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A thread running through the book is the antagonistic relationship between Ayla and Broud(0) and infection of her wounds(0) and social relationships(0) Anderen(0) angie(0) animal(0) animal domestication(0) animal lore(0) animals(0) anthro fiction(0) anthropological fiction(0) anthropology(0) anthropology fiction(0) anthropology/archeology(0) Antigua(0) antiquity(0) apr11(0) April '10(0) ar06-u(0) ar07-u(0) arc(0) archaeological fiction(0) archaeology(0) archaeology fiction(0) archeo-drama(0) arkielämä: esihistoria: Eurooppa(0) as(0) Asimov box(0) asks permission from Brun(0) ass-kicking women(0) asuminen: luolat(0) at RD(0) atlatl(0) attic(0) attic-P/3(0) attic2(0) au(0) audible(0) audio(0) Audio CD(0) Audio on CD(0) audiobook(0) AudioBook 17(0) AudioBook 29(0) audiobook MP3(0) audiobooks(0) Audiobooks -- Fantasy(0) Aue(0) Auel(0) Auel J.(0) auel jean m.(0) Auel Jean M. 01(0) Auel Jean M. 02(0) Auel Jean M. 04(0) Auel Jean M. 05(0) August 2010(0) author(0) Author A(0) author jean m auel(0) author-female(0) Author: Auel(0) Author: Jean M. Auel(0) Authors first book(0) auto(0) Aventura. Prehistoria(0) Aventuras. Prehistoria(0) Average Rating 3.0(0) Average Rating 4.0(0) avonturenroman(0) avundsjuka(0) award(0) awesome read(0) Ayla(0) Ayla & Jondalar(0) Ayla (character)(0) Ayla (Fictitious character) - Fiction(0) Ayla (Fictitious character)--FictionPrehistoric peoples--Europe--FictionGlacial epoch--Europe--Fiction(0) Ayla (Fictitious Character)-Fiction(0) Ayla and Jomdalar arrive at Jondalar's family home. Most everyone likes her. Good read(0) Ayla and Jondalar leave the Mammoth Hunters and cross the windswept grasslands of Europe during the Ice Age meeting Friendly and not to friendly people. Good read(0) Ayla Discovers The World(0) Ayla heads off to find her own people. Instead(0) Ayla learns; following Ayla on her quest to find others like herself. She is not alone in this book and comes to learn how others live(0) Ayla leaves the clan. Lives in a valley adopts a horse and a cave lion. Saves a someone of the Others. Enjoyed it(0) Ayla und Jondalar leben bei seiner Sippe(0) Ayla und Jondalar reisen entlang der Donau zurück zu Jondalars Sippe(0) Ayla/Jondalar; follow Ayla to find a final place to call home(0) b(0) b&n(0) b&t10262015(0) B. 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A blue eyed blond gril meets prehistoric cave people when she was five. They raised her. Had a baby. Forced to leave without him. She was of the Others. 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As a child he was attacked by a Cave Bear(0) deVespres(0) di(0) did-not-finish(0) different cover(0) digital(0) dining room(0) disappointing(0) discard(0) discard11(0) discarded(0) Disposed(0) distant past(0) Division: Fiction(0) dj(0) dlivbc5b6(0) DLNRead(0) domestication(0) Domestication of the Horse(0) donate2009(0) donated(0) donated 2016(0) Donation(0) donations(0) done(0) doorsteps(0) dorm(0) Downstairs(0) dr(0) drama(0) dramatic(0) dribble(0) ds 1(0) dtb(0) dublett(0) dublett (triplett)(0) Dublin(0) Durc(0) Durham library(0) dust jacket(0) Dutch(0) dutch translation(0) dvd(0) dw(0) e(0) e*(0) E.ebook(0) E.ebook-phone(0) e.s.p.(0) e15(0) e18(0) early civilization(0) early community(0) early earth novels(0) Early Europe(0) early family(0) Early Histroy - Fiction(0) early homosapiens the Cro Magnons(0) early human(0) early humans(0) early man(0) early man Neanderthal(0) early people(0) earth(0) earth children(0) earth's childfren(0) Earth's Children(0) Earth's children # 1(0) Earth's Children (1)(0) Earth's Children (5)(0) Earth's Children - Ayla(0) Earth's Children - Ayla & Jondalar(0) Earth's Children 1(0) Earth's Children 2(0) Earth's Children 4(0) Earth's Children bk1(0) Earth`s Children(0) earthpeople(0) earthquake(0) Earths(0) earths-children(0) earths_children(0) Eastern Europe(0) Easton Press(0) Eatrh's Children(0) eaudio(0) ebay(0) ebk(0) ebook(0) eBook One Use(0) ebook only(0) ebook.epub(0) ebook.v5(0) ec(0) ed-german(0) edizione sbagliata(0) edp(0) edwin(0) Een groep prehistorische holbewoners vindt een meisje dat tot een hoger ontwikkelde soort behoort. 