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sundancer (2 comments)

januthomas. "I would love the graphic novel Into the Woods or the graphic novel Sleeper and the Spindle or the novel Neverwhere both by Neil Gaiman. I love surprises so I would be happy with anything. I like YA bo..." (3 comments)

LisbethMizula. "I love books that surprise me and books where the underdog wins -- and I prefer to have a little comedy as I need to be able to see the funny in life to get through it myself. I loved these books: The..." (2 comments)

melawen (melawen's Mom). "My Mum has pretty much the same tastes in reading as I do - although she prefers Jodi Picoult and I don't - her last recommendation to me was Diane Chamberlain's Trilogy of Light. I would suggest gett..." (3 comments)

CcanRead (CcanRead's Mom). "I'm so excited to surprise my Mom with books selected by you guys! Recommendations are fully appreciated! She's a bit of a tough one when it comes to reading, because she says "a well-written book is ..." (7 comments)

LT_Ammar. "I enjoy a good thriller like https://www.librarything.com/work/4440/book/113634992 if its fiction. I also like history if its Islamic or European history before 1900's, then world history is fine afte..." (8 comments)

kgriffith (Joshua M). "A few books he's enjoyed: Ender's Game, Ready Player One, Cell by Stephen King. We have a pretty extensive S King collection, but I know he'd be into any of the CSI series titles and we don't own any ..." (2 comments)

timspalding (My 8 year-old son). "This is for my son, who is eight years old. Please choose a book—presumably one book, or two, if both cheap—that you recommend, and which isn't obvious. Unfortunately, his books aren't cataloged, ..." (5 comments)

ablachly (son Jasper). "Jasper is almost 6, and has JUST started reading on his own. You can see his books in the ..." (7 comments)

ccatalfo (Julian). "Something a 4 year old boy might like...wild animals or airplanes or rockets would be appreciated...." (3 comments)

ccatalfo (Ellie). "Books along the lines of the Ivy and Bean series - for a 2nd grader who's a very good reader...." (2 comments)

conceptDawg (daughter Kate). "1st grader. 6 years old. Anything with animals, especially books that have animal facts, etc. For instance, she likes the VS. books (tiger vs. lion, etc.) She has the (boa vs. alligator and tiger vs. ..." (4 comments)

serendipitina. "Love well written stories; mystery, drama, humor, especially dark humor; Like to be surprised. Amazon kindle only...." (5 comments)

kgriffith. "I read loads of YA fantasy/adventure; literary fiction; books about books, words, or writing; graphic novels; LGBTQI and gender studies. I'm always interested in being introduced to new authors, and a..." (3 comments)

LT_Ammar (LT_Ammars son, Omar). "Omar is one years old and cannot read yet. Perhaps a mostly 'pictures' book for when he gets older...." (16 comments)

timspalding (My father). "My father reads widely and voraciously in European and American history, especially wwii and the Civil War. His interests run to traditional military and political history, and include general account..." (9 comments)

timspalding (My son). "This is for my son, who is eight years old. He is a "young" eight. He has a good vocabulary and a great interest in narratives. So, for example, he loved Treasure Island recently. But scary books cook..." (10 comments)

miketopper (Baby #2). "All Chidren's books please Dahlov Ipcar books childrens books in spanish childrens books in english, but books/authors from non-USA counties moomin books..." (2 comments)

timspalding (Baby #1 (Baby McKrieger)). "This is for Baby McKrieger, who is due in March. Thus far, Baby has no books! Both of Baby's parents speak Russian, so it might be fun to have some Russian baby books. Винни-Пух? Ёжик? We'..." (5 comments)

madeofslate. "I like mystery and thrillers but I read a lot of different genres...." (4 comments)

teckelvik (3 comments)

ryvre. "Nonfiction: History, crime Fiction: Scifi, epic fantasy, historical fiction (especially mysteries), alternate histories Both: Books set in Chicago. Anything about the Byzantine E..." (7 comments)

sillygwailo. "Zadie Smith for fiction. I can't get enough British fiction about America. I loved Remainder by Tom McCarthy and would like to read something similar again. I'm also interested in getting back into sc..." (5 comments)

pmarshall. "Large Print Please Mysteries, police procedurals, Medieval mysteries, Some ideas, books I would re-read. How the Light Gets in 18.91 Paperback Chief Inspector Gamache Novel By (author) Louise Penny La..." (4 comments)

jayde1599. "I have an LT Wishlist of books I wish to read. I lean more towards fantasy, historical fiction, and YA for fun books to read. I am not opposed to non-fiction but can be more picky. My library and Wish..." (4 comments)

abbie.c.west. "I like well-written fiction. The Goldfinch is the perfect example of my favorite type of book. I love complex stories that I can lose myself in. I also love Kate Morton books and others like them. Any..." (7 comments)

linggeek. "I'm definitely a fiction reader. Top preferred genres are Fantasy and Historical Fiction. I've read (or own and intend to read) most major fantasy novels, and a lot of popular historical fiction from ..." (4 comments)

Kmobley79_. "I love folklore, crime/mystery, biographies and non-fiction. Favorite authors are David Baldacci, Sandra Brown, James Patterson, William Landay and Alafair Burke. I also like Holocaust literature and ..." (2 comments)

holly_golightly. "Favourite writers: I devour everything written by Jeanette Winterson, Jane Austen, Lorrie Moore, Elizabeth Taylor and Mallory Ortberg. If you can distill some sort of essence from those five women, th..." (5 comments)

Apolline. "I like history, fantasy, fairy tales, mysteries, historical novels, young adult, contemporary etc:) I am open to try new authors...." (3 comments)

Yarrow. "I love fiction by women...." (6 comments)

2wonderY (daughter, member grokgrace). "Visual visual visual! Beautiful illustrations! Let me get back to you with more specifics. Just about anything from the Beautiful Books page of the Book Depository would thrill Anne. Thank you, thank ..." (7 comments)

v_wiggins. "Classics, Funny Romances, Historical Fiction, SciFi/Fantasy, Poetry, Chic Lit, Victorian or Tudor Historical Novels. I love Phillipa Gregory, Gregory McGuire, and Andrew Greeley...." (5 comments)

KarenReese. "Zombie & dystopian..." (8 comments)

kirbyowns. "Historical fiction Young adult is my favorite. Also love just young adult and historical fiction separately...." (6 comments)

knotbox. "I'm looking to read more: History and Historical Fiction, Books about Germany and Germanic, Scandinavian, Nordic History. Northern Europe basically. Books about powerful or interesting women, fictiona..." (8 comments)

knotbox (My Brother). "He's a 16 yo boy. (Middle-Grade & Young Adult Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction.) He loves Will in Scarlet by Matthew Cody and Shakespeare's plays. Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, Ender's Ga..." (10 comments)

CcanRead (CcanRead's Grandma). "Thank you so much you guys, for helping me make my Grandma's Christmas special! These books are going to be for her. She loves novels set in small towns. She especially loves charming Southern towns. ..." (7 comments)

ThrillerFan. "I have started reading the Bizarro Genre back in May and haven't looked back since. I am looking to expand my library in this Genre. To see what I have already and examples of what the genre is, go to..." (5 comments)

humblewomble. "I like the classics, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult books. I've marked most of the stuff I don't have as Wishlist on my profile, though it's still a work in progress! I'd like someone to pi..." (3 comments)

Dgmknzgrl. "Historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction..." (6 comments)

caras_galadhon. "My tastes skew very heavily to fiction, and within fiction, towards fantasy, although I enjoy suspense, mystery and horror as well. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, but outside of the Professor, I tend to pref..." (6 comments)

mxsjwl. "I am a homeschooling mom of two girls ages 9 and 12. We use LibraryThing to organize our curriculum and home-school library. We love logic puzzles, science, fantasy, activity books, comedy (Calvin and..." (7 comments)

literatefool. "I apologize now- I won't be much help. My family has already made that clear. I read almost anything! I love non fiction- biographies and histories. I love the period of 1900-1954 in European and Amer..." (8 comments)

fdholt. "I read mostly non-fiction. Topics of interest include history of science, music history and baseball. (I have received several of the scholarly McFarland books on obscure players in baseball history t..." (5 comments)

jarno87. "I like fantasy and science fiction most, but also like a thriller every once in a while. I read quite a lot of epic fantasy, but the last few years I have been exploring Science-fiction. If you can re..." (3 comments)

Jonic. "My collections (owned, to read, wishlist) are up to date...." (7 comments)

readafew. "I like quite a lot, but sci-fi fantasy and mysteries are on top of my list. I still have a rather large wishlist here on LT to look at for ideas as well...." (2 comments)

brewergirl. "I like just about everything but am partial to history and historical fiction. If you look at my LibraryThing listing (please do!), use the "Personal Collection" catalog. I have several things catalog..." (8 comments)

Ape. "I like nonfiction and fiction both. In nonfiction I like popular science, particularly biology, especially disease-related topics. Microbiology, epedimeology, etc. See things like Rabid by Bill Wasik ..." (4 comments)

Conachair. "Surprise me..." (6 comments)

ejmam. "I like SF & fantasy, as well as YA. I like romance, mostly regency or earlier, or with smart funny people like Jennifer Crusie characters. Actually I like most stuff...." (10 comments)

sandstone78. "I'm mostly a science fiction and fantasy reader, but am fairly widely read in both genres- hoping for some new authors or overlooked gems! My apologies, secret santa, a friend told me that this showed..." (29 comments)

jjmcgaffey. "I read a lot of genre fiction - mostly SF/F, also mystery, romance, animal stories, etc. Please do check my library - be cautious of the wishlist, though, it contains quite a bit of "I'd like to take ..." (1 comments)

jaelquinn. "Young adult, teen, kids, tween, young adult fantasy, literary fiction, adult fantasy...." (5 comments)

calmclam. "I love books that make me laugh, fantasy (especially urban fantasy), good sci-fi, and books about books. I've been meaning to get into (but don't particularly know where to start with) authors like Ch..." (4 comments)

purseproblm. "I read all over the map. Travel to France, fashion, historical fiction especially time slips are my favorite, and books about food. The Outlander series is my favorite, but get me whatever you think i..." (3 comments)

Christiana5. "Hardcovers strongly preferred Lately mostly focused on historical fiction, historical mysteries, sci fi with a historical twist (e.g., time travel); see keywords for my favorite topics..." (6 comments)

benuathanasia. "I love sci-fi/fantasy for young adults/tweens. I've had a lot of hits and misses lately, but here are some favorites from this category: Harry Potter - Hunger Games - His Dark Materials - Shadow Child..." (10 comments)

