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Tagmash: 1980s, fiction, novel, technology

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1980s (Includes: 1980s, 20th century (80ies), 1980'erne, 1980er, 1980-talet, 1980-tallet, 1980´s, time : 1980s, 1980-årene, nineteen eighties13 more, 1980’s, years: decade: 1980s, the 1980s, /1980s, 1980`s, 20th c. (1980s), 20th century (1980s), time: date 1980s, the 80s (20th century), the eighties (twentieth century), 1980's, 1980-1989,   1980s)

fiction (Includes: fiction, kaunokirjallisuus, genre - fiction, !fiction, ficcao,  fiction, fiksjon, genre-fiction, kurgu, fictiom81 more, "fiction, fictioon, fico, ficciòn, ficton , fic, f (fiction), 1. fiction, [fiction], ficttion, fict, fiction -, fictgion, fictiobn, fictjion, fictions, fictie, ficción, fiiiction, ficiton *, ficção, fiiction, ficction, ficton, ficcion, fictioin, -fiction, ficition, fition, FICTION., .fiction, FCTION, Fictionn, fiktio, (Fiction, @Fiction, FictiIon, Fiction", *FICTION, branch:fiction, Ficcin, fictcion, fictin, Fictoin, ftiction, *Fiction*, Category: Fiction, fictional, Genre: Fiction, Fiktion, fiction), g:fiction, ficiton, 01-Fiction, (fiction), a:fiction, +FICTION, "fiction", ficció, fictino, fiction*, ficftion, FictionFiction, finction, * fiction, ≈ fiction, fcition, Genre:Fiction, fiction *, ^Fiction,   fiction, - fiction, ficion, #Fiction, ::FICTION, fitcion, **fiction, fictiton, ( FICTION, =fiction, beletrystyka)

novel (Includes: novel, =novel, *novel,  novel, novel", @novel, romanzo, novels, regény, # novel8 more, Fiction: novel, Novel-Fiction, form:novel, format: novel, Novel., ↪ novel, fiction (novels), TYPE: Novel)

technology (Includes: technology, techology, technolgy, ]technology, tecnology, $technology, and technology, tehcnology, технологии, technolgoy27 more, -technology, tehnology, tecchnology, technoolgy, technoology, @technology, techonlogy, technoligy, technologgy,  technology, techno;ogy, technoloy, +technology, technologie, t(echnology), technnology, technoloyg, tecgnology, technology), technologyy, technol;ogy, tecnologia, Teknologi, technlogy, techonology, tecnhology., tecnología)

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