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Series: Cobblestone: The History Magazine for Young People

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Works (332)

Cobblestone: The History of Philadelphia's Mummers 1980 January by Cobblestone magazine1.01
Cobblestone: Thomas Alva Edison American Wizard 1980 February by Frances Brown1.02
Cobblestone: The First Transcontinental Railroad 1869 1980 May by Frances Nankin1.05
Cobblestone: The Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806 1980 September by Frances Nankin1.09
Cobblestone: The Presidential Elections 1789-1980 1980 October by Cobblestone magazine1.10
Cobblestone: Genealogy 1980 November1.11
Cobblestone: Willa Cather 1980 December by Cobblestone magazine1.12
Cobblestone: Harriet Tubman 1981 February by Cobblestone magazine2.02
Cobblestone: Our Own Spanish Conquest 1981 March by Cobblestone magazine2.03
Cobblestone: Highlights of the Civil War: 1861-1865 1981 April by Frances Nankin2.04
Cobblestone: Mount St. Helens American Volcano 1981 May by Jan Rasmussen2.05
Cobblestone: America's Lighthouses 1981 June by Frances Nankin2.06
Cobblestone: 1981 July by Editor Frances Nankin2.07
Cobblestone: America at Work The Industrial Revolution 1981 September by Frances Nankin et al2.09
Cobblestone: The Pony Express 1860-1861 1981 October by Frances Nankin2.10
Cobblestone: Old-Time Schools of America 1981 November by Editor Frances Nankin2.11
Cobblestone: The Oregon Trail 1981 December2.12
Cobblestone: Remember the Alamo March 6, 1836 1982 March by Frances Nankin3.03
Cobblestone: California A State History 1982 May by Frances Nankin3.05
Cobblestone: The North American Beaver Trade 1982 June by Nankin3.06
Cobblestone: America's Cowboys 1982 July by Frances Nankin3.07
Cobblestone: The Constitution of the United States 1982 September by Frances Nankin3.09
Cobblestone: The Erie Canal 1982 October by Cobblestone magazine3.10
Cobblestone: American Immigrants Part 1 1982 December by Cobblestone magazine3.12
Cobblestone: American Immigrants Part 2 1983 January by Cobblestone magazine4.01
Cobblestone: Black History Month 1983 February by Cobblestone magazine4.02
Cobblestone: Medicine in America 1983 March by Corsey4.03
Cobblestone: The Shakers 1983 April by Cobblestone magazine4.04
Cobblestone: Helen Keller / America's Disabled 1983 May by Cobblestone magazine4.05
Cobblestone: Archaeology Digging Up History 1983 June by Cobblestone magazine4.06
Cobblestone: Folklore Stories and More 1983 July by Corsey4.07
Cobblestone: What Are Public Works? 1983 August by Cobblestone magazine4.08
Cobblestone: Patriotic Tales of the American Revolution 1983 September by Cobblestone magazine4.09
Cobblestone: The Jazz Sensation 1983 October by Cobblestone magazine4.10
Cobblestone: Checking Out Libraries 1983 November by Cobblestone magazine4.11
Cobblestone: Making and Breaking the Soil 1983 December by Cobblestone magazine4.12
Cobblestone: Visions of America's Future 1984 January by Cobblestone magazine5.01
Cobblestone: The Cherokee Indians 1984 February by Mark Corsey5.02
Cobblestone: The Great Depression 1984 March by Carolyn Yoder5.03
Cobblestone: Whaling in America 1984 April by Carolyn Yoder5.04
Cobblestone: The World of Mark Twain 1984 May by Mary Lou Burket5.05
Cobblestone: The History of Computers 1984 June by Carolyn P. Yoder5.06
Cobblestone: The Chautauqua Story 1984 July by Carolyn P. Yoder5.07
Cobblestone: America and the Olympic Games 1984 August by Cobblestone magazine5.08
