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SantaThing is LibraryThing's Secret Santa for book lovers. This is our TENTH annual SantaThing!

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Crucial dates

Sunday, December 4th at 5pm Eastern. Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages are sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Monday, December 12th at 1pm EST (18:00 GMT). After the weekend, gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

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Picked (460)

BridgetR. "Anything from my Amazon wishlist would be great: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/DERMBD82G802/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1..." (5 comments)

swhite58. "I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. Lately space opera. I also like historical crime novels - Lindsay Davis etc. My Kindle wishlist is at http://a.co/iimRvHv..." (5 comments)

ElizabethsBooks. "I love most lit fiction, women's fiction, and mysteries in the vein of Louise Penny. I like a lot of YA along the lines of Rainbow Rowell. I'm trying to read more diversely and widely. I like some sci..." (2 comments)

smasler (2 comments)

booksaplenty1949 (3 comments)

lydiasbooks (6 comments)

Merryann. "I love books with pictures and I enjoy learning things, but heavily technical nonfiction can be hard for me to get through. Nonfiction written for the layperson or aimed at middle to high school ages ..." (9 comments)

twolfe360. "I read fantasy mostly but open to science fiction also. Other reading taste of the non-fiction variety is old Hollywood or books about sci fi and film. I also read books on the paranormal, again non-f..." (12 comments)

jthelwell. "Mysteries (not thrillers) of all sorts, particularly historical mysteries. Military and hard science fiction. Urban fantasy. Unusual cookbooks. Historical fact, particularly ancient Rome and Victorian..." (6 comments)

BellasShelf. "My favorite genre is YA. In that genre I love dystopian stories, horror, suspense, thriller, life lessons, light romance, etc. The last book I read that I absolutely adored is: The Girl With All the G..." (8 comments)

pedro.pessoa (4 comments)

pedro.pessoa (4 comments)

serendipitina. "My reading is all over--contemporary literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, comedies, etc. Fiction that makes you think. Strong female characters. Stories with a twist. Like to try new authors and be..." (2 comments)

catalina7. "While I will read pretty much anything, fantasy is my favorite. I really enjoy urban fantasy as well as fantasy with some humor in it (like Terry Pratchett). I also enjoy historical fiction. My librar..." (5 comments)

Rand1956 (). "FYI, the recipients won't be me, they'll be the Living Reminders of my Advancing Age, aka my two foster grandkids. So in this corner, we have a boy 1 1/2, who will be 2 in February. In the opposite co..." (9 comments)

robertwmartin. "I am exploring the classics, the books on the "best of 20th century" lists, and have just started to discover biographies...." (3 comments)

wifilibrarian. "Sci-fi, but open to surprises. I like novels that are easy to read but make me feel smarter after I've read them. Or just books that are entertaining and fun. Open to popular informative non-fiction t..." (6 comments)

Oz_Brett. "A vast array of Christian books with a specific focus on the Puritans; also a smattering of books on Chinese history...." (4 comments)

agjuba. "I love big, sprawling novels; historical fiction (especially set in England, Europe, or WWI); family sagas set in England; and books about or set in places I have been or am going (this year we travel..." (8 comments)

jaelquinn. "Fantasy. Graphic novels. Poetry. Young adult/children's literature. Queer humour, poetry, romance welcome. Fiction or literature, character-driven. Something that drew you into the mind and heart of t..." (9 comments)

sp-patten. "Mystery, horror and science fiction are favourites for fiction. Non-fiction likes are psychology and history. We collect books signed by the author. Canadian fiction is also a favourite...." (6 comments)

mrsandersonut. "I’m a high school American History teacher, interested in nonfiction works that will deepen my understanding of the historical development of the United States. Biographical coverage of any of the F..." (3 comments)

conceptDawg (Kate Holland). "8 year old that reads at a 9 or 10 year old level. She likes mysteries like A to Z mysteries (she has A and B, I think), Keyhunters (she has all of these), etc. She also likes various fantasy books li..." (10 comments)

conceptDawg. "Mysteries, especially historical mysteries. History, biographies, hard scifi (I like Ted Chiang, for instance), art, art history, you name it...." (4 comments)

kgriffith (ECC_Maine). "The Equality Community Center in Portland, Maine is a brand new non-profit, with a physical location that houses 6 local organizations dedicated to serving and advocating for our LGBTQIA community. Th..." (2 comments)

caras_galadhon. "My tastes skew very heavily to fiction, and within fiction, towards fantasy, although I enjoy suspense, mystery and horror as well. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but outside of the Professor, I tend to pref..." (5 comments)

jarno87. "I like reading (epic) fantasy and science fiction, and the occasional thriller (or romance). Another book from an author I have several books of is a save choice. However I like it when you can introd..." (3 comments)

Tanya2011. "I love fantasy. Love it when there's a mix of adventure, suspense, comedy, and romance. My favorite authors are Juliet Marillier, Lindsey Buroker, Cassandra Clare, Chris Fox, Andre Norton, Brandon Hal..." (3 comments)

timspalding (LiamSpalding). "I'm looking for great books for my son to read himself. He's 10. His ability to understand narrative is advanced. But he's young when it comes to scary stuff. He loves mythical animals, mythology...." (13 comments)

KelseyKent. "I'm going to France in April, so I'm loving all things French right now. History, biography, and novels set in France are all great. Otherwise, any page-turning books are appreciated. I have a wide ra..." (5 comments)

muscarmen. "categories: fiction and biographies type:humorous, modern..." (2 comments)

stormyhearted. "My LT library is pretty empty at the moment, but I'm a fan of fantasy- Harry Potter, the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix, Iron Cast by Destiny Soria, the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger, ..." (5 comments)

Krither. "Fantasy, especially urban, steampunk, mythopoetical, young adult, historical fiction and nonfiction; especially with female protagonists...." (5 comments)

timspalding. "This year I want one thing: great science fiction stories. All types are fine. I am particularly partial to: * alien contact stories * good writing; so much is bad * stuff I ca..." (11 comments)

chmod007. "Sci-fi, botany, novels, esoterica...." (15 comments)

leo212. "historical fiction, mystery, romance (traditional tastes), suspence I like to laugh when I read..." (3 comments)

mnm123. "Historical fiction, urban fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, some romance..." (6 comments)

Book-Dragon1952. "I like hardbound if possible. I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy. Non-fiction US History, Space Flight...." (7 comments)

ferness. "I love Kurt Vonnegut, Harlan Ellison, and Douglas Adams (and I think a Venn diagram showing how much they overlap would be larger than might be initially apparent. I do also like good nonfiction, as w..." (9 comments)

gbelik. "I like some non-fiction: history (not military), popular science, travel essays. I like science fiction, but not fantasy. Mysteries are ok: gritty, urban, not cosy. I do have a large library, so take ..." (6 comments)

LibStre. "Non-fiction/Biography/True Crime: Modern Era (1900 to Present) Middle East, Russia, Pakistan...." (5 comments)

Capfox. "I like LGBTQ works, be it prose or graphic novels; works by Japanese authors or about Japan; sci-fi or fantasy novels; and I read a good amount of young adult stuff, as well. I particularly like findi..." (4 comments)

leahbird. "I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, but also really hate some of the popular stuff in both of those genres. I like dark humor and flipping expectations and stories that deal with real issues,..." (2 comments)

Arielle.Kane (Tamar Kane). "Literary Fiction (Americanah, The History of Love, Fates and Furies, The Girls, Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels, All teh Light We Cannot See), easy but engaging beach reading (Gone Girl, Girl on th..." (3 comments)

ghilbrae. "I love Fantasy and Science Fiction the most (books and comics), but I read many more genres. I'm currently trying to discover more SciFi and Fantasy books written by women...." (11 comments)

diana.n. "Please select your favorite(s) from:• works from classical antiquity;• a detailed, evenhanded nonfiction treatment of Richard III, Marguerite D'Anjou, or the Wars of the Roses;..." (2 comments)

Bnickle (3 comments)

teckelvik. "Retellings of Indian epics History, biography Lois McMaster Bujold..." (8 comments)

TheoClarke. "My tastes are eclectic and my catalogue (or catalog) is pretty much up to date. I prefer hardcover to paperback although I like both...." (4 comments)

.Monkey.. "I love horror, classics, thriller/suspense, "literature"... I like to broaden my horizons, and I'm always looking to read more women, PoC, and books translated to English (I tend to enjoy Russian auth..." (3 comments)

lisa.isselee. "My tastes cover a wide range of genres. Currently my favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. But I also like YA, contemporary novels, classics, erotica, comic books, biographies of nerdy people,re-te..." (3 comments)

MinaKelly. "Gothic horror, cosy mysteries, historical romance, hard or soft sci fi, non fiction science and history. I'm especially keen on books with diverse casts and from diverse authors - books I wouldn't nec..." (4 comments)

Danielle505. "Being only recently member of this book society, my LibraryThing library is still empty. Historical novels, crimes,contemporary and modern classics are my favorites..." (4 comments)

Sahara20. "I really enjoy history books - both fiction and non-fiction so would welcome a history book. I would like to read some more classics having read things like 'A Tale of Two Cities' and 'The Great Gatsb..." (2 comments)

aeclark. "I am pretty flexible in terms of styles of book, but would prefer newish fiction. I'm happy reading across genres, be it literary fiction, gay fiction, fantasy (but not hard SF), crime or noir fiction..." (3 comments)

purseproblm. "I love historical fiction, Timeslips, narrative nonfiction, books about books, books about fashion, women fiction cozy mysteries of all sorts, romance, YA.. almost anything really... except the below...." (4 comments)

JMC400m. "I love international works translated into English, non-fiction, books about cooking and chefs. I would like to explore new authors but not exclusively. I am interested in Spanish literature because I..." (1 comments)

sahra. "My library is a historical picture of books I used to own which were almost all lost in a storage unit when I lived in another country. Please do not get any replacements for them. To be even more unh..." (14 comments)

sahra (Verity, aged almost 4). "Verity will be 4 in January. She likes food (she has a "snack-track mind"), art especially crafting, swimming, dance (especially ballet), preschool, and Frozen (especially Elsa). I asked her directly ..." (4 comments)

Dalzell. "You can look at my profile for a description of my book collection, as well as browse my library to get an idea of what I read. I discovered books by Elizabeth Gaskill and Anthony Trollope in the past..." (4 comments)

super2loveable. "I really like Egypt and the pyramids. History stuff like that. Currently I don't have a lot like that. Otherwise if you see something else that would match my LibraryThing, that would be awesome too!..." (4 comments)

