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Examples: history, Greece; chick lit, christian; sex, -fiction.

Tagmash: Maine, history, --fiction

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19th century (194) American History (444) art (274) art history (167) biography (507) culture (136) exploration (129) France (131) history (4,225) Iraq (170) Islam (690) language (243) Maine (391) Middle East (206) New England (137) non-fiction (1,907) politics (407) reference (144) religion (599) to-read (281) travel (307) unread (160) US History (214) USA (292) war (241)

Mashing tags

Maine (Includes: maine, [Maine])

history (Includes: history, történelem, *history, История, histoy, история, historio, historia/history, povijest, hestoria51 more, geschiedensi, geschhiedenis, -geschiedenis, ]history, hist, geschiedenis, +history, h(istory), history , historia, histort, storia, historie, tÖrtÉnelem, geschichte, hisotry, Hsitory, "HISTORY, História, HIISTORY, HISTROY, hisoty, "history", histry, hsstory, histoey, histora, hisory, #History, Histria, hitory, Hiastory, histoire, [history], 02-History, history", s:history, histria, (History), historia - history, histpry, 歴史, @history, hostory, història, History., hietory, *História#, ^History, History. ., c:History)

exclude: fiction (Includes: fiction, kaunokirjallisuus, genre - fiction, !fiction,  fiction, fiksjon, genre-fiction, kurgu, fictiom, fictioon79 more, "fiction, ficciòn, ficton , fic, f (fiction), 1. fiction, [fiction], ficttion, fiction -, fict, fictgion, fictiobn, ficiton *, fictjion, fictions, ficção, fictie, fiiiction, ficción, ficcion, fition, ficition, fictioin, fiiction, ficction, -fiction, ficton, Fictionfiction, genre:Fiction, 01-Fiction, FICTION *, fictiton, Fitcion, (fiction), a:fiction, Ficion, Fiction., +FICTION, "fiction", fictiion, fictionn, * fiction, ≈ fiction, fcition, fiktio, Fiction",   fiction, - fiction, #Fiction, ::FICTION, Ficcin, Fictoin, ftiction, **fiction, fictional, Genre: Fiction, fictcion, Fiktion, fictin, fiction), g:fiction, *fiction, Fction, ( FICTION, =fiction, beletrystyka, ficiton, @fiction, fiction*, .fiction, ficció, finction, (Fiction, ficftion, fictino, branch:fiction, ^Fiction, *Fiction*, Category: Fiction)

Related tagmashes

history, maine, --fiction (202)

Maine, -fiction (107)

Maine, history (86)

Maine, non-fiction (84)

maine, -fiction (75)

Maine, genealogy (62)

genealogy, maine (40)

Maine, biography (33)

biography, maine (32)

New England, history (27)

Overlap between first 500 books. Tagmashes do not exist until someone enters them.

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Islam History (8)

United States Politics and government 2001- (7)

Maine History (6)

Maine Social life and customs (5)

Atlantic Coast (Me.) History (5)

United States Moral conditions (4)

Islamic Empire History (4)

History Philosophy (4)

Civilization History (4)

Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence, 1828-1914 (3)

Southern States Description and travel (3)

English language History (2)

United States History Civil War, 1861-1865 Campaigns (2)

Aesthetics History (2)

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