon. "My tastes skew very heavily to fiction, and within fiction, towards fantasy, although I enjoy suspense, mystery and horror as well. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but outside of the Professor, I tend to pref..." (3 comments)

sangreal. "Hello Secret Santa!! I have fairly eclectic reading tastes ... if you exclude anything romance-related or paranormal! What I've been short on lately is diaries/letters/essays by authors that I like. T..." (9 comments)

BookLizard. "Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance. Something funny would nice, but isn't necessary. New-to-me authors preferred...." (10 comments)

sar96 (Jane Cox). "Like Mysteries; Needs Large Print Some Favorite author include: Nora Roberts; James Patterson; Patricia Cornwell; John Grisham; Craig Johnson; J.D. Robb Also enjoys history or historical fiction She l..." (5 comments)

Melface. "I love a lot of Young Adult, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I also love classics like Jane Eyre and Jane Austen's books. My most recent favorite reads were The Girl of Fire and Thorns series, Graceling..." (8 comments)

drsyko. "I like a variety of genres, but I especially enjoy comic romance, modern romance, mysteries, history, historical fiction, fantasy, humor and science fiction. I also enjoy quirky non-fiction and memoir..." (4 comments)

lahochstetler. "I enjoy literary fiction, mysteries, and narrative non-fiction. I also enjoy memoirs, but tend towards memoirs of regular people, not "famous" people. My library is complete, at least within these are..." (4 comments)

aviddiva. "I have a pretty wide range of interests, but prefer books which are not too dark or hopeless. I like fiction with romantic elements (although I read other things, too) and prefer happy (or at least ho..." (5 comments)

Charroxx (Charroxx). "She is a 13 year-old girl who likes dystopian YA like The Hunger Games and Ally Condie's Matched books. She also likes authors such as Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult and graphic novels. S..." (9 comments)

Familyhistorian. "I enjoy history and genealogy and have many of those books with an emphasis on the UK with side trips into Canada and a bit of the US. I tend to actually read lighter stuff like mysteries and romance ..." (7 comments)

gflowereliane. "Well...I really enjoy historical fiction set in medieval/Renaissance times. But I've read so much of it that maybe that's risky! I love a good cookbook; for that matter food writing and travel writing..." (7 comments)

catalina7. "Happy Santathing! I love books and will read pretty much everything, though my favorite genres are fantasy, YA, and historical fiction (particularly British/Tudor era/1400-1800s). I like books with go..." (3 comments)

abbie.c.west. "I would love for you to choose a work of fiction that has meant a great deal to you. I appreciate books with gorgeous prose, a little bit of a love story (not romance genre), and a bit of mystery, and..." (8 comments)

ForeignCircus. "I love historical fiction, mysteries (especially ones set in the UK), biographies, histories, classic sci-fi, and excellent young adult fiction. Favorite authors or recent good reads: Agatha Christie,..." (9 comments)

literatefool. "I'm all over the place with my reading. I read cozy mysteries (Jo Dereske, etc)and adore biblio mysteries;sci fi,;Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I also love non fiction- English, French, American history (esp ear..." (2 comments)

bluesalamanders (callmecayce). "This is for my sister, callmecayce. She likes: Science fiction and fantasy (especially YA, steampunk, urban fantasy) Lots of YA, actually Scandinavian mysteries Non-fiction on topics like science-for-..." (3 comments)

bluesalamanders. "I read mostly fantasy and science fiction (Adult and YA both). I tend to prefer women authors and women protagonists (though not exclusively) and I definitely prefer books with lots of women/girl char..." (6 comments)

bookwoman84. "Feel free to take a look at my library on here--I'm willing to try reading just about anything, but especially enjoy historical fiction, graphic novels, thrillers, interesting non-fiction (science or ..." (7 comments)

Jackie_Spencer. "historical fiction, ghost or witch stories, survivor stories (resilience), comical holiday stories, quirky mysteries or adventures with female main characters, biographies of everyday people..." (4 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I love cozy mysteries, and I read a lot of them, especially with interesting themes like cooking, crafts or careers. I have read all Laura Childs mysteries (except for the most recent Tea Shop or Cack..." (13 comments)

meggyweg. "My LibraryThing account is up-to-date. I have a long list of "to-read" books you can pick from, but you don't have to select a book off of there. My main book interests are as follows, in no particula..." (3 comments)

LadyoftheLodge (My sister Jeanette). "These are books for my sister Jeanette. These are her reading preferences. Jeanette likes books about artworks or art museums, modern American fiction (similar to Jodi Picoult), Holocaust fiction, boo..." (3 comments)

Phlox72. "I like fantasy, but more along the lines of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell or Lord of the Rings than Game of Thrones. Some of my favourite books include The Other, Under the Skin, The Little Strange..." (6 comments)

FemmeNoiresque. "I realise a lot of my tastes are almost bizarrely contradictory. If all else fails, there's always my wishlist but I love reading other people's favourites. Just go with your gut and chose something y..." (4 comments)

SweetReaderMA (6 comments)

bestem (BabyL). "This is for my nephew, Lincoln http://www.librarything.com/profile/babyL He will be 5 months old a few days before Christmas. He has more books than the 8 catalogued there (those were the 8 he had pri..." (6 comments)

bestem. "I stick to certain genres, mostly science fiction and fantasy. I like both epic fantasy and urban fantasy. I read fast, so I like series' as well, feel free to start me out on one you like. Recent fav..." (5 comments)

Ennas. "Fantasyfan, obviously. :) To me, characters are more important than plot (though of course, a good plot is a + !). I like female protagonists, dragons, magic and protagonists with good friends. Favori..." (4 comments)

nscocozzo. "I have always enjoyed a mix of fiction and non-fiction as my library reveals. This year, I would appreciate a mix. For fiction, I tend to find thrillers (techno or not), sci-fi, and a dabbling in fant..." (5 comments)

tikibee. "I like memoirs and adore short stories...." (5 comments)

Octane. "My library shows my tastes pretty well, basically a lot of fiction with a focus on fantasy/sci-fi, some more niche stuff and the odd non-fiction book. For my SantaThing books, I'm hoping for some nice..." (2 comments)

Drmeghollis. "I have an eclectic library. I am a professor of criminology, and do work on policing, semiotics, and communities and crime. That being said, I hate crime novels. I typically like things that are class..." (3 comments)

Jtactor. "C.S. Lewis though I have all of Narnia and many of the Apologetics, Young Adult, Dickens, King, Martin, Butcher..." (6 comments)

Limelite. "Literary and historical fiction are my things (you can probably tell after a peek at my Profile). When in doubt, I like prize-winning fiction, especially Booker and Orange winners. Have developed a fo..." (3 comments)

davisfamily. "Science Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy, Chinese History. Korean History, Japanese History. These are our current interest...." (4 comments)

booksaplenty1949 (2 comments)

LorLe. "I am a librarian so it is difficult to get things I have not read. I am building a collection of classics, so you can look at my library and see what is missing. I like European historical fiction fro..." (5 comments)

pjweums. "books about history (history of math and science are good; history of books and writing); biographies; mysteries; or surprise me!..." (4 comments)

Runa. "I love YA! If you're at a loss for ideas, my Amazon Wishlist is here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1N7VGFNFKCD4E/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_o?sort=universal-title&filter=3&itemPerPage=25..." (5 comments)

teresakayep. "My tastes are wide-ranging, to include prize-winning fiction, classics, mysteries, graphic novels, speculative fiction. Really, a little of everything, as long as it's well written. Favorite authors i..." (5 comments)

Novimarra. "Fantasy fiction, occult fiction, historical/fantasy/occult fiction. Religious, Catholic Christian fiction (Michael OBrien) or non-fiction, mythological/fantasy fiction...." (1 comments)

wyvernfriend. "Love urban fantasy, books with knitting, knitting, calligraphy, light fantasy, romance..." (5 comments)

gma2lana. "I like mystery, cooking, non-fiction, history, hec, I like a lot of things! I like some memoirs...." (1 comments)

