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SantaThing: Secret Santa for Book Lovers

SantaThing is LibraryThing's Secret Santa for book lovers. This is our TWELFTH annual SantaThing!

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How it works

  1. Become a Secret Santa. Choose your gift level ($15–50) and bookstore, such as Powell's, Amazon, and others.

    LibraryThing takes no "cut." If you pay $30, you get $30 worth of books (plus shipping at some sellers).

    You can sign up for yourself, or make this a gift for a friend on or off LibraryThing.
  2. We choose a LibraryThing member to be your "Santee," the person you'll be buying for. We try to match up members with similar tastes in books.
  3. You pick books for your Santee.
  4. LibraryThing elves order the books and the books are shipped directly to your Santee. Only LibraryThing and the bookseller see your address.
  5. You receive a package with the books from your Secret Santa—and rejoice!

Even if you don't want to be a Santa, you can help by suggesting books for others. Click on a member's name to leave a suggestion.


Check out the SantaThing Help page, join the discussion on Talk, or email lorannelibrarything.com. See the blog post for more information.

Crucial dates

Thursday, November 29th at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages are sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Thursday, December 6th at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). Gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

Your SantaThings

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Other Santas!

Picked (516)

Koco.Hawaii. "Although my library contains all my Hawai'i books which I obviously love -- I also enjoy women writers (the oldies but goodies -- ex. Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie), off the beaten tra..." (2 comments)

Northern_Light. "I would like something easy to read after a traumatic year. I like historical fiction such as the Shardlake series and Ken Follett novels. Huge fan of Outlander. Jodi Picoult is also a favourite with ..." (6 comments)

allissanalder. "My Litsy @LapReader TBR and read books are up to date as is good Reads...." (1 comments)

Heather_Brock. "I enjoy a variety of books, mainly fiction. If possible, please check my library to ensure I do not already have a book as I received a duplicate last year. :( A few of my favorite authors: Haruki Mur..." (5 comments)

AzureMountain. "History, esp. English 10th to 15th century Current events/politics. Including biography Religion. Any...." (4 comments)

waynegjr. "Literary fiction, Classics, Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I love books with a strong plot, as long as they don't skimp on the writing quality. I love books that play with different Genres. Some of the best books I ..." (6 comments)

Garp83. "American history, American Presidents, American Civil War,ancient history,archeology, paleontology,..." (4 comments)

mermaidjoy. "Historical romance not set in the us. Fantasy like Harry Potter and lemony snickett...." (8 comments)

Jessm3842. "Mystery and History..." (7 comments)

Kanst. "I love military sci-fi, dystopias, and all things time travel - science fiction is my main stomping ground. I also have a fondness for urban fantasy and sarcastic humor. For non-fiction, I'm very inte..." (5 comments)

ryvre. "I like books about plagues/epidemics, revolutions, serial killers, sexuality, race/class in America, religious history (any religion), and the history of fashion or common objects. I have bee..." (14 comments)

ryvre. "Pick something for my book club! We typically read scifi, fantasy, & historical fiction. Most recent reads: My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite Exit Stage Lef..." (6 comments)

lorannen (Apollo, lorannen's nephew, 8-yrs-old). "My nephew Apollo is difficult (for me) to pick books for. He mostly wants to play on his tablet. He's reading right at grade-level, but isn't motivated to read much, and I'm looking for books that'll ..." (6 comments)

neverstopreading (Maureen (wife)). "My wife likes to read the 'classics' - whatever that entails. She also likes some historical-fiction romance novels, especially those set around the 16th to 19th centuries in the US and Britain (esp. ..." (9 comments)

lorannen (Liz (lorannen's sister)). "Liz and I share similar tastes in books, so you can always look at my library for guidance. S..." (2 comments)

ChessFanatic. "Being a tournament chess player, what I am asking for is Game Collections books, whether that be of a player or players or a major tournament...." (2 comments)

linggeek. "I primarily read fantasy, with regular forays into science fiction, historical fiction, and literary fiction. I like tight, well-woven narratives, living inside of characters' heads and fully immersin..." (2 comments)

AeshaMali. "Some of my favorite books over the last couple years have been To All The Boys I've Loved Before, The Light Between Oceans, Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer, and The Cahill Witch Chronic..." (2 comments)

foggidawn. "I'd really like to receive something off my TBR list, which I keep on Goodreads ( https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/52062595-misti?shelf=to-read ). All of those books are ones I want to read but d..." (1 comments)

LVStrongPuff. "I love Historical Fiction. Mostly UK. I love YA. Anything about Harry Potter or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love Mitch Albom, but I own his books in hardback. I would like to read an author..." (3 comments)

voconnell. "I like a variety of genres, but my favorites are: Mysteries featuring a charismatic detective with a troubled past, creative fantasy/scifi, history of science, and antarctic exploration :)..." (4 comments)

timspalding (Account LiamSpalding). "I'm looking for books for my son, whose account is at LiamSpalding. I have two requests. This request is for fiction books. The account is now a little dated. (I'll try to have it updated by Saturday ..." (3 comments)

elgatoazabache. "I would like some LGBT literary fiction, please. Preferably by authors who are not already in my library. For me good writing is paramount, and usually more important than the plot. A couple of exampl..." (2 comments)

LauraBrook. "I love reading mysteries (not too violent, please), am a lifelong Anglophile, and LOVE epistolary books. Narrative non-fiction is a genre I really enjoy but don't read that often. Time travel novels a..." (4 comments)

IMBOS. "I like popular fiction, book club type books, historical fiction, thrillers, classics, memoirs, literary fiction...." (3 comments)

shatiphasmith. "Erotic Fiction Romance..." (6 comments)

amloeb. "I love contemporary fiction, as well as LGBTQ fiction and nonfiction. Plus a big sci-fi/fantasy fan. Also love Star Wars novels. On the nonfiction side, I love political books/memoirs (Democrats) and ..." (7 comments)

pantsant. "YA Fiction Dystopian Fiction Magical Worlds Coming of Age Mermaids Sci-Fi/Fantasy Science Authors I enjoy: Margaret Atwood Eowyn Ivey Charlie Jane Anders Terry Pratchett David Sedaris Nina LaCour Bria..." (5 comments)

freya727 (Rory (age 8)). "Rory is in 3rd grade and her favorite books are Charlotte's Web and Stone Fox. She also loves graphic novels!..." (8 comments)

alyrohu. "I enjoy novels of all kinds, but especially fantasy and science fiction novels. My favorite authors are Ursula K. LeGuin, Margaret Atwood, and Kurt Vonnegut. I like books that have messages of hope, t..." (4 comments)

readafew. "I like mysteries, sci-fi and fantasy, I have lots of books in my lt account to check. I also have a large wishlist in my account to check for other ideas...." (3 comments)

booksnesread. "I like books that make me laugh and think and let me get lost for the time I am with them. They don't necessarily need to be fiction. I have a 5 year old son and this year, I had a baby, major surgery..." (3 comments)

freya727 (Riley Age 10). "She loves fantasy (loved LOTR!!), adventure stories with female protagonists, and short story collections. Recent reads include Fox 8 by George Saunders, The Creativity Project by Colby Sharp and She ..." (4 comments)

dms12880. "I love anything YA and Historical Fiction. I enjoy a good happy ending and I love fairy tales. A good start to a fun series is also appreciated.I like a good Dystopian tale as well...." (8 comments)

DanaManiac. "I love historical fiction, cozy mysteries, memoirs, thrillers, and chick lit..." (4 comments)

loafhunter13. "Just books!..." (7 comments)

Grotesque. "Per my library, medieval history (generally English)...." (2 comments)

KWharton. "I like novels, biographies, books about feminism, theology, languages, popular science, and many other things. My favourite book is "Franny and Zooey" by J D Salinger. This year, I have particularly e..." (4 comments)

tbum. "Love regency romances with strong smart females or blue stockings...." (4 comments)

theabdullah. "I am pretty awful at describing my tastes. My recent favorite reads are "The Lady Trent Memoirs" and the "Alex Verus" series. I tend to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy because that is what gets recom..." (9 comments)

ghilbrae. "I love Fantasy and Science Fiction the most (books and comics), but I read many more genres. I'm trying to discover more SciFi and Fantasy books written by women. I also enjoy essays mainly on the top..." (3 comments)

azs320. "Horror, weird fiction, mystery, crime, noir, short stories, conspiracy thrillers, literary fiction. Favorite authors include Thomas Pynchon, Shirley Jackson, Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Evenson, Ramse..." (7 comments)

conceptDawg (Kate, age 10). "A 10 year old girl who reads at about a 13 or 14 year-old level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure. She still loves Harry Potter and can't get enough but she's read everything..." (12 comments)

conceptDawg (Kate, age 10). "A 10 year old girl who reads at about a 13 or 14 year-old level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure. She still loves Harry Potter and can't get enough but she's read everything..." (2 comments)

ReneeSzostek. "I enjoy reading classic literature, poetry, and mysteries...." (7 comments)

katster. "I'm a big science fiction and fantasy fan. I'm also fond of non-fiction -- particularly science, history, and true crime. I'm a giant bookworm, as you can probably imagine just by looking at my catalo..." (10 comments)

Petroglyph. "My catalogue on LT is complete and updated. I'm mainly looking for fiction, preferably, authors that are new to me, so I'll just give you a few guidelines by which I myself select what books ..." (12 comments)

JulesGDSide. "I'm reasonably new to Library Thing. Litsy is where I am at. I've got a huge TBR/wishlist there - anything on my Litsy-TBR I don't own. And don't worry, I'm on a book buying ban, so I won't buy anythi..." (2 comments)

sillygwailo. "Zadie Smith and Ellen Ullman (I have read all their books or will soon), and science fiction. I loved The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin and I'll read the rest of the trilogy on my own. More in that ..." (5 comments)

Edy25. "I enjoy reading dystopian science fiction, crime fictio, mysteries, thrillers, and short stories...." (4 comments)

teaholic. "A few years ago, I asked my Secret Santa to get me an introductory selection of fantasy, a genre new to me at the time. It worked out amazingly well: I fell in love with several authors, plus I discov..." (14 comments)

spelldavid. "Mystery, vikings, YA, Eric Larson..." (7 comments)

Tamjbowl. "Literary fiction Historical fiction Memoirs..." (2 comments)

alo1224. "I like graphic novels, science fiction, YA, LGBTQ+ fiction, history, microhistory, Holocaust books, books by Jewish/Israeli writers, poetry, and plays...." (14 comments)

catalina7. "I love to read and would love to explore some new books! I would love to try something engrossing and wonderful, I love books that suck you in. I like series or stand alones...." (5 comments)

catalina7. "I love urban fantasy and fantasy in general. I love books with humor (whether it is a nonfiction book, general fiction or fantasy!). I also enjoy historical fiction. Most of my books are cataloged and..." (2 comments)

catalina7 (Jenna, age 5). "My daughter Jenna has very wide tastes! She loves everything most 5 year olds do (all the popular shows and movies etc). She is in kindergarten and is starting to learn to read. If you are stuck for i..." (4 comments)

catalina7 (TJ, age 3.5). "My son TJ is 3.5 and loves books but doesn't have much attention span yet! His favorite things right now are excavators/construction equipment and Captain America along with the rest of the Avengers. ..." (4 comments)

nadjaj (4 comments)

decaturmamaof2. "Historical Fiction, sci-fi/ fantasy, Science, History, Biography, thriller /mystery,..." (2 comments)

gregshortdotcom. "Music-related books, especially books about specific genres (any) or music biographies (any). Also, science fiction, mystery, westerns, philosophy, world religions. Books about birds and dogs. Poetry ..." (6 comments)