MTGirlAtHeart. "My very favorite author is Sarah Addison Allen, so anything similar to her writing would be great! Some other favorites are The Hunger Games, Harry Potter books, The Maze Runner - I really enjoy readi..." (6 comments)

saraslibrary. "I love horror, manga/graphic novels, humor, and juvenile/children/YA books, especially if it's all combined. :)..." (7 comments)

ryan.adams. "I have a lot of random stuff in my library, but when I read I like to be engaged in the topic. In general, I would go for: Non-fiction: * History (no real preferences on a topic... would like to find ..." (2 comments)

catalina7. "Surprise me with some great books you think I should read! I read lots of fantasy, some YA and some historical fiction with a dash of nonfiction here and there. But I’m always open to trying new boo..." (3 comments)

romula. "Mostly space opera and epic fantasy. I also have two boys ages 4.5 and 1.5. The older one is starting to read on his own and both like to sit and be read to. Trains, cars, etc. are big hits...." (7 comments)

ReadingBifrost. "I read a wide range! YA Romance, SciFi, Mystery, Classics, Psychological Horror, Assassins. Really love modern Japanese books. Hated the Hunger Games. Loved the Maze Runner. Shakespeare is life...." (4 comments)

mnasir. "Nonfiction: especially if it's about The Beatles, Autobiographies; Lately I've been reading and enjoying Olive Kitteridge. My LT wishlist is up to date, and I'd be happy to receive anything from that ..." (2 comments)

stephaniemichelle12. "Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, etc. I love young adult literature!! I also enjoy historical fiction, especially about authors or royalty. I love love love John Green but ..." (6 comments)

beserene. "I like smart, engrossing books of all kinds. I love science fiction and fantasy most of all, but I have a lot of that (so I strongly encourage you to check my library before you order anything -- it's..." (3 comments)

StefanieGeeks. "I like to escape from real world drama when I read. I enjoy witty banter and I prefer a little love story (though not necessarily the focus of a novel). I have read a lot of popular fiction and chosen..." (6 comments)

jrbaker149. "Please browse my library for a taste of things I already have - a lot of fantasy, sci fi, dystopia, historical fiction...." (3 comments)

jillsmyth. "I like most Sci-fi and fantasy and some romance. I prefer funny rather than "massive epic". I will read pretty much anything so don't be afraid to throw in a curveball...." (6 comments)

elizabethanne80. "This is a wild card. Pick anything you think I should have in my library. Send me YOUR favorite book. Books appropriate for any age are acceptable. I don't have kids of my own but have kids in and out..." (8 comments)

elizabethanne80 (Bestie). "Christmas gift for my best friend. She really likes Christian Missionary Biographies. She just finished Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Rose and she's read Through Gates of Splendor, The End of the Spear..." (7 comments)

rodneyvc (maggievc). "Food (desserts, cakes, cooking for crowds), travel, gardening. Something on basic food photography might work. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's...." (11 comments)

djryan. "Science fiction, fantasy, psychology, popular science, graphic novels, anything different or that I wouldn't normally find...." (4 comments)

WandaS1224. "I like all types of books specially YA..." (2 comments)

ccooney. "Fantasy (medieval, and some interest in magical urban fantasy), medieval history, historical fiction, interesting medical books (medical history, medical non-fiction-see my collection), some young adu..." (4 comments)

rodneyvc. "If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. Something with a Dutch or Guyana connection would work. I sing i..." (7 comments)

eloisejuniper. "Picture Books..." (7 comments)

GeorgiaDawn. "I read many different books from varying genres. I especially like science fiction, historical fiction, and southern fiction. As you can see from my library, I'm certainly not limited to these. I also..." (6 comments)

shooting_star28272. "I am very sorry but this year I am not going to be very exciting. I have been wanting to get into crocheting for a while so I would love to get books about that so I can learn...." (4 comments)

Hil07. "I read a lot of historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I especially love medieval fantasy. I also read a lot of thrillers and crime dramas. Some of my favorite authors include: Diana Gabald..." (5 comments)

LauraBrook. "Hi Santa! I've got varied tastes, and have been reading a lot of mystery, non-fiction, children's, and British stuff lately. Also, poetry! I have an updated wishlist here, and I also have a large one ..." (4 comments)

Sethur (5 comments)

calm. "I'm really looking for standalone fantasy or pre-Medieval historical fiction. Really good world building and characters are key as I am looking for escapism - a world I can disappear into. I also like..." (11 comments)

tallpaul. "Contemporary and 20c Literary Fiction (with a strong representation for works in translation), Poetry. Graphic Novels and some non-fiction (esp labour/left/radical history)...." (5 comments)

stretch867. "I love Manga,especially the fantasy, romantic-comedy, and comedy genres. I'm happy to receive volumes from Manga that I currently own. I also love science fiction, fantasy and post-apocalypse fiction...." (9 comments)

diana.n. "Science nonfiction: conservation; evolution; oceanography; paleontology; zoology (esp. big cats, birds, cetaceans, honeybees, and spiders)..." (5 comments)

eicuthbertson. "Historical and Scandinavian mysteries; steampunk (especially with female characters); genealogy; Canadian history..." (5 comments)

trcovell (6 comments)

masterdeski. "I'd really like some Hobbit 3 movie materials. Some are in my wishlist, like the Chronicles, but also visual guides, behind the scenes, making the movie things are cool. Any of those for the previous ..." (4 comments)

wester. "I like cookbooks and other books about food, other non-fiction (biology, psychology, linguistics, Buddhism, mathematics, philosophy, and anything else about the workings of matter and mind), and origi..." (3 comments)

Kimberly_Huey (9 comments)

vivir_reads. "I like light and funny reading - fantasy, cozy mysteries, adventure, humorous sci-fi. I'd be delighted to find some new authors in these genres. Of course, a new book by a favorite author is always we..." (4 comments)

vivir. "I like light and funny reading - fantasy, cozy mysteries, adventure, humorous sci-fi. I'd be delighted to find some new authors in these genres. Of course, a new book by a favorite author is always we..." (4 comments)

Carad1969. "I love historical fiction. I enjoy and have read most of the best sellers (fiction) - like Hunger Games series, Song of fire and Ice series, Gone Girl, OrphanTrain, Unbroken... My all time favorite bo..." (2 comments)

Petroglyph. "I’m looking to expand my reading, so I’ll be especially interested in reading a) women authors; b) non-white authors; c) non-cis, non-straight authors; and d) non-Western authors (this includes Ea..." (4 comments)

poetontheone. "If you have similar tastes in any respect, feel free to surprise me, or buy me something I don't own by any of my "Favorite authors." I also wouldn't mind any books that LT member benwaugh has rated f..." (1 comments)

alltherageray. "Lots of fiction! Anything science related..." (1 comments)

TracyK1. "I like cozy mysteries. By this I mean mysteries that do not have a lot of blood involved. Agatha Christie (although I have read most of those), Nagio Marsh, Louise Penny. These are the types of myster..." (9 comments)

Oryan685. "Fantasy, Young Adult, Post Apocalyptic,mysteries my favorite authors include Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, George RR Martin, Alan Bradley. I love reading new authors too. I am..." (2 comments)

julyso. "I enjoy mysteries, cozy mysteries, fiction, historical fiction, and some chick lit. Right now, I am reading Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown...also reading Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline...." (5 comments)

eembooks. "Fiction -- currently exploring WWI novels. Books on the short list of literary prizes. Intriguing plots or characters...." (6 comments)

sweeks1980. "I have rather eclectic tastes in reading, but some of my favorite genres are YA, literary criticism, essays, children's books, theatre-related books, humor, some romance, history, poetry, fairy tales,..." (3 comments)

azurelion. "I love mystery fiction, particularly of the Agatha Christie type. Noir, historical, medieval or Tudor-ish fiction is good too. I'm also interested in self-help books, particularly as they relate to cr..." (5 comments)

redsox342015. "I'm a college sophomore studying geology at a small college in Maine. I love hiking/outdoorsy activities, baseball, and science. When it comes to books, I love a good adventure story or mind bender. P..." (8 comments)

Guy.Estes. "Our son was born in October and is barely two months old this month. His mommy is a librarian so she's been collecting books for him. Receiving a SantaThing gift would be a special treat. He needs mor..." (1 comments)

librariansteffen2. "Librariansteffen2 is a library of books read. Librariansteffen is a library of books owned...." (2 comments)

Helenoel. "I'd love to discover new authors and series. - mysteries or "sciency" sci-fi. mysteries set in other counties or interesting settings are fun. historical fiction, non-fiction about travel, maps, natur..." (1 comments)

VW_Williams. "I’m having a bit of a rough time lately – I’m struggling with feeling quite low, lonely and lost. I don’t really want something with a simple happy ending, but something for me to get absorbed..." (13 comments)

ccaro25. "This year I have selected several authors whose books I would like Micheal Crummey Sarah Waters or Ann Marie MacDonald and Jonas Jonasson. I also enjoy the English detective series Deagle and Passcle ..." (3 comments)

LordValois. "I like to read historical fiction and non-fiction, especially Roman and Greek. I also enjoy medieval non-fiction. Also, I like Adventure-type thrillers written by Lee Child, Stephen Leather, and Dougl..." (7 comments)

Vierran. "I like sf, fantasy, urban fantasy, space opera, comics, mysteries, and historical romance. I would like to receive some new thought-provoking sf, or some interesting urban fantasy (love Kelley Armstro..." (5 comments)

amsparky. "This year seems to be the year of the YA novel. Please feel free to look at my 2014 year tag instead of my library to see my current tastes. I LOVE dystopian books... and contemporary romance books......" (3 comments)

lottpoet. "I read poetry, science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, and non-fiction. For poetry, I prefer a denser line with a good aural quality, imagistic, with some surrealism or evocative crypticness. Fant..." (4 comments)

lynetterl. "Mostly I read fiction, although on the non-fiction side I do enjoy books on the condition of the planet, human development across history, anthropology, and the science of space. Anything that makes u..." (13 comments)

RaphusCucullatus. "I'd love to explore time travel, dystopian, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk and steampunk fiction (non YA). Besides that I like current literary fiction and classic novels...." (5 comments)

TPauSilver. "I'm on a young adult thing at the moment so I'd enjoy some more young adult. Thoughtful is better. I'll read anything but would prefer avoiding the supernatural romance sub-genre of young adult. Unles..." (3 comments)

sippan. "I've got all the books I'm gonna need on philosophy and theology. Now I have a growing interest in occultism. Robert Anton Wilson is a current obsession...." (2 comments)

tapestry100. "I have a rather eclectic taste in books, but generally find myself shopping from the SciFi/Fantasy section. I've been trying to break that trend and expand my reading horizons a little. I've also been..." (5 comments)

joey.f.carter. "I love Young Adult, New Adult & Historical Fantasy. I will also give anything a go and I would love to read my Secret Santa's favourite books, series & authors no matter what genre...." (1 comments)

Marbot. "I enjoy reading Biography, particularly bios of prominent historical individuals, eg. I have read about Nelson, Jobs, Einstein, Feynman, Schultz, Benjamin Franklin, Vincent van Gogh. I also enjoy read..." (2 comments)

maggie1944. "I really enjoy most everything except the fluffiest of the fluffy books. No romance novels for me, please. I like literary fiction, memoirs, biographies, histories, popular history, science fiction, f..." (6 comments)