Cobblestone: Starting a Nation 1984 September by Carolyn Yoder5.09
Cobblestone: Who Came to America Before Columbus? 1984 October by Carolyn Yoder5.10
Cobblestone: The United States Senate 1984 November by Cobblestone magazine5.11
Cobblestone: The Wright Brothers and the Story of Aviation 1984 December by Carolyn P. Yoder5.12
Cobblestone: The History of the Newspaper 1985 January by Cobblestone magazine6.01
Cobblestone: The US and the USSR 1985 February by Cobblestone magazine6.02
Cobblestone: Susan B. Anthony and the Women's Movement 1985 March by Carolyn P. Yoder6.03
Cobblestone: The Art of Photography 1985 April by Cobblestone magazine6.04
Cobblestone: The U.S. Postal Service 1985 May by Cobblestone magazine6.05
Cobblestone: Veterinary Medicine 1985 June by Cobblestone magazine6.06
Cobblestone: Cobblestone Takes You Out to the Ball Game 1985 July by Cobblestone magazine6.07
Cobblestone: Cartoons, Comics and the Funnies 1985 August by Cobblestone magazine6.08
Cobblestone: A Look Inside the U.S. Mint 1985 September by Carolyn Yoder6.09
Cobblestone: American Clothing Then and Now 1985 October by Cobblestone magazine6.10
Cobblestone: The Eskimos of Alaska 1985 November by Cobblestone magazine6.11
Cobblestone: World War II The Home Front 1985 December by Carolyn P. Yoder6.12
Cobblestone: Our Endangered Species 1986 January by Carolyn P. Yoder7.01
Cobblestone: Laura Ingalls Wilder Growing Up on the Prairie 1986 February by Cobblestone magazine7.02
Cobblestone: Mexico and the United States 1986 March by Cobblestone magazine7.03
Cobblestone: Natural Disasters 1986 April by Cobblestone magazine7.04
Cobblestone: The Voice of Walt Whitman 1986 May by Cobblestone magazine7.05
Cobblestone: US Involvement in World War I 1986 June by Cobblestone magazine7.06
Cobblestone: Fabulous Fads 1986 July by Cobblestone magazine7.07
Cobblestone: Popular Music from the 1950s On 1986 August by Cobblestone magazine7.08
Cobblestone: A Visit to Chesapeake Bay 1986 September by Carolyn P. Yoder7.09
Cobblestone: Witchcraft 1986 October by Cobblestone magazine7.10
Cobblestone: Eleanor Roosevelt 1986 November by Cobblestone magazine7.11
Cobblestone: Toys of the Past 1986 December by Cobblestone magazine7.12
Cobblestone: Great Debates 1987 January by Cobblestone magazine8.01
Cobblestone: The Hudson River School 1987 February by Cobblestone magazine8.02
Cobblestone: Alexander Hamilton 1987 March by Carolyn P. Yoder8.03
Cobblestone: Chicago An American City 1987 April by Cobblestone magazine8.04
Cobblestone: Aftermath of the Civil War 1987 May by Cobblestone magazine8.05
Cobblestone: The Transcendentalists and Their Message 1987 June by Carolyn P. Yoder8.06
Cobblestone: The Automobile in History 1987 July by Cobblestone magazine8.07
Cobblestone: British Loyalists in the Revolutionary Era 1987 August by Cobblestone magazine8.08
Cobblestone: Celebrating Our Constitution 1987 September by Cobblestone magazine8.09
Cobblestone: Meet Albert Einstein 1987 October by Cobblestone magazine8.10
Cobblestone: The Amish 1987 November by Carolyn Yoder8.11
Cobblestone: Behind the Scenes of American Theater 1987 December by Cobblestone magazine8.12
Cobblestone: An Introduction to the War of 1812 1988 January by Cobblestone magazine9.01
Cobblestone: The South as Perceived by Its Artists 1988 February by Cobblestone magazine9.02
Cobblestone: Canada and the United States 1988 March by Editor Caroline Yoder9.03
Cobblestone: The Seafaring Life 1988 April by Carolyn Yoder9.04
