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Tagmash: classic, mystery, supernatural

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Anita Blake (4,728) Dresden Files (3,860) ebook (2,538) fantasy (20,025) fiction (21,963) ghosts (1,972) horror (9,138) magic (3,668) manga (2,397) mystery (11,204) paranormal (7,681) paranormal romance (2,149) read (5,185) romance (3,937) science fiction (1,847) series (5,338) shapeshifters (2,036) Sookie Stackhouse (4,166) supernatural (6,336) thriller (2,117) to-read (4,795) urban fantasy (13,384) vampires (21,844) werewolves (5,818) wizards (3,083)

Mashing tags

classic (Includes: classic, g:classic,  classic, *classic, klassiker, "classic", clàssic, clásico, clasicos, classique10 more, Clasic, Clássicos, Classic!!!, classsic, classic), classic., .Classic, classico, claasic, clássico)

mystery (Includes: mystery, **mystery, mytery, ミステリー, mysterium, ミステリ, mystert, @mystery, mysyery, mystere60 more, mysterry, mysterty, mysteery, mysttery, mysteyr, mytsery, myystery, ystery, mysetry, mystary, mysteru, mystery , * mystery, mmystery, myctery, mystery.", # mystery, ''mystery'', mysteri, 'mystery, mystery ", 'mystery', mystre, mystery -, misterio, mystery/, and mystery, mystery), mystery:, m(ystery), mistery, [mystery], mystry, mystery*, mistério, mystery', mistero, Mysstery, myster, mystsery, msytery, mystery-, mystey, "Mystery, Mystery!, Mustery, mystery., Misteri, Mystery", *mystery, muystery, Mystère, "mystery", mystrey, mysterey, mysteeri, mysery, ^Mystery, mstery, mysterie)

supernatural (Includes: supernatural, sobrenatural, supernatual, övernaturligt, Övernaturligt, supernateral, spernatural, superatural, superntaural, superntural34 more, suprnatural, supernatral, superantural, "supernatural, "supernatural", supermatural, suprenatural, supernatureal, supernaturel, suernatural, supernaturla, supernatrural, supernatural", suprernatural, su-pernatural, upernatural, övernaturlig, supwernatural, supeernatural, the supernatural, supenatural, sup[ernatural, suupernatural, supernatural), 'supernatural', supernatiral, supernaturaal, supernatura, overnaturlig, Super Natural, Super-Natural, supternatural, bovennatuurlijk, supernatrual)

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