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Their life as described in these pages – despite unavoidable hard times(0) but really focuses on her time in France while she got her culinary education(0) butter(0) bx(0) c(0) c13(0) cab1(0) Caesars(0) Calibre(0) Calibre import(0) calibre-books(0) California(0) California cuisine(0) Cambridge(0) cambridge-public-library(0) camping(0) can't find(0) Cannonball(0) Cape Cod(0) car thief(0) Career Development(0) careers(0) carels(0) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh(0) case common reading; ksl book club choice(0) cat lover(0) cbr(0) cbrcb(0) cc(0) ccl(0) ccpl(0) cd(0) cecelia(0) cecilia-s-books(0) celebirty(0) celebrations(0) celebrity(0) celebrity autobiography(0) celebrity chef(0) Celebrity Chefs(0) celebrity memoir(0) Celebrity Writer(0) cf(0) challenge(0) check it out from the public library) any time I want and be instantly transported to Julia’s France – and oh! what a France it is. I defy anyone not to fall in love with the French locales described in this book. 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I can pluck it from my bookshelf (or(0) I wanted to be Julia Child’s best friend. And I wanted to move to France. 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Cooks - Biography(0) Julia; Cooks--United States--Biography(0) Julia; Cooks; Cookery(0) Julida Child(0) Julie & Julia(0) Julie Child(0) Julie Powell Rec(0) July 2007(0) july 2007 funny(0) July 2012(0) June(0) June '09(0) June 2010(0) June 2011(0) Juneteenth(0) junkies(0) juvenile delinquent(0) jz31(0) jzs(0) k-12(0) k14(0) Kanpur(0) Karyn(0) kate's library(0) Kathy's choice(0) Katie(0) keep(0) keittiömestarit(0) Keller(0) Kevin Thompson(0) kickass bitches(0) Kind of rough around the edges. Showed only one side of restaurant life - the seamy side. But I enjoyed it and was interested in some of the culture.(0) Kindle(0) kindle e-book(0) Kindle Edition(0) kindle-books(0) kindle?(0) kindlepurchase2012(0) kindlepurchasetbr2012(0) Kirkus(0) kitchen(0) Kitchen confidential(0) kitchen duty(0) kitchen life(0) kitchen shelf(0) kitchen work(0) kitchens(0) kitchensm(0) kjb has read(0) kl3(0) knives(0) kobo(0) Koch(0) Kokit(0) kokk(0) Kokkonst(0) kph(0) Kriitikot(0) käännetty kaunokirjallisuus(0) Küche(0) L'Ermitage Hotel(0) L'Escale(0) l10(0) Lago(0) land: Frankrijk(0) Language: English(0) lara(0) Larry Layton(0) Las Vegas(0) Las Vegas Buffet Chef of the Year(0) late 20C(0) late-life blooming(0) LatesttoLog(0) laughter(0) Laundry room(0) Lauren(0) lbl(0) lc(0) ld2r(0) Le Cordon Bleu(0) left-part-way-through(0) legitimately good guilty pleasures(0) leisure(0) lent to Lisanne(0) Les Halles(0) Les Salles(0) letters(0) Lfl(0) lgbt(0) library(0) library 2007(0) library book(0) Library Book (National)(0) library bookmark(0) Library Edition(0) Library Food(0) library list(0) Library Reads:(0) library-dp(0) librarything(0) life(0) life abroad(0) Life Exp(0) life in France(0) life in Paris & Marseilles(0) life path(0) life writing(0) Lifestyles Which I Am Infinitely Glad Are Not My Own(0) light(0) liked it(0) Line-Cooking(0) lis5270(0) LIS5270.Spring2010(0) List 3(0) literature(0) literature cz(0) Lives(0) living(0) living abroad(0) Living away(0) living in france(0) Living in France Paris Marseille Provence Cooks Cooking Julia Child French(0) living room(0) living room two 2(0) living room1(0) lizi's(0) lj(0) ll(0) loan(0) loaned(0) Loaner(0) loc upst(0) Loc-FR(0) Loc-SR(0) Local Author Book Fair(0) Location: France(0) Location: India(0) Location: MR Office(0) Location: TBD(0) Loetud 2008(0) loft(0) Long Island Library(0) long to read(0) Los Angeles(0) lost/missing(0) Louis Farrakhan(0) Loussac(0) love(0) love story(0) Loved Books(0) loved it!!