Cobblestone: Touring the Great Lakes 1988 May by Cobblestone magazine9.05
Cobblestone: Daniel Boone 1988 June by Cobblestone magazine9.06
Cobblestone: The Battle of Gettysburg 1988 July by Carolyn Yoder9.07
Cobblestone: American Architecture 1988 August by Carolyn Yoder9.08
Cobblestone: Salem and the East Indies Trade 1988 September by Cobblestone magazine9.09
Cobblestone: The Magic of Radio 1988 October by Carolyn Yoder9.10
Cobblestone: The Two-Party System 1988 November by Carolyn Yoder9.11
Cobblestone: Louisa May Alcott 1988 December by Editor Caroline Yoder9.12
Cobblestone: Children Who Shaped History 1989 January by Carolyn Yoder10.01
Cobblestone: Frederick Douglass Fighter for Freedom 1989 February by Carolyn P. Yoder10.02
Cobblestone: Important Supreme Court Cases 1989 March by Carolyn Yoder10.03
Cobblestone: Hispanic Americans 1989 April by Carolyn Yoder10.04
Cobblestone: Entrepreneurs of the Past 1989 May by Carolyn P. Yoder10.05
Cobblestone: Dine the People of the Navajo Nation 1989 July by Cobblestone magazine10.07
Cobblestone: Environmentalism 1989 August by Carolyn P. Yoder10.08
Cobblestone: Thomas Jefferson 1989 September by Carolyn P. Yoder10.09
Cobblestone: Tuning In To Television 1989 October by Carolyn P. Yoder10.10
Cobblestone: Pilgrims to a New World 1989 November by Carolyn Yoder10.11
Cobblestone: Norman Rockwell 1989 December by Carolyn P. Yoder10.12
Cobblestone: What is History? 1990 January by Carolyn P. Yoder11.01
Cobblestone: The People of Williamsburg 1990 February by Carolyn Yoder11.02
Cobblestone: The Mississippi River 1990 March by Carolyn P. Yoder11.03
Cobblestone: Taking Stock of Wall Street 1990 April by Carolyn P. Yoder11.04
Cobblestone: The Santa Fe Trail 1990 May by Carolyn P. Yoder11.05
Cobblestone: Colonial Craftsmen 1990 June by Robert D. San Souci11.06
Cobblestone: Amelia Earhart 1990 July by Carolyn P. Yoder11.07
Cobblestone: America's Zoos 1990 August by Cobblestone magazine11.08
Cobblestone: Joseph a Chief of the Nez Perce 1990 September by Carolyn P. Yoder11.09
Cobblestone: Energy Powering Our Nation 1990 October by Cobblestone magazine11.10
Cobblestone: To the North Pole 1990 November by Carolyn P. Yoder11.11
Cobblestone: Hawai'i 1990 December by Cobblestone magazine11.12
Cobblestone: Annie Oakley and the Wild West 1991 January by Lyell C. Dawes12.01
Cobblestone: The Harlem Renaissance 1991 February by Cobblestone magazine12.02
Cobblestone: Chinese Americans 1991 March by Carolyn P. Yoder12.03
Cobblestone: Contest for Empire 1754-1763 1991 April by Carolyn Yoder12.04
Cobblestone: The Cold War 1991 May by Carolyn P. Yoder12.05
Cobblestone: The National Road 1991 June by Carolyn P. Yoder12.06
Cobblestone: America's Historic Parks 1991 July by Cobblestone magazine12.07
Cobblestone: America's Folk Art 1991 August by Cobblestone Editors12.08
Cobblestone: Our Bill of Rights 1991 September by Lyell C. Dawes12.09
Cobblestone: The People's President Andrew Jackson 1991 October by Carolyn P. Yoder12.10
Cobblestone: The Story of American Jews 1991 November by Cobblestone magazine12.11
Cobblestone: Mountain Men 1991 December by 10 Articles and 10 Authors Mountain Men12.12
Cobblestone: The Legacy of Columbus 1992 January by Sarah Elder Hale13.01
Cobblestone: First Ladies 1992 March by Cobblestone magazine13.03
Cobblestone: George Washington 1992 April by Various13.04
Cobblestone: The United States and France 1992 May by Cobblestone magazine13.05
Cobblestone: The Sioux 1992 June by Cobblestone magazine13.06