Petroglyph. "I'm mainly looking for authors that are new to me, so I'll just give you a few guidelines by which I select my books: that should give you plenty to work with. Science fiction is good. Hard SF, space ..." (4 comments)

lowelibrary. "I have a diverse collection of books.My library contains both mine and my husband's collections. My main interests at this time are mysteries and paranormal fantasy books (mainly vampires or witches) ..." (6 comments)

n_cat. "My LibraryThing profile is a good reflection of the types of books that I like. However, it does not reflect anywhere near all of the books I've read prior to joining LT. I enjoy reading non fiction b..." (3 comments)

xhollishx (Lexi). "She is a 5 year old who is OBSESSED with My Little Pony. She also enjoys Shopkins and reading, so she will be happy with anything...." (3 comments)

xhollishx. "I enjoy YA (I've read Hunger Games, all Lauren Oliver and Meg Cabot books, Vampire Academy, Kiera Cass, etc). I also enjoy things like "chick lit". I have read all of Emily Giffin, all but the new Meg..." (5 comments)

Morphidae. "My library is not up-to-date, I'm about two years behind so you can't trust it for what I have and have not read. Also, it's a shared library with my husband and we don't have the same taste in books...." (2 comments)

lorannen (Liz—lorannen's sister). "My younger sister reads and enjoys a lot of fantasy and YA. Recent series/books she's liked include The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, The Queen of the Tearling by Erica Johansen, Tana French's Dubl..." (9 comments)

amsparky. "My favorite authors at the moment are Vince Flynn, Brett Battles, JD Robb, Rick Riordan... I like mystery, thriller, and young adult (I teach High School English). I adore reading series, as evidenced..." (5 comments)

Cuervo. "My library page and wishlist should give you a good idea of my reading habits and you can use those as your guide. Don't feel bound by the wishlist though. Books about books are always appreciated. On..." (4 comments)

LLoLaguayasaminaj. "Eclectic to say the least. It totally depends on what is going on around me or what I am doing. This year I have been making a few vintage style fashion doll outfits so now I have lots of books/bookle..." (3 comments)

kamrie. "I am an elementary school teacher-librarian. I read a lot of middle grade fiction, grade 3-6, that I would then donate to my library (something published in the last couple of years). For myself, I re..." (3 comments)

AngelaFries. "Currently into books about polygamy, YA, Harry Potter type,..." (3 comments)

aya.herron. "I enjoy reading cozy mysteries, horror, and suspense. I'm always looking for a new series to try out. Also, I enjoy reading nonfiction that reads like fiction. Surprises are welcome!..." (4 comments)

MichaelAScott. "I read mostly non-fiction books, particularly those about law or economics. I particularly enjoy reading about criminal law (I prefer more analytical works over true crime, generally). I also read boo..." (7 comments)

amanda4242. "I'll read pretty much anything but I prefer fiction, both literary and genre...." (7 comments)

mel.davidoff. "I finally exported my goodreads library into Librarything, so this is finally reflective of books in my collection (the to-read books are books I already own, thanks to Goodreads' link with Amazon). I..." (2 comments)

lpmejia. "I have a wide variety of tastes - science fiction and fantasy (including comics) are my first loves, but I'm also into literary fiction as well as non-fiction history and science...." (5 comments)

ateolf. "I like literary fiction, modernism/postmodernism especially. You can have a look at the books I've liked before. I like a pretty wide range and I also like surprises and things that are new to me...." (6 comments)

DMS1962. "Fiction! Almost any kind of fiction. Some of my favorites are Elizabeth Berg, Alice Hoffman, Chris Bohjalian, John Hart....I would love something by a "new" author -- someone who hasn't come into my r..." (5 comments)

Bowerbirds-Library. "I adore my garden and gardening. I would love any book about gardens and gardening- gardens of artists, gardens of writers. Gardens in art, garden photography, Allotments. English gardens or gardens f..." (1 comments)

katemcangus (Alex Krieger!). "This is for my 21-month-old son. HE LOVES BOOKS. You can find his current catalog here: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/katemcangus/sasha. His favorites change from week to week, so there are no ..." (3 comments)

katemcangus. "Good fiction! Anything to distract me from the reality of 2016. See my favorites in my LibraryThing catalog to get an idea of what I like. I'm esp. into detective fiction (Tana French, Robert Galbrait..." (4 comments)

DBettenson. "Nonfiction- mysteries of world, curiosities, Vikings - fiction or non fiction Tarot cards or books Midieval fictions..." (4 comments)

trojanpotato. "I'm really craving thoughtful scifi and books to make me laugh right now, but I always love getting something that was really impactful or important to the person that recommended/gave it...." (6 comments)

iShanella. "Fun, quirky, heartfelt stories are among my faves. I am a fan of GOOD fantasy, where the world-building pulls you into the world and makes you wish you could experience it...." (6 comments)

klaidlaw. "I like Sci-Fi, mysteries (especially historical), general fiction, WWII, gardening books. Pretty eclectic overall...." (8 comments)

sillygwailo. "Zadie Smith is my favourite author, Remainder by Tom McCarthy is my favourite book of the 21st century. I'm looking for similar books as well as science fiction that makes social commentary. I'll get ..." (7 comments)

ccatalfo (juliancatalfo). "Books for 6 year old boy who's a very good reader - things like Ninjago, Magic Tree House, A-Z Mysteries are all great...." (2 comments)

coprime. "I like a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and romance, and if those genres can be combined, even better! I also like non-DC/Marvel comics. Some books I've read recently and really enjoyed include thes..." (5 comments)

ablachly. "Literary fiction! Historical fiction, especially if it features women. Literary mysteries. Oh, and I *love* books that turn into non-linear puzzles, or with multiple timelines, that piece together at ..." (5 comments)

perfunctory. "I read across all genres but my most favorites right now are literary fiction and memoirs. There are a lot of recently released books I've been dying to snag but haven't yet, some of which are The Nix..." (4 comments)

Lillibrarian125. "mystery, thriller, suspense, true crime, biographies, travelogues, YA, humor..." (6 comments)

witchescastle73. "I have a pretty big library, filled with classics, literary fiction, nature writers, popular newer fiction (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc) and some of my favorite authors: Katherine Howe, Sarah ..." (5 comments)

Movielizard. "I'm a history nerd and love the classics too. I tend to gravitate toward history mystery type - my favorite book is The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson - but I am up for trying anything with a ..." (3 comments)

Jenxy21. "I love YA, Southern Lit, Mystery & Thriller, Crime Drama, Fantasy.....just about anything except non-fiction. I really want the Divergent Trilogy since I will meet Veronica Roth in January. I also wan..." (3 comments)

hazel1123. "i like most types of fiction. Mysteries and thrillers are what I usually avoid. I read nonfiction and enjoy biography and history. Generally reading tastes are eclectic and I am willing to try new and..." (4 comments)

tandyk. "I'm a YA librarian, so I enjoy most everything from the YA section. I enjoy the paranormal- ghosts, vamps, werewolves-- stories with happy ending, chick reads. I also enjoy reading books that have a s..." (4 comments)

-Eva-. "I am working on a (life-long?) project to read a book from every country in the world, so I would like to receive books that will help me in that quest. 1. Fiction (prose) only, please. 2. Author must..." (11 comments)

KarenElissa. "I read non-fiction almost exclusively. Mostly I like biographies/memoirs/history. I like personal stories about people in different times or different places doing interesting things. I don't like sto..." (5 comments)

TPauSilver. "I prefer novels with female protagonists. Love queer protagonists. I like hopeful endings. Love anything that draws on folklore or mythology. My amazon wishlist - for reference - http://amzn.eu/8qAjtg..." (5 comments)

KarenReese. "Post apocalyptic,Zombie,Sci-Fi..." (10 comments)

deedee1501. "I like action series, especially James Rollins Sigma series and the Jack Reacher series. I also like Memoirs. I very much enjoyed the Harry Potter series and I liked the Paper Magician series. I have ..." (4 comments)

Garp83. "American history, biography, American Civil War, ancient history, anthropology, climate science, paleontology, Big History, global history,..." (5 comments)

heidilach. "My LibraryThing library is up-to-date. I just added several "SantaThing" tagged items to my wishlist--these are suggestions, no pressure to buy! You'll notice they're an odd mix of YA novels, mystery ..." (8 comments)

catarina1. "Generally I read literary fiction and some non-fiction. The Prizes category, i.e. Man Booker, National Book Award, Woman's Prize (formerly Orange Prize). A passion is Japan but I already have just abo..." (6 comments)

Oneironaut. "- Weird Fiction / New Weird (such as China Mievilles' work) - Cosmic / Lovecraftian Horror - remote & historic travel reports (such as remote Russia or whereever) - strange sci-fi (Stanislav Lem) - dy..." (8 comments)

Juliasb. "Ghost stories, Gothic and Southern Gothic Literature, Southern Fiction, Ron Rash, Daniel Woodrell, Megan Abbott, Sarah Waters, Joyce Carol Oates, Shirley Jackson, William Faulkner..." (2 comments)

Helenoel. "My library is up to date but does not reflect many books read before I joined LT. I like surprises, so if you have a favorite, give it a try. But please no politics, religion, horror, vampires or sopp..." (5 comments)

Morteana. "Anything off my wishlist is lovely, but my favorites are fantasy and historical fiction. Surprise me! :)..." (4 comments)

aliena0811. "I like mysteries, cozy mysteries, a nice chick lit every one in a while and almost all other types of books!..." (5 comments)

Sheila1957. "I read a lot of everything except horror. I like romance, erotic romance, erotica, historical romance, non-fiction, the classics, cozy mysteries, paranormal romance, thrillers, mysteries, westerns, de..." (4 comments)

Arielle.Kane. "I love literary fiction (Americanah, Sweetbitter), historical and/or regency romance (Lisa Keypas, Sara MacLean), narrative nonfiction, fantasy (YA and crossover, Graceling, Meghan Whalen Turner, Luma..." (2 comments)

andersonden (5 comments)

masterdeski. "For non-fiction, I like world history, archaeology / anthropology, and linguistics. Something like Women's Work by Elizabeth Barber or History of the World in 6 Glasses, that covers a single topic thr..." (5 comments)

