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Aircraft Profile No. 1: The S.E.5A by J. M. Bruce1
Aircraft Profile No. 2: The Boeing P-12E by Peter M. Bowers2
The Focke-Wulf FW 190A : Profile Publications Number 3 by Martin C. Windrow3
The Hawker Hunter F.6 by Francis K. Mason4
The Vickers F.B.27 Vimy (Profile Publications 05) by J. M. Bruce5
Profile 6: Bristol Bulldog by C. F. Andrews6
Aircraft Profile No. 7: The Republic P-47D Thunderbolt by Edward Shacklady7
The North American P-51D Mustang. Number 8 by Edward Shacklady8
Albatros DV (Profile 9) by Peter L Gray9
Profile 10: Gloster Gauntlet. by Francis K. Mason10
Handley Page Halifax B.III, VI, VII (Profile 11) by Philip J. R. Moyes11
The Gloster Meteor F.8 by C. F. Andrews12
Profile 13: Sopwith Pup by J. M. Bruce13
The Boeing P-26A (Profile publications) by Peter M. Bowers14
The Heinkel He 111H (Profile Publications) by Martin Windrow15
Profile 16: Fiat CR42 by Gianni Cattaneo16
Profile Publications: The Spad XIII C.I by C. F. Andrews17
Profile 18: Hawker Fury. by Francis K. Mason18
The Consolidated B-24J Liberator by Roger A. Freeman19
The North American F-86A Sabre, (Profile publications) by Edward Shacklady20
Bristol Fighter (Profile 21) by J. M. Bruce21
Aircraft Profile No. 22: The Fiat CR. 32 by Gianni Cattaneo22
The Messerschmitt Bf 110 (Profile Publications 23) by Martin Windrow23
Aircraft Profile No. 24: The Hawker Hurricane IIC by Francis K. Mason24
Fokker D.VII (Profile 25) by Peter L Gray25
de Havilland D.H.4 (Profile 26) by J. M. Bruce26
The Boeing F4B-4 by Peter Bowers27
Aircraft Profile No. 28: The Macchi C.202 by Gianni Cattaneo28
Junkers Ju 88A by Martin Windrow29
North American F-100 Super Sabre by Ray Wagner30
Sopwith Camel F.1 (Profile 31) by J. M. Bruce31
Aircraft Profile No. 32: The Westland Wapiti by C. F. Andrews32
Profile 33: Gloster Gamecock by Francis K. Mason33
Profile 34: Fairey Battle by Philip J. R. Moyes34
Aircraft Profile No. 35: The Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk by Ray Wagner35
The SAAB J 29 by Bo Widfeldt36
Curtiss JN-4 (Profile 37) by Peter M. Bowers37
Aircraft Profile No. 38: The Fokker Monoplanes by J. M. Bruce38
The Supermarine S4-S6B by C. F. Andrews39
Messerschmitt Bf 109E (Profile 40) by Martin C. Windrow40
Aircraft Profile No. 41: The Supermarine Spitfire I & II by Philip J. R. Moyes41
North American FJ Fury (Profile 42) by Francis K. Mason42
Aircraft Profile No. 43: The Pfalz D III by Peter L Gray43
Profile 44: Fairey IIIF by Francis K. Mason44
The Curtiss Army Hawks (Profile publications 45) by Peter M. Bowers45
Aircraft Profile No. 46: The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa by Martin C. Windrow46
Aircraft Profile No. 47: Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair by J.F. Dial47
The de Havilland Vampire Mk. 5 & 9 by Francis K. Mason48
The Nieuport 17 (Profile publications 49) by C. F. Andrews49
Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe (Profile 50) by J. M. Bruce50
Gee Bee Racers (Profile 51) by Peter Bowers51
Aircraft Profile No. 52: The de Havilland Mosquito Mks. I-IV by Philip J. R. Moyes52
Aircraft Profile No. 53: The Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat by Frank L. Greene53
The English Electric Canberra Mk.I & IV by Kenneth Munson54
Profile: The Fokker Dr.I (Number 55) by J. M. Bruce55
