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Black labor in America by Milton Cantor2
Bitter-sweet Encounter: Afro-American and the American Jew by Robert G. Weisbord5
Private Black Colleges at the Crossroads (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Daniel C. Thompson13
"Good time coming?" : Black Nevadans in the nineteenth century by Elmer R. Rusco15
Silence to the Drums: A Survey of the Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Margaret Perry18
No Crystal Stair: Black Life and the "Messenger," 1917-1928 (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Theodore Kornweibel20
Henry Sylvester Williams and the origins of the pan-African movement, 1869-1911 by Hollis Lynch21
Blacks in the West by William Sherman Savage23
Frederick Douglass on women's rights by Frederick Douglass25
Red over Black : Black slavery among the Cherokee Indians by R. Halliburton27
The FLN in Algeria : party development in a revolutionary society30
Africans and Seminoles: From Removal to Emancipation by Jr. Daniel F. Littlefield32
American socialism and Black Americans : from the age of Jackson to World War II by Philip Sheldon Foner33
The American slave : a composite autobiography : supplement, series 1 by George P. Rawick35.3
The American slave: a composite autobiography: supplement, series 1, v. 6. Mississippi narratives, part 1 by George P. Rawick35.6
Trabelin' on : the slave journey to an Afro-Baptist faith by Mechal Sobel36
Witnessing Slavery: The Development of Ante-Bellum Slave Narratives by Frances Smith Foster46
Africans and Creeks: From the Colonial Period to the Civil War by Daniel F. Littlefield47
Black Women Novelists: The Development of a Tradition, 1892-1976 (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Barbara Christian52
The World of Black Singles: Changing Patterns of Male/Female Relations by Robert Staples57
The Politics of Literary Expression: A Study of Major Black Writers by Donald B. Gibson63
Black Americans and the Missionary Movement in Africa by Sylvia M. Jacobs66
A case of Black and white : northern volunteers and the southern freedom summers, 1964-1965 by Mary Aickin Rothschild69
Gatekeepers of black culture : black-owned book publishing in the United States, 1817-1981 by Donald F. Joyce70
The Black press in the South, 1865-1979 by Henry Lewis Suggs74
dark continent: africa as seen by americans by Michael McCarthy75
Voices from under : Black narrative in Latin America and the Caribbean by William Luis76
African culture : the rhythms of unity by Molefi Kete Asante81
The International Politics of Africa's Strategic Minerals by Oye Ogunbadejo88
Wilson Harris and the modern tradition : a new architecture of the world93
Conscientious sorcerers : the Black postmodernist fiction of Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Ishmael Reed, and Samuel R. Delany by Robert Elliot Fox106
Assimilation Blues: Black Families in White Communities: Who Succeeds and Why by Beverly Daniel Tatum108
Sacred Symphony: The Chanted Sermon of the Black Preacher by Jon Michael Spencer111
Pride Against Prejudice: The Biography of Larry Doby by Joseph Thomas Moore113
Their Place on the Stage: Black Women Playwrights in America by Elizabeth Brown-Guillory117
Black novelist as white racist : the myth of Black inferiority in the novels of Oscar Micheaux by Joseph A. Young123
African-American Principals: School Leadership and Success by Kofi Lomotey124
Black and White Racial Identity by Janet E. Helms129
Black Students and School Failure by Jacqueline Jordan Irvine131
Education of the African American Adult: An Historical Overview (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies) by Harvey G. Neufeldt134
Wines in the wilderness : plays by African American women from the Harlem Renaissance to the present by Elizabeth Brown-Guillory135
Anancy in the Great House: Ways of Reading West Indian Fiction by Joyce Jonas136
The poet's Africa : Africanness in the poetry of Nicolás Guillén and Aimé Césaire by Aurelia Kubayanda138
From exclusion to inclusion : the long struggle for African American political power by Ralph C. Gomes148
The Black Laws in the Old Northwest: A Documentary History by Stephen Middleton152
Religion and Suicide in the African-American Community by Kevin E. Early158
Folk Wisdom and Mother Wit: John Lee--An African American Herbal Healer by Arvilla Payne-Jackson161
Financing Health Care in Sub-Saharan Africa by Ronald J. Vogel164
Time in the Black experience by Joseph K. Adjaye167
Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Rastus: Blacks in Advertising, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Marilyn Kern Foxworth168
Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance: Dance and Other Contexts by Brenda Dixon Gottschild179
