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Rifts Sonic Boom by Adam Chilson301
Deception's Web by Adam Chilson302
Treacherous Awakenings by Adam Chilson303
Tales of the Chi-Town 'Burbs by Alex Marciniszyn304
Rifts by Kevin Siembieda800
Rifts Sourcebook Number One by Kevin Siembieda801
Rifts World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms by Kevin Siembieda802
Rifts Conversion Book One by Kevin Siembieda803
Rifts World Book Two: Atlantis by Kevin Siembieda804
Rifts Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids by Kevin Siembieda805
England: Rifts World Book Three by Kevin Siembieda807
Rifts World Book Four: Africa by Kevin Siembieda808
Rifts Dimension Book One: Wormwood by Kevin Siembieda809
Rifts World Book Five: Triax and The NGR by Kevin Siembieda810
Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse by C. J. Carella811
Rifts Sourcebook Three: Mindwerks by Kevin Siembieda812
Rifts Mercenaries by C. J. Carella813
South America: Rifts World Book Six by C. J. Carella814
Rifts Underseas by Kevin Siembieda815
Rifts Dimension Book Two: Phase World by C. J. Carella816
Rifts Dimension Book Three: Phase World Sourcebook by C. J. Carella817
Rifts Japan: World Book Eight by Kevin Siembieda818
Rifts World Book Nine: South America 2 by Carlos J. Martijena-Carella819
Rifts World Book Ten: Juicer Uprising by C. J. Carella820
Coalition War Campaign: Rifts World Book 11 by Kevin Siembieda821
Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape by Kevin Siembieda822
Rifts Index & Adventures – Vol. One by Kevin Siembieda823
Rifts Lone Star: World Book 13 by Kevin Siembieda825
Rifts New West: World Book 14 by Kevin Siembieda826
Spirit West: Rifts World Book 15 by Wayne Breaux827
Rifts Sourcebook 4: Coalition Navy by Patrick Nowak828
Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic by Kevin Siembieda829
Rifts Dimension Book 4: Skraypers by Kevin Siembieda830
Rifts Index & Adventures – Volume Two by Craig Crawford831
Rifts World Book 17: Warlords of Russia by Kevin Siembieda832
Rifts World Book 18: Mystic Russia by Kevin Siembieda833
Rifts Australia: World Book 19 by Ben Lucas834
Rifts World Book 20: Canada by Kevin Siembieda835
Rifts World Book 21: Splynn Dimensional Market: Rifts Atlantis Two by Mark Sumimoto836
Rifts World Book 22: Free Quebec by Kevin Siembieda837
Rifts World Book 23: Xiticix Invasion by Kevin Siembieda838
Coalition Wars: Rifts: Siege on Tolkeen – Chapter One: Sedition by Kevin Siembieda839
Rifts Coalition Wars: Siege on Tolkeen: Chapter Two: Coalition Overkill by Kevin Siembieda840
Rifts Coalition Wars: Siege on Tolkeen Three: Sorcerers' Revenge by Kevin Siembieda841
Rifts Coalition Wars: Siege on Tolkeen Four: Cyber-Knights by Kevin Siembieda842
Shadows of Evil: Coalition Wars: Rifts: Siege on Tolkeen Five by Kevin Siembieda843
Coalition Wars: Final Siege: Rifts: Siege on Tolkeen Six by Kevin Siembieda844
Rifts: Game Master Guide by Kevin Siembieda845
Rifts Aftermath, 109 P.A.: Life after Tolkeen and an World Overview by Kevin Siembieda846
Rifts Dimension Book Five: Anvil Galaxy: A Phase World Sourcebook by Bill Coffin847
Rifts: Book of Magic by Kevin Siembieda848
Rifts Adventure Guide by Kevin Siembieda849
Rifts Bionic Sourcebook by Kevin Siembieda850
Rifts Dimension Book Six: The Three Galaxies: A Phaseworld Sourcebook by Carl Gleba851
Rifts Dark Conversions by Kevin Siembieda852
Rifts: Chi-Town 'Burbs: Adventure Sourcebook: Forbidden Knowledge by Kevin Siembieda853
Rifts: Chi-Town 'Burbs: Firetown & the Tolkeen Crisis: A Rifts Adventure Sourcebook by Kevin Siembieda854
Rifts: Chi-Town 'Burbs: The Black Vault: Adventure Sourcebook by Kevin Siembieda855
Rifts: Chi-Town 'Burbs: Adventure Sourcebook: The Vanguard by Kevin Siembieda856
World Book 24: Rifts China One: The Yama Kings by Kevin Siembieda857
World Book 25: Rifts China 2: Heroes of the Celestial Court by Erick Wujcik858
Rifts Dimension Book Seven: Megaverse Builder: A Rifts and Phase World Sourcebook by Carl Gleba859
Rifts Dimension Book Eight: Naruni Wave 2: A Rifts and Phase World Sourcebook by Carmen Bellaire860
Rifts World Book 26: Dinosaur Swamp by Todd Yoho862
Rifts: Merctown by Patrick Nowak863
Rifts Merc Ops: A Rifts Sourcebook by Patrick Nowak865
Rifts Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp by Todd Yoho866
Rifts: Adventure Sourcebook: Mercenary Adventures by Patrick Nowak867
Arzno: Vampire Incursion (Rifts World Book) by Jason Richards868
Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven by Brandon K. Aten869
Rifts: Machinations of Doom by Ramon Perez, Jr.871
Rifts Dimension Book 10 Hades by Carl Gleba872
Rifts Dimension Book 11 Dyvall Hell Unle by Carl Gleba873
Rifts: D-Bees of North America World Book #30 (Rifts, 30) by Kevin Siembieda874
Dimensional Outbreak (Rifts Dimensional Book 12) by Carl Gleba875
Heroes of the Megaverse by Kevin Siembieda877
The Shemarrian Nation (Rifts Sourcebook) by Josh Sinsapaugh878
Fleets of the Three Galaxies (RIFTS, Dimension Book 13) by Braden Campbell880
Dimension Book 14 Thundercloud Galaxy883
Rifts Manhunter: A Megaverse Source Book by Buck Shomo2000
Rifts Role-Playing Game, Ultimate Edition by Kevin Siembieda800HC

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  1. The Rifter #1: RPG Guide and Megaverse Sourcebook by Wayne Smith (1998)
  2. Nightbane by Carlos J. Martijena-Carella (2006)
  3. Rifts Chaos Earth: A Complete Role Playing Game by Kevin Siembieda (2006)
  4. Mutants in Orbit: An Adventure & Sourcebook for After the Bomb & Rifts by James Wallis (1994)
  5. A Sourcebook for Heroes Unlimited: Aliens Unlimited by Wayne Breaux (1994)
  6. Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game by Kevin Siembieda (1984)
  7. Villains Unlimited by Kevin Long (1992)
  8. Mystic China by Erick Wujcik (1994)
  9. Ninjas and Superspies by Erick Wujcik (1994)
  10. After the Bomb by Erick Wujcik (1990)
  11. The Compendium of Contemporary Weapons by Maryann Siembieda (1993)
  12. Beyond the Supernatural by Randy McCall (1987)
  13. After the Bomb Book Five: Mutants in Avalon by James Wallis (1991)
  14. Systems Failure by Bill Coffin (1999)
  15. Robotech RPG Adventures: Ghost Ship by Chester Jacques (1988)

Series description

The very long running, Palladium Books role playing game. The setting is a post-apocalyptic Earth with super-technology, magic, aliens and just about any other sci-fi or fantasy element you can imagine all crammed in together.

Organized by Palladium product code.

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