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Monday, December 4th at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages are sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Monday, December 11th at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). After the weekend, gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

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Unpicked (111)

ericbell35. "Classic literature, history, historical fiction, math and science, cookbooks, travel, bridge (the card game), Peanuts (the comic strip). I've recently enjoyed Dan Jones's historical series (The Planta..." (0 comments)

mariechka. "Hi, my taste is limited to nonfiction books - i like books that talk in depth about nature: forests, birds, sea, plants, botany, wild flowers, bees. Love books about or illustrated with botanical draw..." (0 comments)

mahsdad. "I have a pretty eclectic tasty in books. Mostly "literary" fiction and science fiction. My goto, must read authors are; Michael Chabon, Stephen King, James Morrow, Jess Walter, Neil Gaiman, John Green..." (1 comments)

debbie1215. "I love fiction, especially historical fictions.Favorite time periods are WW2 and civil war stories.Favorite authors are Jodi Picoult, Kristen Hannah, Gregory Macguire, Jeffrey Archer,John jakes, Anitv..." (0 comments)

riverwillow. "I need to update my library - and will try to do fully before the picking date - but it is pretty representative of my tastes...." (0 comments)

lucienspringer. "I work with books every day, so I'm pretty up to date with my reading. My favorite books this year included Compass by Mathias Enard, Solar Bones by Mike McCormack, In the Distance by Hernan Diaz, The..." (0 comments)

debnance. "Kindle..." (0 comments)

ablachly (Jasper). "This is for my (almost) 9 year old son. He's in 3rd grade, and reading at a pretty high level. He's currently very into fantasy books. He just started reading ..." (2 comments)

Bnickle. "(Account is both mine and my husband’s books). I very much like biographies about women, especially literary biographies and biographies about royalty. I also enjoy historical mysteries featuring fe..." (1 comments)

igorken. "Surprise me! E.g. literary fiction, humour, contemporary non-fiction, sci-fi, ... Preferably no fantasy...." (0 comments)

ehough75. "Surprise me. Love surprises...." (1 comments)

ndhill. "I am into Mystery/Thriller genres. Cozy Mysteries but no Kate Carlisle please. I like those with characters who are librarians, those with library settings, those with book club settings. Maybe Ellery..." (0 comments)

saskia17. "Eclectic mix of fantasy, mystery, poetry, short stories, essays, classics, children's books, art, photography, literary criticism, and a little bit of almost everything. More specifically, fantasy lik..." (0 comments)

literatefool. "I read everything from non fiction- history, especially between 1900 and the end of WWII, biographies, autobiographies, etc to fiction. In fiction I enjoy mysteries, both cozies and noir, short storie..." (0 comments)

Capybara_99. "Letters, diaries, memoirs, literary fiction, history, essays, criticism, history of science, biography -- the door is pretty wide open, and I'd love for you to toss through that door something you are..." (0 comments)

3bythesea. "Hmmm. Definitely fiction. I like lot of modern literary fiction, some mysteries. I don't have anything on my radar at this point and I am in the midst of a move with a bit of uncertainty so not sure h..." (0 comments)

beehappy. "I'm interested in books about Ancient Egypt. I'm especially interested in pyramids, mummies and real people...." (0 comments)

Oneironaut. "I like books that take me out of the reality as I know it, grip me with a story, are so creative that I don't know what's going to happen next. Weird fiction, dystopian novels, science fiction, fantas..." (0 comments)

Peace2. "I read a fairly wide variety of things - fantasy, some sci fi, a few classics, biographies, histories (fiction and non-fiction), mysteries and thrillers and graphic novels (both manga and comic books)..." (0 comments)

reading_fox. "See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available..." (0 comments)

coprime. "I like a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and romance, and if those genres can be combined, even better! Recently I've been really enjoying Jean Johnson's fantasy romances and immersing myself in that..." (1 comments)

mrsandersonut. "I have three main reading interests right now: 1.) Professionally as a high school American history teacher, I read non-fiction dealing with American history from any time-period, Gilded Age..." (0 comments)