Profile 56: Fairey Flycatcher by Owen Thetford56
The Hawker Hart - Profile Publications, Number 57 by Francis K. Mason57
Aircraft Profile No. 58: The Handley Page Hampden by Philip J. R. Moyes58
Aircraft Profile No. 59: The North American B-25A to G Mitchell by Ray Wagner59
The Douglas Skyraider by Harry Gann60
Aircraft Profile No. 61: The S.V.A. (Ansaldo) Scouts by Gianni Cattaneo61
The De Havilland D.H.9 by J. M. Bruce62
Fokker D.XXI (Profile 63) by G.H. Kamphuis63
Aircraft Profile No. 64: The Macchi C.200 by Gianni Cattaneo64
Avro Lancaster I (Profile 65) by Brian Goulding65
Aircraft Profile No. 66: The Vickers Valiant by C. F. Andrews66
Aircraft Profile No. 67: The Fokker D.VIII by J. M. Bruce67
Aircraft Profile No. 68: The Thomas-Morse Scout by Frank Strnad68
Henschel Hs 129 by J. Richard Smith69
Aircraft Profile No. 70: The Nakajima Ki-84 by Rene J. Francillon70
The Hawker Sea Hawk by Francis K. Mason71
The Vickers Viscount 700 by Kenneth Munson72
Sopwith Triplane (Profile 73) by J. M. Bruce73
Profile 74: Short 184 by J. M. Bruce74
P.Z.L. P-11 (Profile 75) by Witold Liss75
Junkers Ju 87A & B by J. Richard Smith76
The Boeing B-17E & F Flying Fortress (Profile Publications 77) by Charles D. Thompson77
Gloster Meteor F.IV (Aircraft Profile 78) by J.J. Partridge78
Aircraft Profile No. 79: The Nieuport N.28C-I by Peter M. Bowers79
Curtiss Hawk 75 (Profile 80) by Peter M. Bowers80
Aircraft Profile No. 81: The Hawker Typhoon by Francis K. Mason81
Mitsubishi Ki-46 (Profile 82) by Rene J. Francillon82
The Boeing B-47 - Profile Publications No 83 by Peter M. Bowers83
Profile 84: Short Empire Boats by Geoffrey Norris84
The R.E.8 by J. M. Bruce85
The Siemens Schuckert D III & IV (Profile 86) by Peter L Gray86
The Fokker C.V by G.H. Kamphuis87
The Ilyushin Il-2 (Profile publications) by Witold Liss88
Aircraft Profile No. 89: The Savoia Marchetti S.M.79 by Giorgio Apostolo89
The Chance Vought F-8A-E Crusader by Gerhard Joos90
The de Havilland D.H.2 by J. M. Bruce91
Grumman F3F series (Profile 92) by Benton Reams92
The Bristol Blenheim I (Profile publications) by Philip J. R. Moyes93
The Focke-Wulf Fw 190D/Ta 152 series (Profile aircraft) by J. Richard Smith94
The Republic F-84F Thunderstreak by Ray Wagner95
Douglas DC-3 (Profile 96) by Arthur Pearcy96
The American D.H.4 (Profile publications 97) by Peter M. Bowers97
The Gloster Gladiator by Francis K. Mason98
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 (Profile 99) by J. Richard Smith99
The North American P-51B & C Mustang (Profile publications) by Richard Atkins100
Aircraft Profile No. 101: The Boeing B-29 Superfortress by Mitch Mayborn101
Aircraft Profile No. 102: The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk by Harry Gann102
The S.E.5 (Profile publications 103) by J. M. Bruce103
P.Z.L. P-23 Karas (Profile 104) by Jerzy B. Cynk104
The Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu (Profile publications) by Rene J. Francillon105
Aircraft Profile No. 106: The Lockheed P-38J-M Lightning by Le Roy Weber106
Aircraft Profile No. 107: The Grumman F8F Bearcat by Hal Andrews107
de Havilland Comet Srs. 1-4 (Profile 108) by Philip Birtles108
Hanriot HD 1 (Profile 109) by J. M. Bruce109
The Fiat B.R. 20 (Profile 110) by Giorgio Apostolo110