LauraBrook. "Hi Santa! I will read anything, and like every genre I've tried, so no pressure. My library and wish list are up-to-date (you can also use my "Xmas Swap 2013" wish list, but someone has recently purch..." (3 comments)

historyglobe. "I haven't updated LibraryThing in a while, so here is what I'm currently interested in: history books about the sea islands on the east coast of Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina. (These could be lo..." (0 comments)

micapam. "I love translated literature, especially from Europe: Italo Calvino, Marcel Proust, Imre Kertesz. My favourite English-language authors are George Eliot, A. S. Byatt, and Amit Chaudhuri...." (6 comments)

panzerwolf. "I love reading about history, pretty much all topics, but focused on ancient Rome, WW2, Egypt and the crusades. Still, love pretty much all stuff concerning history, as well as books about nature (esp..." (3 comments)

djryan. "Obscure Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Psychology, anything different and not usually found in the UK...." (2 comments)

Maaike15274. "Fantasy (all sorts: epic, alternate history, steampunk, new weird etc), science fiction, historic novels, classic literature (Austen, Brontë-sisters). As for "ordinary" contemporary literatur: I like..." (5 comments)

Rynooo. "12 months on, still on a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy tip, though I'm willing to have my horizons broadened...." (2 comments)

ejmam. "I like SF (space opera, urban fantasy, other worlds, you name it), and/or YA. I also like interesting biographies but it's hard for me to pick these...." (6 comments)

naggingdragon. "My LT is not up to date sadly- will try to add to it! Time... When I can, I read mostly fantasy - this yr enjoying, Hunger Games, the Patrick Ness series and the Dust trilogy. All my books tend to be ..." (4 comments)

snigl3t. "Generally prefer space opera and hard SF, the more convoluted & sciencey & politicky the better :) Some fantasy is OK as well, but I'm a bit picky with that (and the same qualifications apply for fant..." (4 comments)

birdsam0610. "I like most genres, but generally read in the contemporary/literary/historical fiction. I've branched out into reading more romance this year. I've read a lot of new releases over the last couple of y..." (4 comments)

RidgewayGirl. "I like both literary fiction and crime fiction, With crime fiction, I'm interested in finding authors I haven't read before and books set in interesting places. I prefer my mysteries to be gritty and ..." (3 comments)

SouthernKiwi. "My catalogue is a good place to get an idea of my reading tastes and it's kept up to date. My reading can be a bit scattered but my favourites are general fiction, historical fiction (especially if it..." (6 comments)

Ky.Nguyen-Zubroski. "Robin Sloan's Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore is my absolute favorite book I've ever read. I love J.D. Robb's In Death series, Lincoln & Child's Pendergast series, Tolkien, Ransom Riggs' Miss Peregri..." (3 comments)

Kowh. "Sci-Fi mainly, big fan of Iain M. Banks, William Gibson, Douglas Adams, Charles Stross, and Christopher Brookmyre...." (1 comments)

ateolf. "Literary and experimental fiction. I like a pretty wide range of stuff. Check out my library to see what I already have. My list of favorite books could give good clues...." (3 comments)

sundancer. "My husband left me this year so I've been reading a lot of self help books like how to stay positive when you feel like crap. I have a couple books on my wishlist that I'd really LOVE to read beginnin..." (5 comments)

sherylrhayes. "I am a sucker for a good vampire or werewolf story. I like urban fantasy. I am interested in steampunk (love the band Abney Park), but have not done too much reading in the genre...." (7 comments)

cutiger80. "I am very interested in books like The Evolution of the Cruise Missile, The Defense Industry and Democracy's Arsenal and Management of Defense Acquisition Projects. I am also interested in Science, St..." (4 comments)

Peripa. "I enjoy historical fiction, lists, fantasy, graphic novels, vintage cookbooks, and other things that I can't think of at the moment. My LibraryThing library is fairly up to date...." (3 comments)

Miela. "I enjoy a wide variety of fiction -- the novels I've enjoyed most this year have been the first two Tania French, and the Josephine B. trilogy. I also enjoy memoirs (especially travel/hobby type ones)..." (4 comments)

janerogers. "crime novels, european police procedurals, poetry, some philosophy..." (7 comments)

Schlyne. "I read mostly science fiction and fantasy. I enjoy historical fiction and mysteries. I am picky about writing style. I think I have almost my entire library listed now on librarything. I prefer hardba..." (3 comments)

julyso. "I love mysteries, thrillers (not gore), and fiction. The last couple of books I have read and enjoyed were...Accused by Lisa Scottoline, W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton, and Syramore Road by John Grish..." (1 comments)

ehough75. "Like pretty much anything. Really been tryingbto branch out. I am sure any thing that is picked will be great. Thanks..." (4 comments)

jane21712. "Contemporary fiction, memoirs, mysteries...." (1 comments)

bree.tennant. "I love reading fantasy and dabble a little in science fiction - especially when it relates to Doctor Who. I also enjoy European classics and contemporary literary fiction featuring strong females role..." (5 comments)

amilligan. "I am not picky I love most kinds. I really like historical fiction specifically WW2 era. I enjoy Gods, Myths, vampires, supernatural, romantic dramas...." (4 comments)

ShadowCandy. "I love everything but I tend to like fiction and poetry most of all. I don't read a lot of nonfiction. I pretty much love everything from NYRB classics (as you can see from my library)I'm pretty easy ..." (3 comments)

shaunzeebaby. "Young Adult (trained as middle school librarian) literature, Science Fiction (but not hard Sci-Fi), Fantasy, Theatre, Biographies, Paranormal Fantasy..." (8 comments)

bagejew. "Thrillers, mysteries, Southern Lit, humor, chick lit. Love Mary Kay Andrews, Debora Geary, James Patterson, Stephen King. Reality is, I like just about anything except pure sci fi...." (3 comments)

brewergirl. "I like history, biography, general fiction, and historical fiction. I'm open to most things. If you look at my LibraryThing catalog, use the "Personal Collection."..." (2 comments)

kiramoody. "I love kids and teen books. I prefer fantasy, mystery, adventure, action, and science fiction. I do like adult cozy mysteries like Janet Evanovich (have them all) as well. I have read a lot of books a..." (5 comments)

Psylk87. "I read pretty much anything and everything so any genre is totally fine. I also don't mind if they are Young Adult or Adult either one is totally fine. I look forward to being exposed to new books and..." (6 comments)

FatMonkey. "just looking for a good read..." (2 comments)

hermeneutics. "All things Presidential..." (4 comments)

jjmcgaffey. "I mostly read SF and fantasy - some of my favorites are Mercedes Lackey, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Lois McMasters Bujold, David Weber. Cozy mysteries (preferably without know-it-all detectives), hi..." (2 comments)

omnivorous. "celebrity bios, books about movies/TV, general pop culture..." (3 comments)

Krither. "My favourite genre is fantasy, especially urban, more in the style of Charles de lint and Ellen Datlow then the paranormal sort of thing. I read a lot of dystopian, both classic and more contemporary ..." (2 comments)

JacobsBeloved. "lots of fantasy and paranormal in both adult and YA, some Christian fiction and non-fiction, some romance, also a fan of books on writing, and crochet pattern books..." (0 comments)

Keith_Voogd. "Recent interests include: Classic science fiction Books about books and book collecting..." (5 comments)

nerrawnicole. "Surprise me! I love graphic novels (loveee The Walking Dead), cookbooks (I'm a newly self-taught vegan chef...at least, at my house) pulpy romance novels (yea, just read my first Jodi Piccoult novel) ..." (3 comments)

javargo. "I'll read anything. I'd like something really out of the ordinary, very creative fiction or unusual non-fiction. If you think it's really out there, it might be just what I'm looking for. For instance..." (5 comments)

ForstRose. "I enjoy a variety of fiction - fantasy, paranormal, historical, romance, literary, ya, christian, cozy mystery, soft suspense...." (6 comments)

graceless880. "See my library. Dystopian YA is my favorite type of book to read (except for the Matched series -- read the first one and just couldn't get into them)...." (5 comments)

qebo. "Best bets: * overlap of science/technology and history/biography/culture – prefer biology to physics * gardening & wildlife - especially memoir, observation/anecdote, citizen science, native plants,..." (6 comments)