Ceora. "I read and own a ton of fantasy but am also looking to expand the classics, and sci-fi shelves of my library. I am also working on a collection of nice children's books. Non-fiction interests include ..." (3 comments)

catalina7. "Hello and Happy Santathing! I (obviously) LOVE to read and my favorite genres are fantasy (including urban as well as historical fantasy), historical fiction and anything with a good, entertaining, fu..." (4 comments)

lemonlibrarian. "I like paranormal fiction, young adult fiction, science fiction, and fiction stories with a twist. Some of my recent favorites include "We Were Liars" by e. Lockhart, "American Gods" by N. Gaiman, and..." (3 comments)

Tmyers526. "Open to pretty much anything..." (1 comments)

SkuldOMG. "I am open to just about anything, although my favorite authors are always welcome (Stephen King, Mark Twain, among others). I saw a nice suggestion from another santathing participant, so I'm going to..." (2 comments)

Dalzell. "I'm an ethnomusicologist (anthropology of music) whose research focuses on the Himalayan/South Asia region (specifically Nepal), so I enjoy reading ethnography (musical or otherwise) that focuses on t..." (5 comments)

nfmgirl2. "I love literary fiction, as well as classic horror by the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Robert McCammon, or well done post-apocalyptic lit. I like southern lit, and novels with grit and crass..." (5 comments)

bgfulton. "I'm a fan of creative non-fiction, graphic novels, science fiction and mysteries. Some examples of books that I recently read - "Expo 58", "Console Wars", "City of Stairs" and "Over Easy."..." (4 comments)

adrateia. "At the moment I'm really into horror. I'm trying to find more horror written by women in particular. And I'm also trying to get into realistic YA. If you're stuck my LT wishlist has some stuff I've ha..." (4 comments)

pammab. "I'm looking for fun "potato chip" fiction reads for my Kindle. "Potato chip" to me means light in tone, a higher-than-average likelihood of reading it all in one sitting, and possibly humorous. Any le..." (7 comments)

pammab. "Spec fic (including much spec fic that plays with the edges of our assumptions), non-fiction that surprises your expectations and might even have changed your perspectives on the world, books with que..." (6 comments)

zembla. "Lots of fiction, annoyingly cerebral mysteries, and lately, non-fiction about teaching and child development. (I work at a middle school.) GoodReads (includes updated lists of books I have read/am rea..." (3 comments)

sahra (Verity, aged almost two). "I will be two in late January. I love books, pretending to read, and having adults read to me but I am not gentle with them. I like to rip pages, and even can manage to rip board books! My favorite th..." (12 comments)

sahra (Liberty, aged four). "I'm four & will be four and a half in February! I can't read yet but I can't wait to learn. I'm very rambunctious & active, & have a great imagination, but it can be difficult for me to just sit down ..." (5 comments)

sahra. "My library is almost entirely an historical picture of the books I used to have before they were all lost in a storage unit, and of a particular time in my life. It is not necessarily indicative of my..." (2 comments)

williecostello. "I like well written and smart books of all kinds: fiction and nonfiction, old and new, foreign and domestic. I'm open to quality writing in all genres, but am especially fond of literary fiction, dram..." (4 comments)

invinciblesmile. "My favorite authors are Tana French, Gail Carriger and Shakespeare. I enjoy steampunk, mysterys, and comedies. I've been looking for a good ghost story, the kind that gives you chills as you read it...." (3 comments)

librorumamans. "Literary fiction is a great choice; recent prize winners or short-listed titles, including works in translation, are welcome if they're not already listed in my library. My LT library is up to date, b..." (3 comments)

tiffanyfawn. "I love books by Cathy Glass and other authors like her. I keep my wish list up to date...." (2 comments)

Alendor. "I have a very varied taste but usually frequent fantasy, comics and classics - I'm also very fond of science fiction but have read shockingly few of them..." (3 comments)

agjuba. "I like fiction (especially literary or historical), narrative non-fiction, and travelogues. My LT library is mainly books I have really enjoyed or received as ER copies. My wish list is books I've hea..." (2 comments)

Roses84. "Love non-fiction. Paleo cookbooks (have well fed & well fed 2). Biographies especially travelogues. Planning trips to Italy and the Holy Land in next year so good travel guides would be awesome. Essen..." (4 comments)

lydiasbooks. "Girl's Own (all things published by Girls Gone By, Fidra, Bettany Press especially), school stories, anything to do with ballet, fantasy, funny autobiographical books, history of London/ Jews/ maps, t..." (2 comments)

karyberg (7 comments)

murphyrules. "Love Steampunk, Comedy, mystery, YA Paranormal, contemporary amateur slueth......." (7 comments)

teaholic. "I enjoy period fiction, fictional or real accounts of individuals' experiences in exotic or extreme situations (e.g. Memoirs of a Geisha, Persepolis, Kabul Beauty School), humorous or dramatic women's..." (6 comments)

lbelecki. "I am very curious and will read just about everything. I especially like literary fiction and most non-fiction...." (9 comments)

apachecat. "I am into all things Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy...anything to do with Dragons...and of course anything to do with Horses. Just make sure I havent already read it by looking in my library. Thank..." (7 comments)

marcyjill. "To me half the fun of SantaThing is getting books I wouldn't pick out for myself. That said...here's what I like: contemporary fiction, chick lit, post-apacalytic/dystopian stuff (as long as it is not..." (7 comments)

ehough75. "Pretty much anything. Mystery, thriller, Humor, lesbian fiction,New York Times best sellers, dystopian. I have done santa thing for 6? years now and every year I get books I would have never picked bu..." (5 comments)

shearon. "I prefer fiction. Challenge me!!!!..." (6 comments)

aviddiva. "I have been reading a lot of wonderful fluff lately and I'd love some fiction with a bit more meat. Something beautifully written, or the book you think is the best thing you read this year, but not e..." (7 comments)

KimKimpton. "Eclectic..." (2 comments)

BabyRowen. "Rowen is going to be 3 years old in February. He is very gentle with his books and loves to either sit and look at pictures or to be read to any time of day. He loves Sandra Boynton books, Clifford, a..." (6 comments)

TxYanky. "Love mysteries, horror, biographies, real ghost stories...." (1 comments)

AshleyAJohns. "I enjoy horror, fantasy, and (more recently) religious study books. My favorite books of all time are the Hobbit and the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I own numerous Stephen King books, but have ..." (5 comments)

Angela.Houser. "I don't need large print by any means, but I do not like to read those books that are smaller in size and have the smaller print. Even though they are cheaper I would rather have fewer books I can rea..." (3 comments)

travelinlibrarian. "Horror, the more out there the better. Also Bizarro fiction. I have an extensive set of Wish Lists on Amazon. Just search for Michael Sauers in Lincoln, NE and you should be able to find them. Honestl..." (4 comments)

Donogh. "Any kind of history will do, though a military history would probably suit more. Academic rigour is nice but good popular histories are fine. Science fiction or fantasy is more difficult as I've read ..." (3 comments)

sangreal (Lilia). "Lilia almost exclusively reads literary fiction, and she loves trying new authors from different countries. She doesn't have an LT account, but if you look at my tags for "Lilia's SantaThing 2013", yo..." (7 comments)

queen_ypolita. "I enjoy fiction and non-fiction alike and I have a soft spot for poetry. I'm happy to read books in translation. If you wanted to find me some fiction, I enjoy books set in the past, present and the f..." (9 comments)

VivienneR. "I have links to my wishlist and Virago Modern Classics wishlist on my profile. I like British mysteries and literary fiction best. I'm sure I will enjoy whatever is picked...." (8 comments)

INTPLibrarian. "My LibraryThing list includes everything I've ever read (hopefully) and some that I own, but haven't read yet. You can probably gather my taste from that even if I didn't like some books. Fiction: Thr..." (2 comments)

deatalk. "Jodi picoult, James Patterson, Danielle Steele,Nora Roberts,Barbra freethy,..." (5 comments)

Tonner1. "Would love to have books of Filet and regular crochet patterns...." (6 comments)

Krither. "I love fantasy, especially urban (like Neil Gaiman or Charles de Lint) but I have also read and loved all of Tamora Pierce's books and Kristin Cashore's. Anything from dragons to fairies is cool, and ..." (6 comments)

amandacb. "My son is 3.5 with moderate autism and severe speech delay. He loves books with moveable and tactile elements; he also loves ABCs and is obsessed with numbers...." (5 comments)

amandacb. "As for myself, I like historical fiction, science fiction, and contemporary fiction that isn't too romance-y or cute-sy...." (4 comments)

amilligan. "I really enjoy most historical fiction especially centred around World War 2. I also really enjoy Victorian Era books. I also enjoy Dystopian novels, novels about Myths (Gods), elves, vampires. I read..." (6 comments)

Kim.Groshek. "I love all types of books like Divergent, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and of course I'm a romantic at heart. I like fantasy things like the fiction stories that make you wonder if your choices in..." (3 comments)

Katie.Loughlin. "I love paranormal novels. The fewer love triangles, the better, in my opinion. I love a ghost story now and then. Nonfiction is good...." (5 comments)

willoughby. "Love historical mysteries, French history, really well-done non-fiction, and fantasy books if they're funny and smart (Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series, for example). Just browsing my library will pro..." (2 comments)

willoughby. "Love historical mysteries, French history, really well-done nonfiction, fantasy if it's sharp and funny (Kevin Hearn's Iron Druid series, for example), etc... My library will tell you more about me th..." (5 comments)

JohnChic. "classic mysteries...." (5 comments)

bucketyell. "My library & wishlist are pretty much up-to-date. I use Santathing to meet new people and to expand my horizons so pretty much anything goes. I love discovering new authors from around the world. I pr..." (3 comments)

GoldieBug. "I love mysteries, sci-fi, horse cat and dog books (fiction mostly), the Muppets, Star Wars, or any combination thereof. Thank you in advance!..." (2 comments)

jthelwell. "mysteries, especially historical mysteries or those set in other cultures than US; modern history (Victorian to WWII), especially British; Ancient Roman history; urban fantasy; classic mysteries...." (3 comments)

Garp83. "Ancient History, Classical History, American History, Big History, American Civil War, Paleontology, Human Evolution, Archaeology, Loeb Classical Library Greek titles, paleo-climatology -- or incredib..." (4 comments)

xhollishx. "I read YA, ¨chick lit¨, and sometimes bio. You can look at my books that I've read and my Wish list for ideas...." (5 comments)

xhollishx (Lexi Kinsey). "3 years old. Loves Disney (Frozen, princess, etc), learning, and some crafty things and other things a normal three year old girl loves...." (4 comments)

kicomp. "Historical sci-fi Fantasy Dystopia YA Fiction..." (4 comments)

nittnut. "I like history, historical fiction, fantasy, essays......" (4 comments)

LiteraryFeline. "My favorite types of books include: mysteries and thrillers, urban fantasy,and contemprary and historical fiction. Mix a few of them together and I'm in reader heaven...." (6 comments)

willowsmom. "My library and profile are pretty detailed, but I prefer my fantasy of the strong female lead, fairy tale adaptation or fantasy, occasionally smutty variety. I also enjoy nonfiction of the DIY variety..." (3 comments)

jcwlib. "Preference for mystery, thriller, historical fiction - do like biography/memoir and some non-fiction as well. I search out for debut authors...." (2 comments)