ValiantGinger. "Mostly fantasy, science fiction, and some contemporary. I like interesting story worlds and deep characters. Some of my all time favourites include: Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz Fawkes by Nad..." (5 comments)

jennoharmo. "Mystery/Suspense/Thriller (police procedurals, legal thrillers, murder mysteries), and true crime (primarily of the standard murder-mystery fare, but also stories of wrongful conviction and exoneratio..." (3 comments)

shearon. "My Library Thing catalog is the best description of my book tastes, but please surprise me...." (3 comments)

affie. "I enjoy dark and creepy stories, or mysterious and macabre moods. But I still want it to have a good or happy ending. I love cthulhu and similar styles of stories, like creepy and haunting and where p..." (4 comments)

hbfj. "I like many things. In non fiction I like sciency things, history, biographies. I love baseball. There are a few books about women in baseball I want but haven’t been able to bring myself to buy. Fi..." (2 comments)

mvr1426. "Regency, Historical Romance, Viking, Medieval, Highlander,..." (4 comments)

littlegreycloud. "I read pretty much anything except for romance novels but literary fiction -- particularly from your country of origin -- would be preferred. I can read German, English, Swedish and French (and am lea..." (3 comments)

Lachrymosa. "I love all kinds of books, but my favorite genres are horror and science fiction. My favorite writer is Neil Gaiman, but I already own most of his books...." (4 comments)

Tabasco2003 (A fellow booklover - enjoy!). "Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, Jack Reacher, Lincoln Rhyme, Robin Hobb (author)..." (12 comments)

lingahling. "My litsy account is lingahling, feel free to check it out. Maybe you can understand more from there. I enjoy crime, thriller, mystery, legal kind of books. Most of it are fiction, but I don't mind the..." (3 comments)

Melmar88. "I love all fiction. One of my favorite books is The Night Circus. I also enjoy historical fiction. I would love to read more poetry and love baking and hiking..." (5 comments)

dtwoodford. "I enjoy non-fiction stories of other lands and cultures...." (2 comments)

DaydreamingBookworm. "My Litsy account is DaydreamingBookworm. I use Goodreads mostly (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7491989-rebecca). I absolutely love memoirs and I teach in a First Nations community in northern On..." (2 comments)

parttimedomestic. "I like literary fiction and memoir. My favorite authors are Jane Austen Rainbow Rowell and Zadie Smith. I also love ya, but not when it’s too polished and sweet. I’ve been reading more nonfiction ..." (4 comments)

BookWorm841. "I love all kinds of books! Since I'm a children's book writer I tend to gravitate to picture books, middle grade novels and YA. I also love adult fiction by authors such as Jodi Picoult and Kristin Ha..." (3 comments)

katemcangus (Alex Krieger). "My son Alex is almost 4 and starting to recognize words! It's so exciting and I'm ready to start reading lengthier books with him. Thus far, we've stuck to picture books and early readers, but I'm ope..." (1 comments)

katemcangus. "Literary fiction and mystery. Character driven and beautifully written. Think Tana French and R.O. Kwon. If you have questions just defer to Abby Blachly or KJ Gormley...." (5 comments)

saltwaterlit. "I like literary fiction, thrillers, short stories, memoirs, female writers/stories about women, and non-fiction that reads like fiction...." (5 comments)

duda_lemos93. "Fantasy, classic literature, Young adult..." (2 comments)

carrharr. "Mostly genre lit--fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller. I have a deep love for smart adventures, kick butt middle aged female protagonists, and plot twists I can't guess. In non-fiction, ..." (4 comments)

Natalie.Kalvik. "Chic lit Brenda Novak Historical fiction specifically WW1/2 LOVE YA Anything a middle school or high school girl would read, I love..." (3 comments)

seasonsoflove. "I love mysteries and true crime! I'm also fascinated by books on cults. I've been reading a lot lately, fictional and non-fiction, on mental health. My library is a really good indication of what I li..." (3 comments)

Lisawoodman65 (Simone Edwards). "12-year old girl who loves Harry Potter, Charles Dickens and young adult fiction...." (6 comments)

i-am-papercrane. "I like YA mystery, romance, fantasy, science-fiction, etc. If it's any help, my goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/58446059-grace..." (2 comments)

MlleBoazBibliophile. "I love all fiction and non-fiction! Have read many of the latest, and would love to try more "under the radar" type reads!..." (3 comments)

nomadreader. "I mostly read women authors and enjoy mysteries, literary fiction, and memoir/biography/narrative non-fiction. My LibraryThing has every book I've read since 2009, and my GoodReads (nomadreader) lists..." (7 comments)

crayella. "I enjoy realistic fiction, historical fiction of any kind (except military-related novels), non-fiction, and, honestly, every other kind of book. I am a future high school English teacher so I try to ..." (4 comments)

lasfnychick. "Of recent, I’ve been enjoying historical fiction. I just finished reading Pris. I’ve also been reading more historical books dealing with British royalty (I am currently reading a book entitled Th..." (3 comments)

freya727. "All genres but mostly dark historical fiction, gothic, mythology, and antiheroes. Fave authors are Cormac McCarthy, Lyndsay Faye, Paul Tremblay, Daphne Du Maurier... https://www.goodreads.com/user/sho..." (6 comments)

lmm831. "I love to read. I like contemporary romance, YA, YA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian...." (2 comments)

LivingReflections. "Fiction with strong female characters Historical Fiction Historical biographies I adore William Trevor, Celeste Ng as well, essays by folks like Roxann Gay, Lindy West and David Foster Wallace and nov..." (4 comments)

Alendor. "I have a very varied collection of books, where I have begun to treausure more and more fine hardcover editions or just beautiful book design. My library have a lot of different genre from classics an..." (3 comments)

aurorapaigem. "I'm a YA librarian who needs a break from teen books! I would love to read some thrillers, mystery, or fantasy that really keep me engaged. Give me as many page turners as you can for $20...." (2 comments)

snockowitz. "YA or Middle Grade books with a twist ending;historical fiction; LITERARY fiction..." (2 comments)

Morphidae. "Because I read so much and because I'm so, so, so far behind on updating my library, you are best off picking from one of the following collections. There are many different genres to pick from. Wishl..." (5 comments)

nycbookboi. "Mainly queer fiction featuring gay characters. See my Goodreads or instagram! goodreads.com/nycbookboi or @nycbookboi..." (4 comments)

masterdeski. "For fiction: fantasy, dragons, Tolkien, Dresden Files, Pern, Darkover, Mercedes Lackey, Redwall, CSI For non-fiction: linguistics, forensics, world or ancient history, mythology or ancient religions, ..." (5 comments)

bigsis2mac. "Please check out my Goodreads at: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/20662021-kylie I keep my to-read pretty updated there. I love pretty much all YA, queer lit, historical fiction/period fiction, an..." (2 comments)

fields.steph. "I'm liking memoir, nature, and philosophical/social commentary books right now - but not books like comedian or celebrity memoirs because I don't like those. I'm also really loving steampunk and urban..." (5 comments)

Familyhistorian. "I enjoy a good mystery and love history and genealogy...." (7 comments)

psiwula. "I enjoy fantasy, Merlin/Arturian legend, urban fantasy, historical fiction, and some horror. Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and Jack Whyte have all figured heavily into my ..." (13 comments)

Jen_Bartels. "Mystery, suspense, horror, true crime, humor, general fiction...." (5 comments)

electricfig. "I am an avid reader who bounces between genres regularly. My reading history is available on Goodreads, but I will try to transfer relevant information to this site. International fantasy classics wou..." (3 comments)

SassyBrit. "Horror, dystopian, horror film tie-ins. I don't have enough horror! I really love hardcovers if possible please :)..." (3 comments)

rabidgummibear. "I love romance books, YA, Middle Grade, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Really a broad reader but I tend to gravitate towards a lot of romance based books. It's my happy place. One of my favorites this y..." (6 comments)

jonsweitzerlamme. "I like books as objects, microhistories and nonfiction in general, and Terry Pratchett. If it's got a weird shape, does things that most books don't, is about the history of, like, wallets or somethin..." (3 comments)

CarolineMCarrico. "I have a very broad taste in books. I really like general nonfiction science books and contemporary literature. My LibraryThing library has a lot of history and museum studies books in it, which are o..." (2 comments)

LMJenkins. "I *just* linked my Litsy profile (@LMJenkins) to LibraryThing. LT profile has not been updated in years (but will try to do so after this). My Litsy "to be read" is up-to-date with books I do NOT own,..." (1 comments)

N1na. "I like literary fiction, historical fiction, and short stories collections. I prefer books written by women, POC, and LGBTQA authors. I enjoy nonfiction books about Renaissance era European monarchy (..." (5 comments)

BloodyMaryShelley (Emil (cousin)). "He likes pop up books , ology books , books related to skyrim and fallout , disney books and fantastic beasts books...." (5 comments)

starwing. "Hi, thanks for being my Secret Santa :) Although I like a lot of genres, I am hoping for something specific, so please read this rather than just looking through my library. I would really like some b..." (7 comments)

BloodyMaryShelley. "I like fantasy , crime, thriller, harry potter related books and media , assassins creed , shakespeare and poe , pop up books about fantasy and ology books (books to read and adventure through with hi..." (4 comments)

Minthe. "Although I have read lots of 19th and early 20th century recently, any more or less contemporary literary fiction would be fine, as would be classic reads from the 1920s on, or some well-told non-fict..." (2 comments)

caras_galadhon. "My tastes skew very heavily to fiction, and within fiction, towards genres like fantasy, suspense, mystery, (psychological) horror, and "soft" science fiction. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but outside of t..." (4 comments)

pantsu. "My library is pretty up to date. It's also totally all over the place. I like: non-supernatural YA (eg. Hunger Games, Divergent), fantasy (eg. Pern, LotR, HP), adventure-y type novels (especially if s..." (6 comments)

pmarshall. "I would like a world atlas, paperback. I am writing a literary travel book and this would be helpful. I don’t walk so am either in bed, a recliner or a motorized wheelchair so the book format works ..." (5 comments)

wisemetis. "I mainly read fantasy or science fiction, but will read almost any genre. Love fairy tale retellings, pirates, outlaws heroes, and strong female protagonists. I love books by diverse authors. Young ad..." (3 comments)

Cuervo. "My library page and wishlist should give you a good idea of my reading habits and you can use those as your guide. Don't feel bound by the wishlist though. I especially enjoy boos about books and post..." (2 comments)

Rachael. "I'm a hopeless bookaholic and have way too many books lounging about all over the place for my own good. Probably. Maybe. Why am I doing this when I clearly don't need more books? ;-) Please see my pr..." (8 comments)

hillaryrose7. "I love history, most specifically the Italian Renaissance and the 18th Century, as well as classic literature and poetry. Books about books, owls, cats, and historical costuming are also welcome. (Che..." (6 comments)

seaweedotter. "I would love books on cross stitching- I'd prefer nothing about flowers or samplers. I'd love ones about pop culture or movies or such. I'd also love cross stitch patterns from Amazon, especially ones..." (4 comments)

jazzyereader. "I love memoirs, great novels, books about France, knitting books, cookbooks, and photography books. I do not like any type of political books or historical biographies or religious books. I love Santa..." (2 comments)

CynthiaRD. "I like non-fiction and some historical fiction, and adore humorous authors such as Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, and David Sedaris. I recently read "Killers of the Flower Moon" and really enjoyed "Dark ..." (3 comments)

meacoleman. "Historical fiction, biography, memoir, baseball..." (3 comments)

dianawr. "I love: Fiction: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Noir, Cozy Mystery, Urban Fantasy. I love Supernatural if it crosses with any of the above, but not a fan of horror. Non-Fiction: American history, preferably soc..." (10 comments)

