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Starlog Number 1--August 1976 by Starlog Magazine1
Starlog Number 2--November 1976 by Starlog Magazine2
Starlog Number 3--January 1977 by Magazine3
Starlog Number 4--March 1977 by Starlog Magazine4
Starlog Number 5--May 1977 by Starlog Magazine5
Starlog Number 6--June 1977 by Starlog Magazine6
Starlog Number 7--August 1977 by Starlog Magazine7
Starlog Number 8--September 1977 by Starlog Magazine8
Starlog Number 9--October 1977 by Starlog Magazine9
Starlog Number 10--December 197710
Starlog Number 11--January 1978 by Starlog Magazine11
Starlog Number 12--March 1978 by Starlog Magazine12
Starlog Number 13--May 1978 by Starlog Magazine13
Starlog Number 14--June 1978 by Starlog Magazine14
Starlog Number 15--August 1978 by Starlog Magazine15
Starlog Number 16--September 1978 by Starlog Magazine16
Starlog Number 17--October 1978 by Starlog Magazine17
Starlog, the Magazine of the Future, October 1978 (Number 17) by Various17
Starlog Number 18--December 1978 by Starlog Magazine18
Starlog Number 19--February 1979 by Starlog Magazine19
Starlog Number 20--March 1979 by Starlog Magazine20
Starlog (Number 21, April 1979): The Magazine of the Future by Howard Zimmerman21
Starlog Number 21--April 1979 by Starlog Magazine21
Starlog Number 22--May 1979 by Starlog Magazine22
Starlog Number 23--June 1979 by Starlog Magazine23
STARLOG: #23; June 1979 by Lloyd Biggle Starlog (Dan O'Bannon; Robert Wise23
Starlog Number 24--July 1979 by Starlog Magazine24
Starlog Number 25--August 1979 by Starlog Magazine25
Starlog Number 26--September 1979 by Starlog Magazine26
Starlog Number 27--October 1979 by O'Quinn Studios27
Starlog Magazine Issue # 28 November 1979 by Howard Zimmerman28
Starlog Number 28--November 1979 by Starlog Magazine28
Starlog Number 29--December 1979 by Starlog Magazine29
Starlog Number 30--January 1980 by Starlog Magazine30
Starlog Number 31--February 1980 by Starlog Magazine31
Starlog Number 32--March 1980 by Magazine32
Starlog Number 33--April 1980 by Starlog Magazine33
Starlog Number 34--May 1980 by Starlog Magazine34
Starlog #35 (June, 1980) by editors; Billy Dee Williams; George McGinnis; Jimmy Murakami35
Starlog Number 35--June 1980 by Starlog Magazine35
Starlog Number 36--July 1980 by Starlog Magazine36
Starlog Number 37--August 1980 by Starlog Group37
Starlog Number 38--September 1980 by Starlog Magazine38
Starlog Number 39--October 1980 by Starlog Magazine39
Starlog, No. 39 by Starlog39
Starlog Number 40--November 1980 by Starlog Magazine40
Starlog Number 41--December 1980 by Starlog Magazine41
STARLOG: #41; December, Dec. 1980 by Starlog (Ron Goulart)41
Starlog Number 42--January 1981 by Starlog Magazine42
Starlog Number 43--February 1981 by Starlog Magazine43
Starlog Number 44--March 1981 by Starlog Magazine44
Starlog Number 45--April 1981 by Starlog Magazine45
Starlog Number 46--May 1981 by Starlog Magazine46
Starlog Number 47--June 1981 by Starlog Magazine47
Starlog Number 48--July 1981 by Starlog Magazine48
Starlog Number 49--August 1981 by Starlog Magazine49
Starlog #50 by Howard Zimmerman50
Starlog Number 50--September 1981 by Starlog Magazine50
Starlog Number 51--October 1981 by Starlog Magazine51
Starlog Number 52--November 1981 by Starlog Magazine52
Starlog Number 53--December 1981 by Starlog Magazine53
Starlog Number 54--January 1982 by Starlog Magazine54
Starlog Number 55--February 1982 by Starlog Magazine55
Starlog Number 56--March 1982 by Starlog Magazine56
Starlog Number 57--April 1982 by Starlog Magazine57
Starlog Number 58--May 1982 by Starlog Magazine58
Starlog Magazine Issue # 59 June 1982 by Starlog Group59
Starlog Number 59--June 1982 by Starlog Magazine59
Starlog Number 60--July 1982 by Starlog Magazine60
Starlog Number 61--August 1982 by Starlog61
Starlog Number 62--September 1982 by Starlog Magazine62
Starlog Number 63--October 1982 by Starlog Magazine63