Melgaye. "Love urban fantasy but only with male protagonists. I like some YA fiction such as 5th Wave. My shelf is pretty eccletic based upon the export from Amazon which I buy for my kids,etc. I don't have a w..." (3 comments)

Dabble58 (3 comments)

kleos_aphthiton. "I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, as well as some historical fiction and mysteries. A couple of my favorite authors are Guy Gavriel Kay and Connie Willis, so generally I prize high quality ..." (2 comments)

inaudible. "I have a wish-list that gives a good idea of the sort of books that I like. I tend to love old, strange, and difficult books...." (7 comments)

pbirch01. "I have been reading what feels like a lot of dense non-fiction lately and would be interested in mixing it up with some fiction. I would say lately I have been interested in dystopia, Americana and un..." (3 comments)

library_mistress. "* I collect fiction starring libraries and librarians. * I want to extend my little knowledge about cyberpunk and steampunk, and I generally like science fiction, especially if it's queer/feminist. * ..." (2 comments)

ironjaw. "I love non-fiction than fiction, hardback than paperback. Anything that has to do with the Classics, Biography, Fairy Tales, History. Best place to start is to see my huge LT Wishlist. Or check my cat..." (5 comments)

slanger89. "I'm pretty open to anything fiction.see below what I don't want. I love fairy tale retellings, young adult, fantasy, historical fiction. Books that take you completely out of your current situation an..." (5 comments)

SapphiredDragon. "My library mostly consists of YA predominantly in the genres of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I also don't mind some more traditional fantasy or the odd dystopian or steampunk if it done well...." (3 comments)

redrabbit. "I'm trying to read more of the classics (recently, Fahrenheit 451, Great Gatsby, Handmaid's Tale, some Hemingway that I'd never gotten around to, that kind of thing). Would love to have a few more of ..." (10 comments)

imoen_until. "Mostly various types of fantasy with sci-fi and a few other genres on the side. I have a wishlist, but feel free to use your own judgment...." (3 comments)

cutiger80. "Research tastes focus on Defense Acquisition, Origins and Development of Planes and other weapons systems. I also am looking for books on Defense Policy and Strategy, some examples are: New Weapons, O..." (3 comments)

Detrick. "I'm trying to expand my reading to more general modern fiction. I have mostly read crime/mystery/thriller genre and have read about every book out there by "major" authors (Grisham, Connelly, Brown, B..." (4 comments)

BarbsReviews. "Western romance, Cozy mysteries and Amish romance and mystery...." (3 comments)

timidmagick. "Fantasy is my favourite genre, science fiction/mystery as a "distant" second. I have a bunch of books on my wishlist which I would really not mind getting. If it's a kit of some kind that's even bette..." (4 comments)

egsanford. "I love hiking, so any books about outdoor adventures (preferably nonfiction, but fiction is great too!) are perfect for me. For example, Wild by Cheryl Strayed was one of my absolute favorite recent b..." (8 comments)

68papyrus. "I read all genres other than romance. I like historical fiction, horror, young adult, science fiction, literary fiction, true crime and non fiction. Some of my most wished for books are: Revival by St..." (2 comments)

kcasada (Colleen Frost). "Likes intelligent fiction and non-fiction. Enjoys humor, descriptions of small-town and rural life, exploration of family relationships, and information about other cultures. Likes books about books a..." (3 comments)

snigl3t. "Generally prefer space opera and hard SF, the more convoluted & sciencey & politicky the better :) Some fantasy is OK as well, but I'm a bit picky with that (and the same qualifications apply for fant..." (4 comments)

xenophon. "literary biography, literary history, literary criticism, essays, history..." (6 comments)

BoekenTrol71. "I like mystery, crime & thrillers. I also like historical novels like Pillars of the Earth or the books by Richard Dübell or Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross. I also like the kind of books Tom Clanc..." (10 comments)

jll1976. "I have extremely eclectic tastes. I am participating in in the American, British and ANZAC Author reading challenges so anything by one of the featured authors would be great. (My library is reasonabl..." (4 comments)

BabySamuel. "Age appropriate books for a three year old! He loves vehicles and trains and I also would love a couple of books for Big brothers waiting on a new baby (I am due in February!) Also showing big interes..." (3 comments)

ladylenneth. "I am actually wanting to give my Santa free reign this year! Surprise me! I have been on a reading block recently and I think if I try things I haven't thought of before I might get myself out of it! ..." (6 comments)

JacobsBeloved. "fantasy, urban fantasy, dystopia - both adult and young adult, book series, Christian Fiction, parenting, crochet, cookbooks..." (2 comments)

mhatchett. "Mystery, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Halloween Books...." (4 comments)

Helcura. "Fossils, paleontology, history of medicine. Would prefer books heavy on pictures, highly technical paleontology is fine. Something about southern hemisphere fossils would be cool, but northern hemisph..." (5 comments)

Helcura. "Science!: History of medicine, disasters, extinct animals..." (9 comments)

lansum. "I prefer current novels that are non-formulaic with well-developed characters. I've recently enjoyed Olive Kitteridge, The Goldfinch, and The Rosie Project. Sometimes I enjoy history, if it focuses mo..." (3 comments)

Limelite. "I'm a lover of literary fiction, international authors, and nonfiction, especially modern physics in the area of cosmology and latest theories of origin and nature of the Universe. My tendency is to s..." (1 comments)

Carrie88. "Enjoys both classic and modern fiction. Likes romantic stories, mysteries and also biographies...." (0 comments)

nscocozzo. "While my library has a very eclectic combination of long (boring to most) historical, military, or economic nonfiction, I have trouble deciding between fiction books and use SantaThing every year to h..." (2 comments)

elizabethcarroll (Eric+Sarah Nicholson). "Political and military history ( Eric) and contemporary cookbooks (Sarah)...." (6 comments)

bragan. "If I had to pick favorite genres, I'd probably say science fiction and science-related non-fiction, but my tastes are actually very broad, and I like trying new things, as well. So, basically, I'd say..." (4 comments)

moviegirl3000. "I tend to like classics that span from 19th century British literature to modern classics by Virginia Woolg, Kurt Vonnegut, and Margaret Atwood. I'm compelled by the tough combo of a great story and a..." (3 comments)

Cuervo. "My library page and wishlist should give you a good idea of my reading habits and you can use those as your guide. Don't feel bound by the wishlist though. Books on the English language (history of th..." (1 comments)

Taliasan. "Love fiction, YA books specially distopian, Can do some romance if it is Nora Roberts...." (8 comments)

greeneyed_ives. "Though I tend to favor non-fiction, I am fairly open to reading just about anything. My favorite books tend to be in the genres of literary fiction, history, and biographies. I love books about the Am..." (4 comments)

terrybanker. "Dear SantaThing, I've been naughty. (Yes, again.) I tried, but I just can't get motivated to be completely good. There are moments, of course, but they never last. I think it something to do with my n..." (4 comments)

pdvick. "Currently looking for books on backyard bird feeding. Have a few feeders and am really looking how to attract different birds. Have caught the camera bug. How to's of photography is also on my list. G..." (1 comments)

melawen. "My favourite reads are the Outlander series, anything by Nora Roberts, I am rereading the Belgariad at the moment, but am also very interested in emigration histories - the Ten Pound Pom book was quit..." (2 comments)

Maaike15274. "Fantasy, sciencefiction, historic novels, thrillers, detectives. In fantasynovels, I like new adventures, tough heroines (not one that needlepoints and faints - well you get the idea) and original sto..." (7 comments)

sagustocox. "Eclectic tastes that run the gamut from poetry to vampire fiction...." (2 comments)

KevinTrethewey. "Nobody has really ever chosen a book for me that I liked before, so this will be an interesting experiment for me, and a challenge to you. I enjoy books that challenge my worldview and make me think, ..." (9 comments)

SouthernKiwi. "At the moment I'm mostly reading historical fiction and fantasy, usually for these epic is better - think Diana Gabaldon/Rosina Lippi/Brandon Sanderson/George R. R. Martin, but I've also just discover..." (3 comments)

Merryann. "Hello, Secret Santa! Know any good photography books? Please feel free to look at my library, but the thing is, I still have 102 boxes of books to enter into LT, so for this question I tried to think ..." (3 comments)

corglacier7. "Historical fiction, mysteries, fantasy, non-fic about history or biology/oceanography. Huge, long books happily accepted!..." (6 comments)

susanna.fraser (Miss Fraser, age 10). "This is for my 10-year-old daughter. She does most of her reading on a Kindle Fire, so both standard text and graphic novels work well as ebook options. She reads well above grade level, but often fin..." (8 comments)

susanna.fraser. "I'm an eclectic reader of genre fiction, particularly romance, fantasy, science fiction, YA, and mystery. I read a ton of nonfiction with a focus on history and science. Also cookbooks and books on fo..." (2 comments)

booksaplenty1949 (3 comments)

thornton37814. "I love mysteries, especially historical mysteries. I also enjoy historical fiction. I'm a genealogist as well, so books with a family history angle are also welcome...." (4 comments)

dearkarla. "I typically read Pulitzer or Man Booker prize shortlist authors. My favourite authors include Sarah Waters, Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, Haruki Murakami. Not restricted to any particular genre so ..." (2 comments)

dono421846. "Graphic novels (prefer self-contained rather than parts of a series; received Fun Home last year from my Secret Santa. That was a perfect choice!), fiction focusing on books (ex.: The Book Thief, Clif..." (5 comments)

meacoleman. "My favorite books are historical fiction and biographies. I also love baseball stories. I read to escape my problems, so any book that transports me to a different time and/or place and keeps me up la..." (2 comments)

KarenElissa. "I read non-fiction almost exclusively. I like history, memoirs, and books about other countries, books about people's lives in other places and times. I also like science stuff, Catholic books, and va..." (4 comments)

elleayess. "This is going to be an easy SantaThing for you! I am wishing for books that were best sellers over the last year or two. I read mostly indie authors and am so far from the best seller list that this w..." (5 comments)

Vermilious. "Magical Realism, Comic Books, postmodern fiction, and a decent stock of cookbooks. Academic interests are sociology and design...." (1 comments)

amanda4242. "I'll read pretty much anything, but I prefer fiction...." (9 comments)

kandamowbray (2 comments)

reedread. "Eclectic! Love a good mystery or novel...." (4 comments)

literary.jess. "My library has a TON of variety. With this swap, I am looking for something for myself. My Santee can review my LibraryThing Library (which mostly reflects the fiction in my collection) to get a feel ..." (1 comments)

Stevil2001. "Things I like in broad terms: contemporary British fiction, Victorian literature (especially if it comes as a Penguin Classic), space opera, anthologies of contemporary science fiction, novels that ta..." (2 comments)

kellifrobinson. "Southern fiction; award-winning literary fiction; the next book or two from a series I've read; graphic memoirs; books from Entertainment Weekly's list of new classics that I have not read yet; the st..." (2 comments)

