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Dictionary of Literary Biography: The American Renaissance in New England (Dictionary of Literary Biography, V. 1) by Joel Myerson1
American Novelists Since World War II (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol.2) by Jeffrey Helterman2
Antebellum Writers in New York and the South (Dictionary of Literary Biography, V. 3)3
American Writers in Paris, 1920-1939 (Dictionary of Literary Biography Series, No 4) by Karen L. Rood4
American Poets Since World War II: Part 1, A-K; Part 2, L-Z (Dictionary of Literary Biography)5
American Novelists Since World War II: Dictionary of Literary Biography (Dictionary of Literary Biography, V. 6) by James E. Kibler6
Dictionary Of Literary Biography, Volume 7: Twentieth Century American Dramatists, Part One: A-J by John MacNicholas7
Twentieth-Century American Dramatists: Vol. 7: Part 1: A-J & Part 2; K-Z (0810309289) by John MacNicholas7
Twentieth Century American Science Fiction Writers (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by David Cowart8
Dictionary of Literary Biography: American Novelists 1910-45 3 Vol.Set (Dictionary of Literary Biography Series, Vol 299) by James J. Martine9
Modern British dramatists, 1900-1945, 2 volumes A-L & M-Z (vol.10) 0810309378 by Stanley Weintraub10
American humorists, 1800-1950 by Stanley Trachtenberg11
Dictionary of Literary Biography: American Realists and Naturalists by Donald Pizer12
Dictionary of Literary Biography: British novelists, 1930-1959, 2 volumes, A-L, M-Z (vol. 15) 0810316374 by Bernard S. Oldsey15
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twentieth-Century American Historians by Clyde Norman Wilson17
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 22 American Writers for Children 1900-60 by John Cech22
Afro-American Fiction Writers after 1955 by Thadious M. Davis33
British novelists, 1890-1929 : traditionalists (vol. 34) 0810317125 by Thomas Staley34
Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists 1890-1929 by Thomas Staley36
Afro-American Writers after 1955: Dramatists and Prose Writers by Thadious M. Davis38
American screenwriters : second series (vol.44) 0810317222 by Randall Clark44
American Poets, 1880-1945: First Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 45) by Peter Quartermain45
American poets, 1880-1945, second series (vol.48) 0810317265 by Peter Quartermain48
Afro-American writers from the Harlem Renaissance to 1940 by Trudier Harris51
American Poets, 1880-1945: 3rd Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 54) by Peter Quartermain54
Victorian prose writers after 1867 (vol. 57) 0810317354 by William B. Thesing57
Jacobean and Caroline dramatists (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 58) 0810317362 by Fredson Bowers58
American Literary Critics and Scholars, 1800-1850 (Dictionary of Literary Biography) Volume 59 by John Rathbun59
Elizabethan Dramatists (Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 62) 0810317400 by Fredson Bowers62
Dictionary Of Literary Biography, Volume 65: French Novelists, 1900-1930 by Catherine Savage Brosman65
British mystery writers, 1860-1919 (Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol 70, 0810317486) by Bernard Benstock70
American short-story writers before 1880 (vol. 74) 0810345528 by Bobby Ellen Kimbel74
Afro-American writers, 1940-1955 by Trudier Harris76
British Mystery Writers, 1920-1939 by Bernard Benstock77
American short-story writers, 1880-1910 (volume 78) 0810345560 by Bobby Ellen Kimbel78
Restoration and eighteenth-century dramatists, first series (vol.80) 0810345587 by Paula R. Backscheider80
American short-story writers, 1910-1945. First series (volume 86) 0810345641 by Bobby Ellen Kimbel86
British Mystery and Thriller Writers Since 1940. First Series by Bernard Benstock87
American short-story writers, 1910-1945. Second series (vol. 102) 081034582X by Bobby Ellen Kimbel102
British literary publishing houses, 1881-1965 (volume 112) 0810345927 by Jonathan Rose112
Twentieth-century German dramatists, 1919-1992 by Wolfgang Elfe124
Seventeenth-century British nondramatic poets. Third series (vol. 131) 0810353903 by M. Thomas Hester131
Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. First series (volume 132) 0810353911 by David A. Richardson132
Nineteenth-century German writers to 1840 by James N. Hardin133