Cobblestone: Benjamin Franklin 1992 July by Cobblestone magazine13.07
Cobblestone: The History of Labor 1992 August by Cobblestone magazine13.08
Cobblestone: Indians of the Northwest Coast 1992 September by Carolyn P. Yoder13.09
Cobblestone: Italian Americans 1992 October by Cobblestone magazine13.10
Cobblestone: World War II Americans in Europe by Carolyn P. Yoder14.01
Cobblestone: The Antislavery Movement 1993 February by Carolyn P. Yoder14.02
Cobblestone: Teddy Roosevelt 1993 March by Cobblestone magazine14.03
Cobblestone: The Cultures of Pre-Columbian North America 1993 April by Carolyn P. Yoder14.04
Cobblestone: Duke Ellington A Musical Genius 1993 May by COBBLESTONE MAGAZINE14.05
Cobblestone: Pirates 1993 June by Carolyn P. Yoder14.06
Cobblestone: Robert E. Lee 1993 July by Cobblestone: The history magazine for young people14.07
Cobblestone: Prohibition 1993 August by Carolyn P. Yoder14.08
Cobblestone: The Adams Family 1993 September by Carolyn P. Yoder14.09
Cobblestone: Kid Power Changing Public Policy 1993 October by Carolyn P. Yoder14.10
Cobblestone: World War II Americans in the Pacific by Cobblestone magazine15.01
Cobblestone: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement 1994 February by Cobblestone magazine15.02
Cobblestone: Irish Americans 1994 March by Randy Krehbiel15.03
Cobblestone: Jamestown 1994 April by Editor Carolyn P. Yoder15.04
Cobblestone: Abraham Lincoln 1994 May by Carolyn P. Yoder15.05
Cobblestone: Women Inventors 1994 June by Caroline P. Yoder15.06
Cobblestone: Sam Houston 1994 July by Carolyn P. Yoder15.07
Cobblestone: Louis Armstrong and the Art of Jazz 1994 August by Cobblestone magazine15.08
Cobblestone: Indians of the Northeast Coast 1994 September by Cobblestone magazine15.09
Cobblestone: Americans Abroad 1994 December by Cobblestone magazine15.10
Cobblestone: Famous Dates 1995 January by Meg Chorlian16.01
Cobblestone: Buffalo Soldiers 1995 February by Cobblestone magazine16.02
Cobblestone: Emily Dickinson 1995 March by Meg Chorlian16.03
Cobblestone: Franklin D. Roosevelt 1995 April by Pam Gingold16.04
Cobblestone: Polish Americans 1995 May by Cobblestone magazine16.05
Cobblestone: New York City 1995 June by Meg Chorlian16.06
Cobblestone: Deerfield A Colonial Perspective 1995 July by Meg Chorlian16.07
Cobblestone: St. Augustine America's Oldest City 1995 August by Eugene Lyon16.08
Cobblestone: Ulysses S. Grant 1995 October by Meg Chorlian16.09
Cobblestone: The Quakers 1995 October by Meg Chorlain16.10
Cobblestone: An Historical Look at Washington, D.C. 1996 January17.01
Cobblestone: James and Dolley Madison 1996 March by Cobblestone magazine17.03
Cobblestone: Japanese Americans 1996 April by Meg Editor Chorlian17.04
Cobblestone: Outlaws of the West 1996 May by Meg Editor Chorlian17.05
Cobblestone: The Monroe Presidency [1996 Sep] by Meg Chorlian17.06
Cobblestone: Elections in America [1996 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine17.07
Cobblestone: Geronimo and the Apache Indians [1996 Nov] by Cobblestone magazine17.08
Cobblestone: Greek Americans [1996 Dec] by Cobblestone magazine17.09
Cobblestone: Our Grand Old Flag 1997 January by Cobblestone magazine18.01
Cobblestone: The Tuskegee Airmen 1997 February by Meg Chorlian18.02
Cobblestone: Celebrating History Texas Style 1997 March by Cobblestone magazine18.03
Cobblestone: Stonewall Jackson 1997 April by Robert K. Krick18.04
Cobblestone: The Mormon Pioneer Trail 1997 May by Meg Chorlian18.05
Cobblestone: USS Constitution [1997 Sep] by etc. meg chorlian18.06