LadyBrook3. "Sci-Fi Fantasy Historical Fiction..." (3 comments)

KelseyKent. "I love novels that are fast paced and easy to get lost in. Travel essays are also good...." (1 comments)

catarina1. "Generally I read literary fiction. I'm a fan of the Booker Prize , the Woman's Prize for Fiction (formerly the Orange Prize) and The Giller Prize. I'll be participating in the American Author Challeng..." (3 comments)

Elliot1822. "I like history, especially military history, judaic history and historical fiction. Am also interested in biographies of military and political leaders. My library is up to date on the books I own. Th..." (2 comments)

LauraLivenspire. "Historical fiction, sci-fi, historical fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, it's all good.*** Oh, and after the historical fiction, I like to read up on what really happened, so historical reference,..." (11 comments)

SusanBNM. "science fiction, fantasy, romantic suspense, YA..." (9 comments)

hrjunior. "I like fiction books about historical facts (historical romance), adventures and investigation crimes, horror stories, fantasia, sci-fi. I like nonfiction books about science discovery...." (3 comments)

JanesList. "LT CHALLENGE PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS! I know about Terry Pratchett, John Scalzi, Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman, and have worked my way through a majority of their work. Who else is of similar quality?..." (10 comments)

sylvatica. "STEAMPUNK - Adventure, zeppelins, and clockwork. If you find me the beginning of a series or two, all to the better. Strong female protagonists are a plus. Take a look at my library to see what I've a..." (3 comments)

banriona. "I would like novels, written by women, published in 2014. We need diverse books; I want the boat of my taste to be pushed out a little. Something by a woman of any nationality who's not one of the mai..." (10 comments)

NatalieSW. "Magic, magical realism, history, historical fiction, adventure, mystery, classics, translations of contemporary fiction from other languages, philosophy (Western & Eastern), graphic novels, unusual ki..." (7 comments)

shanaqui. "Very eclectic. Mostly fantasy. I love superhero stories in novel form as well as comics. I prefer standalone novels to series, but I read tons of series too. I don't have a great sense of humour, so I..." (3 comments)

Rosa_Saks. "My taste is quite versatile. I love the classics (especially British Victorian novels), but I'm also into contemporary literature and historical literature, especially with strong female leads. I love..." (3 comments)

Ronnie293. "Book I love to read are Fantasy, Crime - suspense/ mystery, RomCom, YA, Historical Fiction, General Fiction, Rural Romance, family sagas. Generally any popular fiction..." (6 comments)

spbooks (Angie Parker). "Forensic crime fiction, paranormal (vampires), historical fiction..." (3 comments)

spbooks (8 comments)

dmbkel41. "Hi! I think the best way to do this is to tell you some of my favorite authors. I enjoy David Sedaris, Chuck Palahniuk, Nick Hornby, Ayn Rand, John Green....I own multiple books from those authors. I ..." (6 comments)

jeanie0510. "Contemporary fiction, ie: Anna Quindlan, Jodi Picoult, Elizabeth Berg, etc. Travel memoirs, Holocaust memoirs, Gooseberry Patch books, women's issues, craft books, anything about Hawaii (fiction or no..." (3 comments)

MrsLee. "Humor in fantasy, mystery or most other genre, excluding those listed below. I love good food writing or memoirs. Also enjoy natural history (please not too technical), I'm more into personal accounts..." (2 comments)

jkgrage. "I read romance, (contemporary, historical, erotic, comedy, suspense etc...), humor, women's fiction, light mysteries and lighter general fiction...." (4 comments)

Jenni_Canuck. "LTers recommended many fabulous titles last year and I'm hoping for more to add to my wishlist this year! I like both fiction and non-fiction. While I will read just about anything, I prefer m..." (3 comments)

revsusan. "Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult, Christmas, Children's Lit..." (3 comments)

bluesalamanders (callmecayce). "For adult novels, she reads most kinds of science fiction, but only urban fantasy. She likes cute things like Mouse Guard, Wookie the Chew, Walking Your Octopus. She would like first volumes of manga ..." (0 comments)

CKHillman. "I like fantasy, romance, erotica, young adult, and illustrated children's books. Any items on my wish list would be perfect...." (7 comments)

okrysmastree. "Over the past year I've specifically been trying to read more fiction by women and more works featuring disabled and non-neurotypical protagonists, so anything up those avenues would be awesome! I'm a..." (10 comments)

LibraryCin. "I like a lot of different stuff. It's probably easier to list what I don't read...." (5 comments)

elizabethanne80. "I have pretty broad tastes and there are a lot of things I like. Feel free to use your best judgement, go for genres that you feel more knowledgeable in or whatever. If you know of something outside o..." (2 comments)

TheFlamingoReads. "Ah, SantaThing - the best time of the year! Here we go: I have been spending most of my valuable reading time devoted to both historical fiction and non-fiction. I'm not dedicated to any particular ti..." (4 comments)

competentgirl. "I love short story anthologies. Also, urban fantasy, romance, horror and what my friend call 'vampire boyfriend' (romance/horror or urban fantasy) I'm also a fan of YA, dystopias, and books with LGBQT..." (6 comments)

Sasscat. "Fantasy Children to Adult, Young adult, Folk tales, Murder Mysteries,Conspiracy Fiction, Interesting facts, Children's classic, A little bit of romance (regency) and Retelling/ rewriting of stories...." (4 comments)

littleamyshort. "Chick lit, Christian Fiction,..." (3 comments)

elizabethanne80 (My nieces and nephews). "I'm looking for new books for my nieces and nephews to enjoy. There are a whole bunch of them so I won't go into specifics but I'm looking for books that range in difficulty from beginning chapter boo..." (9 comments)

bestem. "To get an idea of my current reading tastes, here's what I've read so far this year: http://www.librarything.com/list/1049/bestem/Read-in-2014 Favorite current authors are Brandon Sanderson for his St..." (1 comments)

bagejew. "I have a very diverse library and like a wide variety of genres. Among my favorite authors are Stephen King, Chris Kennedy, Debra Geary, Teresa Burrell, etc...." (3 comments)

bestem (babyL). "This is for my nephew, Lincoln. Here's his library, as of roughly a year ago http://www.librarything.com/catalog/babyL He'll be just shy of 18 months old by Christmas this year. The last time I visite..." (2 comments)

ryvre. "Nonfiction: History, crime Fiction: Scifi, epic fantasy, historical fiction (especially mysteries), alternate histories Both: Books set in Chicago. Anything about the Byzantine E..." (4 comments)

JenNicholson. "I like liteary fiction, historical fiction, and memoirs...." (1 comments)

HilaryEvans83. "I like a little bit of everything...." (8 comments)

lisa.isselee. "I have an open mind when it comes to books. So I'm willing to read any kind of genre. At the moment I'm exploring the sci-fi, fantasy & dystopian genre. If they are YA or adult doesn't really matter. ..." (3 comments)

clue. "Fiction (especially literary and historical fiction), biography and memoir, any type of mystery, and true adventure or travel. YA in any of these genres is fine. I would also enjoy a book by a writer ..." (4 comments)

DanieXJ. "Feel free to peruse my library. I don't own most of my books, but get them from the library which is why my Read but Unowned collection is so big. My wishlist is also definitely a place to start, alth..." (3 comments)

WendyPitts. "Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Urban Fantasy, YA I'm pretty open...." (5 comments)

KimberlyGScott. "I love to read! Debbie Macomber novels are a favorite as well as Beverly Lewis, also love anything related to Christianity. I love biographies of some people as well. I have a couple of wish list here..." (4 comments)

omnivorous. "My books divide mostly into two groups: books about film and theater, and celebrity biographies (mostly entertainers). Pick from either one or both...." (2 comments)

LonyaOceania. "Fiction, Fiction, Fiction! Some of my favorite authors are: David Sedaris, John Irving, Larry McMurtry, Wally Lamb, Michael Chabon, Jeffrey Eugenides, Daniel Handler, etc. You get the idea...." (1 comments)

ketonks. "Canadian lit, historical biographies, 19th century English lit, memoir, travel memoir, animal behaviour, non-fiction books related to food..." (4 comments)

TizzzieLish. "I like biographies of missionaries and explorers, Christian fiction, detective and cozy mysteries (no thrillers nor gory), historic and Biblical fiction (not 'bodice-rippers'), travel memoirs...." (3 comments)

ateolf. "I tend to like out-there-ish literary fiction (modern, postmodern). A look at my favorites list and library should be a good compass. I like surprises...." (9 comments)

Devlindusty. "My library has a lot of British literature in it. I am up for anything off of my wishlist. Surprise me! I love historical fiction like Georgette Heyer, Stephen Kings newer works , Steampunk fiction, Y..." (2 comments)

ReadingWench. "My favorite genres include science fiction and fantasy (including dystopias/post-apocalyptic stories), historical fiction, books about books, and some contemporary fiction. These hold across Children..." (1 comments)

mappings. "I like books about: travel, queer studies, sexuality, progressive politics, humor, food writing, vegetarian food, essays, race/class/gender/social justice, knitting, bicycling, literary fiction (esp. ..." (5 comments)

ScoutJ. "I have a couple of different wish lists on Amazon, not sure if you will be able to see them or not. But then, I also love discovering new authors and genres...." (4 comments)

snhmotosicky. "JD Robb, Preston & Child, newer Stephen King, suspence, horror, thriller..." (1 comments)

Patricia_Gale. "mysteries, thrillers, historical mysteries..." (2 comments)

jak910717. "Primarily a fiction reader--historical, Christmas, inspirational (but not preachy religious), chick lit. I like contemporary adult romance (not about teenagers) but am trying to broaden my horizons. I..." (2 comments)

liveshipvivacia. "Fantasy, science fiction, memoirs, historical fantasy..." (5 comments)

ofreptiles. "I like dystopian books, experimental writing, weird poetry, short stories, dark graphic novels, and messed up fantasy. since my librarything isn't completely updated you can find most of my books on h..." (5 comments)

olegalCA. "I am sharing books with my nieces and nephews and I have discovered a real love for young adult and young reader books! (Ages 9 and up for the most part). We read them together and talk about them. We..." (3 comments)

sp-patten. "We like mystery books and Stephen King-esque horror. Non-fiction and real life adventure is good. We also enjoy cooking and baking so new recipes are always welcome. We are both English teachers (and ..." (4 comments)

EllsieFind. "Last year was my first Santa Thing and it was a lot of fun to pick for my Santee and my own Santa made wonderful choices. My LibraryThing is pretty up to date. My "favorites" list will give you an ide..." (4 comments)

enemyanniemae. "My library is very eclectic. I love mysteries of all kinds and have recently begun reading the old school masters. (Hammett, Chandler) I love urban fantasy. (Carrie Vaughn, Rachel Caine) I like histor..." (1 comments)

jmach226. "Authors I like and already read: Erica Spindler, Kathy Reichs, Jefferson Bass, Nora Roberts, Chuck Palahniuk, Charlaine Harris, Greg Iles, Jenn McKinlay, Donald Bain, J.K. Rowling, Robert Galbraith Ge..." (2 comments)

claireg12345. "My library will give you a pretty good idea of what I like, but I always love discovering new books...." (3 comments)

smstuart. "My library consists of YA books. I prefer dystopian, fantasy, and contemporary books. I adore anything with angels and demons or a good dystopian...." (7 comments)

mahsdad. "I have pretty eclectic tastes. I'll read just about anything. I like sci-if, historical novels, YA, thrillers. The last 3 books I read were: [The Mote in God's Eye], [A Constellation of Vital Phenomen..." (2 comments)

