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Bernat Sweater For All Seasons
Styles in Bernat cashmere by Bernat
Bernat's Handicrafter (Book No. 4)4
Bernat Handicrafter New Handknits Socks Anklets Accessories (Book # 20) by Julia Brownell20
Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 23 by Photo/ Drawings23
Bernat Handicrafter, Knits for Children, Sizes 4 through 12, Book No. 24 by Editor Julia Brownell Traphages24
Bernat Handicrafter, Book No. 27 : Baby Handknits by Julia Brownell (editor) Traphagen27
Bernat Handicrafter, COLLEGE ISSUE, Book No. 34, CAMPUS KNITS and ACCESSORIES (Book No. 34) by Bernat Handicrafter34
Bernat Handicrafter Socks and Accessories 36 by Bernat36
Bernat Handicrafter, Baby Handknits, Book 37, Carleen Kasman by Carleen Kasman37
Bernat Handicrafter Jumbo Knits for The Family Book No. 41 by Julia Traphagen (editor)41
Bernat Handicrafter - Quick N Easy Dresses and Jumbo Knits (Book No. 44) by Bernat44
Bernat handicrafter no. 45 Wardrobe maker Basic skirts and Dressmaker styles45
Bernat Handicrafter book #46 by Bernat46
Bernat Book 47, Handicrafter, Great Big Book of Sweaters for boys and Girls of all Ages47
Bernat Handicrafter - Big Book of Men's Sweaters (Book No. 49) by Various49
Bernat Handicrafter No. 51: 21 Bulky Styles by Bernat Staff51
Bernat Handicrafter The Big Book of Ski and Sports Sweaters for Men, Women and Youngsters (Book #53) by Carleen Goldsmith53
Gift bazaar book : handicrafter no.54 by Bernat54
Bernat Handicrafter The Big Book of Bulky Knits Book No 55 by Carleen Goldsmith55
Bernat Handicrafter (Book No. 57) by Carleen Kasman57
Bernat - Fashions and Fun for the Almost Teens - Handcrafter - Knitting Book - #59 - 1957 by Emile Bernat59
Bernat Handicrafter No. 60, Fashions in Fascinating Textures by Carleen Goldsmith60
Bernat 24 Afghans to Knit & to Crochet Book 64 by Carleen Goldsmith64
Bernat Handicrafter Bulky Knits designed by Mirsa of Italy Book No 65 by Carleen Goldsmith65
The Newer Look in Sweaters, Jackets and Dresses (Book No. 66) by Bernat66
Bulky Knits for Girls and Boys (Bernat, book no 68) by Bernat68
The Bernat Book for All Sports: Sixty Sweaters and Jackets, Vol 71 by Carleen Goldsmith (ed)71
Gloves and mittens for the family by Bernat82
Bernat Dresses, Coats, Suits and Long Jackets, Book No 86 by Bernat & Sons Co86
Bernat baby Fashions In Baby-Germantown by Goldsmith87
Bernat Book No.88 for all Men; You Can Knit this basic boat-neck classic so many ways, with different bernat yarns, on v by Emile Bernat & Co88
The Mohair Book By Bernat by Carleen Goldsmith95
Bernat Classics for Women, Bernat Handcrafter Book No. 96 by Carleen Goldsmith96
Bernat Raglans Book No 97 by Emile Bernat & Sons Co97
Scandia! by Bernat (Bernat, Book No. 98) by Bernat98
This is Shakerspun by Bernat (Book 100) by Bernat100
Bernat Classics for Girls and Boys by Carleen Goldsmith103
Sweet Sets by Bernat104
Bernat Classics for Babies and Toddlers Book 106 (Bernat Handicrafter, No. 106)106
Bernat ''Easy to Knit'' Family Book, No 107 by Carleen Goldsmith107
Caps and mittens for everybody by Bernat109
Big-Needle Fashions From Bernat, Book 110 by Carleen Goldsmith110
Bernat Handicrafter, No. 111: Import Classics in Lovely Yarns Spun by the Great English House of Jaeger and Imported Onl by Carleen Goldsmith111
Bernat - Handicrafter No 113 by Carleen Goldsmith113