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After her expulsion from the Neanderthal clan that raised her(0) more than once(0) more-than-once(0) more_by_author(0) motherhood(0) movie(0) movie tie-in(0) mp3(0) mp3 Audiobook Download-Unabridged(0) Mrs Crothers recommends(0) mujer(0) murder(0) must read(0) Mutterstadt(0) my 10s(0) my 2011 reads(0) my 30s(0) my cover(0) my library(0) my-books(0) my-bookshelf(0) mystery(0) mystical(0) myth(0) myths & symbols(0) n(0) n4(0) n5(0) naiskirjailija(0) naked and unable to feed herself(0) Nancy's(0) narrativa(0) Narrativa straniera(0) Narrativa universal(0) National Book Award(0) National Book Award Finalist(0) Native American(0) natural disaster(0) natural history(0) nature(0) nature; prehistorical fiction(0) nature; realistic fiction(0) nc(0) Neaderthals(0) Neandertaler(0) Neanderthal(0) Neanderthal Man(0) Neanderthal novel(0) neanderthal versus homo sapiens(0) Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens Hybrid(0) Neanderthals - Fiction(0) neandrathal(0) neandrothol(0) Nederlandstalig(0) Need to Read(0) Need to scan cover(0) Needs ISBN(0) needs re-source(0) needs replacing(0) neolithic(0) Neolithic Neanderthal Cro-Magnon(0) Neuzeit(0) never read(0) never-finished(0) new(0) new 2-16(0) new books(0) New World(0) Newport(0) Nicole(0) Niet lezen(0) Nikki(0) nil(0) nl6a(0) nl6b(0) nlo(0) no(0) No DJ(0) no longer own(0) no tags(0) no-own(0) No.1(0) no1(0) no2(0) no4(0) no5(0) nomads(0) non(0) non-fiction(0) non-pic(0) non-verbal language(0) nook(0) nook book(0) North America(0) nostalgia(0) not free sf reader(0) not in library(0) not reg by me(0) not reviewed(0) Not Started(0) not very good(0) not yet read(0) Notable books read pre 2002(0) novel(0) Novel - Auel(0) novel - fiction(0) novel of early homosapiens(0) novel-early people(0) novel-into-film(0) Novel.la Estrangera en Castellà(0) Novel/Fiction(0) Novel/Fiction/Prehistory(0) novela(0) Novela de aventuras(0) novelas(0) Novelas históricas(0) Novels/Novellas(0) Novels/United States(0) novel·la(0) November 2011(0) now a major motion picture(0) nr(0) nry(0) null(0) NW author(0) NYT Bestseller(0) o(0) Oakland(0) October 2010(0) oertijd(0) off-to-charity-shop(0) office(0) office II 5(0) office1.4(0) office2.1(0) office2.6(0) officeb(0) old excel file(0) Old Extra(0) oldies(0) on her deathbed(0) on kindle wish list(0) on loan(0) on the verge of death. The narrative switches to a group of people—the 'Clan'—who have also been made homeless by the destruction of their cave in an earthquake and are trekking in search of a new home. 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Various aspects of the differences bet(0) the girl's name: the closest they get to it (and the name by which she is subsequently known) is 'Ayla'. However(0) the head of the Clan(0) the medicine woman of the group(0) the Mog-ur(0) the Neanderthals are portrayed as having a highly-developed non-verbal language of hand and arm gestures which Ayla at first has difficulty even recognising the existence of. Apart from physical differences there are mental and cultural differences betwee(0) The Others(0) the past(0) The plains of passage(0) The Shelters ot Stone(0) The story is told from the point of view of a 5-year old girl who is suddenly orphaned and left homeless by an earthquake that destroys her family's camp. She wanders aimlessly(0) the valley of horses(0) theme: adult issues(0) THEME: Anthropology(0) think:1st-read-of-this-author(0) Third