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Seven Ways to Die by Jon Sharpe1
The Trailsman #2 The Hanging Trail by Jon Sharpe2
Mountain Man Kill by Jon Sharpe3
The Sundown Searchers by Jon Sharpe4
The River Raiders by Jon Sharpe5
Dakota Wild by Jon Sharpe6
Wolf Country by Jon Sharpe7
Six-Gun Drive by Jon Sharpe8
Dead Man's Saddle by Jon Sharpe9
Slave Hunter (The Trailsman #10) by Jon Sharpe10
Montana Maiden by Jon Sharpe11
Condor Pass by Jon Sharpe12
Blood Chase (The Trailsman #13) by Jon Sharpe13
Arrowhead Territory by Jon Sharpe14
The Stalking Horse by Jon Sharpe15
Savage Showdown by Jon Sharpe16
Ride the Wild Shadow by Jon Sharpe17
Cry of the Cheyenne by Jon Sharpe18
Spoon River Stud by Jon Sharpe19
Judas Kill by Jon Sharpe20
The Whiskey Guns by Jon Sharpe21
Border Arrows by Jon Sharpe22
The Comstock Killers by Jon Sharpe23
Twisted Noose by Jon Sharpe24
Maverick Maiden by Jon Sharpe25
Warpaint Rifles by Jon Sharpe26
Bloody Heritage by Jon Sharpe27
Hostage Trail by Jon Sharpe28
High Mountain Guns by Jon Sharpe29
White Savage (The Trailsman, No. 30) by Jon Sharpe30
Six-Gun Sombreros by Jon Sharpe31
Apache Gold (The Trailsman #32) by Jon Sharpe32
Red River Revenge (The Trailsman, No.33) by Jon Sharpe33
Sharps Justice by Jon Sharpe34
Kiowa Kill (Trailsman #35) by Jon Sharpe35
The Badge by Jon Sharpe36
Valley of Death by Jon Sharpe37
The Lost Patrol by Jon Sharpe38
Tomahawk Justice (Trailsman #39) by Jon Sharpe39
The Grizzly Man by Jon Sharpe40
The Range Killers by Jon Sharpe41
Renegade Command (The Trailsman #42) by Jon Sharpe42
Mesquite Manhunt by Jon Sharpe43
Scorpion Trail by Jon Sharpe44
Killer Caravan by Jon Sharpe45
Hell Town by Jon Sharpe46
Six Gun Salvation by Jon Sharpe47
The White Hell Trail: The Trailsman #48 by Jon Sharpe48
The Swamp Slayers (Trailsman No. 49) by Jon Sharpe49
Blood Oath (The Trailsman Ser., No. 50) by Jon Sharpe50
Sioux Captive by Jon Sharpe51
Posse From Hell (Trailsman No. 52) by Jon Sharpe52
Longhorn Guns (The Trailsman #53) by Jon Sharpe53
Killer Clan (The Trailsman #54) by Jon Sharpe54
Thief River Showdown by Jon Sharpe55
Guns of Hungry Horse by Jon Sharpe56
Fortune Riders (The Trailsman #57) by Jon Sharpe57
Slaughter Express (The Trailsman #58) by Jon Sharpe58
Thunderhawk (Trailsman #59) by Jon Sharpe59
Trailsman 060: Wayward by Jon Sharpe60
Bullet Caravan (The Trailsman #61) by Jon Sharpe61
Horsethief Crossing by Jon Sharpe62
Stagecoach to Hell (The Trailsman #63) by Jon Sharpe63
Fargo's Woman by Jon Sharpe64
River Kill by Jon Sharpe65
Treachery Pass (The Trailsman No. 66) by Jon Sharpe66
Manitoba by Jon Sharpe67
Trapper Rampage by Jon Sharpe68
Confederate Challenge (The Trailsman #69) by Jon Sharpe69
Hostage Arrows by Jon Sharpe70
Renegade Rebellion by Jon Sharpe71
Calico Kill by Jon Sharpe72
Santa Fe Slaughter (The Trailsman #73) by Jon Sharpe73
White Hell (Trailsman, No. 74) by Jon Sharpe74
Colorado Robber by Jon Sharpe75
Wildcat Wagons by Jon Sharpe76
Devil's Den (Trailsman #77) by Jon Sharpe77
