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A Reader on the Sanskrit Grammarians by Johan F. Staal1
Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar by Ray Jackendoff2
The Structure of the Japanese Language by Susumu Kuno3
Speech Sounds and Features by Gunnar Fant4
On Raising: An Inquiry into One Rule of English Grammar and Its Theoretical Implications by Paul M. Postal5
French Syntax: The Transformational Cycle by Richard S. Kayne6
Pāṇini as a Variationist by Paul Kiparsky7
Semantics and Cognition by Ray S. Jackendoff8
Phonology and Syntax: The Relation between Sound and Structure by Elisabeth O. Selkirk10
The Grammatical Basis of Linguistic Performance: Language Use and Acquisition by Robert C. Berwick11
Introduction to the theory of grammar by Henk van Riemsdijk12
Word and sentence prosody in Serbocroatian by Ilse Lehiste13
The Representation of (In)definiteness by Eric J. Reuland14
An Essay on Stress by Morris Halle15
Language and Problems of Knowledge: The Managua Lectures by Noam Chomsky16
A Course in GB Syntax: Lectures on Binding and Empty Categories by Howard Lasnik17
Semantic Structures by Ray S. Jackendoff18
Principles and Parameters in Comparative Grammar by Robert Freidin20
Foundations of Generative Syntax by Robert Freidin21
Move α: Conditions on Its Application and Output by Howard Lasnik22
Plurals and Events by Barry Schein23
The View from Building 20: Essays in Linguistics in Honor of Sylvain Bromberger by Kenneth L. Hale24
Grounded Phonology by Diana Archangeli25
The magic of a common language : Jakobson, Mathesius, Trubetzkoy, and the Prague Linguistic Circle by Jindrich Toman26
Zero Syntax: Experiencers and Cascades by David Pesetsky27
The Minimalist Program by Noam Chomsky28
Three Investigations of Extraction (Current Studies in Linguistics) by Paul M. Postal29
Principle B, VP Ellipsis, and Interpretation in Child Grammar by Rosalind Thornton31
Working Minimalism by Samuel David Epstein32
Syntactic Structures Revisited: Contemporary Lectures on Classic Transformational Theory by Howard Lasnik33
Verbal Complexes by Hilda Koopman34
Parasitic Gaps by Peter W. Culicover35
Ken Hale: A Life in Language by Michael J. Kenstowicz36
Flexibility Principles in Boolean Semantics: The Interpretation of Coordination, Plurality, and Scope in Natural Language (Current Studies in Linguistics) by Yoad Winter37
Phrase Structure Composition and Syntactic Dependencies by Robert Frank38
Representation Theory by Edwin Williams39
The Syntax of Time by Jacqueline Guéron40
Situations and Individuals by Paul D. Elbourne41
Wh-Movement: Moving On by Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng42
The Computational Nature of Language Learning and Evolution by Partha Niyogi43
Standard Basque: A Progressive Grammar by Rudolf P. G. de Rijk44
Foundational Issues in Linguistic Theory: Essays in Honor of Jean-Roger Vergnaud by Robert Freidin45
The Boundaries of Babel: The Brain and the Enigma of Impossible Languages by Andrea Moro46
The Nature of the Word: Studies in Honor of Paul Kiparsky by Kristin Hanson47
Contemporary Views on Architecture and Representations in Phonology by Eric Raimy48
Hypothesis A-Hypothesis B : linguistic explorations in honor of David M. Perlmutter by David M. Perlmutter49

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  1. Barriers by Noam Chomsky (1986)
  2. Lectures on Government and Binding: The Pisa Lectures by Noam Chomsky (1981)
  3. Lectures on Contemporary Syntactic Theories by Peter Sells (1985)
  4. An Introduction to the Principles of Transformational Syntax by Adrian Akmajian (1975)
  5. Foundations of Language: Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution by Ray Jackendoff (2002)
  6. Linguistic Theory in America by Frederick J. Newmeyer (1980)
  7. Introduction to Government and Binding Theory by Liliane Haegeman (1991)
  8. Grammatical Theory: Its Limits and Its Possibilities by Frederick J. Newmeyer (1983)
  9. Meaning and Grammar: An Introduction to Semantics by Gennaro Chierchia (1990)
  10. Transformational Syntax: A Student's Guide to Chomsky's Extended Standard Theory by Andrew Radford (1981)
  11. An Integrated Theory of Linguistic Descriptions by Jerrold J. Katz (1964)
  12. Chomsky's Universal Grammar: An Introduction by Vivian J. Cook (1988)
  13. The Atoms of Language: The Mind's Hidden Rules of Grammar by Mark C. Baker (2001)
  14. Language, Consciousness, Culture: Essays on Mental Structure by Ray Jackendoff (2007)
  15. Language Acquisition: The Growth of Grammar (Bradford Books) by Maria Teresa Guasti (2002)

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