Goodlit. "I like fiction with stories related to social justice...." (7 comments)

jennparm. "I love graphic novels and comics, specifically ones like Saga, Paper Girls, Seconds, Fun Home, and the like. I just read Through the Woods and ADORED it as well. I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman and have..." (2 comments)

nerdylips (Amaya (daughter of nerdylips)). "Amaya is almost 8 and reading books that are meant for 3rd graders - middle school. She owns all of the Agent Amelia books (except for 'The Golden Case Files'), she just devoured the entire "Spiderwic..." (9 comments)

pippamontague. "I am really into psychological thrillers at the moment. Loved Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and The Woman in Cabin 10. I also love JoJo Moyes and have only read a couple books by Mary Kay Andrews, ..." (4 comments)

nerdylips. "I have a number of scifi/fantasy books. Authors I especially enjoy and have collected are Kurt Vonnegut and Orson Scott Card. I'm interested in reading more Octavia E. Butler, I just finished "Kindred..." (5 comments)

bgknighton. "SF, fantasy, biography, history, odd medical..." (6 comments)

jenniferchronister. "A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston ISBN10 1409156575 On Writing by Stephen King ISBN10 1444723251 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou ISBN10 0345514408..." (1 comments)

marymuse. "I have not read 50 Shades of Grey, but LOVED Sylvia Day's Crossfire series and so would be looking for erotic romance novels books very much of the same type. Would love to find indie and new to me au..." (5 comments)

CarynThomas33. "I'm rediscovering the classics and love fantasy! I'll admit I enjoy YA dystopian novels and sometimes prefer them to "adult" books. :) Anything magical with dragons and fairies and someplace for my mi..." (9 comments)

Colleen_L_McDonald (CTMB Mom). "Cooking or travel memoirs, chick lit, historical novels, lighter stuff to help her relax. Authors and series she loves are Santa Montefiore, Tom Clancy Jack Ryan and the Campus novels (has all of them..." (4 comments)

SockMonkeyGirl. "I am a big romance reader of almost all types. I also really like fantasy and science fiction. I got a little burned out on the urban fantasy genre but I will still try new urban fantasies with really..." (5 comments)

diana.n. "Please choose your favorite(s) from: • a Patrick Leigh Fermor travelogue;• something like Greg Egan's Orthogonal trilogy: hard sci-fi that doesn't feature humans;• an Eve..." (5 comments)

karyberg. "I like gothic tales, noir, family epics (Isabel Allende), sci fi (Bradbury, Herbert), non-fiction like Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and food books like Pig Tales and Real Food /Fake Food ...." (4 comments)

wester. "I like nonfiction, especially about the ways we acquire knowledge and the ways we make mistakes as well. I also like books about food, including cookbooks. I do like some fiction, but it has to be rea..." (4 comments)

gypsymc. "I like both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy classics for fiction books but I also love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and anything by Jeff Shaara. Non-fiction, I enjoy classic film and World War I. I have..." (8 comments)

Psylk87. "I will read most anything. I love dystopian books (think hunger games and unwind also the wayward pines series. Actually love is a understatement. I also really like suspenseful/psychological thriller..." (5 comments)

FionaBaylis. "I'm a big science fiction, historical, urban fantasy and fantasy reader. Try looking at my wishlist for ideas, something off there or similar would be awesome...." (6 comments)

jll1976. "Surprise me! One of the reasons I do this is to be introduced to books I might not otherwise read. So, if there was book you read this year, and loved, I want that one. Is there something you have rea..." (6 comments)

mahsdad. "I have pretty eclectic tastes in books and I'll read just about everything. I like science-fiction, literary fiction and a bit of narrative non-fiction. My wishlist is up-to-date, look at the collecti..." (3 comments)

kkelm22. "Rylan is 5 years old and Autistic. He cannot read on his own, however loves pictures. He also loves being read to. Right now we are trying to focus on books to he may be able to relate to the children..." (3 comments)

bostonbibliophile (Jeff my husband). "He loves science fiction and fantasy- Christopher Priest, China Mieville, Iain M. Banks, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan, Robert Rankin. He has everything by all these writers though. But those are his..." (4 comments)

finallycj. "I have many books listed in my LibraryThing account. I enjoy Thillers, Mysteries, American History, Kennedy Family and Assassination books, plus general fiction, Biography, and Autobiographies. I love..." (7 comments)

mermaidatheart. "I like narrative nonfiction, especially history; really excellently written YA; literary fiction, including most of your typical "hot list/book of the year/NPR recommended" books, some (but not all) m..." (2 comments)

niquetteb. "I enjoy literary fiction and have an expensive wish list here...." (3 comments)

ejmam. "I like almost everything. SF, fantasy, biography, mystery, romance (mostly regency -- contemporary has to be funny as well), kidlit...." (5 comments)

jburlinson. "Photo books. Here are seven to consider: 1. Barbara Bosworth & Margot Anne Kelley: The Meadow 2. Ellsworth Kelly: Photographs 3. a Handful of Dust by David Campany 4. Paul Strand: The Garden at Orgeva..." (2 comments)

mariechka. "non-fiction - science writing about nature - fish, insects, birds, forests etc - geography, botany, wild flowers of new england...." (7 comments)

BabyRowen. "Rowen is four and a half years old and is Pre-K. He is learning a lot right now about letters and identifying letter sounds. He enjoys books that he can sit with and look at the pages on his own, as w..." (1 comments)

AshleyAJohns. "I like horror, thriller, crime, and history related books. I've been really enjoying Stephen King's short story compilations. My LibraryThing library is accurate and up-to-date. I finished grad school..." (4 comments)

lobotomy42. "I am obnoxious to buy for, which is why I love SantaThing. I enjoy weird literary and experimental fiction -- last year I got Italo Calvino's If On a Winter's Night a Traveler and I thought it was exc..." (14 comments)

jessicamhill. "I like literary fiction. I try to stay on top of "must reads," as defined by shortlists for awards, top books of the year, those types of things. I'm pretty open-minded about subjects...." (6 comments)

Kplatypus. "I've been really enjoying learning more about criminal justice issues and true crime this year but don't have a ton of books on either topic in my library. Traditionally, I've been more of a historica..." (6 comments)

brewergirl. "I'm open to almost anything. I enjoy historical fiction, history itself, biography, and general fiction. I'm not so much into fantasy, heavy sci fi, or romance. I try to keep my LT catalog up to date...." (8 comments)

midnightbex. "Huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi books, leaning more towards fantasy as of late. I've been particularly enjoying V.E. Schwab, N.K. Jemisin, China Mieville, and Max Gladstone lately. I like complicated m..." (6 comments)

mellu. "Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. Crime fiction and historical mysteries. Non-fiction: history, science, nature, birds, biographies for example. For fiction I would like to get bo..." (5 comments)

mcgeerhonda. "Women's fiction and Romance..." (3 comments)

klarusu. "I'm interested in most things apart from the 'Don't get this!' selection below - fiction or non-fiction. I could give you a long list, but where's the fun in that? More than anything, I'm interested i..." (4 comments)

Devlindusty. "I love fiction especially British fiction. I don't like police procedural books or books in a series. I also like thrillers a lot ones that are stand alone and not part of a series. I also like to rea..." (2 comments)

dwilton. "Literary fiction and poetry always welcome. Science-oriented non-fiction is also good...." (3 comments)

stretch867. "I love Manga and I am endeavouring to complete the collections I have. I am also a major Garth Nix fan. I study Japanese and Geography & Natural Hazards...." (4 comments)

Stevil2001. "Things I'm always happy to get include Victorian literature, contemporary British literary fiction, science fiction (preferably space opera), and comics/graphic novels. I never keep up with recent sci..." (2 comments)

LAKobow. "I love fantasy, steampunk, Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who, time travel, Harry Potter, science fiction, Victorian gothic, gaslamp fantasy, classic horror, etc. Other randomness I like is memoirs by female com..." (7 comments)

mike1990. "Fictional and non-fictional historical books with topics in the US Civil War, American Revolution and WWII, but not including romantic historical fiction. Along with military history. Native American ..." (4 comments)

LibraryCin. "I read a wide range of stuff, including fiction and nonfiction. Favourite "genres" include historical fiction and biography, but please don't be limited to those. There are only a few genres I'm not r..." (5 comments)

foggidawn. "This year, I would like either nonfiction, or something from the grown-up fiction part of the bookstore. I own quite a bit of juvenile/YA, and since my actual job is purchasing that stuff (I work in a..." (4 comments)

ehobart. "Currently looking for good YA fantasy and anything light and fun...." (8 comments)

AnnieMod. ""New York Review Books Classics" titles - pick the 4 you like the most (4 should fit in $50 even if a couple of them are the ~$15 ones). This is the link on the publisher site: http://www.nyrb.com/col..." (3 comments)

holly_golightly. "Forgotten classics (such as those published by Virago, Persephone or Oxford World's Classics). Translated fiction. Quirky biographies or history/political books with a new angle (feminist/intersection..." (6 comments)

KeriLynneD. "I really enjoy most mystery, crime or suspense books. Chick lit is also another favorite. I enjoy Young Adult and especially like historical fiction. Anything with time travel as long as it doesn't ge..." (5 comments)

OpheliaAutumn. "I love steampunk, gothic, fantasy, fantastic, victorian, science-fiction, historical fiction, quantum physics, time travel, northern lights, dinosaurs, airships, art and architecture books... My wishl..." (6 comments)

Carrie88. "I love a good story, but I tend to enjoy romantic fiction best, including both historical and modern. I also enjoy biographies and autobiographies...." (9 comments)

theodarling (me & my boyfriend Dally!). "I haven't finished cataloging our media on LibraryThing, but what you see is a pretty good representation so far. We like weird stuff: spiritualism, Victorian people who claimed to fast for years at a..." (2 comments)

kiramoody (Pamela Moody). "She loves new age spirituality, books on meditation, Gregg Braden, books on enlightenment and cosmic consciousness, and books on science for people who aren't scientists...." (3 comments)

kiramoody. "I love mystery (particularly humorous), fantasy, and adventure audiobooks. Some of my favorite narrators are Jim Dale, Lorelei King, Barbara Rosenblat,..." (5 comments)

kgriffith (Kayla Marie). "My kid sister's having a baby! She's a first-time mom, so I've asked for suggestions of books that have been helpful to other new-ish parents. This one has come up the most frequently and sounds like ..." (1 comments)

kgriffith. "My LT collections are pretty well up to date, but my wishlist is out of CONTROL. I love for SantaThing to support writers I personally know and love, so I tagged two specific wishlist items "SantaThin..." (1 comments)

sweeks1980. "My tastes are very eclectic. I read a lot of nonfiction, particularly books that focus on literary criticism, culture, theatre (especially musical theatre), books and reading, history, social justice,..." (4 comments)

dheintz. "My library most widely covers Russian culture. I'm always interested in new and strange finds. Things like Soviet-published travel guides to far-away and obscure cities might be of interest. I also ha..." (3 comments)

eagliz97. "Any book by Mary Connealy, Margaret Brownley, or Karen Witemeyer...." (2 comments)

