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Little Blue Book: Haldeman-Julius Publications, price index: 1,823, 5c each by Haldeman-Julius Publicationsindex
A liberal education (Little blue book) by Thomas Henry Huxley7c
Rhyming Dictionary (Little Blue Book No. 25) by E. Haldeman-Julius25
Little Blue Book No. 28, Toleration by Voltaire28
The Story of Aristotle's Philosophy (Little Blue Book No. 39) by Will Durant39
What is religion? : and other new articles & letters by Leo Tolstoy61
Shopenhauer's Essays ([Little blue book]) ([Little blue book]) by Arthur Schopenhauer62
A History of the Mediaeval Christian Church by Vance Randolph67
Trial and death of Socrates (Little blue book) by Lloyd E. Smith94
Facts you should know about the classics (Little blue book) by Joseph McCabe109
History of Rome (Little Blue Book no. 126) by Clement Wood126
Julius Caesar: Who he was and what he accomplished (Little Blue Book #128) by Clement Wood128
Measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, chicken pox and whooping cough (Little blue book) by George H Weaver136
Lost Civilizations by Charles J. Finger150
Harris/Ward: Has Life Any Meaning? A Debate. [1921] by Frank Harris171
Evolution versus dogma (Little blue book) by Maynard Shipley191
Little Blue Book No. 191 Evolution vs. Religion by Ramsden Balmforth191
Book of Synonyms (Little Blue Books No. 192) by Lloyd E. Smith192
What Great Frenchwomen Learned About Love by Miriam Allen deFord197
Speeches of Lincoln (Little Blue Book No. 214) by Lloyd E. Smith214
Plain talks with husbands and wives (Little blue book) by Havelock Ellis228
Diderot by Havelock Ellis229
Eight Humorous Sketches (Little Blue Book #231) by Mark Twain231
Contemporary Portraits 1919 (2nd Series) by Frank Harris270
Contemporary Portraits, Volume 3 (Little Blue Books Pocket Series, No. 271) by Frank Harris271
Harris: Contemporary Portraits: Volume 4. [1922] by Frank Harris272
Prostitution in the ancient world (Little blue book) by Leo Markun286b
The Essence of Buddhism [Little Blue Book, No. 325, 1922 c.] by E.M. Bowden325
Hints on writing short stories by Charles J. Finger326
Joseph Addison and his time ([Little blue book]) by Charles Joseph Finger328
Hints on news reporting by Murray Sheehan342
Old English Songs Everyone Knows (Little Blue Book, #346) by Unknown346
A Book of riddle rimes (Little blue book) by Virginia Rudder Grundy347
DeQuincey: Essay on Conversation. [1923 c.] by De Quincey367
How To Improve Your Conversation by Lloyd E. Smith367
The Psychology of Suicide: Is the momentum of an intense, exalted egotism the basic cause? by Hugh Russell Fraser374
The humor and wisdom of Lincoln (Little blue book No. 382) by John W. Gunn382
The Story of Painting Facts You Should know About Painting and Painters Little Blue Book #387 by Murray Sheehan387
Frederic the Great - edited with introduction and notes by C.T. Atkinson, Fellow of Exeter College, Sometime Demy of Magdalen College by Macaulay393
A History of music by Murray Sheehan403
Romances of Paris by Alfred de Musset404
Gambs: Outline of Economics. [1923] by Gambs405
A Guide to Cervantes (Pocket Series/Little Blue Book No. 411-A) (Pocket series) by Isaac Goldberg411a
What you should know about phrenology by Leo Markun411b
Carrington: The Nature of Dreams. [1923] by Hereward Carrington417
Carrington: Life: Its Origin and Nature. [1923 c.] by Hereward Carrington419
The Essence of the Koran by Theodore M.R. von Keler428
The Tragic Story of Oscar Wilde's Life by Charles Joseph Finger432
One Hundred Best Books by John Cowper Powys435
Hints on scenario writing (Ten cent pocket series) by Murray Sheehan437
Oscar Wilde in outline by Charles Joseph Finger442
Esperanto for beginners by D.O.S. Lowell465
The story of architecture: Facts you should know about the evolution of buildings (Little blue book) by Murray Sheehan468
Van Deventer: How New York Working Girls Live. [1928] by Van Deventer472
Lives of chorus girls: A realistic picture of an interesting and sometimes romantic profession (Little blue book) by Betty Van Deventer473
Hints on animal husbandry (Pocket series) by R. A Power480
How Not to Be a Wallflower by John Woodworth488
Psychology for Beginners by Hereward Carrington491
Carrington: New Discoveries in Science. [1924] by Hereward Carrington493
Hints on writing one-act plays (Little blue book) by Charles Joseph Finger496
Legends of Greek and Roman Heroes (Little Blue Book No. 497) by Lloyd E. Smith497
