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Education, Higher Aims and objectives United States (5)

Liberty (4)

Academic freedom History (3)

Communist education Poland (3)

Communist education Czechoslovakia (3)

Education, Higher United States History (3)

Communist education Germany (East) (3)

Federal aid to higher education United States (2)

Education, Higher Political aspects United States Congresses (2)

Education, Higher Michigan (2)

Education, Higher Michigan (2)

Academic freedom History (2)

Universities and colleges United States Administration (2)

Cold War (2)

Universities and colleges Australia Finance (2)

Political socialization United States Congresses (2)

Conservatism Michigan (2)

Social control Michigan (2)

Education, Higher United States History (2)

Education, Higher United States Political aspects Congresses (2)

Liberty (2)

Education, Higher United States Finance (2)

Political socialization United States Congresses (2)

Hillsdale College (2)

Social control Michigan (2)

Conservatism Michigan (2)

Universities and colleges Administration (2)

Education, Higher Victoria Melbourne (1)

State universities and colleges United States Administration (1)

Universities and colleges United States (1)

Education, Higher United States Philosophy (1)

Education Political aspects United States (1)

Universities and colleges Australia (1)

Education Australia (1)

Universities and colleges Amalgamations Victoria Bendigo (1)

Education, Higher Australia Aims and objectives (1)

Education and state Cross-cultural studies (1)

Business and education Cross-cultural studies (1)

Education, Higher Brazil (1)

Public universities and colleges United States Administration Case studies (1)

Engineering schools Alumnae and alumni India (1)

Engineering schools India. Alumnae and alumni (1)

Universities and colleges Periodicals (1)

Education and state Great Britain History (1)

Harvard University History 20th century (1)

Education, Higher Economic aspects (1)

Education, Higher Aims and objectives (1)

Academic freedom United States History (1)

Education, Higher Canada Provinces (1)

University autonomy United States (1)

Faculty integration United States (1)

Education, Higher Moral and ethical aspects (1)

Universities and colleges Victoria Bendigo (1)

Education, Higher Economic aspects Australia (1)

Higher education Australia (1)

Education, Secondary Cross-cultural studies (1)

Research Economic aspects Cross-cultural studies (1)

Educational change Brazil (1)

Educational change United States Case studies (1)

Engineering Study and teaching India (1)

Education, Higher California History (1)

Education, Higher Periodicals (1)

Educational change Great Britain History (1)

Business and education Massachusetts Cambridge Case studies (1)

College teachers Economic conditions (1)

Education, Higher Social aspects (1)

Political crimes and offenses United States History (1)

Universities and colleges Canada Planning (1)

Church colleges United States (1)

Universities and colleges United States Business management (1)

Community colleges United States (1)

Universities and colleges Africa, West (1)

Education, Higher Australia (1)

Education and state Australia (1)

Education, Higher Victoria Bendigo (1)

Educational accountability Australia (1)

Higher education Aims and objectives (1)

Education, Higher Cross-cultural studies (1)

Technology transfer Cross-cultural studies (1)

Universities and colleges Brazil Evaluation (1)

Indian Institute of Technology (1)

Deb, Sandipan (1)

Education, Higher United States States Administration Case studies (1)

Hoger onderwijs (1)

Universities and colleges Bolivia Sociological aspects (1)

Harvard University Employees Political activity (1)

Education, Higher Political aspects (1)

Nationalism and education (1)

Government aid to higher education United States (1)

English philology Study and teaching (Higher) United States (1)

Endowment of research (1)

Education, Humanistic United States (1)

Higher education Australia Statistics (1)

Research and development partnership Australia (1)

University autonomy Victoria Bendigo (1)

Education, Higher Aims and objectives Australia (1)

Humanities Study and teaching (Higher) Australia (1)

Education, Higher Economic aspects Cross-cultural studies (1)

Education, Higher India (1)

Engineering India. Study and teaching (1)

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Higher education and state (2 works)

Higher education and state Africa, West (1 works)

Higher education and state Asia (44 works)

Higher education and state Australia (8 works)

Higher education and state Bolivia (1 works)

Higher education and state Brazil (2 works)

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