Candice_oxo. "I primarily read novels written in the first person, with a strong sense of tone and voice. I love a good character/narrator with depth and dimension, one that the reader feels close to and as though ..." (0 comments)

markhopp. "I generally prefer Fantasy (or Dark Fantasy), Science Fiction, and Satirical Fiction. I also enjoy Historical Fiction. I am not apposed to reading a poetry collection. I have an interest in reading li..." (0 comments)

julienne_preacher. "I'd like you to share (one of) your best reading experience(s) with me: get me a book you wish everyone would read and enjoy like you did...." (0 comments)

cdowney086 (Giovanna (mother)). "My mom likes women's fiction, thrillers, "cozy" mysteries, and young adult. She's a huge Maeve Binchy fan and has read all her books. She also likes Lisa Scottoline, Tana French, Elizabeth Berg, Paula..." (0 comments)

bragan. "My favorite genres are probably science fiction/fantasy and non-fiction on various sciencey topics, but my tastes are actually very wide-ranging, and I'm always happy to try things that are new to me...." (0 comments)

VenusofUrbino. "You can see my too-long wish list here on LT. However, this past year I have been craving lighter reads and comfort reads. Current events are so heavy and so depressing, I've been using my reading tim..." (0 comments)

duchessjlh. "I read widely and I'm up for pretty much anything. I have a particular fondness for mystery novels, historical fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I try to mix up my reading genres. My favorite book I'v..." (0 comments)

jort13. "I am looking to increase my classics on the genres of SciFi, Fantasy and regular classics (think Penguin classics). My librarything library is up-to-date and my Goodreads has all I have read before: h..." (0 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "Yes! Its the LibraryThing Secret Santa - one of my favorite things about Christmas! About what I am looking for... Surprise me! Hmm. That's not enough information, I suppose... I like quirky books, bo..." (0 comments)

Morteana. "I LOVE fantasy, especially books with hierarchies and magic-users. I also like sharp, snarky writing, female protagonists, and questing. Loved Harry Potter, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Queen of the ..." (1 comments)

meggyweg. "I'm really interested in books about the Holocaust, particularly memoirs. I'm also interested in history of all kinds, true crime, and books about nature and travel. You can check out the books on my ..." (0 comments)

booksaplenty1949 (0 comments)

BookCentric. "Please use my Wishlist to see what sort of books I'm looking for right now (mostly recently-written history of things that happened before 1900). This year, I don't mind if I get something directly fr..." (0 comments)

SylviaC. "I enjoy fiction and nonfiction equally. Romance, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, light fantasy, children's and YA are all fine. In general, I like my fiction books to have happy endings,..." (0 comments)

bcrowl399. "I love mysteries and thrillers.Lately I've also been interested in foreign writers of thrillers like Mari Jungstedt and Keigo Higashino. I also love books with beautiful art work and illustrations. I ..." (0 comments)

MrsLee (katylit). "Katherine has an Amazon wishlist, which is current, here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/3FTM1PJ5DPKN6/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1..." (0 comments)

shushokan. "So I'm quite keen on travel books, I love Central Asia and India. In real life my adventures lean towards the remote and mountainous rather than the tourist tea shop. I also love a good story, Sebasti..." (0 comments)

renbedell. "I like all kind of books. I've been on a SF/Fantasy binge the last few years, but I enjoy reading anything. If it is a good story, has a good message, or is just a classic piece of literature, I'm hap..." (0 comments)

Corduroy7. "I love novels. My "to read" favorites are mystery and detective, cozy mysteries, historical fiction (e.g. "Mary: Mrs. A. Lincoln" and "America's First Daughter"),espionage/suspense, legal thrillers, a..." (0 comments)

LibraryPerilous. "Middle grade historical novels in which clever girls do things. Bonus points for sea stories or girls who love books.Some favorites:• At the Sign of the Star• ..." (1 comments)

LibraryPerilous. "I'd like 2018 to be a return to deeper reading. One or two of your favorite doorstop novels might do the trick. The more period details or political machinations, the merrier.I like hard sci-f..." (0 comments)

