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The Transformers #1 - The Transformers by Marvel Comics1
The Transformers #2 - Power Play! by Bill Mantlo2
The Transformers #3 - Prisoner of War! by Jim Salicrup3
The Transformers #4 - The Last Stand by Jim Salicrup4
The Transformers #5 - The New Order by Bob Budiansky5
The Transformers #6 - The Worse of Two Evils! by Bob Budiansky6
The Transformers #7 - Warrior School! by Bob Budiansky7
The Transformers #8 - Repeat Performance! by Marvel8
The Transformers #9 - DIS-Integrated Circuits! by Bob Budiansky9
The Transformers #10 - The Next Best Thing to Being There! by Bob Budiansky10
The Transformers #11 - Brainstorm! by Bob Budiansky11
The Transformers #12 - Prime Time! by Bob Budiansky12
The Transformers #13 - Shooting Star! by Bob Budiansky13
The Transformers #14 - Rock and Roll-Out! by Marvel14
The Transformers #15 - I, Robot-Master! by Bob Budiansky15
The Transformers #16 - Plight of the Bumblebee! by Len Kaminski16
The Transformers #17 - The Smelting Pool! by Bob Budiansky17
The Transformers #18 - The Bridge to Nowhere! by Bob Budiansky18
The Transformers #19 - Command Performances! by Bob Budiansky19
The Transformers #20 - Showdown! by Bob Budiansky20
The Transformers #21 - Aerialbots over America! by Bob Budiansky21
The Transformers #22 - Heavy Traffic! by Bob Budiansky22
The Transformers #23 - Decepticon Graffiti! by Marvel23
The Transformers #24 - Afterdeath! by Bob Budiansky24
The Transformers #25 - Gone But Not Forgotten! by Bob Budiansky25
The Transformers #26 - Funeral For a Friend! by Bob Budiansky26
The Transformers #27 - King of the Hill! by Bob Budiansky27
The Transformers #28 - Mechanical Difficulties! by Bob Budiansky28
The Transformers #29 - Crater Critters by Bob Budiansky29
The Transformers #30 - The Cure! by Bob Budiansky30
The Transformers #31 - Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom by Bob Budiansky31
The Transformers #32 - Used Autobots by Bob Budiansky32
The Transformers #33 - Man of Iron!, Parts 1-2 by Steve Parkhouse33
The Transformers #34 - Man of Iron!, Parts 3-4 by Steve Parkhouse34
The Transformers #35 - Child's Play by Marvel35
The Transformers #36 - Spacehikers! by Bob Budiansky36
The Transformers #37 - Toy Soldiers! by Bob Budiansky37
The Transformers #38 - Trial by Fire! by Bob Budiansky38
The Transformers #39 - The Desert Island of Space! by Bob Budiansky39
The Transformers #40 - Pretender to the Throne! by Bob Budiansky40
The Transformers #41 - Totaled! by Bob Budiansky41
The Transformers #42 - People Power! by Bob Budiansky42
The Transformers #43 - The Big Broadcast of 2006! by Ralph Macchio43
The Transformers #44 - The Cosmic Carnival! by Bob Budiansky44
The Transformers #45 - Monstercon From Mars! by Bob Budiansky45
The Transformers #46 - Ca$h and Car-nage! by Bob Budiansky46
The Transformers #47 - Club Con! by Bob Budiansky47
The Transformers #48 - The Flames of Boltax! by Bob Budiansky48
The Transformers #49 - Cold War! by Bob Budiansky49
The Transformers #50 - Dark Star by Bob Budiansky50
The Transformers #51 - The Man in the Machine! by Bob Budiansky51
The Transformers #52 - Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having For Dinner? by Bob Budiansky52
The Transformers #53 - Recipe For Disaster! by Bob Budiansky53
The Transformers #54 - King Con! by Bob Budiansky54
The Transformers #55 - The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship! by Bob Budiansky55
The Transformers #56 - Back From the Dead by Simon Furman56
The Transformers #57 - The Resurrection Gambit! by Simon Furman57
The Transformers #58 - All the Familiar Faces! by Simon Furman58
The Transformers #59 - Skin Deep by Simon Furman59
The Transformers #60 - Yesterday's Heroes! by Simon Furman60
The Transformers #61 - Primal Scream by Simon Furman61
The Transformers #62 - Bird of Prey! by Simon Furman62
The Transformers #63 - Kings of the Wild Frontier by Simon Furman63
The Transformers #64 - Deadly Obsession by Simon Furman64
The Transformers #65 - Dark Creation by Simon Furman65