Minnesota Missionary (The Trailsman #78) by Jon Sharpe78
Smoky Hell Trail by Jon Sharpe79
Blood Pass by Jon Sharpe80
Twisted Trails by Jon Sharpe81
Mescalaro Mask (Trailsman #82) by Jon Sharpe82
Dead Man's Forest by Jon Sharpe83
Utah Slaughter (Trailsman #84) by Jon Sharpe84
Call of the White Wolf (The Trailsman #85) by Jon Sharpe85
Texas Hell Country (The Trailsman #86) by Jon Sharpe86
Brothel Bullets by Jon Sharpe87
Mexican Massacre by Jon Sharpe88
Target Conestoga (The Trailsman #89) by Jon Sharpe89
Mesabi Huntdown (The Trailsman #90) by Jon Sharpe90
Cave of Death by Jon Sharpe91
Death's Caravan by Jon Sharpe92
The Texas Train by Jon Sharpe93
Desperate Dispatch by Jon Sharpe94
Cry Revenge (The Trailsman #95) by Jon Sharpe95
Buzzard's Gap by Jon Sharpe96
Queens High Bid by Jon Sharpe97
Desert Desperados (The Trailsman #98) by Jon Sharpe98
Trailsman 99: Camp St. Lucifer by Jon Sharpe99
Riverboat Gold by Jon Sharpe100
Shoshoni Spirits by Jon Sharpe101
The Coronado Killers by Jon Sharpe102
Secret Six-Guns by Jon Sharpe103
Comanche Crossing (The Trailsman #104) by Jon Sharpe104
Black Hills Blood (The Trailsman, No. 105) by Jon Sharpe105
Sierra Shootout (The Trailsman #106) by Jon Sharpe106
Gunsmoke Gulch (The Trailsman #107) by Jon Sharpe107
Pawnee Bargain (Trailsman #108) by Jon Sharpe108
Lone Star Lightning by Jon Sharpe109
Counterfeit Cargo (Trailsman #110) by Jon Sharpe110
Blood Canyon (Trailsman #111) by Jon Sharpe111
The Doomsday Wagons (Trailsman, No.112) by Jon Sharpe112
Southern Belles (The Trailsman #113) by Jon Sharpe113
The Tamarind Trail (The Trailsman #114) by Jon Sharpe114
Gold Mine Madness (The Trailsman #115) by Jon Sharpe115
Kansas Kill (The Trailsman #116) by Jon Sharpe116
Gun Valley by Jon Sharpe117
Arizona Slaughter by Jon Sharpe118
Renegade Rifles by Jon Sharpe119
Wyoming Manhunt by Jon Sharpe120
Redwood Revenge (Trailsman #121) by Jon Sharpe121
Gold Fever (The Trailsman #122) by Jon Sharpe122
Desert Death by Jon Sharpe123
Colorado Quarry (The Trailsman #12) by Jon Sharpe124
Blood Prairie by Jon Sharpe125
Coins of Death by Jon Sharpe126
Trailsman 127: Nevada Warpath by Jon Sharpe127
Snake River Butcher (Trailsman #128) by Jon Sharpe128
The Silver Maria by Jon Sharpe129
Montana Fire Smoke by Jon Sharpe130
Beartown Bloodshed by Jon Sharpe131
Kentucky Colts by Jon Sharpe132
Sage River Conspiracy by Jon Sharpe133
Cougar Dawn by Jon Sharpe134
Montana Mayhem by Jon Sharpe135
Texas Triggers (Trailsman #136) by Jon Sharpe136
Moon Lake Massacre (The Trailsman #137) by Jon Sharpe137
Silver Fury (Trailsman #138) by Jon Sharpe138
Buffalo Guns by Jon Sharpe139
The Killing Corridor (The Trailsman #140) by Jon Sharpe140
Tomahawk Justice (Trailsman #141) by Jon Sharpe141
Golden Bullets by Jon Sharpe142
Deathblow Trail (The Trailsman #143) by Jon Sharpe143
Abilene Ambush (Trailsman #144) by Jon Sharpe144
Cheyenne Crossfire (Trailsman #145) by Jon Sharpe145
Nebraska Nightmare (Trailsman #146) by Jon Sharpe146
