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Longarm by Tabor Evans1
Longarm on the Border by Tabor Evans2
Longarm Double #1: Deputy U.S. Marshal by Tabor EvansOmnibus 1-2
Longarm 003: Avenging Angel by Tabor Evans3
Longarm and the Wendigo by Tabor Evans4
Longarm Double #2: Longarm of the Law by Tabor EvansOmnibus 3-4
Longarm in the Indian Nation by Tabor Evans5
Longarm and the Loggers by Tabor Evans6
Longarm Double #3: Frontier Justice by Tabor EvansOmnibus 5-6
Longarm and the Highgraders by Tabor Evans7
Longarm and the Lone Star Mission (Longarm Giant #7) by Tabor EvansGiant 7
Longarm and the Nesters by Tabor Evans8
Longarm and the Hatchet Men by Tabor Evans9
Longarm and the Molly Maguires (Longarm #10) by Tabor Evans10
Longarm 011: Texas Ranger by Tabor Evans11
Longarm and the San Joaquin War (Longarm Giant #12) by Tabor EvansGiant 12
Longarm In Lincoln County by Tabor Evans12
Longarm in the Sand Hills by Tabor Evans13
Longarm in Leadville #14 by Tabor Evans14
Longarm on the Devil's Trail by Tabor Evans15
Longarm and the Mounties by Tabor Evans16
Longarm and the Bandit Queen (Longarm #17) by Tabor Evans17
Longarm on the Yellowstone by Tabor Evans18
Longarm in the Four Corners by Tabor Evans19
Longarm at Robber's Roost (Longarm #20) by Tabor Evans20
Longarm 021: Sheepherder by Tabor Evans21
Longarm And The Ghost Dancers by Tabor Evans22
Longarm 023: Town Tamer by Tabor Evans23
Longarm and the Railroaders (Longarm #24) by Tabor Evans24
Longarm On The Old Mission Trail by Tabor Evans25
Longarm 026: And the Dragon Hunter by Tabor Evans26
Longarm 027: Rurales by Tabor Evans27
Longarm on the Humboldt (Longarm #28) by Tabor Evans28
Longarm on the Big Muddy (Longarm, No. 29) by Tabor Evans29
Longarm South of the Gila by Tabor Evans30
Longarm in Northfield by Tabor Evans31
Longarm and the Golden Lady (Longarm #32) by Tabor Evans32
Longarm and the Laredo Loop (Longarm #33) by Tabor Evans33
Longarm and the Boot Hillers (Longarm #34) by Tabor Evans34
Longarm and the Blue Norther (Longarm #35) by Tabor Evans35
Longarm on the Santa Fe by Tabor Evans36
Longarm and the Stalking Corpse (Longarm #37) by Tabor Evans37
Longarm and the Comancheros (Longarm #38) by Tabor Evans38
Longarm and the Devil's Railroad (Longarm #39) by Tabor Evans39
Longarm in Silver City (Longarm #40) by Tabor Evans40
Longarm on the Barbara Coast (Longarm #41) by Tabor Evans41
Longarm and the Moonshiners (Longarm #42) by Tabor Evans42
Longarm in Boulder Canyon (Longarm #44) by Tabor Evans44
Longarm in Deadwood (Longarm #45) by Tabor Evans45
Longarm and the Great Train Robbery (Longarm #46) by Tabor Evans46
In the Badlands (Longarm 47) by Tabor Evans47
Longarm in the Big Thicket (Longarm #48) by Tabor Evans48
Longarm And The Eastern Dudes (Longarm #49) by Tabor Evans49
Longarm in the Big Bend (Longarm #50) by Tabor Evans50
Longarm on the Great Divide (Longarm #52) by Tabor Evans52
Longarm and The Buckskin Rogue (Longarm #53) by Tabor Evans53
Longarm and the Calico Kid (Longarm #54) by Tabor Evans54
Longarm 055: French Act (Longarm) by Tabor Evans55
Longarm and the Outlaw Lawman (Longarm #56) by Tabor Evans56
Longarm and the Bounty Hunters (Longarm #57) by Tabor Evans57
Longarm in No Man's Land (Longarm #58) by Tabor Evans58
Longarm and the Big Outfit (Longarm #59 by Tabor Evans59
Longarm and Santa Anna's Gold (Longarm #60) by Tabor Evans60
Longarm and the Custer County War (Logarm #61) by Tabor Evans61