The Transformers #66 - All Fall Down by Simon Furman66
The Transformers #67 - Rhythms of Darkness! by Simon Furman67
The Transformers #68 - The Human Factor! by Simon Furman68
The Transformers #69 - Eye of the Storm! by Simon Furman69
The Transformers #70 - The Price of Life! by Simon Furman70
The Transformers #71 - Surrender! by Simon Furman71
The Transformers #72 - ...All This and Civil War 2 by Simon Furman72
The Transformers #73 - Out of Time! by Simon Furman73
The Transformers #74 - The Void by Simon Furman74
The Transformers #75 - On the Edge of Extinction! by Simon Furman75
The Transformers #76 - Still Life! by Simon Furman76
The Transformers #77 - Exodus! by Simon Furman77
The Transformers #78 - A Savage Circle by Simon Furman78
The Transformers #79 - The Last Autobot? by Simon Furman79
The Transformers #80 - End of the Road! by Simon Furman80
Transformers, Vol. 1: Beginnings by Ralph Macchio1-6 collected
Transformers, Vol. 2: New Order by Bob Budiansky7-12 collected
Transformers, Vol. 3: Cybertron Redux by Bob Budiansky13-18 collected
Transformers, Vol. 4: Showdown by Bob Budiansky19-24 collected
Transformers, Vol. 5: Breakdown by Bob Budiansky25-30 collected
Transformers, Vol. 6: Treason by Bob Budiansky31-32 & 35-37 collected
Transformers, Vol. 7: Trial By Fire by Bob BudianskyHeadmasters 1-4 & 38-39 collected
Transformers, Vol. 8: Maximum Force by Bob Budiansky40-42 & 44-45 collected
Transformers, Vol. 9: Dark Star by Bob Budiansky46-50 collected
Transformers, Vol. 10: Last Stand by Bob Budiansky51-55 collected
Transformers: Primal Scream by Simon Furman56-62 collected
Transformers: Matrix Quest by Simon Furman63-68 collected
Transformers: All Fall Down by Simon Furman69-74 collected
Transformers: End of the Road by Simon Furman75-80 collected
Transformers: Generations, Volume 1 by Bob Budiansky7, 13-14 & 16-18 collected
Classic Transformers, Volume 1 by Bob Budiansky1-2, 4-8 & 10-16 collected
Classic Transformers, Volume 2 by Bob Budiansky17-21 & 24-32 collected
Classic Transformers, Volume 3 by Bob Budiansky33-44 & 46
Classic Transformers, Volume 4 by Bob Budiansky47-61 collected
Classic Transformers, Volume 5 by Simon Furman62-74 collected
Classic Transformers, Volume 6 by Simon Furman75-80, Headmasters 1-4 & The Movie 1-3 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 1 by Bob Budiansky1-13 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 2 by Bob Budiansky14-25 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 3 by Bob Budiansky26-38 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 4 by Bob Budiansky39-50 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 5 by Simon Furman51-64 collected
The Transformers Classics, Volume 6 by Simon Furman65-76 collected
Transformers: Classic Comic Collection, Volume 1 by Bob Budiansky1-8 collected

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  1. Transformers: Dark Designs by Simon Furman (2002)
  2. Transformers: Generation 1 (Vol. 1) by Chris Sarracini (2002)
  3. Transformers: Target: 2006 by Simon Furman (2002)
  4. The Transformers: Autocracy by Chris Metzen (2012)
  5. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Volume 2 by Shane McCarthy (2009)
  6. Transformers Generation One Vol. 2 : War and Peace by Brad Mick (2004)
  7. Marvel Premiere Classics, Volume 5: Wolverine: Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith (1993)
  8. Exodus (Transformers) by Alex Irvine (2010)
  9. Transformers: Armada, Volume 1: First Contact by Chris Sarracini (2003)
  10. Incredible Change-Bots by Jeffrey Brown (2007)
  11. JLA, Vol. 4: Strength In Numbers by Grant Morrison (1998)
  12. Transformers/G.I. Joe by John Ney Rieber (2004)
  13. The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens (1992)
  14. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Vol. 1 (GI Joe) (Marvel) by Larry Hama (2002)
  15. Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century by Warren Ellis (2004)

Series description

Marvel's original Transformers (G1) comic book series.


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