Arl_Fish. "I like all sorts of things, and my LibraryThing book list is current on all the books I own (sans all the single issue comics I own); my GoodReads has all the books I've read. I'm open to trying new g..." (5 comments)

benuathanasia. "I love YA/tween fiction. Not the biggest fan of realistic fiction, but if it's exceptional, I can deal. The more fun, the better (yes, I love the Hunger Games and Maze Runner, but they don't have much..." (6 comments)

JammiGo. "I enjoy all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi. I also like historical fiction. I am looking for something new and fun to read...." (7 comments)

homeschoolmimzi. "I like to read memoirs, biographies, and inspiring true stories about people who've over come obstacles...." (4 comments)

bloodymahvelous. "Only 10% of the books in my library are on my page at the moment, but generally they include a lot of psychological personal development, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, non-fiction about the brain or the..." (5 comments)

susanna.fraser. "I like smart, well-written genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, romance, mysteries, and YA) but rarely read literary fiction. In nonfiction, I enjoy history, science, books on food and cooking, an..." (5 comments)

Peace2. "I enjoy reading a wide variety of books - fiction favourites include (but not exclusively) fantasy, science fiction, manga, dystopia/post-apocalyptic, a bit of crime (more the cozy crime types like Al..." (3 comments)

mileszs. "Fantasy. Wow, do I love fantasy. Sci-fi is cool. Books are great, in general, of course, but, man, do I ever love fantasy...." (4 comments)

valkyrdeath. "I like to read a wide variety of books and I enjoy something in most genres. I particularly like science fiction, but mostly of the less action-oriented type and I'm generally not a fan of the militar..." (5 comments)

TheFlamingoReads. "This is what I love to read: historical fiction and non-fiction, mysteries (the cozier the better), (auto)biographies of writers and other interesting folks, books about the English language, books ab..." (5 comments)

stephaniemichelle12. "I'd love some Christmas stories! (I have the short story collection Let It Snow from a few years ago.) I love YA! Genres I enjoy: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Realistic Fiction! I've read al..." (6 comments)

sheryll. "Fantasy, mysteries/thrillers, YA fiction. Things off the Sirens conference recommended reading list always welcome http://www.sirensconference.org/connect/suggestedreading.html My LibraryThing books a..." (4 comments)

Sethur. "Thank you, Secret Santa, for picking my books. My reading varies greatly, but my all time favourites are novels about Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. Otherwise I enjoy YA, fantasy (c..." (2 comments)

Dylvi. "I enjoy fantasy, dystopian, mystery and horrors the most. I love young adult books as well with those themes in them, but I do enjoy adult books too. I have a soft spot and love fairy tale retellings ..." (4 comments)

EllAreBee. "Varied, but right now, I'm looking for something on the lighter side - humorous, no drama, clever, witty, possibly warmhearted. I'm still working on my LT library (fairly new here!), so it's not the m..." (8 comments)

lulu1293. "I'm really into magical realism right now and new adult, also fantasy and fiction, but really I'm pretty open to anything. Send me the strangest books please!..." (4 comments)

SnowBunniesBooks. "Favorite Authors: Laurelle K. Hamilton, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer (I got her new book, the Alchemist), dark fiction/romance. True scary stories. I love used books (don't have to be new)...." (3 comments)

liveshipvivacia. "adult and YA fantasy, adult and YA science fiction, LGBTQ (adult and YA), Russian history (specifically the tsars, but I find all Russian history interesting), Doctor Who..." (7 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "I feel like 2016 has been somewhat of a bummer year, so I'm interested in reading books that make me want to cheer. Got a favorite character who triumphs against the odds? Great! Send it my way. Know ..." (3 comments)

EllsieFind. "SantaThing is so much fun. Thank you Secret Santa for picking my books! Favorites of mine are recent or new literary and/or speculative fiction, and/or prize winners. I even like a well-written myster..." (4 comments)

BookCentric. "I like recently-written history & biography about people/topics from before 1900, and also fiction written before 1900. My LibraryThing is very complete and a good guide! However, though I do have & l..." (7 comments)

Jessica_H_96. "Read mainly young adult. Refer to my 'Your Library' collection. This is the best collection to look at for everything I currently own...." (3 comments)

Modenian. "Favorite authors are Kathy Reichs and Iris Johansen. I pretty much read ONLY mystery, suspense, and thriller and would prefer to keep it that way. (I'm a lifelong reader and have read every genre ... ..." (3 comments)

nicolehill. "Favorite authors include Steve Berry, Ian Sanson, Stephen King, Harlan Coben, Karin Slaughter, John Dunning, James Rollins, John Sanford. Getting into Cozy Mysteries. Some favorites include Vicki Dela..." (8 comments)

UtopianPessimist. "I like biographies and autobiographies, particularly of women. I'm interested in mystery novels and have just started exploring some of the Scandinavian and Islandic writers - enjoying them very much...." (2 comments)

saroz. "I've had another stress-filled year, and it's really left me wanting to travel. Some travel memoirs, particularly if they have an interesting "twist" (visiting subcultures, hidden history, unique auth..." (8 comments)

Vermilious. "Nonfiction and science fiction for the most part, with a heavy dose of philosophy over the past year. I've also recently developed a taste for Neil Stephenson, although I've just read Crytonomicon and..." (3 comments)

amckie. "Generally a reader of non-fiction (social justice, race, feminism, etc) and world literature, although this year I've been reading more urban fantasy, science fiction, regency romance, and cozy myster..." (4 comments)

gentlespirit512. "This is hard! In fiction, I read Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult and women's fiction. I also read some YA, and some dystopian lit. I read some Christian fiction, as long as it's not too preachy. Book..." (5 comments)

AFHeart. "Fiction: Mystery, suspense, thrillers, urban fantasy. Paranormal elements okay. Strong smart female characters. I enjoy historical in all the above genre's. Good list of most of what I have read: myst..." (6 comments)

BurlingtonNorthern. "Maybe something by an author from your part of the country (or world?) literary fiction, literary memoirs, mostly contemporary..." (11 comments)

affie. "At the moment I am very drawn to darker themes and characters. Stories where the main/secondary characters or love interests are basically bad people like murderers or similar (but they're still sort ..." (3 comments)

MissJessie. "I like GailCarriger books and enjoy YA generally, though not heavily supernatural. I also like Amanda Quicks's series about Arcane Society, etc., and have read them all. Something similar would be app..." (3 comments)

NatalieSW. "My "library" has lots of different stuff. It contains classics in English and in translation; modern and contemporary literary fiction, literary and more popular fantasy and science fiction (all of Te..." (3 comments)

amandacb (Ethan (5 years old)). "Ethan is five years old and has autism. He loves, for instance, Pete the Cat, Peppa Pig, and Mr. Panda. He seems to enjoy books that rhyme the most...." (6 comments)

amandacb. "Lately, I have been on a hard science fiction kick. Two books that I really enjoyed are COYOTE and SEVENEVES. I'd love to read some more hard sci fi, especially about interstellar travel and planet co..." (3 comments)

northmcp. "Young Adult Fiction (I teach high school and like to keep current) Fiction (best sellers, "oldies but goldies," historical, you name it!) Graphic Novels High Fantasy (a la Brandon Sanderson) Memoirs P..." (4 comments)

christopher.kyle1706. "I enjoy young adult non fiction and enjoy any young adult novel really. I most likely would enjoy a dystopian book or books like Divergent, Hunger Games, etc. https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/178..." (2 comments)

NekoMonster (Rialto from Vancouver, BC). "Fairy tales, mythology, steam punk, urban fantasy, historical fiction..." (4 comments)

lovetoread13. "I love to read pretty much anything, especially historical fiction, and spiritual/ new age books. I love books by Sonia choquette and anything by her would be great. I love books about books...." (4 comments)

paulusm. "Mixture of work (IT/philosophy) and leisure reading books..." (4 comments)

skelly. "I love anything that is well-written and adventurous. Some of my favorite authors are Sarah Addison Allen, Gail Carriger and Peter Mayle...." (6 comments)

Dabacfa. "I am hoping to get some fun books for my children ages, almost 2, 8, 15, and 17. Our 20 and 22 year olds will not make it home for Christmas this year. :( I started wrapping the gifts I have for the k..." (4 comments)

mabith. "I read at least a bit of most genres. I'm picky-ish about science fiction and fantasy though and lean heavily towards non-fiction (especially history) and historical fiction. I'm not really a fan of S..." (7 comments)

sasscass_z. "I stick mostly to fiction - I've been on a kick of young adult fiction/fantasy like A Court of Thorns and Roses series, The Red Queen, The Grisha Trilogy and Crooked Kingdom, and new adult novels by C..." (2 comments)

bexaplex. "I like silly, happy, comedic, natural history...." (4 comments)

fuzzy_pickle (Tyler, age 9). "Tyler loves anything science related. He's in 4th grade and reads at about a 6th grade level. He also likes stories -- please check my library under kids books to see what we've read...." (2 comments)

fuzzy_pickle (Claire, age 7). "Claire likes stories. Please see the kids books in my library to see what we've read so far. She reads at about a 4th grade level. She mentioned she'd like a book about weather...." (7 comments)

fuzzy_pickle. "I'd like to see something new, or something surprising. I'm always interested to hear about the best thing you've ever read. Anything laugh out loud funny is appreciated!..." (4 comments)

FinnyB. "I love audiobooks, as I am legally blind and print books can be hard to read. I love science fiction and fantasy. Favourite authors include Susan Cooper and Mercedes Lackey (Mercedes Lackey is my very..." (8 comments)

fabaceae. "I love magical realism books, like anything by Sarah Addison Allen, but I've read all of her books already! Anything with a bit of whimsy and magic makes me happy. I also am a fan of young adult books..." (4 comments)

guido47. "Be careful wrt. SF. I have read much more than I own. Newer authors and works should work. History is always welcome, especially of those parts of the world I don't know that much of, eg. South/Centra..." (3 comments)

aventinus. "I'm an eclectic person who loves inspiring reads, no matter the topic. I adore literary fiction and that's what I usually read. I have a clear tendency towards German/Austrian/Swiss and Russian writer..." (5 comments)

