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Examples: history, Greece; chick lit, christian; sex, -fiction.

Tagmash: 1980s, non-fiction, young adult

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Afghanistan (2,734) autobiography (3,255) biography (4,896) children (3,274) children's (5,931) classic (5,889) classics (3,976) dystopia (2,901) fantasy (4,154) fiction (33,661) graphic novel (8,006) historical fiction (5,171) history (4,439) Holocaust (4,657) literature (3,610) memoir (5,453) non-fiction (8,193) novel (4,042) philosophy (3,564) poetry (4,058) read (6,701) science fiction (5,557) to-read (4,272) WWII (4,266) young adult (3,149)

Mashing tags

1980s (Includes: 1980s, 20th century (80ies), 1980'erne, 1980er, 1980-talet, 1980-tallet, 1980´s, time : 1980s, 1980-årene, nineteen eighties13 more, 1980’s, years: decade: 1980s, the 1980s, 1980`s, /1980s, 20th c. (1980s), 20th century (1980s), time: date 1980s, the 80s (20th century), the eighties (twentieth century), 1980's, 1980-1989,   1980s)

non-fiction (Includes: non-fiction, tietokirjallisuus, @non-fiction, fiction-non, !nonfiction, **non-fiction, *nonfiction, nonfict, nonfction,  non-fiction152 more, nonfcition, no-ficció, non--fiction, nonfition, nonfictiion, non-fictiion, non=fiction, nonfiiction, non-fition, non-fictoin, nonfictio, nonfictionn, non ficition, non-fictiom, nonfiktio, nonfictoin, nonficction, nonifction, nonfivtion, nonfictino, nnon-fiction, non-ficttion, nonfication, nonnfiction, nonficttion, nonf-fiction, "non fiction, non-ficrion, nonffiction, nonfictiom, non-ifction, non-ficction, non fictoin, nonn-fiction, non-fictioon, non fiiction, non-nfiction, nonn-ficiton, nonfitcion, non-ficyion, non-fivtion, non-fictionh, non ficction, ( non-fiction, non -fiction, non fictie, noniction, faglitteratur, "nonfiction, nonfiction:, nonfiction, "nonfiction", [non-fiction], non-fic, non fiction, nao-ficção, nonfic, nie-fiksie, non-fitcion, non fic, non fictiion, non ficttion, non fiction:, non- ficiton, non-ficion, saggio, nnonfiction, non- fictiion, icke fiktion,  non fiction, non fiction -, non fict, non-fictioin, non-ffiction, non ficiton, non-foction, non-fict, non-ficition, nonfoction, non- fiction, saggistica, non fcition, Non-ficiton, *Non-Fiction, NON-ICTION, no ficción, NONFICITION, Non-fction, ^nonfiction, non-fictie, Genre: Non-fiction, non-fiktion, NOFICTION, NON_FICTION, # non fiction, Non-Fiction;, sakprosa, G-Non Fiction, genre: nonfic, nonficiton, "non fiction", nonfictin, Sachbuch, #Nonfiction, branch:non-fiction, non-fictios, genre: nonfiction, non-fistion, Não Ficção, non - fiction, non- fic, non-fictional, Category: Non-Fiction, non-fiuction, non.fiction, no ficcion, "non-fiction", @nonfiction, Non Fiaction, *sachbuch, g:non-fiction, no ficcin, non ficton, zzz Non-Fiction, - non-fiction, genre - non fiction, Non-Fiction **, non-ficţiune, não-ficção, nonficton, Non-fiction , facklitteratur, Nonficion, .non-fiction, Genre:Non-Fiction, A:unfiction, non-fidtion, non-fitction, (Non-Fiction), non-fcition, non-ficton, genre - non-fiction, Nonfiction., non-fictin, non-fiction., non-fiiction, Non Fictioin, no ficció, no-ficcion, Nonfictie, non-fict., @-nonfic)

young adult (Includes: young adult, young-adult-ya, ya-young-adult, youg adult, young adult", *young adult, ya young adult, yount adult, yound adult, yougn adult20 more, Young-Adult, "YOUNG ADULT", Young_adult, Young Adult (YA), young adult!, (Young Adult), ^young adult, yadult, young adult*, young.adult, yong adult, young adult., youngadult, .Young Adult, younf adult, a.young-adult, young adutl, young adault, age:ya, ung voksen)

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