Helenoel. "Eclectic- Mysteries, especially those set in interesting places, Science Fiction, Natural History, Historical Fiction. some non-fiction, some literary fiction. check my library for a sense of what I r..." (3 comments)

19anne44. "I like mysteries which are well written. One of my favourite authors is Louise Penny and I also like historical mysteries by Jacqueline Winspear for example. I've read everything by J.K. Rowling in bo..." (3 comments)

SassyBrit. "Horror (adult), dark fantasy, magical, young adult..." (8 comments)

mysterysf. "This is my mystery/science fiction collection (my general book collection is listed under ‘xenophon’ which contains literature, history, philosophy.) Because so many of my fellow secret Santa part..." (4 comments)

archaism. "Favorite fiction authors are Mary Robinette Kowal, Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Ann Leckie, John Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss, and Jim Hines. If you can help me find another author in the same vein or along..." (3 comments)

Claire57. "History! Historical fiction, any kind of biography (especially sports, baseball, and presidents)..." (2 comments)

shayrayyy. "Young Adult Contemporary, Fantasy, Dystopia, mystery/suspense, heartbreaking novels, classics like Charles Dickens and Isabel Allende, fairytales. Some preferred authors are: Adam Silvera, Veronica Ro..." (6 comments)

Ragnell. "Weird Fiction I like horror stories and short fiction, especially folklore and ghost story/urban legend (ghost stories, weird monsters, creepypasta type stuff) collections. Scifi element is cool...." (3 comments)

JMC400m. "I love non-fiction, historical and international fiction, cooking and food-related books, self-improvement and financial history. My Wishlist will show my diverse taste! I really enjoy SantaThing beca..." (3 comments)

Ameise1. "- historical crime fiction - mysteries that take place in Israel - exciting gripping stories..." (1 comments)

cassiejay. "I like young adult fantasy and science fiction, cozy mysteries, and historical fiction. I also read some middle grade and mythology too, like the Percy Jackson series. My library is up to date of the ..." (6 comments)

Morgan.Kaileigh. "I like dystopian novels, fantasy novels, and romances! I'm a big big fan of the Hannah Swensen mysteries and have read the first three (I know I have a long way to go!)..." (2 comments)

EclecticAli. "It's a rather eclectic library - I tend to gravitate towards YA fiction, with a soft spot for fantasy (girl with magic light reads are the best), but I also like realistic fiction, non-fiction history..." (1 comments)

chessley (Jacob - Age 8). "Jacob is a advanced 2nd grader, he reads on about a 8th grade level. Despite his high reading level he has the attention span of a 2nd grader so books need to be fast paced and exciting. That doesn't ..." (1 comments)

chessley (Rachel - Age 10). "Rachel is a 5th grader who reads significantly above grade level. She loves dystopian fiction and fantasy. She is beginning to enjoy romantic elements in her reading. She has recently set a goal for h..." (6 comments)

JosephSherwood. "I'm a four-month-old baby boy. All of the books in my LibraryThing account are ones currently on my bookshelf. I like board books and picture books with simple stories, ones that my family can read al..." (3 comments)

SandraHodges. "I enjoy historical fiction, biographies, non-fiction, and mysteries. I also love children’s picture books to share with my grandkids!..." (3 comments)

brewergirl. "I like lots of things -- history, historical fiction, biography, general non-fiction. In my LT library, use the "Personal Collection" to see what I own/have read...." (6 comments)

Bowerbirds-Library. "I love gardens and gardening, especially books about artists that have notable gardens. Roses are my favourite flowers. I also love the British Library Crime Classics (but no Christmas stories please!..." (2 comments)

gentlespirit512. "I read women's fiction (modern or historical), self-help, writing/creativity, memoirs, sometimes ya, spirituality (Christian or Buddhist). I have a fairly comprehensive wishlist that you can use too...." (8 comments)

library_mistress. "I like science fiction and social fiction; british "classics" (Austen, Brontë, Shelley, Wilde, Maugham and the like); books with librarians as characters or in a library setting (I already have a lot..." (8 comments)

Cariola. "My favorite genres are literary fiction and historical fiction (but NOT historical romance). Some favorite authors: Ali Smith, Madeline Miller, Lauren Goff, Ian McEwan, Rachel Cusk, Jeffrey Lent, Hila..." (8 comments)

dianeham (Michael Hamilton (husband of librarything member dianeham)). "Nonfiction crime, public speaking..." (7 comments)

ultrabookgeek. "I love anything with a good plot, or interesting characters or vibrant places. I read any fiction genre but I love science fiction, literary fiction and magical fantasy. I really enjoy short stories a..." (3 comments)

SqueakyChu. "I love contemporary fiction by Japanese authors, but please see what I have so you don't duplicate books I own. Other than that, I have an eclectic taste in books. My tastes are always changing. I lik..." (7 comments)

LauraLivenspire. "Check out my library for all the details, but I love a fairly wide range of genres and books. I particularly love SF/F, historical fiction, and cozy mysteries. Don't be afraid to push my boundaries a ..." (7 comments)

mmseiple. "I have pretty eclectic tastes, but tend toward contemporary literary fiction. Some favorites are Margaret Atwood, Elena Ferrante, Javier Marías, Dino Buzzati, Alice Munro, Flannery O’Connor. I'd lo..." (3 comments)

mermaidatheart. "I like literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, short stories *IF* they are really good, and--I hesitate to say this because there's a lot of crap out there, but--young adult fantasy. And the occasion..." (3 comments)

boblinfortino (I use the username boblinfortino, but I am Linda...and it's for me.). "I love a good story. Well written is a plus, but not a deal killer. I also prefer something new, although if I've missed something in my past you think I would love feel free to include it. Thank you ..." (4 comments)

aofl. "Currently really interested in ancient history like Ancient Greece, Persia or Sumeria. Also interested in science especially physics and quantum mechanics...." (10 comments)

msemmag. "I'm a fan of brain-bending fiction (usually sci-fi or fantasy, but also literary fiction of a similar ilk)- the weirder, the better! I also like non-fiction about history or food :) I want to read mor..." (2 comments)

susanna.fraser. "I read broadly in genre fiction, especially fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, graphic novels, and YA. In nonfiction, I'm most interested in history, popular science, and memoir. My favorite ..." (3 comments)

aventinus. "If I had to choose only one genre, it would definitely be literary fiction. In the last few years, I have had a clear tendency towards German and Russian authors in translation since my family has ver..." (7 comments)

rodneyvc (Maggievc). "Food, chooks (chickens for you non-Aussies), gardening, hospitality. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's, and her wishlist is "Maggie's Wishlist" collection...." (8 comments)

rodneyvc. "If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to..." (6 comments)

riverwillow. "My fiction tastes are quite wide, particular favourites include classic crime (although I've read every Christie and Sayers), comic fantasy (Pratchett and Gaiman), comic romance (Heyer), the odd thril..." (7 comments)

kristilabrie (Baby de Bree-to-be!). "My husband and I are expecting our first child this April, and would love some of his first books to be from SantaThing! You'll be among the first people to select books for our little one, so the opt..." (5 comments)

kristilabrie. "I read mostly fantasy/high fantasy novels for enjoyment, but I would also love some great feminist books or books related to human rights: either historical or current reads are great. I also enjoy bo..." (2 comments)

russelllindsey. "I do have an Amazon wish list for books, which you can find here: http://a.co/cJCHh32 Also, I enjoy historical fiction. I actually do not have much of it in my library. I also enjoy good y/a novels a ..." (5 comments)

ferness. "I adore Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Mark Twain, Harlan Ellison, Sharon Kay Penman, John Crowley, John Irving...." (6 comments)

babzilicious. "A few examples of books I'm interested in, from the NYT 100 Notable Books of 2018: "Calypso" - David Sedaris "Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America - Beth Macy "Educat..." (4 comments)

bgfulton. "I enjoy all sorts of books, such as graphic novels (non-fiction, Marvel/DC), true crime, mystery/thriller, historical fiction, science fiction and food history...." (2 comments)

RebekahVarga. "My library on here is for my K-8 students who don't have access to a library rich with a variety of literature in their interests. Quality children's literature is a passion of mine. I personally love..." (4 comments)

nackis. "I like mysteries/thrillers, nonfiction (especially in the area of social studies and science), and the occasional historical and literary fiction. Examples of mystery authors I like: Tana French, Robe..." (2 comments)

Dalzell. "Most of the books I buy for myself are for work (I'm in higher education), so I'd appreciate books for pleasure. I enjoy fantasy (favorites I return to include CS Lewis, Gail Carson Levine, Philip Pul..." (3 comments)

nittnut (Mr. E - son). "Big fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Louis Sachar. He loves baseball and adventure stories...." (3 comments)

nittnut (Miss M - daughter). "YA, classics (Austen, Bronte), historical fiction, fantasy - huge fan of Tolkien, Harry Potter, Megan Whalen Turner...." (3 comments)

nittnut. "I love non-fiction, history, YA fiction, historical fiction, mystery (Louise Penny or similar), fantasy (Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Brandon Sanderson)...." (4 comments)

rlipke. "Speculative fiction (Ballard, Gibson, Coupland, etc), atomic era non-fiction, beautiful books, pop-culture, etc...." (2 comments)

seongeona. "I have very eclectic interests and even I have difficulty describing them. I have my LT profile filled out and a "Wishlist" here. However, in the past, my "Wishlist" was overwhelming for one Secret Sa..." (3 comments)

libraryperilous. "Novels: classics, hard sci-fi, historical fiction, and historical mysteries.The denser and more filled with Dickensian details, the better. Bonus points for intricate political systems or cour..." (6 comments)

Danielle505. "I like japanese authors, classics, mystery, historical fiction. This year "A little life" from Hanya Yanagihara was my most-loved book...." (3 comments)

AcademyTaigaA. "I read widely, but for this I'm specifically looking for YA or middle-grade fantasy (and some sci-fi). Some of my favorite authors are Tamora Pierce, Kristin Cashore, Phillip Pullman, Shannon Hale, Ho..." (3 comments)

lamotamant. "Addicted to science fiction & fantasy; love authors like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and similar. Always seeking out a new world-building, high fantasy standalone or series to get lost in from LoTR ..." (4 comments)

Ashlyn07. "Please find my Book Wish List on Smile.Amazon.com https://smile.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1TJ0X7AEJIXFN/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist..." (2 comments)

Stevil2001. "I research and study the Victorian period, but for SantaThing, I'm primarily on the lookout for contemporary British literature (post-1980 or so) and contemporary science fiction and fantasy (post-195..." (1 comments)

mrsandersonut. "I'd love travel guides for Germany, Belgium/Luxembourg, and the Netherlands (recently-published; preferably 2018 editions). I'm planning a 2-week, late-2019 trip to Germany (with side-trips to the oth..." (2 comments)

mellu. "I like crime fiction and mysteries except for cozy mysteries. Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. I would like to get standalone books that are well written and preferably from auth..." (2 comments)

SimoneA. "I read various genres of fiction, such as science fiction, fantasy, young adult, contemporary etc. For my favorites, check the collection with that name in my library. My wishlist contains books that ..." (1 comments)

WeeTurtle. "My library is part personal taste and part archive, so the books I have tend to be those that I want to keep because I liked them or I thought they were worth it. I tend to read fantasy, speculative, ..." (8 comments)

nickdella. "I enjoy books in the fantasy, sci-fi, magical and dystopian areas. I don't mind graphic novels as long as they fit into the genres above. Feel free to check out my LibraryThing library for any ideas..." (1 comments)

RidgewayGirl. "I like literary fiction, dark crime novels, especially when those novels have been written by someone outside of the mainstream; works in translation, by minority writers or from small publishers. I'm..." (9 comments)

dadalo. "I'm very new to LibraryThing, so the two books that you see (1 reviewed, 1 still reading) aren't completely representative of what I generally read. I really like Medical Thrillers, and I probably own..." (2 comments)