place(0) This first book was the best of the bunch - made a leap into pre-history almost possible(0) thomas fiction(0) thrift shop(0) thriller(0) Tijdens een van de IJstijden ontvlucht een jong meisje haar volk; zij belandt na vele omzwervingen in een onbewoonde vallei waar zij een man van een andere stam ontmoet. Bron:OB Eindhoven(0) tim-s-books(0) time(0) Time: Era Prehistoric(0) time:prehistory(0) to read christie(0) To Read List(0) to rescue the waif. Iza uses her wide knowledge of healing herbs and procedures in order to nurse the little girl back to life. 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Can't imagine what it was like to kive in those days!(0) video adaptation(0) Villa Sentieri(0) violence(0) Violet's(0) Virsutie(0) vivències(0) Volume 1(0) Volume 2(0) Volume 5(0) Vorzeit(0) vroeger(0) Vuxen(0) w1(0) w12(0) Walker(0) wandering(0) want to read(0) wanted at pbs(0) Waqas(0) Was Donated(0) wci(0) we meet Jondalar and his brother Thonolan(0) weapons(0) weaving(0) weeded?(0) weeding(0) weg(0) Welcome Festival(0) well-researched(0) Wendi(0) western(0) Westerns(0) Wheel Spinner(0) where she bonds with the animals for company and spends her time making tools(0) which added to his infirmities but was regarded as being a blessing from the most highly revered and powerful spirit of the Clan people(0) which can be awakened through rituals performed by the Clan's 'Mog-ur'—a holy man or Shaman. Increasing reliance on this ever-accumulating memory has resulted in a strict(0) which has the opposite affect.(0) which include 'The Mammoth Hunters' ; 'The Plains of Passage' ; and 'The Shelters of Stone.' The author is still working on the final book in the series.(0) which is further developed in other books of the Earth's Children series(0) Whinney(0) Whitcoulls(0) white author(0) who encounters him with none of the awe or apprehension of other clan members(0) who is son of the leader(0) who regard not just their own group but all people of their kind as an encompassing 'Clan of the Cave Bear'. Creb's abilities are such that he is not only his own group's Mog-ur but 'The Mog-ur' of the entire extended clan of Neanderthal peoples in the re(0) who sets off to find other people of her own kind as Iza(0) why do I own this?(0) why-did-i-keep-reading-this(0) Wichita(0) wife(0) wil's books(0) wild-animal(0) wilderness survival(0) William Ben Karas Collection(0) winter(0) winter 14(0) wip(0) Wisent(0) wishlist(0) with the one she loves. They travel over dangerous lands and have to find food to survive with their many animal companions to keep alive as well. This book also has you wondering if Ayla will be able to become a mother and raise a family she's always dre(0) wl2015(0) woff-f(0) wolf(0) wolves(0) woman vs. nature(0) women(0) women authors(0) women fiction(0) women writers(0) women's fiction(0) Women-Europe-Fiction(0) World (Europe/Prehistoric)(0) World (France)(0) would like another copy to match other hardbacks I own(0) written - 20th century(0) wwe(0) x(0) X-jlk-loc-parents my room(0) x2(0) x4(0) Xenoliterature of a Sort(0) Xtine(0) y3(0) y6(0) ya(0) yard sale(0) Year (?)(0) year 7-9(0) yellow tidy cats box(0) yhdysvaltalainen(0) ymp(0) young adult(0) young adult fiction(0) young readers(0) Your library(0) ytbv(0) z 3.70(0) z1120(0) z: c(0) z: i(0) z: i f(0) zbirka Otroci zemlje (Earth's Children series)(0) zColl_JA_CaveBearsClan(0) zeladonii(0) zgodovinski roman(0) zzyzz(0) {cover-member(0) | 2steamy4me(0) ~acquired 2011 or before(0) ~cvr~(0) ~edn~(0) ~edt~(0) ~mc(0) ~tag~(0) Ägare: Johanna(0) Övre valvet(0) övergrepp(0) överlevnad(0)

Subject: Jondalar (Fictitious character) Fiction


Jondalar (Fictitious character) Fiction (4 works)

Jondalar (Fictitious character) Fiction (1 works)

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