ILuvBookplates. "I have varied tastes. My wish list has some ideas and so does my list of books that have been recommended to me this year. Books about Christmas, crochet, "cozy" mysteries, scary books, biographies. Y..." (0 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "My reading taste is a bit all over the place, though lately I have been reading a lot of history, historical romance, and general non-fiction. I also like biographies, literary fiction, true crime, co..." (0 comments)

ccatalfo (juliancatalfo). "He is an advanced 2nd grader. Loves Captain Underpants and other things by Dav Pilky. Is currently tearing through the Wayside School series. Also has enjoyed Magic Tree House books...." (0 comments)

ccatalfo (elliecata). "Mysteries, fantasy, magic are all good bets for an advanced 5th grader. I've tried to keep her librarything account up to date. She has recently enjoyed The Penderwicks series and Harry Potter in the ..." (0 comments)

Dylvi. "I really enjoy distopian books (I devoured The Hunger Games trilogy / Michael Grant's Gone series, Chaos Walking trilogy), horror and fantasy. I'm also into young adult stories as well. I really like ..." (0 comments)

kjgormley (MaineTransNet). "This is for an organization in Portland (ME), which fosters peer support groups for transgender people and allies in the state of Maine, USA. It also performs advocacy work and provides education. I'm..." (0 comments)

cdowney086. "My taste in books can be divided into three genres: true crime, thrillers, and romance. I'm also interested in post-Civil War African American history. I'm a big fan of Ann Rule, Paula Daly, Susie Ste..." (0 comments)

kjgormley. "I'm going to South America on a trip and am looking for good pieces in translation, travelogues, and ethnographies, books that take place in those countries. Focus on Chile, Peru, & Ecuador, if possib..." (0 comments)

highlander6022. "History buff. Big fan of Douglas Preston/Lee Child Pendergast novels. Have not read many of Stephen King's novels of last 2-3 years. Enjoy biographies of historical figures, particularly Revolutionary..." (0 comments)

nittnut. "I love US History, world history, biography, non-fiction, historical fiction, and good literature. Not a huge fan of science fiction, but I do enjoy good fantasy...." (1 comments)

MrsLee. "I like interesting real stuff, mysteries from the Golden Age of mystery writing, or any with humor and wit. I like a very select few of the fantasy/scifi genre, such as Jim Butcher, Lois McMaster Bujo..." (0 comments)

CRAZYELIZABETH. "I love fantasy and Sci fi and some classics I am more into Austen than Bronte. I also enjoy mysteries and some modern books such as Chick lit. I also enjoy reading books that are unusual or play with ..." (0 comments)

bostonbibliophile (my husband Jeff). "He likes scifi and fantasy. Loves Terry Pratchett, Iain Banks, Robert Jordan, Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, classic SFF. Has all the books by these authors. I would love for him to get something pub..." (0 comments)

sahra. "After a recent trip to Jamaica I am very interested in learning more about the country, especially the history and the culture, and most of all the native Patois language. I write and take photographs..." (0 comments)

sahra (Bill (my partner)). "Bill has several current interests. He does a lot of reading about philosophy (“I bounce all over the place”) although he’s been reading a lot of early modern. He is also into plants, especially..." (0 comments)

sahra (Verity, aged almost 5 (my daughter)). "Verity will be 5 in January and attends preschool. She doesn't read on her own yet but is starting to recognize words. Books, especially non-fiction, should have ample and significant pictures. I talk..." (0 comments)

pilston. "I like fantasy (young adult and adult), science fiction, mysteries, and non-fiction about travel, food, or biographies of interesting women...." (0 comments)

readergirliz. "My favorite genres are literary fiction, well written young adult novels, fractured fairy tales, dysfunctional families, and books with magical realism. My favorite books of 2017 have been: Lincoln in..." (1 comments)

Jessica_H_96. "Love mostly young adult...." (0 comments)

purseproblm. "I read a little bit of everything. I love Books about books/libraries. Twisted and grownup fairy tales. Romance I read all of the genres/flavors. I'm still a big kid so I read lots of YA too...." (0 comments)

Charli333. "Women's fiction, historical fiction and some fantasy. Deborah Harkness' All Souls Triology are my favourite so far I haven't read anything else of that genre which has matched up to them! I also like ..." (1 comments)