SimoneA. "I read a lot of different genres. For my favorite books, check out my Recommendations collection. I like to find new authors and be surprised!..." (2 comments)

wester. "I want books to show me the world in a different light. Fiction or nonfiction, on my wishlist or not, whatever you think will make my world look different. My LT wishlist is up to date. I can read Eng..." (5 comments)

jarno87. "I really like epic fantasy, and thrillers. The last few years I've started to read some science fiction and like it. (I read Asimov's Foundation series, Ann McCaffrey's dragonriders, Orson Scott Card'..." (5 comments)

WinonaBaines (3 comments)

mskeens. "Check out my wish-list. I enjoy a variety of different types of books. Young Adult, Murder Mystery, Vampire, Werewolves etc. Some of my favorite Authors are James Patterson, Stephanie Meyer, Kelly Arm..." (3 comments)

GoldieBug. "Science fiction, Star Wars, mysteries, pop-up books, horses, horse racing, Muppets, Superman, Doctor Who. (See my Wishlist!) I do not have preferences for hardback or paperback, like both. And thank y..." (2 comments)

EllsieFind. "Dear Santa, I have eclectic tastes in books. I like books with beautifully written prose. I like speculative fiction, literary fiction. I like animal books but not too sappy. For fun I like mysteries ..." (9 comments)

travelinlibrarian. "Mainly horror, the more out there the better. But be sure to check my collection first as I've got a lot of it already. SF works too; the bigger the story the better. (Peter F. Hamilton is a great exa..." (3 comments)

mojo09226. "I have a lot of paranormal romance, romance, and classic literature with a heavy focus on Arthurian Legend. Here is a link to my goodreads library shows my owned and preferences much better. https://w..." (5 comments)

owlie13. "This year I am just requesting mysteries. My library is up-to-date and public. My preference is authors new to me. If I like an author I tend to buy their complete catalogue, so if I have only 1-2 boo..." (3 comments)

jmcneil (1 comments)

elka.gimpel. "Science Literary Fiction Horror Classics Poetry Sociobiology..." (2 comments)

lilkim714. "I love historical fiction, cozy mysteries and historical mysteries. I tend to love English historical fiction, but I have so many books focusing on England. I would love to read more Russian historica..." (4 comments)

zephyr4. "My tastes are eclectic, perhaps more than my current library posts indicate. I enjoy character driven mysteries, fiction and biographies that describe different historical periods, and quirky speculat..." (2 comments)

Jenxy21. "I have developed a new love for YA novels. I would love the collection of Divergent or Hunger Games. I would love the new fairy tale re-telling by Jackson Pearce (I have the first 3). I love Karen Whi..." (3 comments)

catarina1. "Look at the wishlist under "all collections". There is a list of 15 books that I am currently looking for. As for the entire library that I have, everything is pretty much listed on LT. I have a huge ..." (4 comments)

KarenElissa. "I read mostly non-fiction. I generally like books with a story, biography, memoirs, history, travel, that type of stuff. I also like science and religious books (Catholic). My account is up to date. T..." (4 comments)

lucienspringer. "I like language-driven fiction, especially in translation (think Dalkey Archive, Open Letter, Archipelago, and such presses) and heady, literary speculative fiction (Crowley, Delany, and so on). And a..." (4 comments)

HeidiRuth. "Anything on my wish list, a variety of different genres would be nice. And anything by Nobel prize winners or Pulitzer prize winners. I like fast-paced, engaging novels that are about complex relation..." (4 comments)

Karrie_Leigh. "I'm really into historical fiction right now, especially the Victorian era. I also love murder mystery's, fantasy and historical nonfiction. I also love anything with old Hollywood...." (4 comments)

debdebtig. "I love a good sci-fi or fantasy book. Any good short reads or young adult novels. Also love books by Silverstein and McCaffrey. Also genealogy references are great...." (4 comments)

lansum. "I'll try to make this as easy as possible: News of the Spirit by Lee Smith; a really good Alice Monro collection--I haven't read anything by her. I know that's too many--don't worry. Of course, you ca..." (1 comments)

meliarose. "I love LibraryThing Secret Santa and had a good time with it last year. Well, I'm a young adult, so sure I like the occasional cheesy young adult romance, but my favorite books are things like histori..." (4 comments)

jmach226. "mysteries, thrillers, erotic romance, whodunnit's, cozy capers, paranormal romance, dystopia, paranormal..." (13 comments)

riida. "hiya :) my book tastes change dramatically with my moods. like now for example, i feel ive outgrown YAs for the time being....tho im sure thats bound to change :p i have a wishlist 'collection' on my ..." (4 comments)

amanda4242. "I'll read pretty much anything, but I prefer fiction...." (2 comments)

bluepiano. "eclectic..." (1 comments)

mellu. "Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. Crime fiction (the grittier, the better) and historical mysteries. Classics. Non-fiction: history, science, nature, biographies. But I read just ..." (11 comments)

fdholt. "I read mostly non-fiction. Topics of interest include history of science, music history and baseball. (I have received several of the scholarly McFarland books on obscure players in baseball history t..." (6 comments)

AnnaKatharina. "I like historical fiction, especially which takes place in medieval England. Besides I enjoy books about Austrian imperial times or about its decay. A sentimental if not too banal love story would de ..." (6 comments)

Dija. "I don't want to narrow it down. I like fiction as well as non-fiction and I am interested in a broad range of topics. Just have a look at my LT library and find something that might fit in there. I'd ..." (2 comments)

m_h-auntie. "I read almost everything. Never one to turn a book away...." (5 comments)

tophats. "My library is a pretty good indicator of the kinds of books I like to read, along with the books I own that might be useful for my dissertation about the history of zoology. I like books about books, ..." (4 comments)

knownever. "Science fiction, war, conceptual art..." (2 comments)

sallylou61. "Readings for 2014 including Mysteries please. I want to branch out this year, and read more mysteries. I'll be participating in MysteryCat, and have already discovered that I'm very unfamiliar with th..." (9 comments)

queencarlotta. "I enjoy literature in translation (especially from Eastern Europe), travelogues, contemporary fiction and anything a little off kilter. My favorite reads/authors read in the past year have included La..." (9 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "So, my library is a pretty good look at what I enjoy reading, but I have a special request this year. I'd really like some fiction. Non-fiction has kind of been taking over my shelves and I'm looking ..." (2 comments)

trisweather. "my LT library is up to date. I like -fantasy with strong females. -moviehistory books -fiction and nonfiction about the arctic -books about women's history -biographies -chicklit with a twist I collec..." (4 comments)

chazzard. "I particularly like fiction with a strong sense of place, but generally enjoy most contemporary novels. My non-fiction reading interests include travel, memoir, geography and history. My favourite two..." (5 comments)

olemd. "My library is a fairly good description of what I like - science fiction and fantasy with a sprinkling of crime. I do have a special place in my heart for first-person detective stories. More in gener..." (8 comments)

Elliot1822. "History, Military History and Military Equipment. Alternative History Fiction check out my LibraryThing site for my current books. Also have books interested in on Amazon.coms wish list...." (0 comments)

SunnySD. "I enjoy urban fantasy, paranormal romance (series books I don't have listed in my LT catalog are fine), science fiction, space opera, action adventure.... My library is pretty indicative of my tastes...." (4 comments)

TheFlamingoReads. "I adore the following types of books: Historical (fiction or non-fiction), it takes place somewhere in Great Britain, and/or it's a mystery. Historical to me can be at any time along the continuum fro..." (10 comments)

Merryann. "Hi Santa! Right now I'm loving nonfiction, especially when the book is illustrated with photographs. Roosevelt's New Deal programs (like the Farm Security Administration), Dust Bowl, and the Great Dep..." (7 comments)

AvengingExile. "Love a good fantasy novel, elves especially...." (5 comments)

adrateia. "I'm always looking for new science non-fiction (with a focus on medicine or astronomy), horror and dark literary fiction. If you're lost, here's my BD wishlist: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/wishlis..." (3 comments)

camelama. "I like a little of everything except for dark stuff. I love fiction, nonfiction, Do It Yourself , biographies, crafts hobbies you name it.I like to know how things work and why things are as they are...." (3 comments)