Longarm and the James County War (Longarm #63) by Tabor Evans63
Longarm and the Cattle Baron (Longarm #64) by Tabor Evans64
Longarm and the Steer Swindlers (Longarm #65) by Tabor Evans65
Longarm 066: Hangman (Longarm) by Tabor Evans66
Longarm and the Cowboys's Revenge by Tabor Evans66
Longarm and the Hangman's Noose by Tabor Evans66
Longarm 067: Omaha Tinh (Longarm) by Tabor Evans67
Longarm and the Desert Duchess (Longarm #68) by Tabor Evans68
Longarm on the Painted Desert (Longarm #69) by Tabor Evans69
Longarm on the Ogallala Trail (Longarm #70) by Tabor Evans70
Longarm on the Arkansas Divide (Longarm #71) by Tabor Evans71
Longarm and the Blindman's Vengeance (Longarm #72) by Tabor Evans72
Longarm at Fort Reno (Longarm #73) by Tabor Evans73
Longarm and the Durango Payroll (Longarm #74) by Tabor Evans74
Longarm West of the Pecos (Longarm #75) by Tabor Evans75
Longarm on the Nevada Line (Longarm #76) by Tabor Evans76
Longarm 077: Blackfoot (Longarm) by Tabor Evans77
Longarm and the Santa Cruz (Longarm #78) by Tabor Evans78
Longarm and the Cowboy's Revenge (Longarm #79) by Tabor Evans79
Longarm 080: Goodnight by Tabor Evans80
Longarm and the Frontier Duchess (Longarm, No. 81) by Tabor Evans81
Longarm 082: Bitterrot (Longarm) by Tabor Evans82
Longarm and the Tenderfoot (Longarm #83) by Tabor Evans83
Longarm and the Stagecoach Bandits (Longarm, No. 84) by Tabor Evans84
Longarm and the Big Shoot Out (Longarm, No. 85) by Tabor Evans85
Longarm in the Hard Rock Country (Longarm #86) by Tabor Evans86
Longarm in the Texas Panhandle (Longarm #87) by Tabor Evans87
Longarm and the Rancher's Showdown (Longarm, No. 88) by Tabor Evans88
Longarm 089: Inland (Longarm) by Tabor Evans89
Longarm 090: Ruby Range by Tabor Evans90
Longarm and the Great Cattle Kill (Longarm, No. 91) by Tabor Evans91
Longarm and the Crooked Railman (Longarm, No.92) by Tabor Evans92
Longarm on the Siwash Trail (Longarm #93) by Tabor Evans93
Longarm 094: Runaway by Tabor Evans94
Longarm and the Escape Artist (Longarm #95) by Tabor Evans95
Bone Skin by Tabor Evans96
Longarm and the Mexican Line-Up (Longarm NO. 97) by Tabor Evans97
Longarm 098: Trail by Tabor Evans98
Longarm and the Desert Spirits (Longarm 99) by Tabor Evans99
Longarm on Death Mountain (Longarm, 100th Jubilee Edition) by Tabor Evans100
Longarm and the Cottonwood Curse by Tabor Evans101
Longarm And The Desperate Manhunt by Tabor Evans102
Longarm and the Rocky Mountain Chase by Tabor Evans103
Longarm on the Overland Trail by Tabor Evans104
Longarm and the Big Posse by Tabor Evans105
Longarm On Dead Man's Trail by Tabor Evans106
Longarm in the Bighorn Basin by Tabor Evans107
Longarm and the Blood Harvest by Tabor Evans108
Longarm and the Bloody Trackdown by Tabor Evans109
Longarm and the Hangman's Vengeance by Tabor Evans110
Longarm on the Thunderbird Run by Tabor Evans111
Longarm and the Utah Killers by Tabor Evans112
Longarm in the Big Burnout by Tabor Evans113
Longarm 114: Quiet Gun by Tabor Evans114
Longarm in the Valley of Death (Longarm #115) by Tabor Evans115
Longarm 116: Blood (Longarm) by Tabor Evans116
Longarm 117: Treachero by Tabor Evans117
Longarm 118: New Mexico by Tabor Evans118
Longarm and the Renegade Sergeant (Longarm, No. 119) by Tabor Evans119
Longarm 120: Sierra Madre by Tabor Evans120
Longarm And The Medicine Wolf (Long Arm, #121) by Tabor Evans121
Longarm And The Indian Raiders (Long Arm, #122) by Tabor Evans122
