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P-51 Mustang vs Fw 190: Europe 1943-45 (Duel) by Martin Bowman1
Sherman Firefly vs Tiger: Normandy 1944 (Duel) by Stephen Hart2
U-boats vs Destroyer Escorts: The Battle of the Atlantic (Duel) by Gordon Williamson3
Panther vs T-34: Ukraine 1943 (Duel) by Robert Forczyk4
Spitfire vs Bf 109: Battle of Britain (Duel) by Tony Holmes5
USN Carriers vs IJN Carriers: The Pacific, 1942 (Duel) by Mark Stille6
Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I: Western Front 1917-18 (Duel) by Jon Guttman7
P-40 Warhawk vs Ki-43 Oscar: China 1944-45 (Duel) by Carl Molesworth8
Victory vs Redoutable: Ships of the line at Trafalgar 1805 (Duel) by Gregory Fremont-Barnes9
M3 Medium Tank vs Panzer III: Kasserine Pass, 1943 (Duel) by Gordon L. Rottman10
P-47 Thunderbolt vs Bf 109G/K: Europe 1943-45 (Duel) by Martin Bowman11
F-4 Phantom II vs MiG-21: USAF & VPAF in the Vietnam War (Duel) by Peter Davies12
Panther vs Sherman: Battle of the Bulge 1944 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga13
Confederate Ironclad vs Union Ironclad: Hampton Roads 1862 (Duel) by Ron Field14
Russian Battleship vs Japanese Battleship: Yellow Sea 1904-05 by Robert Forczyk15
Seafire vs A6M Zero: Pacific Theatre (Duel) by Donald Nijboer16
SPAD XIII vs. Fokker D VII: Western Front 1916-18 (Duel) by Jon Guttman17
M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural: Operation Desert Storm 1991 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga18
Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812 (Duel) by Mark Lardas19
SE 5a vs Albatros D V: Western Front 1917-18 (Duel) by Jon Guttman20
Centurion vs T-55: Yom Kippur War 1973 (Duel) by Simon Dunstan21
USN Cruiser vs IJN Cruiser: Guadacanal 1942 (Duel) by Mark Stille22
USN F-4 Phantom II vs VPAF MiG-17/19: Vietnam 1965-73 (Duel) by Peter Davies23
Fw 190 Sturmbocke vs B-17 Flying Fortress: Europe 1944-45 (Duel) by Robert Forsyth24
Fw 200 Condor vs Atlantic Convoy: 1941-43 (Duel) by Robert Forczyk25
P-38 Lightning vs Ki-61 Tony: New Guinea 1943-44 (Duel) by Donald Nijboer26
German Commerce Raider vs British Cruisers (Duel) by Robert Forczyk27
Mirage III vs MiG-21 (Duel) by Shlomo Aloni28
Hurricane I vs Bf 110: 1940 (Duel) by Tony Holmes29
M60 vs T-62: Cold War Combatants 1956-92 (Duel) by Lon Nordeen30
British Dreadnought vs German Dreadnought: Jutland 1916 (Duel) by Mark Stille31
T-34-85 vs M26 Pershing: Korea 1950 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga32
Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis: France 1940 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga33
E-Boat vs MTB: The English Channel 1941-45 (Duel) by Gordon Williamson34
F-105 Wild Weasel vs SA-2 'Guideline' SAM: Vietnam 1965-73 (Duel) by Peter Davies35
SPAD VII vs Albatros D III: 1917-18 (Duel) by Jon Guttman36
King Tiger vs IS-2: Operation Solstice 1945 (Duel) by David R. Higgins37
P-40 Warhawk vs Bf 109: MTO 1942-44 (Duel) by Carl Molesworth38
La-5/7 vs Fw 190: Eastern Front 1942-45 (Duel) by Dmitriy Khazanov39
CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge : Cherbourg 1864 by Mark Lardas40
B-24 Liberator vs Ki-43 Oscar: China and Burma 1943 (Duel) by Edward M. Young41
DH 2 vs Albatros D I/D II: Western Front 1916 (Duel) by James Miller42
M4 Sherman vs Type 97 Chi-Ha: The Pacific 1945 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga43
Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis: Flamborough Head 1779 (Duel) by Mark Lardas44
Meteor I vs V1 Flying Bomb: 1944 (Duel) by Donald Nijboer45
Panzerjäger vs KV-1: Eastern Front 1941-43 (Duel) by Robert Forczyk46
Gladiator vs CR.42 Falco: 1940-41 (Duel) by Hakan Gustavsson47