MindfulOne. "I love memoir, literary fiction, non-fiction. Some of my favorite authors: Bill Bryson, Barbara Kingsolver, Mary Roach. Here is a link to my Amazon wish list: 8FR39644WT682340X...." (5 comments)

willoughby. "I love anything well-written, but especially WWI, WWII, French history, English History, and other non-fiction delights. I love a good historical mystery. I'm also really starting to get into Graphic ..." (2 comments)

willoughby. "Anything well-written, but especially non-fiction or, in the fiction world, historical mysteries. I love WWII books (European theatre of operations), French history, English history. I wouldn't mind a..." (3 comments)

BabySamuel. "I am a two year old boy that loves simple cute books about trains. My favorite movie is Brave so if there is any young books that have that theme I am sure I would love. I lean towards cardboard books..." (4 comments)

ladylenneth. "I am not going to limit you in this one it isn't a very big amount but I trust you to surprise me! I trust you my Santa to open my eyes to something new! As long as it doesn't involve the (Don't get t..." (1 comments)

coloradogirl14 (Blaine - significant other). "Blaine loves the Ender's Game series & owns most of the books already, along with some other science fiction. Also loves dystopian YA (Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend, The 5th Wave, etc.), sociology/p..." (7 comments)

coloradogirl14. "I love anything dark, horrific, and suspenseful, whether it's outright horror, psychological thrillers, dark mystery, etc. I LOVE big/intelligent plot twists. Also very interested in true crime. I'm p..." (4 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I am willing to try anything but mostly read Fantasy, some YA, some crime books (think Miss Marple, not Scandinavian crime books)...." (1 comments)

LacyWilliams. "I am a romance lover! Inspirational (Christian) romance, contemporary romance, historical romance, young adult with strong romantic elements. *no erotica please Too many favorite authors to count, but..." (7 comments)

Taliasan. "I like pretty much anything. I would prefer Kindle Books. Some of my favourite books are: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games series, Blood Lines series, I also like Nora Roberts, sci-fi and fantasy (pa..." (4 comments)

yarb. "I like literary fiction, especially with weird, picaresque or satirical elements. My "favorites" catgeory should give you some idea. I like fiction that asks a bit more of the reader than just to foll..." (8 comments)

joshuasinger. "Joshua will be a year and a half this Christmas! His aunt (the holder of his LibraryThing account) and his grandmother are already building up his library! We know the classics, but we'd appreciate so..." (4 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "Subjects I like - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, ancient history, science, Fairy Tales, Oddball type stuff... I'm not picky - my LibraryThing Library contains most of the books I've read wi..." (3 comments)

Evalyn. "Pretty much anything! Sci-fi, fantasy, history, crime etc...." (4 comments)

devrose. "Right now, I'm looking for GOOD lesbian mysteries. I haven't actually found any, but I know they must exist! (Not trashy.)..." (6 comments)

pilston. "My LT library is a list of everything I've read in the last 10 years, and everything we own (the business stuff is my husband's). I love sci-fi and fantasy (particularly YA), mysteries, food writing/m..." (2 comments)

OpheliaAutumn. "Fiction: I love books about/with time travel and/or parallel universes, steampunk books, as well as gothic/victorian-gothic/victorian literature, urban fantasy (mostly UK based), fantastic, historical..." (8 comments)

jellyfishjones. "I have wide-ranging tastes, but my first loves will always be my favorites - sci-fi and fantasy. I have quite a few sci-fi classics on my to-read list for possible reference. I also love international..." (6 comments)

Cariola. "My favorite categories are literary fiction and historical fiction (again, the more literary variety--no bodice-rippers or romances, please!). My profile page lists my favorite authors as well as my t..." (4 comments)

TheLostEntwife. "I have an incredibly eclectic taste in books. While I love hardcovers, I also understand that they are pricey and I would love my Secret Santa to just choose according to what they believe I would lov..." (2 comments)

Helcura. "I'd love some non-fiction. Books about disasters, history of science, history of medicine, paleontology . . . I've got wishlists on both LT and Amazon (same username), but don't feel limited by them -..." (5 comments)

KateBaxter. "Where to begin - so many books; so little time. I enjoy history and mystery; historic fiction, espionage and travel. I have a keen interest in Scottish history too. Music history is always intriguing ..." (6 comments)

Tonner1. "I REALLY want the Fairy Bible that was featured in the October list of Early Reviewers books, other than that I like to read every genre of books, except romance and horror...." (1 comments)

romula. "I prefer sci-fi and epic fantasy. I also have 2 boys under 4 yrs old, so any books about cars, trains, etc. would be good too...." (12 comments)

StefanieGeeks. "I prefer my stories to be romantic, but not of the romance genre, and to end with a sense of hope. Characters should be well-drawn and show growth. I enjoy all genres of young adult lit and adult lit ..." (9 comments)

kkunker. "I'm a big fan of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, and history. I also like urban fantasy and steam punk. I've read a little Neil Gaiman and Orson Scott Card ..." (4 comments)

bucketyell. "My library shows everything I have read recently and everything I own. My wishlist is pretty well up-to-date so that is a good place to start. I like somewhat unique fiction - Jaspar Fforde or Jostein..." (2 comments)

Petroglyph. "Tastes in fiction: general mainstream fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror. Story collections. Tastes in non-fiction: linguistics, history, archaeology, some popular-science STEM...." (6 comments)

trisarahdactyl. "I really enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, but I haven't read too much out of either genre, so anything in those categories would be a good bet. I had a great time reading the three Ender's Game books that ar..." (8 comments)

imoen_until. "Mostly fantasy with some sci-fi and a few other things mixed in. I like humourous or extremely strange fiction as well...." (4 comments)

anglemark. "Our library contains all books we own, so if it's not there we don't have it unless it's in an omnibus. We mainly but not exclusively read (fairly literary) science fiction and fantasy or lit fic that..." (3 comments)

SockMonkeyGirl. "I am a long time lover of fantasy and I read all across the genre. I also enjoy romance quite a bit, with an emphasis on historical although I have a few favorite contemporary authors as well. Science..." (2 comments)

Lalalaleela. "My library is a combination of books that I read by choice, and also those assigned by my college courses (I study English literature and drama), but that isn't to say that I wouldn't end up reading a..." (3 comments)

shooting_star28272. "I would love a simple cajun cook book that wouldn't be too hard to follow. I am sorry for such a limited suggestion but I don't get to read as much as I used too and I have been wanting one!..." (3 comments)

MrsLee. "Looking at my author cloud and my wishlist will probably be the most help to you in selecting books. I love surprises! Beautiful illustrations make me happy. I also like to laugh. My favorite genres a..." (5 comments)

crazybatcow. "I like pretty much any trashy novel: noir detective, vigilante justice (can be set in real world, space, or fantasy world, etc), urban fantasy that is not solely oriented as flowery-girl-porn (i.e I d..." (3 comments)

banriona. "I would like to receive novels or graphic novels published by American women in 2013. I am especially interested in books by women of color and/or experimental fiction. Last year I received books by L..." (1 comments)

Jonic. "I would be very happy to discover an author you specially like. All my books are in LT. My wish list is up to date. You can pick from it or not (if you don't it's a bigger surprise). I'm interested in..." (5 comments)

sahra. "My library is an increasingly poor representation of my tastes, because it's a snapshot of my entire collection of books before it was lost in a storage unit. I can't bear to remove them, & I haven't ..." (10 comments)

pausanias. "I have most of our books listed in my Library thing catalog. The ones with the tag "Jessica" are mine. I generally go for Science fiction or mystery. I also enjoy young adult fiction. Last year my sec..." (2 comments)

CcanRead. "I love surprises! But before you surprise me, you might want to take a look at my library. I'm a bit of a unique reader. I typically only like books written in the first person (unless the writing is ..." (3 comments)

mportley. "I'm reading and enjoying a lot of nonfiction lately: biographies/memoirs (Elsewhere, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, Men We Reaped), social issues and education (Fire In the Ashes, Smartest Kids in t..." (1 comments)

sahra (Verity, aged 11 months at Christmas). "Verity thinks books are delicious, because she is a baby. Other than that, food and her big sister are Verity's favorite things. She loves trying to get into things she shouldn't, snuggling, kisses, m..." (5 comments)

sahra (Liberty, aged almost 3-1/2 years at Christmas). "Liberty wants to be a "space midwife", so anything with themes of space or doctoring would be a hit. She just started preschool this fall; she would love anything with preschool or school bus themes. ..." (2 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "Surprise me with books I'll love based on my collection. I read from many genres so it's difficult to summarize my tastes, but my Favorites bookshelf is probably a good place to start. There you'll fi..." (4 comments)

avanders. "Technically I'll read anything, but I tend to find the greatest enjoyment with fantasy. Some of my all-time favorites in that category (to give you a sense) are Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell; Shadow ..." (8 comments)

nancyjune. "Non-fiction: True crime - I enjoy learning about complex people leading double lives better than reading about serial killers; biographies, "truth is stranger than fiction"-type stories, political/soc..." (3 comments)

