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(0) " restores the New Testament's Jewishness. His "Jewish New Testament Commentary" discusses the many Jewish issues found in the New Testament. His fresh translation(0) #character(0) #exerciseroom(0) (232.906 RosM)(0) (232.906 RosR)(0) (261.26 lig)(0) (4b)(0) (920 WurS)(0) -(0) .main(0) 00 Messianic Judaism(0) 000's(0) 06-Christology(0) 1(0) 1 fiction(0) 1 Peter(0) 10 world religions(0) 10. general religious(0) 11/10(0) 1242(0) 16b(0) 17-Evangelism/Witness(0) 17.99(0) 1900 ad-2010 ad(0) 1900s & 2000s(0) 1930s & 1940s(0) 1A Part3(0) 1C Part1(0) 2(0) 1970(0) 1983(0) 2 cgsd 2012(0) 2 Peter(0) 2011(0) 2016(0) 20th century(0) 20th century 962.1 Alh Alexandria American literature autobiography biography Egypt Egyptian fiction genealogy Gini Alhadeff history Italy Jewish Judaism memoir multicultural literature Near Eastern non-fiction North African Pantheon Books sephardi Sephar(0) 232(0) 232 ros(0) 232.1 Lon(0) 232.1 Ros(0) 232.12 Ros(0) 234(0) 240 wurm(0) 248.508 Rub(0) 256.9 Ros(0) 266 lig(0) 270.1 B879a(0) 272(0) 272.9(0) 274.5632(0) 290.1(0) 296 ros(0) 2nd Bedroom(0) 3(0) 3 ug(0) 4.5(0) 7(0) 8(0) 362(0) 422(0) 479(0) 4B Part3(0) 676(0) 868lig(0) 882(0) 900 l(0) 962.1 Alh(0) @onloan(0) @onloan-Lisa-Miller-2009.09.16(0) @others(0) [#8 Shelf](0) _clbk(0) a new prophetic thriller based on the idea that there is a secret code in the Bible that pinpoints crucial dates and events.(0) A Plus List(0) a radical solution(0) a133(0) academic(0) activity book(0) Acts(0) Acts Commentary(0) Acts of the Apostles(0) Added 2008/9(0) adult(0) adult non-fiction(0) Advanced (Grade 7-12)(0) Advent(0) adventure(0) adventure fiction(0) Ahimsa/Nonviolence(0) aj-10(0) aj-14(0) aj-41(0) Alexandria(0) Alexandria (Egypt)(0) Algemene Werken: Religie: Jodendom(0) Alhadeff.Gina(0) aligning our prayers with God's plan. With Israel and her people once again center stage at a crucial moment in world history(0) Americans -- Jerusalem -- Fiction(0) an idea whose time has come. - A call to action for Messianic Jews and a source of information for others(0) anbc(0) ancient(0) ancient history(0) Ancient Near East(0) Ancient Rome(0) ancient world(0) ancients(0) and Germany(0) and life-cycle events. The book then goes on to consider the place of Messianic Judaism within the contemporary Jewish community. Messianic Jews contend that they are fulfilled as Jews and that Messianic Judaism is a legitimate interpretation of the Jewis(0) and program for Messianic Judaism. - A challenge to both Jews and Gentiles who honor Yeshua (Jesus) as Israel's Messiah and others involved with the movement catch the vision for its destiny(0) and room is made for a judicious sifting of the archaeological evidence. The final two chapters are devoted to an enlightening synthesis of the material with subsequent conclusions regarding Jewish believers in antiquity. COVER TYPE: Hard(0) and some patristic works. Also considered are statements within patristic literature about Jewish believers and uses of oral traditions from Jewish Christians. Furthermore(0) and was active in the Messianic Jewish movement. In 1979 the Stern family made aliyah (immigrated to Israel); they now live in Jerusalem. Dr. Stern authored the "Messianic Jewish Manifesto". His highly acclaimed English translation(0) and we shared the collective guilt for centuries of their persecution. Finto reminds us that confessing these sins is only a beginning. More than ever(0) Animals and Christianity(0) anthology(0) Antioch(0) Antioch (Turkey)--Church history(0) Antiochene(0) antiochene church(0) Apocryphal books (New Testament)(0) apol(0) Apologetics(0) apologetics & theology(0) apologetics (20th century)(0) Apostolic Judaism(0) April May 2011(0) Aquila(0) Arab women writers(0) archaeology(0) argue that Messianic Jews are dangerous and deceptive. In the final section the author confronts this