Cobblestone: The Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862 [1997 Oct] by Meg Chorlian18.07
Cobblestone: The Battle of the Little Bighorn [1997 Nov] by etc. meg chorlian18.08
Cobblestone: The California Gold Rush [1997 Dec] by etc. meg chorlian18.09
Cobblestone: Free Speech 1998 January by Cobblestone magazine19.01
Cobblestone: African American Education 1998 February by Meg Chorlian19.02
Cobblestone: The Treaty of Versailles 1919 1998 March by etc. meg chorlian19.03
Cobblestone: Orphan Trains 1998 April by Meg Chorlian19.04
Cobblestone: New Mexico 1998 May by Cobblestone magazine19.05
Cobblestone: Roger Williams and The Lively Experiment of Rhode Island [1998 Sep] by Meg Chorlian19.06
Cobblestone: The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 [1998 Oct] by Meg Chorlian19.07
Cobblestone: The Ojibwe Indians of the Great Lakes [1998 Nov] by Cobblestone magazine19.08
Cobblestone: The Battle of Vicksburg [1998 Dec] by Terry Winschel19.09
Cobblestone: Freedom of the Press 1999 January by Cobblestone magazine20.01
Cobblestone: African American Pioneers and Homesteaders 1999 February by Cobblestone magazine20.02
Cobblestone: Jane Addams 1860-1935 1999 March by Meg Chorlian20.03
Cobblestone: Andrew Carnegie 1999 April by Meg Chorlian20.04
Cobblestone: The Spanish-American War 1898 1999 May by Cobblestone magazine20.05
Cobblestone: The Cliff Dwellers [1999 Sep] by Cobblestone magazine20.06
Cobblestone: Sieur de la Salle [1999 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine20.07
Cobblestone: Benedict Arnold [1999 Nov] by Patricia E. Baker20.08
Cobblestone: Children in the Civil War [1999 Dec] by Cobblestone magazine20.09
Cobblestone: Freedom of Religion 2000 January by Cobblestone magazine21.01
Cobblestone: W.E.B. DuBois 2000 February by Cobblestone magazine21.02
Cobblestone: Elizabeth Cady Stanton 2000 March by Cobblestone magazine21.03
Cobblestone: The Gilded Age 2000 April by Cobblestone magazine21.04
Cobblestone: Armenian Americans [2000 May] by Lucine Kasbarian21.05
Cobblestone: The White House [2000 Sep] by Meg Chorlian21.06
Cobblestone: King Philip's War 1675-1676 [2000 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine21.07
Cobblestone: Spain and the American Revolution [2000 Nov] by Meg Chorlian21.08
Cobblestone: The US - Mexican War 1846-1848 [2000 Dec] by Meg Chorlian21.09
Cobblestone: Jefferson Davis 2001 January by Cobblestone magazine22.01
Cobblestone: Ida B. Wells-Barnett 2001 February by Cobblestone magazine22.02
Cobblestone: The Mill Girls from Farm to Factory 2001 March by Cobblestone magazine22.03
Cobblestone: The Panama Canal 2001 April by Meg Chorlian22.04
Cobblestone: German Americans 2001 May by Cobblestone magazine22.05
Cobblestone: Samoset and Squanto [2001 Sep] by Meg Chorlian22.06
Cobblestone: Bacon's Rebellion [2001 Oct] by Meg Chorlian22.07
Cobblestone: Arts & Crafts of the Middle Atlantic Colonies [2001 Nov] by Cobblestone magazine22.08
Cobblestone: The Swamp Fox [2001 Dec] by Cobblestone magazine22.09
Cobblestone: The Compromise of 1850 2002 January by Cobblestone magazine23.01
Cobblestone: The NAACP 2002 February by Meg Chorlian23.02
Cobblestone: Literary Ladies of the 19th Century 2002 March by Meg Chorlian23.03
Cobblestone: Alaska 2002 April by Cobblestone magazine23.04
Cobblestone: Arab Americans 2002 May by Cobblestone magazine23.05
Cobblestone: Charles Carroll of Carrollton [2002 Sep] by Meg Chorlian23.06