The Bernat Mohair Collection Book 118 by Carleen Goldsmith118
Bernat Book 122. Brawny Irish Knit by Bernat122
Bernat Learn To Knit Book No 127 by Editor Carleen Kasman127
Fashions For Young Moderns A 4-H Collection By Bernat Book No 129 by Editor Carleen Kasman129
Cables and Raglans for the Family, Sweaters and Coats (Book No. 130, Bernat) by Carleen Kasman130
Bernat Shell Collection Book No 131 by Editor Carleen Kasman131
Bernat Afghans. Contemporary and Traditional Styles, Book No 132 by Bernat132
Bernat Handicrafter Travel Lights Book No 135 by Editor Carleen Kasman135
Bernat Basic Six. Booklet No 137 by Emile Bernat & Sons Co137
Bernat Shakerspun: Big Knit Fashions for the Active Family, Book No. 141 by Editor Carleen Kasman141
The Bernat Book of Irish Knits in Blarney-Spun Yarn From Ireland Itself, Book 145 by Eleanor C. Bernat145
Big Six By Bernat: The Sweaters Men Like Best: Booklet No. 147 by Bernat147
Bernat Handicrafter # 151- Belastraw by Bernat151
Learn to Crochet By Bernat, Book No. 152 by Carleen Kasman152
Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 154 by Bernat154
Twelve Dresses by Bernat Book No 155 by Eleanor C. Bernat155
Bernat Handicrafter - Handsome "Homemades" (Book No 156) by Bernat156
Six for a beautiful baby, Booklet No. 157 by Bernat & Sons Co157
The Toddlers Six From Bernat Booklet No. 158 (Knitting) (Sizes 2, 3, and 4 featuring Bernat Yarn) by Bernat Yarns158
A Bouquet of Bernat Afghans to knit and Crochet in Beautiful Berella by Bernat160
Coats Coats Coats Fashioned By Bernat (Book No. 164) by Karin Kallmaker164
Hats from Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 165 by Bernat165
Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 166 by Julia Brownell (editor) Traphagen166
Bernat Handicrafter Toppits-Stoles-Jackets, Book 168 by Editor Julia Brownell Traphages168
BERNAT Book 169 Men [ 1970 ] If you have the man... then Bernat presents the newest book of instructions in knits and crochets for you to make for him (Bernat Handicrafter No. 169) by Eleanor C. Bernat169
Bernat Presents Moods in Fashion "The Open Look" Book No. 170, 1970 by Eleanor C. Bernat Book No. 170170
Jumbo Tweeds: Bernat Handicrafter 171 by Emile Bernat & Sons171
Poncho Punch, Six Ponchos to Knit or Crochet (Young Generation, by Bernat, Booklet 171) by Bernat Berella "4"171
18 Double-Quick'n'easy Fashions in Bernat Cuddlespun. Bernat Handicrafter, Book no. 174. by Bernat174
Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 175175
Bernat Handicrafter book no. 176 Fashions in Glenspun english tweed and morona176
Bernat Handcrafter No. 178 Hook Book Creative Ideas for Latch-hooked Designs by Maxwell H. Fellows178
Bernat Handicrafter Fashions in Real Shetland Book 178178
The Beginner's Book and the A B C's of Knitting Book 181 by Bernat181
Ten beautiful snuggly shawls : six to crochet--four to knit by Bernat182
Triple Quick Rosette Afghans By Bernat (Book No 183) by Bernat183
The Bernat Baby Album (Handicrafter No. 187) by Eleanor Bernat187
Afghan Medley (Book No. 188) by Bernat188
Quick Cardigan Capes Two to Knit One to Crochet (Booklet 189) by Bernat189
Daydreams: eight afghans by Bernat. Book no. 190 by Eleanor C. Bernat190
Blarney-Spun Heather and Irish Knits from Bernat ~ Book No. 193 by Bernat193
Krysta by Bernat! Handicrafter No 199 by Eleanor C. Bernat199