(0) loved-a-little-too-much-or-is-there(0) Low Life(0) lower class(0) lr(0) lr1(0) LT-reimport(0) M owns(0) m*(0) M.F.K. 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I always enjoy books on India. This one is an autobiography which started a bit slow but the story of the author's childhood and adolescence was an "enchanting memoir" and I was hooked. Her growing up was so different fr(0) racism(0) rags to riches(0) rainbow-book-challenge(0) Rainy Days(0) randb(0) Ravintolat(0) raw(0) RayCustard(0) re-entry(0) read(0) Read - 2009 Summer(0) Read 05/2011(0) read 07/08(0) read 2007/2008(0) read aloud(0) Read and loved(0) read and sold(0) Read Apr 08(0) Read April 2013(0) Read Book Group(0) read but unowned(0) Read by Flo Salant Greenberg(0) read didn't keep(0) read earlier(0) Read February 2013(0) read for pleasure(0) read for school: English(0) read in 1999(0) Read in 2000s(0) read in 2001(0) read in 2002(0) read in 2003(0) read in 2004(0) read in 2005(0) read in 2006(0) read in 2007(0) read in 2008(0) read in 2009(0) read in 2010(0) read in 2011(0) read in 2012(0) read in 2013(0) read in 2014(0) read in 2015(0) read in 2016(0) Read in ?(0) read in nz(0) Read January 2011(0) Read January 9 2011(0) read list(0) read long ago(0) Read May '07(0) Read November 2015(0) Read September 2009(0) Read September 2014(0) read this in 1 week flat. 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Many other stories are personal ones of her life with her husband Paul. Their tender(0) seen tv/film adaptation(0) Select(0) self-indulgent(0) self-justifying(0) selkie(0) sell(0) selvbiografi USA(0) sent to Sylvia(0) September(0) September 2006(0) September 2008(0) September 2009(0) September TIOLI(0) series(0) Series | Penguin Lives(0) service(0) service industry(0) set(0) set 03(0) set dec(0) set dressing(0) set free(0) sex(0) Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll(0) sexism(0) sexual harassment(0) sgs(0) Shaker Author(0) shane-owns(0) Shanghai(0) Shannon(0) sharon(0) Shawn(0) Shawn read(0) shelf 4-1-1(0) Shelf TBD(0) shelf-nonfiction(0) shelf-sitter(0) Shelf14(0) Shelf:F09(0) Shelf_BR(0) Shelfari(0) Shelfari transfer(0) Shelfari_import(0) shelved(0) short stories(0) signed(0) Signed and Personalized by Author(0) Signed Book Plate Signature "Food Network Tour" Wet Pen Signature "Anthony Bourdain"(0) signed by author(0) sisters(0) skönlitteratur(0) sleaze(0) smith alum(0) Smith College(0) snitch(0) So You Want to be a Chef?(0) social commentary(0) social history(0) Social life and customs(0) sociology(0) softcover(0) sold(0) Sole Mousse in Leek Leaves(0) solid relationship is the part of this book that I was least expecting(0) sonia(0) source: darling st(0) source=Goodwill(0) sous chef(0) sous chefs(0) South Asian(0) South Central(0) Southern Cookery(0) Spanish(0) spirituality(0) sprache:deutsch(0) Spring Valley(0) spy(0) srr(0) ssr(0) St. Louis(0) stacks(0) stad(0) stad: parijs(0) Staff Recommendation(0) stamped(0) starred(0) starred review(0) started-but-not-finished(0) starting over(0) State Department(0) steal(0) Sterling Burpee(0) Steve(0) stinker(0) stock090910(0) storage(0) storage0712(0) StorageUSA(0) Store(0) stored on 2007-01-01(0) stories(0) story of a successful marriage(0) storytelling(0) Strand(0) strong women(0) stuff(0) stupid(0) subculture(0) Suggested Memoirs 2000s(0) summer reading(0) Summer Reading List(0) sunroom shelves(0) sushi(0) swapped(0) swearing(0) symon(0) Table One(0) taking responsibility(0) Tales From the Kitchen(0) Talking Book(0) tamarind(0) Tastes good(0) tbr 2010(0) tbr 2015(0) tbr MEMOIR/BIO(0) tbt(0) television(0) television personalities(0) tell-all(0) telling