contentions issue and outlines three alternative models for understanding the relationship between Messianic Judaism and the modern Jewish world. COVER T(0) Arnold Fruchtenbaum(0) Asia Minor(0) atta(0) autobiography(0) Autobiography/Biography(0) B Berger(0) b1(0) Barnabas(0) basement east(0) bbc(0) BCSA library(0) bedroom shelf(0) Belfast(0) Bible(0) Bible / Theology(0) Bible Commentary(0) Bible Curriculum(0) Bible customs(0) bible customs and holidays(0) Bible History(0) Bible N.T. - Relation to Old Testament(0) Bible Reference(0) Bible Study(0) Bible Study Aid(0) bible study; bible culture(0) Bible Times(0) Bible--New Testament--Criticism - interpretation(0) Bible. N.T. Matthew--Criticism(0) Bible. N.T.--Relation to the Old Testament(0) Bible. O.T.--Prophecies--Data processing--Fiction(0) Bible.--N.T.--Relation to the Old Testament(0) bible.matthew(0) Bible.NT.Noncanonical(0) Bible.NT.Paul(0) biblical(0) Biblical Archaeology(0) Biblical Feasts(0) biblical fiction(0) biblical holidays(0) Biblical Studies(0) Biblical Theology(0) biblically Jewish version of God's word. "Messianic Jewish Manifesto" offers an ideology(0) bijbeluitleg(0) bio(0) BIO Wur(0) bio wurmbrand(0) biographical(0) biographical sketches(0) biographies(0) biography(0) Biography - General(0) Biography and History (BH)(0) Biography/Memoir(0) bk16(0) book(0) book 1 in series(0) Book Giveaway(0) Books about(0) Books on NT Christology(0) books-i-own(0) born in Los Angeles in 1935(0) box 127(0) Box 2(0) Box 24(0) Box 26(0) Box 35(0) Box 55(0) Box 9(0) br(0) BR/gou(0) br3(0) Brown(0) bs2370.b76(0) bs2655.c53geo(0) bt198.l65(0) but who professed faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Offering the work of an impressive international team of scholars(0) by-friends(0) ca(0) Calibre(0) Camus(0) Canterbury office(0) capa-11(0) capa-37(0) Carpocrates(0) case3(0) Case4(0) Case9(0) Category: BIOGRAPHY/MISSIONARIES' LIVES(0) Category: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES(0) Catholic Church(0) Catholicism(0) causing them to make arrangements now for the mass movement of Jews from Russia. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) ccc(0) cd2.18(0) celebrating Biblical holidays(0) celebrations(0) charismatic(0) Charismatic Theology(0) Charismatics(0) children(0) Children - Category 13(0) children's literature(0) Children's Ministry(0) chl fi(0) Christ(0) Christenverfolgung(0) Christian(0) Christian antiquities--Palestine(0) Christian Apologetics(0) Christian Autobiography(0) Christian beliefs and teachings(0) Christian Biographies and Life Experiences - Category 10(0) Christian Biographies-Memoirs(0) Christian Biography(0) christian books(0) Christian Endtimes(0) Christian Fiction(0) Christian Freedom and Fullness(0) Christian historical fiction(0) Christian History(0) Christian Inspiration(0) Christian Issues/Controversies(0) Christian lifestyle(0) Christian Living(0) Christian Living & Personal Growth(0) Christian memoir(0) Christian Nonfiction(0) Christian novels(0) Christian origins(0) Christian perspectives(0) Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages--Palestine(0) Christian shrines--Palestine(0) Christian Theology(0) christian-romance(0) christian-vegetarian(0) Christianity(0) Christianity (early) - NF(0) Christianity - Early Formation(0) Christianity - Judiasm of Christ(0) Christianity and other religions(0) Christianity and other religions--Judaism(0) Christianity--Origin(0) Christians(0) Christinity>Early(0) Christology(0) Christology (Life of Christ)(0) Christy Award finalist(0) church(0) church & worldview(0) Church Fathers(0) Church History(0) Church history -- Primitive and early church (ca. 30-600) -- Fiction(0) Church History > General(0) Church history--Primitive and early church 30-600(0) church library(0) church office(0) Church will never be the same! COVER TYPE: Soft(0) Ciphers in the Bible--Fiction(0) City of