STARLOG: #63; October, Oct. 1982 by Starlog63
Starlog Number 64--November 1982 by Starlog Magazine64
Starlog Number 65--December 1982 by Starlog Magazine65
Starlog Number 66--January 1983 by Starlog Magazine66
Starlog Number 67--February 1983 by Starlog Magazine67
Starlog Number 68--March 1983 by Starlog68
Starlog 69 (April 1983) by Starlog69
Starlog Number 70--May 1983 by Starlog70
Starlog Number 71--June 1983 by Starlog Magazine71
Starlog Number 72--July 1983 by Starlog Magazine72
Starlog Number 73--August 1983 by Starlog Magazine73
Starlog Number 74--September 1983 by Starlog Magazine74
Starlog Number 75--October 1983 by Starlog Magazine75
Starlog Number 76--November 1983 by Starlog Magazine76
Starlog Number 77--December 1983 by Starlog Magazine77
Starlog Number 78--January 1984 by Starlog Magazine78
Starlog Number 79--February 1984 by Starlog Magazine79
Starlog Number 80--March 1984 by Starlog Magazine80
Starlog Number 81--April 1984 by Starlog Magazine81
Starlog Number 82--May 1984 by Magazine82
Starlog Number 83--June 1984 by Starlog Magazine83
Starlog Number 84--July 1984 by Starlog84
Starlog Number 85--August 1984 by Starlog Magazine85
Starlog, August 1984, Number 85 by Howard Zimmerman85
Starlog Number 86--September 1984 by Starlog Magazine86
STARLOG #87 (September 1984) by Howard Zimmerman87
Starlog Number 87--October 1984 by Starlog Magazine87
Starlog Number 88--November 1984 by Starlog Magazine88
Starlog: The Magazine of the Future #88 vol.8 November, 1984 by Starlog88
Starlog Number 89--December 1984 by Starlog Magazine89
Starlog Number 90--January 1985 by Starlog Magazine90
STARLOG #91 (February 1985) by Howard Zimmerman91
Starlog Number 91--February 1985 by Starlog Magazine91
Starlog Number 92--March 1985 by Starlog Magazine92
Starlog Number 93--April 1985 by Starlog Magazine93
Starlog Number 94--May 1985 by Starlog Magazine94
Starlog Number 95--June 1985 by Starlog Magazine95
Starlog Number 96--July 1985 by Starlog Magazine96
STARLOG #97 (August 1985) by David McDonnell97
Starlog. The Science Fiction Universe. December #101, 1985. by David McDonnell101
Starlog Magazine (1976 series) #106 by Starlog106
Starlog Magazine (1976 series) #109 by Starlog109
Starlog Magazine Issue # 118 May 1987 by Starlog Group118
Starlog. The Science Fiction Universe. June #119, 1987. by David McDonnell119
Starlog Magazine Issue # 121 August 1987 by David McDonnell121
Starlog Magazine Issue # 122 September 1987 by David McDonnell122
Starlog. The Science Fiction Universe. October #123, 1987. by David McDonnell123
Starlog Magazine Issue # 124 November 1987 by David McDonnell124
Starlog Magazine Issue # 125 December 1987 by Starlog125
Starlog Magazine Issue # 131 June 1988 by Starlog Group131
Starlog Magazine Issue # 132 July 1988 by Starlog Group132
Starlog #142 by David McDonnell142
Starlog # 146 September 1989 by David McDonnell146
Starlog: The Science Fiction Universe #150 by Starlog Group150
Starlog: The Science Fiction Universe #152 by Starlog Group152
Starlog Magazine (1976 series) #154 by Starlog154
Starlog #155 (NM) Back to the Future III, Total Recall, Alien Nation, Plymouth155
Starlog: The Science Fiction Universe #156 by Starlog Group156
STARLOG # 158 (September 1990) by David McDonnell158
Starlog Magazine #211 (February 1995) by David McDonnell211
Starlog, Number 236, March 1997 by Editor236
Starlog Magazine #263-June 1999 by Starlog263

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Series description

Starlog magazine was published from 1976 through 2009, primarily by O'Quinn Studios (eventually renamed Starlog Group), though it went through two sales in the last few years of its life, first to The Creative Group and then, upon that company's bankruptcy, to The Brooklyn Company, which continues to publish sister magazine Fangoria.



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