you her stories.Many of these stories are about her cookbook(0) temp(0) tenacious asshole(0) Terminal Island(0) Terry's(0) testosterone(0) tests(0) the expat life(0) The French Chef(0) The Good Bar(0) the inspiration for the Julia-half of the 2009 movie Julie & Julia(0) the smells(0) the tastes of all the places Julia and her beloved husband Paul lived and visited – from Paris to the port city of Marseille – will stay with you long after you finish reading.And then there is Julia herself(0) Thess Good(0) thief(0) Thomas Keller(0) thriller(0) Tibet(0) Tidigare läsning(0) time(0) Time Life Great Meals in Minutes series(0) Time-Life(0) Time-Life Books(0) Time-savers(0) tinay's(0) tioli(0) tiptionary(0) To be discussed 9/16/06(0) to bm(0) to order(0) to pull(0) to read cooking(0) to-buy(0) to-read(0) to-read-2016(0) to-read-already-own(0) to-read-at-home(0) to-review(0) tobechecked(0) Tokyo(0) Tom Hanson(0) tony bourdain(0) Top 100(0) Top 100 Bio(0) Top 20(0) top center left(0) top floor(0) Topic: Food Writing(0) Topic: memoirs(0) TOTS3a(0) touchstones-since then(0) Towers Library 2014(0) tp(0) tpb(0) trade(0) trade paperback(0) trade paperback from SwapTree(0) trade-published-kindle(0) Traded(0) traded on bookins(0) Traditional Foodways(0) training(0) travel(0) travel book(0) travel cooking humor adventure yuckfood(0) travel life-abroad(0) travel literature(0) travel memoir(0) travel writing(0) travel-inspiration(0) Travel/Food(0) traveling(0) tried-to-read(0) true food stories(0) true story(0) Tulsa(0) tv adaptation(0) TV bookshelf(0) TV Chefs(0) TV cooking show(0) tv food(0) tv hosts(0) tv series(0) tv tie-in(0) tv-cooks(0) twelve hours(0) two parts(0) TX - Home economics(0) tx649 .a1r84 2000(0) tx649 .r8 a3 1997(0) tx649 .r8 a3 2006(0) tx649.a1 d38 1999(0) tx649.b68 a3 2007(0) tx649.c47 a3(0) ubr(0) ultimate reading list - biography(0) unabridged(0) uncorrected proof(0) Under 300 pages(0) underbelly(0) unfinished(0) United States General(0) unowned(0) unowned-donated(0) unowned-library(0) Unowned/Read NonFiction Biography(0) Unowned/Read NonFiction Essays/Diaries/Letters/Memoirs/Journalism(0) unread(0) unread-owned-books(0) unread_j(0) unsortedISBN(0) Updated Feb 2014(0) ur(0) urban(0) urban living(0) urj(0) urs(0) us(0) US author(0) US History(0) US Regional Recipes(0) us14(0) US: Midwest(0) usa(0) used(0) usis(0) uucsr(0) vacation book(0) variety(0) via BookMooch(0) Vicious(0) vignettes(0) Villa Sentieri(0) vintage(0) violence(0) virago santa gift(0) Virginia Eli(0) volunteer(0) vulgar(0) waiters(0) waiting(0) wannabes(0) want(0) want to read(0) wanted at pbs(0) Waqas(0) warm(0) Washington DC(0) water damage(0) Waters(0) weeded(0) Weeded 2010(0) Well Seasoned Reader Challenge(0) West Side foundation(0) wgbh(0) Wgtn library sale(0) White(0) whose character simply bursts off the pages. She has this big(0) widget(0) Wiley(0) wine(0) Winsor book club(0) Winter 13/14(0) winter 2007(0) Winter Reading(0) wiseass(0) wishlist(0) wishlist2ndtry(0) wishlistnow(0) Wit and humor(0) witness(0) witty insults(0) wl2012(0) wl2014(0) Wolfgang von Wieser(0) woman(0) women(0) women authors(0) women cooks(0) Women food writers(0) women writers(0) women's biography(0) women's history(0) women's literature(0) women's memoir(0) work(0) work sucks(0) working(0) workplace(0) workplace politics(0) WPL Book Discussion 8/08(0) wpnf07(0) writers(0) writers read(0) writing(0) written and directed by the late Nora Ephron."(0) wwii(0) wwTR(0) wydanie pierwsze(0) x(0) x7(0) y2000(0) y2011(0) York(0) Your library(0) yr01(0) yummy(0) zbl(0) zing(0) {cover-upload(0) ~(0) ~c(0) ~cvr~(0) ~edn~(0) ~edt~(0) ~tag~(0)

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