Death Trails (The Trailsman #147) by Jon Sharpe147
California Quarry (The Trailsman #148) by Jon Sharpe148
Springfield Shooters by Jon Sharpe149
Savage Guns by Jon Sharpe150
Crowheart's Revenge (Trailsman #151) by Jon Sharpe151
Prairie Fire by Jon Sharpe152
Saguaro Showdown (The Trailsman #153) by Jon Sharpe153
Ambush at Skull Pass by Jon Sharpe154
Oklahoma Ordeal by Jon Sharpe155
The Sawdust Trail by Jon Sharpe156
Ghost Ranch Massacre (The Trailsman #157) by Jon Sharpe157
Texas Terror (The Trailsman #158) by Jon Sharpe158
North Country Guns (The Trailsman No. 159) by Jon Sharpe159
The Tornado Trail by Jon Sharpe160
Rogue River Feud (The Trailsman #161) by Jon Sharpe161
Revenge at Lost Creek (The Trailsman #162) by Jon Sharpe162
Yukon Massacre by Jon Sharpe163
Nez Perce Nightmare (The Trailsman #164) by Jon Sharpe164
Dakota Death House (The Trailsman #165) by Jon Sharpe165
Colorado Carnage (Trailsman #166) by Jon Sharpe166
Black Mesa Treachery (The Trailsman #167) by Jon Sharpe167
Kiowa Command (The Trailsman #168) by Jon Sharpe168
Socorro Slaughter (The Trailsman #169) by Jon Sharpe169
Utah Trackdown (The Trailsman #170) by Jon Sharpe170
Dead Man's River by Jon Sharpe171
Sutter's Secret (The Trailsman #172) by Jon Sharpe172
Washington Warpath by Jon Sharpe173
Death Valley Bloodbath by Jon Sharpe174
Betrayal at El Diablo (The Trailsman #175) by Jon Sharpe175
Curse of the Grizzly by Jon Sharpe176
Colorado Wolfpack (The Trailsman #177) by Jon Sharpe177
Apache Arrows (The Trailsman #178) by Jon Sharpe178
Sagebrush Skeletons by Jon Sharpe179
The Greenback Trail by Jon Sharpe180
Vengeance at Dead Man Rapids by Jon Sharpe181
Blood Canyon (Trailsman #182) by Jon Sharpe182
Bayou Bloodbath by Jon Sharpe183
Rocky Mountain Nightmare (Trailsman 184) by Jon Sharpe184
Bullet Hole Claims by Jon Sharpe185
Blue Sierra Renegades (Trailsman, No. 186) by Jon Sharpe186
Sioux War Cry (Trailsman #187) by Jon Sharpe187
Mercy Manhunt by Jon Sharpe188
Missouri Massacre by Jon Sharpe189
Pecos Death by Jon Sharpe190
Target Gold (Trailsman 191) by Jon Sharpe191
Durango Duel (Trailsman 192) by Jon Sharpe192
Bullets and Bridles (The Trailsman #193) by Jon Sharpe193
Montana Stage (The Trailsman #194) by Jon Sharpe194
Fort Ravage Conspiracy by Jon Sharpe195
Kansas carnage by Jon Sharpe196
Utah Uprising by Jon Sharpe197
Black Gulch Gamble by Jon Sharpe198
Wyoming Wildcats by Jon Sharpe199
Six Guns by the Sea (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon Sharpe200
Salmon River Rage by Jon Sharpe201
The Stallion Search by Jon Sharpe202
Silver Hooves by Jon Sharpe203
The Leavenworth Express by Jon Sharpe204
Mountain Mankillers by Jon Sharpe205
Oregon Outrider by Jon Sharpe206
Chimney Rock Burial by Jon Sharpe207
Arizona Renegades by Jon Sharpe208
Timber Terror by Jon Sharpe209
The Bush League by Jon Sharpe210
Badlands Bloodbath (Trailsman #211) by Jon Sharpe211
Sioux Stampede by Jon Sharpe212
Apache Wells by Jon Sharpe213
Texas Hellion (Trailsman #214) by Jon Sharpe214
