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True story of a young French girl who serves as a messenger during WWII. The beginning is a little dull for readers who would not have any background but you just need to lead them in the beginning and then turn them loose. 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La guerra dei GAP(0) September(0) September 2008(0) sequel(0) Serbia(0) series(0) Series: None(0) serious(0) serious and/or thought-provoking(0) Set A(0) set-outside-us(0) setting_germany(0) sexism(0) sfe(0) sff(0) sharing a little-known story of a group of Italian citizens that sheltered more than 40(0) she(0) Shelf - Ebook(0) Shelf - Not Owned(0) Shelf 1B(0) Shelf 2(0) Shelf 3(0) Shelf 6(0) Shelf J6(0) Shelf Q3 (back row)(0) shelf-life(0) shelf71(0) Shelfari(0) Shelved at Biography(0) Sherwin_Miller(0) shetland bus(0) Shetland Islands(0) short stories(0) Shreve(0) siblings(0) signed(0) signed by author(0) Signet(0) Signs and Wonders(0) singers(0) singing(0) Sir John Hackett(0) sister bond(0) sisterly love(0) sisters(0) six stars(0) sjt(0) skönlitteratur(0) SL core 300(0) sl300(0) Slag om Arnhem 1944(0) Slightly Foxed(0) Slightly Foxed Editions(0) slush pile - to read(0) snakes(0) so(0) Sobibor(0) social commentary(0) social justice(0) social studies(0) socialism(0) society(0) sociology(0) soe(0) SOE (Special Operations Executive)(0) softcover(0) sold(0) soldiers(0) Sonlight(0) Sonlight 10 (300)(0) Sonlight 10th(0) Sonlight 300(0) Sonlight 300: Biographies & Historical Fiction(0) Sonlight Core 300(0) Sonlight Core 320(0) sophie untagged(0) sotw 4(0) sotw4-28(0) source=NorthPennYMCA(0) South(0) Soviet(0) Soviet Union(0) space travel(0) spannend(0) spanning(0) spare room(0) spca 3/29/15(0) Special Features(0) Special Forces(0) Special Operations(0) special operations executive(0) Special Operations Executive; Women-France-Fiction; fiction(0) special-ops-spy(0) Spenningsroman(0) Spies/Spy(0) Spinner(0) Spione(0) Spionin(0) spiritual(0) Spiritual (auto)biography(0) Spiritual and/or Inspirational(0) spirituality(0) spo(0) spy(0) spy fiction(0) spy novel(0) spy stories(0) spy thriller(0) spying-sabotage(0) ss(0) Stalin(0) Stalinist(0) Stalinist purges(0) start-reading-books-you-own(0) stats(0) status: read(0) Steel(0) stichting cpnb(0) stl-biography(0) Stockholm Syndrome(0) storage(0) Storage Box 096(0) Storage Box 23(0) storage-4(0) stories of faith(0) story(0) Story/Memoir/Biography(0) str28(0) strength(0) strips(0) strong female character(0) strong women(0) strong_females(0) subjects:(0) suffering(0) suicide(0) Summer 2015(0) summer read(0) summer reading(0) surplus(0) survival(0) Survival: War(0) survivor(0) survivors(0) survivors/SOE(0) suspense(0) suspense-thriller(0) Suzanne David Hall(0) swap(0) swapped(0) Sweden(0) Sydney Greenstreet(0) sync(0) sync 2014(0) T.1940s(0) t.wwii(0) Tamar(0) Tamar River(0) Tamara's Library(0) tape(0) tapes(0) Task Group(0) TBI Library(0) TBR Bookcase(0) tbr-b(0) tbr-later(0) tcc(0) TCS 8th Grade Lit(0) teaching(0) tearjerker(0) teen(0) teen fiction(0) teen-ug(0) telephone exchange(0) telephone exchanges(0) temp1(0) Ten Boom(0) Ten Boom. 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