Bernat Patterns & Ribs in Crochet Helmets, Hood and Mittens to crochet in your choice of Bernat Berella Gemantown or Bernat Sesame booklet 200 by Eleanor C. Bernat200
Eleven Fashions in Bali or Carioca (Book No. 203) by Bernat203
The Easy Cable Raglan Sweater Jacket Booklet 210 by Eleanor C. Bernat210
Bernat 211: Americana Afghans, a Visit to Old Sturbridge Village by Bernat211
Sweater- jacket- Fashions By Bernat #213 by N/A213
Family Sportsweight Yarns Book No. 214 by Bernat214
The Bernat Book of Complete Crochet by Eleanor C. Bernat215
DANISH BULKY BY BERNAT #216 by Bernat216
18 Bulky Knit Fashion Greats (Bernat, Book No 217) by Claire Matson217
On Your Toes! Book 218 by Bernat218
Quick Six By Bernat (Book number 219) by Bernat219
"All Shawls" Book No. 220 by Bernat220
The Bernat Book of Complete Knitting (Book No. 221) by Eleanor C. Bernat221
Shetland-Type Bulky Looks in Husky by Bernat224
The Great New Casuals in Danish Bulky (Bernat, Book No 225) by Bernat225
{Knitting} Fashioned With Bulkies By Bernat {Booklet Number 226} by Claire {Editor} With Eleanor C. Bernat {Fashion Di226
Bernat Blarney Spun Book No. 227 by Claire Matson227
Afghans in Wonderland by Bernat (Handicrafter No. 229) by Eleanor C. Bernat229
Bernat Countdown: Fascinating Projects in Count Stitchery (no. 230) by Emile Bernat & Sons230
Hats, Scarves & Mittens, Book No. 231 by Bernat231
Bernat Tabriz Needle Art (Book number 233) by Eleanor C. Bernat233
Bernat Blarney Fleecespun Book No. 234 by Bernat234
Afghan Album by Bernat (Handcrafter Book No. 237) by Elenor C. Bernat237
Soft Shapes Lightweight Fashions from Bernat Book No 239 by Eleanor C. Bernat239
Small Change by Bernat Book 240 by Eleanor C. Bernat240
Vests Jr. Patterns for Children's Vest- Knit & Crochet (Bernat, Book No 242) by Bernat242
Treasury of Afghans by Bernat Book No 246 by Eleanor C. Bernat246
The Luxury Yarn Mohair Plus By Bernat (Mohair Sweaters Knitting and Crocheting Craft Book, Book No. 249)249
Bernat Handicrafter Linette Book No 250 by Eleanor C. Bernat250
Small-Fry by Bernat, Book 254 by Matson (Editor) Clair254
Peaches 'n Cream Baby Sizes 6 mo. and 1 (Bernat, Book No. 255)255
Christmas in Tabriz Number 256 by Bernat; Eleanor C.256
Fashion Gems, Bernat Handicrafter No 257 by Bernat & Sons Co257
Winkin Blinkin & Nod Baby Afghans #258 by Eleanor C. Bernat258
Bernat Book 259: Six Wool Classics in Sesame Sports by Bernat259
Country Casuals (Book No. 261) by Bernat Yarns Limited261
Popover Book No. 264 by Bernat264
Cloudspun Cables by Bernat265
Sweater Coats (Bernat, Book No. 268) by Bernat268
Fifi #272 by Bernat272
Sophisticates in Cassino and Saluki - Knit & Crochet (Bernat, Book No 273) by Bernat273
Furriere, by Bernat, Book No. 278 by Claire Matson278
Fisherman Knits by Bernat, Book No. 279 by Claire Matson279
Bernat Woolydown: Handicrafter 282282
Bernat Designer Knits - Booklet 283 by Eleanor C. Bernat283
Bernat Fleurette Book No 284 by Eleanor C. Bernat284
COTT'N SILK BY BERNAT BOOK #290 by Bernat290
Bernat Handicrafter Book No. 292 (9 Sweater Patterns to Knit for Men and Women) by Eleanor C. Bernat292
Bernat Book No. 293 by Eleanor C. Bernat293
Bernat Book No. 294, Featuring Berella 4, Blarneyspun and Sesame Yarns by Bernat294
Bernat (Designer Knits, 295) by Eleanor C. Bernat295
Bernat Book No. 296 by Bernat296
