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Afrika Korps by Kenneth MackseyCampaign 1
Nazi Regalia by Jack PiaFull Color Special 1
U-Boat: The Secret Menace by David MasonWeapons 1
MacArthur by Sydney L. MayerWar Leader 2
Panzer Division Mailed Fist by Kenneth MackseyWeapons 2
The Raiders: Desert Strike Force by Arthur SwinsonCampaign 2
SS Regalia by Jack PiaFull Color Special 2
Their Finest Hour: The Story of the Battle of Britain 1940 by Edward BishopBattle 2
Aircraft Carrier: The Majestic Weapon by Donald MacintyreWeapons 3
Hitler by Alan WykesWar Leader 3
Bastogne by Peter ElstobBattle 4
Bastogne: The Road Block by Peter ElstobBattle 4
Doorbraak naar de Seine by David MasonCampaign 4
Me 109: Willy Messerschmitt's Peerless Fighter by Martin CaidinWeapons 4
Stilwell by D. D RooneyWar Leader 4
Bradley by Charles WhitingWar Leader 5
Defeat in Malaya, The Fall of Singapore by Arthur SwinsonCampaign 5
German secret weapons: blueprint for Mars by Brian FordWeapons 5
The Siege of Leningrad: Epic of Survival (Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II, Battle Book #5) by Alan WykesBattle 5
Warsaw Rising by Gunther DeschnerPolitics in Action 5
The battle for Berlin : end of the Third Reich by Earl F. ZiemkeBattle 6
France, Summer 1940 by John WilliamsCampaign 6
Mountbatten by Arthur SwinsonWar Leader 6
Spitfire by John VaderWeapons 6
Bomber Offensive: The Devastation of Europe by Noble FranklandCampaign 7
Commando by Peter YoungWeapons 7
De Gaulle by Philippe MassonWar Leader 7
Kursk: the Clash of Armour by Geoffrey JukesBattle 7
Göring by Roger ManvellWar Leader 8
The Nuremberg Rallies by Alan WykesCampaign8
SS and Gestapo: rule by terror by Roger ManvellWeapons 8
Tarawa: a legend is born by Henry I. ShawBattle 8
Airborne Carpet, Operation Market Garden by Anthony Farrar-HockleyBattle 9
Eisenhower by Martin BlumensonWar Leader 9
Japan: the final agony by Alvin CooxCampaign 9
Zero fighter by Martin CaidinWeapons 9
Liberation of the Philippines by Stanley L. FalkCampaign 10
Luftwaffe: Birth, Life, and Death of an Air Force by Alfred PriceWeapons 10
Normandy Bridgehead by Hubert EssameCampaign 10
Pearl Harbor by A. J. BarkerBattle 10
Tito: A Biography by Phyllis AutyWar Leader 10
Barbarossa, Invasion of Russia 1941 by John KeeganCampaign 11
The Guns: 1939/45 by Ian V. HoggWeapons 11
Leyte Gulf Armada in the Pacific by Donald MacintyreBattle 11
Skorzeny by Charles WhitingWar Leader 11
Airborne by Charles MacdonaldWeapons 12
Okinawa: Touchstone to Victory by Benis M. FrankBattle 12
The Defense of Moscow by Geoffrey JukesBattle 13
Mussolini by Christopher HibbertWar Leader 13
New Guinea, The Tide is Stemmed by John VaderCampaign 13
PT Boats by Bryan CooperWeapons 13
Guadalcanal, Island Ordeal by Graeme KentCampaign 14
Himmler by Alan WykesWar Leader 14
Pacific Hawk by John VaderWeapons 14
Raid on St. Nazaire by David MasonBattle 14
Anzio the Bid for Rome by Christopher HibbertBattle 15
New Georgia: pattern for victory by Dick Crofton HortonCampaign 15
Student by Anthony Farrar-HockleyWar Leader 15
Tank Force: Allied armor in World War II by Kenneth MackseyWeapons 15
Cassino by Dominick GrahamBattle 16
Churchill by David MasonWar Leader 16
Fall of the Philippines by Ward RutherfordCampaign 16
Waffen SS, The Asphalt Soldiers by John KeeganWeapons 16
B29: The Superfortress by Carl BergerWeapons 17
Goebbels by Alan WykesWar Leader 17
London's Burning by Constantine FitzGibbonBattle 17
Schweinfurt: disaster in the skies by John SweetmanCampaign 17
Barrage : the guns in action by Ian V. HoggWeapons 18