Duet for Six-guns by Jon Sharpe215
High Sierra Horror by Jon Sharpe216
Dakota Deception by Jon Sharpe217
Pecos Belle Brigade by Jon Sharpe218
Arizona Silver Strike (The Trailsman No. 219) by Jon Sharpe219
Montana Gun Sharps by Jon Sharpe220
California Crusader by Jon Sharpe221
Colorado Diamond Dupe by Jon Sharpe222
Idaho Ghost Town (The Trailsman #223) by Jon Sharpe223
Texas Tinhorns by Jon Sharpe224
Prairie Firestorm by Jon Sharpe225
Nebraska Slaying Ground by Jon Sharpe226
Navajo Revenge (Trailsman #227) by Jon Sharpe227
Wyoming War Cry by Jon Sharpe228
Manitoba Marauders (The Trailsman #229) by Jon Sharpe229
Flatwater Firebrand (The Trailsman #230) by Jon Sharpe230
Salt Lake Siren by Jon Sharpe231
Pacific Phantoms (The Trailsman #232) by Jon Sharpe232
Missouri Mayhem by Jon Sharpe233
Apache Duel by Jon Sharpe234
Flathead Fury (Trailsman #235) by Jon Sharpe235
Denver City Gold (The Trailsman #236) by Jon Sharpe236
Dakota Damnation (Trailsman, 237) by Jon Sharpe237
Cherokee Justice by Jon Sharpe238
Comanche Battlecry by Jon Sharpe239
Frisco Filly by Jon Sharpe240
Texas Blood Money (The Trailsman #241) by Jon Sharpe241
Wyoming Whirlwind by Jon Sharpe242
West Texas Uprising by Jon Sharpe243
Pacific Polecats by Jon Sharpe244
Bloody Brazos by Jon Sharpe245
Texas Death Storm by Jon Sharpe246
Seven Devil's Slaughter (Trailsman #247) by Jon Sharpe247
Six-Gun Justice (The Trailsman #248) by Jon Sharpe248
Silver City Slayer by Jon Sharpe249
Arizona Ambush by Jon Sharpe250
Utah Uproar by Jon Sharpe251
Kansas City Swindle by Jon Sharpe252
Dead Man's Hand by Jon Sharpe253
Nebraska Gunrunners (The Trailsman #254) by Jon Sharpe254
Montana Madmen by Jon Sharpe255
High Country Horror (Trailsman #256) by Jon Sharpe256
Colorado Cutthroats (The Trailsman #257) by Jon Sharpe257
Casino Carnage by Jon Sharpe258
Wyoming Wolf Pack (The Trailsman #259) by Jon Sharpe259
Blood Wedding by Jon Sharpe260
Desert Death Trap by Jon Sharpe261
Badland Bloodbath (Trailsman #262) by Jon Sharpe262
Arkansas Assault by Jon Sharpe263
Snake River Ruins (The Trailsman #264) by Jon Sharpe264
Dakota Death Rattle by Jon Sharpe265
Six-Gun Scholar by Jon Sharpe266
California Casualties by Jon Sharpe267
New Mexico Nymph (The Trailsman #268) by Jon Sharpe268
Devil's Den (Trailsman #269) by Jon Sharpe269
Colorado Corpse by Jon Sharpe270
St. Louis Sinners (The Trailsman #271) by Jon Sharpe271
Nevada Nemesis (Trailsman #272) by Jon Sharpe272
Montana Massacre by Jon Sharpe273
Nebraska Nightmare (Trailsman #274) by Jon Sharpe274
Ozarks Onslaught by Jon Sharpe275
Skeleton Canyon by Jon Sharpe276
Hell's Belles (The Trailsman #277) by Jon Sharpe277
Mountain Manhunt (TheTrailsman #278) by Jon Sharpe278
Death Valley Vengeance (Trailsman #279) by Jon Sharpe279
Texas Tart by Jon Sharpe280
New Mexico Nightmare (Trailsman #281) by Jon Sharpe281
Kansas Weapon Wolves by Jon Sharpe282
Colorado Claim Jumpers (The Trailsman #283) by Jon Sharpe283
