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Erotic stories, English History and criticism (2 works)

Erotic stories, English History and criticism (1 works)

Erotic stories, English (8 works)

Erotic stories, French (2 works)

Erotic stories, French History and criticism (3 works)

Erotic stories, French History and criticism (2 works)

Erotic stories, French Illustrations (1 works)

Erotic stories, French Illustrations (2 works)

Erotic stories, French Translations into English (8 works)

Erotic stories, French Translations into English (4 works)

Erotic stories, French (2 works)

Erotic stories, Icelandic (1 works)

Erotic stories, Italian (2 works)

Erotic stories, Italian Translations into English (1 works)

Erotic stories, Italian (1 works)

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Erotic stories, Spanish American History and criticism (1 works)

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