Roses84. "Prefer non fiction: memoirs, travel, cooking/cookbooks (no diet restrictions). Minimalism or organizing, comedy/humor, true crime and mysteries (even fictional mystery)..." (4 comments)

Marlane. "I love historical fiction from authors like David Liss, Sharon Penman, or Ken Follett. I also like character driven mysteries that aren't too bloody. My favorite mystery writer is Louise Penny, but I ..." (3 comments)

ktlander. "We like irreverent fantasy, sci-fi and romance – werewolves, vampires and the like. Comedic and sarcastic authors add to the fun, but authors like Stephen King are great too...." (5 comments)

3njennn. "I like a wide variety of books. I mostly read realistic fiction or nonfiction about psychology or science. I like historical fiction and classics too. The books I loved most that I read this year were..." (10 comments)

kailaru. "For me reading is a form of escapism and as such, I prefer the primarily read fantasy and sci-fi. Even though I'm in my early 30's, I still read a lot of YA series. My favorite authors are Diane Duane..." (3 comments)

Jeffsul. "My reading interests include: * Architectural and art history * Ancient Roman history * Anything about the city of Rome * British history & the city of London * Classical Music * Philosophy of technol..." (3 comments)

ScienceandNature. "SO, I don't spend a lot of time with fiction... always hoping to learn about real-life adventures or knowledge... There are exceptions of course, and, above all I'm looking to be enlightened by someon..." (6 comments)

xenophon. "Literary essays/literary essays..." (3 comments)

LLoLaguayasaminaj. "Enjoyed Stephen Leather's "Spider Shepherd" Series and other action thrillers. Generally a swift page-turner. Maybe something from the wish-list, plus it is always nice to see what else someone choose..." (2 comments)

Colleen_L_McDonald (Munchkin). "Munchkin is an almost 7 year old beginning reader (currently Level D). He's into dinosaurs, dragons, Legos, animals and I've just read the first Harry Potter to him. He doesn't watch regular televisio..." (2 comments)

sahra. "I am very interested in learning more about Jamaica, especially the history and the culture, and most of all the native Patois language. I write and take photographs as a reporter for the local paper;..." (1 comments)

sahra (Verity, aged almost 6). "Verity will be 6 in January and attends kindergarten. She doesn’t read on her own yet, but is recognizing and sounding out words so is very close to doing so, and she also memorizes her favorites. B..." (10 comments)

Katfix. "Sci fi, mystery..." (2 comments)

sahra (Bill, my partner). "Bill has several current interests. He does a lot of reading about philosophy (“I bounce all over the place”) although he’s been reading a lot of early modern. He is also into gardening, as well..." (2 comments)

seascape. "Mostly fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary titles...." (6 comments)

vikzen. "I have very eclectic tastes, so its hard to pin down some categories for you as I tend to go for fiction books of all kinds...and I love cookbooks and self-help/motivational titles as well. I'd love s..." (2 comments)

ateolf. "I like literary fiction, especially modernist and postmodernist but I also like discovering new things. Weird and experimental is nice...." (3 comments)

Mr_Square. "My Librarything collection is up to date (as you may be able tell upon inspection: I always include the “date added,” and I like to look at my library “autobiographically,” as I’ve collected..." (2 comments)

Jenni_Canuck. "Under construction - My LT library is woefully out of date but I'm updating my LT wishlist :D Update: My wishlist is as outdated as the rest of my library so I've created a new SantaThing wishlist...." (1 comments)

Honigfrosch. "I have created a SantaThing wishlist - it worked wonderfully the previous year. In case you'd like to gift something else, you can't go wrong with non-fiction books about vampires, or vampire-themed s..." (7 comments)

UtopianPessimist. "I really like mysteries. No necessarily mysteries that are thrillers, but mysteries. I'm also interested in the impact of WWI and WWII on families and individuals. Biographies of women are also a grea..." (2 comments)

Quati. "Romance, ChickLit, Romantic Suspense or Mystery, ... women's literature in general...." (1 comments)

purseproblm. "I love alternate histories, books about books, books about fashion, historical fiction, cozy mysteries, thriller, retellings, ya I read most anything..." (3 comments)

michelynn2016. "I have several books on my wishlist on this sight. Trust Me and The Tattooist of Auschwitz are at the top of my list😉..." (1 comments)

devmae. "Historical fiction (western themes are great, but broader world history wanted as well, but nothing too modern), sci-fi (the weirder the better), non-fiction on interesting and obscure topics. Unique ..." (3 comments)

GoldieBug. "I read and collect a variety of types of books, but I'd primarily love a pop-up book for Christmas since I rarely buy them for myself (but not on a Christmas topic; already have lots of those!), or so..." (1 comments)

kaliwrites. "I have mostly Young Adult books with a bit of adult mysteries mixed in. A few of my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, All the Bright Places, and Looking for Alaska. I own those, of course, b..." (2 comments)

pedro.pessoa (diogop). "Anything football (European) related either in Portuguese or English. Anything else suitable for a 10 year old...." (4 comments)

nancyjune. "My Librarything lists are up to date. It would be great to receive something unknown to me that you think I'd like, but my "to read" list is long and I own very few of them. I enjoy contemporary and h..." (3 comments)

hazel1123. "I rate the books I have read. I enjoy literary fiction, science fiction. I enjoy different types of books and am open to trying new things and suggestions. My Library Thing library is up to date. Book..." (3 comments)

wd40sw. "I would greatly appreciate some books from any of the following Children's Book Series: The Day The Crayons ……… (any book in this series) There Was Old Lady Who Swallowed.. (any book in this ser..." (4 comments)

misskitty17. "I love psychological thrillers, mysteries and the supernatural. Also love a good series. Some favorites include Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Poison Artist, The Lovely Bones. My lib..." (5 comments)

ForeignCircus. "My catalog is sadly out of date as I've moved and all my books are currently in storage. I read mostly fiction though I also enjoy biographies and history books. I like historical fiction and historic..." (2 comments)

jkhernca. "I am willing to read or explore almost any type of genre.. I have been really into YA horror as well as YA fantasy. I always eyeball baking cookbooks , and biography’s like Tina Fey or Dick Van Dyke..." (9 comments)

Kplatypus. "Recent reads: true crime, cozy murder mysteries, historical fiction, weird fiction (ala Lovecraft) , YA fantasy, cookbooks, classics...." (3 comments)

Alliebadger. "I love a story that is well-told. I usually lean towards fantasy (my favorites being Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Kingkiller Chronicles, Mistborn), but I also love fascinating non-fiction in which som..." (2 comments)

Sarij. "I love history, the odder or obscure the better. Same with science. Steven Johnson and Debra Bloom are two of my favorite writers. To give you an idea, last year I received a book about Benjamin Lay. ..." (4 comments)

maddmatt. "Art books, out of print books, architecture, design and travel. I appreciate odd things and weird stuff...." (2 comments)

gypsymc. "Anything historical with a focus on World War I and the interwar years and anything about film. Classic literature pieces. Particularly 19th century British and American authors...." (5 comments)

Jillian_Kay. "I’m pretty easy to please with a well updated TBR on litsy and libraything...." (2 comments)

bookswithjams. "I love thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction, literary fiction, and YA. I’m fairly easy in any of these genres, may be helpful to look at my Litsy TBR which is up to date...." (2 comments)

jeshakespeare. "I love mysteries, historical fiction, exciting romance, and hilariously written books. I'm wishing for author Elise Sax with the Matchmaker series, Prince Joe by Suz Brockmann, Out of Body by Suz Broc..." (2 comments)

jillsmyth. "I like sci-fi and fantasy but also read mystery, romance, and general fiction. But whatever it is, I want comedy and to be amused. My LT is up to date with what I own, I don't keep track of what I've ..." (4 comments)

lispylibrarian. "I LOVE YA! I would really like some graphic novels or YA that I haven't read yet or some holiday-themed erotica (published in the last 2-3 years please). Wish list: Pride by Ibi Zoboi You are a badass..." (1 comments)

sp-patten. "Interested in Canadian authors. We enjoy mysteries, horror (but already own everything by Stephen King), science fiction and spy / action thrillers. In non-fiction we enjoy psychology and sociology (w..." (3 comments)

neverstopreading. "I have an interest it books that are about sexual issues, especially sex addiction and abuse, ranging from memoirs to analyses of causes and solutions. I am also interested in religion books, especial..." (7 comments)

jillannjohn. "Litsy TBR is up to date. Love YA, sci-fi, fantasy., horror, thrillers, literary fiction,. I’ll try anything...." (1 comments)

fionaanne. "YA and children's books, adult non-fiction, and graphic novels are my current weaknesses but I will read nearly anything if its well done...." (3 comments)

lucienspringer. "I love smart, imaginative, language-driven writing of all kinds...." (7 comments)

MisaBookworm. "I love science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction, mainly. I also enjoy literary fiction, some horror (H. P. Lovecraft or Anne Rice style) and some "landscape novels". Some of my favorite authors..." (6 comments)

kjgormley. "Looking to expand my knowledge of plays and playwrights, particularly not-cis-straight-white-men playwrights. Maybe it's a compendium! Maybe it's your favorite play in script form? Who knows! You do!..." (5 comments)

RLReising. "Enjoy all types of books. Cookbooks with stories, scifi, fantasy, crafts,history.........." (2 comments)

kgriffith (Lincoln (user Kayla2400)). "Lincoln is 17 months old and enjoys reading to his mom and dad, and being read to by his Auntie Kir. His library is up to date. Books with diverse main characters, non-nuclear family structures, etc, ..." (1 comments)

calm. "For SantaThing I would like standalone fantasy or historical fiction please. New to me authors would be great, especially if they write like Guy Gavriel Kay; Karen Maitland; Patricia McKillip; Charles..." (10 comments)

MelissaLibrarian. "I enjoy all sorts of books- I love narrative nonfiction about women's history. I love historical fiction of any age/era. I also enjoy teen and adult fantasy novels & contemporary romance novels. Some ..." (4 comments)

ablachly (Jasper - age 10). "Jasper is 10, and recently finished reading all the Harry Potter books. He loves fantasy novels (he's also read all the Lord of the Rings books), and also realistic fiction, especially if it's funny (..." (6 comments)

ablachly. "I'd love something escapist this year. I recently discovered (and devoured) Ben Aaronovich's Rivers of London series--maybe something on that same sort of urban fantasy bent? I also loved the latest R..." (4 comments)

kjgormley. "As I am headed to southern Africa and the Middle East for most of next year, I am interested in Afro-futurism and Middle East SFF to read along the way. Points for space ships, post-colonial reclamati..." (2 comments)

Matthew.Archibald. "I haven't had a chance to add anything to my LibraryThing profile, so that won't help you. I like fantasy, science fiction, Young Adult novels, including dystopian fiction. I also read a fair amount o..." (3 comments)

radiojen. "I prefer to read books with witty characters. I lean toward general fiction, nonfiction, memoir, essays/short stories/novellas, chick lit, historical fiction..." (3 comments)

rhian_of_oz. "Urban fantasy, science fiction, historical mystery, travel memoirs, young adult..." (2 comments)

agotte11. "I have a wide range of reading tastes. I tend to read more non-fiction than novels but read just about anything I can get my hands on. If you have questions, let me know. My Amazon wish list is full o..." (3 comments)

EllsieFind. "Thank you Secret Santa for picking my books! I enjoy new literary and/or speculative fiction. I like a well-written mystery, if it isn't gory or cozy. I like nature writing and books about going back ..." (8 comments)

MaggieGrinnell. "Fiction, children's books, biographies of writers..." (2 comments)