The Hawker Hurricane I (Profile publications) by Francis K. Mason111
Aircraft Profile No. 112: The Martin B-26B & C Marauder by Ray Wagner112
Aircraft Profile No. 113: The Messerschmitt Bf 109G by J. Richard Smith113
English Electric P.1 & Lightning 1 (Profile 114) by James H G114
Gotha GI-GV (Profile 115) by Peter M. Grosz115
Curtiss Navy Hawks (Profile 116) by Peter M. Bowers116
Boulton-Paul Defiant (Profile 117) by Michael J.F. Bowyer117
Aircraft Profile No. 118: The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien by Rene J. Francillon118
The Fiat G.91 (Profile 119) by Giorgio Apostolo119
The Lockheed Constellation by Holmes G Anderson120
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (Profile 121) by J. M. Bruce121
Aircraft Profile No. 122: The Polikarpov I-16 by Witold Liss122
Reggiane Re 2000 (Profile 123) by Gianni Cattaneo123
Curtiss SB2C-1 Helldiver (Profile 124) by Harold Andrews124
Vickers Wellington I & II (Profile 125) by C. F. Andrews125
Profile 126: Hawker Sea Fury by Francis K. Mason126
The Albatros DI-DIII (Profile publications) by Peter L Gray127
Curtiss Shrike (Profile 128) by Rust Kenn C128
Aircraft Profile, No. 129: The Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero-Sen by Rene J. Francillon129
Messerschmitt Me 262 (Profile 130) by J. Richard Smith130
Aircraft Profile No. 131: The Lockheed F-104G/CF-104 by Gerhard Joos131
Profile 132: de Havilland Tiger Moth by A. J. Jackson132
B.E.2, 2a & 2b (Profile 133) by J. M. Bruce133
The Fokker G-1 (Profile publications) by B. van der Klaauw134
Dewoitine 520 (Profile 135) by Raymond Danel135
Aircraft Profile No. 136: The Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk I-IV by Ray Wagner136
Aircraft Profile No. 137: The Bristol Beaufighter I & II by Philip J. R. Moyes137
SAAB 21 A & R (Profile 138) by Bo Widfeldt138
Profile 139: Bristol Scouts C & D by J. M. Bruce139
Profile 140: Hawker Audax & Hardy. by Francis K. Mason140
Nakajima B5N "Kate" (Profile 141) by M. F Hawkins141
Short Stirling (Profile 142) by Geoffrey Norris142
Aircraft Profile No. 143: The Dassault M.D. 450 Ouragan by Munson Kenneth143
Profile 144: de Havilland Rapide by Peter W Moss144
de Havilland D.H.10 (Profile 145) by J. M. Bruce145
The Savoia Marchetti S.M. 81 (Profile 146) by Giorgio Apostolo146
Morane Saulnier 406 (Profile 147) by Gaston Botquin147
The Junkers Ju88 Night Fighters - Number 148 by Alfred Price148
Aircraft Profile No. 149: The Lavochkin La 5 & 7 by Witold Liss149
Aircraft Profile No. 150: The Chance Vought F4U-4 to F4U-7 Corsair by Jay Frank Dial150
O. Aviatik (Berg) D I (Profile 151) by G. W. Haddow151
The Avia B.534 by Josef Krybus152
The Armstrong Whitworth Whitley by Philip J. R. Moyes153
The Commonwealth Wirraway by Profile Publications Research Staff.154
The North American T-28 by David Brazelton155
The Ford Tri-Motor (Profile publications) by William T. Larkins156
Breguet 14 (Profile 157) by J. M. Bruce157
Aircraft Profile No. 158: The Ryan PT/ST Series by Mitch Mayborn158
The Westland Lysander (Profile publications 159) by Francis K. Mason159
The Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" by Rene J. Francillon160
Aircraft Profile No. 161: The Messerschmitt Me 210/410 Series by J. Richard Smith161
The Avro Vulcan by John W. R. Taylor162
Roland C II (Profile 163) by Peter M. Grosz163
