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(0) 'What were the nuances of his teaching?' and 'What were his aims?'(0) *(0) - LOCATION: CFMC Office(0) 1(0) 1996(0) 0192830163(0) 08wls(0) 1/26 - History(0) 1st century(0) 1st century Judaism(0) 2. jesus(0) 2009 reading(0) 20th century(0) 232 Sa H(0) 232.9 San(0) 232.908(0) 2013(0) 24 cm(0) 2t(0) 3.12s(0) 6/san(0) 8(0) @home(0) a4(0) Aaron(0) ancient(0) ancient biography(0) ancient history(0) ancient history Bible Biblical History Biblical Studies biography Christian Christian origins Christianity Christology Church History Early Christianity Gospels Historical Jesus history Jesus Jesus Christ Jesus Studies Judaism Life of Jesus New Testament(0) Ancient Near Eastern History(0) and the people who followed him. More specific questions(0) anthropology(0) apoc(0) archaeology(0) atheism(0) b2(0) bedroom(0) Bible(0) Bible History(0) Bible Studies(0) Bible Study(0) Bible. New Testament--History and criticism(0) Bible.NT.Jesus(0) biblical(0) Biblical History(0) Biblical Interpretation(0) Biblical Scholarship(0) Biblical Studies(0) bin 29(0) biography(0) book(0) books for school(0) borrowed(0) Box 1(0) Box 8(0) Box 9(0) bt-theology-christology(0) can be answered with less certainty. The second part of the book identifies the range of possible answers and weighs the evidence in favor of each. Although we must acknowledge that in some respects Jesus remains an enigma(0) career(0) Catholic(0) Catholic Doctrine(0) Catholic History(0) Catholicism(0) Christ(0) Christian(0) Christian origins(0) Christian Studies(0) Christian Theology(0) Christianity(0) Christology(0) Church History(0) context(0) criticism(0) culture(0) d121105(0) d5(0) Document Transmission(0) duplicate(0) E. P. Sanders(0) e.p.(0) E.P. Sanders(0) Early Christianity(0) Early Church(0) Early Church - New Testament(0) early judaism(0) Early Middle Ages(0) faith(0) favorite(0) finished(0) frc27(0) General(0) geography(0) Gloucestershire(0) God(0) Gospels(0) Gospels and Jesus(0) Guernsey(0) h4(0) Hampshire(0) hardcover(0) his 390(0) historical(0) Historical Christianity(0) historical context(0) Historical Critical(0) historical criticism(0) Historical Jesus(0) Historicity(0) history(0) history and comment(0) History of Jesus(0) history- religion(0) humanism(0) import1(0) in cambridge(0) in philadelphia(0) interpretation(0) Israel(0) Jesus(0) Jesus Christ(0) Jesus Christ --Biography --Sources(0) Jesus Christ--Biography(0) Jesus Christ--Historicity(0) jesus och evangelierna(0) Jesus of Nazareth(0) Jesus Studies(0) Jewish History--Biblical Archaeology(0) Jewish Sects(0) Jews(0) Judaica(0) Judaism(0) k35s6(0) koninkrijk(0) landing1(0) leiding(0) lellalowe(0) lib-school(0) library(0) Life of Jesus(0) loc.bt(0) loc:wp(0) maps(0) mbr1(0) medieval(0) mir(0) miracles(0) myth(0) n(0) Nascent Christianity(0) New Testament(0) New Testament chronology(0) New Testament Criticism(0) New Testament Studies(0) New Testament Studies--Gospels(0) New Testament: Historical Jesus(0) nf_1990s(0) non-fiction(0) npp(0) nt(0) NT History(0) nt-s(0) o(0) Office Library(0) opstanding(0) own(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: C6 DESCRIPTION: In the first part of this study Professor Sanders proposes that we can have excellent knowledge about Jesus on a general level: where he fits into the history and relig(0) OxfamStA(0) paperback(0) Paul(0) Penguin Classics(0) Philbooks Box5(0) philosophy(0) politics(0) Post-Exilic Israel(0) Primitive Christianity(0) print-books(0) Ramkissoon Collection(0) rc-548(0) rc-599(0) read(0) Readers' Service(0) real Judaism(0) relg(0) religion(0) religious biography(0) religious history(0) religious studies(0) Resurrection(0) rev(0) Rochemenault(0) Romans(0) rrl-115(0) saggistica varia(0) Sanders(0) scholarship(0) Scripture(0) Second Temple Judaism(0) Second Temple Period(0) section.f3(0) seminary(0) Shelf 01E(0) sjn sm room(0) some of his principal activities(0) spiritual(0) spirituality(0) Study and Teaching(0) such as 'What precisely was he like?'(0) Synoptic Gospels(0) tags(0) textbook(0) textual criticism(0) TH4903 NT Introduction: The Synoptic Gospels(0) The Drinks Room Stack 4(0) the main themes of his teaching(0) Theology(0) Theology | Philosophy(0) Third Quest for the Historical Jesus(0) this account also demonstrates that we know more about the historical figure of Jesus than we ever realized. COVER TYPE: Hard(0) to-read(0) unfinished(0) unread(0) US author(0) vnsa(0) vnsa2012(0) wonderen(0) wub(0) z(0)

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