The Baltimore Afro-American, 1892-1950 by Hayward Farrar185
Religious and Political Ethics in Africa: A Moral Inquiry188
Critical Essays on Alice Walker by Ikenna Dieke189
Black women writers and the American neo-slave narrative : femininity unfettered by Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu192
African settings in contemporary American novels by Dave Kuhne193
The Harlem group of Negro writers by Melvin B. Tolson203

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LT is missing (lots): The Black teacher and the dramatic arts; a dialogue, bibliography, and anthology edited by William R. Reardon and Thomas D. Pawley(no.3); Refugees south of the Sahara; an African dilemma edited by Hugh C. Brooks and Yassin El-Ayouty(no.4); The decline and abolition of Negro slavery in Venezuela, 1820-1854 by John V. Lombardi(no.7); A bio-bibliography of Counté P. Cullen, 1903-1946 by Margaret Perry(no.8); The abbé Grégoire, 1787-1831; the odyssey of an egalitarian by Ruth F. Necheles(no.9); Nigeria: dilemma of nationhood; an African analysis of the Biafran conflict edited by Joseph Okpaku(no.12); Periodic markets, urbanization, and regional planning : a case study from Western Kenya by Robert A. Obudho and Peter P. Waller(no.22); Internal combustion : the races in Detroit, 1915-1926 by David Allan Levine(no.24); Travail and triumph : Black life and culture in the South since the Civil War by Arnold H. Taylor(no.26); New rulers in the ghetto : the community development corporation and urban poverty by Harry Edward Berndt(no.28); Black ethos : northern urban Negro life and thought, 1890-1930 by David Gordon Nielson(no.29); Old roots in new lands : historical and anthropological perspectives on Black experiences in the Americas edited by Ann M. Pescatello(no.31); Black academic libraries and research collections : an historical survey by Jessie Carney Smith(no.34); Revisiting Blassingame’s The slave community : the scholars respond edited by Al-Tony Gilmore(no.37); Schooling for the new slavery : Black industrial education, 1868-1915 by Donald Spivey(no.38); The "hindered hand" : cultural implications of early African-American fiction by Arlene A. Elder(no.39); The Cherokee freedmen : from emancipation to American citizenship by Daniel F. Littlefield(no.40); The separate problem : case studies of Black education in the North, 1900-1930 by Judy Jolley Mohraz(no.42); The slave drivers : Black agricultural labor supervisors in the antebellum South by William L. Van Deburg(no.43); The Black rural landowner--endangered species : social, political, and economic implications edited by Leo McGee and Robert Boone(no.44); Keep a-inchin’ along : selected writings of Carl Van Vechten about Black art and letters edited by Bruce Kellner(no.45); Decolonization and dependency : problems of development of African societies edited by Aguibou Y. Yansane(no.48); The American slave : a composite autobiography : supplement, series 2 edited by George P. Rawick(no.49); The second Black renaissance : essays in Black literature by C. W. E. Bigsby(no.50); Advice among masters : the ideal in slave management in the Old South edited by James O. Breeden(no.51); Towards African literary independence : a dialogue with contemporary African writers by Phanuel Akubueze Egejuru(no.53); The African nexus : Black American perspectives on the European partitioning of Africa, 1880-1920 by Sylvia M. Jacobs(no.55); Freedom and prejudice : the legacy of slavery in the United States and Brazil by Robert Brent Toplin(no.56); Survival and progress : the Afro-American experience by L. Alex Swan(no.58); Blood and flesh : Black American and African identifications by Josephine Moraa Moikobu(no.59); From DuBois to Van Vechten : the early new Negro literature, 1903-1926 by Chidi Ikonné(no.60); About my father’s business : the life of Elder Michaux by Lillian Ashcraft Webb(no.61); War and race : the Black officer in the American military, 1915-1941 by Gerald W. Patton(no.62); Science, myth, reality : the Black family in one-half century of research by Eleanor Engram(no.64); Index to the American slave edited by Donald M. Jacobs and Steven Fershleiser(no.65); Ambivalent friends : Afro-Americans view the immigrant by Arnold Shankman(no.67); The Afro-Yankees : Providence’s Black community in the antebellum era by Robert J. Cottrol(no.68); The craft of an absolute winner : characterization and narratology in the novels of Machado de Assis by Maria Luisa Nunes(no.71); Black marriage and family therapy edited by Constance E. Obudho(no.72); The womb of space : the cross-cultural imagination by Wilson Harris(no.73); Contemporary public policy perspectives and black Americans : issues in an era of retrenchment politics edited by Mitchell