BERNAT HANDICRAFTER BOOK NO 503 by Eleanor C. Bernat503
Bernat - Book No. 505 - 1982 - Featuring Bernat Pealspun Yarn by Bernat505
Bernat book No. 506 Legwarmers by Bernat; Eleanor C.506
Bernat, Handicrafter 509 by Eleanor C. Bernat509
Bernat Classic Medly No. 512 by Bernat512
Bernat Book No. 513 (Knitted Sweaters) by Eleanor C. Bernat513
Bernat Book 514 by Eleanor C. Bernat514
Irish Knits (Handicrafter Book No. 516) by E. Bernat516
Baby Boutique: 8 Patterns to Knit and Crochet (No. 520) by Bernat520
Bernat Cherubs [knitted & crocheted baby items] (Handicrafter, 522) by Eleanor C. Bernat522
Carioca Cott'n Silk Book No. 528 by Eleanor C. Bernat528
Vests for the Family (Bernat, Book No. 533) by Bernat533
Bernat Alisa, Book No. 535 by Bernat535
Bernat - Spectra - Ladies' Sweaters - Knitting Patterns - #537 - 1984 - By Eleanor C. Bernat by Eleanor C. Bernat537
Bernat Mosaics, Book No. 542 by Bernat Yarn & Craft Co542
Sweety, Bernat Book No. 544 by Eleanor C. Bernat544
Bernat Handicrafter Book 545 by Bernat545
Bernat Handicrafter Book 547 by Bernat Yarn & Craft Corp.547
Bernat Chambray Handicrafter Sweater Knitting Pamphlet (Number 548) by Eleanor C. Bernat548
Bernat Souffle: Book No. 550 by Eleanor C. Bernat550
Bernat - Book 554 - Full Figure Fashion to Knit by Eleanor C. Bernat - Fashion Director554
Bernat Creme de Tweed Bernat Book No. 563 (Ladies Sweaters and Vests to Knit) by Eleanor D. Bernat563
Bernat Book No. 565 - Scandia by Eleanor C. Bernat565
Bernat - Mesa - #566 - Handcrafter - Knitting Pamphlet - 1985 - By Eleanor C. Bernat by Eleanor C. Bernat566
Bernat Gossamer : Book 571 by Eleanor C. Bernat571
bernat gloucester573
Bernat Acacia Cassino Souffle: Book No. 574 by Eleanor C. Bernat574
Bimini by Bernat575
Scadia Book No. 576 by Bernat576
Bernat's Year Of Fashion Craft Book (Book No 578) by No Author Listed578
Bernat American Heirlooms II - Book 599 - Afghan Pattern Pamphlet by Eleanor C. Bernat579
Bernat Book 582. Bernat Sweater Classics582
Bernat Scandia, Book #584 by Bernat584
Renaissance by Bernat590
Cotton Club: 9 knitting designs for sport weight yarns by Bernat592
Bernat Gloucester: Patterns to Knit (Book No. 593) by Eleanor C. Bernat - Fashion Director593
Bernat Country Casuals (Book No. 600) by No Author Named600
Bernat Handicrafter Celebrity Book No 602 by Eleanor C. Bernat602
Bernat Book 611: Gloucester Wool by Bernat611
Bernat - Tropicale Trio - #615 - 1987 - Knitting Pamphlet by Eleanor C. Bernat615
Bernat Worsted Weight Fashions, Book No 618 by Eleanor C. Bernat618
Bernat Baby Dolls Book no 621 by Bernat Yarn & Craft Corp.621
Bernat Americana Quilts to Crochet, Handicrafter No. 632 by Eleanor C. Bernat632
Bernat Classics for Misses No. 652 by Eleanor C. Bernat652
Bernat Learn to Knit Book No 653 by Bernat653
Cameo - Men's Sweater Knitting Patterns (Bernat, Book No 660) by Bernat660
Cameo by Bernat663
Cottons by Bernat671
Bernat - Book No. 676 - Focus on Cardigans - 6 Worsted Weight Styles by Fashion Director: Eleanor C. Bernat676
Bernat Handicrafter Country Medley Book No 677 by Eleanor C. Bernat677
Rusticale "Topper" Bernat 678678
Bernat Handicrafter Book 734: Baby by Bernat734
Bernat Baby 1200 by Bernat1200
Bernat 1201 by Bernat1201
Bernat Tuti Fruti Marls and Solids Book 1239 by Bernat Yarns by Spinrite1239
Bernat Baby Bloomers 1244 by Bernat1244