Dakota Prairie Pirates (The Trailsman #284) by Jon Sharpe284
Salt Lake Slaughter (The Trailsman #285) by Jon Sharpe285
Texas Terror Trail (The Trailsman #286) by Jon Sharpe286
California Camel Corps by Jon Sharpe287
Gila River Dry-Gulchers (The Trailsman #288) by Jon Sharpe288
Renegade Raiders by Jon Sharpe289
Mountain Mavericks by Jon Sharpe290
The Cutting Kind (The Trailsman #291) by Jon Sharpe291
San Francisco Showdown by Jon Sharpe292
The Trailsman #293: Ozark Blood Feud by Jon Sharpe293
Oregon Outlaws(The Trailsman #294) by Jon Sharpe294
Oasis of Blood (The Trailsman #295) by Jon Sharpe295
Six-Gun Persuasion (The Trailsman #296) by Jon Sharpe296
South Texas Slaughter by Jon Sharpe297
Dead Man's Bounty by Jon Sharpe298
Dakota Danger by Jon Sharpe299
Backwoods Bloodbath by Jon Sharpe300
High Plains Grifters by Jon Sharpe301
Black Rock Pass (Trailsman, no. 302) by Jon Sharpe302
Terror Trackdown (Trailsman #303) by Jon Sharpe303
Death Valley Demons (The Trailsman #304) by Jon Sharpe304
Wyoming Wipeout by Jon Sharpe305
Nebraska Night Riders by Jon Sharpe306
Montana Marauders by Jon Sharpe307
Border Bravados (The Trailsman, No. 308) by Jon Sharpe308
California Carnage (The Trailsman #309) by Jon Sharpe309
Alaskan Vengeance by Jon Sharpe310
Idaho Impact (The Trailsman #311) by Jon Sharpe311
Shanghaied Six-Guns (The Trailsman #312) by Jon Sharpe312
Texas Timber War by Jon Sharpe313
North Country Cutthroats by Jon Sharpe314
Missouri Manhunt by Jon Sharpe315
Beyond Squaw Creek by Jon Sharpe316
Mountain Mystery by Jon Sharpe317
Nevada Nemesis (Trailsman #318) by Jon Sharpe318
Louisiana Laydown by Jon Sharpe319
Oregon Outrage (The Trailsman, No. 320) by Jon Sharpe320
Flathead Fury (Trailsman #321) by Jon Sharpe321
Apache Ambush by Jon Sharpe322
Wyoming Death Trap by Jon Sharpe323
California Crackdown by Jon Sharpe324
Seminole Showdown by Jon Sharpe325
Silver Mountain Slaughter by Jon Sharpe326
Idaho Gold Fever by Jon Sharpe327
Texas Triggers (Trailsman #328) by Jon Sharpe328
Bayou Trackdown by Jon Sharpe329
Tucson Temptress by Jon Sharpe330
Northwoods Nightmare by Jon Sharpe331
Beartooth Incident by Jon Sharpe332
Black Hills Badman (The Trailsman #333) by Jon Sharpe333
Colorado Clash by Jon Sharpe334
Riverboat Rampage (Trailsman, No. 335) by Jon Sharpe335
Utah Outlaws by Jon Sharpe336
Silver Showdown (The Trailsman #337) by Jon Sharpe337
Texas Trackdown by Jon Sharpe338
Red River Reckoning (The Trailsman #339) by Jon Sharpe339
Hannibal Rising (Trailsman #340) by Jon Sharpe340
Sierra Six-Guns (Trailsman #341) by Jon Sharpe341
Rocky Mountain Revenge by Jon Sharpe342
Texas Hellions (Trailsman #343) by Jon Sharpe343
Six-Gun Gallows by Jon Sharpe344
South Pass Snake Pit by Jon Sharpe345
Arkansas Ambush by Jon Sharpe346
Dakota Death Trap by Jon Sharpe347
Backwoods Brawl by Jon Sharpe348
New Mexico Gun-Down by Jon Sharpe349
High Country Horror (Trailsman #350) by Jon Sharpe350
Terror Town by Jon Sharpe351
Texas Tangle by Jon Sharpe352
Bitterroot Bullets by Jon Sharpe353