F. Rice and Woodrow Jones(no.77); Student culture and activism in black South African universities : the roots of resistance by Mokubung O. Nkomo(no.78); The cinema of Ousmane Sembene, a pioneer of African film by Françoise Pfaff(no.79); More than drumming : essays on African and Afro-Latin music and musicians edited by Irene V. Jackson(no.80); Philanthropy and Jim Crow in American social science by John H. Stanfield(no.82); More than dancing : essays on Afro-American music and musicians edited by Irene V. Jackson(no.83); Israel in the Black American perspective Robert G. Weisbord and Richard Kazarian(no.84); Writing "independent" history : African historiography, 1960-1980 by Caroline Neale(no.85); Sterling A. Brown : building the Black aesthetic tradition by Joanne V. Gabbin(no.86); Black theatre in the 1960s and 1970s : a historical-critical analysis of the movement by Mance Williams(no.87); An old creed for the new South : proslavery ideology and historiography, 1865-1918 by John David Smith(no.89); Amalgamation! : race, sex, and rhetoric in the nineteenth-century American novel by James Kinney(no.90); Portrait of an expatriate : William Gardner Smith, writer by LeRoy S. Hodges(no.91); Africa and the West : the legacies of empire edited by Isaac James Mowoe and Richard Bjornson(no.92); Alain Locke and philosophy : a quest for cultural pluralism by Johnny Washington(no.94); Race, politics, and culture : critical essays on the radicalism of the 1960’s edited by Adolph Reed(no.95); Wole Soyinka and modern tragedy : a study of dramatic theory and practice by Ketu H. Katrak(no.96); The white press and Black America by Carolyn Martindale(no.97); A Black elite : a profile of graduates of UNCF colleges by Daniel C. Thompson(no.98); "De Lawd" : Richard B. Harrison and The green pastures by Walter C. Daniel(no.99); Health care issues in Black America : policies, problems, and prospects edited by Woodrow Jones and Mitchell F. Rice(no.100); Alexander Crummell : pioneer in nineteenth-century Pan-African thought by Gregory U. Rigsby(no.101); The character of the word : the texts of Zora Neale Hurston by Karla F.C. Holloway(no.102); Black sailors : Afro-American merchant seamen and whalemen prior to the Civil War by Martha S. Putney(no.103); Surprizing narrative : Olaudah Equiano and the beginnings of Black autobiography by Angelo Costanzo(no.104); A revolution gone backward : the Black response to national politics, 1876-1896 by Bess Beatty(no.105); The short fiction of Rudolph Fisher edited and introduced by Margaret Perry(no.107); Take five : collected poems, 1971-1986 by Kenneth A. McClane(no.109); He, too, spoke for democracy : Judge Hastie, World War II, and the black soldier by Phillip McGuire(no.110); The Crisis and challenge of African development edited by Harvey Glickman(no.112); The Trinidad awakening : West Indian literature of the nineteen-thirties by Reinhard W. Sander(no.114); African literature, African critics : the forming of critical standards, 1947-1966 Rand Bishop(no.115); Visible now : Blacks in private schools edited by Diana T. Slaughter and Deborah J. Johnson(no.116); From folklore to fiction : a study of folk heroes and rituals in the Black American novel by H. Nigel Thomas(no.118); Feel the Spirit : studies in nineteenth-century Afro-American music edited by George R. Keck and Sherrill V. Martin(no.119); Ghanaian literatures edited by Richard K. Priebe(no.120); From a caste to a minority : changing attitudes of American sociologists toward Afro-Americans, 1896-1945 by Vernon J. Williams(no.121); Capital and the state in Nigeria by John F.E. Ohiorhenuan(no.122); Famine in East Africa : food production and food policies by Ronald E. Seavoy(no.125); Archetypes, imprecators, and victims of fate : origins and developments of satire in Black drama by Femi Euba(no.126); Class and consciousness : the Black petty bourgeoisie in South Africa, 1924 to 1950 by Alan Gregor Cobley(no.127); Black music in the Harlem Renaissance : a collection of essays edited by Samuel A. Floyd(no.128); American policy and African famine : the Nigeria-Biafra War, 1966-1970 by Joseph E. Thompson(no.130); The Wealth of races : the present value of benefits from past injustices edited by Richard F. America(no.132); Anne, the white woman in contemporary African-American fiction : archetypes stereotypes, and characterizations by Anna Maria Chupa(no.133); Ethiopia : failure of land reform and agricultural crisis by Kidane Mengisteab(no.137); Telling tales : the pedagogy and promise of African American literature for youth by Dianne Johnson(no.139); The racial problem in the works of Richard Wright and James Baldwin by Jean-François Gounard(no.140);

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