Longarm in a Desert Showdown (Longarm, No. 123) by Tabor Evans123
Longarm 124: Mad Dog K (Longarm) by Tabor Evans124
Longarm 125: Longarm and the Hangman's Noose by Tabor Evans125
Longarm 126: Doomed Wi by Tabor Evans126
Longarm and the Doomed Witness by Tabor Evans126
Longarm 127: Outlaw by Tabor Evans127
Longarm and the Day of the Death (Longarm #128) by Tabor Evans128
Longarm and the Rebel Killers (Longarm #129) by Tabor Evans129
Longarm and the Hangman's List (Longarm #130) by Tabor Evans130
Longarm and the Vigilantes (Longarm, No. 140) by Tabor Evans130
Longarm In The Clearwaters (Longarm #131) by Tabor Evans131
Longarm and the Redwood Raiders (Longarm #132) by Tabor Evans132
Longarm and the Deadly Jailbreak (Longarm #133) by Tabor Evans133
Longarm and the Pawnee Kid (Longarm #134) by Tabor Evans134
Longarm 135: Devil's St (Longarm) by Tabor Evans135
Longarm 136: Wyoming (Longarm) by Tabor Evans136
Longarm 137: Red Desert (Longarm) by Tabor Evans137
Longarm 138: Crooked (Longarm) by Tabor Evans138
Longarm and the Texas Rangers (Longarm #11) by Tabor Evans139
Longarm in The Osage Strip (Longarm series, No. 141) by Tabor Evans141
Longarm and the Lost Mine (Longarm #142) by Tabor Evans142
Longarm and the Longley Legend (Longarm, No.143) by Tabor Evans143
Longarm 144: Dead Man (Longarm) by Tabor Evans144
Longarm and the Killer's Shadow (Longarm #145) by Tabor Evans145
Longarm and the Montana Massacre (Longarm #146) by Tabor Evans146
Longarm in the Mexican Badlands (Longarm #147) by Tabor Evans147
Longarm 148: Bounty Hunter (Longarm) by Tabor Evans148
Longarm and the Denver Bustout (Longarm, No. 149) by Tabor Evans149
Longarm and the Skull Canyon Gang (Longarm #150) by Tabor Evans150
Longarm 151: Longarm and the Railroad to Hell by Tabor Evans151
Longarm 152: Longarm and the River of Death by Tabor Evans152
Longarm and the Gold Hunters (Longarm, No. 153) by Tabor Evans153
Longarm and the Colorado Gundown by Tabor Evans154
Longarm 155: Grave Rob by Tabor Evans155
Longarm and the Arkansas Ambush by Tabor Evans156
Longarm 157: Longarm and the Arizona Showdown by Tabor Evans157
Longarm 158: Ute Nation (Longarm) by Tabor Evans158
Longarm 159: Sierra Or (Longarm) by Tabor Evans159
Longarm and the Gunslicks (Longarm #160) by Tabor Evans160
Longarm on the Devil's Highway: Longarm 162 by Tabor Evans162
Longarm and the Cimarron City Sellout (Longarm, No. 163) by Tabor Evans163
Longarm and the Cheyenne Kid (Longarm #164) by Tabor Evans164
Longarm and the Rebel Brand (Longarm, No. 165) by Tabor Evans165
Longarm and the Double Eagles (Longarm, No. 166) by Tabor Evans166
Longarm 167: Fool Kill (Longarm) by Tabor Evans167
Longarm and the Shoshoni Silver (Longarm #168) by Tabor Evans168
Longarm and the Night Branders (Longarm #169) by Tabor Evans169
Longarm and the Taos Terror (Longarm, No. 170) by Tabor Evans170
Longarm and the Nevada Swindle (Longarm #171) by Tabor Evans171
Longarm on the Butterfield Spur (Longarm, No. 172) by Tabor Evans172
Longarm and the Diamond Snatchers (Longarm #173) by Tabor Evans173
Longarm 174: Border Sh by Tabor Evans174
Longarm and the Carnival Killer (Longarm, No. 175) by Tabor Evans175
Longarm 176: Captive by Tabor Evans176
Longarm in the Cross Fire (Longarm #177) by Tabor Evans177
Longarm and the Golden Death (Longarm 178) by Tabor Evans178
Longarm 179: Rebel's (Longarm) by Tabor Evans179