Nevada Night Riders by Jon Sharpe354
Texas Gunrunners by Jon Sharpe355
Grizzly Fury by Jon Sharpe356
Stagecoach Sidewinders by Jon Sharpe357
Six-Gun Vendetta by Jon Sharpe358
Platte River Gauntlet (The Trailsman, No. 359) by Jon Sharpe359
Texas Lead Slingers (The Trailsman, No. 360) by Jon Sharpe360
Utah Deadly Double (The Trailsman #361) by Jon Sharpe361
Range War by Jon Sharpe362
Death Devil by Jon Sharpe363
Rocky Mountain Ruckus by Jon Sharpe364
High Country Greed by Jon Sharpe365
Mountains of No Return by Jon Sharpe366
Texas Tempest (The Trailsman #367) by Jon Sharpe367
Colorado Crosshairs by Jon Sharpe368
Badlands Bloodsport by Jon Sharpe369
Blind Man's Bluff by Jon Sharpe370
The Trailsman #371: California Killers by Jon Sharpe371
Missouri Mastermind by Jon Sharpe372
Utah Terror by Jon Sharpe373
Fort Death by Jon Sharpe374
Texas Swamp Fever by Jon Sharpe375
New Mexico Madman by Jon Sharpe376
Bounty Hunt (The Trailsman #377) by Jon Sharpe377
Wyoming Winterkill by Jon Sharpe378
Hangtown Hellcat by Jon Sharpe379
Texas Tornado by Jon Sharpe380
Bowie's Knife by Jon Sharpe381
Terror Trackdown (Trailsman #382) by Jon Sharpe382
High Plains Massacre by Jon Sharpe383
Diablo Death Cry by Jon Sharpe384
Thunderhead Trail by Jon Sharpe385
Nevada Vipers' Nest by Jon Sharpe386
Apache Vendetta by Jon Sharpe387
Borderland Bloodbath by Jon Sharpe388
Outlaw Trackdown by Jon Sharpe389
Devil's Den (Trailsman #390) by Jon Sharpe390
Night Terror by Jon Sharpe391
Colorado Carnage (Trailsman #392) by Jon Sharpe392
Six-Gun Inferno by Jon Sharpe393
Burning Bullets by Jon Sharpe394
Black Hills Deathblow by Jon Sharpe395
Dead Man's Journey by Jon Sharpe396
Riverboat Reckoning by Jon Sharpe397
Arizona Ambushers by Jon Sharpe398
Aztec Gold: A Trailsman Giant Adventure by Jon SharpeGiant
Desert Duel (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant
Idaho Blood Spoor (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant
Island Devils (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant
Menagerie of Malice (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant
New Mexico Nightmare (Trailsman - Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant
Woodland Warriors (The Trailsman Giant) by Jon SharpeGiant

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Series description

Skye Fargo was born when he was eighteen.  Terror was his midwife, vengeance his first cry.  Killing spawned Skye Fargo, ruthless, cold-blooded murder.  Out of the acrid smoke of gunpowder still hanging in the air, he rose, cried out a promise never forgotten.
The Trailsman they began to call him across the West: scout, hunter, the man who could see where others only looked, his skills for hire but not his soul, the man who lived each day to the fullest, yet trailed each tomorrow.  Skye Fargo, the Trailsman, the seeker who could take the wilderness of a land and the wanting of a woman and make them his own.


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