LoveOfMuffins4820. "Lately I gave been really into historical and sociological books about food (how and why we eat the way we do). I also enjoy mysteries, historical-fiction, cookbooks and knitting books...." (9 comments)

Northern_Light. "I love historical fiction, my favourite is Outlander and I have all the books. Also crime fiction. Reading is my great passion and I love immersing myself in a great story. Christian fiction is also v..." (5 comments)

saraswati27. "Science Fiction, Fantasy, funky reference or language books are all favorites of mine. If you have a quirky odd choice that only you know about, I'd LOVE for you to throw it at me. I'm equally happy w..." (4 comments)

KWharton. "I like literary fiction, a bit of YA, biography, essays and popular science. I don't mind a bit of romance. I read in French and English. I like historical fiction and I'm currently learning about New..." (4 comments)

BloodyMaryShelley. "I really like everything related to Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Skyrim. I also like Mass Effect , Dragon Age and Dan Brown books. I really like information books about fandom related things. Like the..." (4 comments)

pbirch01. "I am interested in either books that challenge my thinking on a seemingly conventional topic (such as People's History of the United States) or something totally escapist. Always interested in reading..." (3 comments)

dingesa27. "I love romance books the most. I tend to read things by Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie, and Courtney Milan. I tend to favor historical romances or romances with quirky and funny characters. I also like..." (4 comments)

mwparker2. "I read probably 2/3rds fiction and about a 1/3 nonfiction. My sweet spot tends to be literary fiction with supernatural/fantastic/sci-fi elements, and I really like authors like George Saunders, Jonat..." (3 comments)

fading.angel. "I like to read the books which the movies are made of. I love harry potter fanfiction but those don't come in books ;) All good written fiction stories will get me going. Something that hits the feels..." (10 comments)

ArkhamReviews. "I am a reviewer of Young Adult novels and so I'd really like some books that I can talk about on my blog. Ideally, I would like my gifts to be written for people between the ages of 12-16, published w..." (3 comments)

JennyReadsBooks. "I'm a children's bookseller (board books through teen) but also love fiction and non-fiction of the grown-up variety. I'm a big fan of science fiction and fantasy (Robin McKinley, Rothfuss, Neal Steph..." (3 comments)

KateBaxter. "Am a fan of historical fiction, historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. Possible ideas from wish list: Dandy Gil..." (6 comments)

jds256. "I love YA fiction, romance, mystery and paranormal/fantasy books..." (1 comments)

KallieGrace. "I love a good mystery, and science fiction is usually a hit. Classics are always appreciated, as well as notable works/prize winners. I love books about books and language as well, or a good non-ficti..." (4 comments)

jeanie0510. "My favorite kind of book is modern/contemporary fiction especially the suspense/thriller type. I have read the Elm Creek Quilters series and enjoyed them very much. I would like to start with book 1 f..." (3 comments)

charliemarlowe. "I enjoy nonfiction books. My interests mostly surround history, nature, and science. I don't read much fiction anymore, although I used to read a lot of the classics...." (4 comments)

Heather_Brock. "Mostly fiction of all kinds. Some mystery/thriller like Tana French, some surrealist stuff like Haruki Murakami, some horror like Clive Barker and Brian Keene. I like A Song of Ice and Fire and The Ou..." (5 comments)

Carolann54. "Books about the alphabet, with a slant towards pictorial ones, are a favourite, as well as anything about words and language. I read lots of fiction, mostly police procedurals but I dont list them in ..." (9 comments)

hamm4d. "I have pretty broad tastes: classics, memoirs, literary fiction, experimental fiction. I am most recently getting into Young Adult and Psychological/Thriller types. I need strong character development..." (2 comments)

minfo. "I enjoy histories, particularly those dealing with espionage and sypcraft, but on a broad rather than about individuals or specific topics. Historical fiction is good too. Maritime/seafaring tales (es..." (6 comments)

vivirielle. "I love middle grade books and also enjoy picture books and YA. I have a lively Goodreads account here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/24851329-aylea..." (6 comments)

Psyko2. "My LibraryThing library list is still being added to but is fairly representative of what I have and like. I read almost everything but am heaviest in SciFi/Fantasy. I read YA as well as conventional ..." (5 comments)

aboan. "Horror, fantasy (high or lowkey), science fiction (space or technological), post-apocalyptic. All young adult and adult fiction included. https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/51711286-astral..." (3 comments)

Archer_Mom. "Historical Fiction Romance Suspense Classic..." (3 comments)

liveshipvivacia. "YA fantasy/science fiction, adult fantasy and science fiction, Russian history, LGBTQ (including non-fiction), Doctor Who, WWII history and the Weimar Republic..." (6 comments)

AmberTew. "Diana Gabaldon "Outlander" series has been my obsession this year, so I only lack the last 3. I would really love the last three in the series, but I also love historical romance, history, book-to-mov..." (3 comments)

tottman. "I read almost exclusively fiction. I especially like science fiction, fantasy, suspense/thrillers, mysteries. I like some cozy mysteries but it's so hard to know what the good ones are. I absolutely l..." (3 comments)

Alisandre. "my library is predominantly non-fiction generally with leanings toward pre-1600 clothing, material culture or culinary history. Major areas of interest are 16th century Italy or Ottoman Empire, 1-4 c ..." (2 comments)

olegalCA. "I am a huge fiction/mystery/young adult reader. I don't read much science fiction or straight romance but I'm willing to try anything if someone recommends it. I have a substantial wishlist on Library..." (6 comments)

cyndiea. "My "go to" books are cozy mysteries for something quick to read; however, I LOVED The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, A Man Called Ove (I've read all of Frederick Backman's), The Martian, and everythin..." (4 comments)

gflowereliane. "I love: historical fiction NOT focussed entirely on war (pre-20th-century please), cookbooks and memoirs-with-recipes, post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci-fi, food writing, travel writing, _good_ romance (..." (10 comments)

bigsis2mac. "My Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/kyliew13) is a little more accurate than LibraryThing (I'm working on it!) right now, but I like pretty much anything not listed under "don't get this" (i.e. ho..." (3 comments)

thebookmagpie. "I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels (but think Wolf Hall rather than Outlander, which I really didn't like). I also like young ad..." (7 comments)

AlexandraTome. "I really enjoy fiction with a philosophical theme to it, for example the Unbearable Lightness of Being or Illusions: The Adventures of a Relunctant Messiah by Richard Bach. Basically books where the a..." (3 comments)

Keith_Voogd. "Surprise me! I read a lot of sci-fi (hard, classic, no fantasy), history, political philosophy, and baseball/sports statistics. But really I'll read anything that's interesting...." (6 comments)

CynthiaRD. "Non-fiction: mainly micro-histories (e.g., Mark Kurlansky, Richard Preston, etc.). Non-fiction humor (e.g., Bill Bryson, David Sedaris, etc.). BTW, I have everything these authors have written, so som..." (9 comments)

tarshaan. "non-western based sff; poetry; literary fiction; lyrical writing; magical realism; odd mysteries...." (3 comments)

jillsyb. "Trashy romance. Contemporary fiction. I like dynamic female leads and interesting twists!..." (5 comments)

elizabethwiens. "I am a middle school teacher, and I love to read! My favorite author is Jodi Picoult, and I have read every book she's written. I really enjoy historical fiction especially World War II stories. I als..." (3 comments)

DebbieRoesch. "Science fiction and Christian books are preferable, but I'll try anything that is not in bad taste...." (6 comments)

hilge. "Dear Santa. I wish for a book that you yourself have found interesting and/or inspiring. I feel about books as I feel about music, that I have a wide taste in genres and it is more important for me th..." (5 comments)

theokayest. "classic fiction. fantasy. historical fiction/non-fiction. please see LibraryThing library. i like just about anything except what i've listed below...." (6 comments)

CarolineMCarrico. "As you can see from my LibraryThing library, I have an eclectic taste in books. I'll read anything, and I rarely find a book that I don't enjoy. I read a lot of history at work so I tend to stick to l..." (7 comments)

KimMeyer. "I love literary fiction, especially character-driven novels. I adore memoirs! I also like interesting narrative non-fiction that teaches me things about the natural world or human nature. I enjoy work..." (11 comments)

RidgewayGirl. "Crime novels and literary fiction are what I love to read. For crime, I prefer it dark and gritty; think noir rather than cozy. For literary fiction, I follow the awards and wouldn't mind being surpri..." (4 comments)

library_mistress. "Fiction as well as non-fiction: Science fiction and social fiction, especially feminist/queer. - Star Trek. - Librarians, libraries, books, and archives. - Veggie cookbooks. - Forests, wood, and fores..." (3 comments)

LonyaOceania. "I love modern fiction - some of my favorite authors include: Neil Gaiman, John Irving, David Sedaris, etc. I also enjoy horror...My LibraryThing library has not been updated in quite some time. Some o..." (2 comments)

jamiemccauley. "Mystery, thriller, action/adventure, historical fiction (slavery era or WWII or later), urban fantasy, travel memoir, survival memoir..." (3 comments)

Ashlyn07. "Gardening (organic) Historical Fiction - romance or mystery Authors such as Tess Gerritsen, Mary Higgins Clark, Johanna Lindsey, Vicki Lewis Thomas, Jane Green, James Petterson Children's book - I hav..." (2 comments)

episkounova. "I love micro non-fiction, any of this years best fiction choice. I also love exploring Sci Fi, Neil Gaiman is one of my favorites. Travel writing is another favorite of mine...." (2 comments)

agnesmack. "Literary fiction, books with good character development...." (3 comments)

lindapanzo. "I love mysteries, especially those involving amateur sleuths (cozies), and would love to discover new authors. Please be sure to check my library, which includes the many mysteries I've read. In 2017,..." (9 comments)

BraveNewBks. "I read a TON, about 75% fiction (everything from literary fiction to YA to sci-fi/fantasy) and 25% non (mostly memoirs and microhistories). Post-election I've found it more difficult to focus than usu..." (4 comments)

lucienspringer. "I mainly read fiction, although I've been leaning more and more toward non-fiction as of late. The five books I've read lately that have caught my interest are RADIANT TERMINUS by Antoine Volodine, EV..." (6 comments)

elle_em. "I like magic realism and mysteries and the classics. I am diverse reader, but love a dynamic read...." (4 comments)

Jessm3842. "I have a very extensive Agatha Christie collection so please check out my shelf for any titles I don't already own. I also read history, biography, historical fiction(mainly 20th century) and science ..." (9 comments)

ancientmars. "My favourite books are creepy/horror types similar to: Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie..." (5 comments)