God(0) Civitella Library(0) cl(0) Claudius(0) clean-romance(0) Clement of Rome(0) Code and cipher stories(0) col01(0) Col3(0) college(0) COM-Genesis(0) Commentary(0) communism(0) Communism - Rumania(0) Communism and Christianity(0) Communism and Christianity - Romania(0) Communist prisions(0) comparative religion(0) Cong B'nai Israel(0) conspiracy(0) contemporary(0) Contemporary Authors(0) CONTEMPORARY ISSUES-Israel/The Jewish People(0) conversion(0) Conversion to Christianity(0) Conversos(0) converts(0) Converts from Judaism(0) Corinth(0) Counterfeit Christianity(0) Counterpoints(0) Covenants(0) crafts(0) criticism(0) Crkva(0) Crypto-Jews(0) Cults/World Religions(0) cultural studies(0) current events(0) currently-reading(0) Damkani Jakob(0) Dan Cohn-Sherbok traces the development of the Messianic movement from ancient times to its transformation after World War II. Focusing on the nature of Messianic Judaism today(0) Darla Books Storage 013(0) David Stern(0) dd230(0) Death/Purgatory(0) debate(0) debi kindle(0) Denmark(0) Depression and Destruction(0) desk(0) Devotional(0) Devotionals(0) Devotions(0) dewey 248.5(0) dewey bio wurmb 2 copies(0) diaspora(0) did graduate work at the University of Judaism(0) Didache(0) dining a1(0) dlp(0) dlr(0) Doctrinal Theology(0) Doctrine(0) Doctrine/Theology(0) Don Finto(0) downstairs office(0) e08(0) Early Christian(0) Early Christianity(0) Early Christianity: Ante-Nicene(0) Early Christianity: Interaction with Judaism(0) Early Christianity: NT(0) Early Church(0) early church history(0) early judaism(0) Eastern Europe(0) Ebionites(0) ebook(0) Ecclesiology(0) ed12.18(0) Eerdmans(0) Egypt(0) Egyptian(0) End Time(0) end times(0) England(0) English language(0) Ephesians(0) Episcopal(0) Epistles(0) Eschatology(0) Evangelism(0) Excavations (Archaeology)--Palestine(0) Exodus(0) expresses the unity of the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and the B'rit Hadashah ("New Testament"). This outstanding(0) f1(0) faith(0) family(0) family portraits(0) fantasy(0) fantasy fiction(0) fantasy-sci-fi(0) Fasts and feasts in the Bible(0) favorites(0) FB Fiction(0) feasts(0) feminism(0) festivals(0) festivals of joy(0) fic/mys/chr/cle(0) fiction(0) fin-289(0) Finto Don(0) First Edition(0) for sale(0) frc79(0) Fulfilled Prophecies of Jesus as Messiah(0) g3+(0) Galatians(0) games(0) gave away(0) Genealogy(0) General History(0) General Reference(0) Genesis(0) Gentiles in the New Testament(0) goodreads(0) Gospel(0) Gospel of Mark(0) Gospel of Matthew(0) Gospels(0) Gottlieb(0) Goulder(0) Goulder M.D.(0) GR Import(0) grambrown4(0) Grammar Level(0) green(0) gwc 227(0) gwc 289(0) gwc-104(0) gwc-112(0) gwc-207(0) Hans-Joachim Schoeps(0) Hanukkah(0) Hd(0) he guides us to the heart of the matter: why the Jewish people really need Jesus and how we can develop a faithful(0) Hebrew(0) Hebrew Christianity(0) Hebrew roots(0) Hebrews(0) historical(0) historical fiction(0) Historical Theology(0) history(0) History & Biography(0) holidays(0) holy days(0) home(0) home-library(0) homeschool(0) Homeschool Bible(0) however(0) Hvalvik(0) I Clement(0) identity(0) ideology(0) Ignatius of Antioch(0) il(0) import1(0) Imprimatur(0) imprisonment(0) In Depth(0) in german(0) incl(0) including the celebration of the Sabbath(0) including the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha(0) inspirational(0) instructional(0) interpretation(0) is the great-grandson of two of the city's first twenty Jews. He earned a Ph.D. in economics at Princeton University and was a professor at UCLA. In 1972 he came to faith in Yeshua the Messiah. He then received a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theolo(0) isbn(0) Israel(0) Israel -- Fiction(0) Israel and Church(0) Israel and Jews and Christians in the Last Days(0) Israel History(0) Israel/The Jewish People(0) it could be said that the fig tree is blossoming. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) Italy(0) j(0) j 296.43 wer(0) j13(0) Jacob Damkani(0) James(0) james the just(0) Jerusalem(0) Jerusalem--Fiction(0) Jesus(0) Jesus Christ(0) Jesus Christ > Messiahship(0) Jesus Christ's Messiahship(0) Jesus Christ- Messiah(0) Jesus Christ--Messiahship(0) Jesus the Messiah(0) Jew(0) Jew or Gentile. This is especially relevant to believers in the Messiah(0) Jewish(0) Jewish Beliefs(0) Jewish Believers(0) jewish believers in jesus(0) Jewish Calendar(0) Jewish Christianity(0) Jewish Christians(0) Jewish Christians - History(0) Jewish Christians - Romania - Biography(0) Jewish Christians -- Fiction(0) Jewish Christians Biography(0) Jewish Christians--Fiction(0) Jewish Christians--History--Early church 30-600(0) Jewish Christians--Palestine(0) Jewish Christians--Romania-.(0) Jewish customs(0) Jewish Evangelism(0) Jewish Feasts(0) Jewish History(0) Jewish Holidays(0) Jewish Interest(0) Jewish literature(0) Jewish Roots(0) Jewish Studies(0) Jewish Witness(0) Jewish-Christian(0) Jewish-Christian Authors(0) Jewish-Christian Interest(0) jewish-christian relations(0) Jewish-Christianitiy(0) Jewishness(0) Jews(0) Jews -- History -- Rebellion (66-73) -- Fiction(0) jews for jesus(0) Jews to Israel(0) Jews--Spain--history(0) Jews/Judaism 296(0) jeztrads(0) JOC Jews in other countries 1112(0) Joe Wike(0) juadism(0) Judaica(0) Judaism(0) Judaism & Christian theology(0) Judaism (Christian theology)(0) Judaism -- 20th century(0) Judaism relations with Christianity(0) Judaism--History(0) Judaism/Jews(0) Judaizers(0) Judeo-Christian mythology(0) juvenile non-fiction(0) jøder i dialog med ikke-jøder(0) jødisk-kristen christologi(0) jødisk-kristen dialog(0) Kasdan Barney(0) Kindle(0) kindle e-book(0) ks16.18(0) l4(0) last days(0) Late Antiquity(0) Levi (aka Mathew)>Apostle(0) lib 1-6(0) life styles(0) literature(0) literature is examined(0) location: storage unit box 127(0) loft(0) Logos(0) logos 3(0) Logos 4 Dec 20(0) loving witness to them. "Abandoned" is an invaluable guide to help us share God's love with the people who are always on His heart. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) mainly rabbinic(0) mankind(0) many of us have turned our backs on the relatives of the Messiah(0) Mark(0) martyrs(0) Matthew(0) Matthew>Saint(0) Medieval Spain(0) Mediterranean(0) Meier Paul(0) memoir(0) mentioned by name only in the gospel of John COVER TYPE: Hard(0) Messanic Jews(0) Messiah(0) Messiahship(0) Messianic(0) Messianic Christianity(0) Messianic Jew(0) Messianic Jewish(0) Messianic Jewish perspectives(0) Messianic Jewish Theology(0) Messianic Jewish theology has implications of great importance for all. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) Messianic Jews(0) Messianic Judaism(0) Messianic Movement(0) Messianic Prophecy(0) Messianic Studies(0) Messianische Juden(0) Messianisches Judentum(0) Middle East(0) ministers(0) ministry(0) Ministry to the Jews(0) Miscellaneous(0) missionaries(0) Missionaries' Lives(0) Missions(0) Missions and Evangelism(0) Missions to Jews(0) Missions/Witnessing(0) Moishe Rosen(0) Mosaic Law(0) mu(0) Multiple Copies(0) music 2(0) my-favorites(0) N.T.--Matthew(0) narration(0) Narration in the Bible(0) narrative theology(0) navs-associated(0) Near Eastern(0) Nederland(0) need-to-review(0) needs-cover(0) Nero(0) New Testament(0) New Testament Church(0) New Testament Studies(0) New Testament: Matthew(0) New York City(0) nf: 274.5(0) nf: 296(0) Nihil Obstat(0) nj(0) NoISBN2(0) non-fiction(0) nonf(0) nonviolence(0) North African(0) Not needed(0) not yet read(0) novel(0) novels-fiction(0) November 2009(0) npp(0) nt(0) NT Backgrounds(0) NT context(0) nt-c(0) nt-g(0) nt-k(0) nt-s(0) nt.jewish-christianity(0) Oct. 15/08(0) office(0) office bookshelf 4(0) office C1(0) often secular face of contemporary Jewry. Telchin asks: What do today?s Jews believe about God and the Bible? What keeps them from considering the Gospel? Then he addresses the big lie: "You cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus." Finally(0) Old Testament(0) Old Testament Background(0) On Shelf(0) One non-Jewish contrbutor and four Jewish believers in Jeshua (Jesus) consider two different viewpoints on how Jewish disciples of Jesus can articulate and live out their faith.