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...And a 10-Foot Pole by Maxwell Bernhardt
Alchemy Companion (Rolemaster) by Tim Taylor
At Rapier's Point by Kevin Scrivner
Castles & Ruins (Rolemaster: The Standard System) by R.C. Jr. Kirkland
Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster Companion) by Coleman Charlton
Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster The Standard System Sourcebook, Stock# 5540)
Emer Book I : Haestra and the History of the Emerian Empire by Terry K. Amthor
Emer II : The Northeast by Terry K. Amthor
Haalkitaine and the Imperial Court of Rhakhaan by Terry K. Amthor
The Iron Wind, 2nd Edition by Peter C. Fenlon
Nightmares of Mine by K. Hite
Nomads of the Nine Nations by Brian E. Potter
Outlaw: A Genre Book for Rolemaster and Spacemaster by Matt Forbeck
Races & Cultures: Underground Races (Rolemaster #5541) by D. Reeder
Rolemaster (1st Edition) by Peter C. Fenlon
Rolemaster Annual 1997 (Rolemaster Standard System) by John Curtis
Rolemaster Companion by Mark Colburn
Rolemaster Companion II by P. Singh Khanna
Rolemaster Companion III by Don Coator
Rolemaster Companion IV
Rolemaster Companion V by Iron Crown Enterprises
Rolemaster Companion VI by Iron Crown Enterprises
Rolemaster Companion VII by Monte J. Cook
Rolemaster Player Guide (Rolemaster: The Standard System) by John W. Curtis III
Run Out the Guns, Adventure Kit (Ice Adventure Kits) by J. Hawkins
Sea Law (Rolemaster Accessory #1130) by William Van Horn
The Shade of the Sinking Plain
Spell User's Companion (Rolemaster, Shadow World) by Monte Cooke
War Law (Rolemaster) [BOX SET] by S. Coleman Charlton
The World of Vog Mur by Peter C. Fenlon
Rolemaster Boxed Set by Iron Crown Enterprises1000
Robin Hood: The Role Playing Campaign by Graham Staplehurst1010
Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes by Aaron Allston1020
Pirates by Gorham Palmer1040
Arms Law & Claw Law by S. Coleman CharltonRM 1100
Arms Companion (Shadow World, #1120) by Rev. Kieth T. Locke Joseph A. Buono Berenberg, Wi1120
Spell Law by Iron Crown EnterprisesRM 1200
Character Law & Campaign Law by Peter C. FenlonRM 1300
Creatures and Treasures by S. Coleman Charlton1400
Creatures and Treasures II1410
Heroes and Rogues by Troy Christensen1420
Elemental Companion by Shawn Sharp1510
The Cloudlords of Tanara by Terry K. Amthor5000
Rolemaster GM Screen by Staff5502
Rolemaster Annual 1996 (#5505) by John Curtis5505
Arms Law by C. Charlton5520
Gamemaster Law by J. Hawkins5521
Spell Law by S. Coleman Charlton5522
Weapons Law by B. Mohney5524
Black Ops by Matt Esget5700
Shades Of Darkness by J. Rose5702
Quellbourne, Land of the Silver Mist by Daniel Henley6001
Journey to the Magic Isle by Timothy Taylor6002
Demons of the Burning Night by Matthew Power6003
Tales of the Loremasters, Book 1 by Thomas Kane6004
Star Crown Empire and the Sea of Fates by Mike Cremer6005
The Orgillion Horror by Timothy Taylor6006
Kingdom of the Desert Jewel by Tod Foley6007
Tales of the Loremasters, Book 2 by Tom Kane6008
Cyclops Vale and Other Tales by Tim Taylor6009
Jaiman, Land of Twilight by Terry K. Amthor6010
Islands Of The Oracle by John Crowdis6011
Sky Giants of the Brass Stair by T. Kane6012
Norek, Intrigue in a City-State of Jaiman by Kevin Hosmer-Casey6014
Emer Boxed Set by Terry K. Amthor6100
Eidolon : City in the Sky by Terry Kevin Amthor6300
Gethæna, Underearth Emer by J.M. Ney-Grimm6301
Curse Of Kabis6303
Powers of Light & Darkness by Terry K. Amthor6402

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Works can belong to more than one series. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narnia, disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series.

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Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works.


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