RebeccaLMello. "I am a library science student so I love to read. My favorite genres are mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, and young adult. My favorite author is J.K. Rowling...." (5 comments)

v_wiggins (7 comments)

kaitlinmathews. "Well I've only ever used Library Thing for a class project so what's listed isn't very helpful. The books I love to read are historical fiction, mystery, and young adult. Especially novels that are a ..." (7 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I like fantasy and science fiction, especially urban fantasy with a diverse cast. Humour is also important to me in a book, I like to laugh, especially about the absurdities of magic and the people th..." (4 comments)

Sara2012. "I love the following genres: horror, thriller, dystopian and young adult. I also like series too. If I can read a book from a first time author, I like to do that as well...." (3 comments)

SaraNoH (My Friend's Little Library). "This is for my friend, Rachel. She is building a Little Library in her front yard. She would like to fill it with books by diverse authors representing diverse or minority experiences, particularly (t..." (8 comments)

OliviaDuong. "I like surprises! Generally I enjoy historical fiction/nonfiction, general fiction, and thrillers...." (2 comments)

ehough75 (5 comments)

produtron. "Left wing progressive politics, music history - jazz in particular, New York history (especially mid 20th century), pataphysics, Oulipo, Spanish literature. I especially like used books...." (3 comments)

revsusan. "I love reading books that take me to another world or time- fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, and YA fiction. But I don't like books that make me work too hard to read them. I want a tale that swee..." (5 comments)

mhowar19. "Little bit of this and that..no Sci-Fi though. Not really into that...." (3 comments)

Dee_Hale_Gott (1 comments)

lessthn3. "I love fantasy / sci-fi (both young adult and adult) and LGBT books with happy endings! Long books and series do not intimidate me - bring it on!..." (5 comments)

jazzyereader. "I love memoirs, fabulous literature, poetry, knitting, buddhism and vegetarian/vegan cookbooks. My wishlist is up-to-date and can be used as a guide for any or all of the picks. I absolutely love Sant..." (5 comments)

brandilgrosso. "I am a vegan. I love to read cookbooks, and also books that have food at the center of the story. I enjoy thrillers and the horror genre...." (2 comments)

readafew. "I like a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, but also read a lot of good thrillers and mysteries. I have a bit of a wishlist collection here to help with ideas. I'm open to knew authors as well...." (4 comments)

literary.jess (My nephew (almost age 4)). "He is almost 4 years old with a huge imagination. He loves space (astronauts, space ships, planets/the moon; etc.); cars; Legos and other building stuff; bright colors; and interactive play. He's also..." (5 comments)

snigl3t. "List clearance assistance, please! My Amazon wishlist is used as an all-purpose bookmarking dumping-ground for anything I run across that sounds interesting - but I've allowed it to get a bit out of h..." (1 comments)

ccatalfo (elliecata). "Books for an advanced 9yo girl who's into mysteries, books about fairies, dolls, harry potter. Anything along those lines will be appreciated...." (3 comments)

snigl3t. "List clearance assistance, please! My Amazon wishlist is used as an all-purpose bookmarking dumping-ground for anything I run across that sounds interesting - but I've allowed it to get a bit out of h..." (3 comments)

ryvre. "I have been reading a lot of nonfiction lately, especially history and social justice issues. I also love scifi, fantasy, alternate histories, and historical fiction. I like mysteries, but ty..." (2 comments)

watson11. "Literary fiction, NY Times bestsellers, thrillers, cozy mysteries, humorous mysteries..." (2 comments)

daatwood. "Young adult fiction, adult mystery, juvenile fiction, picture book, military history, action/adventure, humor..." (7 comments)

ryvre. "I have been reading a lot of nonfiction lately, especially history and social justice issues. I also love scifi, fantasy, horror, alternate histories, and historical fiction. I'm par..." (4 comments)

Delancey.Stewart (Nancy Smay). "Upmarket women's fiction -- thrillers/mysteries with a literary flair -- inventive romance (not erotica) Also YA paranormals/fantasy ala Sarah Maas or Sabaa Tahir..." (3 comments)

TexLiz19. "I love anything and everything historical fiction but usually no later than 1870 and all European. Love the classics. Also enjoy some period romances as well as supernatural romances...." (5 comments)

redrabbit. "I am trying to read more female authors, POC authors, authors who are not cisgender. After a long time away I have been reading more fantasy lately, such as Naomi Novak's Uprooted. I also enjoy readin..." (9 comments)

williecostello. "You can get a good sense of my tastes by looking at the 5- and 4-star rated books in my library. What I'd most like to receive from the SantaThing this year are works of new(-ish) literary fiction, by..." (5 comments)

fields.steph. "My library covers just about everything. In nonfiction, I've been focused lately on sustainability, environmentalism, feminism, queer studies, memoirs. In fiction, I've been reading a lot of... well, ..." (6 comments)

jcervone. "I am a huge fan of short stories! They are some of my favorite types of books. I am also a big fan of 20th Century American authors. Steinbeck and Hemingway are some of my favorites. Michael Chabon is..." (4 comments)

ImperfectCJ. "I get most of my books from the public library, and I only own the books that I love enough to want to read over and over again (or that I want my children to stumble upon while they peruse our booksh..." (3 comments)

bgfulton. "I enjoying reading science fiction, graphic novel (such as Feynman, To End All Wars and Gene Luen Yang), non-fiction (history, national parks and science). I also enjoy cooking and making/sending post..." (2 comments)

jchunderhill. "The Giver quartet, The Hobbit, Because of Winn-Dixie, Charlotte's Web, The Giving Tree, Wonder books, Ramona and Henry books, etc...." (2 comments)

verka6811. "My Amazon wish list will give you an idea if the type of books I'd enjoy: Check out this list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/10Q9M34RSLI8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ip_wl_o_Gaznyb6YPGG2C..." (1 comments)

bbofje. "mostly fiction (thriller, mystery, cozy murders, chick lit..." (3 comments)

Momonaco. "Fiction, especially crime and mystery, family sagas, historical. Travel, history, mythology and legends, biographies...." (2 comments)

sangreal. "I only own the books in my "Your Library" collection. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy ... as long as there's a good story. I also love literary fiction and am still into good graphi..." (5 comments)

sangreal (Lilia (my co-worker)). "Lilia pretty much only reads literary fiction. While I still cannot get her to join LT unfortunately, I have cataloged her previous SantaThing gifts under the tag "Lilia's SantaThing" so you can check..." (4 comments)

aiturnizzle. "- I crave anything that is a literary gut punch: banned books, controversial themes, disturbing Scandi-noir fic, fairy tales in their original twisted versions; the more messed up the better! - Classi..." (2 comments)

sscarllet. "I have a really eclectic taste in books. I love to read historical fiction (I love an old house mystery tying the present to the past), history (especially about women who were a head of their time). ..." (6 comments)

Daedalus.. "Contemporary literature, Art and Architecture are my favourite subjects. I read English, French, Italian..." (4 comments)

julyso. "I enjoy mysteries, fiction, and some historical fiction. I enjoy books by John Grisham, Jonathan Kellerman, Alice Hoffman, and Jodi Picoulet...just to name a few! I love a good mystery and have been e..." (3 comments)

SapphiredDragon. "I am a big fan of YA fantasy, new adult, paranormal, paranormal romance, and both urban and high fantasy. Stuff i have been reading and enjoying lately is the fever series by Karen Marie Moning, Jenni..." (13 comments)

shushokan. "Travel writing, we like this particularly with a twist of ironic humour. Quite liked The Miniaturist/ Her Fearful Symmetry/Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I've enjoyed all the Sebastian Faulkes I've read...." (3 comments)

AngelaMaryJohnson. "I love horror, fantasy, paranormal, thriller..." (5 comments)

enemyanniemae. "I love mystery, fantasy and historical fiction. I am dipping my toes into regular fiction (just read The Forgotten Garden and LOVED it). Some favorite authors are Dorothy Gilman, Carrie Vaughn, Diana ..." (2 comments)

blrodgers. "I want a book that will make me cry and laugh, like Nicolas Sparks. But I have all of his books. I have heard the novels in Teacher of the Diamond Project series is good. I havent started that one yet..." (4 comments)

clue. "I like literary fiction, mysteries, and biography/memoir. Books, fiction and nonfiction, that relate to art, especially painting/painters are also good. My library is up to date. I read a few mystery ..." (9 comments)

SaraNoH. "I am a big fan of strong female characters, culturally diverse and LGBT characters (and authors!), magical realism, fantasy, and historical fiction (particularly set in eras of change in America such ..." (3 comments)

amilligan. "I enjoy Historical fiction, Thrillers, fantasy. I also enjoy reading YA fiction (Dystopian, historical, graphic novels) as I am a high school English teacher and like to be familiar with what the kids..." (4 comments)

christopher.kyle1706. "I enjoy young adult non fiction and enjoy any young adult novel really. I most likely would enjoy a dystopian book or books like Divergent, Hunger Games, etc. Please look at my unowned list for a good..." (6 comments)

dmhauser. "Fiction: Sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries. I enjoy a good scary book as well: HP Lovecraft and Stephen King are both favorites. I have a warped sense of humor, so funny is also good. :) ..." (7 comments)

angiestahl. "I can't say I've never read a book I haven't liked, but I don't regret any of them. Check out my bookstore and then have your way with me. The more eclectic, the better...." (3 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, and cats, or classic mystery novels. I also like historical novels, biographies of historical pe..." (7 comments)

angiestahl. "My taste are wide ranging and I'm for a bookish adventure. I'm pretty easy to please. I like all the things and pretty much anything is fair game. I read across genres - horror, lit-fic, YA, non-ficti..." (7 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with lady sleuths, quirky careers and unusual locations, librarians or libraries, and cats, or classic mystery novels. I also like historical novels, biographies of historical pe..." (5 comments)

erinclark. "Fiction, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Coming of Age, some Sci Fi, Family Drama. What I really like is just reading a really good story and to be lost in that story. Check out my librar..." (6 comments)

mcfitz. "I love history (Early American is a favorite); historical mystery; historical fiction; light fantasy..." (2 comments)