DanieXJ. "I like mysteries with strong female characters. I prefer them to be of the forensic, police procedural or legal flavor mostly, but, if you have a totally amazingly written cozy that doesn't have liter..." (11 comments)

ladylenneth. "I have a very eclectic taste in books because I love a little bit of everything. I love young adult fantasy and mystery. I love murder mysterious and I have a soft spot for a good vampire based novel...." (6 comments)

invisiblelizard. "I prefer fiction. (Most of the non-fiction in my library is of my wife's choosing.) Any kind of fiction, as long as it's well written. I love a writer who can tell a good story and craft a clever sent..." (3 comments)

Helenoel. "Good fiction, Mysteries, sciencey science fiction, historical fiction, history, geography, and especially books combining some for these. "popularized' science on some topics, but I'm a geologist so p..." (2 comments)

redsox342015. "I enjoy lots of older ('50s-'70s) sci-fi. Philip K. Dick is far and away my favorite author, but I already have much of his work. I also enjoy Robert Heinlein, Alfred Bester, Frederick Pohl, etc. Othe..." (3 comments)

erinclark. "I really just appreciate a good story with good writing. I love discovering new authors, at least new to me:) My library is a pretty good representation of what my tastes are, I've tried to rate all t..." (5 comments)

jaelquinn. "there are books in my library that don't represent what I want to read right now, so this overrides what you see in my library. The following are welcome: Anything on my wish list is fair game. Neil G..." (2 comments)

sjmccreary. "I like nearly anything - see my wishlist for examples of things that have caught my eye. I recently moved to the country and especially enjoy nonfiction books about gardening and related topics. Canni..." (3 comments)

readafew. "I do have a fairly wide range in tastes. Mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, young adult. I do like Hardcover books though I don't need them. I also have a small graphic novel coll..." (4 comments)

jorghes. "Books such as: Fantasy, young adult, mystery, the occasional sci-fi - particularly in the young adult genre. I'm currently eyeing books such as "The Golem and the Djinni"; any Diana Wynne Jones not al..." (9 comments)

wandering_star. "I like to discover new books, so the ideal gift for me would be your favourite book which has fewer than, say, 800 copies on LT. If you'd like a bit more information, I like good writing, books about ..." (5 comments)

Oneironaut. "Genres: graphical novel, dying earth, weird fiction, dark fantasy, comic fantasy, cosmic horror (lovecraftian), post apocalyptic, dystopian, alternative universe, steampunk, quantum fiction, robinsona..." (6 comments)

Spoerk. "I'm a huge fan of meta-fiction, post-modernism, science fiction, fantasy, and well, anything pretty geeky. I will try anything once really. I'm only starting to get into some of the classics that I mi..." (2 comments)

rodneyvc (maggievc). "Food in general and middle-eastern food in particular, classic books on baking techniques and recipes, travel, chooks, gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's...." (4 comments)

tarmina. "Irish literature has always interested me...." (3 comments)

rodneyvc. "If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I'll attempt to update my wishlist a little. Something with a Dutch connection would work. I sing i..." (2 comments)

seongeona. "Something from my wish list (or something similar) would be awesome. Or, if we share similar tastes in books and you know of something I don't own or have on my wish list, I am all for pleasant surpri..." (3 comments)

holly_golightly. "Things I like: Forgotten classics outside the 'canon' (especially writing in the Virago Classics tradition) Historical fiction Short stories Memoirs/life stories/travel stories with a narrative slant ..." (3 comments)

Milda-TX. "I haven't bought myself a book in a long time, and haven't really been adding a whole lot to my LT wish list category in the last couple of years. So hey, surprise me, that would be wonderful. Great w..." (5 comments)

DeusExLibrus. "Check my "Santathing" collection for suggestions. At the moment I'm most interested in recent books on buddhism by younger teachers, and nondualism. You can find a pretty decent list of nondual teache..." (5 comments)

BabySamuel. "I am a two year old boy that loves simple cute books about trains. My favorite movie is Brave so if there is any young books that have that theme I am sure I would love...." (3 comments)

llmoon. "mystery, adventure,love the Mary Russell series by Laurie King .Would love Laurie Kings Letter from Mary or The Moor.I also like the Fall series by May Nicole Abbey one is called the scholar...." (2 comments)

spocking. "I love the Rick Riordan books. I have all the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Don't have The Mark of Athena from The Heroes of Olympus series, and I don't have any of The Kane Chronicles. I'm ..." (7 comments)

kjforrest. "Fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy, but I read non-genre fiction too. I would especially like well-written, clever books with wonderful characters. Books that are thought-provoking but al..." (4 comments)

mabith. "My main interest is history, especially to do with labour, women's history, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, World War I, and China. I also love poetry, particularly collections of ancient poetry (my favo..." (3 comments)

rrmmff2000. "I like literary fiction, especially modern European translated fiction, and especially especially from the Nordic region. Introduce me to some new authors!..." (6 comments)

roseread. "Urban fantasy, contemporary poetry, books about books/libraries. I like books that can be re-read many times. I prefer books written by women or featuring female leads. I want to read about sympatheti..." (1 comments)

heidilach. "Mystery! Science fiction! Crazy cross-over genres! New authors or old favorites are okay! All fiction on the wishlist is fair game, but feel free to stray from it if you have a favorite I'm missing...." (7 comments)

realfish. "I read a lot of mystery and science fiction speckled with a little bit of fantasy. I enjoy hard boiled detective novels and techno-cyber thrillers especially. I also enjoy historical fiction and read ..." (3 comments)

riverwillow (EmmaHardwick). "Sadly she's not had the time to get round to cataloguing her library, so its probably not going to be of much help but she likes urban fantasy, crime, romantic fiction. Recent discoveries include Bene..." (0 comments)

shanaqui. "Love fantasy, sci-fi, non-fiction, comics... you might also want to look at my blog for ideas, http://breathesbooks.wordpress.com/..." (1 comments)

harmen. "Non-fiction is the safest bet. Don't think it's a genre, but "technical history" is always interesting. Fiction is tricky, I tend to prefer slightly older (that have stood the test of time?), but I do..." (4 comments)

timidmagick. "Anything in my wishlist category is a good bet but I love fantasy...." (1 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My book collection covers a wide range of topics, but what I enjoy reading the most are real life (success) stories/ non fiction, management books that teach me about business and management, marketin..." (5 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My book collection covers a wide range of topics, but what I enjoy reading the most are real life (success) stories/ non fiction, management books that teach me about business and management, marketin..." (4 comments)

bj. "Sci fi, grimdark fantasy and non-fiction is what I've been reading and enjoying this year and I would like more like these. I'm going to be specific and say that I want only books that have been (firs..." (1 comments)

mnm123. "Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery..." (6 comments)

williecostello. "I guess you could say I am most into "literary" fiction, or rather, books that are well written, be they new or old, foreign or domestic, serious or lighthearted, highbrow or lowbrow. Non-fiction and ..." (2 comments)

xorscape. "I like historical and contemporary romance, fiction, some mystery, and interesting period books. I like fun books and books with a good story. I like for the good guys to still be alive at the end. So..." (3 comments)

kara.shamy. "Literary Fiction, Award Winners in Years Past, Contemporary Fiction, History, Historical Fiction, Nonfiction about the Middle East, Arab Diaspora Writers--look at my extensive shelves on Goodreads: ht..." (6 comments)

apachecat. "Ok I am a Fantasy nut and love a good paranormal/urban book, any good steampunk books are also a good bet. I am madly into horses so a good horse book cant go wrong. Really just have a look at the boo..." (4 comments)

trojanpotato. "I like a story set in a faraway place, whether in space or in time. Looking at my library, you'll see a lot of science fiction, and that is a big thing I enjoy. I'd like to have something you evangeli..." (15 comments)