(0) ont(0) opposed(0) or just curious. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) OT History(0) Other Religions(0) other-fantasy(0) our prayers for them are vital. Will we make the same covenant pledge to Israel that Ruth made to Naomi? If so(0) own(0) Owner-Caesar K(0) OWNER: Barb Kase RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: God is preparing the hearts of multitudes along the exodus route through Finland(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: C2 DESCRIPTION: G-d gave each day to teach his people about him and his relationship to them. From the Sabbath(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: K4 DESCRIPTION: Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries examines the formative first five centuries of Christian history as experienced by individuals who were ethnically Jewish(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L5 DESCRIPTION: Who are the Messianic Jews? What do they believe and practice? What is the Jewish community's reaction to Messianic Judaism? In this pioneering study(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: Because the destiny of Israel and the Church are bound together(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: David H. Stern(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: In "Abandoned"(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: The fig tree is the Biblical symbol for the Jewish people. Since thousands of Jewish people are accepting Jesus as Messiah(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Available SHELF NUMBER: N1 DESCRIPTION: This book explains how God's appointed customs can be part of anyone's lifestyle(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Missing SHELF NUMBER: DESCRIPTION: COVER TYPE: S(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: On Loan SHELF NUMBER: L6 DESCRIPTION: Too many gentile believers think of Christianity as a replacement for Judaism - and Israel as something apart from God's plan. Don Finto's "Your People Shall Be My People(0) OWNER: Beit Hallel RESOURCE TYPE: Book STATUS: Over Due SHELF NUMBER: C2 DESCRIPTION: G-d gave each day to teach his people about him and his relationship to them. From the Sabbath(0) owner:JoelAgustin(0) owner:Lanney(0) Palestine -- History -- To 70 A.D. -- Fiction(0) Palestine--Antiquities(0) Palestine--Church history(0) Palestinian History to 70 A.D.(0) Pantheon Books(0) paperback(0) paperbackswap(0) Passover(0) pastor(0) pastoral(0) Pastoral Ministry(0) Pastoral Resources(0) Patristics(0) Paul(0) paul and roman church(0) paul and the antioch church(0) Pauline Studies(0) pdf(0) peace(0) Pending(0) People of God(0) persecuted church(0) persecution(0) Persecution - Romania(0) Persecution--Romania.(0) Peru(0) Peter(0) Peter>Saint Hellenistic Era(0) Philippians(0) Political prisoners - Romania - Biography(0) Political prisoners--Romania.(0) pp. 1-26; 72-85; 167-191(0) pp. 55-154; 745-772(0) Prayer(0) Print Copy(0) Priscilla(0) prophecy(0) prophetic fiction(0) publisher.chicago(0) publisher.hendrickson(0) Purim(0) rabbinic judaism(0) rabx(0) rabx003(0) rabx047(0) rabx049(0) rc-504(0) rc-581(0) rc-597(0) read(0) read-in-english(0) ReadComplete(0) Regal von Wortmanns(0) relg(0) religion(0) Religion & Spirituality(0) Religion.Reference/EarlyChristianity(0) Religion/Philosophy(0) religions(0) religious(0) religious history(0) Religious Studies - Bible(0) resource(0) resources(0) Ressourcement/Nouvelle Theologie(0) Restoration/Messianism(0) Return to Israel(0) Richard