RossWhippo. "I enjoy speculative fiction of all sorts, especially science fiction, slipstream, and magical realism. I also occasionally read light fantasy (more 'strange worlds', less 'dragons and orcs'). Novels o..." (2 comments)

heathalusta. "I love fantasy books and young adult fiction Some of my favorite series/authors: Harry Potter Sarah J Maas Cassandra Clare Marie Lu Lunar Chronicles..." (3 comments)

twolfe360. "Fantasy is my go to reads. Books concerning old Hollywood or wrestling Books about authors especially fantasy and science fiction writers..." (3 comments)

acorbalis. "Historical Fiction is my favorite genre. I love a well written book that makes you sorry to leave it’s world or breaks your heart a little. Some of my favorites include All Quiet on the Wester Front..." (4 comments)

hankinson_1. "I read Contemporary romance YA Paranormal And dark romance with all the feels..." (1 comments)

mountainsandlace. "I'm a bit all over the place, but my #1 love is fantasy. I also like a lot of contemporary fiction and chick lit, and enjoy exploring authors from around the world...." (12 comments)

FinnyB (The Husband (Gavic-D-Star on LibraryThing)). "Sci-fi and fantasy are preferred. Graphic novels and manga are a plus. Audiobooks are also a good thing...." (1 comments)

FinnyB. "I love sci-fi and fantasy most of all. My favourite authors are Mercedes Lackey and Susan Cooper. LGBTQetc characters are a plus...." (1 comments)

Preston.Kringle. "I love most books really into medical thrillers like Tess Gerstein being a favorite of mine that I have all of her books. Comedy like Janet Evanovich is also a favorite also have all of hers. Anything..." (4 comments)

duchessjlh. "I read all sorts of different books. For fiction, I have a particular fondness for fantasy, mysteries, science fiction, and historical fiction, but I read and enjoy widely across genres. For non-ficti..." (2 comments)

samjudd. "The recipient is me! I like mostly Sci-Fi and fantasy, have been looking for ones recently with a female protagonist, as I feel like most of the ones I've read recently have a male and I could use a n..." (4 comments)

Shadowfatz. "I like SciFi and Fantasy primarily, also historical fiction, contemporary fiction,non-fiction(history, memoirs etc). See my Goodreads page or Litsy under Shadowfat for my TBR..." (1 comments)

JimRingel. "I enjoy offbeat, weird mysteries. I like American history books. I like cross genre literature; anything that mixes any of the following: mystery, literary, history, supernatural, sci fi, or visionary..." (2 comments)

wifilibrarian. "Really keen on some good science fiction, near or far future or contemporary. Something entertaining. I've struggled this year finding books I really enjoyed. Indie or undiscovered books would be grea..." (11 comments)

Dan_Avi. "I’m looking for some historical fiction or really interesting historical nonfiction right now, or some good fantasy. I mostly read fantasy but I’ll really read any genres as long as it’s really ..." (3 comments)

Alliegee9. "I love fantasy books, YA books, science fiction, mystery... GOT, LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star trek, dragons etc. etc. I love graphic novels and comics! Sarah J Maas is one of my favorite author..." (4 comments)

bradylouie. "I like historical fiction, history, social/cultural commentary., literary fiction, and essays...." (10 comments)

Lisa.Domke. "I like both fiction and nonfiction. For fiction i read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, and fiction. For nonfiction I like a lot of different things but especially histo..." (8 comments)

KatyLL. "literary/witty; currently reading Hitchens, Rex Stout, Elmore Leonard, Virginia Woolf, Thurber; art books too numerous to list litter my life as well - John Treadwell Nichols is a most favorite author..." (5 comments)

holly_golightly. "Well-written memoirs and literary fiction, lesser-known classics, young adult fiction, 18th/19th century novels, historical fiction, literary biographies/histories, literary translations. I also enjoy..." (6 comments)

ashieleigh08. "Historical fiction, history, biographies, fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, fairy tales Most anything relating to biblical history..." (2 comments)

emeliz21. "YA contemporary, YA historical adventures, girls in sports (especially soccer and baseball), magic existing in our world (upper) MG contemporary/speculative/folklore/adventure mystery/historical quest..." (5 comments)

wolframhart2009. "*Occult books that are more serious in tone. Golden Dawn, Seals of Solomon, Crowley, etc that sort of stuff. *History books particularly those about the dark/middle ages or antiquity. *Serious theolog..." (4 comments)

smileydq. "My wishlist is out of date, as is my catalog, as I didn't get to read much fiction while I was finishing my PhD! I like literary fiction and historical fiction. I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult and Kate ..." (1 comments)

Pat_Bunk_Malecki. "I love books that are family sagas, southern generations, strong women books. Examples, Penny Vincenza , Barbara Taylor Bradford, which I have read. I love trilogies and books for example as Eugenia P..." (2 comments)

ForkMcSpoon. "Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Business, Role Playing (Dungeons & Dragons), Biography..." (2 comments)

Bookseiffel. "Historical fiction, mysteries, women's fiction, southern fiction, classics, fiction,..." (1 comments)

deelemmas. "Fiction and Fantasy..." (2 comments)

samanthat841. "Supernatural romance. YA fiction romance. Slice of life,romance, and Fantasy romance manga. Fantasy romance. really any romance...." (1 comments)

AngelClaw. "All the books I own are on my profile, but, in a nutshell, fantasy, fairy-tale retellings, historical fiction, contemporary fiction/nonfiction, and literary fiction/nonfiction (including memoir) are m..." (3 comments)

dianeham. "Current literary fiction, mysteries by women ( Tana French, Louise Penny, etc) poetry (but not fond of it on kindle usually). Books about the Amazon jungle/river but I've read lots of them. Ireland, D..." (3 comments)

msliz_31. "Tastes are very diverse; particularly fond of historical and contemporary fiction and authors from different cultures...." (11 comments)

Charli333. "Magic, fantasy, fiction, light romance, history. My favourite books are The Discovery of Witches/ All Souls Triology series by Deborah Harkness and Versions of Us & Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett. I..." (2 comments)

KallieGrace. "Feel free to select books for myself or my 2 year old daughter, my library thing contains both our books. I love a good mystery with amazing characters. Recently I have loved the Cormoran Strike serie..." (3 comments)

DebbiMack (Nancy Mack). "YA, mystery, memoirs. Humorous books (fiction and non-fiction)...." (2 comments)

mirax1978. "I love horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. I also enjoy YA books...." (2 comments)

dreamhard. "I’m pretty open to all kinds of books, but I really love true crime, horror/thrillers, sci fi/fantasy and YA fiction. Also, any books written by lgbt+ or WOC are a plus!..." (8 comments)

deb.stelling. "I enjoy psychological thrillers most.A quick suspenseful novel with twists and turns. Not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy, and historical Fiction isnt really my thing...." (4 comments)

Kristelh. "Literary fiction (1001 Books, Booker, ToB), Science Ficiton, Fantasy. Some horror, some nonfiction but not my usual taste...." (5 comments)

lowelibrary. "I have an eclectic library since it is shared with my husband. I would like one of the books to be towards my husband's tastes of nonfiction paranormal phenomena or true crime. I enjoy mysteries (espe..." (2 comments)

m.v. "Currently I'm on a reading trip around the world, visiting countries by devouring books by native authors. This far I've been to Norway, Hungary, the U.S, Canada, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. There's st..." (6 comments)

juliehyman. "Love crime/thriller, fantasy and sci-fi. Also love westerns lately. My fave authors are Tolkien, Craig Johnson, Jim Butcher, Michael Connelly, Louise Penny. I also love cozy mysteries. I am not a big ..." (2 comments)

laze. "My LT catalog is up-to-date. Here's a link to what I've read since 2004: http://laze.net/etc/reading-list/ (apologies if the styles on that page are wonky... not sure what's going on there). In terms ..." (4 comments)

VroseG. "I like fantasy or SiFi, in genres such as Fiction, Romance, Action Adventure, YA, and Mystery. I like character building and unique plots. Humor is great, but I also like characters who are challenged..." (2 comments)

Karenmurphy. "Historical Fiction, newly released fiction..." (6 comments)

monicadebbi. "I like non-fiction. I also need some books about making my yard into a wildlife habitat (I live in the southeastern US) or ways to make it maintenance-free. [Nothing radical . . . I don't want to beco..." (2 comments)

KatiaGuzzardi. "I like fantasy, I’ve read all of the Harry Potter and lord of the rings books. I also read a lot of YA novels for my job. I love books with magic in them...." (3 comments)

magickislife. "ya, fantasy, get me whatever you would like to read I love to read new things...." (6 comments)

susiehk. "Spiritual awakening, psychospirituality, archetypes, healing, course in miracles, divine feminine..." (2 comments)

Mem_ugh. "I read a lot of YA, contemporary, mystery and a fair amount of true crime...." (2 comments)

CJPG. "Historical fiction, memoir, fictional literature, YA,..." (2 comments)

lynnodo. "Nonfiction; true crime; psychology; history; politics...." (3 comments)

jenniferw88 (). "Love the classics, historical mysteries, fantasy and crime thrillers. Dislike romance (although lgbtq+ is fine) and horror. I have 2 degrees in English Literature (including one in 18th century litera..." (3 comments)

mabith. "I read a bit of most genres, but non-fiction is my sweet spot, especially history. I have a great love for classic children's novels as well (Understood Betsy, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Swallows and..." (6 comments)

erthom02. "Mystery & Thriller - Karin Slaughter, James Patterson, Tana French Historical Fiction - similar to Where the Crawdads Sing or Next Year in Havana Really likes to keep up to date on popular books - sub..." (10 comments)

neiljonlouie. "For non-fiction: world history, mathematics, physical sciences, linguistics/foreign languages (esp. German, Italian, and Korean), architecture, machine/deep learning, and forensics For fiction: myster..." (3 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "I love romance, particularly historical and contemporary. My current favorite authors are Sarah MacLean and Kristen Callihan. I am also partial to romances from the Avon imprint. Most importantly, I l..." (3 comments)

rretzler. "I love mysteries - more specifically British mysteries, especially those in the style of Golden Age of Detection. I also enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy - especially dystopian sci-fi and high fantas..." (4 comments)

gortavoher. "Business Books: Leadership, futurism, technology, data, economics Non-fiction: Sociology, Psychology Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction..." (5 comments)

ofthatilk. "I like historical fiction, mysteries, contemporary fiction, classics, literary fiction. My Litsy and goodreads TBR lists are updated. Litsy user name is umbrellagirl. I am ofthatilk on GR. https://www..." (4 comments)

episkounova. "Fiction, Sci-Fi, Biography, Microhistory, Travel Literature, NonFiction, History of Science..." (2 comments)

Tombleweed. "Authors I love: Boris Vian, Kurt vonnegut Jr, George Saunders, Jorge Luis Borges, Georges Perec, W.G Sebald, David Mitchell, Kazuo Ishiguro, Italo Calvino, ... Original writers, that tend to challenge..." (3 comments)

Kuosa. "I simply love books. Many different kinds of them. When there is nothing better, I grab whatever comes my way - I just have to read. But I prefer (in case of fiction ) books with respectful, honest ch..." (7 comments)

xhollishx. "I like fiction and YA novels. I haven't tried too many outside those types, but not against it. I want books that get me hooked and not want to put it down. I haven't read many this year of newer rele..." (2 comments)

xhollishx (Lexi, age 7). "She is getting better at reading. She likes JoJo Siwa, dressing up, playing with makeup, candy (lol). She's a girly girl. She's in 1st grade and I would say level 2/3 reader. She's been working on it ..." (3 comments)

Desilu42. "Hi. Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2HMWWVTWYHPSO I love historical, historical fiction, and dystopian. I have a small wishlist that is provided above...." (6 comments)

liznorell. "literary fiction, chick lit, memoirs, current events..." (2 comments)