Greek and Roman Mythology (Little Blue Book No. 498) by Lloyd E. Smith498
A Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Little Blue Book No. 499) by Lloyd E. Smith499
How to tie all kinds of knots by George Milburn501
The Myth of the Ride of Paul Revere: With other Iconoclastic Articles by Virginius Dabney504
The Travels of Marco Polo by Charles Joseph Finger513
Hints on writing poetry by Clement Wood514
A guide to Spinoza (Little blue book) by Will Durant520
Life of Thomas Paine by John W. Gunn522
Carrington: Death and Its Problems. [1924 c.] by Hereward Carrington524
Brightly Colored Tales of Love's Desires by Remy de Gourmont541
Hints on Etiquette [Little Blue Book, No. 556, 1924 c.] by Esther Floyd556
Little Blue Book No. 565, Magellan and the Pacific by Charles J. Finger565
Kant's critical philosophy (Little blue book, no. 571, ed. by E. Haldeman-Julius) by Archibald Browning Drysdale Alexander571
Ernst Haeckel, Evolutionist (Little Blue Book) by Carroll Lane Fenton597
Carrington: The Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sphynx... [1924 c.] by Hereward Carrington602
Little Blue Book No. 606, How to Play Chess by James Juvenal Hayes606
H. L. Mencken by Isaac Goldberg611
NEGRO SONGS. Little Blue Book No. 626 by Clement Wood626
The Making of the Old Testament by Clement Wood628
Pocket dictionary, English-German, German-English by Vance Randolph637
Little Blue Book No. 684, Essence of Judaism. by Ph. D Rabbi Leo Jung684
New Experiments in Animal Psychology by Vance Randolph693
How to pronounce 4000 proper names by Lloyd E. Smith696
4,000 Words Often Mispronounced Little Blue Book #697 by Lloyd E. Smith697
Tales of Chicago Streets by Ben Hecht698
What you should know about palmistry (Little blue book) by Leo Markun704b
Charles Lamb and his friends by John W. Gunn705a
Poe as a literary critic by Isaac Goldberg730a
The spirit of Yiddish literature by Isaac Goldberg732
A book of useful phrases by Lloyd E. Smith734
Little Blue Book No. 735, Haldeman-Julius Pub. Catalogue of Larger Books by Haldeman-Julius Pub.735
Little Blue Book No. 738, Poor Richard's Almanac by Benjamin Franklin738
Harris: A Daughter of Eve. [1925] by Frank Harris746
The Essence of Catholicism (Little blue book) by Ralph W Church753
An International Dictionary of Authors Little Blue Book #754 by Leo Markum754
Carrington: Food and Diet in Relation to Life and Health. [1925 c.] by Hereward Carrington761
Hints on writing book-reviews (Little blue book) by Leo Markun764
The best jokes about lawyers by George Milburn768
Beekeeping for profit by Vance Randolph805
A book of familiar quotations by Lloyd E. Smith815
Popular Shakespearian quotations by William Shakespeare816
Her Burning Secret: A Dramatic and Moving Story of Modern Marriage by Pierre Valdagne817
What you should know about fortune telling by Leo Markun845b
Our insect enemies by Vance Randolph860
German self taught (Little blue book) by Vance Randolph862
Cicero as revealed in his letters by Miriam Allen deFord867
Smith, L.E.: Some General Hints on Self-Improvement. [1925 c.] by L. E. Smith868
A manual of parliamentary law: Rules for proceedings and debate (Little blue book) by Lloyd Edwin Smith872
Curiosities of Mathematics : Little Blue Book No. 876 by Clement Wood876
How To know The Spiders by Vance Randolph885
Little Blue Book No. 889 Jokes and Clever Sayings About Kissing by Lloyd E. Smith889
Follies of Lovers: Six tales of the smiles and sighs of merry and miserable creatures by Catulle Mendès892
Five hundred riddles : conundrums and problems by Lloyd E. Smith893
Carrington: Astronomy for Beginners. [1925] by Hereward Carrington895
Woman, the eternal primitive (Little blue book) by William John Fielding901
A dictionary of foreign words and phrases: In frequent use in English contexts (Little blue book) by Lloyd Edwin Smith902
Sex symbolism (Little blue book) by William J. Fielding904
Tales of Oriental life by Hugh Clifford945
How to teach yourself to play the piano (Little blue book) by Maynard Shipley995
Simple Recipes for Home Cooking by Gaylord DuBois997
Latin self taught (Little blue book) by Miriam Allen De Ford999
A dictionary of sea terms by Frank Wells1002
The origin of religion by Joseph McCabe1008
A Handbook for amateur magicians (Little Blue Book No. 1010) by George Milburn1010
Best Irish Jokes by Clement Wood1013
A Book of Nonsense Poems by Clement Wood1016
Home Vegetable Gardening by R. A Power1032
A Guide to New York City's strange sections (Little blue book) by Clement Wood1053
