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Tagmash: literary criticism, literary history

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literary criticism (Includes: literary criticism, crítica literària / literary criticism, crítica literària, lit. crit, =literary criticism, literary critisism, literary critiicsm, crit lit, literaire kritiek, literay criticism129 more, liteary criticism, literary ctiticism, literary criticisms, literary critiicism, literary cricitism, litteraturkritikk, literary critisicm, literary criticim, lit!crit, criticism - literary, literary critiscism, literarary criticism, lliterary criticism, literary cirticism, litarary criticism, literarcy criticism, lit crit*, lterary criticism, literary citicism, literary criticicism, litreary criticism, litrerary criticism, litterary criticism, literary criiticism, lit-criticism, literary criticis, critlit, @litcrit, criticism literary, literary criricism,   literary criticism, literaracy criticism, literary criciticm, literary criticiscm, literary crisicism, literary crriticism, literary criticisism, literary critictism, literary criticicsm, literary criticisnm, litereary criticism, literary criticizm, literary crticisim, "literary criticism, literaary criticism, literatry criticism, literery criticism, literary criticsiim, liotyerary criticism, litary criticism, literrary criticism, literary criticimsm, literry criticism, literary crfiticism, literary crtitcism, @lit crit, literary criticisme, literarty criticism, literary cricism, literary criticsism, liturary criticism, literary criticism lit crit, literary critiism, lit. criticism, literary crit, lit/crit, lit crit, lierary criticism, lit.crit, literary criticism , literaitary criticism, literature criticism, literary cristicism, "literary criticism", litrary criticism, lirerary criticism, literary ctiricism, literary critizism, lliterary > criticism, literaru criticism, literary criticiam, literary criticism- -, critique littéraire, literaray criticism, lietrary criticism, criticism (literary), litterary critcism, lireary criticism, literart criticism, literary criticsm, literary crticism, litcrit, literary_criticism, Crítica Literária, Literaty Criticism, field: literary criticism, Literary critcism, Literature - Criticism, Crtica Literaria, Lit.crit., Literature:Criticism, criticism--literary, Lit Criticism, genere critica letteraria, crtica literria, Litratery criticism, crítica literaria, criticism-lit, lit. crit., lit.criticism, literary critisim, Literatary Criticism, critica letteraria, Literary Ceiticism, literary-criticism, Literaturkritik, CRITICA LITERARIA, Lit-Crit, Literary Criticism., Literature-Criticism, literary criicism, literatuurkritiek, critique litteraire, literarycriticism, critique littraire, literary criticsim, lit crit., Literary Critism, Literature: Criticism)

literary history (Includes: literary history, litterary history, literary-history, literaturhistorie, literay history, literary histoy, history--literary, history/ literary, history literary history, literaturgeschichte25 more, história da literatura, history-literary, history - literary, history/literary, litteraturhistorie, history; literary, historia de la literatura, history of literature, Literature History, lit. history, Litteratur historie, history/literature, literature--history, literaryhistory, litteraturhistoria, History: Literary, Literature-history, history (literary), literatuurgeschiedenis, literary_history, història de la literatura, Literature - History, Literature_history, Storia della letteratura, lit history)

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English literature History and criticism (27)

Great Britain Intellectual life (13)

English literature 19th century History and criticism (12)

American literature History and criticism (11)

English fiction History and criticism (11)

Literature History and criticism (10)

English fiction 18th century History and criticism (9)

Literature and society (7)

American literature 19th century History and criticism (7)

Paris (France) Intellectual life 20th century (6)

Reading (6)

Literature, Medieval History and criticism (6)

Literature, Modern History and criticism (6)

English literature Early modern, 1500-1700 History and criticism (5)

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