N. Longenecker(0) Richard Wurmbrand(0) righteousness(0) ritual(0) Roman Catholics(0) Roman Empire(0) Romania(0) Romania - political prisoners(0) Romanian History(0) Romans(0) Rome(0) Rome (Italy)--Church history(0) Rome -- History -- Nero (54-68) -- Fiction(0) ros 1(0) Rosen(0) Rosh Hashanah(0) rr 22 l852(0) rrl-106(0) rrl-b-122(0) Rumson(0) Russian Jews(0) Ruth Rosen(0) s1(0) Sabina(0) Sabina Wurmbrand(0) Sabina Wurmbrand--Biography(0) sacred space(0) Saints(0) Salvation> Counselling> Discipleship(0) sc(0) scholarly work offers Bible readers a thorough(0) school room(0) science fiction(0) Scripture(0) Scripture Commentary(0) secret code(0) Seoul(0) Sephardic(0) Sephardim(0) Sephardim--history(0) September 2011(0) series(0) Sermon Series(0) Shabbat(0) Shavuot and Sukkot(0) Shelf 01E(0) Shelf 1(0) Shelf 4(0) Shelf 5(0) Shelf 8.1(0) Shelf 8.3(0) shelf:biography(0) Shelved at Biography(0) Shepherd of Hermas(0) Simon Magus(0) since Yeshua himself observed them. This book covers both biblical lifecycles and lifestyles. COVER TYPE: Soft(0) Skarsaune(0) Sleeper library(0) sociology(0) sociology of religion(0) Soteriology(0) South America(0) Soviet(0) special collection(0) Spiritual Gifts(0) Spiritual Growth(0) spirituality(0) Spouses of clergy(0) Spouses of clergy - Romania - Biography(0) Spouses of clergy--Biography(0) St. Louis(0) St. Paul(0) storage(0) stories(0) story(0) strong female(0) study(0) Sukkot(0) suspense(0) suspense fiction(0) swappable(0) Sweden(0) Syria>Antiquity(0) Systematic Theology(0) Tabernacle/Temple(0) Tapestry of Grace Year 1(0) TBE Library(0) teacher(0) Telchin Stan(0) Terrorism -- Fiction(0) Testimonies(0) testimony(0) th-d(0) th-l(0) th-v(0) the "Complete Jewish Bible"(0) the "Jewish New Testament(0) the evidence in Jewish(0) the volume continues with a detailed examinations of Messianic practices(0) Theological Studies(0) Theological Study(0) Theology(0) THEOLOGY-Church History(0) this unique study examines the first five centuries of texts thought to have been authored or edited by Jewish Christians(0) thriller(0) thrillers-conspiracy(0) time travel(0) time travel fiction(0) to the popular holiday(0) to-read(0) to-review(0) tog(0) tog y1(0) tog y1 ug(0) tog y1u1(0) tog y1u2(0) tog y1u3(0) tog y1u4(0) TOG Year 1(0) TOG Year 1 Unit 1 UG(0) TOG Year 1-2(0) TOG Year 4(0) TOG Year 4: D/R(0) TOG yr1(0) tog yr4(0) TOG YR4 Unit2(0) tog1(0) togoaway(0) Torah(0) Traded PBS(0) traditions(0) travel(0) travel essay(0) true story(0) types and shadows(0) typology(0) u1(0) u3(0) ug(0) Underground Church(0) unity(0) unread(0) unread-ongoing-series(0) Upper Grammar(0) Upper Grammar (4th-6th)(0) upstairs(0) verified(0) Veselin Kesich--Association(0) viewpoints(0) Ville008(0) vincentlibrary(0) Voice of the Marters(0) Voice of the Martyrs(0) vom(0) Waetjen(0) we meet the modern(0) we must embrace and intercede for the chosen people of God(0) we reject the "either-or" demanded by many Christians and Jews. Messianic Judaism is right(0) whether in favor(0) which is to heal the split between the Church and the Jewish people. - Simultaneously 100% Messianic and 100% Jewish(0) which pictures eternity(0) why did they send me this?(0) Wink(0) wishlist(0) Witness bearing (Christianity)(0) Witnessing(0) WL - Christian Origins(0) WL - Christianity(0) WL - Impossible to Find(0) WL - Judaica(0) WL - Next?(0) WL - OoP -> PuU(0) WL - Very Intriguing(0) women(0) women in ministry(0) World Religions(0) Worship(0) Wurmbrand(0) Wurmbrand. Richard(0) Wurmbrand. Sabina(0) wwii(0) WWII era(0) XXe et XXIe(0) y(0) Y'shua(0) y1(0) y1 ug(0) y4(0) y4u2(0) Year(0) Year 1(0) Year 4(0) Yom Kippur(0) young adult(0) Your People Shall be My People How Israel the Jews and the Christian church will come together in the last days(0) youth(0) youth (holidays)(0) z-brrsmbx-3(0) z-brrsmbx-4(0) zc(0) |Hänssler(0) |SCM Hänssler(0) ~bk(0) ~bkxxcm(0) יהודי(0) ↑LoC(0) ♠♠♥♥♦♦♣♣•(0) (0)

