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Germany (West) (4 works)

Germany (West) Antiquities, Germanic Exhibitions (121 works)

Germany (West) Armed Forces (1 works)

Germany (West) Armed Forces (3 works)

Germany (West) Biography (1 works)

Germany (West) Boundaries (1 works)

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Germany (West) Civilization (1 works)

Germany (West) Civilization (1 works)

Germany (West) Congresses (2 works)

Germany (West) Cultural policy (1 works)

Germany (West) Defenses (3 works)

Germany (West) Description and travel Aerial (2 works)

Germany (West) Description and travel (2 works)

Germany (West) Economic conditions (4 works)

Germany (West) Economic conditions Congresses (2 works)

Germany (West) Economic conditions (3 works)

Germany (West) Fiction (1 works)

Germany (West) Foreign economic relations Brazil (2 works)

Germany (West) Foreign economic relations Latin America (1 works)

Germany (West) Foreign relations (3 works)

Germany (West) Foreign relations Congresses (1 works)

Germany (West) Foreign relations Germany (East) (1 works)

Germany (West) Foreign relations United States (1 works)

Germany (West) Foreign relations (7 works)

Germany (West) Genealogy (1 works)

Germany (West) Genealogy Handbooks, manuals, etc (1 works)

Germany (West) Genealogy Societies, etc. Directories (1 works)

Germany (West) Guide-books (1 works)

Germany (West) Guidebooks (5 works)

Germany (West) Handbooks, manuals, etc (1 works)

Germany (West) History (7 works)

Germany (West) History Sources (1 works)

Germany (West) History (4 works)

Germany (West) Intellectual life (4 works)

Germany (West) Military policy (1 works)

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Germany (West) Military relations (2 works)

Germany (West) Pictorial works (2 works)

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Germany (West) Politics and government (23 works)

Germany (West) Politics and government 1982-1990 (2 works)

Germany (West) Politics and government 1982-1990 (2 works)

Germany (West) Politics and government Addresses, essays, lectures (1 works)

Germany (West) Politics and government Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc (1 works)

Germany (West) Politics and government Congresses (1 works)

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Germany (West) Politics and government (13 works)

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Germany (West) Relations Israel (1 works)

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Germany (West). Bundesnachrichtendienst (1 works)

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