Kasserine: baptism of fire by Ward RutherfordBattle 18
Lawrence of Arabia by Douglas OrgillWar Leader 18
Allied secret weapons: The war of science by Brian J. FordWeapons 19
Battle of the Reichswald by Peter ElstobBattle 19
MacArthur in Japan by Sydney L. MayerWar Leader 19
Opening moves: August 1914 (Ballantine's illustrated history of the violent century. Campaign book, no. 19) by John KeeganCampaign 19
Guderian by John KeeganWar Leader 20
Midway, The Turning Point by A. J. BarkerBattle 20
Rocket Fighter by William GreenWeapons 20
Battle of the Ruhr Pocket by Charles WhitingBattle 21
Pacific onslaught: 7th Dec. 1941/7th Feb. 1943 by Paul KennedyCampaign 21
T-34: Russian armor by Douglas OrgillWeapons 21
Beda Fomm, The Classic Victory by Kenneth MackseyBattle 22
Heydrich by Alan WykesWar Leader 22
Operation Torch by Vincent JonesCampaign 22
Suicide Weapon by A. J. BarkerWeapons 22
Bir Hacheim, Desert Citadel by Richard HolmesBattle 23
Churchill, 1914-1918 by David MasonWar Leader 23
Hitler's High Seas Fleet : The Pan/Ballantine Illustrated History of World War II by Richard HumbleWeapons 23
Over the Hump: Airlift to China by William J. KoenigCampaign 23
Mosquito: Wooden Wonder by Edward BishopWeapons 24
Salerno, Foothold in Europe by David MasonBattle 24
The Winter War by Richard W. CondonCampaign 24
Yamashita by A. J. BarkerWar Leader 24
Armoured Onslaught, 8th August 1918 by Douglas OrgillBattle 25
Infantry Weapons by John S. WeeksWeapons 25
Pacific Victory by Paul KennedyCampaign 25
Rundstedt by John KeeganWar Leader 25
Halsey by Benis M. FrankWar Leader 26
P-51: Bomber Escort by William N. HessWeapons 26
Tobruk: The Siege by James W StockCampaign 26
Vimy Ridge 1914-18 Battle book #26 by Kenneth MackseyBattle 26
The guns, 1914-18 by Ian V. HoggWeapons 27
Rhine crossing by James W StockBattle 27
Rommel by Roger SibleyWar Leader 27
Six day war by A. J. BarkerCampaign 27
Argonne 1918 by Barry GregoryBattle 28
Palaus - Campaign Book #28 by Stanley FalkCampaign 28
Zhukov by Otto Preston ChaneyWar Leader 28
Flying Tigers: Chennault in China by Ronald HeifermanWeapons 29
Rotterdam: Invasion of Holland (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century / Battle Book, No. 29) by Wilhelmina SteenbeekBattle 29
Yom Kippur War (Campaign book : no. 29) by A. J. BarkerCampaign 29
Lancaster Bomber by D. B. TubbsWeapons 30
Ploesti: Oil Strike (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century. Battle Book, No. 30) by John SweetmanBattle 30
Tojo by Alvin D. CooxWar Leader 30
Merrill's Marauders (Ballantine's illustrated history of the violent century. Weapons book, no. 31) by Alan D BakerWeapons 31
Stalin by Rose TremainWar Leader 31
Zeebrugge: 23 April 1918 by James W StockBattle 31
German General Staff (Ballantine's illustrated history of the violent century. Weapons book) by Barry A LeachWeapons 32
Iwo Jima by Michael RussellBattle 32
Dien Bien Phu by John KeeganBattle 33
Chindits: Long Range Penetration by Michael CalvertWeapons 34
Condor Legion by Peter ElstobWeapons 35
Indestructible jeep: [by] D. Denfeld [and] M. Fry (Ballantine's illustrated history of the violent century. Weapons book) by D DenfeldWeapons 36
Grenades & Mortars by Ian HoggWeapons 37
Wellington Bomber by Edward BishopWeapons 38
Hitler's Bodyguards by Alan WykesWeapons 39
B-17 Flying Fortress by William HessWeapons 40
German Armor by Douglas OrgillWeapons 41
Midget Submarine by Thomas John WaldronWeapons 42
Gas by Ian V. HoggWeapons 43
DC-3 by Arthur PearcyWeapons 44

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