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Narrative theology (2)

Judaism Controversial literature (2)

Jews Egypt Alexandria Biography (2)

Jews Italy Biography (2)

Adventure stories (2)

Time travel Fiction (2)

Berger, Ester Schmidt (2)

Fasts and feasts Judaism (2)

Missions Jews (2)

Jews Soviet Union (2)

Antioch (Turkey) Church history (2)

Theology, Doctrinal History Early church, ca. 30-600 (2)

Bible. N.T. Epistles of Paul Criticism, interpretation, etc (2)

Jerusalem in Christianity (2)

Bible. N.T. Gospels Criticism, interpretation, etc (2)

Narration in the Bible (2)

Alhadeff family (2)

Sephardim Biography (2)

Christian converts from Judaism Biography (2)

Fantasy fiction (2)

Christian biography Hungary (2)

Fasts and feasts Judaism Juvenile literature (2)

Bible. O.T. Criticism, interpretation, etc (2)

Missions Jews (2)

Missions to Jews (2)

Gentiles in the New Testament (2)

Church history (2)

Theology, Doctrinal History (2)

Fathers of the church (2)

Church finance History Early church, ca. 30-600 (2)

Poor Biblical teaching (2)

Narration in the Bible (2)

Pinto family (2)

Jews Alexandria Biography (2)

Spouses of clergy Romania Biography (1)

Terrorism Fiction (1)

Church history Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600 Fiction (1)

Americans Jerusalem Fiction (1)

Christian shrines Palestine (1)

Palestine Antiquities (1)

Marranos Spain Castile History (1)

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America History (1)

Messianic Judaism (1)

Israel Religious aspects (1)

Judaism Customs and practices (1)

Haftarot Commentaries (1)

Witness bearing (Christianity) (1)

Bible. N.T. Epistles Criticism, interpretation, etc (1)

Schism (1)

Mestizos Peru Iquitos Religion (1)

Rabinowitz, Joseph, 1837-1899 (1)

Jews in the New Testament (1)

Political prisoners Romania Biography (1)

Virtual reality Fiction (1)

Jews History Rebellion, 66-73 Fiction (1)

Jerusalem Fiction (1)

Christian pilgrims and pilgrimages Palestine (1)

Palestine Church history (1)

Inquisition Spain Castile History (1)

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Subject: Jewish Christians


Jewish Christians (18 works)

Jewish Christians Biography (3 works)

Jewish Christians Biography (3 works)

Jewish Christians Fiction (3 works)

Jewish Christians History (1 works)

Jewish Christians History Early church, ca. 30-600 (14 works)

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