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Frühe Schriften by Martin Heidegger1
Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics by Martin Heidegger3
Elucidations of Hölderlin's Poetry by Martin Heidegger4
Nietzsche by Martin Heidegger6
Vorträge und Aufsätze by Martin Heidegger7
What Is Called Thinking? by Martin Heidegger8
Pathmarks by Martin Heidegger9
The Principle of Reason by Martin Heidegger10
Identity and Difference by Martin Heidegger11
On the Way to Language by Martin Heidegger12
Gesamtausgabe. I. Abteilung. Band 15: Seminare (1951-1973) by Martin Heidegger15
Reden und andere Zeugnisse eines Lebensweges, 1910-1976 [GA 16] by Martin Heidegger16
Introduction to phenomenological research [Einführung in die phänomenologische Forschung [GA 17]] by Martin Heidegger17
Basic concepts of Aristotelian philosophy [Grundbegriffe der aristotelischen Philosophie [GA 18]] by Martin Heidegger18
Plato's Sophist [Platon, Sophistes [GA 19]] by Martin Heidegger19
History of the concept of time : prolegomena [Prolegomena zur Geschichte des Zeitbegriffs [GA 20]] by Martin Heidegger20
Logic : the question of truth [Logik : die Frage nach der Wahrheit [GA 21]] by Martin Heidegger21
Basic concepts of ancient philosophy [Die Grundbegriffe der antiken Philosophie [GA 22]] by Martin Heidegger22
Geschichte der Philosophie von Thomas von Aquin bis Kant [GA 23] by Martin Heidegger23
The basic problems of phenomenology [Die Grundprobleme der Phänomenologie [GA 24]] by Martin Heidegger24
Phenomenological Interpretation of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason by Martin Heidegger25
The metaphysical foundations of logic [Metaphysische Anfangsgründe der Logik im Ausgang von Leibniz [GA 26]] by Martin Heidegger26
Einleitung in die Philosophie [GA 27] by Martin Heidegger27
deutsche Idealismus (Fichte, Schelling, Hegel) und die philosophische Problemlage der Gegenwart, Der : [Freiburger Vorlesung Sommersemester 1929 ; mit einem Anhang einer Nachschrift der zweiten Vorlesung Sommersemester 1929 "Einführung in das akademische Studium"] by Martin Heidegger28
The fundamental concepts of metaphysics : world, finitude, solitude [Die Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik : Welt, Endlichkeit, Einsamkeit [GA 29/30]] by Martin Heidegger29/30
Aristotle's Metaphysics Θ 1-3 : on the essence and actuality of force by Martin Heidegger31
The essence of human freedom : an introduction to philosophy [Vom Wesen der menschlichen Freiheit : Einleitung in die Philosophie [GA 31]] by Martin Heidegger31
Hegel's Phenomenology of spirit [Hegels Phänomenologie des Geistes [GA 32]] by Martin Heidegger32
The essence of truth : on Plato's cave allegory and Theaetetus [Vom Wesen der Wahrheit : zu Platons Höhlengleichnis und Theätet [GA 34]] by Martin Heidegger34
The Beginning of Western Philosophy: Interpretation of Anaximander and Parmenides (Studies in Continental Thought) by Martin Heidegger35
Being and Truth [Sein und Wahrheit [GA 36/37]] by Martin Heidegger36/37
Logic as the Question Concerning the Essence of Language by Martin Heidegger38
Hölderlin's Hymns "Germania" and "The Rhine" by Martin Heidegger39
An Introduction to Metaphysics by Martin Heidegger40
What Is a Thing? by Martin Heidegger41
Schelling's Treatise on the Essence of Human Freedom by Martin Heidegger42
Nietzsche Volume 1: The Will to Power as Art by Martin Heidegger43
Nietzsche: The Eternal Recurrence of the Same (Nietzsche) by Martin Heidegger44
Basic questions of philosophy : selected "problems" of "logic" [Grundfragen der Philosophie : ausgewählte "Probleme" der "Logik" [GA 45]] by Martin Heidegger45
Interpretation of Nietzsche's Second Untimely Meditation (Studies in Continental Thought) by Martin Heidegger46
Nietzsche: The Will to Power As Knowledge and As Metaphysics by Martin Heidegger47
Il nichilismo europeo by Martin Heidegger48
Die Metaphysik des deutschen Idealismus [GA 49] by Martin Heidegger49
Basic concepts [Grundbegriffe [GA 51]] by Martin Heidegger51
Hölderlins Hymne "Andenken" [GA 52] by Martin Heidegger52