Contusions. "Fantasy, Historical fiction, Social justice works, classics,..." (3 comments)

realityshowgirl. "I like all kinds of genres from Romance to Christian Fiction. Please feel to check out my book shelf to see what books I have read to get ideas. I also do plastic canvas and am learning how to crochet..." (3 comments)

meacoleman. "I love reading historical fiction or true stories set in the USA, Canada, or Europe. I also enjoy good, contemporary fiction and memoirs...." (2 comments)

camelama. "i love Wodehouse, Thirkell, O,Brian, Saki, EFBenson, etc. Why things work. History. Nature - birds especially, and Pacific Northwest flora and fauna. Regency period, sailing, quilting, felt, knitting,..." (9 comments)

julienne_preacher. "I'd like to have a book you thought was so amazing that you want other people to read it too, be it fiction or non-fiction. If you have too many to choose from, my library will tell you all you need t..." (3 comments)

grahamhk. "Hi, I am interested in, and collect on, non-fiction on China, especially C19-C20 history ; and non-fiction on military history C20. Combine both and I will be ecstatic ! ;) Do check my LibT library to..." (7 comments)

MillieHennessy. "Lots of fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and middle grade and general fiction. Some of my fave authors are Tanith Lee, Charles de Lint, George Martin, Philippa Gregory, Nancy Springer. Working on c..." (2 comments)

Tropical-Library. "Always up for new SFF authors in particular, or filling in gaps in my library from authors I already know. Would like to receive books, fiction or non-fiction, that will fit in and feel at home here...." (4 comments)

meggyweg. "I'm really interested in history, biography and memoirs, particularly stuff related to crime, the Holocaust and the Tudor and Victorian eras...." (4 comments)

ecsalomon. "Modern and postmodern fiction, social science, political, graphic novels..." (4 comments)

Jessiqa. "I love time travel stories. Probably because I watched Back to the Future so many times as a kid. I've read Time Traveler's Wife by Niffenegger, Time Traveler's Never Die by Jack McDevitt, Time and Ag..." (8 comments)

spacecommuter. "I would love to read more mystery and suspense novels, but I don't know where to start. I recently discovered the mysteries of Tana French and Jk Rowling's pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. I've read all o..." (3 comments)

laze. "Stuff I really like and like to be surprised by for SantaThing: * Far left-field Japanese fiction (translated to English) (a la Kobe Abe, Haruki Murakami) * Polish fiction (has to be translated to Eng..." (5 comments)

Capybara_99. "Take a look at my library, it accurately tracks my reading of the past several years. But I have read a great deal not listed, from earlier in my life - so if it is a book by an author I have listed, ..." (10 comments)

pollyanna. "You can assume that if I own more than four books by an author, that I might want more by the same! Children's and YA are good bets, and old (pre-1960) mysteries. Also really well-written and well-res..." (5 comments)

pmarshall. "Fiction must be large print. It would be nice if the art books were but not much is available in large print. I like a wide range of mysteries, both current and historical. Some of my favourite author..." (13 comments)

owlie13. "Mysteries, urban fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, steampunk. If it's a series, prefer to start at the beginning. Not a huge non-fiction reader, but am willing to try if it's something you..." (4 comments)

Rosa_Saks. "I have an MA-degree in English literature, so I have read mainly British and American literature for years. Now I would like to change that, and get some new literary impulses from around the world. L..." (11 comments)

shearon. "I have always been pleasantly surprised by my SantaThing picks. I like strong characters, especially female ones, but not chick lit, and please no fantasy or sci-fi. I know it will be great...." (3 comments)

GirlMisanthrope. "Am loving graphic novels right now. Saga, Buffy, what am I missing? Cherie Priest is a fave author in the area of speculative fiction. Funky home decor books are great brain candy...." (5 comments)

TravellinPenguin. "Love travel writing, biography, autobiography, historical fiction, modern literature. Travel writing is my favourite though. Walking, bicycling, motorbiking, unusual ways that people see the world. As..." (2 comments)

sandstone78. "I've been in the mood for a particular sort of fantasy novel lately- there used to be a ton of them around, but they seem much rarer now. - Female protagonist/main POV character, ideally in a ..." (9 comments)

ericbell35. "Classic literature, math and science, history and historical fiction, Peanuts (the comic strip), bridge (the card game), travel, cookbooks. I liked the early Tom Clancy and John Grisham books but they..." (6 comments)

emilcatty. "Old-fashioned girls fiction, cozy mysteries, tea, steampunk...." (4 comments)

kristilabrie (Mother-in-law). "This is for my mother-in-law, not me, so please ignore my LibraryThing library for picking! :) She enjoys the following genres: - historical fiction / non-fiction (American history, British history, w..." (11 comments)

miketopper. "I'm interested in getting some new detective novels! especially ones based outside of the United States. I've loved: ian rankin, tana french, robert galbraith, arthur conan doyle, agatha christie, etc..." (8 comments)

CryBel. "I like funny memoirs. I like anything fantasy except fantasy romances. I like books that talk about weird stuff that has happened in history. I like books about books or libraries...." (5 comments)

Candice_oxo. "I'm so grateful to be participating this year. This is one of the biggest highlights of my season! A few years ago, I asked my "Santa" for the first book in a series that was similar to my favorite- J..." (5 comments)

dono421846. "Especially interested in books about books--this can included mysteries with the book as the focus. I have also had recent good experiences with intellectual histories that document the background sto..." (5 comments)

calm. "This year I would like to get either fantasy or early historical/pre-historical fiction. I also like mythological or folklore retellings, though I would prefer not to get anything Arthurian. For histo..." (3 comments)

BabyLiam. "I would like to keep this as board books. He loves any book with a monkey in it. Just keep the books age appropriate to 2 year olds...." (2 comments)

BabySamuel. "This year he wanted anything to do with dinosaurs and polar bears. Just keep it age appropriate he is 5 years old...." (7 comments)

bladereaper12. "I am very picky. I prefer to get things from my wishlist. Like video game books. Assassins Creed, mass affect and warcraft. I believe I own them all! Branching into comics a bit. Just do your best!..." (7 comments)

mooingzelda. "I like a wide range of fiction genres - classics (mainly but not limited to Victorian/19th century novels), intelligent science fiction & fantasy, historical fiction and literary fiction, to name a fe..." (3 comments)

reading_fox. "Most of my reading is genre fiction, usually SF and Fantasy, but crime and thriller too. Particularly keen on well developed worlds/universes where there is continuity and backstory - ie not just a se..." (17 comments)

Donogh. "Any kind of history will do, a military history would probably suit more, but feel free to expand my horizons. Academic rigour is nice but good popular histories are fine. Science fiction or fantasy i..." (5 comments)

poetontheone. "I'm in a Master's program in Poetry Writing so contemporary American poetry collections are my go to at the moment and would be much appreciated (I'm reading lots of Lannan Literary Selections and the..." (3 comments)

Mencius. "Fiction: I read mostly classics and so-called "literary fiction". There's really no genre I'm completely averse to. As long as the prose is great, I'm usually all in. I do have a soft spot for science..." (6 comments)

Cfraser. "I read most things - literary, science fiction, fantasy, historical check out my library but don't feel you have to stick to things on my wishlist - I always like to discover something new..." (5 comments)

sultrydiva. "Cozy mysteries, poetry, short stories..." (4 comments)

duchessjlh. "I love mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, and history in particular, but I read a wide variety of books, so I'm pretty easy to please. Non-fiction books on odd topics are particular favorites as..." (5 comments)

nittnut. "Love history, historical fiction, classics, picky about fantasy and science fiction, but I often enjoy it...." (5 comments)

readergirliz. "Hello! My favorite genres and topics which I really enjoy include: literary fiction (book club selections/New York Times best-sellers), historical fiction, fantasy, young adult, memoirs of interesting..." (9 comments)

bagejew. "I read just about everything. Some of my favorite authors include Stephen King, Chris Kennedy, James Patterson, J.K. Rowling. I love best sellers, mystery/P.I., thrillers, Southern Lit. My preference ..." (3 comments)

Familyhistorian. "I am interested in history and genealogy. I guess it is only natural that my book tastes tend toward history and mystery...." (10 comments)

Talisker. "Just buy me your favorite book of all time. I always like to read something completely different. When in doubt: I like fantasy, children's books and classical English literature...." (7 comments)

ladylenneth. "I purely want to be surprised this year! I don't want to limit my taste to just YA this year like I have done in many years past. The biggest thing I have purely loved from SantaThing all together has..." (3 comments)

riverwillow. "I'm a huge fan of books written during the Golden Age of crime and have more or less read everything written by Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers and am slowly working my way through Ngaio Marsh a..." (5 comments)

Aula (Aula's mother). "She loves cozy mysteries - loves watching 'Midsomer Murders', etc. Some of the authors/series that she's read and liked: - the Agatha Raisin series - most of Sue Grafton's series - Nancy Atherton's se..." (2 comments)

Aula. "At the moment, am enjoying humorous memoirs. Check my library for 4+ rated reads...." (4 comments)

jbuskermolen. "On my bookshelves I have non-fiction (true stories) books, but also fiction, business and management books, biographies and some about history. Be sure to check out my library to get a better understa..." (3 comments)

jbuskermolen. "On my bookshelves I have non-fiction (true stories) books, but also fiction, business and management books, biographies and some about history. Be sure to check out my library to get a better understa..." (5 comments)

jessiemoon. "Eclectic but ALWAYS beautiful book cover art. Please do look at my LT Library. I highly enjoy classic works of fiction that include a critical analysis of the work (i.e. Norton editions) as well as li..." (4 comments)

ultrabookgeek. "Leans heavily towards contemporary fiction in any genre, but historical, futuristic, dystopia, are welcome as well. All genres are welcome. Non Fiction in science, medicine, grief, human origins, or h..." (4 comments)

bragan. "My all-time top genres are science fiction/fantasy and what I like to think of as "sciency non-fiction," but the truth is, my tastes are very, very broad, and I always like trying new things. So you c..." (4 comments)

jort13. "My library is up to date with everything I have. I just finished collecting all Stephen King's books (with the exception of End of Watch, but not looking to get that from a Secret Santa) and am lookin..." (1 comments)

Limelite. "Let me ask the Wish List genie. . . . . .If Santa brings me a CD book, please make it John Le Carré’s own reading of his 23rd novel, "A Delicate Truth." Tree books I enjoy reading are literary priz..." (6 comments)

jellyfishjones. "I teach English as a Second Language to adults at the community college level in the United States. I read widely, but my top four categories are probably literary, sci-fi, fantasy, mindfulness, and S..." (4 comments)

lbelecki. "I like art books, artist biographies, books on opera...." (5 comments)

