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England Social life and customs (4)

Women and literature Scotland (4)

Women authors, Scottish History and criticism (4)

Women authors, English Biography (4)

Women and literature English-speaking countries (4)

Courage Literary collections (4)

Anglo-Saxons Literary collections (4)

Anglo-Saxons Literary collections (4)

English language Early modern, 1500-1700 Rhetoric (4)

Iceland History (4)

Women Scotland Intellectual life Sources (4)

Women Scotland Biography (4)

Scottish literature History and criticism (4)

Authors, American 20th century Biography (4)

Courage Literary collections (4)

American prose literature Women authors (4)

Women authors, American Biography (4)

Great Britain History Anglo-Saxon period, 449-1066 Sources (4)

College readers (4)

Travel in literature (4)

Physicians' writings, English (4)

Women Scotland History Sources (4)

Scotland Biography (4)

Travelers' writings, English Scotland (4)

Authors, English 20th century Biography (4)

Women Literary collections (4)

Authors, English Biography (4)

Women Literary collections (4)

Middle Ages Literary collections (4)

Sagas Translations into English (4)

English wit and humor (3)

English wit and humor (3)

Love (3)

Women travelers (3)

Authorship Sex differences (3)

Radicalism Great Britain History 17th century (3)

Travel writing History (3)

Narration (Rhetoric) (3)

Best books Periodicals (3)

Irish prose literature (3)

Voyages and travels (3)

Imaginary letters (3)

English language Rhetoric Problems, exercises, etc (3)

England Intellectual life 17th century (3)

Feminism and literature Great Britain History (3)

Biography as a literary form (3)

Imperialism in literature (3)

Ireland Civilization (3)

Women Early works to 1800 (3)

Report writing Problems, exercises, etc (3)

Women and literature Great Britain History (3)

Women and literature Great Britain History (3)

Self in literature (3)

Travelers' writings, English History and criticism (3)

Politics and literature Great Britain History (3)

Narration (Rhetoric) (3)

American prose literature History and criticism (3)

English language 18th century Rhetoric (3)

Biography as a literary form (3)

Report writing (3)

Discourse analysis, Literary (3)

Great Britain Colonies Historiography (3)

Condensed books Periodicals (3)

Ireland Civilization (2)

Cramond, Elizabeth Richardson, Baroness, d. 1651 (2)

Explorers in literature (2)

Christian women saints Legends Early works to 1800 (2)

Hermits England Early works to 1800 (2)

Alfred, King of England, 849-899 (2)

Manuscripts, English (Middle) Catalogs (2)

Authors Biography Authorship (2)

English literature Examinations, questions, etc (2)

Authors Authorship (2)

Biography (2)

American prose literature. [from old catalog] (2)

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Subject: English prose literature


English prose literature (34 works)

English prose literature 18th century (4 works)

English prose literature 18th century History and criticism (3 works)

English prose literature 19th century (13 works)

English prose literature 19th century History and criticism (4 works)

English prose literature 20th century (13 works)

English prose literature 20th century Collections (1 works)

English prose literature 20th century History and criticism (3 works)

English prose literature 20th century Periodicals (1 works)

English prose literature 20th century Problems, exercises, etc (1 works)

English prose literature 20th century Translations from French (1 works)

English prose literature 21st century (1 works)

English prose literature Black authors (1 works)

English prose literature Collections (44 works)

English prose literature Early modern, 1500-1700 (11 works)

English prose literature Early modern, 1500-1700 Exhibitions (1 works)

English prose literature Early modern, 1500-1700 History and criticism (16 works)

English prose literature History and criticism (14 works)

English prose literature History and criticism Theory, etc (1 works)

English prose literature History and criticism (12 works)

English prose literature Irish authors (3 works)

English prose literature Irish authors (1 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 (1 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 Bibliography (1 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 Dictionaries (1 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 History and criticism (2 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 Manuscripts Union lists (1 works)

English prose literature Middle English, 1100-1500 Modernized versions (1 works)

English prose literature Modernized versions (5 works)

English prose literature Old English, ca. 450-1100 (2 works)

English prose literature Old English, ca. 450-1100 History and criticism (2 works)

English prose literature Old English, ca. 450-1100 Modernized versions (3 works)

English prose literature Old English, ca. 450-1100 Translations into English (1 works)

English prose literature Periodicals (3 works)

English prose literature Puritan authors History and criticism (1 works)

English prose literature Quaker authors History and criticism (1 works)

English prose literature Scottish authors (1 works)

English prose literature Theory, etc (1 works)

English prose literature Translations from Anglo-Saxon (1 works)

English prose literature Translations from Greek (1 works)

English prose literature Translations from Old Norse (1 works)

English prose literature Translations into English (3 works)

English prose literature Translations into English (1 works)

English prose literature Women authors (6 works)

English prose literature Women authors History and criticism (5 works)

English prose literature Women authors (2 works)

English prose literature (50 works)

English prose literature. [from old catalog] (2 works)

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