Swade0710. "Other than what I listed below I will read pretty much anything else...." (2 comments)

booklady433539. "Historical fiction, mysteries, suspense, thrillers.... love a good plot!..." (1 comments)

MaryKay1822. "I like biographies, fiction, historical fiction. Love classic British novels and there is still a great deal I don't own. I also collect Christmas books, childrens picture books, and cookbooks. I love..." (4 comments)

ArkhamReviews. "Young adult novels - especially fantasy, science fiction and horror but will generally read anything. Love strong heroines and deep, engrossing plots. Happy for it to be stand alone or first novel of ..." (2 comments)

LisaYork. "I love historical fiction, realistic fiction, coming of age stories, fiction by multicultural authors, fiction with strong female characters, non-fiction related to social justice and activism, Bill B..." (8 comments)

MonicaLynn. "I enjoy Murder Mystery such as James Patterson, Janet Evanovich and Lynnette Eason; I also enjoy Paranormal Fantasy/Romance such as Stephanie Meyer, Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong. I have a wish-li..." (4 comments)

Talisker (5 comments)

Karrie_Leigh. "I love "who done it" mysterys or ones with a good twist at the end. Historical fiction is always a plus. I'm also going to school for library technology so any non-fiction library like books would be ..." (2 comments)

eskimonika (8 comments)

loubrarian. "I'd really like a surprise maybe something that I haven't heard of. I've tried to keep my LT catalogue as up-to-date as possible. Genre-wise I like sci/fi, mystery and dystopias. Mostly realistic thin..." (9 comments)

bluesalamanders. "I read mainly fantasy and science fiction, both adult and YA. I generally prefer women authors and protagonists and I'm interested in reading more authors who are non-white, non-Western, and otherwise..." (4 comments)

tarshaan. "poetry, world literature, fantasy, science fiction, general literature... especially would like something from a culture other than general western if there's something good available in english...." (7 comments)

Aula. "Right now I'm in a black humour with a bit of suspense thown in phase(Christopher Brookmyre, Colin Bateman, Malcolm Pryce). I'm partial to anything that's funny and isn't anything I mention in the 'Do..." (2 comments)

Alliebadger. "I usually go for fantasy/science fiction, along the lines of Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, A. Lee Martinez, Patrick Rothfuss (on Day 2 now!), Sarah Addison Allen - that sort of thing. A sense of humor..." (3 comments)

aliena0811. "I like cozy mysteries, historical fiction, mysteries and well written chick lit!..." (6 comments)

birdsam0610. "I enjoy most books. Lately, I've been reading quite a few romances (mainly Australian contemporary) but I've also been getting into crime novels. I recently read The Burning Room by Michael Connelly a..." (2 comments)

AFHeart. "I enjoy Thrillers, Suspense, Intrigue, and historical Mysteries. I am listing authors I enjoy in each category. I have created a wishlist for SantaThing to make it easier, it contains 12 or so items f..." (2 comments)

jtodd1973. "I like literary fiction and fiction that plays with but is not beholden to a given genre. Cormac McCarthy and John Banville are two favorites, as are Thomas Pynchon and Donald Barthelme. I also like m..." (8 comments)

Carolann54. "I like to know the origins of expressions and the oddities of the English language; whodunit fiction is my favourite; my garden is my outside leisure pursuit and like to have info on hand about plants..." (3 comments)

lauramauro. "I love mystery and fantsey. I am growing to like contemporary books like katie mcgary and rainbow rowle. I love harry potter and percy jackson. I am always looking for new books. I love mysteries with..." (4 comments)

gflowereliane. "Fiction: I love pre-1700 historical fiction, but have read a lot of it. Maybe some terrific historical fiction set pre-600 or post-1700? Or, novels with wonderful uplifting romances in them are also a..." (2 comments)

ladylenneth. "I am actually wanting to give my Santa free reign this year! Surprise me! I have been on a reading block recently and I think if I try things I haven't thought of before I might get myself out of it! ..." (4 comments)

mel.davidoff. "I have a pretty eclectic library. I don't really use this site a ton, I prefer Goodreads for tracking my reading, so my entries on here are a small picture of what I read. I read fiction more than non..." (2 comments)

graceless880. "My LibraryThing profile pretty accurately describes my taste and my favorite writers. YA is my favorite, but I'll read anything if it's well-written and engaging. I definitely prefer fiction over non ..." (3 comments)

jburlinson. "Art books -- any kind, language, artistic medium, nationality...." (2 comments)

bbofje. "Murder mysteries, chick lit..." (6 comments)

anyanwubutler. "I like science fiction & fantasy. I like literary fiction and I like YA. (No those two are not mutually exclusive-- always...) I like mashups: like science fiction/ mysteries/ that are also Romance. O..." (5 comments)

cushion. "Wide variety of fiction, including most genres; true crime and psychological thrillers, YA, also non-fiction, especially history and science, and biographies...." (3 comments)

genesisdiem. "I love mysteries! If it has a little bit of a romance with it, that's even better. I also like crafts books, paper dolls, archaeology books, steampunk, etiquette books, .. Really, I'll read anything s..." (8 comments)

MindfulOne. "Memoir, biography, historical fiction, science, history, psychology, young adult fiction. I am quite varied in my reading. I love a good story...." (5 comments)

Tropical-Library. "Mainly science fiction and fantasy, but I think I have at least one of everything except romance and westerns. Non-fiction is good to; if you know of an author similar to ones I already have always ha..." (5 comments)

Shadow123. "I mostly read literary fiction and some classics. My library gives a pretty good example of my tastes, especially in the My Library collection - those are books I've already read and loved so much I k..." (2 comments)

Jenxy21. "Fiction, Southern Lit, Young Adult Fiction, Bestsellers, Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, Crime Drama. I just love books as you can see from my librarything book lists...." (2 comments)

Shadow123 (Shadow123's husband, Jacob). "Jacob really likes sci-fi. Mostly hard sci-fi - space and robots are good, too much fantasy stuff is bad. His favorite authors include John Scalzi, Larry Niven, and Robert Heinlein. You can look throu..." (4 comments)

kgodey. "I like most books, but I especially like sci-fi/fantasy and I enjoy non-fiction a lot when I read it (but I don't read it enough!) I don't usually enjoy books with unlikeable protagonists...." (3 comments)

bj. "I enjoy sci-fi, grimdark fantasy, horror and non-fiction. I would like something published in the last couple of years. I'm looking for something quirky and not from an author that I already have or a..." (4 comments)

stephbayless. "Non-fiction: I will read any memoir. Memoirs are my go-to books. I am a historian and love history-related books, especially women's history related. I also enjoy United States pre-1970s presidential ..." (4 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with unique settings, hobbies, or careers. I also like "books about books." I read some young adult books or kids' books. I also like Regency novels and historical mysteries. I r..." (3 comments)

LadyoftheLodge. "I like cozy mysteries with unique settings, hobbies, or careers. I also like "books about books." I read some young adult books or kids' books. I also like Regency novels and historical mysteries. I r..." (4 comments)

sangreal. "I have fairly eclectic tastes and enjoy new reading experiences. My (now updated) Wishlist collection has the books I really want physical copies of, even if I indicate that I've read it already. Anyt..." (2 comments)

jazzyereader. "I love memoirs (except political figures), fiction, humor, and books about North Korea, knitting, restaurants & food, Buddhism, and vegetarianism. I have a wish list which is a good source, but I am o..." (4 comments)

sryder. "I read mostly epic fantasy, science fiction. Last year someone got my the first volume of Y: The Last Man, and I enjoyed that as well, so I do enjoy trying new things :)..." (5 comments)

2wonderY. "Thank you to whomever sponsored me - I have my guesses. Please ignore my Wishlist. I use it to note books I want to examine, not what I want to own. I am visually oriented, so find me something beauti..." (5 comments)

Runa. "Lots and lots of YA lit. My LibraryThing library is incomplete since I borrow most of my books from the library instead of owning personal copies, but my Goodreads has a pretty complete list of everyt..." (3 comments)

paulusm. "Cyberpunk, cyber-reality, cybermen. Knowledge and Information, psychology, philosophy. Historical fiction, serious graphic novels, classic fiction (esp English or Russian), short stories, Ballard, Gre..." (3 comments)

Mencius. "I read classics, literary fiction, some genre fiction (sci-fi especially) if the author strives to achieve something more than just mindless entertainment. I'm very interested in history, particularly..." (3 comments)

RidgewayGirl. "You can get a good idea of what I like by looking at the books I have catalogued here on LT. Generally, I like dark crime novels, ones that are off the beaten path. I also like literary novels, and fo..." (6 comments)

hermeneutics. "This library has mostly U.S. history and biography...." (3 comments)

Familyhistorian. "I cut my teeth on mysteries and love history, so historical mysteries are very good and I also have a particular weakness for genealogy and genealogical mysteries. I also read a lot of non-fiction - h..." (9 comments)

sweetandsyko. "I definitely recommend checking out my librarything to see what books I have, because I have a lot! it's pretty much updated. So, unlike previous years where I was super picky, I'm going to try to be ..." (2 comments)

scvlad. "You'll get an idea of my reading tastes by looking through my library. I'd be very happy with a mix of books (fiction and non-fiction). Things that I might not otherwise read would be welcomed. For in..." (1 comments)

conceptDawg. "How about I give you some books off of my wishlist? That'll make things easier. You can get these or surprise me, I kinda' like most books. I mean, I work at LibraryThing for pete's sake. Art Art Hist..." (3 comments)

bladereaper12. "I am in love with the World of Warcraft book series. I am only missing a few books from them. I also read the Assassin's Creed books and Mass Affect books...." (6 comments)

kkelm22. "His favorite book is The Little Blue Truck. So any book similar to that I am sure he will love...." (3 comments)

heidilach. "I like mysteries A LOT and I've also been on a YA kick recently...." (6 comments)

TheDivineOomba. "I like books that are about pop-science. I also like science fiction, especially authors I haven't read before. Fantasy is cool too. For fantasy and science fiction, I like books that are more about c..." (3 comments)

Ennas. "Fantasyfan, obviously. All kinds of fantasy: epic, urban, steampunk, historical, etc etc. :-) I would like to try some other bookwormfood too. (Sf? Historical? Something else that you think would suit..." (5 comments)

meggyweg. "Just check out my to-read list for books I'd like to have. You don't HAVE to select a book off that list, but it will at least give you an idea of what I like...." (2 comments)

