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Examples: history, Greece; chick lit, christian; sex, -fiction.

Tagmash: fantasy, female protagonist, magic, sff, speculative fiction

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A Song of Ice and Fire (2,202) adventure (3,562) children (2,211) children's (4,663) children's literature (2,287) Discworld (8,260) fantasy (100,099) fiction (46,165) Harry Potter (3,006) His Dark Materials (2,187) humor (5,310) magic (10,336) novel (4,221) own (3,122) read (8,328) romance (2,423) science fiction (6,111) series (7,609) sff (5,303) to-read (6,426) Tortall (2,278) vampires (2,151) witches (2,946) YA (8,898) young adult (13,609)

Mashing tags

fantasy (Includes: fantasy, ファンタジー, *fantasy, fantasi, fatnasy, fantazy, fansasy, fnatasy, fantays, fasntasy54 more, fantassy, fantaisy, fanttasy, фантастика/fantasy, ! fantasy, " fantasy", fantaisie, fantasía, fanstasy, (fantasy, fantasie, fantacy, fantsy, fantasia, -fantasy, Genre_Fantasy, #fantasy, fantsay, fantasey, Fantasy.., genre - fantasy, fanatsy, fantesty, ≈ fantasy, fantesy, literature.fantasy, &fantasy,  fantasy, fic.genre: fantasy, Genre: Fantasy, fantasty, fantasy;, fanticy, фентъзи, fanasty, Phantasy, fantansy, fantay, (fantasy), fantasy(1, fntasy, fanasy, "Fantasy, fantisy, Fantasay, Fantasy., fantasa, genre:fantasy, fatasy, fantasia - fantasy, "Fantasy", --fantasy, g.fantasy, fanatasy)

female protagonist (Includes: female protagonist, female protag, famale protagonist, femal protagonist, female protagoist, note: female protagonist, protagonist - female, Female Lead, female protagonists, female protaganist2 more, female protangonist, female protaganists)

magic (Includes: magic, màgia, magia, "Magic, magic., magie)

sff (Includes: sff, sci-fi-and-fantasy, fantasy. science fiction, fantasy; science fiction, scifi/ fantasy, science fiction fantasy, fantasy/sci-fi, fantasy sci-fi, science fiction and fantasy, science fiction & fantasy69 more, science fictionfantasy, science fiction/fantasy, sf fantasy, science fiction; fantasy, fantasy/scifi, sci fi/fantasy, science fiction / fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, SCi-Fi / Fantasy, science ficiton / fantasy, scifi--fantasy, SF-Fantasy, Fantasy & Sci Fi, fantasy SF, Fantasy/sf, Science Fiction - fantasy, SCIFI/Fantasy, SF/Fantasy, fantasy / sci fi, fantasy/sci-f, Sci FI & Fantasy, Sci-FI/Fantasy, Science_Fiction_-_Fantasy, fantasy and science fiction, fantasy/Science Fiction, sci fi/fanstasy, scifi-fantasy, fantasy-scifi, science fiction fansasy, Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Fiction, fantasy & sci-fi, Fantasy / Sci-Fi, SciFi / Fantasy, #Science Fiction & Fantasy, sf/f, sci fi / fantasy, sci-fi and fantasy, Fantasy/ Science Fiction, Fantsasy/Sci Fi, scififan, sci-fi/fntasy, (sff), fantasy and/or science fiction, Fantasy & Science Fiction, science-fiction and fantasy, Sci-fi: Fantasy, science fiction/ fantasy, scifi and fantasy, sf&f, f&sf, fatasy/sci-fi, Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Fantasy / Science Fiction, Sci Fi Fantasy, SciFi&Fantasy, fantasy/sci fi, fiction / SF/F, scififantasy, sci.fi./fantasy, sf-f, sf/fan, sciencefictionfantasy, sci/fi fantasy, f/sf, Science Fiction/Fantasy], Fantasy / Sci - Fi, sf / fantasy, fantasy and sci fi, sci fi or fantasy)

speculative fiction (Includes: speculative fiction, fiction-speculative, speculativefiction, speculatuve fiction, spekulatiivinen fiktio, fiction speculative, speculative ficiton, speculative.fiction, fiction (speculative), speculative ficion30 more, speculative fic, speculative ficition, speculative fuction, fiction. speculative, specultive fiction, speculative fictin, fiction speclative fiction, spculative fiction, sp (speculative fiction), fiction: speculative, fiction--speculative, fiction>speculative, speculatve fiction, fiction.speculative, speculative fic tion, spec fic, spec-fic, Spectulative fiction, Speculative Fiction (SP), Ficció especulativa, genre: speculative fiction, specualtive fiction, literature - speculative ficti, speculative-fiction, fiction - speculative, Literature - Speculative Fiction, specfic, Specilative Fiction, speculative_fiction, Fiction:Speculative)

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