The Truth about New York's Chinatown (Little blue book, No. 1057) by Clement Wood1057
Simplicity of radio: The blue book of radio (Little Blue Book No. 1064) by Powel Crosley1064
Lives of the U.S. Presidents by George Milburn1065
The Conquest Of Fear by Leo Markun1069
Simple beauty hints by Gloria Goddard1092
Iconoclastic memories of the Civil War: Bits of autobiography (Little blue book) by Ambrose Bierce1100
Pagan Christs by Joseph McCabe1102
The Truth About Greenwich Village by Clement Wood1106
How Christianity "Triumphed" (Little Blue Book No. 1110) by Joseph McCabe1110
Prostitution in the Medieval World by Leo Markun1111
A Book of Ridiculous Stories by Stephen Leacock1115
The Human animal and its folly by Stephen Leacock1117
Christianity & Slavery by Joseph McCabe1127
The Horrors of the Inquisition by Joseph McCabe1134
How to build your own greenhouse by E. B. Jonas1172
An Edward Lear Alphabet by Edward Lear1173
Bookbinding self taught by Ben Davidson1192
First Love (Little Blue Book #1195) by Emilia Pardo Bazan1195
A Dictionary of Musical Terms Little Blue Book #1204 by Maynard Shipley1204
French Self Taught (Little Blue Book No. 1207) by Gaylord Du Dois1207
The charming hostess : how to entertain economically and delightfully by Gloria Goddard1209
Easy Readings in Spanish by Gaylord DuBois1222
Easy readings in French by Hélène Paquin1226
French readings for French students : advanced by Hélène Paquin1227
Goddard: Party Games for Grown-Ups. [1927 c.] by Gloria Goddard1239
Short story writing for beginners by Fiswoode Tarleton1240
Little Blue Book No. 1241, An Outline of United States History by Leo Markun1241
What Do You Know?; 600 Radio Questions and Answers, Little Blue Book No. 12511251
Dry-Law Debate: Clarence Darrow vs. Wayne B. Wheeler (Little Blue Book No. 1256) (Little blue book) by Clarence Darrow1256
How to become a United States citizen (Little blue book) by George Milburn1257
The Serpent's Tooth and Other Stories by Clay Fulks1263
The Truth about the "deluge" (Little blue book) (Little blue book) by Maynard Shipley1275
Side-show tricks explained: Sword swallowing, fire eating, feats of strength, juggling secrets, etc (Little Blue Book) by Hereward Carrington1279
Gamblers' Crooked Tricks: A Complete Exposure of Their Methods by Hereward Carrington1285
The Origin of life (Little blue book) by Maynard Shipley1299
Wood: How to Psycho-Analyze Your Neighbors. [1929] by Clement Wood1344
Little Blue Book No. 1350, Curiosities of the English Language by Lloyd Smith1350
Norden: A Book of Striking Similes. [1929 c.] by Norden1354
Goldberg: How to Acquire Good Taste. [1929] by Isaac Goldberg1358
President Harding's Illegitimate Daughter by Isaac Goldberg1379
Religious bunk over the radio, Little Blue Book No. 1407 by L. M. Birkhead1407
Why Wives Leave Home by Betty Van Deventer1420
Little Blue Book No. 1424: The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial by Clarence Darrow1424
Adams: How to Think Clearly [1929 c.] by Grace Kinckle Adams1434
Character reading from the face by Leo Markun1448
How to become a radio artist (Little Blue Book No. 1470) by Betty Van Deventer1470
How to find what you want in a library by Lloyd E. Smith1473
Smith, L.E.: How to Overcome Self-Consciousness. [1930 c.] by L. E. Smith1504
What you should know about poisons (Little blue book) by Heinz Norden1508
The love affair of a priest and a nun: (Abelard and Heloise) (Little blue book no 1515) by Joseph McCabe1515
Famous eccentric Americans (Little blue book) (Little blue book) by James Vincent Nash1524
Herbert Hoover, the Man (Little Blue Book No. 1527) by Heinz Norden1527
Is War Inevitable? by Joseph McCabe1543
Popular Chinese Cook Book ( Little Blue Book No 1548 ) by Lorene Campbell Gibbs1548
Can we Change Human Nature? by Joseph McCabe1559
What Is a Liberal? [Little Blue Book (No. 1557)] by E. Haldeman-Julius1577
Was President Harding Murdered? by John W. Gunn1578
Is "knowledge" of God a delusion?: A debate (Little blue book) by Arthur Stanley Eddington1598
Little Blue Book No. 1628, Merry Tales of Childhood by Anatole France1628
Absurdities of the Bible by Clarence Darrow1637
The White slave traffic (Little blue book) by Leo Markun1709
The Simplified Cook-Book: Hints on Cookery by Albert Hohl1756
How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism: The Real Origin of the Christian Religion by Joseph McCabe1775

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