Longarm 180: Dead Ringer (Longarm) by Tabor Evans180
Longarm 181: Bounty of (Longarm) by Tabor Evans181
Longarm 182: Train Rob by Tabor Evans182
Longarm 183: Longarm on the Fever Coast by Tabor Evans183
Longarm 184: Last Man by Tabor Evans184
Longarm 185: Longarm and the Drifting Badge by Tabor Evans185
Longarm and the High Rollers (Longarm, No. 186) by Tabor Evans186
Longarm 187: Longarm and the Bounty Hunters (Longarm) by Tabor Evans187
Longarm 188: Longarm and the Gallagher Gang (Longarm) by Tabor Evans188
Longarm 189: Longarm and the Apache Plunder by Tabor Evans189
Longarm and the Barbed Wire Bullies (Longarm, No. 190) by Tabor Evans190
Longarm 191: Texas Hig (Longarm) by Tabor Evans191
Longarm 192: Man-eater by Tabor Evans192
Longarm and the San Angelo Showdown (Longarm #193) by Tabor Evans193
Longarm and the Jerkwater Bustout (Longarm #194) by Tabor Evans194
Longarm 195: Yuma Prison (Longarm) by Tabor Evans195
Longarm 196: Longarm and the Helldorado Kid by Tabor Evans196
Longarm 197: Silver Mine Marauders by Tabor Evans197
Longarm 198: Longarm and the Deadly Thaw by Tabor Evans198
Longarm and the John Bull Feud (Longarm, No. 199) by Tabor Evans199
Longarm and the Kansas Killer by Tabor Evans200
Longarm and Big Trouble in Bodie (Longarm, No. 201) by Tabor Evans201
Longarm 202: Shivaree by Tabor Evans202
Longarm and the Saddle Rock Spook (Longarm, No. 203) by Tabor Evans203
Longarm and the Arizona Ambush (Longarm #204) by Tabor Evans204
Longarm and the Daughters of Death (Longarm #205) by Tabor Evans205
Longarm and the Desert Damsel (Longarm #206) by Tabor Evans206
Longarm and the Brazos Devil (Longarm, No. 207) by Tabor Evans207
Longarm and the Angel of Inferno by Tabor Evans208
Longarm 209: And The Grand Slam Heist (Longarm) by Tabor Evans209
Longarm and the Deadly Prisoner (Longarm #210) by Tabor Evans210
Longarm and the Big Fifty (Longarm #211) by Tabor Evans211
Longarm And the Counterfeit Corpse by Tabor Evans212
Longarm 213: Longarm and the Minute Men by Tabor Evans213
Longarm 214: Longarm and the Racy Ladies by Tabor Evans214
Longarm and the Hostage Woman (Longarm, No. 215) by Tabor Evans215
Longarm 216: Secret As by Tabor Evans216
Longarm 217: Longarm and the Whiskey Woman by Tabor Evans217
Longarm 218: Longarm and the Boardinghouse Widow by Tabor Evans218
Longarm 219: Longarm and the Crying Corpse by Tabor Evans219
Longarm 220: Longarm and the Indian War by Tabor Evans220
Longarm 221: Longarm and the Dead Man's Reward by Tabor Evans221
Longarm 222: Longarm and the Backwoods Baroness by Tabor Evans222
Longarm 223: Longarm and the Double-barrel Blowout (Longarm) by Tabor Evans223
Longarm 224: Longarm and the Maiden Medusa by Tabor Evans224
Longarm 225: Longarm and the Dead Man's Play by Tabor Evans225
Longarm 226: Longarm and the Lady Faire by Tabor Evans226
Longarm and the Rebel Executioner (Longarm #227) by Tabor Evans227
Longarm and the Voodoo Queen (Longarm, No. 228) by Tabor Evans228
Longarm 229: Longarm and the Border Wildcat (Longarm) by Tabor Evans229
Longarm and the Wyoming Wildwomen (Longarm, No. 230) by Tabor Evans230
Longarm and the Durango Double-Cross (Longarm #231) by Tabor Evans231
Longarm 232: Longarm and the Whiskey Creek Widow (Longarm) by Tabor Evans232
Longarm and the Branded Beauty (Longarm #233) by Tabor Evans233
Longarm 234: Longarm and the Renegade Assassins (Longarm) by Tabor Evans234
Longarm 235: Longarm and the Wicked Schoolmarm (Longarm) by Tabor Evans235
