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It is so unusual and often humorous that I really couldn't put this book down. 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Subject: Opera


Opera (79 works)

Opera 18th century (3 works)

Opera 19th century (3 works)

Opera 20th century (2 works)

Opera Anecdotes (5 works)

Opera Anecdotes (941 works)

Opera Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc (2 works)

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Opera Australia Biography (2 works)

Opera Australia Pictorial works (1 works)

Opera Austria (1 works)

Opera Bio-bibliography Early works to 1800 (1 works)

Opera Biography (6 works)

Opera Biography Dictionaries (1 works)

Opera Biography Juvenile literature (1 works)

Opera Biography (4 works)

Opera Brazil (1 works)

Opera Canada (1 works)

Opera Caricatures and cartoons (1 works)

Opera Chicago (1 works)

Opera Chronology (2 works)

Opera Comic books, strips, etc (1 works)

Opera Czechoslovakia (1 works)

Opera Dictionaries (16 works)

Opera Dictionaries (9 works)

Opera Directories (1 works)

Opera Drama (2 works)

Opera Drama (3 works)

Opera Dramaturgy (2 works)

Opera Dramaturgy (4 works)

Opera Encyclopedias (3 works)

Opera Encyclopedias (2 works)

Opera England (1 works)

Opera England 18th century (2 works)

Opera England History and criticism (1 works)

Opera England London (7 works)

Opera England London History 20th century (1 works)

Opera England (2 works)

Opera Europe (2 works)

Opera Europe Guidebooks (1 works)

Opera Europe. [from old catalog] (1 works)

Opera Exhibitions (2 works)

Opera Fiction (44 works)

Opera Fiction (32 works)

Opera France 19th century (1 works)

Opera France History and criticism (1 works)

Opera France Paris (2 works)

Opera France Paris 19th century (1 works)

Opera France Paris Fiction (1 works)

Opera France Paris Pictorial works (1 works)

Opera France (2 works)

Opera Germany Biography (2 works)

Opera Great Britain Biography (1 works)

Opera Greek influences (1 works)

Opera History and criticism (2 works)

Opera Humor (3 works)

Opera Illinois Chicago (3 works)

Opera Italy (6 works)

Opera Italy 18th century (2 works)

Opera Italy 19th century (4 works)

Opera Italy Fiction (1 works)

Opera Italy Fiction (1 works)

Opera Italy History (1 works)

Opera Italy Milan (2 works)

Opera Italy Naples (1 works)

Opera Italy Naples Exhibitions (1 works)

Opera Italy (2 works)

Opera Juvenile literature (5 works)

Opera Juvenile literature (2 works)

Opera Libretto (1 works)

Opera Literary collections (2 works)

Opera London Sources (1 works)

Opera London (1 works)

Opera Miscellanea (4 works)

Opera Miscellanea (2 works)

Opera Moscow (1 works)

Opera Naples (1 works)

Opera New Mexico Santa Fe (1 works)

Opera New York (9 works)

Opera New York (N.Y.) (1 works)

Opera New York (N.Y.) 20th century (1 works)

Opera New York (State) New York (5 works)

Opera New York (State) New York 20th century (2 works)

Opera New York (State) New York Fiction (1 works)

Opera New York (State) New York History and criticism (1 works)

Opera Performance (1 works)

Opera Periodicals (1 works)

Opera Pictorial works (6 works)

Opera Pictorial works (1 works)

Opera Poetry (1 works)

Opera Poland 18th century (1 works)

Opera Poland 19th century (1 works)

Opera Poland 20th century Congresses (1 works)

Opera Political aspects (2 works)

Opera Production and direction (8 works)

Opera Production and direction Canada Fiction (1 works)

Opera Production and direction Fiction (2 works)

Opera Production and direction Fiction (1 works)

Opera Production and direction Juvenile literature (2 works)

Opera Production and direction Pictorial works (1 works)

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