BethM6. "Sci-fi, fantasy, YA, romance, historical fiction, cozy mystery..." (4 comments)

Daedalus.. "I read novels (EN, FR, IT), contemporary and classic (but not too classic!). Calvino and Borges are among my favourites (I have most of their books, but you see the kind of literature :). And Rebecca ..." (3 comments)

Venzulu. "I love mysteries, but will be open to other genres. I haven't update my library in a while, hopefully I will get to that this year. More recently I have gotten into the gothic victorian books, not lim..." (2 comments)

jbuskermolen. "I like genres such as: non-fiction, business, modern economy, biographies, travel, drama. Best is to check my library to see the type of books I read...." (3 comments)

raj89er (2 comments)

phxazlaura1 (Gayle Kelemen). "Literary fiction Spiritual concepts - past lives, angels Healthy living Motivational Rocks & gems..." (4 comments)

phxazlaura1. "Literary fiction (have recently loved Alice Hoffman, Jamie Ford, Claire Vaye Watkins) Spiritual concepts - nothing overtly religious Current events Healthy living Personal development..." (2 comments)

queenoftheshelf. "My library is a bit out of date, but I've updated my GoodReads which is under the same account name...." (1 comments)

Carrie88. "Contemporary fiction, biographies, historical romance..." (8 comments)

rin.wilson. "I love children's books and read them widely and often, so I would love to receive your favorite children's book that no one seems to have heard of (I've got your standard award winners and classics h..." (4 comments)

BurlingtonNorthern. "I prefer literary, well-reviewed contemporary fiction. Maybe by a local author from your area?..." (1 comments)

pbirch01. "Lately I have been reading a lot of female authors. I would like to continue this trend or at least a book with a female protagonist. I like stories with struggle or some sort of journey. In terms of ..." (3 comments)

mpaulsen22. "Science fiction, mystery, crime drama. Recently read the Atlantis gene series and loved it. Love book series. Trying to get introduced to new authors I would like. My library is a good indication of t..." (2 comments)

EsraTasdelen. "I love good historical fiction, literary fiction, world literature, and books where women are the protagonists! Some of my favorite authors (I have read almost all of their books!) are: Julian Barnes,..." (3 comments)

mariechka. "nature, science, history ancient / medieval / renaissance, economics..." (5 comments)

RiaWritten. "My library is somewhat large and my librarything is not super up to date. I’ll try to fix that in the next few days. I love horror and science fiction but will read nearly anything! Unique and inter..." (6 comments)

FReads. "I really enjoy historical romance, historical fiction, and chick literature. Please do not select any fantasy, science fiction, paranormal/time travel, mystery/murders or anything dark or depressing a..." (1 comments)

thevictoriousone. "Harry Potter is my favorite book series of all time. I prefer YA fantasy or scifi, though I prefer the older books that edge on the adult line or adult books that edge on the YA/teen popularity line (..." (3 comments)

CaitZ. "I enjoy reading historical fiction, cozy mysteries, and nature/science books the most but I like many different types of books. I'd love to read someone else's favorite book...." (2 comments)

jerdencon. "I love historical fiction, fiction, and mysteries; but I’m open to reading anything. I use my library very often and very rarely buy books because I never reread books - too many books to read...." (3 comments)

JacobsBeloved. "So this year I really want to broaden my horizons into more historical fiction. My To-Read section of My Books has lots of titles that interested me when I did some digging. I recently read The Cousin..." (2 comments)

amaranthe. "I read mostly fiction but I collect a lot of nonfiction. Recent fiction reading preferences include speculative fiction, Victorian novels, queer romance, and British mysteries. Nonfiction includes hor..." (1 comments)

SoubhiKiewiet. "Favorite genres are Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction. I love strong female MC’s. LGBTQ Lit encouraged. I have a TBR on Litsy if you have access- my handle is @Soubhiville. I don’t own..." (3 comments)

Morteana. "I have a pretty expansive library, but my tastes are mostly in YA and Fantasy. This year I’m looking for books with strong female leads, great friendships, and YA books with good mental health rep, ..." (2 comments)

saresmoore. "I tend to read mostly literary fiction and classics, but also enjoy contemporary fiction. I’m *always* up for trying something new...." (8 comments)

igorken. "Surprise me! Though of course do be a little sensible :) An author new to me is always fun! These days I read a lot of graphic novels(probably due to life stealing away my reading time) and while I st..." (2 comments)

Tropical-Library. "Always looking for new authors similar to the ones I already know, even though I can barely keep up with the ones I already love; I'll retire one day and can read them all then, right?? Also happy to ..." (1 comments)

cdlove86. "I love to read Autobiographies (just received the Michelle Obama Becoming book and can't wait to dig in. Before I read the Michelle Obama book, I need to finish Michelle McNamara's "I'll be Gone in th..." (2 comments)

EHoward29. "I'm really into thrillers, mysteries, and sci-fi right now. A moving sports novel is always good too...." (1 comments)

cyorgason. "Thrillers, espionage, police procedurals, historical fiction, science fiction/fantasy, young adult (favorite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Clive Cussler, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Lee Child..." (2 comments)

Goodlit. "I love to read about social justice issues (fiction and nonfiction), contemporary literary fiction, and historical fiction. My LibraryThing page is a good place to find out what I like...." (3 comments)

rlb0616. "I like fiction, particularly something with a magical or historical bent. I read a lot of “women’s fiction,” I like mysteries and books set in European locales...." (3 comments)

TBones. "Horror,Bizarro,Action/Adventure,Thriller,Graphic Novel/Comics Authors- Carlton Mellick III, Jeff Strand, James Byron Huggins, James Rollins, Jonathan Mayberry, Blake Crouch,J.A.Konrath, Stephen King, ..." (2 comments)

mrsandersonut. "I absolutely LOVE inspirational Amish fiction, and I would be thrilled with any of the titles from my Amish Wish List...." (2 comments)

Autolykos. "Sci-Fi Fantasy, Historical fiction. Favorite book is Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Also enjoy Brandon Sanderson and Brent Weeks. Have everything by those 3 authors, but something along those l..." (2 comments)

InsightsintoBooks. "I love historical fiction, fantasy (the type with witches and magic). I also enjoy spiritual, new age, and books about religion, as well as memoir and biography. I also love books about books. ...." (2 comments)

kgriffith. "favorite genres: fantasy, sci-fi, literary fiction Strong preference for LGBTQI+ authors, autistic/neurodiverse authors, authors of color (MCs as well, as long as they're written BY people of that dem..." (9 comments)

trcovell. "Light fantasy, sweet romance (contemporary or historical)...." (4 comments)

ScottyBoyP. "I'm pretty open to everything; slight preference for older works/literature. Sci-fi, philosophy & poetry would be safe bets, but I would be happy to receive anything! My library on here is pretty orga..." (1 comments)

rosetyper9. "I love romance, fantasy, historical fiction, urban fantasy. I read widely but I do have a few particular loves such as magical realistic fiction (think Practical Magic), historical fantasy (A Darker S..." (1 comments)

loubrarian. "I like mysteries that are beautifully written page turners, for example Little Fires Everywhere and All the Light We Cannot See. I also like graphic novels like Paper Girls. My favourite authors are M..." (3 comments)

ladyoflorien. "I mainly read SciFi and Fantasy with some science, technology, and business books thrown in to make things interesting...." (4 comments)

Keith_Voogd. "Surprise me!..." (2 comments)

Vierran. "Sf, fantasy, romance,but most books are crossovers: sf/fantasy, fantasy/urban fantasy/romance, detective/sf/fantasy, detective stories, space opera. My Goodreads profile has lists of my previous years..." (2 comments)

reedread. "I like mysteries, historical fiction, literary fiction, twisty-turn thrillers and biographies. I especially like books set in England, Ireland, and Wales (and the US.) Some of my favorite authors whos..." (3 comments)

neverstopreading (Gabriel (7)). "Gabriel is 7 years old. Books with a reading level between 2nd and 4th grade are appropriate. He likes Magic Tree House books. He's read a lot of them, so if you pick one pick from the list below. Boo..." (2 comments)

dmbkel41. "Hi! Best way to see the books I love is view my library but I typically read fiction books. I like popular fiction, as cliche as that sounds. I just love a well written book, something that sticks wit..." (6 comments)

witchescastle. "Supernatural/Paranormal, Horror, Light Fantasy, MG/YA, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, classics. Subjects: Haunted House/ghost, carnivals or circus, shipwrecks, cooking, magic, nature, poetry...." (5 comments)

noveltea88. "I have varied tastes but this year I would love adult literary fiction books that have an element of romance. I like historical or M/M romance as well! Authors like Christina Lauren, KJ Charles, Julia..." (2 comments)

TexLiz19. "European Historical fiction primarily, fantasy, regency and paranormal romance, and classics. Sometimes fun mysteries as well...." (2 comments)

Krither. "I like fantasy, especially urban fantasy. Books with women as the main protagonists are nice, although not required. I also enjoy historical fiction, set in the middle ages...." (3 comments)

snigl3t. "List clearance assistance, please! My Amazon wishlist is used as an all-purpose bookmarking dumping-ground for anything I run across that sounds interesting - but I've allowed it to get a bit out of h..." (1 comments)

snigl3t. "List clearance assistance, please! My Amazon wishlist is used as an all-purpose bookmarking dumping-ground for anything I run across that sounds interesting - but I've allowed it to get a bit out of h..." (2 comments)

bj. "Something interesting or trashy. My libray and wishlist are up to date. I'd prefer something written in the last two years...." (2 comments)

AmberTew. "My interests are all over the place. My wishlist and Santa Thing wishlist Is up to date, so surprise me!..." (1 comments)

crazy4reading. "I have a varied taste in books and will try almost anything. Here are a few genres I enjoy: fiction, science fiction, fantasy, YA, Mystery, thrillers, suspense, Cozy Mystery, historical fiction, roman..." (5 comments)

Yells. "I am open to just about anything. I read a lot but 99% of what I have read or own is logged here. I have a rather extensive wish list as well so feel free to borrow ideas from there. I love literature..." (8 comments)

soontobefree. "please look at my "own" tagged books.Please Do not get the same books I already owned. My favorite are the books tagged "best reads ever". I also have "want to read" list...." (1 comments)

jellyfishjones. "My LibraryThing wish list is a great starting place to get a sense of what I'm into right now, which is primarily speculative fiction. After that, check out four and five star reviews in my library. O..." (3 comments)

stephkc16. "I like Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction. My Wishlist is up to date...." (1 comments)

erinclark. "I truly just love a good story, psychological thrillers are fun, historical fiction is a fave as well. I really love to be just entertained. Please check out my library and wishlist. Also of note, I w..." (2 comments)

Olivia3010. "Quite varied taste, love historical fiction (especially about The Tudors, Marie Antoinette and the world wars) will also read non-fiction about these subjects. Also enjoy YA, especially fantasy and ju..." (7 comments)

joyjohnston. "Fiction: Thrillers, horror, short stories. Nonfiction: Memoir, Self-Help (anxiety management, meditation for beginners, coping in difficult times.)..." (3 comments)

amilligan. "I like historical fiction mostly. I also read YA novels as I teach High school English so I like to know what is out there and popular. I am also trying to widen my knowledge of Canadian Indigenous Au..." (8 comments)