German writers and works of the High Middle Ages, 1170-1280 by James N. Hardin138
German writers and works of the early Middle Ages, 800-1170 by Will Hasty148
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Early Modern Russian Writers by Marcus Levitt150
British prose writers of the early seventeenth century (volume 151) 0810357127 by Clayton D. Lein151
Late-Victorian and Edwardian British novelists. First series (vol. 153) 0810357143 by George M. Johnson153
Twentieth century British literary biographers by Steven Serafin155
British short-fiction writers, 1880-1914 : the romantic tradition (volume 156) 0810357178 by William F. Naufftus156
British short-fiction writers, 1915-1945 (vol. 162) 0810393573 by John Headley Rogers162
German Baroque writers, 1580-1660 by James N. Hardin164
Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. Third series (vol. 167) 081039362X by David A. Richardson167
Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. Fourth series Vol. 172) 0810399350 by David A. Richardson172
Ancient Greek authors by Ward W. Briggs176
British fantasy and science-fiction writers before World War I (vol. 178) 0810399415 by Darren Harris-Fain178
British reform writers, 1832-1914 (vol. 190) 0787618454 by Edd Applegate190
Russian literature in the age of Pushkin and Gogol. Prose by Christine Rydel198
Twentieth-century British book collectors and bibliographers (vol. 201) 0787630721 by William Baker201
Nineteenth-Century American Fiction Writers by Kent Ljungquist202
Ernest Hemingway, a documentary volume by Robert W. Trogdon210
Pre-nineteenth-century British book collectors and bibliographers (vol. 213) 0787631078 by William Baker213
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Vol. 215 Twentieth-Century Eastern European Writers 1 by Steven Serafin215
Twentieth-century Eastern European writers. Second series by Steven Serafin220
H.L. Mencken : a documentary volume (vol. 222) 0787631310 by Richard J. Schrader222
Twentieth-century American dramatists. Second series (vol. 228) 078763137X by Christopher J. Wheatley228
Thomas Wolfe: A Documentary Volume (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Ted Mitchell229
Twentieth-century Eastern European writers. Third series by Steven Serafin232
Russian Novelists in the Age of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 238) by J. Alexander Ogden238
Dictionary of Literary Biography: James Joyce: A Documentary Volume by A. Nicholas Fargnoli247
The house of Putnam, 1837-1872 : a documentary volume: DLB Vol 254 ( 0787652482) by Ezra Greenspan254
British fantasy and science-fiction writers, 1918-1960 (vol. 255) 0787652490 by Darren Harris-Fain255
William Shakespeare : a documentary volume, DLB vol 263 (0787660078) by Catherine Loomis263
Russian prose writers between the world wars by Christine Rydel272
Russian Literature in the Age of Realism by Alyssa W. Dinega277
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Russian Prose Writers Since WWII by Christine Rydel302
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Documentary Volume by Elizabeth Miller304
American mystery and detective writers by George Anderson306
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Twentieth-Century French Dramatists by Mary Anne O'Neil321
Writers in Yiddish by Joseph Sherman333
American Short-Story Writers Since World War II: Fifth Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 335) by Margaret A. Van Antwerp335
American Radical and Reform Writers: Second Series (Dictionary of Literary Biography) by Hester Lee Furey345
Twenty-first-century Central and Eastern European writers by Steven Serafin353
Dictionary Of Literary Biography, Volume 13: British Dramatists Since World War II, Part One: A-L by Stanley Weintraub13a
Dictionary Of Literary Biography, Volume 13: British Dramatists Since World War II, Part Two: M-Z by Stanley Weintraub13b
British Novelists Since 1960 Part 2: H-Z (Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol. 14) by Jay L. Halio14b
The Beats: Literary Bohemians in Postwar America, Part 1: A-L (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 16) by Ann Charters16a
The Beats: Literary Bohemians in Postwar America, Part 2: M-Z (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 16) by Ann Charters16b
Dictionary Of Literary Biography, Volume 7: Twentieth Century American Dramatists, Part Two: K-Z by John MacNicholas7b

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