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Justice, Inc. | The Yellow Hoard by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 1
The Sky Walker | The Devil's Horns by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 2
The Frosted Death | The Glass Mountain by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 3
The Blood Ring | Stockholders in Death by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 4
Tuned for Murder | The Smiling Dogs by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 5
The River of Ice | The Flame Breathers by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 6
Murder on Wheels | The Three Gold Crowns by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 7
House of Death | The Hate Master by Kenneth RobesonThe Avenger 8
Nevlo ; Death In Slow Motion ; Vengeance On the Avenger by Kenneth Robeson
Nick Carter, Volume 1: The Impossible Theft and The Strange Doctor Devolo by Walter B. Gibson
The Spider, Volume 1: The Citadel of Hell and The Spider and the Sons of Satan by R. T. M. Scott
Quest of the Spider | The Mountain Monster by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 30
Devil On The Moon | I Died Yesterday by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 31
The Feathered Octopus | The Goblins by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 32
Quest of Qui | The Devil's Playground by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 33
The Man Who Shook the Earth | The Three Devils by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 34
Meteor Menace | The Ten Ton Snakes by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 35
The Phantom City | No Light to Die By by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 36
The Mystery on the Snow | Peril in the North by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 37
Murder Melody | Birds of Death by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 38
Poison Island | They Died Twice by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 39
The Men Who Smiled No More | The Pink Lady by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 42
The Roar Devil | Satan Black by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 44
Merchants of Disaster | Measures for a Coffin by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 45
The Mystic Mullah | Terror Takes 7 by Lester DentDoc Savage 46
Weird Valley | Let's Kill Ames | The Green Master by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 47
Red Snow | Death Had Yellow Eyes by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 48
The Terror in the Navy | Waves of Death by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 49
The Land of Fear & The Fiery Menace by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 51
Doc Savage #52: Violent Night / Strange Fish / The Screaming Man by Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent)Doc Savage 52
Doc Savage #53: Ost / According to a Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic by Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent)Doc Savage 53
Doc Savage #54: The Yellow Cloud / Men of FearDoc Savage 54
The Black Spot ; The Terrible Stork by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 56
DOC SAVAGE #57: The Dagger in the Sky / The Death Lady / The Monkey Suit by By Kenneth Robeson.Doc Savage 57
DOC SAVAGE #58: The Derrick Devil / The Spotted Men by By Kenneth Robeson.Doc Savage 58
Pirate Isle ; The Speaking Stone by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 59
Doc Savage #61: The Man Who Fell Up; The Three Wild Men by Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent)Doc Savage 61
Doc Savage #62: The Flaming Falcons; The Too-Wise Owl by Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent)Doc Savage 62
The Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona | The Hand by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 33
Crime Rides the Sea | River of Death | The Case of the River of Eternal Woe by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 36
The Third Skull | Realm of Doom by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 37
Dead Men Live | Dictator of Crime by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 38
Face of Doom | The Crime Ray by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 39
The Crime Clinic | Cards of Death by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 40
Chain of Death | Death's Premium by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 41
Bells of Doom | The Murdering Ghost by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 42
The Key | The Case of Congressman Coyd by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 43
Atoms of Death | Buried Evidence by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 44
Terror Island | City of Ghosts | The Green Light by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 45
The House That Vanished | Wizard of Crime by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 46
The Living Shadow | The Black Hush by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 47
The Eyes of the Shadow | The Money Master by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 48
The Man from Shanghai | The Golden Dog Murders |Jabberwocky Thrust by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 50
The Living Joss | Judge Lawless by Walter B. GibsonThe Shadow 51
The Dead Who Talked | The Red Hatchets | Evil Eye by Clifford GoodrichThe Whisperer 1
The Six Pyramids of Death | Mansion of the Missing | The Vampire Deaths by Clifford GoodrichThe Whisperer 2
Murder Queens | Kill Them First! | The Air-Mail Murders by Clifford GoodrichThe Whisperer 3
The Football Racketeers | Murders in Crazyland by Laurence DonovanThe Whisperer 4
The Emperor of Death | The Crime of Fu Kee Wong by G. Wayman JonesThe Phantom Detective 1
Doc Savage #60: He Could Stop the World; The Laugh of Death by Lester Dent (as Kenneth Robeson)Doc Savage 60
The Awful Dynasty ; The Angry Canary ; The Swooning Lady by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 63
The Headless Men by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 64
Mystery Island ; Trouble on Parade by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 65
The Midas Man ; The Derelict of Skull Shoal by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 66
The Invisible-Box Murders ; Target for Death by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 67
The Crimson Serpent ; The Exploding Lake by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 68
Munitions Master ; The King of Terror by Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage 69
Doc Savage #70: The All-White Elf / The Wee Ones by Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson)Doc Savage 70
Doc Savage #71: The Angry Ghost / The Disappearing Lady by Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson)Doc Savage 71
Doc Savage #72 : "The Purple Dragon" & "Colors for Murder" by Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson)Doc Savage 72
Doc Savage #73: Land of Long Juju / Se-Pah-Poo by Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson)Doc Savage 73

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Sanctum Books in association with Nostalgia Ventures began a new series of reprints (starting November 2006), featuring two novels per book, in magazine-sized paperbacks. The Doc Savage editions came with a choice of the original pulp cover or the cover from the Bantam paperbacks, and most include the original interior artwork, as well as new essays and reprints of other old material. In late 2008, Nostalgia Ventures ended their relationship, and Sanctum Books continues with the reprints on their own.

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