Cobblestone: The Battles of Lexington and Concord [2002 Oct] by Meg Chorlian23.07
Cobblestone: The California Trail [2002 Nov] by Meg Chorlian23.08
Cobblestone: Cavalry in the Civil War [2002 Dec] by Meg Chorlian23.09
Cobblestone: Balancing the Power 2003 January by Meg Chorlian24.01
Cobblestone: The Underground Railroad and the Antislavery Movement 2003 February by Meg Chorlian24.02
Cobblestone: The Dust Bowl 2003 April by Meg Chorlian24.04
Cobblestone: Scandinavian Americans 2003 May by Cobblestone magazine24.05
Cobblestone: The National Archives [2003 Sep] by Frances Brown24.06
Cobblestone: Indians of the Southeast [2003 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine24.07
Cobblestone: Anne Hutchinson, Puritan Rebel [2003 Nov]24.08
Cobblestone: Navy in the Civil War 2004 January by Meg Chorlian25.01
Cobblestone: Tenement Life 2004 February by Meg Chorlian25.02
Cobblestone: Voting Rights 2004 March by Meg Chorlian25.03
Cobblestone: Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery 2004 April by Cobblestone magazine25.04
Cobblestone: Mexican Americans 2004 May by Cobblestone magazine25.05
Cobblestone: A Closer Look at the Electoral College 2004 June by Cobblestone magazine25.06
Cobblestone: Life and Liberty in Colonial Philadelphia [2004 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine25.07
Cobblestone: On the Frontier with George Rogers Clark 2004 August by Cobblestone magazine25.08
Cobblestone: Shays' Rebellion [2004 Dec] by Cobblestone magazine25.09
Cobblestone: Awesome Inventions That Changed Our Lives 2005 January by Cobblestone magazine26.01
Cobblestone: Women in the Civil War 2005 February by Cobblestone magazine26.02
Cobblestone: The Scoop on Muckrakers 2005 March by Cobblestone magazine26.03
Cobblestone: A Legacy of Labor The Civilian Conservation Corps 2005 April by Cobblestone magazine26.04
Cobblestone: Russians in America 2005 May by Cobblestone magazine26.05
Cobblestone: Contest for Empire The French and Indian War [2005 Sep] by Cobblestone magazine26.06
Cobblestone: Manassas [2005 Nov] by Cobblestone magazine26.08
Cobblestone: Congress 2006 January by Cobblestone magazine27.01
Cobblestone: Ellis Island 2006 February by Cobblestone magazine27.02
Cobblestone: The Great War Women Join the Fight [2006 Mar] by Cobblestone magazine27.03
Cobblestone: Those Roaring Twenties 2006 April by Cobblestone magazine27.04
Cobblestone: Duty, Honor, Country [2006 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine27.05
Cobblestone: Rediscovering Jamestown [2006 Sep] by Meg Chorlian27.06
Cobblestone: Road to Yorktown [2006 Oct]27.07
Cobblestone: Golden Age of the Steamboat [2006 Nov] by Cobblestone magazine27.08
Cobblestone: Ulysses S. Grant Unlikely Hero [2006 Dec] by Cobblestone magazine27.09
Cobblestone: Hooray for Hollywood 2007 January by Cobblestone magazine28.01
Cobblestone: Not So Little Woman 2007 February by Cobblestone magazine28.02
Cobblestone: Hit the Road with Henry Ford 2007 March by Cobblestone magazine28.03
Cobblestone: D-Day Turning the Tide of WWII 2007 April by Meg Chorlian28.04
Cobblestone: All the Way with JFK 2007 May by Cobblestone magazine28.05
Cobblestone: Behind the Scenes of Ken Burns' The War 2007 June by Cobblestone magazine28.06
Cobblestone: The Birth of New York 2007 July by Cobblestone magazine28.07
Cobblestone: The Many Faces of George Washington 2007 August by Cobblestone magazine28.08
Cobblestone: Our Constitution 2007 September by Cobblestone magazine28.09
Cobblestone: Into the West 2008 January by Cobblestone magazine29.01