Liosa. "I love classic lit, Canadian literature, extremely well written one off books of any genre, including YA. I like books that are written with a wide-ranging vocabulary and a new and interesting perspec..." (1 comments)

olegalCA. "So happy to be doing this again! I read a lot of teen books, mystery, history, politics, and the odd biography. Anything in these categories would be awesome! I would prefer not to receive romance, sc..." (5 comments)

clue. "I read primarily fiction (mysteries, literary, espionage, historical) but also like true adventure, biographies and memoirs. If you check my library, you'll see what types of fiction I tend to enjoy a..." (9 comments)

literatefool. "My tastes are wide ranging. Cozy mysteries, noir, short stories, fiction, history non fiction, lesbian books, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. I'm looking forward to being introduced to something new!..." (3 comments)

KLmesoftly. "I like: • Books about lies and miscommunications between characters that gradually unravel toward some sense of definitive "okay, actually this must be what happened to put everyone where t..." (2 comments)

FemmeNoiresque. "Here are some ideas: - a book by a non-English language author. - some magic realism, along the lines of Alice Hoffman, Sue Monk Kidd, Sarah Addison Allen, Salman Rushdie and Isabel Allende - though n..." (2 comments)

strongstuff. "I lean towards historical and literary fiction, but will happily dabble in great fantasy, young adult, and non-fiction selections as well. Some of my favorite 2018 reads include: Lillian Boxfish takes..." (2 comments)

redrabbit. "Goodreads is where I log what I have already read: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2839098-erica-minton-reid I would love some good indie graphic novels (examples I have recently read: Paper Girls..." (7 comments)

Nica6. "I am drawn to books set in other countries/cultures, historical fiction, science/nature/anthropology, YA, science fiction/fantasy, social issues. Current interests: Buddhist philosophy, chronic illnes..." (2 comments)

smasler (2 comments)

LibraryCin. "I read very broadly, including both fiction and nonfiction. It's easier to say what I don't like. But, favourites include historical fiction, biographies, thrillers. If fantasy items are chosen, YA or..." (4 comments)

paulusm. "classical literature, modern lit, scifi..." (2 comments)

Eneila. "Mostly fantasy, history books where romance should be an element. Like to read good biography books too...." (12 comments)

mrstreme. "Literary fiction, women authors, Orange Prize/Bailey Prize winners/short list/long list, marketing and business books, Law of Attraction, other New Age topics, memoirs of inspirational people I've upd..." (2 comments)

TheFlamingoReads. "My library is as up-to-date as it can be and my "One Day You Shall Be Mine" list is chockablock with all the books I hope to own one day. As you can see I read a lot of Historical Fiction and Non-fict..." (8 comments)

jmcneil (3 comments)

kkelm22. "I am really interested in listening to stories about autism, or with autistic characters. Especially where the caregivers are telling the stories of the up's and down's of life with a child on the spe..." (2 comments)

missizicks. "I read widely. I'm trying to read more fiction by women, particularly women from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America who have been translated into English. I'm interested in indigenous writ..." (4 comments)

timspalding (LiamSpalding). "I'm looking for books for my son, whose account is at LiamSpalding. I have two requests. This request is for graphic novels, comics and bande dessinée. (There's another for prose fiction). The LiamSp..." (5 comments)

bragan. "I read a lot of stuff that comes under the general heading of "speculative fiction," and a lot of non-fiction, especially on science-y topics. But my tastes are actually very broad, and I'm always wil..." (4 comments)

sallylou61. "I would enjoy receiving short story collections, preferably by only one author per book, and preferably by a female author. Suggested authors include Willa Cather, Alice Walker, Ann Beattie, Joyce Car..." (2 comments)

vivirielle. "I love middle grade and some YA. I haven't been able to read much lately, so I'd particularly love some of the must-read newer books in these categories that have come out in the last year or two...." (2 comments)

GirlMisanthrope. "Right now I'm enjoying graphic novels and looking for things on my wishlist. Favorite genres are Fantasy, Alternate History, nonfiction books on black history, animal behavior, and obscure dictionarys..." (11 comments)

SquireA. "Enjoy historical fiction and well written history, like Gore Vidal's historical novels. Histories of intellectual ideas, such as by Pankaj Mishra. Nihilistic or interesting philosophy, like John Gray...." (8 comments)

RebeccaLMello. "I like mystery, fantasy, science fiction, true crime, and young adult fiction. I prefer soft cover books but I also enjoy hardcover books...." (2 comments)

AngelaMaryJohnson. "I love supernatural, horror, erotica, adventure, mysteries... I'm not a lover of short stories, I like something long, but well written that I can get my teeth into. I've included a link to my wishlis..." (2 comments)

missmufferpuff. "I like romance books and have read most of the well known authors, I also like authors like Tammy hoag with a little suspense and mystery but not full out gore. I do like new things so don’t be afra..." (2 comments)

owen1218. "I like radical books, especially nonfiction but fiction is good too. Feminist, environmentalist, anti-racist, history of atrocities and struggles, indigenous, sociology, etc. Obscure is good! I'd hope..." (4 comments)

grizzly.anderson. "Obviously Science Fiction is my main taste genre, and since reading Liu Cixin's series and being given We by Yevgeny Zamyatin some years ago, I've been on the look out for good stories from other cult..." (3 comments)

bostonbibliophile (my husband Jeff). "Science fiction, fantasy, imaginative literary fiction for adults. Loves Terry Pratchett Iain Banks, Christopher Priest, China Mieville, Robert Jordan. Also loves classics (Roman especially). Recently..." (6 comments)

willoughby. "I love WWII non-fiction books (I only get the WWII fiction when it's on sale and have been known to chuckle at their inaccuracies, so WWII fiction isn't a great idea). I just started a new job that I ..." (2 comments)

DMS1962. "I like psychological thrillers, literary fiction and most other fiction, too. First novels are fine. Check my profile to see what I have read for the past few years...." (2 comments)

annesadleir. "My LibraryThing is quite up to date so something should be safe if it's not in it. I read mostly fiction but I also like non-fiction if it's a good story told with intelligence. Recently I have really..." (3 comments)

MichaelAScott. "I like books about the law (in particular, public/administrative law, constitutional law (and human rights), criminal law, and legal history), history, economics (please no macroeconomic theory), poli..." (11 comments)

ejmam. "I like discovering things I didn't know I'd like, so if you just pick your favorites I'll be happy. Otherwise I like SF, fantasy, historical romance, and kids books...." (2 comments)

nkmunn. "SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Adventure Fiction, Murder Mystery, Polar and Climbing Memoirs, general fiction, mysteries, or memoirs in English set in or published in italy or botswana. Books about Books..." (5 comments)

revsusan. "I love fantasy, youth/young adult, historical fiction, science fiction, and mysteries. I've recently become fascinated with the genre of books that are mysteries about bookstores. I want a book to cur..." (8 comments)

relativelybooktastic. "I read alot of horror and thriller, suspense romance and nonfiction crime books. I like contemporary fiction as well. Im not a huge fan of fantasy but have been reading some lately...." (6 comments)

debbie1215. "I am into biographies lately - famous rock stars 80's era, historical figures, actors,etc. Also love fiction - historical fiction in particular, set in Civil war times,WWII era. Favorite authors - Jod..." (1 comments)

DKnight0918. "Literary fiction, women’s fiction, general fiction, some YA Favorite authors include Pat Conroy, Cassandra King, Ayelet Waldman, Michael Chabon, J. K. Rowling, Sarah Dessen, J. D. Salinger, Audrey N..." (7 comments)

jonnijones. "I have an Amazon wish list and would love to have any of the books on that list. I love: Ellen Datlow-Terri Windling anthologies, Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Angela Carter, Thomas Merton, and Thoma..." (5 comments)

Capybara_99. "You can see my reading for the last several years by looking at my LibraryThing collection. It shows all my recent reading, and pretty much nothing from before I joined. I'd love something I wouldn't ..." (8 comments)

BingeReader87. "Thrillers, Horror, YA Thrillers, Stephen King, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, YA..." (7 comments)

sundance. "I like thrillers and have read all Child, Flynn,Baldacci, Thor, Berry. Also like cozies and have read all Malliett, Christie, Dams. Also enjoy historical mysteries like the 2 C Todd series set in WW I..." (3 comments)

renardkitsune. "My library is filled with all sorts of genres, but I guess my favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction. I loooove medieval Europe, fiction or non-fiction, along with Vikings, Celts, KING ART..." (5 comments)

Cfraser. "I read diversely. Literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, young adult. Check my Wishlist for ideas , although don't be limited by it. I like discovering something new...." (8 comments)

Rosa_Saks. "I have an MA-degree in English literature, so naturally I love the classics. I'm a huge Shakespeare-enthusiast, so anything gorgeous by him/about/involving him is most welcome. Also past winners of th..." (5 comments)

drweb. "Like thrillers, mysteries, Sherlock Holmes. Some science fiction okay. Some favorite writers (have MOST of their books already, just to give you a sense of types): Jack McDevitt, Douglas Preston, Linc..." (3 comments)

camillemiko. "I'm a big fan of JKRowling, of M/M Romance and detective fiction. I want to read more women writers. I want to read more Gail Carriger books (but in french). I love Agatha Christie and Fred Vargas but..." (3 comments)

ethompson011. "I'm looking for something new in sci-fi and/or fantasy. I have part of my collection scanned into my LT library but the other part is still in boxes and not scanned. Anything newer is probably safe be..." (1 comments)

Oneironaut. "My most favorite genre is weird fiction. I like when the authors get wildly creative and I have no idea what's going to happen next. Other random fields of interest: dystopias, cosmic horror, sci-fi, ..." (5 comments)

BookCentric. "Right now I'm reading classic fiction (pre-1900) and history about things that happened before about 1800 (any region). Please check out my Wishlist for the sort of books I’m looking for! I’d be h..." (2 comments)

TxYanky. "Mystery, biography etc...." (5 comments)

JammiGo. "I really enjoy fantasy, especially with a lot of humor and heart. I have all 30-odd Discworld novels and love them. I just finished the podcast The Adventure Zone: Balance Arc and have the graphic nov..." (10 comments)

cbl_tn. "I'm a fairly eclectic reader. My favorite genre is historical mystery (especially if it has an art or archaeology theme), but I also read literary fiction, history, literary travel, and books about bo..." (4 comments)

DebbieRoesch. "I love mysteries and science fiction. I have never read "Games of Thrones". I am starting the Battle tech series...." (3 comments)

Dariah. "I would very much like to receive one of your favourite books, preferably one from an author I don't know yet. I mostly read adult higher fantasy and thriller, but am always open for new topics and ge..." (6 comments)

reenum. "Nonfiction: 1. Unusual historical events or people: Examples are the WW2 books by Ben MacIntyre or books by James Burke. 2. Books from the Very Short Introductions (VSI) series or MIT Essential Knowle..." (2 comments)

Sheila1957. "I like romance, erotic romance, mysteries, cozy mysteries, history, historical fiction, non-fiction, YA, dystopian, and classics...." (2 comments)

tarshaan. "i like literary fiction, science fiction and fantasy, poetry, lyrical writing, good ideas, good characters......." (2 comments)

Arifel. "I'm a big science fiction and fantasy reader, particularly into reading anything featuring diverse characters, adventure, found families, interesting aliens or contact stories, intricate politics, pos..." (6 comments)

ArkhamReviews. "Please can you send me young adult books (aimed at 12 to 16 year olds) that are either stand alone stories or the first book in a series so that I can review them on my blog? My favourite genres are h..." (3 comments)

Aula (Aula's Mother). "She loves Dorothy Cannell (a SantaThing gift for a past year), Elizabeth George's Lynley mysteries (says the writing is wonderful, really loves how she describes her characters), Patterson's Alex Cros..." (2 comments)

Ronnie293. "I read a wide range of genres but I’m in the mood for something fun and light. Chick lit, romantic comedy any stories with a happy ending please...." (2 comments)

jeanie0510. "I enjoy current fiction and best sellers, especially thrillers. I also enjoy fiction written for young adults. Any books fiction or non fiction about Hawaii or set in Hawaii...." (5 comments)

camelama. "I like learning about how things work. History. Cultures. Ecology. I say below “no mysteries” but cozies are ok - I just find the real world dark enough that i don’t need more in my reading! Lov..." (7 comments)