Longarm and the River Pirates (Longarm #236) by Tabor Evans236
Longarm and the Hatchet Woman (Longarm #237) by Tabor Evans237
Longarm 238: Longarm and the Blossom Rock Banshee (Longarm) by Tabor Evans238
Longarm 239: Longarm and the Grave Robbers (Longarm) by Tabor Evans239
Longarm 240: Longarm and the Nevada Nymphs (Longarm) by Tabor Evans240
Longarm 241: Longarm and the Colorado Counterfeiter (Longarm) by Tabor Evans241
Longarm and the Red-Light Ladies (Longarm, No. 242) by Tabor Evans242
Longarm 243: Longarm and the Debt of Honor (Longarm) by Tabor Evans243
Longarm and the Kansas Jailbird by Tabor Evans243
Longarm and the Devil's Sister (Longarm #244) by Tabor Evans244
Longarm 245: Longarm and the Vanishing Virgin (Longarm) by Tabor Evans245
Longarm 246: Longarm and the Cursed Corpse (Longarm) by Tabor Evans246
Longarm 247: Longarm and the Lady from Tombstone by Tabor Evans247
Longarm and the Wronged Woman by Tabor Evans248
Longarm and the Sheep War by Tabor Evans249
Longarm 250: Chain Gang by Tabor Evans250
Longarm and the Diary of Madame Velvet (Longarm #251) by Tabor Evans251
Longarm 252: Longarm and the Four Corners Gang (Longarm) by Tabor Evans252
Longarm in the Valley of Sin (Longarm #253) by Tabor Evans253
Longarm and the Redhead's Ransom (Longarm, No. 254) by Tabor Evans254
Longarm 255: Longarm and the Mustang Maiden (Longarm) by Tabor Evans255
Longarm 256: Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel by Tabor Evans256
Longarm 257: Longarm and the Nevada Bellydancer by Tabor Evans257
Longarm and the Pistolero Princess (Longarm #258) by Tabor Evans258
Longarm and the Black Widow (Longarm #259) by Tabor Evans259
Longarm 260: Longarm and the Church Ladies (Longarm) by Tabor Evans260
Longarm and the Golden Goddess (Longarm #261) by Tabor Evans261
Longarm and the Sins of Sister Simone (Longarm #262) by Tabor Evans262
Longarm on a Bloody Vendetta (Longarm #263) by Tabor Evans263
Longarm and the Love Sisters (Longarm #264) by Tabor Evans264
Longarm and the Mad Bomber's Bride (Longarm, No. 265) by Tabor Evans265
Longarm and the Wayward Widow (Longarm #266) by Tabor Evans266
Longarm 268: Longarm and the Nevada Slasher by Tabor Evans268
Longarm 269: Longarm and the Horse Thief (Longarm) by Tabor Evans269
Longarm and the Lady Bandit (Longarm #270) by Tabor Evans270
Longarm and the Scorpion Murders (Longarm, 271) by Tabor Evans271
Longarm 272: Longarm and the Six-Gun Senorita (Longarm) by Tabor Evans272
Longarm and the Texas Tiger Lady (Longarm, No.273) by Tabor Evans273
Longarm and the Gunshot Gang (Longarm #274) by Tabor Evans274
Longarm #275: Longarm and the Denver Executioners (Longarm) by Tabor Evans275
Longarm #276: Longarm and the Widow's Spite by Tabor Evans276
Longarm and the Yukon Queen (Longarm #277) by Tabor Evans277
Longarm and the Sidesaddle Assassin (Longarm, 278) by Tabor Evans278
Longarm #279: Longarm on a Witch-Hunt by Tabor Evans279
Longarm on the Border by Tabor Evans280
Longarm #282: Longarm and Big Lips Lilly (Longarm) by Tabor Evans282
Longarm #283: Longarm and the Ozark Angel by Tabor Evans283
Longarm and the Haunted Whorehouse (Longarm #284) by Tabor Evans284
Longarm and the Mysterious Mistress (Longarm #285) by Tabor Evans285
Longarm and the Druid Sisters (Longarm, No. 286) by Tabor Evans286
Longarm and the Blackmailers (Longarm, No. 287) by Tabor Evans287
