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history(0) sort - NH(0) sort 2010(0) sotw(0) SOTW Y3 Ch 32(0) sotw3-42(0) source=Goodwill(0) sp(0) Spanish(0) Spanish Fiction(0) special box(0) Spring_2013(0) sps(0) sr(0) Sr El(0) src(0) ssr(0) Stack 7 shelf 1-6 Youth Reference(0) Stack 7 shelf 6-12 Childrens(0) Stage Rm(0) stagecoaches(0) standard-ordinary-fiction(0) stars(0) starvation(0) Stated First Edition/Historical Fiction(0) stated first printing(0) statehood(0) states(0) States: Oregon(0) stats(0) stealing(0) Step Into Reading(0) storage(0) Storage Box 20(0) Store(0) Stored in BLHFHG Tote(0) stories(0) storms(0) storybook(0) strong characters(0) strong smart and bold(0) strong verbs(0) studio east - bookcase 2 - shelf 1(0) Subject : West (U.S.) --History --1848-1950 --Sources.(0) subject: race/racism(0) Subject: Social Studies(0) successful(0) Summary: Historical novel about a family's tumultuous journey along the Oregon Trail in 1852.(0) supplement(0) survival(0) Survival and Adventure - Nonfiction All(0) survival fiction(0) sw(0) Swain(0) swapped(0) t(0) Tag Later(0) Tall Tails(0) tall tale(0) tall tales(0) tba(0) tbcc bc novel(0) tbr 2012 & prior(0) tbr oap(0) Teacher's Shelf(0) teamwork(0) technology(0) teen historic adventure series (2 books)(0) Tender Ties Historical Series(0) Texana(0) Texas(0) Texas History(0) Texas Rangers(0) textiles(0) th book(0) Thanksgiving(0) the 60s(0) the Book Tree(0) The Corrie Belle Hollister Series(0) The Donner Party Expedition(0) The Francis Tucket Saga(0) The Francis Tucket Saga (book 1)(0) The House of Winslow Series(0) The Last Crossing(0) The Later Journeys(0) The Neverending List(0) The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell(0) The story of the Oregon trail begins in one very real sense with Columbus read on! (2 copies)(O)(0) the way west over trackless land. (O)(0) The West(0) the world rushed in: the california gold rush experience(0) theme: immigration/emigration(0) thief(0) third copy 1215(0) thirteen-year-old Hatti chronicles her family's arduous 1847 journey from Missouri to Oregon on the Oregon Trail(0) This turned out to be a youth book. At first I thought it was an authentic diary of a young girl. 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