Tropical-Library. "I have pretty much some of everything except romances and westerns. Lean most heavily to science fiction and fantasy, some horror, mysteries; various non-fiction too. If it's not in my LibraryThing I ..." (1 comments)

canyonred. "Looking at my library probably isn't much help, but what I love to read most are fantasy novels that just ignite the senses (dream-like/nightmarish atmospheres), and a wide variety of Christian and wr..." (2 comments)

perfunctory. "Young Adult, contemporary fiction, Chick-Lit, non-superhero comics/graphic novels/manga. I have a wish-list tag on my LibraryThing with books I'm dying to read! Also, would love to read YOUR favorite ..." (4 comments)

library_mistress. "* books featuring librarians and libraries (tags in my library: librarian, library) * polar travelogues, north and south (tag: north_south) * feminist science fiction, women-only utopia (tags: science..." (10 comments)

Trundlebear. "Send me your favourite book! If you have too many favourites, I love YA, romance, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and cultural science...." (4 comments)

WifeMomKnitter. "Other than the books found in my library, I am also a fan of most fiction, especially romance. I've really gotten into Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harmon series and have the most recent two books (The ..." (2 comments)

chapel1419. "psychological thrillers, suspense, drama, poetry, well-written chick lit, horror, nonfiction (psychological, sociology, economics, spirituality)..." (2 comments)

ijpanko. "Send me a copy of your favorite book...." (3 comments)

eicuthbertson. "My LibraryThing book catalogue doesn't really reflect my personal reading but rather my work, still receiving a genealogy or family history book that I don't have would be grand! (especially ones rela..." (2 comments)

thornton37814. "As far as fiction, historical mysteries are my favorite. I like some cozies and mysteries that involve detectives or law enforcement officials. I'm not that crazy about thrillers. Outside of this cate..." (1 comments)

aredlily. "I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I just finished "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" and am about to start "The Long Earth". I also love the Temeraire series, but I haven't read the latest one...." (4 comments)

littleamyshort. "I really enjoy Christian Fiction. I also enjoy Christmas stories or animal stories...." (4 comments)

Devanna. "I enjoy biographies, books about travel and other countries, Star Trek, classics, anything on art history, and nonfiction in general (fiction is okay as long as it doesn't have a romantic story line t..." (1 comments)

genesisdiem. "I do have a kindle so ebooks are ok. I specifically collect vintage etiquette and fashion history paper dolls. But I love to read just about anything. Mysteries are probably my favourite. I don't mind..." (4 comments)

zjakkelien. "Hi Santa! I read primarily fantasy and some SF. That doesn't mean I read all fantasy and SF though... Fantasy I like both epic and urban fantasy, but in the case of urban I'm extremely picky. I..." (5 comments)

BlueMotmot. "I will be traveling to Spain next year and would love some good fiction taking place in Spain. Historical novels are fine. I'm also yearning for Alice Munro's book "Dear Life". Recently read favorite ..." (3 comments)

gwernin. "I'd like someone to pick me a mystery by an author not in my catalog. I prefer British cozies and historical mysteries, but might be interested in something a little different. Note that books in my "..." (4 comments)

skelly. "eclectic, love pretty much anything that is original, well-written and interesting. Print books only, please...." (1 comments)

fyrefly98. "I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and any combination thereof. I also like microhistories, natural history, and similar non-fiction, short story collections, and genera..." (4 comments)

meacoleman. "My favorite stories are historical fiction or mysteries. I read to escape the troubles of my daily life. I enjoy reading Young Adult fiction as well, especially if the plot involves music or history. ..." (2 comments)

aydenrl. "This is the library of a longtime LT member's ten-month-old son. He doesn't have much in the way of literary taste yet but likes brightly colored illustrations. We are especially interested in books f..." (5 comments)

eddie_vee. "Art boooks, philosophy, poetry, non-fiction, art education, aesthetics, feminist theory, humour, anything by the beats, anything by Bukowski because I always borrow but never buy, buddhism, vegetarian..." (7 comments)

shabacus. "I enjoy fantasy and historical fiction (primarily European history, 18th or 19th century). I love it when the two of those cross over! I'm also a big fan of humor. My favorite author is P.G. Wodehouse..." (7 comments)

Aula. "Have a look at my 'Great Reads' collection (and anything with 4 stars or higher) and my 'Want' tagged books...." (1 comments)

AmourFou. "See library..." (3 comments)

Eledriel. "I like most kind of fantasy books (with the exception of "romantic fantasy" like the twilight saga), and especially enjoyed books of the Forgotten Realms series and from Terry Pratchett (but of him - ..." (1 comments)

guido47. "I have read a lot of SF and Fantasy. Much more than I own. Thus please be careful in that area. New SF authors are always welcome. CAT books will always be loved. As will History Non-fiction books. I ..." (1 comments)

BailsChris. "Young adult books - almost any genre is perfect! I really like fantasy, paranormal, historical, and contemporary/realistic fiction. I always can find something I like because I have a pretty open mind..." (7 comments)

Emidawg. "I like cookbooks from different countries and cultures of the world...." (7 comments)

maui-boy. "Favorite recent books include 2666, 1Q84, Telegraph Avenue. Selected Works of TS Spivet, Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, Benediction. Enjoy fantasy novels including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,..." (2 comments)

ccaro25. "almost anything love bios books on quilting and crafts also cook books happy with most anything anything from my wish list would be good too..." (2 comments)

pmarshall. "I like mysteries - ecclesiastical, medieval, current police procedurals (British and translations from China, Sweden...) female sleuths (e.g. V.I. Warshawsik), mysteries in other countries, translatio..." (4 comments)

bayleaf. "I have a very eclectic taste in books; my primary requirement is that it be well written. My LibraryThing account is fairly up-to-date, but for reference, I particularly like historical fiction (WWII ..." (4 comments)

dearkarla. "I tend to prefer literary fiction however I don't always read from the Pulitzer or Man Booker shortlist. I enjoy non-fiction if it is written in an engaging way (sad to say I can't sit through history..." (1 comments)

tloeffler. "I have a pretty eclectic library, and I'll read anything that I don't already own. There are some items on my wish list, and more on my Book Mooch wishlist (terril), but I'm open to surprises! If tota..." (1 comments)

bostonbibliophile. "Literary fiction, translations. History, biography OK! I also love funny books, fashion, art, and film books, and these are things I don't buy for myself so those would make great choices! Here is my ..." (1 comments)

themadkatter (Kathryn). "Hello! I like Young Adult/Middle-Grade(children's) fiction, specifically fantasy, horror and science fiction. I have put books into categories but the majority of books in my library I already own. I ..." (2 comments)

Richj. "history, historical fiction, poetry of the last 50 years. early 19th cent. fur trade, biography, Wonder Warthog..." (1 comments)

UnrulySun. "Offbeat fiction, controversial or unusual YA, graphic novels (not superhero), sci-fi/fantasy/spec-fic, novels about books & libraries, precocious children, current Russian writers and established Slav..." (5 comments)

kgodey. "I've been reading mostly sci-fi/fantasy for the last couple of years. I love to be surprised, but for inspiration, here are my Amazon wish lists: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1YF3MEXARAMYP..." (4 comments)

wifilibrarian. "I like fictional stories that have engaging characters, cracking plots, and move me in some way. I don't feel like I've read many books, but my favorites have often in been science fiction or paranorm..." (3 comments)

imyril. "My Library is all up to date, so the 'my library' collection is a pretty good guide (as I have also catalogued some books for my man and my mum!). I have a big soft spot for fantasy and apocalypse fic..." (4 comments)

julienne_preacher. "I'd love to get a book that my Santa thinks is awesome and should be discovered by more readers. In case some guidelines are needed: lately I’ve found myself in the mood for long novels, short stori..." (5 comments)

tigerlily1976. "Eclectic tastes; I like a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Very into arts and crafts, particularly ballet and knitting - I'm just starting to advance (with trepidation) into lace knitting. Love to trav..." (4 comments)

weeksj10. "I really like mythic fantasy, that combines simple mythology and fairytales with deeper stories and characters. One of the more recent books that I really loved was Deathless by Catherynne Valente. So..." (6 comments)

kkelm22. "My son, Rylan is 2 years old and LOVES rhyming books. We read the 4 Dr. Suess books probably 3 times a day. He still has a tenancy to tear pages on paper back books, so the board books are the best...." (5 comments)

sultrydiva. "New releases in romance, Christian, western and humor. I have a Kindle!..." (8 comments)