Hölderlin's hymn "The Ister" [Hölderlins Hymne "Der Ister" [GA 53]] by Martin Heidegger53
Parmenides [GA 54] by Martin Heidegger54
Heraclitus [Heraklit [GA 55]] by Martin Heidegger55
Towards the definition of philosophy [Zur Bestimmung der Philosophie [GA 56/57]] by Martin Heidegger56/57
Grundprobleme der Phänomenologie, 1919/20 [GA 58] by Martin Heidegger58
Phenomenology of intuition and expression : theory of philosophical concept formation [Phänomenologie der Anschauung und des Ausdrucks : Theorie der philosophischen Begriffsbildung [GA 59]] by Martin Heidegger59
The phenomenology of religious life [Phänomenologie des religiösen Lebens [GA 60]] by Martin Heidegger60
Phenomenological interpretations of Aristotle : initiation into phenomenological research [Phänomenologische Interpretationen zu Aristoteles : Einführung in die phänomenologische Forschung [GA 61]] by Martin Heidegger61
Phänomenologische Interpretationen ausgewählter Abhandlungen des Aristoteles zur Ontologie und Logik [GA 62] by Martin Heidegger62
Ontology : the hermeneutics of facticity [Ontologie : Hermeneutik der Faktizität [GA 63]] by Martin Heidegger63
The Concept of Time by Martin Heidegger64
Contributions to philosophy : from enowning [Beiträge zur Philosophie : vom Ereignis [GA 65]] by Martin Heidegger65
Mindfulness [Besinnung [GA 66]] by Martin Heidegger66
Metaphysik und Nihilismus [GA 67] by Martin Heidegger67
Hegel : La négativité, éclaircissement de l'introduction à la Phénoménologie de l'esprit de Hegel by Martin Heidegger68
Die Geschichte des Seyns [GA 69] by Martin Heidegger69
Über den Anfang [GA 70] by Martin Heidegger70
The Event [Das Ereignis [GA 71]] by Martin Heidegger71
Gesamtausgabe III. Abteilung Bd.74 : Zum Wesen der Sprache und Zur Frage nach der Kunst by Martin Heidegger74
Zu Hölderlin ; Griechenlandreisen [GA 75] by Martin Heidegger75
Leitgedanken zur Entstehung der Metaphysik, der neuzeitlichen Wissenschaft und der modernen Technik [GA 76]76
Country path conversations [Feldweg-Gespräche, 1944/45 [GA 77]] by Martin Heidegger77
Bremen and Freiburg lectures [Bremer und Freiburger Vorträge [GA 79]] by Martin Heidegger79
On the Essence of Language: The Metaphysics of Language and the Essencing of the Word: Concerning Herder's Treatise On the Origin of Language by Martin Heidegger85
Gesamtausgabe IV. Abteilung Hinweise und Aufzeichnungen Bd. 88. Seminare 1937/38 und 1941/42: 1. Die Metaphysischen Grundstellungen des Abendländischen ... Einübung in das philosophische Denken: Bd 88 by Martin Heidegger88
Zu Ernst Jünger [GA 90] by Martin Heidegger90

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  1. Heidegger on Being and Acting: From Principles to Anarchy by Reiner Schurmann (1982)
  2. Being-in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger's Being and Time, Division I. by Hubert L. Dreyfus (1991)
  3. Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: An Introduction by Daniela Vallega-Neu (2003)
  4. Nietzsche, Volumes 3 & 4 by Martin Heidegger (1991)
  5. Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology by Edmund Husserl (1970)
  6. Companion to Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: by Charles E. Scott (2001)
  7. La voix et le phénomène by Jacques Derrida (1973)
  8. The Genesis of Heidegger's Being and Time by Theodore Kisiel (1993)
  9. Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question by Jacques Derrida (1987)
  10. Intimations of Mortality: Time, Truth, and Finitude in Heidegger's Thinking of Being by David Farrell Krell (1986)
  11. On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time (1893-1917) (Husserliana: Edmund Husserl - Collected Works) by Edmund Husserl (1964)
  12. Truth and Method by Hans-Georg Gadamer (1975)
  13. Genesis and Structure of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit" by Jean Hyppolite (1946)
  14. Broken Hegemonies by Reiner Schurmann (1996)
  15. Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy, First Book: General Introduction to a Pure Phenomenology by Edmund Husserl (1962)

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