USN Destroyer vs IJN Destroyer: The Pacific 1943 (Duel) by Mark Stille48
Mark IV vs A7V: Villers-Bretonneux 1918 (Duel) by David R. Higgins49
F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15: Korea 1950-53 (Duel) by Doug Dildy50
Bf 110 vs Lancaster: 1942-45 (Duel) by Robert Forczyk51
British Frigate vs French Frigate: 1793-1814 (Duel) by Mark Lardas52
M10 Tank Destroyer vs StuG III Assault Gun: Germany 1944 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga53
F4F Wildcat vs A6M Zero-sen: Pacific Theater 1942 (Duel) by Edward Young54
FE 2b/d vs Albatros Scouts: Western Front 1916-17 (Duel) by James F. Miller55
British Battlecruiser vs German Battlecruiser: 1914-16 (Duel) by Mark Stille56
Q Ship vs U-Boat: 1914-18 (Duel) by David Greentree57
Jagdpanther vs SU-100: Eastern Front 1945 (Duel) by David R. Higgins58
Nieuport 11/16 Bébé vs Fokker Eindecker: Western Front 1916 (Duel) by Jon Guttman59
Spitfire V vs C.202 Folgore: Malta 1942 (Duel) by Donald Nijoboer60
F-8 Crusader vs MiG-17: Vietnam 1965-72 (Duel) by Peter Mersky61
F6F Hellcat vs A6M Zero-sen: Pacific Theater 1943-44 (Duel) by Edward Young62
Panzer III vs Somua S 35: Belgium 1940 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga63
Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 7th-11th Centuries (Duel) by Angus Konstam64
Bf 109 vs Yak-1/7: Eastern Front (Duel) by Dmitriy Khazanov65
Panzer II vs 7TP: Poland 1939 (Duel) by David R. Higgins66
Spitfire II/V vs Bf 109F: Channel Front 1940Â?42 (Duel) by Tony Holmes67
US Navy Carrier Aircraft vs IJN Yamato Class Battleships: 1944-45 (Duel) by Mark Stille69
Panzer IV vs Sherman: France 1944 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga70
M48 Patton vs Centurion: Indo-Pakistani War 1965 (Duel) by David R. Higgins71
F-15C Eagle versus MiG-23/25: Iraq 1991 (Duel) by Doug Dildy72
F4U Corsair vs Ki-84 "Frank": Pacific Theater 1945 (Duel) by Edward M. Young73
British Submarine vs Italian Torpedo Boat: Mediterranean 1940-43 (Duel) by David Greentree74
Bradley vs BMP: Desert Storm 1991 (Duel) by Mike Guardia75
US Navy Ships vs Kamikazes 1944-45 (Duel) by Mark Stille76
Bazooka vs Panzer: Battle of the Bulge 1944 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga77
Panzer 38(t) vs BT-7: Barbarossa 1941 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga78
USS Lawrence vs HMS Detroit: The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes (Duel) by Mark Lardas79
Pershing vs Tiger: Germany 1945 (Duel) by Steven J. Zaloga80
Sea Harrier FSR 1 vs Mirage III/Dagger: South Atlantic 1982 (Duel) by Doug Dildy81

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  1. M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank 1941-45 (New Vanguard) by Steven J. Zaloga (2005)
  2. Tiger Tanks (Vanguard) by Bryan Perrett (1981)
  3. Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo by Doug Dildy (2010)
  4. The Blocking of Zeebrugge: Operation Z-O 1918 by Stephen Prince (2010)
  5. Russian Armored Fighting Vehicles (World War II Afv Plans) by George Bradford (2007)
  6. Panzer Divisions 1944-45 by Pier Paolo Battistelli (2009)
  8. Bf 109 Defence of the Reich Aces (Aircraft of the Aces) by John Weal (2006)
  9. German Tanks of World War Two in Action by George Forty (1988)
  10. The Browning Automatic Rifle (Weapon) by Robert Hodges (2012)
  11. The Australian Army in World War II by Mark Johnston (2007)
  12. Israeli Fortifications of the October War 1973 by Simon Dunstan (2008)
  13. The Shame of Savo: Anatomy of a Naval Disaster by Bruce Loxton (1994)
  14. Battle of the Bulge (Tanks Illustrated) by Steven J. Zaloga (1983)
  15. Georgy Zhukov (Command) by Robert Forczyk (2012)

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