CDVicarage. "My library is up to date and is representative of my taste. I have a Started and Abandoned collection of things I tried but didn't like...." (2 comments)

sagustocox. "I'm looking for certain books, these are the top ones on my list: The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart Still Love in Strange Places: A Memoir by Beth Kephart Seeing Birds in Church is a Kind of Adi..." (2 comments)

bladereaper12. "I have a very simple taste in books. I like the World of Warcraft (medieval fantasy) series and I want to get into the Assasins Creed and Mass Affect books. I wouldn't mind giving a new book a try as ..." (4 comments)

Blackhippiechick. "I love erotica, and books on writing fiction. My birthday is a week before Christmas, so this will be my birthday & Christmas presents :)! http://www.librarything.com/catalog/Blackhippiechick..." (3 comments)

terrybanker. "Dear Santa, As usual, I've been naughty. I try and try every year, but it seems I keep trying in the wrong direction. Perhaps you can help me. My library is up-to-date, and I'm mostly looking for humo..." (4 comments)

WoodsieGirl. "My library is always up to date, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what I like to read. I prefer fiction to non-fiction, but within that my tastes are fairly wide-ranging. I do have a wish..." (2 comments)

poetontheone. "I'm drawn to particular geographies and eras. Modernist and postmodern Japanese literature, weirder French writers (Genet and Lautreamont, not Hugo and Zola), and generally anything transgressive or o..." (4 comments)

loubrarian. "I've recently got into graphic novels (i.e. Blankets, Tamara Drewe - I'm not really into the Marvel ones so much) and I am currently working my way through this year's women's prize for fiction list. ..." (3 comments)

mahsdad. "I have pretty eclectic tastes in books, so generally anything I haven't read is great. I like Sci-Fi, award winning fiction. I have a on-going bucket list project to read every Pulitzer winning novel...." (2 comments)

phranchk. "You can use my LT Wishlist and Library collection to gauge books I might be interested in. I would love any book on the Wishlist, but I also don't mind some surprises. In fact, I would like at least o..." (1 comments)

Mareofthesea. "I am trying to stick within my wishlist as much as possible when acquiring new books. I would appreciate if my Santa would do the same, or use the wishlist as a place to acquire ideas. I have just rec..." (0 comments)

Lettypearl. "I enjoy surprises! Generally, I like to read anything except horror or romance...." (0 comments)

Ameise1. "I like reading crime, mystery, thriller, historical mystery, cosy mystery and so on :-D..." (5 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I love cozy mysteries, and I read a lot of them. I have read all Laura Childs mysteries, a lot of M.C. Beaton, Murder She Wrote, Agatha Christie, all Alexander McCall Smith, most of Rhys Bowen. I also..." (11 comments)

kageeh. "I am partial to non-fiction -- mostly medical or legal forensics, essays, skepticism, and true crime. My library is up-to-date so you can see what I already have...." (4 comments)

BarbsReviews. "I enjoy reading western romance like anything by Alison Kent, Emma Lang,Vivian Arend. I don't have of their books. Also I like I would like The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller by Alice Kimberly A Craft..." (3 comments)

keremix. "You may want to have a look at my LT wishlist for something which would make me happy for sure. You can of course surprise me with something that you personally choose/like. For fiction, I like horror..." (2 comments)

eembooks. "Classics, Presidential biographies, newer fiction..." (2 comments)

MaryKay1822. "I collect Christmas books, cookbooks and childrens picture books and would love an addition to my collections. I have a wishlist on Library Thing or feel free to surprise me. Merry Christmas!..." (4 comments)

Cuervo. "My library page and wishlist should give you a good idea of my reading habits and you can use those as your guide. Don't feel bound by the wishlist though. Currently I'm reading a lot about the Englis..." (1 comments)

reading_fox. "Non-fiction: Travel and outdoor adventure tales (Caving particularly welcome!). Popular science in most fields, especially chemistry and biology. Genre fiction: Specifically SF and F, crime, thillers,..." (3 comments)

Conachair. "I like surprises. Surprise me...." (3 comments)

jll1976. "My Library Thing library is up to date and public so you should get a reasonable idea of what I like and what I've already read. My taste is pretty ecclectic and the thing I love about the Santa Thing..." (9 comments)

derdahinteninderecke. "I'm generally into speculative fiction, but there are some odd outliers here and there. What-if alternate history can be fun, and military sci-fi oddly enough too. Just browse my library and get a fee..." (3 comments)

Donogh. "Any kind of history will do, though a military history would probably suit more. Academic rigour is nice but good popular histories are fine. Science fiction or fantasy is more difficult as I've read ..." (2 comments)

normandie_m. "Dear Secret Santa, My profile has a bit about my tastes and my favourite authors. For SantaThing last year I got two novels: Haruki Murakami's 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' and 'On, Off' by Colleen McC..." (2 comments)

TizzzieLish. "Christian Biography Explorers Missionaries..." (4 comments)

seldombites. "Option 1 - If you scroll halfway down this page, you will see a list of books that I am unable to get from my local library: http://raffertysrules.wordpress.com/bookcrossing/ Option 2 - My library is ..." (2 comments)

bcquinnsmom. "I have a really eclectic library, filled with all kinds of stuff! My favorites are translated crime novels and noir fiction, but I'm also very much into translated literary fiction. I love good horror..." (2 comments)

berry25. "I /love/ books, but I am a bit picky. My LibraryThing is very complete, and if you sort by rating, you should get a good idea of my tastes. I rate books I like 4 or 5 stars... anything 3 stars or less..." (2 comments)

affie. "I am very interested in trying new books. Been mostly reading fantasy the past... fifteen years or so, lol, and though I love the genre I wouldn't mind something new so don't stare yourself blind on t..." (5 comments)

berry25 (Sister & Brother-in-Law). "This is a gift for my sister and her husband. I would appreciate it if you would pick something for each of them. My sister doesn't have her own LibraryThing account, but I have many of her books in m..." (1 comments)

crazy4reading. "I read just about anything. I love fantasy, mystery, thrillers, science fiction, stories based on real life, etc. If you look at my library you will see books that I have read, own and want to read. I..." (1 comments)

casvelyn. "Fiction likes: classics, (some) fantasy, (some) science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, Persephone Books-type and Virago Modern Classics-type books/authors, obscure novels from the early twentie..." (4 comments)

lottpoet. "For nonfiction, I like books that have a good balance between the human and facts. One kind of nonfiction I'd be interested in is biographies of writers or artists that deal with the intersection of t..." (5 comments)

thehistorychic. "I am a big cozy mystery fan and would love to have some more cozy mysteries for my shelf! On my wishlist: Heather Blake, Heather Webber, Cleo Coyle, Ann Charles, Juliet Blackwell I put together a wish..." (5 comments)

Romonko. "Amazon Kindle copies only please. Please look at my past reads. I love Canadian literature, mysteries, police procedurals, best books of the year...." (3 comments)

live4tea. "My LT library is up-to-date. I like contemporary fiction, but willing to go back for a classic. A clever story or something allowing me to experience another culture would interest me...." (2 comments)

Shadow123 (Jacob (hubby)). "If you look at Shadow123's library, the "Jacob's library" collection will show you all of the books that Jacob currently owns. He likes standard sci-fi - some of his favorite authors are John Scalzi, ..." (4 comments)

LittleTaiko. "Hello! I like almost everything - with a special fondness for mysteries. My LT wishlist is fairly up to date though I'm sure there are plenty of books I've neglected to add. It should give a general i..." (3 comments)

jburlinson. "I like art books -- any period, any genre, any place. Not so much "how to" books as books with art in them...." (2 comments)