Cobblestone: Art and the Civil War 2008 February by Cobblestone magazine29.02
Cobblestone: Tough Times Surviving the Great Depression 2008 March by Cobblestone magazine29.03
Cobblestone: Get on the Bus! 2008 April by Cobblestone magazine29.04
Cobblestone: Citizenship American-Style [2008 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine29.05
Cobblestone: Office of the President (2008 July/Aug) by Cobblestone magazine29.06
Cobblestone: Hamilton vs. Jefferson The Rise of Political Parties 2008 July by Cobblestone magazine29.07
Cobblestone: Lincoln With Malice Toward None [2008 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine29.08
Cobblestone: Voices for Peace 2008 September by Cobblestone magazine29.09
Cobblestone: A Fair to Remember 2009 February by Cobblestone magazine30.02
Cobblestone: Women Want the Vote! 2009 March by Cobblestone magazine30.03
Cobblestone: Journey to the North Pole 2009 April by Cobblestone magazine30.04
Cobblestone: Twain's World 2009 May by Cobblestone magazine30.05
Cobblestone: American Inventions A-Z 2009 June by Cobblestone magazine30.06
Cobblestone: Our National Parks 2009 July by Cobblestone magazine30.07
Cobblestone: Pilgrims Rock the New World 2009 August by Cobblestone magazine30.08
Cobblestone: John Adams Join or Die 2009 September by Cobblestone magazine30.09
Cobblestone: Thirty Greatest Americans 2010 January by Cobblestone magazine31.01
Cobblestone: Gettysburg Civil War Turning Point 2010 February by Cobblestone magazine31.02
Cobblestone: The Great Bridge 2010 March by Cobblestone magazine31.03
Cobblestone: Let's Play Ball 2010 April by Cobblestone magazine31.04
Cobblestone: Thirty Greatest American Events [2010 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine31.05
Cobblestone: It's All American! [2010 July/Aug] by Cobblestone magazine31.06
Cobblestone: Deadly Diseases [2010 Sep] by Cobblestone magazine31.07
Cobblestone: Surrender at Saratoga [2010 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine31.08
Cobblestone: Henry Clay: The Man with a Plan [2010 Nov/Dec] by Cobblestone magazine31.09
Cobblestone: 23 Little-Known Events That Changed America 2011 January by Cobblestone magazine32.01
Cobblestone: 1863 A Year in the Civil War 2011 February by Meg Chorlian32.02
Cobblestone: The Importance of Being Eleanor 2011 March by Cobblestone magazine32.03
Cobblestone: Click! Photos That Made History 2011 April by Cobblestone magazine32.04
Cobblestone: Take It to the Bank [2011 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine32.05
Cobblestone: 49 Great American Writers [2011 July/Aug] by Cobblestone magazine32.06
Cobblestone: Early Explorers [2011 Sep] by Cobblestone magazine32.07
Cobblestone: 1861 A Year in the Civil War [2011 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine32.08
Cobblestone: Attack on Pearl Harbor [2011 Nov/Dec] by Cobblestone magazine32.09
Cobblestone: A Visit to Mount Vernon [2012 Jan] by Cobblestone magazine33.01
Cobblestone: How We Keep In Touch [2012 Feb] by Cobblestone magazine33.02
Cobblestone: The Perfect Storm [2012 Mar] by Cobblestone magazine33.03
Cobblestone: Titanic : Tragedy at Sea, 100 Years Later [2012 Apr] by Cobblestone magazine33.04
Cobblestone: Next Stop... New York's Subway [2012 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine33.05
Cobblestone: Keeping it Green [2012 July/Aug] by Cobblestone magazine33.06
Cobblestone: By Dawn's Early Light: The War of 1812 [2012 Oct] by Cobblestone magazine33.08
