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Tagmash: graphic novel, non-fiction

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art (1,126) autobiography (1,387) biography (2,271) cartoons (508) comic (1,378) comics (5,965) coming of age (528) family (624) fiction (1,283) graphic (818) graphic novel (14,101) history (2,950) Holocaust (2,058) humor (554) Iran (1,906) memoir (3,624) Middle East (409) non-fiction (4,875) politics (419) read (1,418) religion (419) science (396) to-read (1,279) war (722) WWII (1,324)

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graphic novel (Includes: graphic novel, grahic novel, form:graphic novel, graphic novell, grpahic novel, graffic novel,  graphic novel, "graphic" novel, grafische roman, graphic novelgraphic novel34 more, grafisk roman, graphic novel -, graphic novels, graphic noval, grapich novel, graphic nove, grafische novelle, tecknad roman, roman graphique, graphic-novel, grapic novel, Grahpic Novel, graphic novek, Graphical novel, Novela Gráfica, Graphic_Novel, |graphic novel, ↪ graphic novel, Graphic novel., gravic novel, Graohic Novel, graphicnovel, graphic_novels, !!Graphic Novel, format - graphic novel, "graphic novel, lit.graphic-novel, TYPE: Graphic Novel, LOCATION: Graphic Novels •, graphicnovels, "Graphic novel", graphic-novels, grafic novel, graphic.novel)

non-fiction (Includes: non-fiction, tietokirjallisuus, @non-fiction, fiction-non, !nonfiction, **non-fiction, *nonfiction, nonfict, nonfction,  non-fiction152 more, nonfcition, no-ficció, non--fiction, nonfition, nonfictiion, non-fictiion, non=fiction, non-fition, nonfiiction, non-fictoin, nonfictio, non ficition, non-fictiom, nonfictionn, nonfictoin, nonficction, nonfiktio, nonfivtion, nonfictino, nonifction, nonnfiction, nnon-fiction, nonf-fiction, nonficttion, non-ficttion, nonfication, nonffiction, "non fiction, non-ficrion, nonn-fiction, non-ficction, nonfictiom, non-ifction, non fictoin, nonfitcion, non-ficyion, non-fivtion, non-fictionh, non ficction, non fiiction, non-fictioon, non-nfiction, nonn-ficiton, ( non-fiction, non -fiction, non fictie, noniction, faglitteratur, "nonfiction, nonfiction:, nonfiction, "nonfiction", [non-fiction], non-fic, non fiction, nao-ficção, nie-fiksie, nonfic, non fic, non-fitcion, non fictiion, non ficttion, nnonfiction, non- fictiion, saggio,  non fiction, icke fiktion, non fiction -, non fict, non fiction:, non- ficiton, non-ficion, non ficiton, non-fict, non-ficition, non-foction, non- fiction, nonfoction, saggistica, non-fictioin, non-ffiction, .non-fiction, Genre - Non Fiction, non fiaction, Non Ficton, Non-Fiction **, A:unfiction, Genre:Non-Fiction, Non.Fiction, NonFiciton, SAchbuch, (Non-Fiction), NON-FICTIONAL, Facklitteratur, Não-Ficção, Non - fiction, NonFictin, genre - non-fiction, non-ficţiune, Non-fiction , non-fcition, zzz Non-Fiction, Genre: non-fiction, no ficció, non-fictin, non-fiction., non-fidtion, nonficton, non-fitction, Non Fictioin, non-ficton, Nonficion, non-fiiction, no-ficcion, *non-fiction, non-fict., @-nonfic, Nonfiction., nofiction, non-ficiton, non-fction, Non-fictie, non-iction, no ficción, non_fiction, # non fiction, Non-fiction;, Nonfictie, G-Non Fiction, non fcition, "non fiction", genre: nonfic, nonficition, #Nonfiction, branch:non-fiction, Non-Fiktion, ^Nonfiction, genre: nonfiction, Category: Non-Fiction, Não Ficção, "non-fiction", @nonfiction, no ficcion, non- fic, sakprosa, *sachbuch, non-fictios, g:non-fiction, no ficcin, non-fistion, - non-fiction, non-fiuction)

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Graphic novels (36)

Comic books, strips, etc (7)

Comic books, strips, etc. History and criticism (5)

Cartooning Technique (5)

Comic books, strips, etc. Illustrations (5)

World history Caricatures and cartoons (5)

Comic books, strips, etc. Authorship (4)

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Poland Comic books, strips, etc (3)

Satrapi, Marjane, 1969- Comic books, strips, etc (3)

Women (3)

Children of Holocaust survivors United States Comic books, strips, etc (3)

Holocaust survivors United States Comic books, strips, etc (3)

Feature films (2)

Sandman (Comic strip) (2)

World War, 1939-1945 Personal narratives, Jewish Comic books, strips, etc. Fiction (2)

Spiegelman, Art Comic books, strips, etc (2)

World history (2)

Children of Holocaust survivors United States Biography Comic books, strips, etc (2)

Spiegelman, Vladek Comic books, strips, etc (2)

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Poland Biography Comic books, strips, etc (2)

Qaida (Organization) (2)

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) Comic books, strips, etc. Fiction (2)

Physics Popular works (2)

Murder Fiction (2)

Holocaust survivors United States Biography Comic books, strips, etc (2)

Biographical fiction (1)

Breast New York Patients Comic books, strips, etc (1)

Muslims Juvenile fiction (1)

Muslims Fiction (1)

Children's stories (1)

Terrorism United States Prevention Pictorial works (1)

Authors, American 20th century Biography (1)

Malaysia History 20th century Fiction (1)

Malaysia History 20th century Juvenile fiction (1)

United States Foreign relations 20th century Caricatures and cartoons (1)

Riel, Louis, 1844-1885 Bandes dessinâees (1)

Protocols of the wise men of Zion (1)

Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924 (1)

Conspiracies Comic books, strips, etc (1)

War, Cost of Caricatures and cartoons (1)

Borden, Andrew Jackson, 1822-1892 Fiction (1)

Military-industrial complex United States Caricatures and cartoons (1)

Graphic novels History and criticism (1)

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