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Examples: history, Greece; chick lit, christian; sex, -fiction.

Tagmash: fiction, humor, technology

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (1,974) adventure (2,054) children's (3,201) comedy (2,460) Discworld (6,773) dystopia (2,970) fantasy (25,782) fiction (46,435) humor (23,421) literature (2,251) mystery (2,437) non-fiction (2,469) novel (5,942) own (2,461) read (7,946) satire (3,174) science (2,489) science fiction (27,208) series (4,007) sf (3,634) sff (2,271) to-read (4,410) unread (2,235) YA (1,999) young adult (3,027)

Mashing tags

fiction (Includes: fiction, kaunokirjallisuus, genre - fiction, !fiction,  fiction, fiksjon, genre-fiction, kurgu, fictiom, fictioon78 more, "fiction, ficciòn, ficton , fic, f (fiction), 1. fiction, [fiction], ficttion, fiction -, fict, fictgion, fictiobn, fictie, ficción, ficiton *, ficção, fictions, fiiiction, fition, fiiction, ficcion, ficition, fictioin, ficton, ficction, -fiction, @Fiction, ficció, fitcion, ^fiction, (Fiction, branch:fiction, ficftion, fictino, Fiction*, *FICTION, .Fiction, FIciton, fictionfiction, genre:Fiction, fiction *, Category: Fiction, *Fiction*, ficion, 01-Fiction, a:fiction, fictiton, (fiction), +FICTION, Fiction., fiktio, "fiction", fictiion, fictionn, ≈ fiction, Fictoin, ftiction, * fiction, fcition, Genre: Fiction, Fiktion,   fiction, Fiction", g:fiction, - fiction, ::FICTION, #Fiction, Ficcin, **fiction, fictional, fictcion, fictin, fiction), Fction, =fiction, finction, ( FICTION, beletrystyka)

humor (Includes: humor, huumori - humour, (humor), =humour, @humor, humor , "humour, ?humor, -humor, humor"34 more,  humor, 'humor', humor**, humor humour, humour   , humor!, /humor, :humor, ¨humor, ''humor, humour humor, humor', [humor], *humor, " humor, humor >, h(umor), 'humour', hu(mor), humour, umorismo, homour, Humour., Humor., humor and humour, and humor., "humor, ^Humor, "humor", ≈ humour, Huumori, humor), genere humour, humor*)

technology (Includes: technology, techology, technolgy, tecnology, ]technology, $technology, and technology, tehcnology, технологии, technolgoy15 more, -technology, techonlogy, techno;ogy, @technology, technoloy, +technology, technologie, t(echnology), technol;ogy, tecnologia, technology), technlogy, techonology, tecnología, teknologi)

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