BellyandKill. "Currently collecting heavily in the area of comics and illustration, and also food and cooking, so we'd love something that combines those in any way!..." (4 comments)

bcquinnsmom. "I feel so sorry for whoever ends up as my Secret Santa -- it's so very hard to pin down something for me since I have a huge range of book interests. So I will make choosing very easy -- just go to th..." (9 comments)

mooingzelda. "I have varied tastes! My favourite genres are 19th century fiction, historical fiction (not too low-brow - think Wolf Hall rather than bodice rippers), fantasy (my favourite authors are GRRM and Robin..." (4 comments)

AmyintheLibrary. "There's not much in my LibraryThing library yet, so allow me to provide some guidance! Books I read and loved this year: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes, Boy Snow Bird by Helen Oyeyemi, The Enchanted..." (4 comments)

jseguin. "My preference includes and and all YA fiction, fantasy, sci-fi (particularly steampunk), and classics. However, I love just about anything, and love recommendations outside my usual picks...." (6 comments)

Kplatypus. "I studied medieval and renaissance literature in college. Some of my favorite classics authors are Thomas Hardy, Dostoyevsky, Jane Austen, and Edith Wharton. For more recent literature, I've enjoyed E..." (3 comments)

SimoneA. "I like discovering new authors and to be surprised! I read many different genres. For an idea of the books I really liked in the past few years, look in my Recommendations collection...." (6 comments)

Railok. "As you will probably see from my library, it's all about modern military history. I am a researcher and historian, dealing with military history between 1856 up until now. :) What interests me is non-..." (3 comments)

VenusofUrbino. "I have a pretty extensive LibraryThing Wish List, natch. http://www.librarything.com/catalog/VenusofUrbino/wishlist..." (1 comments)

boblinfortino. "I love literary fiction, pop fiction and well-written chick lit. Thrillers are also high on my list...there's nothing better than a good serial killer...." (3 comments)

ccatalfo. "Anything computer science or mathematics related...." (5 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My book collection covers a wide range of topics, but what I enjoy reading the most are real life (success) stories/ non fiction, management books that teach me about business and management, marketin..." (7 comments)

jbuskermolen. "My book collection covers a wide range of topics, but what I enjoy reading the most are real life (success) stories/ non fiction, management books that teach me about business and management, marketin..." (3 comments)

sscarllet. "I enjoy reading lots of different books. Recently I've been all about dystopian futures, time travel and historical fiction. I love a good mystery in time. My read and owned to read books are on Libra..." (7 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I like basically anything funny, I enjoy fantasy of all sorts and clever blendings of magic and modern life in particular. Female protagonists preferred, but I'll try anything...." (2 comments)

BerlinBibliophile. "I love fantasy, adventure stories and related genres, and basically anything that is funny. I also especially like female protagonists. However, I am ready to try (almost) anything...." (4 comments)

ericbell35. "My favorite book types (not necessarily in that order) are classic lit, anything having to do with Charles Schulz or Peanuts, cookbooks, travel books (I'm going to Italy next summer!) and historical f..." (1 comments)

clairebrarian. "I collect vintage paperback books and love reading about old Hollywood. One of my favorite books is Valley of the Dolls. I also love vintage cookbooks: the grosser the recipes the better!..." (4 comments)

FatMonkey. "I'm easy to please - a good story, interesting characters, something funny, something exciting. Pretty much any genre is OK...." (2 comments)

BookLizard. "Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance...." (6 comments)

LorLe. "I like most mainstream fiction. Classics too. Also I like memoirs by everyday people. Historical fiction and nonfiction that reads like a novel. Check out my library and I'm on Goodreads too. :) I am ..." (2 comments)

Sarij. "Books about William Shakespeare, Medieval history, odd history. I am ready to try sci fi or a really good fantasy novel...." (7 comments)

KatyBee. "My favorites are literary fiction, literary science-fiction, books about books or writers, and good "book-club" discussion novels. My LibraryThing library has most of the books that I've read in the p..." (2 comments)

Kathyjan28. "Crime fiction, thrillers, grisham like books, Sandford, current or popular fiction Stephen King like.Current best sellers (Have all of Kings books though). Maeve Binchey..." (2 comments)

ZippetyDoo. "Choose anything from my wishlist. I'm interested in geisha, tayuu, and oiran culture, as well as contemporary romance from authors like Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Joanna Wylde. Please check my librar..." (5 comments)

kateferguson (11 comments)

laze. "Fan of leftfield Japanese and Polish literature (in English, any time period), histories of unusual social movements or lesser-known cultures & time periods. Fan of the poetry of Ryokan (still looking..." (5 comments)

ecataldi. "I love a little bit of everything. I love dark humor, memoirs, and ridiculously stupid books (ie Hunter Fox's books, anything written by Fabio, etc....." (6 comments)

wifilibrarian. "Kindle ebooks. Science fiction and horror reader but willing to try new things. Most of my reading material comes from my public library, most are ebooks and audio downloads, so my librarything reflec..." (2 comments)

Daniel.Estes. "The best place to start would be my LibraryThing collection. I keep it up to date. I love fiction and non-fiction equally. Lately I've been reading more biographies and history, and a lot less fantasy..." (3 comments)

mabith. "I love history books more than anything, pretty much any kind of history. I've also begun collecting books from the Dover Architecture series and I love old etiquette books. Ancient Rome and ancient E..." (3 comments)

strongstuff. "I prefer reading fiction, often modern and sometimes the classics. I've been trying to sprinkle in a few more contemporary women novelists, so that's a good direction to go in and here's a few ideas: ..." (4 comments)

CarolineMCarrico. "I like to read both fiction and general nonfiction books. I read a lot of heavy history at work (in a museum) so I usually read things other than history at home. I love reading authors who try out un..." (4 comments)

MidnightRose966. "true crime, medical nonfiction, cookbooks (especially ethnic or odd ingredient ones)..." (4 comments)

mnm123. "I love mysteries, paranormal, spy-espionage, historical fiction and some romance...." (4 comments)

elle_em. "Love science and history. I'm reading Rules of Civilty right now. I'm also working on the 1001 Books to Read Before you Die "challenge."..." (2 comments)

lizzie_boredom. "Artsy books, historical novels, thrillers, mystery books-- my LibraryThing profile has virtually nothing on it, but it will be updated the evening of 12/3/2014 as my work schedule allows. Sorry about ..." (1 comments)

RosyLibrarian. "I'm an eclectic reader, but I'm really hoping to read some interesting non-fiction in 2015. I would love to open my horizons, but I do love history, art, travel and books that explain science to a non..." (10 comments)

riverwillow. "My library on LT is very indicative of my taste but not completely up-to-date, although I will try to ensure that it is before the end of November. Surprise me, past SantaThings have introduced me to ..." (6 comments)

MinaKelly. "I like narrative non-fiction, science fiction (hard or soft!), fantasy (epic or urban), romance (particularly historical, sff, GLBT and paranormal). Would especially love something that introduces me ..." (3 comments)

GRgenius. "I'm a big Fiction, Young Adult, and Kids Fiction fan..as you can probably tell from my library and blog...." (0 comments)

KateBaxter. "I enjoy historic fiction, cozy mysteries, and books on art. Enjoy German and Viennese baking and cooking (okay if in English or German/metrics or king's rule). As an 18th century Scottish re-enactor (..." (7 comments)

fyrefly98. "I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and any combination thereof. I also like microhistories, natural history, and similar non-fiction, short story collections, and genera..." (4 comments)

SunnySD. "Likes: Action, adventure, suspense, steampunk, fantasy, paranormal romance, epic fantasy, space opera, science fiction... check out my catalog for a pretty good indication of what I enjoy reading. I'm..." (3 comments)

andejons. "Varied tastes; classics usually go down well, as well as essays and non-fiction, especially history and literary criticism...." (2 comments)

reading_fox. "I generally read genre fiction - Science Fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, thrillers and adventure. But there are a few exceptions listed below. Generally what I most enjoy is excellent world building..." (5 comments)

Morphidae. "Your best bet is to go from my Xmas Swap 2014 list. It includes books that have been recommended by LTers and various selections from Mount TBR. I read fantasy (especially contemporary), mystery, popu..." (6 comments)

Sahara20. "I love reading history books, both fiction and non-fiction. Up until recently I particularly read about the Tudor period but am trying to broaden my horizons so any period of history would be welcome...." (5 comments)

klarusu. "Literary fiction, well-written books, most genres (apart from the Don't get this! books below), also always interested in non-fiction books on interesting topics. I'd really just like to read somethin..." (3 comments)

Myckyee. "I like mysteries, (but not cozy), adventure, and genral literature. I loved The Historian, Shadow of the Wind, and enjoyed the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. Love creepy ghost stories, but not with..." (11 comments)

prosfilaes (2 comments)

shabacus. "I love fantasy, humor, and historical fiction. If you can find some combination of the two, I'm very happy. To give you an idea, my favorite book is "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell," and my favorite au..." (5 comments)

kristilabrie. "See my Wishlist Collection :)..." (2 comments)

OpheliaAutumn. "As you can see in my library, I love Steampunk, Gothic, Victorian-Gothic, urban fantasy, Victorian literature... I also like historical fiction, speculative fiction, art, architecture and science... M..." (3 comments)

hearts3134. "Long epic fantasies, historical fiction, non-gory mystery, funny stuff are the genres I typically choose for myself...." (6 comments)

aeclark. "I'm interested in finding out about and reading books that I would not ordinarily get to read - ie books from other countries that are not readily available in Australia. Perhaps a debut author. Or an..." (2 comments)

guido47. "Surprise me. I have read/owned much more SF than is listed in my library. History non-fiction about something I know little of (eg. South America or Africa) is welcome. Humour & Cartoons are always we..." (8 comments)

HeidiRuth. "I think I would like some science fiction. dytopian/climate fiction/speculative fiction/apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic (I've read Oryx and Crake but not the rest of the trilogy), Philip K. Dick - short ..." (13 comments)

elka.gimpel. "Having finished the series, I'm always on the lookout for Nero Wolfe style detective fiction. I've developed an appreciation for novels that explore the immigrant experience like Chimamanda Ngozi Adic..." (5 comments)

tottman. "I like Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery/Thrillers/Suspense. My library is a pretty good indication of my tastes. I prefer hardcover or trade paperback if possible. I have a wish list if you are s..." (4 comments)

kiramoody. "I like fantasy, adventure, and mystery. I prefer kids or teen novels. I've love Janet Evanovich, Darynda Jones, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Mull, and Rick Riordan the most, but I love almost everything I re..." (5 comments)

Leftyonkey. "I read mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, particularly WW1 and WW2. Some of my favorite authors, Deborah Crombie, Elizabeth George, Jo Nesbo, Charles Todd and Ruth Rendall. Oh, I am also been g..." (3 comments)

kaylaraeintheway. "Books at the top of my wishlist: 1. A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts (Andrew Chaikin) 2. From the Beast to the Blonde: Fairytales and Their Tellers (Marina Warner) 3. William Sh..." (2 comments)

diana.n. "Please select some of your favorite genre or literary science fiction and fantasy titles. Literary fiction with a fantastical bent also is of interest, but please avoid straight magic realism. I like ..." (6 comments)

jamieschecter. "Contemporary literature, biography and memoir, graphic novels, young adult, bestsellers, historical fiction and nonfiction. Public Amazon wishlist: http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/28EWYIL4Y0..." (3 comments)