Dornier Do 17 & 215 (Profile 164) by J. Richard Smith164
Bell P-39 Airacobra (Profile 165) by Jay Frank Dial165
The Supermarine Spitfire V Series by Ted Hooton166
The Hawker Hunter Two-Seaters by Francis K. Mason167
The Avro York by Donald Hannah168
Sopwith Dolphin (Profile 169) by J. M. Bruce169
P.Z.L. P-24 (Profile 170) by Jerzy B. Cynk170
Aircraft Profile No. 171: The Douglas TBD Devastator by Thomas E. Doll171
Mitsubishi Ki-21 (Aircraft Profile 172) by Rene J. Francillon172
The Lioré et Olivier LeO 45 series by Raymond Danel173
de Havilland Hornet (Profile 174) by P. J. Birtles174
The Phönix Scouts (Profile publications 175) by George Haddow175
The Fokker T.VIII by B. van der Klaauw176
The Junkers Ju 52 Series by J. Richard Smith177
The Commonwealth Boomerang by Rene J. Francillon178
The Gloster Javelin 1-6 by J. Partridge179
The Sud Caravelle 3 & 6 by Kenneth Munson180
The De Havilland D.H.5 by J. M. Bruce181
Profile 182: Handley Page Heyford by Philip J. R. Moyes182
Consolidated PBY Catalina (Profile 183) by Everett Cassagneres183
Aircraft Profile No. 184: The Messerschmitt Bf 109F by Martin C. Windrow184
Yak 9 series (Profile 185) by Witold Liss185
The Canadair Sabre by Gerhard Joos186
Junkers Monoplanes (Profile 187) by Hugh Cowin187
Fiat G.50 (Profile 188) by Gianni Cattaneo188
The Short Sunderland by Geoffrey Norris189
The Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero-Sen ("Hamp") by Rene J. Francillon190
Westland Whirlwind (Profile 191) by Philip J. R. Moyes191
The Boeing 707 by Alfred Price192
Bristol M.1 (Profile 193) by J. M. Bruce193
The Curtiss SOC Seagull (Profile publications 194) by William T. Larkins194
The Potez 63 Series (Profile No. 195) by Raymond Danel195
The Douglas SBD Dauntless (Profile publications 196) by David Brazelton196
Aircraft Profile No. 197: The Hawker Tempest I-VI by Francis K. Mason197
Hawker P.1127 and Kestrel (Profile 198) by Francis K. Mason198
Pfalz D XII (Profile 199) by Peter M. Grosz199
Martinsyde Elephant (Profile 200) by J. M. Bruce200
The M.Bloch 151 & 152 Profile Publications # 201 by Michel Cristesco201
The Douglas A-20 (7A to Boston III) (Profile publications) by Harry Gann202
The Heinkel He 162 (Profile publications) by J. Richard Smith203
Aircraft Profile No. 204: The Lockheed P2V Neptune by Holmes G Anderson204
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (Profile 205) by Roger Anthony Freeman205
Supermarine Spitfire by Peter Moss206
Aircraft Profile No. 207: Messerschmitt Bf 110 Night Fighters by Alfred Price207
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom (Profile 208) by Paul St. John Turner208
De Havilland Mosquito MK. IV (Aircraft Profile 209) by Michael J.F. Bowyer209
Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" and Ohka Bomb (Aircraft Profile 210) by Rene J. Francillon210
Junkers JU 87 D Variants (Profile Publications No. 211) by Richard P. Bateson211
Profile 212: Fairey Swordfish by Ian G Stott212
Aircraft Profile No. 213: Kawanishi N1K Kyofu / "Rex" & Shiden / "George" by Rene J. Francillon213
Grumman (Eastern) TBF (TBM) Avenger (Aircraft Profile 214) by Rene J. Francillon214
Aircraft Profile No. 215: Arado Ar 234 Blitz by Richard P. Bateson215
Petlyakov Pe-2 and Variants (Profile Publications No. 216) by Malcolm Passingham216