SandyMarshall. "Hello to my Secret Santa! I generally read only fiction, mostly science fiction and cozy mysteries. I would love for you to pick books that YOU have really enjoyed, especially if they have great endin..." (8 comments)

diana.n. "1 of 2 Santa Things for diana.n: Surprise me!..." (6 comments)

diana.n. "2 of 2 Santa Things for diana.n: Surprise me with books you love and that you think I will enjoy, too. You can sort 'All collections' by ratings from highest to lowest to get an idea of my tastes. Tha..." (2 comments)

rainpebble. "My Library is up to date and public so you will be able to check it for my likes, judge by what I do not have or my ratings & see if I have a particular book. This should help you Santa, with what typ..." (2 comments)

lindapanzo. "In 2014, my main reading area will be nonfiction books about the United States during the 1920s and 1930s (especially social history). I'll also be reading some mysteries that are set outside of the U..." (8 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I mostly love fantasy and sci fi, but am more than willing to try any other genre. Always love a female protagonist, but well-written male ones are welcome, too. I really enjoy a good dystopian future..." (3 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries, thrillers, historical thrillers/mysteries, some horror (the Pendergast series is fun), and literary fiction...." (2 comments)

Shadow123. "I like literary fiction. I love classics, and contemporary fiction that has literary value - I don't read a lot of light, popular, beach read sort of stuff. (Maybe it sounds snobby, but it's what I li..." (2 comments)

Garp83. "American history & political biography, ancient and classical history especially ancient Greece, paleo-climatology, archaeology, anthropology, earth sciences, cosmology, contemporary fiction...." (2 comments)

clue. "I like mysteries, biographies, memoirs, and literary fiction. My library is up to date so you can check it for titles...." (3 comments)

CRAZYELIZABETH. "I enjoy reading mostly fiction particularly fantasy and some sci fi, but also mysteries and some modern novels. I enjoy unusual twists in what I read. Non fiction i enjoy is mostly biographies about p..." (3 comments)

kcasada (Colleen Frost). "Likes mystery, family dramas, some horror. Has most Stephen King. Also likes intelligent biography...." (1 comments)

strongstuff. "I read mostly fiction, often literary. Lately, I've been enjoying historical fiction a lot. Some of my favorite reads this year have been Colum McCann's Transatlantic; Stewart O'Nan's Last night at th..." (2 comments)

Sahara20. "I am really interested in reading history books, both fiction and non-fiction at the moment. I am particularly interested in books about the British medieval or Tudor periods, although I do find other..." (5 comments)

Simone2. "I am at the moment kind of obsessed with the '1001 books you must read before you die'- list. On my profile, under 'Tags', you'll find the tag '1001'. Here you can view the books from the list I alrea..." (4 comments)

fuzzi. "YA and children's, animals, classics, some mysteries, sci-fi and fantasy, history. I like STORIES, fiction or non-fiction. I keep my Wish List updated, so feel free to check it for some suggestions...." (2 comments)

dono421846. "Graphic novels law and social policy accessible but serious philosophy books about books, bookstores, and book people fiction centering on books..." (1 comments)

sryder. "I mostly enjoy fantasy / science fiction. For example I just finished "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy some technical books (you can see my wishlist), mos..." (4 comments)

yoyogod. "I generally prefer fantasy of horror. Science fiction,thrillers, and general weirdness can be good choices too...." (2 comments)

tottman. "I'm primarily a fiction reader. I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Thrillers, but I enjoy any good literary fiction. My library is a good indication of my tastes, and I have a wishlist if you are s..." (4 comments)

cbl_tn. "My favorite genre is historical mystery. I also enjoy mysteries/fiction with an art, archaeology, books/libraries, or music component. In non-fiction I enjoy U.S. history (especially 18th & 19th centu..." (5 comments)

mooingzelda. "I'm pretty open-minded! Particular favourites are fantasy, science fiction, Victorian fiction and, more recently, historical fiction (my favourite read so far this year has been Bring Up The Bodies). ..." (8 comments)

lefthandeddrawing. "I love non-fiction books on books and art, literary non-fiction or mysteries, topics such as art theft, forgery, maps, history and discoveries. Also classics, particularly by female writers like Auste..." (3 comments)

boblinfortino. "I love literary fiction, mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, intelligent chick lit. I tend to read authors in order, whether their works are a series or not. I'm always looking for a new auth..." (4 comments)

majkia. "mystery, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, alt history. my amazon wishlist is pretty much up to date, as is my LT wishlist. Plenty of choices there, but if you think of something similar you believ..." (5 comments)

SylviaC. "I read fiction and nonfiction fairly equally. I enjoy general fiction, romance, mysteries, apocalyptic fiction, science fiction, light fantasy, and girls' school fiction. I prefer books with likeable ..." (4 comments)

VenusofUrbino. "I love a good story and good characters. I adore really good non-fiction, too. See my library's highly-rated stuff, and you should get a good picture...." (3 comments)

Morigue. "Love fantasy (especially with strong female leads), European & American history/archaeology, historical fiction (especially mysteries), and mythology/folklore. I also enjoy spiritual meditations/poetr..." (4 comments)

riverwillow. "My library is up-to-date and I'll ensure that my reviews and ratings are also up-to-date by the end of November. I really don't mind being surprised, but if you want help I'm a big fan of crime fictio..." (5 comments)

kleahey. "I study children's literature, so I always love coming across exciting new picture books and children's novels. Fairy tales and radical children's lit are of particular interest. Books about children'..." (4 comments)

zzshupinga. "My favorite authors are Mira Grant/Seann McGuirre, Jim Butcher, Rick Riordan, Richard Kadrey of Sandman Slim fame, and others. I like sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, a little bit of horror, and a good YA boo..." (4 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries, thrillers, historical thrillers, literary fiction. I enjoyed Gone Girl, the Michael Connelly series, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child novels...." (4 comments)

TheoClarke. "My wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by past SantaThing surprises so do not feel that you have to be limited by that. I like both fiction and non-fiction. I prefer hardcover to paperback..." (0 comments)

Rosa_Saks. "I love the classics. Especially English Victorian novels with strong female leads. I also like contemporary fiction (20th century), and I would love to get Booker Prize winners, or novels published du..." (7 comments)

BeastieMom. "Horror, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Urban Fantasy, and Mystery are my current faves, but I read almost anything. Check my LT Wish List for sure things...." (3 comments)

andejons. "Eclectic. Fiction and non-fiction are equally fine. Likes essays and classics. It would be nice to get something by authors I have not read before, but this is not a requirement...." (3 comments)

lorannen. "I'm a big fan of sci-fi and speculative fiction. Favorites include Ursula K. Le Guin, Nick Harkaway, Haruki Murakami. Favorite series of all time is Terry Pratchett's Discworld. My Wishlist and Favori..." (5 comments)

ccatalfo. "Computer science and mathematics books are always welcome...." (3 comments)

matthewmason. "I enjoy penguin classics, Loebs, Oxford Classical Texts (Latin mostly), and anything frankly in Italian. I love poetry, so by all means that as well...." (5 comments)

ablachly. "Literary fiction, historical fiction and mysteries (and the intersection of the two, like Laurie R King's Mary Russell books). Books I've read and loved this year include: The Untouchable by John Banv..." (9 comments)

kjgormley. "Heavily fiction. Special interests include: nautical narrative, Shakespeare, anthropology, books set in New York City, "new twists on old tales". I also usually really enjoy books with lots of charact..." (5 comments)

miketopper. "epic fantasy, detective or mystery novels (especially if they take place in countries outside of the united states), interesting memoirs/books on large animal vets/farming especially books by temple g..." (4 comments)

katemcangus. "Fiction, mostly, and I've got a weakness for really good mysteries. Last book I read and LOVED was Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Before that was The Marriage Plot. Favorite authors include Nabok..." (5 comments)

conceptDawg. "Take a look at my wishlist collection on LT. That's a good place to start if you don't want to be creative. Just pick. :) If you want to get all creative and think you know your stuff then I'm into ph..." (6 comments)

timspalding. "I'm interested in: * Science fiction that is both well-written and has interesting ideas. Poorly-written scifi, or merely conventional stories set in space do not interest. * History, especially ancie..." (9 comments)

Total: 431


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