Longarm #288: Longarm and the Amorous Amazon by Tabor Evans288
Longarm #289: Longarm in Paradise (Longarm) by Tabor Evans289
Longarm #290: Longarm and the Desert Rose by Tabor Evans290
Longarm #291: Longarm and the Rancher's Daughter (Longarm) by Tabor Evans291
Longarm 292: Longarm and the Lady Hustlers (Longarm) by Tabor Evans292
Longarm and the Poisoners (Longarm #293) by Tabor Evans293
Arizona Flame (Longarm #294) by Tabor Evans294
Longarm 296: Longarm and the Bad Girls of Rio Blanco by Tabor Evans296
Longarm #297: Longarm and Town-Taming Tess by Tabor Evans297
Longarm 298: Longarm and the Kissin' Cousins by Tabor Evans298
Longarm 300: Longarm and the Dead Man's Tale (Longarm) by Tabor Evans300
Longarm and the Bank Robber's Daughter (Longarm #301) by Tabor Evans301
Longarm and the Golden Ghost (Longarm #302) by Tabor Evans302
Longarm and the Grand Canyon Gang (Longarm #303) by Tabor Evans303
Longarm 304: Longarm and the Great Milk Train Robbery by Tabor Evans304
Longarm and the Talking Spirit: Longarm #305 by Tabor Evans305
Longarm 306: Longarm and the Pirate's Gold (Longarm) by Tabor Evans306
Longarm and the Outlaw's Shadow [307] by Tabor Evans307
Longarm 308: Longarm and the Montana Madmen by Tabor Evans308
Longarm and the Tall Timber (Longarm #309) by Tabor Evans309
Longarm Sets The Stage (Longarm #310) by Tabor Evans310
Longarm 311: Longarm and the Devil's Bride by Tabor Evans311
Longarm and the Two-Bit Posse (Longarm #312) by Tabor Evans312
Longarm And The Boys In the Backroom (Longarm, No.313) by Tabor Evans313
Longarm 314: Longarm and the Comstock Lode Killers by Tabor Evans314
Longarm 315: Longarm and the Lost Patrol by Tabor Evans315
Longarm 316: Longarm and the Unwelcome Woolies by Tabor Evans316
Longarm 317: Longarm and the Paiute Indian War by Tabor Evans317
Longarm And The Lunatic (Longarm #318) by Tabor Evans318
Longarm and the Sidekick From Hell (Longarm #319) by Tabor Evans319
Longarm 320: Longarm and the Texas Treasure Hunt (Longarm) by Tabor Evans320
Longarm 321: Longarm and the Little Lady by Tabor Evans321
Longarm 322: Longarm and the Missing Mistress (Longarm) by Tabor Evans322
Longarm and the Scarlet Rider (Longarm, No. 323) by Tabor Evans323
Longarm 324: Longarm and Kilgore's Revenge by Tabor Evans324
Longarm and the Horses of a Different Color (Longarm, No. 325) by Tabor Evans325
Longarm 326: Longarm and the Bad Break by Tabor Evans326
Longarm and the Ungrateful Gun (Longarm, No. 327) by Tabor Evans327
Longarm 328: Longarm and the Railroad Murders by Tabor Evans328
Longarm 329: Longarm and the Restless Redhead by Tabor Evans329
Longarm 330: Longarm and the Apache War by Tabor Evans330
Longarm and the False Prophet (Longarm #331) by Tabor Evans331
Longarm 332: Longarm and the Owlhoots' Graveyard by Tabor Evans332
Longarm And the Sweetheart Vendetta (Longarm #333) by Tabor Evans333
Longarm and the Deadly Lover (Longarm #334) by Tabor Evans334
Longarm and the Missing Marshall by Tabor Evans335
Longarm and the Midnight Mistress: Longarm 336 by Tabor Evans336
Longarm 337: Longarm and the Panther Mountain Shoot-out by Tabor Evans337
Longarm and the Sabotaged Railroad (Longarm #338) by Tabor Evans338
Longarm 339: Longarm and the Tascosa Two-Step (Longarm) by Tabor Evans339
Longarm and the Holy Smokes Gang by Tabor Evans340
Longarm and the Dwarf's Darling (Longarm #343) by Tabor Evans343
Longarm Meets Blackbeard (Longarm, No. 344) by Tabor Evans344