Yells. "I have everything that I own or have read logged here and my wishlist is fairly up-to-date (although anything tagged RLD is from my husband's library). I am pretty much open to anything but tend to re..." (2 comments)

rosetyper9. "I love fantasy and urban fantasy with strong female heroines. I love time travel romance, paranormal romance, and literary fiction novels that retell a common story. I love the Beat Generation, memoir..." (4 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "Lately, I've been reading a mix of stuff - science fiction, historical fiction, classics, graphic novels, non-fiction pop-science. I'm always interested in trying something new - new authors, new genr..." (4 comments)

kgodey. "My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. I've also been reading some history (non-fiction) this year, and I'm looking for more. My LibraryThing library is always up to date...." (2 comments)

LarraChersan. "I love fantasy books, especially animal fantasy, like "Watership Down" or "Tailchaser's Song". I already have a lot of those books, but I'm always on the hunt for new things. Other fantasy is also wel..." (8 comments)

Musikfrosch. "Recently I developed an interest in LGBT history, especially the AIDS crisis. My topical evergreen are vampires - I'm fascinated by their shifting expression/significance in popular culture and what t..." (2 comments)

xenophon. "literary essays, literary criticism, literary history..." (3 comments)

AuntieClio. "Send books you have loved to read, I enjoy learning about other people's favorite books...." (9 comments)

LauraLivenspire. "I love historical fiction, but then, I love stories, and history, and fairy tales, and mythology, and and and ... You'll be able to see from my LT library which authors I enjoy. If you think there's a..." (7 comments)

ebanksrandy. "I would enjoy any young adult novel you can send my way!..." (6 comments)

BoekenTrol71. "I like historical books (Pillars of the Earth, The Last Concubine, Child 44) and thrillers / espionage books. I also like books (fiction or non fiction) on / set in Asia or by Asian authors (Wolf Tote..." (5 comments)

dancingstarfish. "Love fiction, literature and YA. Some favorite authors are Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Pat Conroy, Helene Hanff, Markus Zusak, David Leviathan, John Green, Harukai Murakami. All time favorite books: Little Wom..." (1 comments)

trcovell. "I like to describe it as eclectic, but perhaps I am being pretentious. Lots of light fantasy and category romance. Take a look at my library...." (6 comments)

fodc041212. "Anything on my would love list http://www.librarything.com/catalog/fodc041212&tag=would+love&collection=-1..." (2 comments)

kykim. "I am a HUGE fan of Nicholas Sparks, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King, Karin Slaughter, John Grisham, Beveley Lewis, Dorothea Benton Frank, so as you can see I have a varied taste in reading. I love myste..." (5 comments)

MrsLee. "I like cultural cookbooks, interesting nonfiction books about things, historical fiction that doesn't have a focus on romance, some fantasy (I lean more to the kind with humor, like Jim Butcher and Lo..." (5 comments)

tddfd0602 (My grandchild Andrew). "He would enjoy anything that anyone sends to him that is age appropriate (17) as this is his real first stable Christmas with the family so anything would be appreciated. Please only get books in my w..." (6 comments)

bookreadingfreak. "I enjoy young adult and anything I can get my hands on----I didnt have time to make up my library so, please try to only choose books on my "to read" list as I currently only desire those and probably..." (8 comments)

annesadleir. "I like books that are unusual, and I'd really like my Santa to get me a mixture of books. I love good sci-fi and fantasy but I'm quite picky and I find it hard to discover the good stuff. So far this ..." (5 comments)

strongstuff. "I prefer historical and literary fiction usually, with some occasional non-fiction titles thrown in. I particularly love European settings. I've been into Vikings lately, so if you know any *good* Vik..." (10 comments)

Alendor. "I have a fairly large and very varied library consisting of comics, science fiction, fantasy, classics, folklore, history books and other things...." (6 comments)

KLmesoftly. "I love-love-LOVE a good haunted house novel, so if you can surprise me there I'll be really excited! (I include titles like Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation in this niche - any book where the setting it..." (4 comments)

normandie_m. "My tastes are outlined in my profile, and this year my reading patterns have been reasonably normal, with a mix of mysteries, historical fiction, literature and a bit of fantasy. I got into the Thursd..." (1 comments)

rodneyvc (maggievc). "Food, travel, chooks (Australian for "poultry"), gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's. Maggie's wishlist is at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/rodneyvc/maggieswishlist...." (9 comments)

rodneyvc. "If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to..." (4 comments)

SouthernKiwi. "I read across a variety of genres and like epic fantasy, historical fiction (especially colonial settings, or the Scottish clans), crime, romance, young adult, general fiction and non-fiction. My non-..." (3 comments)

genesisdiem. "mysteries, romance, history, archaeology, expedition field journals/ sea adventure diaries, arts & crafts, fashion, etiquette, gardening, sewing/ stitching/ quilting, archives/ libraries/ bookstores/ ..." (6 comments)

katgirl08. "I read books across all genres. I would really like to be surprised!..." (5 comments)

kaylaraeintheway. "I'm looking to add more Terry Tempest Williams and Rebecca Solnit to my shelves (see my library for the ones I already have). I love nonfiction books about the history of NASA and space travel, the na..." (1 comments)

Liosa. "Please feel free to look through my wishlist and library :) My library stars are how I feel about the book and my wishlist is up to date...." (3 comments)

jamieschecter. "I like a wide variety of books, particularly mystery/thriller, young adult, romance, biography/memoirs, and general fiction. I try mostly to buy books by women or people of color, but I 'll read most ..." (4 comments)

Cariola. "My LT Library is open, and I have up-to-date wishlists on LibraryThing and Amazon.com. For the most part, I read contemporary literary fiction and historical fiction (but NOT historical romances!). I ..." (2 comments)

literatefool. "While my catalog is a bit out of date, it is pretty representative of my reading. A little bit of darn near anything...." (5 comments)

3bythesea. "I read mostly new literary fiction, some mysteries like Tana French and Kate Atkinson.. Around the hectic holidays I try to look for something that is not too doom and gloom...." (2 comments)

cbl_tn. "Historical mysteries are my favorite genre. If they have an art, music, or archaeology/antiquities theme, that's even better! I also enjoy literary fiction, travel literature, books about books, histo..." (5 comments)

Elliot1822. "Books about military figures, military history, weapons systems and military campaigns. Historical figures and or novels of countries ancient or those coming into the modern political arena...." (2 comments)

tess_schoolmarm. "I like to read historical fiction, the classics, general fiction and true crime. My wish list is posted on LT. I would prefer ebooks for Kindle whenever possible, paperbooks only when Kindle is not av..." (7 comments)

LittleTaiko. "I'm looking for some enjoyable mysteries, thrillers, literary fiction novels to lose myself in...." (6 comments)

MaryKay1822. "I have recently been watching the Poldark series so would love to read the original books by Winston Graham. Also I collect Christmas books and would appreciate Christmas stories from different countr..." (8 comments)

maribou. "My five-star reads are pretty good examples of the things I like most. In this particular year, I would love especially to receive books with happy endings - but *earned* happy endings. Non-fiction or..." (9 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries (but not cozy mysteries), adventure, thrillers, some horror (I loved The Historian!), literary fiction, creepy, and humorous fiction...." (4 comments)

majkia. "science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, historical fiction. I like puzzles, ciphers, complex plots, and I'm not afraid to try new authors. I'm most likely to enjoy good characterization than lots of acti..." (3 comments)

kjgormley (My Dad). "This is for my dad, who reads steadily and with fervor, but only books he is given because he doesn't know where to start with finding new ones/he married & sired librarians. Basically he likes **pop-..." (5 comments)

ablachly (Jasper-age 8). "This SantaThing entry is for my son Jasper--age 8 and in 2nd grade. His books are in my catalog in the Jasper's books collection. H..." (3 comments)

zjakkelien. "I love fantasy and SF. In general, I love good characters, good character development, loyalty and/or camaraderie between protagonists, female characters with agency and competence, immersive world-bu..." (5 comments)

boblinfortino. "I love literary fiction, historical fiction, and some chick lit, but most of all, thrillers and mysteries. My library has every book I've purchased and/or read since 1998, so it will give you an idea ..." (3 comments)

andejons. "My book taste is rather eclectic; the books I enjoy most tend to be well-written collections of essays on mainly historical and literary topics. Also good is classics (including modern), history, myth..." (5 comments)

kjgormley. "I generally enjoy literary fiction with an emphasis on the american dream, memoirs by women who do cool stuff, queer memoirs and theory, and books that address the intersections of myth and reality. P..." (7 comments)

ILuvBookplates. "I enjoy many types of books but right now have a particular interest in the Titanic and would enjoy any book about the passengers on the Carpathia and their reactions to what transpired on the rescue ..." (6 comments)

lorannen. "I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction. You can't go wrong with anything in that vein. I also read a lot of comics/graphic novels, but I'm pretty well covered in that department at the ..." (4 comments)

JacobsBeloved. "I read tons of fantasy in both young adult and adult genres, in series especially. My "To-Read" section lists some of the books/series I would like to read, and you can check both of my "Read" section..." (4 comments)

kristilabrie. "I've been getting back into fantasy, but I'm also going to be starting up my garden next year, and could definitely use some resources on permaculture! I also like mysteries and historical fiction, an..." (15 comments)

SylviaC. "I enjoy fiction and nonfiction equally. Romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, light fantasy, children's and YA are all fine. In general, I like my fiction books t..." (5 comments)

crazy4reading. "I enjoy many different genres. Some of my most favorite have been mystery, suspense, thrillers, romance, fantasy, YA, Historical fiction. I also love reading books about WWII. Anne Frank is how I got ..." (8 comments)

hattie_lou. "This ST is for my daughter who will be turning 2 in Jan. She is currently into books about farm animals, books about fish, books about bears....actually now that I think about it she will probably be ..." (5 comments)

avanders. "Despite my library on LibraryThing (which includes books I've read many many years ago), my *current* book tastes tend to stray more toward the speculative fiction and science fiction, including what ..." (5 comments)

Romonko. "HIstorical Fiction, especially European or North American, Historical Mysteries, Police Procedurals, CanLit, (please check my profile to see what I've read in this category because I've read a lot). L..." (5 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "History, memoir, sci-fi, humor, mystery, how-to, technology, media, etc. Books by fiction authors like Jonathan Franzen, Mary Doria Russell and Marisha Pessl, and non-fiction authors like Malcolm Glad..." (4 comments)

thornton37814. "Mystery and historical fiction are my favorite genres of fiction. I love cookbooks and genealogy books. I enjoy history (North America and Europe, especially Great Britain). I am passionate about gene..." (5 comments)

Total: 475


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