3bythesea. "For light reading I tend toward mysteries, think British police procedurals- Kate Atkinson or Tana French. I also like newer literature like Americanah, The Art of Fielding, Beautiful Ruins and The El..." (3 comments)

camelama (9 comments)

rainpebble. "I enjoy classic literature & women's fiction. I enjoy historical fiction (not so much the Regency period). I love books, both fiction & nonfiction, about women and by women. I love all things 'Bloomsb..." (4 comments)

normandie_m. "Looking at what I've read this year, my reading tastes haven't changed much, but I've gotten into some good science writing this year via Richard Feynman- I've read 4 of his books and loved all of the..." (2 comments)

catzmaw. "I enjoy classic literature & women's fiction. I enjoy historical fiction (not so much the Regency period). I love books, both fiction & nonfiction, about women and by women. I love all things 'Bloomsb..." (4 comments)

CRAZYELIZABETH. "I like fantasy and a little sci fi (only just getting into sci fi, I also like cosy mystery, and a bit of chick lit in particular Christian chick lit. I also like historical fiction a bit and some cla..." (4 comments)

avanders. "Generally, I have broad tastes. However, I particularly enjoy gothic fiction (especially modern) or ghost stories and magical realism. I also really enjoy reading sci-fi (a little more mainstream), sp..." (5 comments)

lucienspringer. "More important to me than what a book is about is how it's written. As long as I'm engaged sentence by sentence, I don't mind even the most glaring plot holes. Take a look at my library and surprise m..." (5 comments)

qebo. "Non-Fiction. Science, especially evolution. History of science, medicine, technology, especially with cultural context. Memoir/biography by/about scientists, especially biologists or naturalists. Expl..." (3 comments)

zzshupinga. "I'm a student at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, so i've a good handle on most "major" graphic novels, but I am trying to branch more into comics/works from other countries. Also I'm always..." (10 comments)

jen.e.moore. "My great love is fantasy and science fiction, and I read widely - I prefer the offbeat stuff, anthropological science fiction, non-western fantasy, and women writers. (That said, my painful, terrible ..." (5 comments)

affie. "I am currently interested in creepy/horror mysteries and creepy horror (atmospheric horror more than action horror- not particularly interested in action horror) but haven't read much yet so I am open..." (4 comments)

UtopianPessimist. "I love books. I'm trying to learn to read French --- so some "simple" novels or short stories would be great. But so would something from my Wishlist or a surprise. Because I love books!..." (6 comments)

Cariola. "I read a lot of literary historical fiction (NOT historical romances, please) and contemporary British and Irish novels--a lot of them drawn from the Booker Prize nominees and similar lists. Favorite ..." (3 comments)

Corduroy7. "I love to read fiction in the categories and order of preference of mystery and detective novels (including cozy mysteries), action/thriller/espionage, legal/political, contemporary romance, and women..." (5 comments)

casvelyn. "In no particular order: My favorite genres are mystery and fantasy. I love vintage mysteries, particularly anything from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. My favorite authors tend to be British. I'..." (4 comments)

renbedell. "My drunk girlfriend's opinion of my reading taste: I generally like Science Fiction and Fantasy books. I find Steam Punk interesting. I really like books that expand my mind. I will read pretty much a..." (5 comments)

crazy4reading. "I enjoy Mysteries, Fantasy, SF, Romance, YA just to give you some ideas. I do have a wishlist which you are more then welcome to look at if you cannot think of anything to buy or to get some ideas. I ..." (3 comments)

Joy65. "Like: gothic mystery romance type books (like Victoria Holt--have read ALL of hers), good old fashioned pioneer or old times long ago stories, mysteries but not graphic or gory, good clean interesting..." (9 comments)

Haiku911. "Female authors, southern fiction, recently really enjoyed Doris Lessing Memoir of a Survivor..." (6 comments)

berry25. "SantaThing is my favorite thing ever, and I love getting an unexpected book possibly by an author I don't know. However, I am, sadly, also extremely picky and not looking to expand my reading horizons..." (5 comments)

tikibee. "I love short stories and memoirs, and young adult fiction (especially John Green, but I've read all of his books!). Favorite author: Amy Bloom (read all of her books, too)..." (18 comments)

julienne_preacher. "This year I’ll be adventurous and open for anything. Just get me something you loved so much you want other people to read it too. I trust you!..." (2 comments)

CcanRead. "And these are a few of my favorite things (sung in my best Julie Andrews voice)... Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, Heather Blake's Wishcraft series, memoirs by sassy survivors (young women wh..." (3 comments)

dougcornelius. "Armchair adventures. My reading list: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2GJ9LMQEKTD6R..." (5 comments)

ablachly. "I love literary fiction, historical fiction (particularly set during WWI and II), detective novels, spy books......" (4 comments)

imyril. "I am mostly interested in fiction - science fiction / fantasy / speculative / (post-)apocalyptic / or just a damn good read (my favourite read this year has been [The Thirteenth Tale]). I get excited ..." (8 comments)

cbl_tn. "I like mysteries (especially historical and Golden Age mysteries), some literary fiction, U.S. history (especially colonial thru antebellum periods), social history, genealogy, art history, books abou..." (7 comments)

erinclark. "I like most everything BUT mushy romances, anything vampire-ish or biographies. I do enjoy thrillers by such authors as Tana French and Gillian Flynn. Also Love Lianne Moriarty although I think I've a..." (4 comments)

zjakkelien. "I read mostly fantasy and SF. I think this year I'm looking for something rich. Rich world building, good characters and good character development. For example, I'm thinking of things like the Kushie..." (2 comments)

TheoClarke. "My Wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by past SantaThing surprises so do not feel that you have to be limited by that. My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I wo..." (2 comments)

Capybara_99. "My library is a fair representation of my current tastes. Contemporary fiction, uncontemporary fiction. General nonfiction, history, memoir and biography. Humor. My library is up to date, with a handf..." (2 comments)

perfunctory. "Fiction; I love young adult and contemporary genres and I'm currently looking for a really, REALLY good scary story. One that is absolutely creepy and/or terrifying! I'm also a big fan of short story ..." (10 comments)

skelly. "Love well-written stories and authors who are undiscovered gems. The last book I read that I absolutely loved was Delicious! by Ruth Reichl. If my Santa needs some more definite ideas see my Wishlist...." (2 comments)

Chrischi_HH. "I like mysterious historic fiction, contemporary fiction and gripping thrillers. Stories from Europe, India or basically any country in the world. Once in a while I also read something romantic or eve..." (3 comments)

ErikaLH.LFL. "Magical Realism, Historical Fiction, Women's History, Wisconsin Historical or Genealogy, Gardening, ALL THINGS GLADYS TABER!!..." (6 comments)

anglemark. "Our library contains all books we own, so if it's not there we don't have it unless it's in an omnibus. We mainly but not exclusively read (fairly literary) science fiction and fantasy or lit fic that..." (6 comments)

Romonko. "I read a lot! I have just completed my 75 book challenge for 2014. My tastes run to mysteries (especially British police procedurals like the John Rebus series, the Alan Banks Series). I love Canadian..." (5 comments)

LittleTaiko. "I love reading a wide variety of books, including mysteries, current fiction, classics, biographies, and general non-fiction depending on the topic. My wishlist is pretty up to date and a good represe..." (3 comments)

tarmina. "I will read anything that strikes my fancy. I am particularly interested in Irish writers, fiction and non fiction. With a good dose of mystery thrown in...." (8 comments)

lorannen. "I read a fair amount of speculative and science fiction. My "Favorites" collection (https://www.librarything.com/catalog/lorannen/favorites) here on LT is a good indication of the kinds of things I ke..." (6 comments)

SylviaC. "I enjoy fiction and nonfiction equally. Romance, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, light fantasy, children's and YA are all fine. In general, I like my fiction books t..." (4 comments)

mellu. "Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. Crime fiction and historical mysteries (the grittier, the better). Non-fiction: history, science, nature, biographies. But I read just about anyt..." (5 comments)

varielle. "History, historic adventure fiction, odd ball European fiction in translation, literary fiction, biography, food writing, travel, poetry, humor, quirky commodity history...." (2 comments)

sturlington. "I like literary fiction, science fiction, and anything speculative, which includes dystopias, post-apocalypse, slipstream and horror (no YA though). I generally prefer newer fiction and books written ..." (6 comments)

weeksj10. "I like a variety of genres. I really enjoy stories based around mythology/ legends. Examples of books like this that I have read and loved would be "Hakawati" and "Deathless". I'm also interested in B..." (4 comments)

miketopper. "Into detective novels, murder mysteries and epic fantasy mostly. detective novels that take place in countries outside of the USA will be my top pick Would also be into any sort of biography on intere..." (6 comments)

kjgormley. "Generally I like literary fiction. Subjects/sub-genres/tags I usually enjoy are: Immigrant stories, New York City, Maritime stories (pirates), Space/flying, New examinations of old stories (think Amer..." (4 comments)

kjforrest. "Fantasy books please! I have been reading a lot of fantasy at the moment and I would love to discover some new authors and books. I prefer books which have well developed characters and good world bui..." (4 comments)

seongeona. "Last year was my first SantaThing. I had so much fun choosing books for my giftee & receiving my books. I have a Wish List here of books I would like to have & I also carefully maintain my library her..." (4 comments)

CDVicarage. "I've got a wishlist collection, my catalogue is up to date...." (16 comments)

lindapanzo. "20th century history, particularly as to World War 2 about the German or Japanese sides or about the homefront during war. Mysteries or other fiction either set in Asia. Mysteries by Laura Joh Rowland..." (5 comments)

ftpfarragher. "horror, science fiction, fantasy fiction, history, popular science, classics, humour, poetry, books about language, religion, philosophy, spirituality, mythology, feminism, sociology, psychology..." (6 comments)

yoyogod. "This year, I would really like to get some new fantasy (preferably not urban fantasy unless it's really good). If you prefer horror, thrillers, mysteries, or science fiction are good too...." (8 comments)

katemcangus. "Mostly fiction, mystery novels, and memoir. I'm expecting my first child in early 2015, so I'm interested in parenting books/memoir (lighthearted, preferably). I've also interested in expanding my kno..." (6 comments)

timspalding. "History (classical, medieval, Islamic, American), Classics, Religion (mostly Catholic and Orthodox, academic-y not inspirational), Programming (general, PHP or JavaScript), travel (Turkey). Fiction's ..." (5 comments)

majkia. "Other than Georgette Heyer, I hate Romance. I like science fiction, complex mysteries, thrillers with good characterization, and fantasy. I adore a good heist story, art theft, and code breakers. My W..." (8 comments)

Total: 502


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