Cobblestone: 1862 A Year in the Civil War [2012 Nov/Dec] by Cobblestone magazine33.09
Cobblestone: A Visit to the White House Neighborhood [2013 Jan] by Cobblestone magazine34.01
Cobblestone: March on Washington [2013 Feb] by Cobblestone magazine34.02
Cobblestone: Check Out the Library of Congress [2013 Mar] by Cobblestone magazine34.03
Cobblestone: Building the Bomb [2013 Apr] by Cobblestone magazine34.04
Cobblestone: The New Face of Immigration [2013 May/June] by Cobblestone magazine34.05
Cobblestone: Theodore Roosevelt Larger Than Life [2014 Apr] by Cobblestone magazine35.04
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, Defender of the Union by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Antietam, Day of Courage and Sorrow by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Gettysburg, Bold Battle in the North by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Nation at War by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Rebuilding a Nation by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Robert E. Lee Duty and Honor by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Stonewall Jackson Spirit of the South by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant Confident Leader and Hero by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War
Cobblestone - The Civil War: Young Heroes of the North and South by Sarah Elder HaleThe Civil War

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Series description

Cobblestone: Discover American History is a magazine geared towards the middle-school aged student.
It is published to coincide with the average student's school year; in total 9 issues/annually.
Issue 1, January
Issue 2, February
Issue 3, March
Issue 4, April
Issue 5, May/June
Issue 6, July/August
Issue 7, September
Issue 8, October
Issue 9, November (No Dec).

Cobblestone was first published in 1980, under the title/subtitle: Cobblestone : the history magazine for young people.
From 1980 (vol. 1) thru 1991 (vol. 12) - issues were published monthly; 12/annually.
From 1992 (vol. 13) thru 1995 (vol. 16) - issues published monthly for: Jan-June, and Sep-Dec; 10/annually.
From 1996 (vol. 17) thru 2007 (vol. 28) - issues published monthly for Jan-May and Sep-Dec; 9 issues/annually.
From 2008 (vol. 29) thru 2013 (vol. 34) - issues published monthly for Jan-Apr and Sep-Oct, with joint issues pubished for months May/June, July/Aug, Nov/Dec; 9 issues/annually.
From 2014 (vol. 35) to current - issues published monthly Jan-Apr and Sep-Nov with joint issues published for months May/June, July/Aug; 9 issues/annually.


How do series work?

To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it.

Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia, disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series.

Tip: If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title (eg., "Chronicles of Prydain (book 1)"). By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the | character to divide the number and the descriptor. So, "(0|prequel)" sorts by 0 under the label "prequel."

What isn't a series?

Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such (see Wikipedia: Book series). Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations, on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification (eg., avoid lumping Jane Austen with her continuators).

Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works.


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