The Brewster Buffalo by Christopher F. Shores217
Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV (Aircraft Profile 218) by James D. Oughton218
Aircraft Profile No. 219: Heinkel He 219 Uhu by Richard P. Bateson219
Douglas Dakota Mk I-IV (Profile 220) by Arthur Pearcy Jr.220
Aircraft Profile 221: Supermarine Seafires (Merlins) by Len Bachelor221
Bucker Bü 131 Jungmann (Profile 222) by L F Sarjeant222
Aircraft Profile No. 223: Lockheed C-130 Hercules by Paul St. John Turner223
Profile 224: Supermarine Walrus and Seagull by David Brown224
Profile 225: Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet by Oberstleutnant a.D. Wolfgang and Richard P. BATESON SPATE225
Republic F-105 Thunderchief by Theodore W. Van Geffen226
The Airspeed Oxford by John D.R. Rawlings227
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch by Richard P. Bateson228
Vickers-Armstrong Warwick variants (Aircraft Profile 229) by Norman Barfield229
Aircraft Profile No. 230: Dassault Mirage Variants by John F. Brindley230
Lublin R. XIII Variants (Aircraft Profile 231) by Jerzy B. Cynk231
Kawanishi 4-motor flying-boats (H6K 'Mavis' and H8K 'Emily') by M. C. Richards233
Heinkel He 177 (Profile Publications No. 234) by Alfred Price234
Avro Lancaster II by Bruce Robertson235
Aircraft Profile No. 236: Mitsubishi A6M5 to A6M8 "Zero-Sen" ("Zeke 52") by M. C. Richards236
Bristol F.2B Fighters: RAF 1918-32 (Aircraft in Profile no. 237) by Chaz Bowyer237
Mikoyan MiG-21 ("Fishbed") Variants by John F. Brindley238
LTV (Vought) A-7A/E Corsair II (Profile no. 239) by David A. Anderton239
Aircraft Profile 240 Fairey Barracuda Mks. I-V by David Brown240
Aircraft Profile No. 241: Aichi D3A ("Val") & Yokosuka D4Y ("Judy") Carrier Bombers of the IJNAF by M. C. Richards241
IK Fighters (Yugoslavia: 1930-40s) (Profile Publications No. 242) by Sime I. Ostric242
Avro (Hawker Siddeley) Shackleton Mks 1 to 4 by Peter J. Howard243
Aircraft Profile No. 245: Boeing B-52A/H Stratofortress by Peter M. Bowers245
Aircraft Profile 246 Supermarine Spitfire (Griffons) Mks. XIV & XVIII by Len Bachelor246
The Martin B-57 Night Intruders & General Dynamics RB-57F by David A. Anderton247
de Havilland D.H.9A RAF: 1918-30 [Aircraft in Profiler No. 248] by Chaz Bowyer248
Douglas R4D variants (USN's DC-3 / C-47s) (Aircraft Profile 249) by Arthur Pearcy249
Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde (Aircraft Profile 250) by Norman Barfield250
Vought-Sikorsky OS2U Kingfisher (Aircraft Profile 251) by T E Doll251
Aircraft Profile 252: Grumman A-6A Intruder & EA-6 Prowler by Kurt H. Miska252
Aircraft Profile 253: Lockheed Hudson Mks. I to VI by Christopher F. Shores253
Aircraft Profile 254: Fairey Fulmar by David Brown254
Aircraft Profile 255: Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (`Tojo`) by John F. Brindley255
Aircraft Profile 256: Vickers Wellesley variants by Norman Barfield256
Aircraft Profile 257: Udet [Bfw] U-12 Flamingo Variants by Armand Van Ishoven257
Aircraft Profile 258: P.Z.L. P. 37 Loś by Jerzy B. Cynk258
Aircraft Profile 259: General Dynamics F-111A to F&FB-111A by Kurt H. Miska259
Aircraft Profile 260: Avro Manchester by Chaz Bowyer260
Aircraft Profile 261 Dornier Do 217 Variants by Alfred Price261
Republic P-47N Thunderbolt by Roger A. Freeman262

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