Longarm in Hell's Half Acre (Longarm #348) by Tabor Evans348
Longarm 349: Longarm and the Colorado Manhunt by Tabor Evans349
Longarm and the Hangtree Vengeance by Tabor Evans350
Longarm 351: Longarm and the Heiress (Longarm) by Tabor Evans351
Longarm 354: Longarm and the Diablo Gold by Tabor Evans354
Longarm and the Diamond Sisters (Longarm #356) by Tabor Evans356
Longarm 360: Longarm and the Pecos Promenade by Tabor Evans360
Longarm and the Arizona Assassin (Longarm, No. 373) by Tabor Evans373
Longarm 381: Longarm and the Santiago Pistoleers by Tabor Evans381
Longarm and the Lone Star Legend (Longarm Giant #1) by Tabor EvansGiant 1
Longarm and the Lone Star Vengeance by Tabor EvansGiant 2
Longarm and the Lone Star Bounty by Tabor EvansGiant 3
Longarm and the Lone Star Rescue (Giant Longarm Adventure #4) by Tabor EvansGiant 4
Longarm and the Lone Star Deliverance (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 5
Longarm and the Lone Star Showdown by Tabor EvansGiant 6
Longarm and the Lone Star Frame (Longarm Giant #8) by Tabor EvansGiant 8
Longarm and the Lone Star Rustlers (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 9
Longarm and the Lone Star Captive by Tabor EvansGiant 10
Longarm on the Santee Killing Grounds by Tabor EvansGiant 14
Longarm Giant 15: Longarm and the Unwritten Law by Tabor EvansGiant 15
Longarm and the Calgary Kid (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 17
Longarm and the Danish Dames (Longarm Giant #18) by Tabor EvansGiant 18
Longarm Giant 19: Longarm and the Blue-Eyed Squaw (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 19
Longarm and the Hangman's Daughter: Giant #20 by Tabor EvansGiant 20
Longarm and the Contrary Cowgirls by Tabor EvansGiant 21
Longarm Giant #22: Longarm and the Deadly Dead Man by Tabor EvansGiant 22
Longarm Giant #23: Longarm and the Bartered Brides (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 23
Longarm Giant 26: Golden Eagle Shoot-Out (Longarm Giant) by Tabor EvansGiant 26

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Series description

Longarm is an ongoing adult western series detailing the adventures of Custis Long, deputy U.S. Marshal.

The series was created in 1978 by Lou Cameron and a new novel is published monthly under the house name Tabor Evans. Various popular western authors have contributed books to the series.

In general, each book tells a stand-alone story, though occasionally a story will span two or three books.


How do series work?

To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field. Enter the name of the series to add the book to it.

Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia, disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series.

Tip: If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title (eg., "Chronicles of Prydain (book 1)"). By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the | character to divide the number and the descriptor. So, "(0|prequel)" sorts by 0 under the label "prequel."

What isn't a series?

Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such (see Wikipedia: Book series). Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations, on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification (eg., avoid lumping Jane Austen with her continuators).

Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works.


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