SouthernKiwi. "I enjoy books that bend genres. Think Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch series, George Martin’s Game of Thrones or Susanna Kearsley’s books – these are all favourite authors. I really enjoy histor..." (6 comments)

TizzzieLish. "Christian fiction Historical fiction - especially American westward movement History Biography..." (5 comments)

maribou. "I read and love all kinds of things!..." (3 comments)

homeschoolmimzi. "I love to read memoirs and biographies, and some fiction. Here are some ideas on my Amazon wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/UQJ0RW5SSUWH?&sort=default..." (3 comments)

Powderfinger69. "American history--esp John Ferling, Joseph Ellis, David McCullough, Gordon Wood History of the Middle Ages Recently read fiction by DH Lawrence, Eco, Russo, Jeffrey Eugenides Thoughtful "spy" novels (..." (1 comments)

normandie_m. "I did a reading challenge this year where I had to read a book that fell under a certain theme each month, so what I've read this year has varied a little- have read more biographies this year and a f..." (2 comments)

genesisdiem. "Books about interesting women! Fiction or Non-fiction. I also like cozy mysteries, arts & crafts, gardening, museums, libraries, bookshops, sci-fi, romance, adventure, travel, history, science, maths,..." (16 comments)

KateBaxter. "I'm a huge fan of historical fiction and historical mysteries. I also enjoy regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. If struggling to i..." (9 comments)

liveshipvivacia. "I love fantasy and historical fiction and historical fantasy. My favorite time periods are the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, WWII, and the Cold War. I love reading about Russia and fantasy set in..." (3 comments)

Richj. "detective fiction current politics current physics for those of us with limited math current understanding of evolution modern poetry short stories..." (8 comments)

bagejew. "Mystery, thrillers, culinary mysteries, romance, intrigue, Southern Lit, bestsellers..." (8 comments)

princefan. "I like contemporary literary fiction about family life and relationships...." (3 comments)

Colleen_L_McDonald. "Real life has been way too real of late, so I need some lovely distracting things with happy endings. Think light and fluffy - chick lit, travel books or memoirs, inspiring and uplifting. I like Santa..." (7 comments)

jburlinson. "I'm a big fan of photo books. I have a photobook wish list at Amazon. Here's the link: http://a.co/eH4liZb Thanks in advance. And Merry Christmas!..." (1 comments)

SNO24601. "Mostly, I love genre fiction: fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. I also love classic literature (especially Gothic, Victorian, and Romantic era). I love both Y.A. and adult literature. As far as non-fiction..." (1 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "Literary fiction, Non-Fiction, History, Memoir, Thrillers, Mysteries, et al. Fiction authors like Mary Doria Russell, Jonathan Franzen and Marisha Pessl. Non-Fiction authors like Jon Krakauer, Malcolm..." (6 comments)

bcrowl399. "I like history, and mysteries, but I'm open to anything. If you look at what I've read, I think you'll see it's pretty diverse. If you'd like to enhance my diverse reading, please feel free. I like su..." (6 comments)

CryBel. "I like Fantasy and Sci-Fiction books. I also like fun biographies/autobiographies. I also like books about books and weird history...." (8 comments)

missylc. "I have a very large collection of homesteading and gardening books already. Some of my favorite fiction authors are Barbara Kingsolver, Charlaine Harris, Jasper Fforde, Stieg Larsson, Jeannette Walls,..." (2 comments)

M_Vickmorr. "I love fiction, fantasy, and cook books...." (2 comments)

tealadytoo. "Favorite genres: Mystery/Suspense (historic, Golden Age, cozy) Romance (non-erotic) Classics and vintage..." (3 comments)

mooingzelda. "This year, I'd really like to receive whatever your favourite book (or books!) is. As long as I haven't already read it or have it on my shelves to read, I'll be happy! You can obviously get an idea o..." (2 comments)

readergirliz. "I love reading widely and voraciously. My top 5 books of 2018 (so far!) are: Homegoing They Both Die at the End Maybe a Fox Being Mortal The Blinds I like books with magic realism, well written young ..." (8 comments)

perfunctory. "I love love love a good romance (for instance, I just read The Kiss Quotient and about FELL OVER it was so fun), memoirs, general fiction and some YA. I'm pretty bad about keeping my LT updated, but y..." (3 comments)

ericbell35. "Classic literature, history, historical fiction, math and science, Peanuts (the comic strip), bridge (the card game), cooking, travel, trivia. I don't mind the occasional surprise...." (12 comments)

amuskopf. "I mainly read science fiction, fantasy and books about cops and detectives (Michael Connelly, John Sandford and the like.) I also like zombies and post apocalyptic fiction. I love omnibus editions of ..." (5 comments)

MindiSoo. "I am the Steward of Fairview Ave’s Little Free Library. I am always looking for books that interest middle/high school aged kiddos. Some examples: The Book Thief, Code Talker, Hunger Games (series),..." (3 comments)

thornton37814. "I love mysteries. My favorite kinds are Police Procedurals such as Deborah Crombie, Ann Cleeves, or Louise Penny. I also enjoy historical fiction with historical mysteries such as those written by C. ..." (3 comments)

paulstalder. "I like mysteries, biographies, church history (not too detailed theological discussions, but historical novels and vivid non-fiction), Swiss and East Asian literature. Both German and English books ar..." (9 comments)

owlie13. "Like mysteries, urban fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, 'light' non-fiction (nothing heavy or too serious). Willing to try something new, except for the categories in the "don't get this" ..." (4 comments)

Peace2. "My tastes are fairly wide ranging although I'm always a bit partial to some new fantasy type books to tempt the palate as I know family are unlikely to buy anything like this. When it comes to non-fic..." (5 comments)

brandilgrosso. "I read cookbooks - I’m vegan too - so vegan cookbooks for my personal collection would be delicious! (Mississippi Vegan, Vegan Holiday, Chloe’s books) I also love horror (true and fiction) and bio..." (3 comments)

hemlokgang. "literary fiction, international authors, look at my library..." (4 comments)

3bythesea. "Most of my reading is new fiction, along the lines of Barbara Kingslover, Ann Patchett, Tana French and Kate Atkinson. More literary mysteries and things with a sense of humor are appreciated as well...." (2 comments)

LinaMP1822. "If you’ve taken a peek at my library you can probably tell that I have wide ranging tastes. I particularly enjoy reading mysteries, historical fiction, and fantasy. A few of my favorites are The Sec..." (2 comments)

Romonko. "I love literary fiction, CanLit, Mysteries - especially English procedurals. Some of my favourite series are Alan Banks, Bruno Police Chief, all of Anne Perry's books (which I've read and am up to dat..." (2 comments)

elphie93. "Some of my favourite authors are Ian McEwan, Irvine Welsh, Hilary Mantel, Ken Follett, Adam Hochschild and Hannah Kent. I love literary fiction, soft sci-fi, and historical fiction. I've also been rea..." (7 comments)

julienne_preacher. "I like a good story and superb writing, never mind the genre. Fiction, non-fiction and anything between is great...." (5 comments)

Elliot1822. "I like military history, military campaigns, historical figures, and U.S. and World history. Books about ancient Greece and Rome would also be appreciated. Thank you. Have a good holiday!..." (4 comments)

watson11. "I love mysteries, especially cozies and humorous mysteries (Carl Hiaasen, Laurence Shames). I also like literary fiction and essay collections...." (4 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like Christian fiction and romance, Love Inspired historical or Amish, Christmas stories,cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, and cats, or..." (8 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, and cats, or classic mystery novels. I also like historical novels, biographies of historical pe..." (5 comments)

reading_fox. "See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available!). Wild..." (4 comments)

ccatalfo (juliancatalfo). "Enjoys everything - but is currently especially into Matt Christopher sports related books for kids. But will enjoy almost anything...." (8 comments)

ccatalfo (elliecata). "Enjoys fantasy and contemporary children's (young YA?) fiction...." (6 comments)

kkelm22. "Rylan loves animal and dinosaur books. He loves non-fiction books and books similar to the ones that have a layered 3D skeleton/body part model. He loves books with a lot of pictures. He loves books t..." (7 comments)

andejons. "Varied. History, fiction, essays, biography, classics, books about books, poetry, comics, I read them all. My LT account is usually well up to date...." (6 comments)

MaryKay1822. "I love Christmas books especially illustrated ones. I would also enjoy books about baking, miniatures, doll houses and crafting. I like biographies, mystery stories, fiction, and short stories. Also I..." (1 comments)

shabacus. "I'm a fan of fantasy and humor, but I'm willing to branch out into sci-fi and historical fiction. English, Spanish, and French books are all fine. Adult or YA are both fine. Graphic novels are fun too..." (4 comments)

Conachair. "I like history, but I also like to be surprised. Get me something that excites you...." (2 comments)

NicoleW. "Christian Romance, and Fiction, Love Inspired Historical, Sci-Fi, Art/Artists, Historical fiction, Urban Fantasy, Mystery,Comedy..." (1 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I love fantasy and science fiction, especially if it's a bit different or if there is some humour in there as well. Some of my favourite books are Discworld and the Rivers of London series, to give yo..." (4 comments)

Aula. "I love humorous memoirs, fantasy, suspense, horror. I've been enjoying some young adult fiction lately (again, humorous or at least with some levity in there). Also, the writing has to be good: two gr..." (4 comments)

guido47. "Literature and Modern SF. WWII History. Have a look at my library. Science, history and and thinking...." (2 comments)

jamieschecter. "I like romance, mysteries, literary fiction, biographies and memoirs, and history books. Sci-fi and fantasy have to be really engaging to get my attention. I'm trying to read Agatha Christie's books a..." (4 comments)

DeathsHand1328. "I try to keep up with the assassins creed, world of warcraft or mass affect books. If you find any I dont own I would love to have them. I know I have a new world of warcraft book in wishlist. If ther..." (9 comments)

BabyLiam. "His a very stubborn 3 year old boy. I would like him to get books about sharing and manners. He also likes books that has textured pages. He might start pre k next year...." (4 comments)

BabySamuel. "He is in first grade. His starting to read and I would love simple short books for him to read on his own. He enjoys reading very much...." (4 comments)

mellymel171328. "I have always been one for a good who done it murder mystery. I am also open to any favorites anyone want to share as long as it isnt apart of my dont get this request. Surprise me!..." (4 comments)

avanders. "Long story short, Speculative Fiction! I'm currently loving what is considered true speculative fiction ... i.e., books that explore the "what ifs" of the world. I love not-too-distant-future..." (4 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries, and creepy mysteries. I really enjoyed Ann Cleeves books and The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I also like general fiction. Some of the books on my wish list include Labyrinth of t..." (4 comments)

ILuvBookplates. "I have a wide variety of tastes with a few areas of specific interest. This year my family is making a big move in the new year so I want to add to my e-reader for traveling instead of packing more bo..." (4 comments)

majkia. "sci fi, urban fantasy (not romance kind), sword and sorcery, first contact, space opera, sciency thrillers, historical fiction with lots of science, cryptography. I like some mystery, period mystery e..." (10 comments)

thebookmagpie. "I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels. I also like young adult a lot, in particular well-written contemporary. I tend to care more ..." (6 comments)

lorannen. "I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction. You can't go wrong with anything in that vein. I also read a lot of comics/graphic novels, but I'm pretty well covered in that department at t..." (2 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "I prefer odd science fiction and urban fantasy. Pop Science/Pop History Books are always fun. Quirky Detective stories are also a good choice...." (5 comments)

Total: 527


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