Bernat Northern Spirit, Volumne 2: 5 Designs in Bulky Weight ~ #1254 by Bernat1254
Bernat Tutti Frutti Hot Tamales - Chunky Weight Knits for Kids (1260) by Bernat1260
Bernat Kids Chunky Weight ~ 12801280
Bernat Handicrafter Fashion Cotton Crafts (1291)1291
Bernat Country Kids Chunky Weight Vol.2 #13981398
Bernat Cosy classics afghans (1415)1415
Bernat Country Charm Afghans (1416)1416
Irish Cream by Bernat1425
Bernat Country Denims Patterns written in Worsted and Chunky Weight (1428) by Bernat1428
Crochet Me Yarnables - Tiny (Bouquet Bernat, 1603) by Various1603
Bernat Claire Murray Inspired Designs in Knitting #17371737
Bernat Claire Murray inspired designs (1739)1739
The Border Collie, 1803 by Bernat1803
Bernat Presents Ewe Can Knit ~ The Train ~ # 18081808
Country Classics #530105 by Bernat530105
Cottage Living #530106 by Bernat530106
Around the Seasons Wreaths by Bernat530107
Baby Coordinates by Bernat530108
Baby Love: Softee Baby #530109 by Bernat530109
Love Bug bibs...'n booties by Bernat530111
Best Friends (Matching Girls' and Dolls' Outfits to Knit and Crochet) by Bernat530112
Easy Living #530113 by Bernat530113
Blue Jean Baby by Bernat530115
Bibs 'n ooties by Bernat530117
Forever Denim #530119 by Bernat530119
Bernat Chill Chasers 530123 Solo by Bernat530123
Light 'n Lacy by Bernat by Bernat530127
Hippie by Bernat530133
Just Ponchos by Bernat530134
Kool Kids to Knit and Crochet530135
Accessory Crazy by Bernat530140
Cooler Crochet by Bernat530155
Urban Camouflage (Bernat 530157) by Bernat530157
Kitchen Kolors by Bernat530160
Bernat Sweater Sets #530161 by Bernat530161
Housewarming by Bernat530162
Bernat Beautiful Bamboo 530163 by Bernat530163
Knit & Crochet Beautiful Bamboo No 530163 by Bernat530163
Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends #530164 (Classic Cashmere Knit) by Bernat530164
Fun Felting by Bernat530166
Bernat Fall Line Up #530172 by Bernat530172
Baby Talk by Bernat530173
Bernat #530177, Sweet Summer Corn530177
Bernat no. 530178, Urban Weekend by Bernat530178
Natural Selection Bernat530180
Bernat Great Gift Ideas (to Knit and Crochet) 530181 by Bernat530181
Bernat no. 530193, Around the Seasons Afghans by Bernat530193
Bernat Mini Me, no. 530195 by Bernat530195
Bernat Mosaic Sweaters & Accessories (to Knit and Crochet); 530201 by Bernat530201
Bernat KNIT HITS Galaxy #542004 by Bernat542004
TREND ZONE for girls & teens. FRENZY - Bernat #542005 by Bernat542005
Wrapture by Bernat542006
Far Out Accessories By Bernat (542008) by Bernat542008
Bernat Pretty in Pink to Crochet (Baby Coordinates) by Multiple542009
Poncho Passion (Bernat Bonus Book #542010) by Bernat542010
Bonus Book #542011 6 Fun Designs by Bernat542011
Cool Crochet by Bernat542015
Girly Girl by Bernat542016
Best Dressed (Bernat Bonus Book) #542019 by Bernat542019
Bernat Knifty Knitter Loom Series by Bernat542021
Bernat Tiny Crochet Baby (54023) by Bernat Bonus Book542023
Beautiful Boucle to knit and crochet by Bernat542024
Bonus Book #542025 Havenly by Bernat542025
Crochet Baby Gifts (Bernat Bonus Book) by Bernat542031
Easy Living With Crochet (Bernat Bonus Book) #542033 by Bernat542033
Bernat Casual Days #542039 by Bernat542039
Softee Baby: Little Guys by Bernat Bonus Book542042
Little Girls by Bernat Bonus Book542044

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