TessaSlingerland. "My perfect gift would be a novel, a non fiction book about history and/or a crafts book. I love knitting. A book about Shetland or Estonia lace would be welcome. I would also like a book about modular..." (1 comments)

laze. "Poetry (favs include ee cummings, Theodore Roethke, Basho, Ryokan, Billy Collins). Zen Buddhism (primarily Soto school, but also don't mind things from Rinzai, Kwan Um, etc. schools). I also like weir..." (0 comments)

clue. "I primarily read fiction but enjoy biographies as well. I like historical fiction, mysteries, literary fiction and fiction with an art theme. I read several series and you can see those in My LT libra..." (2 comments)

SimoneA. "I'm a diverse reader, reading different genres (mostly contemporary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult). To get a good idea of the books I like, check out my Favorites collection here on L..." (1 comments)

wcarter. "I like true historical adventures or travel, or historical fiction. Hardcover books only please...." (1 comments)

jamieschecter. "I like a wide variety of genres and try to read diversely. Some go-to books for me are mysteries (less cozy, more Tana French), romance (Avon authors are the best), young adult, and memoir/biography...." (2 comments)

stephkc16. "Historical fiction, Christian fiction, cozy mysteries..." (1 comments)

Romonko. "I love mysteries. Series like Rebus or Alan Banks. I love literary fiction and CanLit. I read all kinds of mystery series and was introduced to a lot through this Secret Santa program. I love historic..." (0 comments)

lovetoread13. "I will read pretty much anything, I love spiritual books and historicalfiction. I also enjoy the Hector and the Search for series. I've really. I love books about books. If you look at my wishlist her..." (0 comments)

thebookmagpie. "I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels. I also like young adult a lot, in particular well-written contemporary. I tend to care more ..." (0 comments)

annesadleir. "I like humane sci-fi and intelligent fantasy, and I like odd things. I'd rather read something ambitious that doesn't quite come off than something that's the same story yet again. I'm always interest..." (1 comments)

camillemiko. "I like Detective fiction, cooking and M/M story. I read french and english. I dream about "Carry on" of Rainbow Rowell. I'm a big Harry Potter and JKR fan...." (0 comments)

Novimarra. "fantasy novels, comparative religion, religious fiction & some interesting non-fiction, science, sci-fi, philosophy, dystopia, witchcraft, horror..." (0 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, cats, or classic mystery novels. I also like historical novels, biographies of historical people..." (0 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, cats, or classic mystery novels. I also like historical novels, biographies of historical people..." (3 comments)

necrodeathmortem. "Books that enhance my look at life...." (0 comments)

jonnijones. "I have a wishlist on Amazon.com. Any of these books would be great! Or...books of these types that aren't already in my library. My library should have pretty much everything I already own :) The link..." (0 comments)

jeshakespeare. "This Christmas I am wishing for Homicide for the Holidays by Cheryl Honigford. I also am in love with the Matchmaker series by Elise Sax. The latest Christmas novella by Anne Perry. The sequel to Chea..." (0 comments)

KateBaxter. "I'm a huge fan of historical fiction and historical mysteries. I also enjoy regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music...." (1 comments)

neverstopreading. "My fiction preferences include science fiction and thriller/adventure stories. I am a fan boy for Doctor Who and Star Trek. Non-fiction wise, I like philosophy and theology books, especially in Cathol..." (2 comments)

andejons. "Varied. Some ideas: * essays (especially on books, reading or history) * history (As long as it is well researched. Most subjects are OK, but a suggestion would be the Manhattan project), * literature..." (0 comments)

mooingzelda. "I have a rather eclectic taste in books, as you might be able to tell from my library! Fiction-wise, I love: - 19th century novels (would like to read more by lesser known writers) - historical novels..." (1 comments)

keristars. "Two things: I have 3 niblings - birthdays Dec 2015 and Jan 2017 (x2) and would LOVE some good read aloud books to stock my living room with for when they visit/as they grow up. Both my sister and SIL ..." (0 comments)

camelama. "Check out my library, but then, maybe some cozy mysteries? I would like to try some of those. I love how things are made, why things or people are like they are, history (especially of things like, sa..." (0 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries (and creepy mysteries), thrillers and general literature. I loved The Historian...." (2 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My LibraryThing library mainly contains books on the subjects of (auto)biography, non-fiction, business/management/leadership, drama, modern economics & politics (both not necessarily US-related). The..." (0 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My LibraryThing library mainly contains books on the subjects of (auto)biography, non-fiction, business/management/leadership, drama, modern economics & politics (both not necessarily US-related). The..." (0 comments)

pbirch01. "I have been attempting the 75 books challenge and writing how I choose each book I have been reading this year: https://www.librarything.com/topic/250848 Also, looking at my stats - I have been quite ..." (0 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "Fiction by authors like Jonathan Franzen, Mary Doria Russell and Kurt Vonnegut, and/or non-fiction by authors like Michael Lewis, Malcolm Gladwell and Jon Krakauer. I'm looking for something special t..." (0 comments)

Aula (Aula's Mother). "Loves cosy mysteries (see 'Mom' tags in Aula's library); also enjoyed Patterson's Alex Cross series. Female authors and female protagonists are good; nothing too sad...." (0 comments)

Aula. "Humorous memoirs, humorous urban fantasy/horror (love Richard Kadrey, Johnny Worthen, Jim Hines, Eoin Colfer's 'Daniel McEvoy' series - not his Artemis Fowl stuff); am enjoying Danielle Page's Dorothy..." (0 comments)

avanders. "Despite my library on LibraryThing (which includes books I've read many many years ago), my *current* book tastes tend to stray more toward the speculative fiction, including sci-fi, "techie fiction" ..." (0 comments)

crazy4reading. "I prefer fiction books, historical fiction, romance, thriller, mystery, dystopian, biographies and many more. If you look at my library I try to label the books that I own. The books in my library con..." (0 comments)

leahbird. "I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, but also really hate some of the popular stuff in both of those genres. I like dark humor and flipping expectations and stories that deal with real issues,..." (0 comments)

guido47. "Please check my library. New SF and Fantasy always welcome. Each year I request history books about Pre-colonial Africa or Central & South America. The sort of texts used in Unis. Maybe this year? Car..." (1 comments)

Colleen_L_McDonald. "Seriously need light and fluffy and fun. Like Santa Montefiore, Tom Clancy (but have them all), travel memoirs, Venice and Paris, medieval history, stories where people have overcome hardship, chick l..." (0 comments)

Stevil2001. "THINGS I LIKE OVERALL: science fiction (especially space opera), post-1980 British literary fiction, Victorian literature, graphic novels/comic books, books that aren't comedy books per se but do have..." (1 comments)

bigsis2mac. "I love YA, romance, historical fiction, poetry, mythology retellings, fantasy and sci-fi. My goodreads is better updated with likes/dislikes: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/20662021-kylie..." (0 comments)

strongstuff. "Literary fiction, historical fiction, occasional fantasy, writing by women and POC. Some of my favorite reads of the past year include Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown, and ..." (1 comments)

kristilabrie. "I love high fantasy novels, and would really love a good feminist book in the list this year. Check out my wishlist for ideas: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/kristilabrie/wishlist...." (2 comments)

ArkhamReviews. "I am a reviewer of young adult books and so would ideally like novels that I can talk about on my blog. Please can you aim to send me the following: - Books aimed at readers aged 12-16 - Published wit..." (2 comments)

kkelm22. "Rylan is 6 years old and has Autism, Adhd, and anxiety. The kid never stops moving until it comes to animals (unless of course he is being an animal). He loves books about wild animals, from all over ..." (1 comments)

majkia. "Sci Fi and Fantasy mainly, but do like mysteries. I'm not crazy about YA but do enjoy YA that isn't all angsty teens, but instead capable ones. I like SFF that includes: heists, pirates, scruffy space..." (1 comments)

tealadytoo. "Historical Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Historical Romance,(non-erotic) Inspirational Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romantic Suspense, History, ..." (1 comments)

lorannen. "I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction. You can't go wrong with anything in that vein. I also read a lot of comics/graphic novels, but I'm pretty well covered in that department at the ..." (1 comments)

timspalding. "TBD..." (0 comments)

ablachly. "I read (and love) a lot of literary fiction. I've also been into historical fiction lately, as well as mysteries that are less cozy whodunit and more twisty puzzles that come together in a satisfying ..." (2 comments)

Total: 113


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